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There's a different source of lovely smells here…

A visitation earlier this morning…

No bears, but also deer, turkeys, and an occasional coyote — and foxes, raccoons, vultures, a blue heron, and bloody gophers. Happily the heron eats gophers …


Video of a skunk trotting briskly across the yard with magnificent tail held high, turning and stopping briefly — evidently startled by something behind it.
2 weeks ago

inside of us all we've got a friend
...or at least these two do 🦨🦨
Commission for Carnal_Critter on Twitter!

Be sure to follow me on Telegram and FA to be notified of when my off-stream commissions are open, as well as Picarto for in-stream ones! || || ||

#crownedvictory #2023 #sizedifference #simplebackground #cutaway #duo #micro #microprey #skunk

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 weeks ago

#raccoon mind your own business
#skunk meeting of the
Mammal International Liberation Front #MILF

3 weeks ago

So hey remember either earlier this week or last week when I said I was having a sort of panic/anxiety attack over drawing hair on a picture? Well here's the picture.

This is a clean version, I kinda want to do it messy but if I do that I can't undo it. So if I make a mistake it would be permanent.

Anyways here's an embarrassed skunk feeling his way too thick pamps.

#diaper #diapers #Babyfur #skunk #sketch #doodle #abdl #pampers

3 weeks ago

As a truck driver, you'd think Adrian would know well enough to have an "oversized load" banner hanging over his rear end. He probably needs pilot vehicles in front and behind him too.

YCH by @marxfifty!

#art #furry #fat #blob #immobile #butt #ass #skunk

A very fat male anthropomorphic skunk sits on his knees and looks back at the viewer. He's nude and his ass is practically wide enough to fill a couch.
3 weeks ago

Another random doodle. I don't like how it came out though. Anyways... Stinky boi.

#diaper #diapers #messy #messydiaper #MessyMonday #PoopyPamps #poopypants #poopydiaper #skunk #sketch #doodle

1 month ago

♫ Otra canción que me gusta en Spotify ►«Charity - Live» de «Skunk Anansie» en su album «Paranoid & Sunburnt» #music #spotify #Skunk Anansie

1 month ago

♫ Otra canción que me gusta en Spotify ►«Selling Jesus» de «Skunk Anansie» en su album «Paranoid & Sunburnt» #music #spotify #Skunk Anansie

1 month ago

♫ Otra canción que me gusta en Spotify ►«I Can Dream» de «Skunk Anansie» en su album «Paranoid & Sunburnt» #music #spotify #Skunk Anansie

1 month ago

♫ Otra canción que me gusta en Spotify ►«Intellectualise My Blackness - Live» de «Skunk Anansie» en su album «Paranoid & Sunburnt» #music #spotify #Skunk Anansie

Jamie Revell
1 month ago

A look at the obscure (to westerners) stink badgers of Indonesia, and at the fossil history of the skunk family.

#Synapsida #skunk #science #fossils

A taxidermied stink badger
1 month ago

So hey, I play osrs and play ironman mode (btw) and when I first started there was a lot of downtime while I afk trained magic via splashing, or ranged via safespotting, especially during early slayer grinds. So during those early days I thought I would try doing a comic about my experiences.

I never ended up doing more than 2 and a half comics/pages of it and a couple random doodles.

And I don't think I ever posted them, but stumbled on them while flipping through and old sketchbook. So... Here are those.

Guess what I am referencing in the second comic page. Betcha can't. If you can you're a nerd.

#sketch #doodle #osrs #OldSchoolRuneScape #old_school_runescape #skunk #comic

1 month ago

*ding ding ding*

(Just in case people didn't know where this is from --> <-- )

Also let's be real, we've all been there. This has happened to all of us.

#sketch #doodle #redraw #skunk

Nall :therian:
1 month ago

Oh, that old video file?
I was inspired, watching films,
so it turns you into a skunk
seven seconds after watching it--
yeah, just like that~ 🦨
#tf #skunk

1 month ago

*laughs uncontrollably* It's black, my blood is black you know~

Don't mind me, just going absolutely INSANE! Hahahahaha.

If the room could just hold still for like 30 seconds, that would be great.

#souleater #souleaterfanart #sketch #doodle #skunk

1 month ago

Ooooh, he flew~

Kinda of a redo of an old pic I did. Why? I got... So high. I am... Kinda not here right now, the room needs to just chill the F out.

#souleater #souleaterfanart #sketch #doodle #skunk

1 month ago

And a recent stinker on a stroll
#skunk #wildlife

Nall :therian:
1 month ago

Let's say you were turned into a skunk--
"you were turned into a skunk."
H-hey wait, that's not--
"yes, cutie?"
... ✨🦨

#tf #transfur #skunk

1 month ago

I almost forgot to post this. And because I ended up forgetting most of the details are super fuzzy.

Anyways in my dream I was playing a sort of weird dare game, where players draw cards and have to do whatever the cards say to move ahead in the game. It was also extremely kink based.

The cards I drew all involved inflatables, one was to put on an inflatable diaper and pump it up to the point I had to waddle. Another was to put on a rubber/latex onsie, then inflatable mitts and booties, and eventually have to wear an inner tube that also somehow was a skirt/dress. Basically by the time I was done I couldn't even keep playing because I was completely stuck in rubber inflatable clothes, unable to interact with the game, and barely able to walk.

Then I got shoved into a pool, and this is when the dream got NSFW. In the pool were some inflatables, similar to the puffy paws kind, you know the kind... The ones that are enormous and always hunched forward with their tails up, just enough to imply yiffing, but also clean enough that people either overlook it or ignore it. Anyways they were also sentient and avle to move around, albeit limited with movement. One of them decided to have their way with me, and mounted me in the pool, I was avle to sink due to all the inflatable clothes I was in, and also the fact pooltoys weight nothing.

After a couple minutes of getting absolutely plowed by a pooltoy and somehow being unable to get away, not that I was trying too hard after like a minute and getting unbearably horny by the entire situation. I suddenly felt like I was getting pumped full of air, getting another pump with each thrust. Eventually I also realized I was turning into my sona, but in pooltoy form, AND that my outfit was slowly smoothing out, literally becoming part of me as I turned into a toy.

Basically I played a kink game, got pushed into a pool, fucked by an inflatable toy, and finally turned into an inflatable sissy-baby skunk fuck toy myself.

God it was hot. >\\\\<

#nsfw #diaper #diapers #skunk #transformation #tf #rubber #inflatables #inflatable #dream

1 month ago
Skunk spraying on red fox
Amy New
1 month ago

Let’s Parallel play!

Finished c0mmissi0n for some friends :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

#art #furry #mastoart #skunk #bunny

A female dark purple and white skunk wearing a purple sweatshirt is laying on her belly with her big tail up high, she is coding on her Bunny brand laptop and her partner is leaning up against them on her back, she is a female cream coloured rabbit with pink long hair, she is wearing a green sweatshirt, playing her Skunktendo Switch
Nall :therian:
2 months ago

Snuggled, fussed over, squeezed,
feeling so warm and melty,
until you literally melt;
floaty, daydreamy,
gathered up in the bucket,
poured into the critter mould.

sealed in, squeezed, warmed, cooled,
pressured, regaining shape,
little paws, round ears,
big tail, short muzzle,
and a satisfying hiss;
out you come, skunky.

smooth paws, squeaky tail,
sit still while you're painted;
eyes, and nose, and stripes,
enjoy being a shiny skunk~ 🦨

#tf #transformation #skunk

The Zen Lady
2 months ago

We used to have a backyard possum for a long time but it passed last winter. Recently we discovered a new possum feeding on the peanuts left out for the birds/squirrels & I want to encourage it to stay.

So we have been leaving out peanuts in a bowl by the backdoor. But at 9:30pm tonight, we got a new visitor. I love the way it waddles backwards after picking a peanut out of the bowl before eating it. Plus I hope it's not going to make a home under the back step!


A skunk that picks a peanut out of the bowl then waddles backwards before eating the peanut. However it then goes under the backstep - I hope it's not going to take up residence there!
Tac O'Cat
2 months ago

GTSkunkrat joins the fwoomp party!

#fwoomp #YCH #rat #skunk #butt

a cartoon illustration of a skunk/rat hybrid flopped over, looking slightly embarrassed about it
2 months ago

Second times the charm. I had a whole story typed out then my phone decide "haha, what if I closed the app on you for no reason?"

Anyways. I used my pics from this morning as a reference to doodle this. I started at 10:30ish am, and now it is 4:30pm... For a quick 10 minute doodle.

I may attempt to re-write the story, I might not. Losing the entire thing to my phone being a dick kinda took the wind out of my sails.

#messy #stinky #diaper #diapers #pooping #poopy #messy_diaper #stinky_diaper #poopy_diaper #skunk #doodle #sketch #naughty

Jamie Revell
2 months ago

The third part of my series on skunk species turns to the American Southwest - and also to South America.

#skunk #science #synapsida

American hog-nosed skunk
2 months ago

Inspired by Damien's playthrough of Horizon's Gate, where they used our old Ironclaw characters for most of the prominent crew. This time with the full standard party loadout! Now that Alessi and Nekot are finished to join the original group for posing.

#furryart #fox #vulpine #raccoon #male #Alessi #Nekot #ironclaw #Gertrude #Nikki #Deirdre #cat #feline #cow #bovine #skunk #female

A male skunk, female black cat, and female cow stand in defensive combat postures around a male grey fox in dancer's garb proclaims that they have "Found a Gun" much to the distress of their male raccoon companion in rouge's garb.
2 months ago

Jyinxx Challenge 07 - Heartbreak

#furryart #Nikki #skunk #male #Gertrude #feline #cat #female

A male skunk in dancers clothes has a mild existential crisis over a realization of one of his companion's social status.
2 months ago

a commission for @/MavenPShayon over on twitter skunk-taur dad!
#furry #fatfur #skunk #taur

Nall :therian:
2 months ago

Oh hey, I saved up enough magic from Skunktember to make sure you can be a skunk whenever you like~ 🦨 #tf #skunk

Tac O'Cat
2 months ago
a very large maned maroon-toned cartoon skunk happily caressing his giant belly
Tac O'Cat
2 months ago
a cyan and grey cartoon skunk happily waving to the viewers
Zip Zorilla
2 months ago

@music Stripes comedic background music for Peril Possum cartoons
#music #skunk #art #cartoon

Tac O'Cat
2 months ago

For VasirrKhajiit

#Skunktember #Arrow #wolf #skunk

a black and white cartoon skunk with long black hair, wearing a necklace and Smash Bros logo shirt
Tac O'Cat
2 months ago
a lavender cartoon skunk looking shy
2 months ago

I feel kinda of bad, as I haven't posted a lot of finished stuff lately. But I've been working on the Octransfur prompts, and some of them are my favorite pieces yet, lol!

So until next week, have another wip sketch! A lady turning into a male skunk after rudely saying that the service "stank" at the restaurant she was just at.

#Skunk #TF #TFTuesday #TFEveryday #WIP #Sketch #TFTG #TG #FtM #Transfur

A rough work in progress digital sketch of a lady turning into a male anthro skunk. They are leaning up against a corner of a building, on their knees from the pain of the transformation. Their clothing tearing to shreds from their body growing in size. A large fluffy skunk tail "Fwoomf"ing from their back. Their purse and contents of it spilled on the ground.

Before I saw the hawk I met the ‘eepiest little striped skunk! They’re an animal ambassador at the nature centre. 🦨

#PlaceritaCanyonStatePark #CaliforniaStateParks #SantaClarita #animalambassador #stripedskunk #skunk

A small exhibit with two signs reading as follows: “STRIPED SKUNK”, “Animal Ambassadors The injuries or behavior of our educational animals prevent them from ever being candidates for release into the wild. Some were illegally raised as pets by people who later realized they could no longer care for a wild animal. Now imprinted on people, these animals would not survive in the wild. Here at Placerita Canyon, they are given a second chance as animal ambassadors. They help us educate the public while they live out their natural lives. For their health and well-being, please do not feed, tease, or touch any of them.”
Skunk sleeping on its side with its head and tail curled in toward its belly.
3 months ago

The water has been out for a week while I wait for the one plumber who can work on a pressure tank to be able to come by. Today was the day, but he's sick. So no water. Then, my cat got out, got sprayed by a skunk and then let the skunk into the house. (She can open the sliding door if I don't lock it.) Now, I have to figure out how to get the skunk out without setting it off. How's your day going? #skunk #BadDay

who wants a burger? hickory smoked!

#furry #furryart #skunktember #skunk

skunk grilling burgers
Jer 🚵🏼
3 months ago

Middle of the night I wake to sound of wife closing windows and the STRONG smell of skunk.
"I don’t think so”
“c’mere buddy”
{dog looks guilty out of habit}
“he doesn’t smell any worse than usual”

I wonder what got hit? Or were they just practicing? “Ok, kids, so this is what you do when something scary gets close.”

#skunk #ruralLiving

Really wanted to draw @AfterMoles 's rubber skunk form having a nom on a certain otter.~

#art #furry #mastoart #furryart #vore #skunk #oc #otter #pooltoy #animate_inanimate

Mole's rubber skunk form is having a sit, one hand on it's leg while the other is helping shove the last remaining footpaw of a certain otter down it's mouth. At the same time part of that otter's head and hands are stretching the skunk's belly. It's overal look is that of being a bit distracted, looking sideways.
3 months ago


#Art-gust 28/31, Midjourney niji model, Midjourney variation tool, GIMP overpain, Topaz Gigapixel Standard model

#FurryArt #AiArt #DigitalArt #Skunk

A picture of a tough but slightly nerdy looking skunk anthropomorphic.

He's covered in white and black fur, and has the stick end of a large lollipop poking out of his snout.  His mouth is closed, and two small fangs
can be seen surrounding the stick.  He appears sort of annoyed. You're not sure if he's more at home on a motorbike, or on fixing your server; possibly both.

His hair is large, spiked, and white, starting at small white spikes near his forehead, and extending to larger and larger spikes at the back 
of his head.  A large set of metal-reinforced tinted sunglasses surround his eyes; they're sort of a cross between glasses and goggles,
as the glasses strap around the back of his head, pulling the hair back there tight to his head. His large yellow eyes and narrow pupils are looking at something off to the right.

His face is defined by a set of large skunk ears, black against the white of his hair, and two large black curves above his eyebrows.

He's wearing a leather motorcycle vest; his arms, striped with alternately black and white fur, can be seen on the bottom of the picture.
It's unzipped, showing white spiky fur coming off his chest.

The background is a flat orange to emphasize the character.
4 months ago

Tonight's backyard special guest. Is bebeh! #skunk #aww #babyanimal

A baby skunk, somewhere between 3-5 months, on a concrete patio.
4 months ago

Time to transform o:

#furry #fursona #tf #skunk#art #artist #comission

a sketchpage of a girl. she is getting ready to try ot her new powers. she transforms into a skunk furry, then changes shape to be all floofy and chubby, and then she transforms into a strong muscular version
Nall :therian:
4 months ago

They say it's not good to be too close to the screen. Nose pressed up against colourful cartoon pixels, dazed, daydreamy.

But it's a surprise when you sink through the glass. You can see the tip of your new muzzle, hands instinctively trying to stop you slipping forwards, but those fall straight through as well; now you have paws, resting on the grass.

Fluffy black and white. Stripes down your back. Half skunk, half not. Wanna keep going into the 'toon world, skunky? 🦨 #tf #skunk

El Duvelle
9 months ago

Long-Evans rats are a little strange in #NewHampshire … 😅​
(More seriously, this was the first time I saw a live and apparently very tame #Skunk ! So fluffy!!)

This video starts on a view of a forest-like ground with pine needles, snow and trees. Then we move on past a tree trunk on the left to reveal a relatively large skunk: black and white, with a small triangular head and a very fluffy body and tail. Apparently impervious to the presence of the person taking the video (… me), the skunk moves around searching the floor, probably for food, crosses a small path, with the video stopping when he/she reaches the other side of the path and looks at the experimenter, I mean, the person filming. Fortunately no one was sprayed during this video.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
10 months ago

A wee little skunk 🦨 print for #tinyPrintTuesday and for the #printersolstice prompt contrast. Those famous white stripes on black are a high contrast warning not to mess with our more odiferous neighbours! This is another animal I have seen in my tiny backyard.

#linocut #printmaking #skunk

A tiny linocut skunk with its tail up on ivory washi paper, 4” x 5”
Tiny Lino block and u gauge on cutting mat with centimetre grid
JC Little
10 months ago

Covid day 23, still in bed but slowly recovering 😊. Some things make my heart pound and it triggers the wobbles - unfortunately one of those things is drawing 😂. So I have to keep stopping and it takes me ages just to do a little sketch. Obsessed with crows right now, and baby skunks are so cuuuuute! This is called The Babysitter 🖤🦨.

#ink #inkdrawing #sketch #sketchbook #crow #skunk #wildlife #covid #mastoart #art #artist #Canadianartist

Ink drawing of a crow, perched on the edge of an old tree trunk on the ground, and peering affectionately down into a hole in the trunk wherein lies the baby skunk who is sleeping peacefully.
11 months ago
a purple curvy skunk anthro girl playing guitar while looking  mischeviously
His & Hearse Press
1 year ago

It’s #Caturday! I started feeding a stray cat about a year ago and inadvertently collected these alternative cats as well. I love them all.
Believe it or not, these photos were taken together on the porch outside my bedroom. The opossums were watching the skunk and raccoon eat, and the raccoon was looking up at the opossums. I thought it was an internet myth that these creatures hung out together, but IT’S TRUE!

#HisAndHearsePress #Cat #Cats #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #TrashCat #TrashCats #Opossum #Skunk #Raccoon #TrashPanda #TrashBandit #AdoptDontShop #Wildlife #UrbanWildlife

An olive green background with two photos. One is of two opossums perched above a porch. The other is a raccoon and skunk eating cat food on the same porch. Text overlaid reads, “trash cats!”
Toroidal Core
1 year ago

Out for a walk, and this guy crosses my path.

#skunk #SkunksOfMastodon

A hazy picture of a skunk crossing a road at night, silhouetted by a bright street light.
A hazy picture of a skunk crossing a sidewalk at night, in the light of a bright street light.