20 hours ago

Washing the kitchen floor. Doing it the old-fashioned, less convenient way, with a floor scrub brush and a cleaning rag and a bucket of water with soap. Nice workout, happily getting aware that the older body is still working fine and mostly painless.

Kitchen table legs from the hardware store, straight pipes once black all over, show metallic bright bruises, accomplished by the former wheel chair in use. Who cares.

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My Actual Brain
1 day ago

This is so weird to read. Like on one hand it’s so relatable. Yeah! Working in an office isn’t great. Secondly, it shows that we may all be happier with a simpler life. Anyway, it was a super interesting read. What are your thoughts?

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Sé 🌸
1 month ago

Hoe het ook simpel kan…

There's a reason that the #HouseGOP can't manage its business:

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A tweet from Cory Doctorow, 2021: "A pathology of conservatism is that 'things used to be simple.' No, you used to be a kid. Your parents shielded you from life's complexity. Things are complex because you're an adult now. Conservatism is the desire to be a child."

How many apps are installed on your smartphone? :FroggieHmm:

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3 months ago

I think I need to surrender more, where surrender is not fighting in a stupid way to prop up my goddamn ego. #simplelife

3 months ago

Life is strange 🤯

You come with nothing 🗑️

Fight for everything 💪

And in the end 🔚

You leave everything 🗑️

But the journey is worth it! 💯


Angry Tea Lady
3 months ago

I'm sorry or the low quality content I'm not doing much these days but I'm thriving so why not share some simple times and simple joys, #simpleliving is what I aspire to #simplelife #simpleJoys

4 months ago

We all have to #work. Paid or #unpaid #job or #career, hate it or love it, alone or part of a team. Our attitude to work determines our success in simple living just like everything else!

"Do a job , that you like doing. There is nothing more soul-destroying than dragging yourself to a job that you hate...." Min 16

#radical #simple living
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Amadeus Paulussen
5 months ago

1/2 I think with these great #bikebags, the need for a #cargobike is off the table for now. 😜 I'm curious to see how we will think about this in a few weeks because one aspect has already struck me. #bikepacking #simplelife #cycling #topeak #tetrarack

Jamie Mason
5 months ago

New razors and fresh clean sheets. Nothing better.. I'll die on that hill.. #selfcare #simplelife #simplejoys


Meow.tar.gz :verified:
6 months ago

I'm a simple man. I lead a simple life. One of the joys of this is that I can leave the door to my home unlocked and worry free. I would have to bribe somebody to steal my computers. They're all cobbled together from parts I bought second hand. They all run Linux or BSD. The average thief would be like WTF!?

I have a TV from circa 2014 that probably dreams of being able to do 4K but can do 1080p or at least I think so. On Sunday I turned it on for the first time in 7 months. #SimpleLife

Katie Kinsman
7 months ago

I had an amazing day out yesterday with my husband! Some highlights: The weather was perfect for being outside. The restaurant had a squid salad I adore. We ran into a neighbor with a dog who loves getting pets. And then as we were crossing the street to out home, a friend was driving by and said hello to us. #perfectday #simplelife

The more I advance in my life, the more I start to appreciate simple things like little birds singing on a dusty evening in spring.
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7 months ago

Key to Happiness: Unlocking the Secrets to Lasting Happiness

Are you looking for a way to be happier? Have you ever wondered what the secret is to having a contente and fulfilled life? It turns out that being happy doesn’t have to be so hard. In this article, we’ll explore some simple steps anyone can take to start feeling happier right away!

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Joseph Lim :mastodon:
7 months ago

Begs the simple question: are you and your loved ones ready to face and survive a #recession and/or to lose your income? How many are still swimming naked at high tide? #selfsufficiency #sustainability #simplelife #contentment #satisfaction #happinessIsSimple #BeHappy

🌬 NorthWind
9 months ago

@breadandcircuses I also believe we need to live more simply in every way we can. I’m willing, and have already began in small ways. Seldom eating meat now and growing food in my garden again are just a few.

#Health & #WellBeing

🌬 NorthWind
9 months ago

@ProfessorLoki In many ways I think he lives the #SimpleLife surrounded by natural beauty that many dream of. He’s very determined, talented and resourceful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 💚


10 months ago

#Surfski with #insta360 and back bar in #borth, #wales

Camera set up isn’t quite perfect yet but I’m working on it. Footage is cool but comfort not so.


Surf skiing in Wales. Riding a small wave at an angle in the winter sunshine.
Jennifer Ebeling
11 months ago

#January 16, 1942
#OTD Carole Lombard, #MovieStar & #Homesteader, died tragically in a #PlaneCrash after leaving #LasVegas.

Carole loved to #Garden. She & her husband, #ClarkGable, lived on a 21-acre #Farm w/ an #Orchard/citrus grove & a #Vineyard near #BeverlyHills. Their grapes went to a hospital; their turkeys to MGM.

Carole sold her #StarSapphire-s to fund their #Dream & even bought Clark a #Tractor. The couple called each other "Ma" & "Pa" & used kerosene lanterns.

#SimpleLife #TCM

Black & White Photo of Carole Lombard with her second husband, Clark Gable, after their honeymoon in 1939.
Closeup of citrus growing on a tree.
A Landscape of a California vineyard. Rolling hills in the background. Grapevines grow in the foreground.
Black & White Photo of Carole looking to the left. It is a sultry, serious photo. She is beautiful. She is wearing a large-collared white blouse with a suit. Looks like she walked out of an old black-and-white detective movie.

Gratitude for a #simplelife. In all honesty, do you believe you would have handled fame well?
Avoiding addictions, maybe. Surviving them, more likely. Damage to self and friends/family? Few escape that, and once those relationships are gone, who’s gonna tell you your business manager is stealing your millions, or stand by your raggedy celeb side?

Chris B
11 months ago

“Which is stronger?
Your desire to set foot on rhe slow road?
Your fears, doubts, and myths”

-Bhavana Gesota
The Art of Slow Travel

#travel #simplelife #quote #travelbook

11 months ago

Why You Should Completely Wipe Your Phone Every Few Months | I’ll be doing this later today. Feel free to join me. #digitalminimalism #recommendedreading #minimalism #simplicity #simpleliving #simplelife

Heading to camp for the weekend. No electricity, no internet, no indoor plumbing. A great way to greet the new year.
#newyear #simplelife

11 months ago

Overheard at the pub: “my idea of a perfect meal is going for a walk or a drive, with a big chunk of bread, some tomatoes and a bit of cheese, and eat it looking at a view”
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Damian :verified_alt:
1 year ago

After a long day at work, all I want is Pizza and a good horror movie … that’s it. #SimpleLife

Chris B
1 year ago

I think as I have slowly changed into the person I was born to be, rather than the person that I thought others wanted me to be, I am able to take small pleasures in the simple things, like setting the wash out to dry in the sun and air. It is a small victory in being a better steward of the planet but I would rather make the small steps than no steps at all.
I find it to be calming, helping me focus and a way to be more mindful.

#slowlife #simplelife #greenliving

Gregory B Sadler
1 year ago

Here's a core concept video on Plutarch's great short work On Controlling Anger. We set ourselves up for getting angry by getting too picky, particular, or attached when it comes to things. Cultivating the right kind of simplicity, on the other hand. . .
#Plutarch #Philosophy #Anger #Emotion #Simplicity #SimpleLife #Happiness

Maryann 🌻
1 year ago

Good morning from #downunder #mastodonons. Rocky, the frenchie, who sometimes makes an appearance in my YouTube videos, got a birdseye view the other day. #dogs #simplelife

Small dog on couch
2 years ago