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Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos

Explore the wide world of Anthos with the help of your wacky inventor friend Doc Jr. and many others! It’ll be up to you to revive the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest Sprites, as well as reconnect all of the villages of Anthos with each other! Farm all around Anthos using the improved Expando-Farm!
#Steam #Adventure #RPG #Simulation

Charo del Genio
5 hours ago

New paper. A total of about 10 years of work.

Approximately 40% of all proteins are intrinsically disordered or contain intrinsically disordered regions. So far, it was widely believed that these regions always had a random coil secondary structure. We show that this is not necessarily the case.

We applied the replica method to a generalized Langevin equation to describe the structure of AXR3, which is a co-receptor of the plant growth hormone auxin, and found that it adopts a number of distinct, different tertiary structures. Of these, two are particularly stable, almost equally probable, and account for 90% of the conformations. The results are confirmed by NMR spectroscopy and circular dichroism experiments. This shows that intrinsic disorder does not always mean a constantly disordered structure, such as a random coil or a Gaussian self-avoiding walk. Rather, disorder can arise as an ensemble effect of a glassy energy landscape, in which a protein can exist in a mixture of separate folded structures, with an energy barrier that may also induce symmetry breaking and the effective loss of ergodicity, depending on its height.

The fact that the first fully characterized example of such cases is a plant protein from the auxin system is an added bonus. 😎

#computationalbiology #biology #biophysics #statistical #physics #Complexity #ComplexSystems #plantbiology #hormones #auxin #moleculardynamics #simulation #NMR #circulardichroism #structure #disorder #IDP #IDR

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Mardori is a spaceshooter game with aspects of ARPG's. Upgrade your ship with various materials from missions, craft your equipment with damage or defense mods., create new weapons using blueprints, unlock new missions with Stargate.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Simulation

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Hex, Counter and Card simlation of the battles around Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. You play against yourself or play as Germans against Allied AI. Units are regiments, battalions and kampfgruppen. New Supply procedures make the Germans keep an eye out on the road network.
#Steam #Simulation #Strategy

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Help shroomies transform a big mushroom into a cozy little home! Care for them, help them garden and build things, relax, and take nice pictures!
#Steam #Casual #Indie #Simulation

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Build better, together 🏡 Hometopia is a seriously satisfying co-op building simulation game that turns players into designers and developers of the best-looking homes in the virtual world. Wishlist now!
#Steam #Casual #Simulation #EarlyAccess

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Astronimo is a construction platform puzzler that takes you and your friends out of this world into a vast solar system, providing them with expansive creation tools to stretch the bounds of imagination.
#Steam #Adventure #Simulation #EarlyAccess

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Roulette Simulator 2024

Roulette Simulator 2024 presents players with the greatest modern Roulette gambling simulation. Experience the highs and the lows in real time as you try to beat the roulette wheel during the intensity of each spin!
#Steam #Casual #Indie #Simulation #GameDevelopment

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Pathless Woods: Prologue

Pathless Woods: Prologue is the intro of Pathless Woods. You can play online with your friends and enjoy the first several days. This game features survival, exploration, construction, and farming. Build your dream home, defend yourself against marauders and more.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation

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Kanji Industry

Kanji Industry is a Kanji production automation game. It is great fun to watch the production line move automatically to assemble complex kanji characters! It is also a great way to study kanji characters.
#Steam #Indie #Simulation #Strategy #EarlyAccess

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Fastest Cars Traffic Racer

Fastest Cars Traffic Racer invites you to endless highways for speed and adventure! Prepare for a real racing experience with four different racing modes and eye-catching graphics.
#Steam #Indie #Racing #Simulation #Sports

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Lost Princess

Play this walking simulation. Collect items and try to find missing Princess in big open world
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Simulation

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Plum Blossom Divination

This is a simulated divination game. Use "Plum Blossom Divination" to help customers divine, learn its contents, experience the fun of divination, and understand the charm of traditional Chinese culture~
#Steam #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation #Strategy

1 day ago

For those who like to build and play with physics Mars First Logistics is a nice game to take chucks of your time with.

#MarsFirstLogistics #game #gaming #simulation

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Memories: Millennium Girl

Welcome to the heartwarming world of Memories: Millennium Girl! Join your sister's journey through 8 unforgettable years, forming bonds with 25 adorable NPCs. With 50+ unique endings awaiting your choices, create a cute and captivating tale filled with connections, joy, and cherished memories
#Steam #Indie #Simulation #EarlyAccess

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Fidget Spinner RPG

Fidget Spinner RPG is a clicker/incremental RPG game in which you craft items and level up abilities to make a fidget spinner spin at absurd, ever increasing speeds.
#Steam #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation

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Fright Animatronics 2

Fright Animatronics 2 is a first-person horror game where your task is to work in a warehouse for a week. What can go wrong?
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie #Simulation

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Cashier Simulator

Have you ever wondered what cashier job feels like ! Here is a simulator game for you to experience that, Sit back, relax and watch some in game TV shows while serving those customers
#Steam #Indie #Simulation

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Train Sim World® 4

Feel the power of simulation in your hands. Experience immense velocity and express unrivalled creativity with Train Sim World 4! Expand your rail hobby and discover the raw emotion of driving a diverse array of iconic routes and trains. From training center to mountain pass, this is your journey.
#Steam #Simulation

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Dwarves Mining Idle

Starting with a lonely Dwarf, endlessly mine to gather materials and use them to progress farther. Have more Dwarves join in, craft resources and upgrade literally everything! The mines of the idle Dwarves await you!
#Steam #Casual #Simulation #EarlyAccess

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AfterWar is a strategy about Ukraine in July 2024
#Steam #Simulation #Strategy #EarlyAccess

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Mineko's Night Market

Mineko’s Night Market is a narrative-driven, social simulation adventure game that celebrates Japanese culture and invites players to craft whimsical items, eat delicious snacks, and ultimately enjoy all the cats.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Simulation

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Paleo Pines

Welcome to Paleo Pines, a charming island known for its friendly dinosaurs, quirky townsfolk, and mysterious past. Befriend dinos and enlist their help to fix up your ranch and farm crops to create your cozy dino sanctuary! Then set out with your companion, Lucky, to uncover the island’s secrets.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation

Isaac Land
2 days ago

Okay hive mind, especially the history/gaming enthusiasts here, who has the citation for the Canadian scholar(s) who wrote a mod for Civilization to permit students to play as the Iroquois and other indigenous groups resisting colonization? #histodons #Civilization #gaming #simulation

Hongyu Yang
2 days ago

"I'm not playing video games, I'm actually trying to learn data science and time series analysis in particular with data from Meiou and Taxes' economic simulation!"

#europauniversalis #python #datascience #datavisualization #simulation #timeseries

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Russian Village Simulator

This is a simulator of life in the Russian countryside, where the player will be engaged in the garden, picking mushrooms and berries, collect firewood, hunting and fishing, brew moonshine and much, much more.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Racing #RPG #Simulation #Strategy

3 days ago

@kantel this is a neat project. Very much like your using #py5 for a scientific #simulation in #python. What are you trying to do with matplotlib? It should work well with py5. There is a `convert_image()` method that can convert a matplotlib figure to a Py5Image object for you.

Note I'm traveling this week but seem to have some access to the Internet. Will do what I can to help you here.

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Tanks, But No Tanks

Battle your friends in this multiplayer arena shooter, where you'll ricochet bullets off of walls, collect coins, and purchase upgrades in between rounds. Use a diverse array of weapon types, ranging from deployable turrets to teleportation projectiles to cause extra mayhem on the battlefield!
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie #Simulation

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Rogue City: Casual Top Down Shooter

Fight the mafia on city streets and save your city in this cop action shooter game!
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation #Strategy

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These Doomed Isles

Harvest cards to raise land from the sea, build settlements and rain fire upon invaders in this survival city-builder with roguelike deckbuilding mechanics. Choose from 3 gods with unique cards, playstyles and abilities to lead their civilisations to victory in strategic run-based gameplay!
#Steam #Indie #Simulation #Strategy #EarlyAccess

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A young boy has come to a distant village to visit his grandmother. Arriving at the final station, in some wilderness, we find newspaper clippings on the platform. This is where our tangled story begins.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Indie #Simulation

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StellarEchoes:Ultimate Challenge

StellarEchoes:UltimateChallenge is the ultimate test.Bring all your weapons,fight like crazy, and become a qualified space warrior. Before playing the game, you need to set SteamVR to OpenXR.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #Simulation #EarlyAccess

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StellarEchoes:Brave Trial

StellarEchoes:BraveTrial is a mild ROUGE combat shooter that also allows you to turn on Endless Mode after completing the game. Before you start, you need to set up SteamVR as OpenXR. Have a crazy fight.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation #EarlyAccess

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StellarEchoes:Terrain Explorer

StellarEchoes:TerrainExplorer is a terrain adventure and shooting battle game featuring spaceships and a target planet training ground. SteamVR needs to be set up to run with OpenXR.
#Steam #Action #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation #EarlyAccess

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#Steam #Casual #Indie #MassivelyMultiplayer #Simulation #Sports #Strategy #FreetoPlay

Jörg Kantel
4 days ago

Waldbrandsimulation in Python (Py5) – Stage 1

Ich habe es getan: Ich habe mir die hier vorgestellte Waldbrand-Simulation von Al Sweigart und meine eigene, in implementierte Version geschnappt und daraus eine – wie ich hoffe – verbesserte Fassung in Py5 programmiert. #Python #Py5 #Processing #Simulation

5 days ago

🔬 Real-time #Simulation

Comparing the infectious doses emitted by the wildtype and #Omicron variants. The disparities are astonishing, especially after just 90 seconds.

📊 Wildtype clocks in at 48 infectious doses an hour, while Omicron skyrockets to 2345 doses an hour!

💡 Understand what these dramatic differences mean for public health, transmission rates, and potential outbreaks.

#COVIDIsAirborne #PublicHealth #CovidIsNotOver #IAQ #blender3d #Epiverse #epidemiology

Malaysia Public Transport
5 days ago

Let's celebrate the Rapid Bus Open Day 2023 at the Cheras Selatan Rapid Bus Complex, 23 and 24 September.

P/s: Oyen is already here, when are you guys?

(Photos by Rapid KL)

#rapidKL #rapidbus #cheras #klangvalley #openday #depot #depotvisit #bus #simulation #bussimulation #exhibition #forum #event

Kiosks selling foods.
People playing a bus simulator game.
People at the entrance of the open day event.
Cat on a counter.
Jörg Kantel
1 week ago

Zurück zum Hacken mit Code: microStudio, Python, Pygame und/oder Py5

Wie gestern schon angedeutet möchte ich für ein paar Tage eine Pause bei meinem Twine- und Ren’Py-Projekt einlegen. #microStudio #Python #Pygame #Py5 #GameDev #Simulation

1 week ago

🦇 Just introduced a low R0 #Nipah Virus to my #MemeLab in the #EpiVerse! Dive into this interactive #Simulation that demystifies contagion dynamics using the #SEIRModel. From the duality of masks and vaccines to mutating 'memes' simulating evolution, this #Javascript-based platform is every #epidemiology enthusiast's dream. Plus, it's #Opensource! Check out Meme Lab, optimized for Chrome, and join the Institute Of Armchair Epidemiology. 🦠🔬

Barry Schwartz 🫖
1 week ago

I have animated a two-channel ‘CHSH’ Bell test experiment, as a #Python program. It is on #PyPI at

If you read the source code, it will give an explanation of how the #simulation works. I STRONGLY encourage close study of the source code, for the reader to see that it is legitimate.

#Quantum #Physics #QuantumComputing #Mathematics

Barry Schwartz 🫖
2 weeks ago

If anyone wants a preview of my #quantum #physics #animated #simulation that actually has no quantum physics in it at all, try

curl | python3 - pi/8

You can try other angles. pi/8 and 3pi/8 give maximum magnitude of the correlation coefficient (sqrt(2)).


This is perfectly serious stuff. The theorists have left out some necessary details of random process analysis they do not know are necessary, involving joint pdf and so forth.

Barry Schwartz 🫖
2 weeks ago

Derivation of the correlation coefficient for a two channel Bell-test #experiment:

#Simulation employing only action by contact (no ‘#entanglement’):

The derivation is done with #probability theory, employing no #quantum #physics whatsoever. It is shown that Bell, Clauser, et al., compute correlation coefficients incorrectly.

An animation is on PyPI. See another pinned toot.

(What #QuantumComputing really ‘is’ is a subject for future research.)

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Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories

Can you retain your humanity while fighting against a corporate biotech conspiracy? Play as the young hacker Chloe who confronts political plots as she fights for her friends and her neighbors. Your choices in building up relationships and communities can revolutionize into hope or heartbreak.
#Steam #Adventure #Casual #Indie #RPG #Simulation

Malaysia Public Transport
2 weeks ago

Rapid KL is informing people that Rapid Bus will be organizing Rapid Bus Open Day 2023 at Kompleks Rapid Bus Cheras Selatan on 23 and 24 September from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Various interesting activities await the visitors of the event:
- Depot Visit
- Bus Simulation
- Exhibition & Forum
- MyRapid Hack
- Lucky Draw
- Bites Station

(Poster images from Rapid KL)

#rapidKL #rapidbus #cheras #klangvalley #openday #depot #depotvisit #bus #simulation #bussimulation #exhibition #forum #luckydraw #event

A poster in Malay by Rapid KL showing the activities that awaits people who attend the open day.
A poster in Malay by Rapid KL showing when and where the open day will be organized.

My left arm for my brain in an inky snow globe:

#math #reality #simulation

3 weeks ago

This liquid simulation took like two and a half hours to resolve, but I really like how it turned out.

#blender #blender3d #b3d #physics #liquid #simulation #render #cycles

An animation of a glass cube filled with an orange liquid bouncing down marble stairs. The cube hits a corner in the middle of the fall and the video slows down briefly as it spins through the air, liquid sloshing inside.
3 weeks ago

Glory day, Cities Skylines 2 has sponsored a bunch of videos today by some of the top simulation game YouTubers. I know I shouldn't give Google the business, but it is helping my dour mood a bit today. #gaming #simulation

Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 weeks ago

Derivation of the correlation coefficient for a two channel Bell-test experiment:

The derivation is done with #probability theory, employing no #quantum #physics whatsoever. It is shown that quantum theorists attempting to analyze the problem using probability theory have computed expectations incorrectly, thus arriving at the wrong function.

A #simulation demonstrates that the solution here is correct.


Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 weeks ago

I have a proof of the correlation coefficient for a two channel Bell-test experiment here, along with an #Ada simulation of such an experiment:

#Quantum #physics #QuantumComputing #Simulation #Signal #Processing #Electrical #Engineering #Probability

Gregory Wieber
1 month ago

Norm from This Old House gets a look at an interactive Silicon Graphics visualization in the 90s.

#retrotech #retrocomputing #architecture #simulation

Karsten Schmidt
1 month ago

#XButNotX — Design prototype for my commission of the official 10th anniversary T-shirt for (2011). The X was formed by placing dipoles with different charge potentials along the outline and then simulating volumetric fieldlines between those. Created with's predecessor Toxiclibs and rendered as dichroic glass in #LuxRender.

#GenerativeDesign #Typography #Simulation #Voxel #ProcessingOrg

A 3D render of the letter X formed by hundreds of fieldlines with the entire structure using a glass material.
A 3D render of the letter X formed by hundreds of fieldlines with the entire structure using a glass material.
A 3D render of the letter X formed by hundreds of fieldlines with the entire structure using a glass material.
A 3D render of the letter X formed by hundreds of fieldlines with the entire structure using a glass material.

I love the Sim City games (ever since I played the original in school in the early 90s!) I recently grabbed Cities: Skylines on Switch when it was on sale for less than $10 and I haven't dived in yet, but I'm psyched to eventually.

But this time, instead of just jumping in and building whatever (as I often do, recently with both the Sim City mobile game and the Sim City on DS), I'm doing some research on city design, to try and build something in a meaningful way. I want to see what designs I really like most, etc. From what I hear about Skylines, it's super realistic, and I should be able to build a cool, futuristic city that's fully green, sustainable, etc.

Anybody else played Skylines or is a big fan of any of the other Sim City games?

#SimCity #PCGames #NintendoDS #cities #CitiesSkylines #nintendo #NintendoSwitch #CityDesign #CityPlanning #sim #simulation

Steven Dollins
1 month ago

Particle tunneling

My cheap collision detection finds the nearest point on the ellipse to the ball center and if that point is inside the ball, it bounces. Fast balls can go from one side on one frame to the other on the next without touching the edge, tunneling through.

The hacky fix adds more physics updates. The "right" fix intersects their motion line with the edge, but that requires messier, slower math.

#generative #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #Processing #physics #simulation

1000 balls bounce off each other and off of 5 nested ellipses.  Balls are colored by what ellipse they start in.  A few fast moving particles tunnel through the ellipse edges ending up in the wrong areas.
Steven Dollins
1 month ago
2-D simulation of 50 balls bouncing off of each other and off of 5 nested ellipses.
Barry Schwartz 🫖
1 month ago

Here is Draft 3 of the EPR-B simulation, and it is practically a rewrite.

If this does not convince a person, I can hardly imagine what will.

#Quantum #Physics #QuantumComputing #Ada #Simulation

(Update: This program needs a rewrite, with a different classical simulation.)

Messing around with building a small #visualization slash #simulation tool that will allow you to play and single-step through various #P2P connectivity scenarios.

E.g., routing issues, bootstrap node availability/overload, subgraph fragmentation/disconnection, etc.

The idea started when I wasn't sure I understood the implications of very asymmetrical P2P networks (where a small subset of nodes produce the majority of activity) like Mastodon or Pixelfed.

Alfred R. Baudisch
1 month ago

There's a glorious segment titled "Rigid Body Dynamics Simulations" from 1988!


#CG #CGI #Physics #Simulation #Retro

1 month ago

Another one, this with tight angle constraints on the curve.

I'm going to just keep dumping tests, here.

#GenerativeArt #sculpture #art #algoart #algorists #mathart #simulation

Its a bunny, of the Stanford variety, bound with geodesic curves.  as those curves evolve in mutual repulsion, the bunny is distorted until it reaches an approximate steady state.
Andrew Plested
1 month ago

Pretty even-handed assessment of the success and failure of the EU-funded Human Brain Project, which is ending. Probably the most impressive thing is that, given its troubled inception, it produced some meaningful, if rather ad hoc, brain science. #HBP #brain #simulation #neuroscience

1 month ago

The Steam page for my AI chatbot game is live!

Consider adding to your wishlist if you are interested on #AI , #conlang , conversation #simulation

#steam #gamedev

Barry Schwartz 🫖
1 month ago

Here is a second draft of the EPR-B simulation, with much important commentary about the result added:

#Quantum #Physics #QuantumComputing #Simulation #Ada

I do not expect this simulation to change many minds. The Bohr cult is a cult. When it comes to quantum mechanics, supposed scientists are not scientists at all, but authoritarian cultists.

However, the truly interested may want to take a look at the program. It’s my best yet, for sure.

#Authoritarianism #Freedom

Barry Schwartz 🫖
1 month ago

Here is the first real draft of my new #HiddenVariables simulation of an EPR-B experiment:

This version does NOT ‘swap channels’, as have my earlier versions, and therefore is unobjectionable in that regard.

(Channel-swapping is mathematically equivalent, ‘in the limit as n->infinity’. Nonetheless it did not give strictly correct statistics for the simulation. It gave merely a less accurate approximation.)

#Quantum #Physics #QuantumComputers #Ada #Simulation

1 month ago

Anyone on #Mastodon or the #Fediverss know of any good space simulation games? I have Universe Sandbox 2 which is pretty neat but I’m looking for other suggestions, as I think it would be helpful for one of my worldbuilding projects.

Although my computer isn’t that powerful, I’m particularly looking for stuff like SpaceEngine (which sadly does not run on my PC)

#Space #Planets #Simulation #Games

Barry Schwartz 🫖
1 month ago

This is the sort of TO DO notes I write.

#Physics #QuantumComputing #Simulation

I'm debating with myself whether to write it in Python, and so pretend it's best to use a language physicists know, or Ada, and thus a language that doesn't suck and which everyone can read. Then also I can recommend translation to Python as an exercise for the reader who actually cares. (I, after all, came up with such stuff by translating from a mere sketchy description of a program that I think was in Scilab.)

Sloppy handwritten notes about the next computer simulation I am going to write to prove by counterexample that mandatory doctrine of quantum physics is fallacious nonsense based on incorrect (pseudo-)mathematics.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 month ago

In Cities: Skylines 2, you can now simulate late stage capitalism!

Cities: Skylines 2 will simulate layoffs, homelessness and bankruptcies

#CitiesSkylines2 #Capitalism #Simulation #GamingNews

A screenshot of Cities: Skylines 2
1 month ago

It took quite bit of effort to finally find this wonderful interactive electronic circuit simulator that is also open-source and doesn't hurt my dark-mode-loving-eyes.


#FOSS #Education #Electronics #Simulation #Circuit

August 11, 2023 - Day 223 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 243

Game: Tin Can

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 13, 2022
Library Date: Aug 4, 2023
Unplayed: 7d
Playtime: 25m

Tin Can is game number seven in this month's Humble Choice bundle, and answers the question, "What if Breathedge, but serious?"

Tin Can is a first-person space survival sim. Your goal is to survive as long as possible in real time.

The tutorial walks you (an on-board janitor) through the basic systems of the escape pod through a set of cute over-the-radio interactions with an on-board engineer who has to be in two places at once, and seconds you a few times to run through some repairs, then diagnostics, then troubleshooting.

Then the ship starts to explode, and suddenly you need to be in that escape pod.

You have a handful of spare parts, a technical manual, and a few minutes to solve whatever problem the escape pod is experiencing before that problem kills you.

The game tells you upfront that you will die. A lot.

I wouldn't describe it as fun, per se; it's stressful, but very engaging.

With only one game left in this month's bundle, I'm genuinely surprised at the number of bangers this time around.

If you don't already own the games I reckon you can't go wrong dropping AUD$17 on the bundle, even if the final game turns out to be a fizzer.

Tin Can is:

4: Good

#TinCan #FirstPerson #Survival #Simulation #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

August 10, 2023 - Day 222 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 242

Game: SuchART

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 14, 2022
Library Date: Aug 4, 2023
Unplayed: 6d
Playtime: 1h44m

Game number six: SuchART.

I figured this might be the game where I sigh, and force myself to 15 minutes and write my little review.

Almost two hours later...

Conceptually, this game is much like Passpartout: The Starving Artist that really surprised me back in January.

Instead of a humble garage in Paris, you find yourself in a future where all art is created by robots, and realising the dead end of this, real live artists are being sponsored to create real art, with real paints and canvases...

...based on a space station.

It's a cute twist. You're supplied with everything required to make basic art, and you can paint commissions or just create paintings and sell them in the "marketplace" (no other players required).

My first commission was a request for a unicorn from my sister.

It was a very bad unicorn. She loved it. Of course.

You can pretty much grind out anything, and it will be accepted and loved by those who commissioned it.

White polar bear in a snowstorm doesn't cut it though.

You have to put *something* on the canvas.

I kept painting, and churning out crap to complete quests and level up. It was kind of fun, and a chill way to kill some time.

Then... I saw something. An idea. An actual idea. In fiddling around with the in-game tools, something unlocked, and I found myself frantically grabbing paints and rollers and brushes, and a water pistol filled with paint, and *creating*.

When I was done, I sat back in my chair, and just loved that thing I'd created.

SuchART is:

5: Excellent

#SuchART #FirstPerson #Art #Simulation #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

August 9, 2023 - Day 221 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 241

Game: Arcade Paradise

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 11, 2022
Library Date: Aug 4, 2023
Unplayed: 5d
Playtime: 54m

There comes a time in every monthly Humble Bundle where you hit the cruft. The games they chose to pad out the bundle to eight games.

...and so we come to Arcade Paradise, game number five.

This is not that game.

I really didn't expect much of this from the title. The apparent love of retro games by indie devs is lost on me, and going on the name and the artwork, I made the assumption that this was going to be something a la Capcom's "Arcade Stadium" with a bunch of retro-styled games, and maybe some vague narrative thread to string them together.

Having just finished re-assembling my PC at 11:45pm, I figured I'd put in my 15 minutes and write the review later.

The game intro didn't do much to assuage my fears. A bunch of hand-drawn animated graphics. Not *badly* done, but I've been burned before.

The intro ends, and the screen morphs into... full first-person high resolution 3D.

*blink* wut.

This is a pleasant surprise.

As it turns out, Arcade Paradise is a love letter to retro arcade games, wrapped in a business sim.

As 19yo college dropout Ashley, you've been handed the keys to one of your father's run-down laundromats, in the hope that you'll "make something" of yourself.

The game opens with you dropped off by the bus in front of said laundromat, with a series of answering machine messages from your father telling you each step of managing the laundromat.

Hope you don't mind doing laundry, kid. There's a lot of it to do. There's also cleaning, garbage collection, maintenance, and emptying coin hoppers.

Oh, and there are a couple of arcade machines in the back room.

This is the heart of the narrative. Yes, you need to do all that stuff in the laundromat, working long days, to earn money... so that you can afford to buy more arcade machines, and prove to dad that there's more to life than just the grind of doing laundry.

I was hooked, and am tired this morning as a result.

There are some things that frustrate me about the gameplay. The "opening the safe" process gets old *very* quickly. The inability to interact with the garbage piled outside the laundromat just annoys me.

I WANT TO CLEAN IT UP. There are empty vending machines that I want to fill, and cannot interact with. I don't just want to build the arcade, I also want to clean up and renovate the laundromat, but that's a "me" thing.

Ironically, you can also play the arcade games themselves, something that just doesn't grab me at all, but that's OK by me.

In a completely unexpected twist, Arcade Paradise is:

4: Good

#ArcadeParadise #FirstPerson #Simulation #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Guido Schmidt
2 months ago

A generative system inspired by Mobilés.

Changed the wires to be rendered as bezier splines, which really adds an impression of weight, as curvature increases for longer wire segments.

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A generative system inspired by Mobilés. 

Changed the wires to be rendered as bezier splines, which really adds an impression of weight, as curvature increases for longer wire segments.

2 months ago

Reaction diffusion exploration

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Jan Andrle
2 months ago

Why Men Get So Few Matches on Dating Apps - YouTube -

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2 months ago

Something I made a few months ago. I find physics simulations, and especially stuff being broken/destroyed, really satisfying

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3D render of a metal ball falling from a great height, smashing through a wooden board and then into a stone cube, smashing them to pieces