2 days ago

Спокойной ночи, федижители! :blobcatanimeeyes:

#sleepingcat #спатиспати

Белый котик с серыми пятнами лежит в кресле на спине поджав лапки
Fritz Adalis
1 month ago
A tired cat sleeps on the sofa.  She's not just tired, she's Sofa King tired.

#Caturday and our cat has grabbed towel that fell* in the laundry as her new indoors bed. Never disturb a #SleepingCat ! #CatsOfMastodon

My partner indignantly pointed out that their achievement for the week was to persuade our cat to sleep on the blue towel! She had previously rejected the towel in another room. My partner cunningly offered the towel to entice her off the pile of clothes being sorted for washing!

Helping her find good sleeping spots is a shared goal.

Sleeping calico cat on blue towel in corner of small room
Sahar Mirhadi (She/Her)
2 months ago

Mirri is showing how I am feeling right now. If only I could have a mid-afternoon nap 😴

ps my husband is a keen #warhammer nerd

#catsofmastodon #catsoffediverse
#mtgcat #sleepingcat #kitty

cat sleeping on chair
Erik Ellestad
2 months ago

Is there anything better than sleeping in the sun?

#Caturday #Catstodon #SleepingCat #CatsOfMastodon

Erik Ellestad
3 months ago
Toes and tail, sleeping cat
Jason Nature
3 months ago

Cozy night. Spend the night with the cat🌌
#pixelart #cozy #cat #amateur #sleepingcat

Pixel art of cozy night, with a sleeping cat
3 months ago

Give ‘em the ol’ nose’n’toes! #cuteCat #sleepingCat #curledUpCat

J. Martin
3 months ago

Resident Cat — Schoolhouse, Engaku-ji, Kamakura, Japan. May 2014, iPhone 5s

#japan #kamakura #temple #buddhism #cat #sleepingcat #schoolhouse #vintagestyle

Petra Kaminen Mosher
5 months ago

A visual ode to scritching Mr Orange Pants when what he really wants is an undisturbed nap. (I posted this to IG with a Bob's Burgers song, but I wasn't sure about sharing that here.)

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #OrangeCat #SleepingCat #Cat

An orange cat is curled up on a grey bed cover (with thin white stripes forming a grid pattern) and a hand comes from the right of the screen to scritch the cat (sped up time) and the cats front paws knead the bedcover. And he yawns at the end.
Alice 🌌
6 months ago

New office mate is always sleeping on the job 😒

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #SleepingCat

A small black and white cat sleeps curled up on an office chair at a white L shaped desk.
6 months ago

Sleeve #2 is underway. And my little buddy stays nearby.

#knit #knitting #sweater #cat #cats #cozy #sleepingcat

Jan Thie
7 months ago

The cat is obviously ready.

(I'm not though; I'm still building up a new sourdough starter, because the old one has gone weird. For the nerds: not smelly, or discoloured or in any other sense odd; it just won't get active when I add warm water and rye flour... and yes, I haven't changed the way I do this and I have an electric proofer for controlling the temperature*).

*I even checked that with the kitchen thermometer.


The cat is on my lap, in a state somewhere between a snooze and a coma. To our left, also on the couch, is the instruction leaflet for my new cast-iron oven bread pan.
Petra Kaminen Mosher
8 months ago

I don't leave the #taideryijy out for any ol'cat to snooze on, but the cats have snuck a quick nap while I've been tying off the warp ends. Here is Pinkie taking a quick catnap on Untitled Fire Cloud 1, a few years ago.

#caturday #CatsOfMastodon #cats #TabbyCat #SleepingCat

Brown tabby cat curled into a ball on a thick pile woven rug depicting a smoke and fire cloud on an orange background. She looks like she's curled in the cloud.
8 months ago
Jan Thie
8 months ago
The cat is lying on my lap and on my belly and my breast. He looks up at me as adoringly as ar glass of whiskey at a drunk..
9 months ago

Apparently Domino is doing some new poses for his fans
#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Domino #Caturday #SleepingCat

Domino laying on the same chair on the same sweater and hoodie, laying kind of on his side with his head propped up slightly. His front paws are crossed in front of him and his back paws placed against the arm of the chair fully exposing his soft fuzzy belly.
9 months ago

Today I have a selection of cute Domino sleeping poses.
#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Domino #Caturday #SleepingCat

Domino sleeping on a rocking chair next to a grey sweater with his front paws crossed sweetly.
Domino sleeping on a rocking chair on a grey sweater and light blue hoodie. He's stretched out with his back feet up against the arm, his front legs just laying away from him and with his head smooshed down to his chest.
Domino sleeping on a rocking chair curled up next to a grey sweater and light blue hoodie. He's partially rotated onto his back with his paws sticking out at weird angles and you can see his adorable fuzzy tummy.
Domino curled up in the middle of the kitchen floor. He's in a classic sleeping cat shrimp pose with his back pads sticking straight out and his front have cirles over. His front paws are tucked under his head which is twisted upside down.
Lynne M. Meyer
9 months ago

Look at this happy boy! :meowinlove:​

Sprinkled catnip in his bed, then took his little fleece blanket fresh from the dryer and put it in his bed too.

It's cold outside, but inside, Izzy is COZY.

#CatsOfMastodon #Cat #SeniorCat #RussianBlue #SleepingCat

View from above of a big gray kitty snuggled in his round, aqua-colored, plush bed. Half of his body is atop a brown fleece blanket. Bit of catnip are visible, along with a small plush toy mouse in the bed.
9 months ago

Asher, my hairy pooper, has pooped himself right out & snoring on the bed. He did his daily 4AM zoomies, crashed himself into a wall, failed(once again) to conquer climbing up the drapes & stole another 2 of my hair ties before he zonked out.

#MyCat #GrayTuxedoCat #MastoCats #CaturdayIsEveryday #CatsOfMastodon #CatLovers #ObsessedWithCats #AllCatsAllTheTime #FineFeline #SleepingCat

9 months ago

I need to move Asher so I can go make some morning tea. Isn't it silly how we feel a bit guilty when we have to wake & move a sleeping cat? When they don't seem to care about waking us up 😹

(1 of 2 pics, having problems uploading multiple images again this morning)

#CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #CaturdayIsEveryday #GrayTuxedoCat #SleepingCat

Black & white photo of my cat sleeping beside me, with his paw stretched across me.
Joe ᔪᐊᐣ
9 months ago

It's time for the :blobcatdab: CAT TAX :blobcatdab:

Circé in a rare moment of stillness. #Tortoiseshell #CatsOfMastodon #Cat #SleepingCat

Tortoiseshell cat with a white paw asleep on a bed. Blue and white sheets.
Balancing Bipolar 🇵🇭
10 months ago

A restful Sunday from this part of the world #Manila. Happy #caturday to you at your side of the world 😸 #caturdayeveryday #sleepingcat #catsofmastodon #catstodon #cats

Mixed breed rescued middle-aged cream coloured cat with brown-tipped tail, ears and robber-like brown-masked eyes, sleeping with the tip of his tongue sticking out.
DaN McKee
10 months ago

Well someone quickly found a comfortable spot to sleep beneath the Christmas tree 😍

#Cat #CatsOfMastodon #ChristmasCat #Christmas #ChristmasTree #SleepingCat

A grey and white cat sleeps peacefully beneath a Christmas tree festooned with colourful Christmas lights.
10 months ago

I should have called him Trip Hazard.
Of all the places in this house he could choose to sleep, Ed has decided here is the perfect spot. Do you think he moves when I want to pass? No. No he doesn’t. He just gives me #sideeye and makes me step over him.

#caturday #CatsOfMastodon #sleepingCat #TripHazard

A black and white cat stretched out across an indoor staircase, four steps down from the top