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6 hours ago

Exploring the Fascinating World of Dreams: From Scientific Theories to Interpretation Techniques
Have you ever wondered why we dream? Or... #Brain #Dream #Interpretationofdream #MRI #SigmundFreud #Sleep

19 hours ago

I must have slept really well last night - there is a burnt out car at the base of our building on the street and I have no memory of the fire engines that came to put it out!




Holly Marlow
21 hours ago

Tip for anyone whose children have nightmares! Seems silly, but it really works for us! 😊

#momhacks #mumhacks #parenthacks #parentinghacks #parentingtip #parenttips #momtips #mumtips #nightmares #dreams #mentalhealth #sleep #sweetdreams

Maria Karlsen
1 day ago
A new study shows that eating unhealthy food affects our deep sleep in a negative way, which in turn affects our immune system, weight and other things. I am not really surprised, but now there's eveidence.

Junk food may impair our deep sleep

“For example, deep sleep can be affected by what we eat. But no study had previously investigated what happens if we consume an unhealthy diet and then compared it to quality of sleep after that same person follows a healthy diet. What is exciting in this context is that sleep is very dynamic. Our sleep consists of different stages with different functions, such as deep sleep which regulates hormonal release, for example. Furthermore, each sleep stage is hallmarked by different types of electrical activity in the brain. This regulates aspects such as how restorative sleep is, and differs across different brain regions. But the depth or integrity of the sleep stages can also be negatively affected by factors such as insomnia and ageing. Previously, it has not been investigated whether similar changes in our sleep stages can occur after exposure to different diets.”

#food #sleep #health #science
Cartoon picture of a triple hamburger with a lot of melting cheese between the layers
Drew Naylor
1 day ago

#Society can't restrict me and force me to conform to their requirements forever! In a few weeks I won't have to deal with this for a while (having a consistent and healthy #sleep schedule).

Anything Interesting
1 day ago

Exploring the Fascinating World of Dreams: From Scientific Theories to Interpretation Techniques
Have you ever wondered why we dream? Or... #Brain #Dream #Interpretationofdream #MRI #SigmundFreud #Sleep

Anything Interesting
1 day ago

Exploring the Fascinating World of Dreams: From Scientific Theories to Interpretation Techniques
Have you ever wondered why we dream? Or... #Brain #Dream #Interpretationofdream #MRI #SigmundFreud #Sleep

2 days ago

📰 "Restoration of sleep and circadian behavior by autophagy modulation in Huntington's disease"
by 🔬 Ankit Sharma, Kavyashree N, Ravi Manjithaya, Vasu Sheeba #Drosophila #Circadian

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
2 days ago

Falling asleep quickly at night could be a bad sign | indy100


3 days ago

📰 "Starvation-induced sleep suppression requires the Drosophila brain nutrient sensor"
by 🔬 Yangkyun Oh, Greg S B Suh #Drosophila #Sleep

Maria Fahlsing
3 days ago

#Weekends and #vacations are for #sleep and #rest first, then fun and excitement. #burnout

Flipboard Science Desk
3 days ago

This headline sounds like something from the 1950s: "Scientists zap sleeping humans' brains with electricity to improve their memory."

But it's from NPR today:

#Science #Brain #Sleep #Memory #Neuroscience

Pleased to be part of a special issue, ed. by Hannah Ahlheim, Dariuš Zifonun & Nicole Zillien, on #Sleep, Knowledge, #Technology alongside so many excellent sleep scholars:

It was great to think across disciplines about #SleepTracking technologies with Simona Chiodo - read our article:

4 days ago

Time to turn in.

Goodnight, all.


#sleep #timeforbed #goodnight

A. Lee Bennett Jr.
4 days ago

I use #Apple #sleep schedules but switch to my #Series4 #Watch overnight while my #Series7 charges. After switching, I always go into #Alarms on the 7 to “skip” the #alarm that day so only my 4 thumps my wrist to #WakeUp. Otherwise I have to stop the alarm on both watches when I wake up.

Anyone know how to perpetually #disable the sleep alarm on the 7 without disabling the sleep schedule? And of course I would want any other alarms I create to trigger on my 7.

4 days ago

How often do you change the sheets on your bed (either by washing them or putting a different clean set of sheets on your bed)?

Please boost for more reach, if you’d like to see a larger sample of responses.

#poll #cleanliness #clean #sleep

4 days ago

📰 "Sleep and memory consolidation are linked by RNA processing genes in the Drosophila mushroom body"
by 🔬 Li, Y., Chouhan, N. S., Zhang, S. L., Moore, R. S., Shon, J., Yue, Z., Sehgal, A. #Drosophila #Adult

Today #selfcare looked like taking disappointing news with grace, lunch with a friend, and setting my posts to public in advance of me queering out the next thirty days of #Evstober.

What did it look like for you?

#TakeYourMeds #FakingItTilMakingIt #DrinkMoreWater #StillBisexual #Eat #Sleep #Play

Julie Mewes
5 days ago

These two lovelies arrived in the mail today :) Happy to flip through the SI on Sleep, Knowledge, Technology. Studies of the Sleep Lab, Sleep Tracking and Beyond including my piece on Arctic sleep timing devices. @sts #sleep #timing #devices

Two softcover book copies of the scientific research journal Historical Social Research on a desk, surrounded by a desk lamp and keyboard in the background.

I’m trying to convert my current position so now I’m curious about others….

What’s your preferred sleeping position??

#poll #sleep

Anything Interesting
1 week ago

Exploring the Fascinating World of Dreams: From Scientific Theories to Interpretation Techniques
Have you ever wondered why we dream? Or... #Brain #Dream #Interpretationofdream #MRI #SigmundFreud #Sleep

RS, Author, Novelist
1 week ago

What does it mean when in my dreams hashtags come alive, flying around, surfing, conversing with others, chasing cars? Do I need help, or more sleep?

Mastodon #hashtags #sleep perchance to #dream.

#Nightmare #toot?

#boostingIsSharing #CommentingIsCool

1 week ago

already feel lighter. when try to suck in my stomach at least i feel it’s actually happening—unlike in recent past. feeling this positively affecting my #sleep #sleeping too: not enough data yet but wonder if this could get me more #deepsleep.

i‘ll keep this going in a relaxing way. mean i’d eat another meal when i need to like when i’m with family or friends, which i did saturday; even then i don’t think i want to eat as much as before. this happening #fast…ha, perfect #pun. #omad #onemealaday

Hebrew by Inbal
1 week ago

Someone commented it was soothing for them to listen while I count in Hebrew and would go to sleep with it playing on a loop. Hebrew white noise! I love it 😊😴 #sleep #dream #hebrew #numbers #mazeldon #jewish #counting #sheep

Lee Hulme (it/its)
1 week ago

Time for Sunday Sundries! This week: insomnia. Because I am incredibly tired.

#blog #sleep

Phillip Wilkerson
1 week ago

174 hours of sleepy #drones and dreamy #soundscapes ~ #endless #loop #atmospheres

#classic #ambient #space #meditation #yoga #nidra #sleep #sleeplate #music #SundayMorning #SundayVibes #Sunday #MastoMusic #FediverseMusic

Recent updates include tracks from: Velvet Rope Crowd Control, X-Genie, Kevin Kerrigan, Arovane, Hatsu, Relief, Marcus Fischer, Moshi Moshi Desu, Hilyard, Le Berger, Robert Rich, Kettle, Fadi Tabbal, Weatherson, Relief, Foam and Sand

Jimmy B. :apple_inc:
2 weeks ago

Tired. I think I just want to #sleep until tomorrow 🥱

Tired Go To Sleep GIF by bluesbear
2 weeks ago

researchers have revealed that a key molecule involved in #sleep homeostasis (called SIK3 or salt-inducible kinase 3) also plays a critical role in #circadian behavior.

#science #CircadianRhythm

2 weeks ago

Poor sleep may contribute to the rise inflammation (linked to chronic disease) during teens’ transition to young adulthood, especially in earlier years, new evidence shows.

#NICHDImpact #Teens #Sleep #Health

Tech news from Canada
2 weeks ago

Wired: 11 Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales (2023): Hybrid, All-Foam, and Buying Advice #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #MemorialDay #Gear/Deals #mattresses #Shopping #Deals #Sleep #Gear

Brendan Kinney
2 weeks ago

Our school district is pushing back our high school start time from 8 AM to 8:40 PM next year. We mainly did it because of a shortage of bus drivers but it’s great to see that it will also have health benefits for our teenagers: #VT #Vermont #EWSD #education #Sleep

Claudia Zahn
2 weeks ago

Before alarm clocks existed, people used nails fixed onto candles to ensure they would wake up on time. They knew how to calculate the burning time and put the nail in the correct position. As the candle melted, the nail fell, made a noise, and woke up its owner.
(Completely brilliant, and I love the 2 snooze alarms, too!)

By #AmazingNature
#Life #LifeHack #LifeHacks #Science #Sleep #WakeUp

Kaare Mikkelsen
2 weeks ago

A little bit of blatant self promotion:
The past few days we have been visiting the European Astronaut Center in Cologne, Germany, to prepare our participation in the #Huginn mission. We will be doing actual neuroscience in space, determining whether the personal sleep phenotype of astronauts changes when they move to zero gravity. We will be performing a large number of mobile #sleep recordings with #earEEG both before, during and after Andreas Mogensen’s trip to the ISS.
As research projects go, this one has been one of the more demanding ones, but also incredibly exciting 😊


Interstellar | Melancholic Melody, 1 Hour Magical Journey, Sleep Aid, Ambient Music

#YouTube #music #sad #sleep

Cameron Mulder
2 weeks ago

I do love my Eight Sleep bed and they have a deal if you are interested. It does seem silly and expensive but having a bed that can keep control the temperature throughout the night is incredibly nice and does help me sleep better. #sleep

2 weeks ago

#ATS #Sleep #Apnea #SleepApnea sessions are absolutely fascinating and undervalued in pulmonary medicine and in life in influences everything about health.

2 weeks ago

My next #blog up at MyFigureCollection

Time to get some sleep and hibernate for the remainder of the month, always a few things I want to get but for now giving Wallet Kun a rest and I am ready to sleep.

Today was a day of rest and tomorrow will be more of the same.

#blogging #blogpost #blogger #blogs #sleep

Hopefully the end of the month will be a quiet one so it's the perfect time to hibernate.
Proud Archer
2 weeks ago

I’m generally a night owl versus an early bird, so uninterrupted masturbation usually waits until late at night. Great sessions, but I lose a lot of sleep!

Lately, however, I’ve been waking up early — maybe due to the earlier sunrises. After skipping a late-night session last night, I found myself up early enough today for some morning masturbation before work. Shorter session, but I’m well rested.

I’m horny again now — we’ll see how tonight goes.

#Masturbation #Sleep #NSFW

2 weeks ago

Really digging this #SelectFive #podcast (ep.19) where #PamTorno and @snackfight are chatting about the 5 best #songs for a good night's #sleep!

If you're interested in #ambient #music and/or enjoy listening to two people who share a deep love for music—i recommend checking it out! 😴 #sleeping #relaxation

My body clearly wants me to get up at 6 AM almost exactly.

I want to as well, since my ideal sleep is just sleep -> wake up once

My BRAIN however, does not want to get up at 6. It wants to go back in bed until I would get fired if I stayed in any longer. How do

#sleep #health

Alarmingly Bad
2 weeks ago
Alarmingly Bad comic where a man is tired but refuses to sleep
3 weeks ago

Good night. Keep well and don’t forget to let people important to you know you care. 🩷 #night #sleep #art #care

Courtney Cantrell
3 weeks ago

it me

(also: accurate German)


Meme of a super scruffy cat with the caption "Morgenmuffel (German): a person who is grumpy in the mornings and doesn't like to get up early."
Athena Andreadis, PhD
3 weeks ago

Connected to my previous toot about #dreams & #creativity: given our current configurations, #technology that influences #sleep will inevitably not only monetize this crucial process, but will also touch on efforts to discover if/how humans can function with long periods of sleeplessness for (as one example) combat. #biology #science #war

Athena Andreadis, PhD
3 weeks ago

Several studies, including one from Harvard & MIT, have discovered that going into a nap with a problem in #mind helps the #brain find solutions. Extending that, use of a prompting device called Dormio during hypnagogia (the transitional stage between wakefulness & #sleep) increases #creativity & may show a way to prevent nightmares (and maybe finish a long-stuck novel). Shades of Inception!

#biology #science #sciencefiction

A guide to forgetting, why sleep ≠ rest, and going all in…and losing.

Be in it to win it with the latest edition of Hold That Thought.

Words: 252
Reading time: 2 minutes
Value: Not playing small => priceless


Danie van der Merwe
3 weeks ago

Nukkuaa is sleep laboratory quality analysis in your home with a chest strap and an Android or iOS app

Developed by Dr Manuel Schabus, head of the Sleep, Cognition and Consciousness Research Laboratory at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Salzburg in Austria, and his team. The science team of Nukkuaa deals with the topic of sleep and solutions to solvin ...continues


#health #medical #sleep #technology

3 weeks ago

Nukkuaa is sleep laboratory quality analysis in your home with a chest strap and an Android or iOS app

Womam sleeping on bed, and view of phone showing app screen Developed by Dr Manuel Schabus, head of the Sleep, Cognition and Consciousness Research Laboratory at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Salzburg in Austria, and his team. The science team of Nukkuaa deals with the […]

Womam sleeping on bed, and view of phone showing app screen
3 weeks ago

They should make phones have "Do Not Disturb" on between midnight and 8am by default.

Mine has been set from 11pm to 9am for a few years, and it's saved me a lot of sleep.

#sleep #donotdisturb #phone

Penn NeuroKnow
1 month ago

Now that we’ve peered into distant galaxies and put a man on the moon, the true final frontier may be our very own brains! 🧠

This week, Sophie Liebergall writes about 5 big unanswered questions in the field of neuroscience. Pt. 2 coming this summer!!

#neuroscience #sciComm #sleep #memory #dream #brain

John Scott-Railton ☕
1 month ago

What's your best trick for having refreshing #sleep ?

Anita Y Cheng
1 month ago

Sleep problems are common in #LongCOVID. For long COVID patients at the Cleveland Clinic, 58.7% had normal to mild #sleep disturbance and 41.3% had moderate to severe sleep disturbances. Being Black, having been hospitalized for COVID, greater anxiety, and moderate/severe fatigue made it more likely to have moderate/severe sleep disturbances. 23/


Steven Saus [he/him]
1 month ago

From 25 Apr: Melatonin in sleep-aid gummies can be off by up to 350%, study finds - EnlargeGetty Tim Graham An eye-opening analysis of common over-the-counter sl... #children #dietary-supplements #gummies #hormone #jama #melatonin #poison-control #safety #science #sleep #sleep-aid #supplements

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

Didn't watch much of the #Coronation. Played #Sleep's debut instead. Loudly. #Doom or be #Doomed.

According to 'er indoors, however, the quality of the ceremony and the broadcast is considerably lacklustre compared to the last one. Y'know, the one in black and white. From 1953.

From what I've seen, it does seem a bit dog-eared and unpolished. There are church services in small hamlets with more sparkle and flair.

1 month ago

I'm #angry and demand answers!

For almost all my life I was pretty consistent with #sleep. Slept well, even if it was as short as 5 or 4 hours. Never felt too sleepy, even had problems taking a nap. No insomnia though.

Fast forward to today, and for the past year or two I'm constantly #sleepy, and fall asleep almost spontaneously. I have problems staying awake for more than a few hours.

I mean, I know that I'm not getting younger, but hot damn. Can I get at least one productive day?

✨ Ro'sø ✨
1 month ago

Hey all, hope you're all enjoying a very full moon. A new Episode of my night-fiction podcast, Tales of Nocturne, is out!

Kriss worries about her friend Brendon, Rondo uses his Historian skills to solve a mystery, and Luto surprises everyone.

#podcast #fantasy #fiction #writing #sleep @bookstodon

Tales of Nocturne Podcast Logo. A blue skinned Nocturnian lights a song lamp with her voice while a giant moon rises over a cathedral in the background.
Delia Christina
1 month ago

Know what's really awesome?

When your eyes pop open at 5 am because of work thoughts and you're online at 5.30 working on HR and audit requests.

1 month ago

Sometimes I wonder how other folks manage their personal time. I want to work, have family time, have time for personal projects, time to relax and have fun, and time to sleep.

Most days, I'm taking the unconscious decision to cut down on sleep time.

#sleepdeprivation #sleep #gamedev #personal

1 month ago

"Consider the value of 1 extra waking hour per day, times 365 days per year. Imagine that 100 million people ended up taking the drug; if we say each hour is worth at least $1 (a lowball), then that's $36 billion per year."
#effectivealtruism #EA #Sleep #Science #Abstract

1 month ago

#sleep : to take rest by a suspension of the voluntary exercise of the powers of the body and mind, and an apathy of the organs of sense

- French: dormir

- German: schlafen

- Italian: dormire (vb.) / sonno (subst.)

- Portuguese: dormir

- Spanish: sueño


Fill in missing translations @

Robert Roy Britt
1 month ago

#Science sometimes produces #research conclusions that are no surprise at all, but they can still help us think thoughtfully about our world. Like this new study:

"People who were exposed to airplane noise at levels as low as 45 dB were more likely to sleep less than 7 hours per night."

45 decibels isn't terribly loud (about like a typical conversation).

Previous studies linked traffic noise to poor #sleep:

Ear plugs, folks!

1 month ago

Why can't I ever just go to bed and fall asleep on time. 😅

It's like midnight hits and my mind goes full adhd and is absolutely wired for thinking.

I really need 9 hours. I've been getting 7 a lot.

#sleep #adhd #sleeping

IT News
1 month ago

Melatonin in sleep-aid gummies can be off by up to 350%, study finds - Enlarge (credit: Getty | Tim Graham)

An eye-opening analysis o... - #dietarysupplements #poisoncontrol #supplements #melatonin #children #sleepaid #science #gummies #hormone #safety #sleep #jama

Ariel Kroon
1 month ago

This Thursday, April 27th, Dr Paul Huebener and Dr Sasha Handley will be giving a free online talk about sleep, climate change, and literature in Canada. It’s called “Sleeping Hot: How the Humanities Can Approach Sleep on a Warming Planet.” Feel free to attend if you might be interested!

@academicchatter #sleep #academia #ClimateChange #Anthropocene #SleepHygiene #SleepSalon #SleepingInTime #Research #interdisciplinary

Juno Jove
2 months ago

How I feel after the holidays... fortunately, last day of work for this week tomorrow.

#meme #sleep #nerd

4 panel comic.

1: Brain: "get up and go to work"

2: Sleeping Woman "Permission denied."

3. Brain: "sudo get up and go to work"

4. Sleeping Woman "Brain is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported."
Pseudo Nym
2 months ago

We have an old Echo dot. It used to work great for white noise "play water sounds" did the trick. Now every single free white noise app/skill I try just fails. Anyone have a working Alexa incantation for playing water noises for 8 hours?

I've tried Spotify on "loop mode" but the shorter tracks fade out and in as it repeats.

#amazon #alexa #app #sleep #lazyWeb

2 months ago

I do need to do a better job of getting more #sleep. My FitBit sleep report is really depressing. Imagine if I actually had trouble getting to sleep? At least when I do go to bed, I generally fall off pretty quickly, although I am a light sleeper, so the smallest disturbance, like the dogs jumping up out of bed to chase the coyotes away, is enough to wake me up. I just need to get to bed earlier, although it is hard to be the only one in the household who does it.

I've been a relatively light sleeper, at least since I became a dad, I often wake up 2-3x at night. Luckily I usually get back to #sleep quickly.

One of the things I've noticed, is my sleeping body is pretty hard at work!

If I stir after drinking, I might feel super hung over. Back to sleep, by morning I'm fine.

Same after an intense #workout. I may wake up with sore muscles all over. By the time I get up, I'm ready to go again.

And of course, emotions. Sleep fixes my head like nothing else.

3 months ago

"...aaand... #sleep!"
Her eyes closed, her head nodded, and the hypnotist felt a familiar surge of adrenaline. He had never tired of this feeling of absolute power over another person. Now... what to make her do? The audience were rapt. He turned to them and said, "Baaaaa!"
The woman looked up. "It appears the wolf has become the sheep," she said, turning to the audience, who had murder in their eyes. "Now, what shall we make him do?"

My smart watch is supposed to record my sleep patterns but for a while I have doubted the accuracy of its data.

Well last night I wasn't wearing the watch until about 1am but it has recorded me sleeping from 11pm onwards. So what was it using for data? Is it just noise levels? Because if so, it's inaccurate as I suspected.

#sleep #smartwatch

Talyaa 🦋
3 months ago

#Today is probably a fail because the cats woke me an hour early by the clock, which means it was actually TWO hours early. I love being ON Daylight Saving Time, but SWITCHING to Daylight Saving Time is terrible. Same thing used to happen with my kids when they were small. Evidently the universe hates it when I sleep (because the universe revolves around me, obvi 😂).

#DaylightSavingTime #DaylightSaving #Sleep #Cats

The perpetrators. Two gray striped cats sitting on a nightstand, looking adorable but clearly attempting to rob me of sleep. A couple of wooden bookshelves and an open door leading into a bathroom are in the background.
3 months ago
Eric Vitiello
3 months ago
Ben Waber
3 months ago

Next was a nice talk by Sara Mednick on the power of downstate at the #LearningSalon. There's a lot here about the science of #rest and #sleep on health and performance, and the discussion got into the real data and stats behind different practices (3/7)

3 months ago

Apparently getting not enough #sleep decreases life expectancy. Does this mean parents die earlier than people without children? 😅

3 months ago

Sleep (Lovebyte 2023) (Lexaloffle Pico-8) (64b Intro)

#64bIntro #p01 #P8 #Pico-8 #Pico8 #Ribbon #Sleep

Sleep by p01/Ribbon is a 64b Intro released at 'Lovebyte 2023' for PICO-8.

Tim Staines
3 months ago

Drinking #coffee on the #drive from #SFBA to #Tahoe between 7:30 and 10PM helped with the drive, but is not helping me #sleep now that I’m at the #lake. Also, it was a slow go through the #Sierra but all in all a manageable trip on Rt. 50 this evening. #Pow for #snowboarding and #skiing tomorrow - it’s been an epic #snow year and I’m lucky to be able to experience it.

Damon Thomas
3 months ago

Guarana No Sleep #drink #energy #sleep

Guarana No Sleep energy drink
3 months ago

So tired, spent several minutes looking for my headphones while wearing my headphones...

Going to go the experimental route and try out some sleep supplements: l-theanine, glycine, myo-inositol.

If anyone has had any luck with stuff, let me know!

#sleep #focus #brainhealth

Dennis Alexis Valin Dittrich
3 months ago

UK data strongly confirms the findings of smaller #4DayWeek trials whose results were released in December, of companies based in the US, Ireland and Australia: "About one in six employees in the study said no amount of money would convince them to return to five days a week."
#work #sleep

The Four-Day Week Effect

Researchers surveyed workers before and after the trial

Burnout	Stress	Sleep difficulties
Increase	22%	13%	15%
Decrease	71	39	40
No change	7	48	45
Gia Scott
3 months ago

The best laid plans...

I put on cool clothes.
I turned down the thermostat.
I turned on the fan.
I got the cooling blanket arranged.
Got my new feather/down pillow (love it, btw) arranged.
Put on the cpap mask
Turned on a rather boring lecture about Sumer
And proceeded to toss & turn for an hour until nature insisted I go to the bathroom & get a drink.
Was it the third cup of coffee?
Restless mind going over the day's problems?
Who knows!
#SeniorLife #Sleep #Insomnia #Pain

3 months ago

Copley is old. He has been staying awake all night because he's uncomfortable. It is nice to see him feeling warm and cozy in the sunshine. #DogsOfMaine #DogsOfMastodon #Maine #SilentSunday #SeniorDog #sleep

A dog sleeping in the sunlight.
4 months ago

Of all the mistakes #automobile manufacturers make, the trend of bigger and bigger #LCD screens in every #car is one of the dumbest. At best, it's a dangerous distraction. For those with #sleep, #vision or #anxiety problems, it's an obstacle that a person contends with every day they #drive. #Transportation shouldn't imply blinding lightshows. Lack of enforcement of #noise regulations already make #autos enough of a disturbing experience for #communities without these headaches for #passengers.

Herr Irrtum!
4 months ago

[Deutsche Version weiter unten ↓]
It's this time again:


My 'lil dreamy German language
#radioshow on Alex Berlin (FM 91MHz / .

Starting precisely (well, almost precisely as I know my station) Today at 8:00PM (Berlin time / UTC+1).

But you always understand Bahnhof when it comes to German language? Why tuning in then?
Well because it's always the music which counts at the end — at least through well defined ¾ 4/4, 6/4 or even weirder times ;) — so an international audience is totally welcome to listen!
Listen to what?! I hear you asking. I'd say this time it's all about:


That means there will be artists like Léonie Pernet, Skim Stone, Philippe Petit (but ummm, which Philippe Petit? There are 3 artists minimum having this name — can you guess who?), Catalogue, or Herbst in Peking — just to name a few.

And the main theme spanning around this is "
#Sleep and #outrage".
You definitely don't wanna miss this, so tune in in time and anything will be fine!

[English Version above ↑]
Kinder, es ist schon wieder soweit! Heute Abend, genau genommen um 20 Uhr, gibt es die nächste Ausgabe meiner kleinen Radiosendung…

Radio Irrtum!

…auf Alex Berlin, und das wird ausgestrahlt per UKW 91MHz (oder per Stream
Schnallt Euch an, haltet Euch fest, sperrt die Tür zu und die Kinder aus, denn heute gibt es:

- Club
- Pop
- Experimental Noise
- Dark ColdWave
- Postpunk
- Shoegaze
- Hardcore
- Deutschen Doom Chanty mit Schlagerschlagseite
- Contemporary Classic

Ganz konkret geht es um Künstler*Innen wie Léonie Pernet, Skim Stone, Philippe Petit (aber ich sage Euch nicht welchen, denn es gibt mindestens 3 Künstler unter diesem Namen — lasst Euch überraschen ♫♪), Catalogue oder Herbst in Peking — und das sind längst nicht alle!

All das umspannt vom Motto "Schlaf und Empörung" → Ihr wollt das definitiv nicht verpassen. Also schaltet rechtzeitig ein — Eurem gesunden Schlaf zuliebe :) (?!)

Animated "Radio Irrtum!" logo, showing a soviet woman holding a Russian transistor radio; then a picture frame with an image of Dalí is dangling around (because the motto this time is "Sleep and outrage") and finally, finally there is a ghostly black and white scene with an old tube radio and there is written: "Tune in, my frrrrrrrrieeeeennnd!"
Robert Roy Britt
4 months ago

Someone posted a nice review of my #sleep book on Amazon, which promises greater #health, #happiness and #productivity. Said that it has "so many interesting facts" and that my "easy-going style made it a real pleasure to read."

I'm tickled. Lots of things are important for a non-fiction health/science book, like facts and thoroughness and straightforwardness and usefulness.

But if I've done those things AND crafted something that’s a pleasure to read, well, I'll sleep well tonight. :)

4 months ago

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is sleep.” — Brad Frost

#Business #Design #WebDesign #Development #WebDevelopment #Job #Work #Productivity #Sleep #Quote

Maybe one day I'll learn to go to bed early. Unfortunately, yesterday wasn't this day. :ac_sleepy: