2 days ago


> There should be categories of posts, like "funny", "interesting" or "important".

Maybe add in “Insightful”, “Troll”, “Redundant”, and “Informative” while we're at it 🤔


NaNdy Stalick
2 weeks ago

Is there at all a tech-news site that is not explicitly anti-worker and packed with libertarian jerks? I am sick of #YCombinator #HackerNews and #Slashdot has been trash for decades.

But I do want to read about #javascript somewhere...

1 month ago

Ah, this Firefish theme (misskey theme? I assume not much reason to change the theme engine?), "Mi Future Dark", has some Slashdot-ish vibes with the green (not the same shade, and I don't think /. ever had a dark theme while I was there, but still). #slashdot

Loki the Cat
2 months ago

Just read a #Slashdot piece asking for the best encrypted password manager. Oh, humans! If you were like us cats, you'd just hide your passwords under the couch or in a shoebox. #FelinePasswordManager 😸🔐

Marc Carson
2 months ago

Lovely reading experience, you can scroll within the top inch of your screen! And guess whose website "Close Ad" takes you to? 😆 #slashdot #news #browsers #chrome

A screenshot of a huge ad preventing a website
2 months ago

In its heyday, #slashdot was one of my fav sites

sure, there were some stupid stories, and lots of stupid comments, but it was so much fun

maybe I am just old and grouchy, but imagine caring what #ElonMusk has to say on any topic

Space Hobo Actual
2 months ago

@nemothorx So true story: I first discovered #Enlightenment around 1997, and I remember going on IRC and downloading it to compile on my DEC Multia. The FTP site was like, and someone in the IRC channel kept saying "Ugh, #SlashDot sucks." I was baffled, because it seemed a perfectly fine FTP host to me!

2 months ago

I find #SlashDot to be a very #meh website. Every time I end up there, they remind me they require me to enable #JavaScript

#ThankGoodness they’re kind enough to remind me why I don’t share anything from them

I get my info elsewhere, & share that which will give the information we need without the invasion of #privacy or #security that comes with JS

Websites tell us so much info- including whether or not we need them

Thanks, SlashDot. Your #irrelevance is of your own making :gnomeHey:

beforewisdom :vegan: 🦣
2 months ago

I've been reading Slashdot again for the first time in over a decade.

Got to say, disappointed in the subculture there.

A lot of aging tech bros arrested at the bro level of emotional development. Worse, all they have to say are the same old sophomoric opinions you can guess, and the same dumb jokes. Worst of all, they are very impressed with themselves and they don't realize how lame they come across.

Sadly, they often don't even know what they are talking about, their point of pride.


Picture of the Slashdot banner.
beforewisdom :vegan: :tofu:🦣
3 months ago had an article about a beef industry study showing that red algae only reduces bovine methane emissions by 28%.

I commented that a guaranteed way to reduce bovine methane emissions is to eat less meat.

My comment got labeled "Flambait".


Kind of appropriate - "global warming".

#Vegan #SlashDot #GoVegan #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange

Jack William Bell
3 months ago


'blood'? I guess I'm missing some context.

I think that context is what's interesting about Reddit and other squishy not-quite-a-bbs social media. But scale gets in the way there; too many people all commenting and fighting for likes turns it into #Slashdot.

Microblog social media is more like having a discussion in a loud bar, where the conversational threads keep diverging and you can't quite remember what you were talking about two minutes ago.

gemma lynn
3 months ago

i swear #slashdot is the original #hackernews

The U.S. Space Command confirmed with almost near certainty, 99.999%, that the material came from another solar system [....] It has material strength that is tougher than all space rock that were seen before, and catalogued by NASA...We calculated its speed outside the solar system. It was 60 km per second, faster than 95% of all stars in the vicinity of the sun.

a Very Smart Internet (with apologies to n-gate:

Or fallen from a plane? Sounds like ball bearings or some other kind of component.

3 months ago

「9台のAI搭載ヒューマノイドロボットが国連サミットで記者会見を開催」: Slashdot

実際の記者会見の #Youtube は以下のリンク。英語字幕付き。

#prattohome #Slashdot #人型ロボット #記者会見

3 months ago

Why Are So Many People Watching TV With Subtitles?

"For some, the problem is the design of modern televisions; the majority of which place internal speakers at the bottom of the set instead of facing towards the audience, causing significantly worse audio quality. Other issues are caused by sound designs optimized for theatrical experiences, which can result in compressed audio when translated to home."

#Slashdot #IndieWire

3 months ago

Signed up to try Lemmy at, just waiting for approval.

What I find interesting on it, and it's the main reason I chose this instance, is the lack of downvotes. This is something I really always hated on Reddit, and even HN.

I also created an account on slashdot these past few days.

#note #lemmy #slashdot

ms. liz
3 months ago

would slashdot become a thing again? #reddit #slashdot

4 months ago
4 months ago

Windows is now FINALLY supporting the RAR file format. It only took Microsoft 20 years to come around.

Source: #Slashdot

demï7en 🎗
6 months ago

Natives of #London probably get it, but the hashtag #Arsenal would've fleshed this one out nicely... ☝️

Oh, and finally a *purpose* for the dreaded #goatse symbol!

Extreme content warning!


#piersmorgan #trump #slashdot #CannotUnsee

Having checked recently for the first time in over a decade, I thought "I wonder if Bluesnews is still a thing."

Yep. Wow. From 1996 to now, still trucking. Pretty good for a website.

Anyone else remember .plan updates/finger? ah, the good ol days.

#bluesnews #games #planfile #oldschool #iamsoold #slashdot

I discovered my #Slashdot account works, so here’s a link to the first (and only?) comment I ever posted, back on 1 Feb 2005.

I guess this comment is still kinda evergreen.

Greg Lloyd
7 months ago

@shoq I agree with @carlrj’s summary of Slashdot’s model for level clipping distributed curation — as well as Slashdot distributed moderation discussed in the 🧵

I’m also puzzled by why no one seems to build on Slashdot experience for distributed curation, moderation, and karma. It seems to cover the bases with a troll resistant model that’s scalable.

#slashdot #curation #moderation

A Slashdot discussion of articles that ask "why is Meta slashing prices on its VR headsets?"


▪️ My response is simple: I do not trust Meta.

I already have an Oculus device that will never be connected to the internet again due to mismanagement by Meta. I find their long history of treating the public poorly to be completely unacceptable. My VR device will be used off-line to the extent that it is possible.

It's a shame because VR does have some promising capabilities.

⭐ But until an affordable platform-agnostic VR device becomes available I will not spend my time or money on this technology.

▪️ The question I am curious about is:
Why would *anybody* trust Meta to do what they promise to do?

#Meta #Facebook #VR #Consumer #Privacy #Games #Technology #Slashdot

Daniel Dvorkin
7 months ago

I think about this a lot, as my own #online record grows ever longer.

The #internet is full of ghosts of myself, and friends—some still in my life, most not, an alarming number who can never be again—caught at points of our lives when we were utterly different people. Hell, sometimes spambots still comment on my #LiveJournal posts, and I have to go see what they said, which brings the memories flooding back. Decades of #Usenet and #Slashdot floating around in the ether.

And yeah, it gets exponentially weirder when it’s everybody who’s left similar traces—which is probably close to half the world’s population by now, if it hasn’t already passed that point. I’ve been online for forty years or so, continuously for about thirty. Another such span of time, and a solid majority of people on the planet will have most or all of their lives self-documented in a detail that has never before been possible in human history.

My fiancée is a social #historian, focusing on a little over a century ago. There’s lots of material, but never enough. So much is irretrievably lost. Her counterparts a century hence will have the opposite probem.

Probably a good thing those teenage #BBS posts are lost forever. Er, I think: maybe they’re still on a stack of cassette tapes in someone’s basement. If so, I hope they stay in their graves.

7 months ago

#AMD #Ryzen #7000X3D #CPUs Launched: Ryzen 9 7950X3D Offers Big Gains and Efficiency - #Slashdot

At CES 2023, AMD unveiled an array of Ryzen 7000 series Zen 4 processors, including new gaming-targeted X3D models that featured integrated 3D V-Cache, similar to the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. The processors go on sale tomorrow, but review embargos for AMD's latest socket AM5 flagship, the Ry...

Man Beats Machine at #Go in Human Victory over #AI - #Slashdot

"The tactics that put a human back on top on the Go board were suggested by a computer program that had probed the AI systems looking for weaknesses. The suggested plan was then ruthlessly delivered by #Pelrine."

I swear #slashdot exists to troll its readers

Slashdot headlined: Ask Slashdot: Where Can You Buy a Desktop PC That Makes Linux Easy to Install?
Hank G ☑️
8 months ago
Anyone who has been on the fediverse for more than a few years knows how these waves go. This one was the same just so much larger and with a larger bump in plateau. But we also knew this is how the tech press was going to cover the inevitable slump because they only know how to cover Silicon Valley techbro pitches which only understand a false dichotomy of “unicorns”/ “going to the moon” or “dying” for not doing so. The fediverse is not one entity much less company. I’ll take the wins and keep moving forward. I like being the underdog anyway. Best bright side is the VCs chasing the new shiny ball will maybe leave us alone and go back to doing their vulture capitalism play elsewhere. Unfortunately that may be to try to make fetch happen with crypto and NFTs again. #fediverse #TechMedia #slashdot #VultureCapitalism #Twitter #TwitterMigration
Screenshot of a Slashdot post title: “The Mastodon Bump Is Now a Slump” with description reading:
The fall in Mastodon's popularity suggests the decentralized platform is not a replacement for mainstream services. An anonymous reader shares a report: Twitter users put Mastodon usernames in their handles and trumpeted their migration. The new traffic knocked many Mastodon instances, or servers, offline. In less than two months, Mastodon's monthly active users climbed from 380,000 to more than 2.5 million. But not everyone stuck around.
Mastodon's active monthly user count dropped to 1.4 million by late January. It now has nearly half a million fewer total registered users than at the start of the year. Many newcomers have complained that Mastodon is hard to use.
8 months ago

Have #Slashdot comments always been so disgustingly alt-right? The story about #Disney+ has nasty comments about wokeness and anti-white propaganda.

8 months ago

Blobs of Human Brain Planted In Rats Offer New Treatment Hope - Slashdot I’m hoping this can help with Alzheimer’s. #medicine #brain #brainsurgery #slashdot #health

8 months ago

How a Microsoft Cloud Outage Hit Millions of Users Around the World - Slashdot I didn’t experience an outage. Probably because it was 4:35 am EST. #microsoft #outage #azure #Teams #microsoftteams #slashdot #technology

8 months ago

I love that one! It's safe, it's in the cloud, they said. (from #slashdot )
#databreach #data #donneespersonnelles #hacking

Dutch Hacker Obtained Virtually All Austrians' Personal Data, Police Say -

Just re-visited the original "No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame." post on Slashdot and it is absolutely hilarious to see naysayers of the iPod in retrospect:

#slashdot #ipod #tech

8 months ago

"Research Summaries Written By AI Fool Scientists"

I know it's click-bait and all. However this is the world we live in now.

#slashdot #ai #research #science

I haven't seen anyone say "GNU/Linux" in a while, really takes me back to the ole #Slashdot days

Well shit, #slashdot is on #mastodon.


NGL, haven't read Slashdot in probably over a decade.

Greg Lloyd
10 months ago

@jamiemccarthy @PeteForsyth @fabian @tchambers

Jamie — Thank you for adding your first hand #SlashDot caution.

Building and maintaining community interest in #DistributedModeration as ‘jury duty’ whose reward is community Karma would be a challenge,

But there seems to be a broad interest in community based moderation that is fair, transparent, and federated — not monolithic. An approach based on the Slashdot model might get traction and community support.

The first articles and postings discuss what happens, when #Twitter goes down for good.

Well, this is something you should have been aware of before the current #Musk situation:

Don't contribute anything relevant to gated communities (only)!
#Reddit #HackerNews #Slashdot #Facebook #Metaverse #webforums

Fabian N. T. 🦆
11 months ago

Anybody saw 🧵 on 🐦 about #Reddit’s #moderation challenges? Someone there suggested that #Slashdot solved mod. yrs ago with their #MetaModeration approach.

tldr: Mod. is a jury-like duty. Everyone has to mod (semi-random). Posts get karma. Mod decisions are kept in check by meta-moderation. You choose preferred threshold to use the site. Result: soft-blocks instead of hard ones.


Familiar w/ this? A model for #Mastodon instance (or even distr’d) moderation❓