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PLR content provides a great starting point for creating high-quality content quickly.

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9 hours ago

Can antiques stores survive the rise of online marketplaces — or will they become relics of the past?
By Lexie Jeuniewic

As a much-loved regional Victorian vintage store closes its doors for the last time, its owner urges shoppers to support other antique shops amid the rising popularity of online marketplaces.

#RetailIndustry #History #OnlineShopping #SmallBusiness #HouseandHome #LexieJeuniewic

Johanna Forster
12 hours ago

Look at this cutie 🥺 new herb stickers 🌱 permanent, matte and waterresistant. #art #cuteart #illustration #sticker #stickerdesign #digitaldrawing #smallbusiness #grunling #herbs #gardening

IT News
19 hours ago

Branded Dropshipping: A Guide for E-commerce Businesses - Branded drop shipping is a revolutionary concept in the online shopping world. By ... - #smallbusiness #dropshipping #ecommerce #business #news

Kitty Ocean
1 day ago

It is live! And the first store to have it, is my own publisher:
#ForeverYoungEternity part 5, in Dutch! (English also available)
#BookTok #BookTwitter #SmallAuthor #WomanAuthor #Indie #SmallBusiness #Cover

Book cover Forever Young Eternity 5 Woman with demon behind her
2 days ago

Support a small business impacted by the Maui fires… I ordered some soaps from this business & they are exquisite! The “Mauka Rain” really smells like rain! #soap #handmade #MauiStrong #smallBusiness #aromaTherapy

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2 days ago

Not-for-profit Perth cremation service battles bureaucracy, and the high price of funerals in WA
By Emma Wynne

A businessman trying to set up a private crematorium in Perth says the state government's efforts to block him mean that West Australians are paying the highest fees in the country.

#DeathandDying #StateandTerritoryGovernment #SmallBusiness #Family #BusinessEnterprises #BusinessandIndustryRegulation #GovernmentPolicy #AdministrativeLaw #HealthPolicy #HealthAdministration #CostofLiving #EmmaWynne

Howling Mad Creations
2 days ago

This is one of the ONLY times that we customize our #DogBandana with your #Pets name on them, so don’t miss out!!! We will ship directly to whoever you want in the US 🚚

These make great gifts and include #Gift wrapping at no extra charge! 🎁

#Christmas #CustomDogBandana #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #SmallBusiness #ChristmasGifts

3 of our customized red plaid Christmas pet bandanas. One says "Rex", "Rufus" and "Thor
One of our custom red plaid Christmas pet bandanas that has the pets name on it "Perdita"
2 days ago

Them: What creds do you have to do OSINT?
Me: Absolutely none. I just wander around the internet for funsies.
Them: I meant credentials.
Me: I'm aware.

#infosec #tech #technology #security #safety #privacy #smallbusiness #consultant #OSINT

David Wakeham
3 days ago

First year I have been forced to break my yearly tradition of going to watch #TheNutcracker despite having a ticket.

If only my clients and #NDIS could actually pay me on time. So much for preplanned self care.

It’s so upsetting. I rarely get out much these days. With no public transport available and fuel needed to see clients there is no option for me.

I can’t even gift the ticket as it is on tonight. I kept waiting, hoping I would get paid.

#ballet #SelfCareIsHealthCare #SmallBusiness

First year I have been forced to break my yearly tradition of going to The Nutcracker despite having a ticket 🥺😭🥺
Howling Mad Creations
3 days ago

Custom paw Christmas stockings still available! This week is the last week to order and we guarantee delivery before Christmas!!! 🎄 🎁

#Pets #PetsOfMastodon #Dogs #DogsOfMastadon #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #SmallBusiness #Gift #ChristmasGifts

Custom Christmas paw shaped stocking. white paw with red plaid and snowflake paw pads and stocking cuff. Custom name put on the cuff.
Custom Christmas paw shaped stocking. white paw with red plaid and snowflake paw pads and stocking cuff. Custom name put on the cuff.
3 days ago

Hello Mastodon! I would like to introduce to you my eBay store. I have a whole range of items for sale, primarily focusing on second-hand vintage and collectibles. Stop by if you have a few minutes and browse my collection. Who knows? You might just happen to find the perfect gift for someone you know.

#ebay #Christmas #shopping #smallbusiness #vintage #collectables #giftideas #holidaygifts

TheBadNewsB :verified:
3 days ago

Hey! If you want to support this #IndieArtist, or any #SmallBusiness #Artist on @TeePublic and take advantage of standard shipping to get your orders by #Christmas, get your orders in by 12/13!

Supporting a human being who is not buying a yacht or pony for their kids, who isn’t profiting off of people working 80 hours a week, and isn’t a robot, is really the best way to spread #HolidayCheer. And you’d have real live gratitude from a real live person. (Me, I’m the person)

Leonie Jonk
3 days ago

Only a few days left to order before mg shop closes for the season… 👀

#enamelpins #artist #smallbusiness #etsy

3 days ago

Ate soup, made p0rn. Wrote blog. Published Substack. Organized a year's worth of curriculum. Started January's lessons. Had a consult.

#tech #infosec #substack #blog #smallbusiness #december #tips

Tabletop Tinkering
3 days ago

Con exclusive mimic variant available in the webstore!

The more curved version on the left usually only go to cons with me but I've decided to list just TWO.

Grab em before they eat all my dice please?

#dnd #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #smallbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #dice #dicegoblin #xmas #handmade

Two wooden chests with eyes and teeth
3 days ago

When the interviewer finally reads my resume:
Them: Oh I see you worked at [redacted], can you tell me more about what programs you worked on?
Me: No.
Them: What it's classifed?
Me: Yes.
Them: Oh.

#infosec #security #tech #technology #safety #privacy #consultant #smallbusiness #contentcreator #business #strategy

Petra A. Bauer
4 days ago

Guten Morgen!

ich komme echt wieder vom Hölzchen aufs Stöckchen heute. AD(H)S lässt grüßen. Kaum mache ich was, kommt mir eine weiterführende Idee, die setze ich dann um, aber dann muss ich sie ja auch verteilen.
Ihr kennt das.
Wie z. B. Das hier:
Hilfreiche Ressourcen zum Thema #Selfpublishing. Eine wachsende Sammlung
#indieauthor #Authorpreneur
#Eigenverlag #SmallBusiness

4 days ago

How do!

Should any of you lovely folk be in our neck of the woods during the Christmas/New Year period, we want to let you know about opening times. 👍

#Christmas #NewYear #UK #Britain #England #Outdoor #Smallbusiness

The House Of Ravens
4 days ago
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4 days ago

'Now not the time' for blanket bans, liquor stores' peak body says, as police and some shires push for restrictions
By Hannah Murphy

WA Police and some regional shires say 25 towns should be subject to similar liquor restrictions as Carnarvon due to levels of alcohol fuelled violence up to 104 times higher than the metropolitan area.

#Alcohol #Police #CrimePrevention #Crime #SmallBusiness #HannahMurphy

Julie Witmer
4 days ago

My newest blog post is a look back at projects and challenges from 2023.

#mapmaking #smallbusiness

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4 days ago

Thinking of getting a real Christmas tree this year? You'd better be quick
By Sharnie Kim and Adam Stephen

The popularity of real Christmas trees surged during the pandemic and is continuing, but some growers are having trouble keeping up because of bad weather conditions affecting supply.

#Christmas #Rural #SmallBusiness #SharnieKim #AdamStephen

Josephine of the Spirits
4 days ago

A bit niche because it's specifically for those living in or around Oxford UK, but...
The charity I work for is making Christmas hampers for the people we support.
We'd love to add a few small gifts, but we ✨obviously✨ don't have the budget for that.

So, you know, in case you have a book or a pampering set or a pair of gloves or anything you could donate and bring/send to us, get in touch
#today #oxford #uk #MastoArt #MastoCrafters #SmallBusiness

A video requesting donations for our Christmas hampers. The first half shows a woman and a girl playing with a huge teddy bear, the second half pans over a series of nicely wrapped presents surrounded by Christmas decorations. On the top in the middle is the logo of the charity, Waste2Taste - immediately under is a text saying "Christmas Community Kindness" in red over a beige heart. In the bottom half of the screen is a red rectangle with white text, which says "Giving and receiving gifts at Christmas is one of the joys of the Festive Season, especially exciting for the children - but what about all those families in our community who are struggling with low income, health issues, marginalisation and loneliness? What could you give to make their Christmas magical? Would you be able to donate a little gift for them? Waste2Taste is creating Christmas hampers. If you are able to make a contribution you can bring it to our café until December 15th".
Cult Counselor
5 days ago

Are you and or a loved one interested in pastel cryptids? How about vaporwave? Do you need to remind people that you are, in fact, not apart of a cult? Cats?

If any of this applies to you then check out my small shop below!

In addition, some products that are manufactured in Europe to make shipping easier on my friends across the pond! Look for the products with EURO in the title!

#smallbusiness #gift #artistofmastodon #shop #vaporwave #cryptid #digitalArt

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5 days ago

Letter delivery to be reduced to every second day as Australia Post seeks to expand parcel business
By Jake Evans

Australia Post will only be required to deliver letters every second day, enabling the corporation to deliver more parcels and stem its financial losses.

#PostalandDeliveryServices #SmallBusiness #FederalGovernment #JakeEvans

Graham Downs
5 days ago

I've said it before, and it's really encouraging to hear a #business expert say this on the #radio: fire your troublesome, non-performing customers and clients!

Sometimes (I would actually say MOST times), the customers and clients who give you the most headaches are the ones who bring you the least amount of income. But even if your biggest clients bring you the most headaches, consider getting rid of them. Because it's not just worth it.

In the first place, #Time == #Money, and it might be that, no matter how much money they bring in, if you quantify the time you spend on them, you'll find you're just barely breaking even, or even losing.

In the second place, #MentalHealth is important. What these clients are doing to your and your staff's mental health is potentially irreversible, not to mention causing them to become depressed and messing with their productivity, making them sick, keeping them out of work, giving them sleepless nights, affecting their relationships with their spouses and children....

I know business owners want to attain and retain clients at all costs, and the idea of losing one sounds like their worst nightmare, but some clients are just more trouble than they're worth. Cut them loose!

You'll be happier. Your employees will be happier (which will mean they're more loyal and more productive), your family will be happier (as will your employees' families). Everyone will be happier... except the people at those clients, who are responsible for making your life miserable. But hey, they make your life miserable because they're inherently unhappy, and that's what unhappy people do, so maybe without you they'll find their own path to happiness elsewhere. ;-)

#SmallBusiness #Entrepreneurship

5 days ago

Please support teenage entrepreneurs! BOGO on all bracelets. And Free Shipping!! #smallbusiness #stockingstuffers #holidays #shopping #bracelets #beadedbracelets #BOGO

Eli (a writer)
5 days ago

NEW this fall from yours truly and Pink Narcissus Press: THE FINAL DAYS OF KOBOLD KODY'S FRONTIER EXPOSITION AND TONIC SHOW

Cursed with clairvoyance, only Andra knows that the end is near for her employer and his traveling show. Can she save her costars? Can she even save herself?

Only if she can learn in time that not everything is what it seems

Get your copy today!

#writing #writingCommunity #fantasy #lgbtq #feminist #fiction #gifts #smallBusiness #writersCoffeeClub

about the book:
The end is near for Kobold Kody's Frontier Exposition and Tonic Show, but Andra, the show's fortune-teller, is the only one who knows. As the seams come undone and the curtain falls for the last time, it's up to her to save as many of her friends as she can: the dragon-tamer, the barbarian, the pyromancer, the orc, the goblins—and, if she can find a way, herself.
praise for kobold kody's frontier exposition and tonic show

"An intriguing and fantastical tale of power lost and gained, brimming with spiritual and mythological allegory."
-Candice Zee, multi-award-winning author of The Munchkins series

"A complete exploration of the lengths we'll go to to feel connected, belong, and have a purpose. Within each character's response to the show, you'll see a part of yourself."
-Ed Latimore, bestselling author of Sober Letters to My Drunken Self

"Philosophical and humane, The Final Days of Kobold Kody's Frontier Exposition and Tonic Show is a magical fable about changing one's destiny for the better."
-Foreword Reviews
about the press
Pink Narcissus is a small press publisher founded in 2010 that specializes in speculative fiction with an LGBTQ+ and feminist slant.

Heroic quests. Epic battles. Worlds populated with monsters, errant knights, faerie folk, wizards and dragons—we seek out the original in the traditional.
5 days ago


December 3rd marked our 10th year in business and turns out, no one can really believe it except the government!! They have us on file and like JG Wentworth, they want there money and they want it now!!! ( fingers crossed that JG joke lands, lol. )

To celebrate this milestone, we're giving away our most popular website package!

Visit the attached link to enter

#giveaway #smallbusiness

Leonie Jonk
5 days ago

Did you know I can also giftwrap your orders for you so you can send them straight to your loved ones? I can!
(Spoiler: I actually LOVE doing it! 😍 )

My shop will be open for the rest of the week and close after that for my winter break! So if you'd like a beautiful gift wrapped present (or something for yourself?) order before December 10th!

You can order here :

#christmas2023 #gifts #artistsonmastodon #smallbusiness

A photo with a beautifully wrapped present, wrapped in red paper with shining golden stars on them. It's wrapped with a small cotton white and gold thread with a little gifttag with leaves and berries attached to it.
A beautifully gift wrapped present with light blue wrapping paper with white and yellow flowers dotted around it. It's closed with a golden heart and has a white and gold string tied around it with a golden sparkly gift tag attached to it. It's laying in a package filled with purple paper string and a purple thank you card under it.
6 days ago

If you're setting up your security budgets for next year, make sure you include digital safety training. I can help with that. 🙂

I deliver training with memes.

Please see example.

Send me a quick message if you're interested.

#tech #infosec #security #safety #training #consultant #smallbusiness #businessbestie #nerd #privacy

Kermit the Frog sipping tea and sighing.
Jessica Rosenkrantz
6 days ago

Of course on top of that I’m also watching my kids, doing taxes, ordering supplies, shipping, etc. #smallbusiness

My daughter drawing a rocket ship and a “dog horsey” at the shipping table.
Cheryl M.🦄🐲🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

Whew! #LibConWest2023 was great overall. I was freezing by the time it was over. Felt like the sun set really quickly and the temps fell just as fast. We tried a new setup which need tweaking but I think it'll be great in the end.

I really wish we had a hot tub. I loved, loved the one we had when we lived in Denver.

Oh, and there were sparkle chikins! (Peafowl)

#VendorLife #SmallBusiness #SelfCare #MyLife #LittleThings

1 week ago

Now that everyone has posted their Spotify Wrapped, it's time to start fresh somewhere that pays the artists you love more and doesn't support far right podcasts! 🖤

#music #streaming #spotify #smallartists #SmallBusiness #nowlistening #spotifywrapped #metal #metalheads #metalhead #metalmonday

A graph of various music streaming services against the $ amount each one pays artists per stream and the # of streams needed to earn $1.

Tidal is at the top of the list with $0.01284 and 77 streams to earn $1, followed by Apple music ($0.00783), Deezer ($0.0064), and Spotify with significantly less (this chart says $0.00437, but I have seen elsewhere the updated value is more like $0.003 with possibility to be entirely discontinued for small music artists).
1 week ago

Hab den verschneiten, kalten Nachmittag genutzt und ein paar neue "Gruss vom Krampus" Holzbilder gemacht.
#Hollenkraut #shopsmall #smallbusiness
Falls ihr vielleicht noch Geschenke für euch oder liebe Menschen braucht, würde ich mich freuen, wenn ihr mal in meinem kleinen Laden vorbei schaut. 💚

Eine Baumscheibe auf der das Motiv eines Krampus eingebrannt ist. Ein Kopf mit rausgestreckter roter Zunge. Darunter steht: Gruss vom Krampus
Catherine Babault
1 week ago

Meet me in Black Creek today! I'll be signing copies of my photo book ''Vancouver Island Marmot, The World's Rarest Marmot''. A perfect gift for nature lovers, marmot lovers, photographers, and people interested in conservation stories with a happy ending. I'll have some prints too.

#SupportLocalBusiness #BuyLocal #SmallBusiness #ChristmasMarket #GiftIdeas #VancouverIsland

Poster announcing a Winter Market in Black Creek on December 2, from 10 am to 4 pm
Monarkie 🎹🎤
1 week ago

I would really love to keep working on more versions of my ratings parody shirts, but like everything, I have to pay monthly to be able to stick more products in my shop.

If you have a nerd in your life that would appreciate a chuckle, I need to sell just 2 shirts to get started...maybe you fancy a fun Xmas gift?

Check them out and let me know your thoughts!

#DIY #NerdGear #RatingsParody #TShirts #SmallBusiness

Josh :cinnamon:
1 week ago

Hey, @nekoewen does make some awesomely fun weird little keebs! They feel so great; I will be able to do data entry for daaaaaaaaaaaaaayz!

Oh, and these stickers are totally #rad! Check his wares out at:

#mechanicalkeyboard #SmallBusiness

Two custom macro pads with retro inspired stickers
Angry Tea Lady
1 week ago

[review] L'épouvantail de chez WhiteDragonWorkshop - une superbe découverte pour ce thé d'automne à la citrouille !

#thé #tea #smallbusiness #petitcommerce #etsy #review #automne #thénoir #blacktea #tealover

théière blanche et rouge à motifs chats et tasse champignon au même couleurs avec le sachet de thé tout à droite
Joanna Barnum
1 week ago

Just a few favs with low stock that are part of the current 20% off holiday sale through this weekend! Won’t have more Pandora’s Pumpkin bags and pins until sometime next year, and the Elemental candles are GONE forever once they sell out.

#artgifts #artist #smallbusiness #halloween

For those in and around SE MI: This weekend at the Masonic Temple is Detroit Urban Craft Fair!

An excellent place to get handmade gifts for the holidays. My wife, Betsy, will be there again as The Science Bee. Say hi to her if you go!

#crafts #holidays #smallbusiness

Johanna Forster
1 week ago

Favorite new artprint? If your not based in Europe, do your christmas shopping in my art shop this week 🎁 I create all artprints myself on thick watercolor paper and sign them on the back for you 💛
#smallbusiness #artprint #cuteart #winterpainting #veggie #giftidea #illustration #artist

eon 🐀
1 week ago

time to go get some silly rats?!
just a little reminder that my sale's ending in about 13 hours! or more specifically, at 12am 2 Dec SGT (GMT+8). thank you to everyone who's ordered some rats, i can't wait till they reach their new homes!!

#rat #rats #ratArt #animalArt #merch #merchandise #etsyShop #smallBusiness #cute #ratsOfMastodon #ratsOfTheFedi #ratsOfTheFediverse #stickerShop #enamelPin

"Stock up on rats for the holidays!
a rat says: get 20% off with 2 or more items!
From now till 30 Nov AT"
Ending soon! (in about 13h)
TheBadNewsB :verified:
1 week ago

I don't know where my sales are coming from, but I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for every single person who has supported my art. You have my gratitude for sharing a posts, throwing me some hearts, telling me you liked it, or shopping. By supporting me you've given me a reason to renew my url another year and keep going despite the threat of AI and Capitalism. I appreciate you. Truly and hugely.
#ShopSmall #Gratitude #SmallBusiness

Just received my custom necklace from @skaly in the mail today!

This purchase was a little present for myself and I'm loving it so far. 💜🥰️

Go give 'em a follow & check out their lovely shop on #Etsy this holiday season.

#SmallBusiness #ShopSmall #Jewelry #ArtistsofMastodon #ShopHandmade #Handmade #SupportArtists #CreativeToots #MastoArt #FediGiftShop #FediArt

A custom necklace featuring a white agate stone & smaller pieces of garnet hang on a chain from Aiyoku's neck onto the front of her light pink jacket.
Operation: Puppet (he/him)
1 week ago

Our last shop builds of the year are now available! Exclusive to the direct shop for 24 hours!! #puppets #smallbusiness

A matrix of four professional hand puppets
Johanna Forster
1 week ago

My new sustainable wooden charms can be used as cute garden markers or as pendants on your backpack, pencil case or keychain. What would you use them for? Swipe right to see some of the available ones 🌱 Check them out on my website, it might be freezing outside but I think they could make great christmas gifts. And there is a quantity discount! ;)
#gardening #cutegift #herbs #illustration #smallbusiness #cuteart #characterdesign

1 week ago

Bueeeeeno! Estamos al día con los pedidos, al fin. Haremos envíos esta tarde. 🎉

Recordad que, si queréis pedir algo cara a fiestas, mejor cuanto antes.

#jewelry #jewellery #joyeria #artesania #joyeriaartesana #plata #plata925 #silver #silver925 #handmade #hechoamano #silverwork #artisan #smallbusiness #pequeñosnegocios #crafts #WIP #alternativejewelry

Johanna Forster
1 week ago

Ahh so excited for this update! What l do you like the most? Support a small business and get some cute christmas gifts from my website (link in bio) ✨
I redesigned the whole artstore a bit and you can collect automatic quantity discounts for a lot of my things. 🎁

#cutegift #smallbusiness #art #illustration #gardening #cuteart #sticker #artprints #digitalart

2 weeks ago

Good morning paleolithic pachyderms! It's ya favorite Black, disabled dinosaur photographer, here with a #Cyberweek #CyberMonday sale on my #ko-fiShop

10% off my entire shop until December 3rd, valid via link below or with the code CYBERWEEK

This includes print ready digital files for my best pieces!

#photography #AYearForArt #MastoArt #ArtBooster #DisabledCreator #BlackArt #BlackPhotographer #PhotographersOfMastodon #macrophotography #BlackArtMatters #SmallBusiness

A macro photo of clover flower buds, their white petals fresh from the stalk. The background is dark green from grass
Handsome red kalanchoe flowers and thick leaves
A black and white photo of a kalanchoe flower in high contrast lighting
Persimmon orange kalanchoe flowers against a black background

Instead of manually adding my logo to all of my images, I automated this process with {magick} and {purrr}! See the gist:

New tote bag and embroidered cuffed beanies & baseball caps! Let me know if you want to see other designs on these hats or tote bags.

🧢 Baseball Cap:

💂🏼‍♀️ Beanie:

👜 Tote Bag:

#TheCodingCats #RStats #SmallBusiness #EtsyShop

R code using the magick and purrr packages to add a logo to all images in a folder. Full code at in the linked GitHub Gist.
Me wearing the gray cuffed beanie with an embroidered design of a cute orange cat in loaf mode lounging on top of the R Stats logo.
Me wearing the stone colored (tan) hat with an embroidered design of a cute orange cat in loaf mode lounging on top of the R Stats logo.
Tan cotton tote bag with the words in white:  "cat(I love cats!)" and "I love cats!" on the next line. 
Below the text is a cute orange cat in loaf mode lounging on top of the R Stats logo.
Daniela Schreiter
2 weeks ago

Ihr sucht noch nach ein paar Geschenken für Weihnachten? Schaut doch bei uns kleinen Künstler*innen vorbei! Ich weiß, Black Friday ist sehr verlockend und bei uns gibt es idR keine Rabatte, aber jeder Kauf hilft uns sehr! ❤️ @Kwimbi

#shopsmall #comic #sticker #smallbusiness #artist #supportsmallbusiness

Foto: Mehrere Sticker, Postkarten und Pins mit bunten Motiven.

At Oolie, we’re not doing Black Friday, but we are having a Small Business Saturday sale — 20% off everything.

Shop small for a big impact.

#SmallBusiness #WomanOwned #BCorp #Organic #Bedding #Sheets

Natural woven basket holding Oolie organic crib sheets with floral prints, and a fabric bag with the Oolie heart logo.
Tanya C Smith
3 weeks ago

Two Goldfinches feeding on cornflowers, a photograph which has been digitally processed by hand with some paint and texture effects.

#nature #birds #mastoart #fedigiftshop #wallart #giftideas #buyintoart #ayearforart #artbooster #smallbusiness #art #homedecor

A photograph of two goldfinches feeding on cornflowers which has been digitally processed with some watercolor and texture effects.
Nora Reed
3 weeks ago

hello internet. for america this is thanksgiving week, which is also the beginning of the holiday shopping season. it's kind of a huge pain in the ass to try to get all the deals on friday, so i'm running my holiday sale early.

10% off with coupon code HOLIDAY23. shipping $5 in the US and $20 international.

shares appreciated!

#handmade #handmadejewelry #art #artistsonmastodon
#artistsofmastodon #jewelry #glass #fusedglass #sellingonmastodon #smallbusiness #pride

blue cufflinks
trans pride pendant
green ornaments
teal layered bubble pendant
Nora Reed
3 weeks ago

Hello mastodon! I have a little jewelry shop! I'm doing my big holiday sale early, you can get 10% off with HOLIDAY23.

Boosts appreciated!!

#handmade #handmadejewelry #art #artistsonmastodon
#artistsofmastodon #jewelry #glass #fusedglass #sellingonmastodon #smallbusiness #pride #pridejewelry #fedigiftshop

blue cufflinks
pink ornaments
trans pride pendant
kraken cameo pendant
3 weeks ago

If you "need" to up your #MiniaturePainting storage (or need a powerful vortex style mixer) and you're in the USA give Robert from Tyhpoon Painting products a try. He's got a 20% off sale through EOD Nov. 18th with the code "GET20%OFF!".

Definitely recommended!! (I'm not affiliated with his company; I just like his products).

#SmallBusiness #BlackFriday #ScaleModels #Painting #Gunpla #Gundam

Intention - eco web design
3 weeks ago

Small Business Saturday UK is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to 'shop local' and support small businesses in their communities.

The next Small Business Saturday takes place on December 2nd, 2023.

#SmallBizSatUk #SmallBusinessSaturday #SmallBusinessSaturdayUK #SupportLocal #SupportSmallBusiness #SmallBiz #ShopSmall #SmallBusiness

Blue Background with white wording: How to Support Your Favourite Small Business. Shop locally and spend with small businesses; Show them love on socials (Like, share or comment); Share a positive review (ideally with pictures!); Spread the word with friends and family. Small Business Saturday 2nd December logo
3 weeks ago

Self promo: gifts + stocking stuffers for folks who refuse to fit in a box.

I make and design enamel pins, patches, stickers, bookmarks and stationery that make great little gifts for Christmas.

Social justice, disability pride, lgbtq+ rights, #neurodivergent, #adhd, #actuallyautistic, #books themed goodies.

It's been a hard and weird year for #smallbusiness, so please #shopsmall for the holiday season if you can and encourage your friends too, please! 😊

I ship pretty much everywhere in the world ✨🌈

#fedigiftshop #mastoart

Shop ->
Community ->

A collection different fluffmallow goodies including stickers, enamel pins, patches on a bright yellow background.
Nora Reed
3 weeks ago

hey, we just got hit with a huge sudden expense. i don't want to get into details but it'd really help me out if you shared the shop. HOLIDAY23 will still get you 10% off.

#handmade #handmadejewelry
#art #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon #jewelry #glass #fusedglass #sellingonmastodon #smallbusiness #pride #pridejewelry #fedigiftshop

pink ornaments
trans pride pendant
periwinkle layered bubble pendant
kraken cameo pendant
Accidental CISO
3 weeks ago

I have one more Q&A slot left at 3:45PM Eastern this Friday (11/17). We're answering your questions about where to start with cybersecurity in your #smallbusiness. DM me if you would like to participate!

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #infosec #cybersecurity

Mx. Luna Corbden
3 weeks ago

Shopping from small businesses you see here on mastodon is a form of mutual aid. A really fun form because you get something too! I follow a couple of small businesses and boost them from time to time. I just re-boosted @limebar ‘s megathread for promoting small businesses on the Fedi. We can create a little self-contained community here where our money circulates among people we know deserve it, and less of sending money away to billionaires. So as you think of holiday gifts, or treats for yourself, check out that thread, follow creators you like, patronize their shops, and boost their products. It’s part of creating a better world!

#MutualAid #SmallBusiness

4 weeks ago

Today, a glimpse inside #BonnettsBooks. Familiar character stuffies, toys, figures, posters, & art occupy free space on high shelves and dangle from the ceiling. There's plenty more to see before and after you reach this spot!

11/14/23 Open 6-9p. No open containers, please.

#DaytonOhio #BrickAndMortar #FamilyOwned #SmallBusiness #MomAndPop #UsedBookStore

Left half of a wider photo showing decorative toys and book-filled shelves in the left and center aisles of Bonnett's Books, approximately halfway to three-quarters of the way toward the back of the shop.
Right half of a wider photo showing decorative toys and book-filled shelves in the center and right aisles of Bonnett's Books, approximately halfway to three-quarters of the way toward the back of the shop.