58 minutes ago

little #sketch of a fence #crow. Used tombow pens and toned paper. still not sure if I really like them, the pens, but probably not bad for getting something down on paper.

#TraditionalArt #bird #MastoArt

A crow looking back, drawn in tombow pen watercolors with some chalk for highlights on grey paper.
3 hours ago

tiny teatime friends again! finally had s chance to finish this up. the tea place had the cutest cups and they didnt mind us sketching 🥰

#mastoart #copicart #sketch #sketchbook

4 hours ago

I got a comment that yesterday's item (a set of ribbons) seemed rather non-industrial for the Factory. So today I figured I'd make something more mechanical.

Say what you want about the Architects, they know exactly what parts they need. Sometimes, that is boxes stuffed with extremely-shiny nuts and bolts. (No, they don't need the parts assembled, but thank you for asking.)

The order would actually include boxes of other sizes of nuts and bolts, as well as other types of parts, but my goal is still to get these "sketches" done in under an hour. I did better this time: it took less than two! And that's despite me stopping to look up how particles work.

#Blender3D #B3D #Sketch #SketchADay #Run3

A box stuffed with extremely-shiny nuts and bolts.
4 hours ago

Warmup sketch that I went a little too far with

#furryart #furry #sketch

:heart_sp_les3: Elliot 🔞
6 hours ago

Quick sketch + lyrics from a song...
Theo and Kas.
#sketch #oc #digitalArt #MastoArt #doodle #originalCharacter

Loose uncolored Digital sketch. It depicts two people dancing together.   One has long hair and a surprised expression; they lean back while the other grabs their hand and holds their back. This other person is wearing a dress, has curly hair, and a grin with unnatural fangs. One of their hands is claws, and they have a long thin tail. The whole background is filled with lyrics from a The Family Crest song, and they read:
I'm gonna kiss, gonna kiss, gonna kiss your lips
"I'm gonna make sure dear that my love sticks
I'm gonna shake, gonna shake, gonna shake your legs
I'm gonna make, make, make, make, make you beg
I'm gonna make sure that your heart is true
I'm gonna say here darling I love you
I'm gonna make sure dear you love me too
Do you love me dear, do you love me here
I'm gonna break, break, break, break you dear
I'm gonna shake, shake up all your fears
I'm gonna take, take you down my dear
Do you love me dear, do you love me dear
I'm gonna make, make you love me dear
I'm gonna break, break you down my dear"
Watercolour Curator
8 hours ago

Monday? #MapCrunch #MapCrunch19

Take any of these photos and create whatever you like in any media and post with the above tags.
Change them about, add things, get rid of things, whatever takes your fancy - they’re ideas to get you creating without searching for the perfect scene, anything from a quick sketch to a full work.
Thanks to @SeanThurlow, who started these prompts.
#Painting #Sketch #Art #oilpainting #pastels #ink

Dwelling surrounded by trees
A filed  at the side of a road, overhanging tree to the left and hills in the distance
Fork in the road, dwellings to the right and ahead
Urban scene of car lined street, ugly fence, trees and ugly building to the left, commercial buildings with bright signs on the right with overhead cables
Mary 🌻 Hanflower
9 hours ago

Day 5 of my personal daily sketch challenge 💐 #MastoArt #sketch #illustration

Sketch of an elf girl with ear piercings in a frilly blouse holding flowers
10 hours ago

Here is a quick #sketch I made of #jerseycity

Joel Pedersen
10 hours ago

New: Coded Poem Sketch
Acrylic on 4x4 inch MDF panel.

#MastoArt #FediArt #Haiku #Sketch #Painting

An abstract painting. Three lines in Morse code: NO YEAH NO. Dots and dashes are in the traditional 5, 7, 5 haiku syllable number.
Jeff Zugale
11 hours ago

SpaceshipADay Redux 0884. 2.5x3.5” Sketch Card. Want it? Message me! #scifiart #sketch #spaceship #conceptart

12 hours ago

P. why is it called P? I don't know go ask it.

#ghost #puppet #horns #sketch

12 hours ago

A duo of doodles
#mermaid #tiki #hawaii #sketch

13 hours ago

A quick house front doodle to practice my line work.
#kleineKunstklasse #mastoart #sketch

Two houses in frontal view
14 hours ago

Monday June 5th. #ArtPrompt

Art prompt #4

Show us something orange.

#mastoart #DigitalArt #art #drawing #doodle #sketch

14 hours ago

Monday June 5th. #ArtPrompt

Art prompt #4

Draw, doodle, paint, sculpt, photograph, collage, etc...

Show us something orange.

Post your creation with the tag #artprompt .

Tag me so I can boost your submissions.

Have fun creating!

#mastoart #DigitalArt #art #drawing #doodle #sketch #photography

14 hours ago

Pallas's cats are my favorite felines. They look like the perfect mix between a cat and an old man xD

#art #drawing #sketch #animals #cats

three sketches of Pallas's cats in different poses
16 hours ago
sketch of a nude woman with curly hair
Zenith Dreemurr
16 hours ago

sketch sheet june 5th, 2023


18 hours ago

Here, have a little WIP, dotArt.

Will probably need to redraw the torso - like I can tell that I fucked it up but in what way exactly is a mystery to me.

#art #mastoart #sketch #wip

A sketch done in black over a light-grey background, and shaded with grey, with the light source directly above. It's a drawing of a male humanoid, with horns, a long tail with a sharp tip akin to a snake, big claws on feet and hands, the latter having four fingers on each hand, and leg structure of a digitrade, with his claws and feet most similar to that of a velociraptor. He's squatting, arms resting on his knees, looking down and to the side.
Gerard Thomas
22 hours ago

Sketching in 3D. It's really all about the tools - the easier and more powerful they are, the more fluid the process. This is Moi3D, it's super fluid and a tool I really like. I'd go from here to either #zbrush or #nomadsculpt for deep level detailing. Still, starting with a sketch on paper is a must I think.

#design #designer #SciFi #story #drawing #sketch #art #scifiart #spacefiction #MastoArt #fediart #conceptart #3d #3dsculpting

Retro Heart
22 hours ago

Many, many, MANY years ago I had an idea for a comic called Drop Dead Love, the story of a necromancer who accidentally kills and resurrects her partner during a one-night stand, binding the two together in a relationship neither of them wanted to be in to begin with. All set against the hyper futuristic backdrop of the 1990s.

... anyways here's the Barbie meme

#Art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #Sketch

Digital sketch of an annoyed-looking man looking directly into the camera, one eyebrow slightly raised. He's holding a sign that says "LOVE" on it.
Digital sketch of a flashy woman stylishly giving the camera the middle finger while winking. She's holding a sign that says "MORGAN" on it.
23 hours ago

#originalcharacter #Chaosium #CallofCthulhu #mastoart #sketch
Character portrait build for Call of Cthulhu play test
Based on a mix of actresses Mary Pickford and Gloria Swanson
Faber Castell pencils on Artista pad
Brightness/Contrast adjusted in Photoshop CS4
Protected by Glaze
No unauthorized use/edit/repurpose including but not limited to non fungible tokens and machine learning for artificial intelligence application
No repost/reupload without all description and link back to this account

pencil portrait of a pretty woman with dark messy shot hair on textured paper
1 day ago

Still life
#一次創作 #sketch

☭ jolyne ☭
1 day ago

Been ages, but felt like making a quick #sketch of our beloved silly #Jolyne. First time experimenting with light effects. Here he is sleeping in after a long night of last-minute essay writing.

#mastoart #digitalart #drawing #oc #originalcharacter #animeart

Have some sketches of Pinky the Baagasus

#Pegasus #goat #kid #baagasus #oc #originalcharacter


#nsfw #art #sketch #furry #anthro #fur #cute #digitalart #slarpg #tythetasmaniantiger

Claire when you keep her equipped with only the box for the whole game...yes I did do that on accident...
ramona flowers but as a wolf...and with a pride flag...and naked.
Beach snap show
1 day ago

Need to make money to buy groceries for my mother and I. Would appreciate if you could share my Kofi around to anyone who may be interested. I haven't had much luck these past few months. 🙏

#art #digitalart #procreate #artist #KofiCommissions #mutualaid #signalboost #commissionsopen #donations #sketch #drawing #MastoArt #CreativeToots #fanart #drawing

Crab With Knife
1 day ago

Had some fun doing gestures and #sketch work with @Kounoe this afternoon. :)

#DigitalArt #MastoArt

A Girl with a scar over her right eye, which is blinded, and also has short hair. She has full lips and is staring right off camera.
A page of gesture drawings on a dark slate background. 2 are marked with light blue letter to indicate favorites.
Gerard Thomas
1 day ago

Graphite on paper. Playing with positive/negative space. These drawings were about exploring what you can do with less.

#design #designer #SciFi #story #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #art #scifiart #spacefiction #MastoArt #fediart #conceptart

Quasi abstract scifi drawing. graphite on paper.
1 day ago

Here's an example of a clear but impractical order: "Four thin orange ribbons, each about 1.5 meters long, that trail in the breeze to help improve running speed." Because that's exactly what every runner needs: more air drag. But somehow the customer was happy with the result, so the Angel counts that as a win.

Today I decided to play around with cloth simulation. It worked, but I'm pretty sure I could have made an armature-based animation that looked at least as good. (Not true of all cloth animations, just for ribbons/streamers like this.) More importantly, if I make an armature-based animation, I can actually use it in games.

#Blender3D #B3D #Sketch #SketchADay #Run3

Four orange ribbons are mounted for testing. They wave about in the breeze from a fan. Eventually the fan shuts off and the ribbons begin to settle down.
Crab With Knife
1 day ago

I don't know why I never posted this but here is a cool demon concept I came up with!

#TraditionalArt #sketch #OCArt #MastoArt

A pencil sketch of a clown demon with a hand for a neck. They have a giant clown collar and a mini top hat. Polka dots on their shirt with shoulder pads too.

AND WE ARE LIVE! For Sinner's...Sunday... (never gonna get used to that) For some nsfw and pride sketch comms! Come join us in the Fox Hole!

#SmallStreamersConnect #furry #nsfw #sketch #stream #comm #commission #cute #pride #sketches #trans #transartist

:heart_sp_les3: Elliot 🔞
1 day ago

(Old #Art)
Wolf, you really look like someone familiar...
I am just a mirror to your thoughts.
You talk like someone familiar.
Like you?
Am I you?
Are you me?
I don't know who I am.
What would you do if I was you and you were me, little girl?
(Continues below.)
#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #OC #DigitalArt #Sketch #BlasphemyArt

Digital flat colored drawing. A person with curly hair, dressed with a broken red dress and a red mantle over it, all smeared in black hand marks, looks surprised. Their feet and hands became black paws as their red heels fell, a long thin black tail curls from their back. In their mouth there are fangs. They lost hold of a picnic basket that’s now falling downs, spilling a bunch of objects — mainly syringes, meds, cigarettes. The text. The character is exclaiming innocently, “uh-oh!”. A text says: “Am I The Wolf?”.
1 day ago

Heute gegen Abend ruhige Stimmung auf unserer Terrasse

#ink #aquarell #sketch #sketchbook #pleinair #watercolor #MastoArt

Terrasse mit gelblichem Abendhimmel. Im Vodergrund ein Tisch mit einer sictbaren Stuhllehne, hinten eine Launch mit einer sitzenden Frau, und sträuchern lins und rechts. Im Hintergrund einige Häuser und ein Fabrikkamin. Ein Sonnenschirm überdacht die Szene
Lineare Fineliner-Zeichnung der Terrasse
Kathy Murdoch :pastille_lemon:
1 day ago

It's Morphin' Time!

Six one-hour reference sketches from the title sequence of #PowerRangers season 1, plus another couple to collage them with a Zordon.

#sketch #drawing #art #krita #fanart

Six digital charcoal sketches of the six original Power Ranger humans, collaged along the bottom of the image, with Zordon and streams of coloured lights illuminating them from above
1 day ago

We've just got home after a really good #afternoon with our daughter.

She cooked splendid fajitas for lunch followed by home made fruit cobbler with ice cream.

We all walked to her local park where a band was playing at the bandstand.

It was a truly relaxing afternoon.

This is a lightning #sketch of the park and the bandstand - done really quickly in pen.

#sketching #sketchbook #carnetdevoyage #travelsketch

Rough pen drawing of a bandstand with stylised figures sitting in foreground, in the middle distance, and as players on the bandstand. The bandstand is a bit wonky!
1 day ago
1 day ago

I love drawing animals, specially the wonky ones we have down here! I specially love how the maned wolf looks <3

#drawing #art #animals #sketch

A sketch of a Giant Anteater
A sketch of a maned wolf
Jeff Zugale
1 day ago

SpaceshipADay Redux 0883. 2.5x3.5” Sketch Card. Want it? Message me! #scifiart #sketch #spaceship #conceptart

2 days ago

This is the first hand drawn pencil sketch I have done in years. There has been a daily sketch challenge in the art forums of fineartamerica for several days now and I had not played until yesterday. I think I will do it more often to get some practice.

prints are HERE >

#pony #sketch #horse #art #Mastoart #drawing #pencil #AYearForArt #SupportHumanArtists

A quick pencil sketch on paper of a fuzzy pony standing in the grass.
2 days ago

i’m not attempting to be good at drawing, i just want to get to a point where i enjoy it, and it makes my day and soul just slightly richer

#art #drawing #sketch

ugly drawing of green tea mochi
Suzi Dragonlady
2 days ago

Weekly Sketch #168 - 4th of June. Just a random Dragon breathing fire.
#art #drawings #drawing #sketch #sketches #fantasy #dragon #dragons #fantasycreature

A pencil drawing showing the portrait of a dragon, breathing fire, he has big fins running down his back.
2 days ago

Nur is always up to date with the newest advancements in military technology and tries to always have the best equipment available. This model uses cartridges containing the lead ball together with an already set amount of powder, considerably reducing the loading time. The wheel-lock mechanism sometimes gets jammed, but he's certain at some point someone will solve the issue.

#anthro #furry #furryart #TraditionalArt #medieval #fantasy #graphite #pencil #sketch #drawing #comic

Anna ☃️
3 days ago

Snow Miku WIP :abunhd:


Hatsune Miku in sailor outfit holding binoculars and looking around. Next to her is a small bunny in winter coat jumping with its arms up.
Retro Heart
3 days ago

A dancer outfit for Bun-E03.
I don't remember when I started this, but it's one I keep coming back to and it never feels quite where I want it. I think it's getting there, though.
#Art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Sketch #BunE03

Digital sketch of an android woman with mechanical rabbit ears striking a pose with a content look on her face. She's wearing a tied top, bottoms made of flowing cloth, and shoes with straps.
Laura Siadak
4 days ago

It's the beginning of the month, but... we can't just merely walk into the abyss to shout. It's Junefae & Junicorn.

We will sparkle and prance through the void instead! (maybe even a light unicorn jab if you're feeling grumpy)

I've got a sketch spot open, too.

This is at The Branches tier!

#art #mastoart #sketch #rabbit #drawing #fairy

Drawing of a rabbit with fairy wings
Two strange drawings of fairy
An owl woman and a deer fairy
Deer fairy and a unicorn on brown paper
RS, Author, Novelist
4 days ago

Introduction (#writingWonders 6.1 — Intro Day)

I am a feminist SF writer, more details on my profile. I'm planning on pinning this post to my profile, so it will change over time. Since I write a lot of #microfiction / #suddenfiction for #Mastodon, here is a pinned post of links to those stories:

On Mastodon, I am building a network of other writers by being both entertaining and informative, sharing what I learned the hard way. My motto: There Shall Be Content! My community goal is to help people with writing and to help them get over what's keeping them from completing stories. I'm also learning self-publishing as a business. I hope to push back the loneliness that's part and parcel of a solitary profession.

I follow serious authors, which means people diligently writing or working at completing stories or articles or anything containing words with the intent to publish. Whether that's #fiction, #nonfiction, #scripts, #comics or #manga, or #games, that's probably you. I read everyone's profile before following, and generally require some posts to ensure I'm making the right choice. DM me if your posts didn't follow you when switching instances. My timeline is full, so please don't feel bad if I miss something.

I will follow an #artist based on seeing interesting work. This can be #photography or hand drawn/painted #art. I am partial to #charcoals and #pastel, appreciate #sketch art, but love #watercolor (because I can't do that!), or just really good visuals. I will discuss what's great in what you post if wowed, or #critique if you're really close and I think I can help. I occasionally commission cover and interstitial art. I do fine art photography and have done wedding and event photography (

Last: *Did you entertain me? Did you make me think?" I may follow you. I have a weird sense of humor, which follows since many of my characters are snide and cynical.

That brings me favorites, that little star button. I do my very best never to click it to acknowledge I've simply read your post. My favorites generally mean something caught my attention, was particularly apropos to the idea, was entertaining, or somehow pithy. If I favorite replies in a conversation, that could be an acknowledgment. If I reply to your post, I've definitely noticed something!

I believe boosting is sharing, and I sometime wait a while to provide them better visibility. I appreciate when people boost my posts when they affect them in return.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #writingWonders 6.1 Intro

Toñi Gil - Commissions Open
4 days ago

A sketch of Gandalf the White, because I liked this photo/screenshot and didn't feel like drawing a hat? Maybe.
I think Elrond is next, what do you think?

#Gandalf #LOTR #ESDLA #LordOfTheRings #Sketch #Sketchbook #Fantasy #MastoArt #fanart

Digital sketch portrait of Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings movies. We see him upfront over a darker background, smoking from his pipe. He is in his clearer robes with a hand holding onto the other arm, and the other hand holding the pipe. He has a medium beard and chest length white hair. He looks in the distance in a serious way, pensive. The sketch is digital and made with a brush that looks like pencil strokes.
5 days ago

The Forest Crown sketch, I drew this I think a year ago and haven't made time to paint it. Maybe I can for this summer... 🐺
Cause I really like itm I have a weak spot for heraldry.

#art #sketch #AnimalArt #fediart

Sketch of a Wolf heraldry on a crown.

Also had some fun exploring how to theme designs in #sketch with variables and symbol overrides

A video of the same page each with a different bright theme colour
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
5 days ago

When I want to draw but my energy is low, I just do some drapery studies 😌

It's relaxing, and very different from drawing figures!

#art #sketch #sketchbook

A sketchbook page with 5 simple ink drawings of a draped blanket.
Anna ☃️
5 days ago

I got myself a new paper today and I'm trying a random creature design :D fingers crossed it handles markers well!!

#CreatureDesgin #sketch

Ink drawing of a walrus-like creature. It has body of a walrus, head similar to a head of a zebu and bumpy skin like a toad.
5 days ago
Colombian coffee and a glass of aguadepanela
:heart_sp_les3: Elliot 🔞
5 days ago

(OOOOOLD sketches) "I'm mean and I'm evil, I'm gonna eat your heart out" ("I heard you the first time")
I'm feeling so bad today and I'm listening to a random stream of songs from Spotify, it played this song from MGMT too so yeah have this ugly thing
#BlasphDoodles #art #MastoArt #OC #OriginalCharacter #sketch #DigitalArt

Digital colored sketch of a human character, text says "I'm not that nice"
Digital colored sketch of a character, text says "I'm mean"
Digital colored sketch of a character, text says "and I'm evil"
Jarom Vogel
6 days ago

A few little fox sketches I snuck in this week 🦊

#MastoArt #Fox #Art #Sketch #Color #CharacterDesign #Procreate

3 fox sketches using color gradients and textures. One fox is jumping, one is sitting, one just shows a head looking intently.
6 days ago

Yesterday I decided to go out and try drawing in a medium I barely use: coloured pencils

#pencilart #landscape #humanart #traditionalart #sketch #drawing

A drawing made with colored pencils portraying a bench surrounded by greenery
6 days ago

A quick capybara sketch on some scrap offcut watercolour paper I had lying around

#watercolour #watercolor #sketch #art

A capybara with an orange on its head, referencing a popular YouTube video. Done in black pen outline, with watercolour paint
Neil Blevins
1 week ago

Fighter Ship Doodle. I would imagine these would come in swarms of thousands #spaceship #space #starship #doodle #illustration #sketch

🍌Lana Banana 🍌
1 week ago

Hello #fediverse
Long story short: my latest Fiverr buyer made a mistake during rating process and now my top-rated seller status is in danger. As much as I want to get away from Fiverr, I can't - I still rely on income from there. TRS status gives serious benefits I do not want to lose due to buyer's mistake.
If you could order a chibi sketch for just $5 and leave 5 star rating after completion, I would be INCREDIBLY grateful.

#art #CommissionsOpen #anime #sketch

🌿 Orenji_Fox 🍊
1 week ago

Quick sketch of one of the creatures that I'm working on for my comic. Not revealing the name of the species for now, just a sneak peak :artpaw:

#sketch #wip

Just a simple pencil sketch of one of the creatures that I'm working on for my comic. 

Looks like both a dragon and a small dino, on the velociraptor side, but with an oval head. Long crest, with a pouch under the neck that inflates to look more intimidating and to help communicating with their own. A few feathers on the check, doesnt have arms tho. And the tip of the tail has some floof.
Joel Pedersen
1 week ago

I'm offering my sketches: tiny works to hash out ideas that will be implemented larger.

#FediArt #Sketch #Painting #Whoosh

A small abstract painting, a swooping dynamism with blues, greens, reds and golds.
PS Jen
1 week ago

#art #sketch #highlighter #faces
Having some fun with highlighter colors in pink and orange.

A line drawing of a person wearing a polo and sweater has been colored in with 4 highlighter markers in vibrant yellows, oranges and pinks
An ink line drawing headshot of a person wearing an upturned polo shirt and sweater awaits color
Will Morris-Julien
1 week ago

Path finding in ice caves (rough sketch) #sketch #gamedev #conceptart #indiegame #procreate #gameart #art #MastoArt

The wanderer illuminates a path ahead
1 week ago

What happens if you cross a Peaky Blinders-era London Ganster with a hedgehog?

Thankfully, I'm here to answer questions absolutely no one wanted answered!

Here's a pen sketch from a little while ago

#TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Art #Sketch #Drawing

Pen & Ink sketch of a grumpy looking hedgehog wearing 1920s-1930s era London clothing, with a pocket watch in his waistcoat and a bowler hat.
1 week ago

A jug and two bowls. Oil sketch on cradled board. painted using palette knives. #oils #painting #knife #sketch #impressionist

An oil painting of a mostly green and blue jet g next to a blue bowl with a smaller metallic bowl nested in it.
Donna M Strachan
1 week ago

A little pencil sketch of my two dogs Sally and Misty sleeping together on the sofa. Pencils and graphite sticks on paper.

I'll do a proper drawing of Misty soon, this was just for practice as I haven't drawn much lately.

Hope you like it!
#art #mastoart #dogs #drawing #pencil #sketch #creativetoots

A pencil sketch of Sally the Jack Russell terrier and Misty my young husky. They are sharing a large cushion and both facing the viewer. Sally is lying upright with her head on a paw, while Misty lies on her side with her legs extended.
Himbo Beefcake, PhD🔞✍️
1 week ago

Lol I am not immune to a good redraw challenge! :blobfoxfingerguns:
#sketch #barbie

Ethan and Al in a redraw of the Barbie and Ken mugshot screencap
Screenshot of the Barbie movie trailer of Barbie and Ken having their mugshots taken
1 week ago

Drew these a few months ago but wanted to post them anyway, especially after Lupin Zero. I picture Zenigata not being a perfect kid, coming from a shitty household and not being able to get good grades. He believes in justice but as a kid he can't do anything about it. My own version of young Jigen is a bit different than Lupin Zero's, I like both anywho!
#MastoArt #LupinIII #LupinTheThird

#fanart #jigen #jigen daisuke #zenigata #sketch #lupin iii #lupin the third

Sketchpage of Zenigata in his teens wearing a school uniform and unrelated sketches of Jigen as a teen, young adult and adult before he meets Lupin. The overall page is done in blue with some textured tones.
2 weeks ago

I'm just a ghost trapped in the wreckage of a life... #art #sketch #goth

Will Morris-Julien
2 weeks ago
Kaspar Manz
2 weeks ago

Are there any «modern» #vectorgraphic editors out there, with features like auto layout – that also offer decent PDF-X-Export? (Yes, yes, there are still people around that design for print …)

Adobe #Illustrator has the proper PDF export but hasn't added any useful features for years now.

#Figma, #Sketch have the layout feature – but their PDF export sucks.

Any alternatives I haven't checked out yet?

Jeff Zugale
2 weeks ago

SpaceshipADay Redux 0869. 2.5x3.5” Sketch Card. Want it? Message me! #scifiart #sketch #spaceship #conceptart

Fiona Creates
2 weeks ago

So i got new art supplies for sketching not digitally… and I’m in love with the magic lead from koh i noor. Ive filled lots of sketchbook, i may even share some of them soon but for now have this owl.

#MastoArt #sketch

Sketch of an owl done in a rainbow magic pencil lead.
2 weeks ago

On her Hot Girl shit ✨

#Sketch #MastoArt #art #doodle

Digital Illustration. Black and White on a bright green background. A girl with boxbraids twirling her hair while chewing gum and looking at her phone.
2 weeks ago

For #WorldBeeDay here's a #sketch I did of a #bee in #ink and #ColoredPencil last summer. #MastoArt #Art

A sketch in ink and colored pencil of a bee on some flowers. The bee is in profile and predominantly black and golden brown and the flower blooms are pink and purple.
Tisha Mark
2 weeks ago

Sketching on a rainy Saturday.

Charcoal on gessoed law dictionary page.

#MastoArt #art #charcoal #sketch

Photo of a charcoal sketch of a coastal landscape on a gessoed law dictionary page. On the windowsill at the top of the photo is a coffee mug, a piece of charcoal, and an eraser. There’s a paper towel smudged with charcoal to the right of the book.

Had a lot of old high school magic today.

I had an overnight visit with a high school friend I haven’t seen in 10 years (and ~35 years before that). Her dog and I bonded this morning while listening to the birdsong filling her backyard. Drew this while on the plane heading home.

At the end of the flight I learned from my seat mate that she lives on the same dirt road in Vermont that I lived on 40-some years ago. And after more chitchat about my life there at the time and my housemate she realized that I was talking about one of her good friends, and whose son is best friends with the son she was flying out to visit in SF. I’ve been trying to get in touch with this old friend of mine. And now we can!

I’m still smiling.

Hashtag list: #sketch #sketching #HighSchool #OldFriends #Vermont

Ink sketch of a dog looking out over a lawn and garden with trees, shrubs and flowers from a deck. It is a rear view of the dog, with her tail lying on the boards of the deck. Her ears are prominent and are on alert. Don’t know her breed but she has a beautiful brindle coat (not pictured). There is a handrail on one side for the stairs that lead down to the grass from the deck.
3 weeks ago

本日 久しぶりのライブセッションスケッチの日でした。

Watercolour Curator
3 weeks ago

@Curator has a great post here:

From: @Curator

Adding hashtags is also important so that people will find your posts. Did you know you can follow hashtags? For example, some I follow include #Watercolour #Watercolor #aquarelle #acuarela #Aquarell #acquerello #aquarela #sketching #sketch #urbansketching #usk .

3 weeks ago

Ich hab ein fröhliches Frettchen für euch. Er heißt Fretlef

#MastoArt #sketch

Drei Skizzen eines fröhlichen Frettchens in verschiedenen Posen
3 weeks ago

#Aquarell für einen Challenge von carlosrubinaster auf Instagram mit alten Häusern in Portugal.
#sketch #watercolor #ink #MastoArt #oldhousesbycarlos145

Altes verfallenes Haus mit defektem Dach, von unten her gesehen, vieolette Verfärbungen im Mauerwerk, unten von Pflanzen bewachsen.

Woke up this morning thinking I oughta sketch Mr Rogers, because ❤️

#MrRogers #FredRogers #Drawing #Illustration #WontYouBeMyNeighbor #FediArt #MastoArt #Sketch #ItsABeautifulDay

Sketch of Fred Rogers on a green background
Petra Brandström
3 weeks ago

We're basically halfway through #mermay ! I've done a total of *three* sketches so far. 😊 Not much, but more than I thought I'd manage! How about you guys, are you drawing mermaids or focusing on other stuff? It's not too late to start, if you're up for a challenge or just want some ideas for arting!

These sketches are for the prompts companion, mama, and mushroom.

#pencil #sketch

Pencil drawing of a mermaid feeding a small fish to a seagull that's balancing on her head. For mermay 2023 day 12: Companion.
Pencil drawing of a mermaid dragging a sack filled with eggs through the kelp. For mermay 2023 day 14: Mama.
Pencil drawing of a mermaid covered with various fungi and with a puffball on her head, swimming away in a mushroom forest. For mermay 2023 day 6: Mushroom.
3 weeks ago

Skizze mit #Ink und FaberCastell #Watercolour #Markers auf A4 Fabriano 300gr
#sketch #sketchbook #aquarell #watercolor #MastoArt

Verfallenes Haus mit einem Türmchen rechts. Die Veranda ist ohne treppe, das Dach ist teilweise beschädigt. Starke Kontraste.
3 weeks ago

Ein weiteres halbes, verlassenes Haus mit Türmchen nach einer Foto von Austin Hodges "Images of Ruined Standalone Homes" mit #Ink und FaberCastell Watercolour Markers
#sketch #watercolor #aquarell #watercolour #MastoArt #drawing #housesketch #daylysketch

Ein halbes Haus mit einem erkerförmigen Türmchen rechts und über dem Eingang links eine halber Giebel. Zwei Treppen führen links zum Hauseingang.
4 weeks ago

Sketches from today's stream! Am loving how they're coming along.

#Fish #Legs #Krita #Sketch

Sketches of ocean sunfish with legs. One is sitting cross-legged with heels, another squatting with muscular legs and the last one is standing with fishnet stockings.