2 weeks ago

@tiedye I overdyed this with procion orchid with an 1/8tsp of better black for a cooler toned purple. I was concerned that overdyeing it would cover up all the lovely splits but this came out great!
#handdyed #slowFashion

a 2 yard length of fabric, that have been hand dyed in several different purple shades, draped over a deck railing
Red and the Wolf Designs
3 weeks ago

Thought I'd ask around here as well:

Do you have any suggestions for beginner friendly #sewing patterns for tops? I want to make some of my own clothes, already accumulated a fabric stash but can't seem to find the right patterns to get started.

Most of my fabrics that I have are woven, but there are 1 or 2 jerseys as well. Indie patterns are preferred, but suggestions for commercial ones or books are welcome too

#seamstress #seamsters #SlowFashion

La Visch
3 weeks ago

Time to start the increases for the instep of this sock 😃

#Knitting #KnittingLife #KnittingLove #KnittingProject #SlowFashion #SockKnitting #KnittedSocks #SocksYeah

View of a sock in variegated yarn on a tiny circular needle, together with the ball of yarn in a plaid project bag, and a large cup of tea on a white plank background.
4 weeks ago

While I'm waiting for my (late uploaded) video to process, here's a pretty bad shot of my new frock on my old body.
#Sewing #handmade #SlowFashion

A plump white lady with long dark hair is standing around awkwardly in a lush garden, showing off her dress, which is loose fitting with wide sleeves and a v neckline. The fabric is red and has a busy repeating pattern of smallish white flowers and leaves.
1 month ago

Frock! There's some deeply dodgy sewing in here. I'll show you what it looks like on tomorrow when the sun is back.
#sewing #handmade #SlowFashion

A dress hanging on the wall. It has a V neckline and wide sleeves and is made of bright red fabric with lots of white flowers all over it.  There is a painting of two dogs hanging beside it which I only mention because they were my dogs and very good boys.
1 month ago

Žēl, ka Eiropa izkrita LoL, mazāka interese skatīties ceturdaļfinālu. Toties tad mazāk žēl kaut ko palaist garām, un var bišķi patamborēt. Ielāpiņi (LoLāpiņi XD) mīļai jaciņai. Pēc un pirms. #SlowFashion

Melnas adītas jakas abas piedurknes ar tamborētiem kvadrātiņiem uz elkoņiem. Tamborējuma rindas iet perpendikulāri labiskā adījuma rindām.
Melnas adītas jakas abas piedurknes ar spurainiem, padilušiem elkoņiem uz augšu.
1 month ago

I've restocked my shop with handmade and weird plus size tshirts made from fabric diverted from landfill!

#plussizefashion #slowfashion #textilewaste

A fat white lady (me!) cheerfully modeling a yellow tshirt with colourful stars appliqued on it.
1 month ago

I added three more tshirts to the line up. There's a couple more brewing in my noggin before update the shop. These shirts are some of my zaniest!

I got this clothes rack for $3 at the op shop. Pretty stoked with myself! My living room now has a semi permanent cutting table, piles of fabric and now a clothes rack. Architectural Digest youll have to push back my house tour.

#sewing #textilewaste #plussizefashion #slowfashion

Some brightly coloured tshirts I've made hanging on a clothes rack with a white brick wall in the background. The front tshirt has panels of leopard print, camel and watermelon coloured fabric.
1 month ago

Hey #koeln!
Heute und morgen ist in #ehrenfeld der Markt für gutes Leben, mit vielen kleinen Händlern, Shops und nachhaltige Produkte (

@Schattenmuse ist dort auch mit ihren liebevoll gestalteten Produkten vertreten (HTTPS:// Kommt doch mal vorbei und schaut euch alles an 😊

#handmade in #cologne #slowfashion

Marktstand Kaleidosrobe mit einem Tisch auf dem Taschen, Stulpen sind und einer Kleiderstange mit weiteren Kleidungsstücken.
Doodlebug :vm:
1 month ago

Mina Le dropped another banger y'all

I'm a huge advocate for slow fashion, natural/lower-impact fibers, and investment pieces whenever viable, and she offers advice on how and where to shop for a quality, long-lasting sweater!

#SlowFashion #FastFashion #Clothing

La Visch
1 month ago
Two socks in black/white variegated and yellow yarn, on a white plank background. There is also a small checkered project bag, a tiny circular needle, and a small bit of remaining yarn.
2 months ago

The Peter Max t-shirt is complete! I made it in my size (a 22) because if no one buys it I guess I need to adopt it.

#slowfashion #craftbusiness #microbusiness #plussizefashion

A close up on a t-shirt design featuring a swoopy yellow/ white background and colourful stars all outlined in black stitching
A t-shirt hanging on a white brick wall, the background is yellows and white in a swoopy curvy retro kind of design and it's covered in stars of different sizes in pink, purple, green and white.
The back of the same t-shirt which is almost the same but with fewer stars.
2 months ago

Today I have been making an absurdly time intensive Tshirt that no one will pay proper money for and it's a bit depressing but will I stop making these ridiculous Tshirts? No.

It's inspired by a Peter Max umbrella.

#sewing #reclaimedtextiles #microbusiness #craftbusiness #slowfashion

A Tshirt I progress in front of my sewing machines. On a retro curved background made of pieced together yellows is a bunch of cut out stars in various sizes in white, hot pink, green and purple. About half of the appliques have been sewn around with a black zig zag stitch.
An umbrella designed by Peter Max in a really retro/ groovy style. The background is yellow with some grey and around the edges are some very stylised people but the rest of the umbrella is filled with stars in white, black, pink, lilac and green.
Travis Southard
2 months ago

My spouse, Ruby, is 6 weeks into full time tailoring, #patternmaking, and teaching #sewing classes!

Her newsletter is great and chock-full of events for #mending, learning to sew, and a workshop on consent and clothing:

But also you can see all that on her website as well:
#slowfashion #clothing #repair #solarpunk

Emma Byrne
2 months ago

I made a tailor's ham and spouse knocked me up a simple clapper. I'm attempting my first coat and it's true - proper pressing makes so much difference!


I'm making #Burda6800, which has a lovely piratey flair, in crushed mauve velvet as a #wearableToile

It's taken two days just to cut the fabric!


A wooden board with a handle lies next to a purple piece of fabric, joined to another piece of fabric, interfaced in black. Clearly this is a garment of some detailed construction. 

The curve of the seamed pieces of fabric is supported by something underneath, not visible except for the way it lets the curved seam drape open
2 months ago

I make accessories out of reclaimed fabric and yarn, textiles that have been diverted from landfill. I'm considering a big move out of my very small home space and into a studio. All sales are going towards funding this move! I've got to save up for insurances, bond, furniture and all the stuff I haven't even considered yet.

If you have a gap in your wardrobe for handmade, slow fashion and accessories do check out my shop and pass it on to your friends and family!

Help me save more perfectly good textiles from landfill!

#handmade #buyhandmade #australianhandmade #slowfashion #reclaimedtextiles

A foam head wearing a bucket hat made from a vintage curtain that has a retro scallop and gingham pattern in olive and mustard colours.
A detail photo of the back of a pastel striped tshirt with a crocheted filet motif of a skull.
A headband covered in crocheted flowers.
A bum bag made from fabric with a photorealistic muffin print.
2 months ago

Also today, tried to get some product shots but my backdrop was misbehaving and I lost the light, so I'm gonna be trying that again tomorrow. However, figured I'd throw a couple up here, because I dunno, it's fun to post pics, even when they're terrible.

Here are a couple of the floaty summer tops I've been making and when I can get some decent pics I'll be putting them on my felt shop.

#sewing #SlowFashion #sewingNZ

A floaty chiffon floral print top on a dress form.
A floaty summer top made from a green and gold sari, on a dress form.
2 months ago

An extremely quick and shitty photo of the mostly #handstitched wool waistcoat #sewing #SlowFashion #PlusSizeSewing

It's a bit big for Bertha as she is, right now she's about a size 14, the waistcoat is more of an 18 but fuck numbers, it fits me 😁

A grey wool waistcoat with black snaps on my dress form, Bertha.
North Delta
2 months ago

I’ve started using even the scraps from my bigger iron-on scrap patches to make silly mending patches. What other words or phrases should I add? #slowfashion #mending #upcycling #uffda #fixedit #oops #MastoArt

Photo of a pile of hand-stamped iron-on patches with words like “fixed” “oops” “Uffda” etc. On a background of a craft card, orange jeans, and surrounded by greenery.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
2 months ago

I always say it's better to try it on.

Half knitted blue and turquoise hat still on circular needles, on my head while I pull a face.
Faut pas croire les gens quand on vous dis que la couture a la main ça demande très peu de matériel

Depuis hier (quand j'ai commencé a coudre une chemise en lin a la main avec du fil de lin) j'ai fabriqué un coussin de repassage pour tendre le tissus et soulager ma main droite, un dés à coudre en cuir pour pousser l'aiguille et un anneau en cuir pour tendre le fil !

je crois que j'aime beaucoup la couture a la main, même si c'est plus long, mais c'est temps mieux, j'avais l'impression de faire de la fast fashion avec mon rythme de couture de vêtements ^^' (j'ai jamais eu autant de nouveaux vêtements en aussi peu de temps que depuis que je les fais moi même)

#couture #sewing #SlowFashion #lin #linen #PirateShirt
ma main avec un dés a coudre en cuir blanc et couture noire sur mon majeur et un anneau de cuir sur mon annulaire. la couture forme un épis
un coussion en forme d'oeuf avec des couleurs bigarés. Il est fait en patchwork
ma future chemise de pirate, il y a des épingles pour le tenir pour la couture et il est épinglé au coussin pour le tendre (on ne voit pas le coussin, mais on peux appercevoir la tête de l'épingle qui fait le travail en haut du tissus)
North Delta
2 months ago

Feeling punny today? The winner of the vote for today’s North Delta Doodle Day was “pumpkin,” so naturally I had to make a Pumpkin Patch to fix a shirt.

If you decide to join in this #ArtPrompt you can create a “pumpkin patch” as literally or figuratively as you want. Tag me and use #NDD5 if you’d like me to share yours.

Happy doodling! #mastoart #slowfashion

A photo of an orange shirt on a hanger patched with a hand-stamped patch with a pumpkin design and the words “pumpkin patch”. The hand-carved stamp used to make the patch is also seen. The photo is surrounded by greenery.
La Visch
2 months ago

It has been a while since I posted about the progress on the second sock for my youngest! Still about 6 repeats to work, before I can start the ribbing at the top 😃

#Knitting #KnittingLife #KnittingLove #KnittingProject #SlowFashion #SocKnitting #SpiralSockKnitting #KnittedSocks #SocksYeah

Two socks in black/white variegated and yellow yarn, one is still on a tiny circular knitting needle, shown together with the ball of yarn, on a white plank background.
Travis Southard
2 months ago

My spouse Ruby has had a great start to her new business as a tailor, patternmaker, and sewing teacher!

Read her latest newsletter to see her upcoming class and event schedule:

Or check her out at #sewing #tailor #sewingpattern #mending #slowfashion #sewinglessons #fashion #solarpunk


Another project finished - a pair of socks I started in May, I think. No fancy sock blockers for the picture as I'm away from home.

They're mostly plain vanilla socks in a rather large men's size. The fancy thing is that I added a simple knit-purl-pattern on top outside quarter and mirrored it to create matching socks. Just enough to keep me a bit entertained. No effort to match the colors was made.

@knitting #knitting #sockknitting #slowfashion @fiberarts #fibercraft

A pair of handknit socks on a background of weathered wood. Socks are in different shades of bright greens in a striped pattern. There's a bit of textured pattern on the socks.
Emma Byrne
2 months ago

I always struggled #sewing necklines but today I knocked up a muslin from some old Ikea curtains and a free pattern

I also practiced stripe matching and dis my first French seams. French seams are AWESOME! So tidy, so pretty! French seams on everything from now on. My #meMade wardrobe of #slowFashion is coming along nicely.

North Delta
2 months ago

Looking for feedback and ideas. I’m experimenting with making some #slowfashion clothing patches with my hand-carved stamp designs. Would you buy something like this to repair your clothes? Why or why not? What details (colors, designs, fabrics…) would you want? Iron-on or stitched? How much would you expect to pay? Any feedback welcome.

P.S. thanks for any reshares to help me reach a larger sample size of feedback 😊

#mastoart #fashion #handcarved #stamp #clothing #sustainable #scrunchy

A photo of various pieces of clothing with stamped patches (a sloth, a turtle, a bee, and a snail)

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐒𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐨𝐧: 𝐒𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐄𝐧𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭

Discover the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment & society. Learn how the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and what we can do to reduce its impact...

#sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #slowfashion #fashionrevolution #ecofashion #consciousfashion #sustainability #environment #socialimpact #climatechange #wifd #fashioninstitute #fashiondesign #kozhikode #calicut

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐒𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐨𝐧: 𝐒𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐄𝐧𝐯𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭

Discover the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment & society. Learn how the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and what we can do to reduce its impact...
3 months ago

All the fabric I use is from vintage collections, destashes, remnants and other second hand textile sources like clothing. I'm usually able to cut around flaws but sometimes they sneak in! In the case of this hat, the upholstery fabric unravelled quickly once it was cut and as a result some fibres weren't caught in the seams.

I could have consigned this hat to the bin - and a manufacturer may well have simply thrown it away. I want to draw attention to textile waste so it'd be hugely hypocritical of me to cast a hat aside when some simple mending could make it wearable and actually even more interesting.

Visible mending can be so gorgeous! I got a book out of the library the other week and did a bit of weaving to enclose the loose fibres and strengthen the area.

I hope someone will love this hat enough to adopt it and build fabulous outfits around it.

#visiblemending #sewing #slowfashion #textilewaste

Close up on a hat made of a rose brown velour upholstery with floral woven into it. A rectangular patch of pink woven thread is up against a seam.
Two patches of visible pink mending on the side of the hat.
A wider angle so you can see the whole bucket hat. A swing tag says "this is trash".
3 months ago

First project for the #FallFinishAlong - #knitting on a summer top made from pure linen.

It's very fine yarn, worked with 2.5 mm needles. But I'm rather close, the divide for the armholes is done and I'm close to the front neck line. Then the back and closing the shoulders.

As we're getting another week of summer weather I'm motivated to finish so I can wear it at least once this year.

@knitting @fiberarts #slowfashion

A knitting project from fine, white linen yarn. To the left is the project in a heap, mostly stockinette with a bit of lace. To the right is a cake of yarn on a yarn spindle with a pink mast. Everything's on a background of dark wood parquet.

@sinituulia YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think about this (no exaggeration) every day 🙏🏽👗👚👘🥻🦺😍🙌🏽💖

#TheRevolutionWillNotBeTelevised #JustSayNo [to] #FastFashion [& 'Heck yeah' to] #SlowFashion #fashion #style #vintage #VintageStyleNotVintageValues #equality #equity #parity #empowerment #awareness #knowledge #education

Alexis Bushnell
3 months ago

This is such a cool story; a woman wore the same dress for 100 days in a row and nobody noticed:

#SlowFashion #sustainability

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
3 months ago

I made a hat this afternoon
It's the Pixie Flora from @WoollyWormhead without the pixie top, at the request of Teen2 😉
Lovely knit, so easy and super fast!
The yarn is from my mum's stash, there was no label, but I think it's a 100% wool tweed.

Teen2, face covered by a sticker, looking pensive ahead, wears a red tweed handknitted hat and headphones over it
4 months ago

I've just launched round 2 of my boxy tees on

I've also listed the crocheted headbands I've been making!

Almost all the materials used in the Slop Shop range are diverted from landfill. Textile waste is a ginormous problem and making considered choices by reducing, reusing and recycling are all incredibly important. Also let's take down fast fashion.

Please share with your friends who are into #dopaminedressing #slowfashion #ethicalfashion and are just cool as hell. I greatly appreciate the support!!

A planter in the shape of a bum with some crocheted headbands hung off vthe side. One says "Cute + tired" and the others have flowers and coral like designs.
A crocheted headband that says "Cute + Tired" (but only + Tired is visible!)
A close up on a striped tshirt with a filet crochet skull appliqued on it.
A tshirt hanging on a wall that is red and pink, with checkerboard style sleeves and long pink fringe hanging from a pointed yoke.

I'm not much into #sewing, but some of these projects look fairly easy to me. But me not knowing much might make me underestimate what problems could arise.


Atacac Sharewear – Free patterns for everyone. – atacac

#fiberarts #textile #slowfashion @sewing @fiberarts

Kleiner Bericht vom NDR

Da entstehen tolle Sachen, vor allem das Leder fand ich interessant.

Traditionelle Stoffherstellung in der Bergedorfer Webmanufaktur,nordtour18294.html

@handarbeiten #weben #handwerk #SlowFashion


A new #knitting pattern is available - the "Seaberry Stole".

A large stole, inspired by a shrub that grows along the Baltic Coast.

It's free and a relatively easy knit (I think) - the lace pattern comes in chart and written out form.

It's also available on ko-fi

@knitting @fiberarts #fiberarts #KnittingPattern #SlowFashion #MakeYourOwnGarments

Petra van Cronenburg
4 months ago

BTW, the only #waste of this project are the shoulder pads. I'll reuse the #fabric of the sleeves for #VisibleMending projects or even #collageArt and #artjournaling. #upcycling #SlowFashion I detest #fastFashion #FastFashionSucks #HandicraftsActivism

Petra van Cronenburg
4 months ago

#Upcycling. #SlowFashion I have old #jackets that no longer fit me at the arms and in the broader shoulders (muscles are apparently not intended for women). I didn't want to give away this piece of pure #linen.
What happens if I radically cut out the too-tight ugly sleeves? It changes! Fits, except at the waist. A simple trick: I remove the buttons. And close it with a single beautiful button that sits in the place of the left one. I just have to hem the sleeves again, done! #waistcoat @sewing

Back. I have removed shoulder pads and sleeves. Looks now like a perfect waistcoat and will be fine with jeans.
Front. I have removed shoulder pads and sleeves.
A ladies' jacket in the fashion of the late 1980s, bought in Warsaw in 1993 in the old state's Department Store Centrum. The style with overemphasised shoulder pads, and accentuated, pointed corners is no longer wearable for me. But the fabric is pure linen in a quality that is hard to find today. Linen colours, natural. Large buttons on the belly and cuffs. Suit collar.
Shoulder pads made of foam that disgustingly disintegrates. Inside the mesh fabric, all the foam has crumbled into a sticky residue.
5 months ago

@knitting My next #SlowFashion project for my #handmade wardrobe will be the #ranunculus by Midori Hirose, which is a sweater or tee knitted from the top down. It is inclusively graded up to a 180 cm/70.75 in finished bust. Here’s the #ravelry link:

On day 1: I gave up on the fancy but fiddly cast on method and decided it was better to stop on the yoke before I make any more mistakes that I’ll feel compelled to fix so early on in the project.

A person wears a black t-shirt with a dust mace knitted yoke of a Ranunculus sweater on top. The sweater piece features a lot of holes and lace stitches.
Erika 🐜
5 months ago

Hello #slowFashion and #mending mastodon friends.

I have a cream canvas tote bag that I loved-to-yellow over 15 years ago that I've dug out of a box and am attempting to resurrect.

So far I've (1) soaked it with a bit of dr bronner's and (2) sprayed it with a general stain remover then put it on a handwash cycle. It's much better but the worst spots (mostly the handles and top edge) are still not very nice.

Any tips on what to pick up to remove what is probably two years of teenage sweat?

5 months ago

@knitting My next #SlowFashion project for my #handmade wardrobe will be the #UmbriaSummerTop, which is a cardigan knitted from the top down. It is inclusively graded to a 5XL. Here’s the #ravelry link:

This is how much #knitting progress I’ve made on Day 1. I’m hoping to finish this in less than a week to have a second top to take with me on vacation. 🤞🏻

A cream-colored C-shaped piece of fabric pointed with the opening down. The fabric is broken into two front cardigan sections, arm sections, and a large back section with stitch markers at the edges of each section.
Petra van Cronenburg
5 months ago

In July, I'll tell you about #plantFibres, the big summer special in our #CulturalHeritage centre and #museum in #Alsace. We watch ancient techniques and rites and learn about modern chances.
Yesterday, I inhaled pounds of #hemp. This rather ugly #plant (yes!😈 ) doesn't reveal at first glance the qualities it has after getting beaten. The dry stems suddenly smell of fruity cucumber salad and show the first soft #fibres. #FibreArts @fibrearts #FiberArts #plantFibers #slowFashion

The historical demonstration shows the third step of hemp processing after beating the stalks with a wooden hammer and scutching them. Impurities are separated and now the man throws the long fibres on a hand carder fixed on a wooden frame. This sorts away the last impurities and the plant fibres lie smoothly next to each other like hair. Then they are braided into plaits and are ready for spinning.
5 months ago

@sewing one side is almost done!

#sewing #mending #slowfashion

Many vertical columns of running stitches with black thread adorns one front side section of a black nylon bag. Almost the whole section is covered.
Petra van Cronenburg
6 months ago

@FanCityKnits This is such an incredible #CulturalHeritage! Thank you for sharing.
This appreciation and knowledge of the finest raw materials seem to have completely fallen out of time today. Today, the trade would ask: How can I counterfeit this as cheaply as possible as a mass product somewhere? #SlowFashion @knitting @fiberarts @spinning

Laure du Tilia
6 months ago

I finally took some photos today.
Cotton dyed with achillea millefolium
#handknitted @knitting #slowfashion

7 months ago

I forgot to show off the new "brand" for my reclaimed Tshirt project!

A slop shop was a store that sold cheap* ready made garments in the 1800s. These days, "slop" appropriately describes the tonnes of fast fashion that rot in landfill. The industrial revolution really changed our consumption of all things and for the clothing industry it created a capitalist's dream. Billionaire brand owners take advantage of garment workers, who are largely poor, people of colour in the global south.

So being conscious of this, and loving to use a thought provoking phrase or two in my lifetime, I am calling my new project Slop Shop. I'll be using fabric diverted from landfill to create clothing hand made by me. I will prioritise larger sizes for plus size people.

I don't have all the fancy industrial machinery but my garments will be well made and should last for years with proper care.

* Cheap clothing has always equalled cheap human labour. This means people are poorly paid in awful working environments.

#sewing #textilewaste #slowfashion

Large and with each letter in multi colours are the words "SLOP SHOP". Underneath - "by Fancy Lady Industries" in shades of pink.
A boxy t-shirt made in several fabrics. Left half is a salmon pink, right is watermelon pink, sleeves are a peach nd neckband and pocket are golden yellow.
A Tshirt made of several fabrics - left side is a pale pink print, right is white, sleeves are cornflower blue and neckband and pocket are pink camouflage.
Two tshirts hanging on a wall - the body is a small navy and white stripe, neckband and pockets are bright yellow and one sleeve is red, the other cornflower blue.
7 months ago

I found a bunch of odd lengths of knit fabrics at my vollie gig and I'm going to sew up some boxy tees to sell since the ones I made last week were so well received on insta!

#reclaimedmaterials #sewing #slowfashion #handmadefashion #recycledfashion

Three knit fabrics folded - top to bottom, dusty pink,  Kelly green, small navy and white striped.
Three knit fabrics folded - royal blue, mustard yellow and pink camouflage.
Three folded knit fabrics - cornflower blue, dusty pink and bright yellow.
Three folded knit fabrics - Kelly green, bright yellow and a pineapple print in black line work on white.
a gender fox
9 months ago

#100DaysOfWardrobe my first project is finally done!!!

yarn used: Mauch Chunky by Kraemer Yarns, 100% wool, in 3 colors: Eggplant (reddish purple), Apricot (golden orange) and Sweet Corn (light yellow)
amount of yarn used: 3.5 skeins total: 1 full skein of Eggplant, 1.25 skeins each of Apricot and Sweet Corn (I only had one skein of each to start, so I had to order more partway through)

started: 2/22/23
finished: 3/14/23

#knitting #slowFashion #wool #stockinette

a white non-binary person wearing a black tank top, a star of David necklace and a knitted long-sleeved bolero-type layer, the yoke (shoulders and neck) of which are reddish purple, while the arms are striped in light yellow and pale orange
a white non-binary person standing in front of a stone wall, reaching down to pet a scruffy blond dog who is on her hind legs. they're wearing a black tank top and a knitted long-sleeved bolero-type layer, the yoke (shoulders and neck) of which are reddish purple, while the arms are striped in light yellow and pale orange
a white non-binary person leaning against a stone wall, laughing. they're wearing a black tank top and a knitted long-sleeved bolero-type layer, the yoke (shoulders and neck) of which are reddish purple, while the arms are striped in light yellow and pale orange

Hey @sewing, are you interested in #HistoryBounding ? That is, making and wearing clothes in your daily life that are inspired by #HistoricalFashion? If so, please use the hashtag so we can find each other!
Shoutout to @histodons too, especially anyone doing #LivingHistory or #ExperimentalArchaeology, and to anyone interested in #SlowFashion.

maría de los dolores
1 year ago


but i also love to toot about:

#cooking, especially #pizza, #baking, and #grilling
#fashion including #slowfashion, #ootd, #wiwt, #plussize
#indieweb, #decentralization, and #commons
• incredibly personal stuff (that's what CWs and followers only toots are for)
• dumb #shitposting that perhaps only i find funny

i sometimes crosspost from my personal site. freaks & weirdos welcome. i don't yuck other people's yums but probably am not as interested as you think. be nice.