#Smoking or habits like that , besides the misc non public acts of the people automatically generates the need for non public spaces , from communes to act specific spaces( bars to clubs) to private proparty and hence #capital does seem to be a human right as a medium of exchange , its however , the distribution which gets manipulated , like when sales is not in open market ( much like public space) , pricing cant be fair .
there , acceptance and norms are economic and political , they ve little to do with with the individual

Josper charcoal ovens: Spanish oven for cooking with charcoal or wood indoors
#restaurant #cooking #smoking #kitchen #spain #grill #food #bbq #+

First smoke. 12hr pork shoulder. Came out absolutely fantastic. Super excited to get more into the hobby.


First smoke. 12hr pork shoulder. Came out absolutely fantastic. Super excited to get more into the hobby.

Objective measures of smoking and caffeine intake and the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes

“We've known for a long time that smoking during pregnancy is not good for the baby, but our study shows that it's potentially much worse than previously thought. It puts the baby at risk of potentially serious complications from growing too slowly in the womb or from being born too soon.”
#smoking #pregnancy #PretermBirth #Medicine #ObGyn

Open Forum
3 days ago

Higher fees could reduce tobacco outlets

Significantly increasing the licensing fees for tobacco retailers is an effective way to reduce the number of shops selling tobacco and should be considered again, according to Australian researchers. #smoking

Biscuits & Gravy
3 days ago

I live in a ground floor condo. My front door is about 20 feet away from a community bench situated in a "park".

It's only 70º and really nice outside so my front door is open.

Right now there is a lady sitting on the bench smoking a cigarette and making hacking sounds like she's about to lose one or both lungs.

#Smoking #Hacking #LungDisease

Cartoon image of a man smoking a cigarette and coughing
Ashlee of Jupiter
4 days ago

My latest Sim, Casey De Vil, loves munching on durries. Especially on the toilet

🏷️: #TheSims #TheSims4 #TS4 #Gaming #Games #VideoGames #EA #Smoking #Cigarettes

My Sim smoking a cigarette in her hallway. She has light skin, black shoulder-length hair, medium build and is wearing a red nightgown.
My Sim smoking a cigarette at an event outdoors. She has light skin, black shoulder-length hair, medium build and is wearing a denim jumpsuit. She is sitting at a bar.
My Sim smoking a cigarette while sitting on the toilet. She has light skin, black shoulder-length hair, medium build and is not wearing anything. The picture has a ‘CENSORED’ graphic covering her nipples.
My Sim smoking a cigarette in her lounge room. She has light skin, black shoulder-length hair, medium build and is wearing a pink one-piece swimsuit. She’s sitting on an orange lounge.

Celebrating 1000 days no booze on Tuesday, which means brisket all week. Wagyu brisket from Costco with holy cow & holy gospel


Celebrating 1000 days no booze on Tuesday, which means brisket all week. Wagyu brisket from Costco with holy cow & holy gospel

Tried this awhile back. 4 foot gator. It was delicious. Wet brined for 24 hours. Smoked on cheap Char Grill.


Tried this awhile back. 4 foot gator. It was delicious. Wet brined for 24 hours. Smoked on cheap Char Grill.
1 week ago

8.5lb pork butt. 12.5 hours on the smoker. Amazeballs. #Smoking #Smoked #Meats #Pork

1 week ago

An old portrait from 📅 2022.

Tifa from the Final Fantasy game with an alternate punk look 🧥

#blender #blender3d #b3d #cycles #3d #tifa #finalfantasy #punk #tattoo #smoking

Tifa from the Final Fantasy with a cigarette in her mouth, looking at the viewer while smoking. She is wearing a black jacket which reveals a tattoo on the torso. Messy makeup, freckles, nose piercing and black-turquoise gradient hair color.
Same picture as previously, but in black and white

If #RishiSunak is considering a progressive ban on the purchase of #cigarettes & thereby moving towards making #smoking illegal, one can only presume that his chums lobbying for the #tobacco industry now feel that their employers (#BigTobacco) have a handle on alternative income streams - #vaping perhaps?

But, one thing is for sure Rushi would not have floated such a proposal without first checking with his advisors (who in turn would have checked with the lobbyists & those they represent!)

Mostafa Hussein Omar
1 week ago

Quitting #smoking: the latest evidence about what works - Evidently Cochrane

Nick DeWolf Photo Archive
1 week ago

boston, massachusetts

smoke rings

© the Nick DeWolf Foundation
Image-use requests are welcome via nickdewolfphotoarchive [at] gmail [dot] com

#photography #film #blackandwhite #boston #people #youngwoman #portrait #smoke #smoking #smokerings #cigarette #1950s

David J. Atkinson
1 week ago

1/ Many behaviors are prohibited because they endanger others. 

Second-hand smoke from #cigarettes is dangerous. It once posed a serious health risk indoors and indoor #smoking was eventually banned in virtually all public spaces in the US. The smokers complained that their “right” to smoke anywhere was being infringed. There is no such right.  …
#MaskUp #COVID

The Long Victorian
1 week ago

Negrityanka (Black woman) (1876) by Ilya Repin (1844-1930). A young woman in national dress wearing gold jewelry. The water pipe she has been smoking is laid beside her coffee on a tray. Alas, we know next to nothing about the woman herself, we can only imagine.

#coffee #smoking #fashion #FashionHistory #blackwoman #waterpipe #victorian #victodons #VictorianArt #VictorianEra #Victoriana #FineArt #interior

2 weeks ago

Live update: when she left, she chucked her empty cigarette packet on the ground. Disgusting.

#台灣 #Taiwan #抽菸 #Smoking #Littering

A scrunched up littered cigarette box sitting on sandy pavers in bright sunlight.
2 weeks ago

What I’ve discovered after a few months of going to this park:

The same woman (from my original post) always comes to this park around lunch time on her scooter, wearing a mask, then proceeds to take it off so she can start smoking…


The park does have a No Smoking sign, but why would that make any difference?

There is no escaping cigarette smoke in Taiwan. Smokers are everywhere and are usually incredibly inconsiderate.

#台灣 #Taiwan #抽菸 #Smoking

2 weeks ago

It's nice to get this kind of commissions

Commission for

#urban #buildings #background #commission #graffiti #smoking

BTW, I had been smoking for around 16 years, then vaping for 10 years, now I have been out of any nicotine for a year.
This was a long journey but vaping has made it much more healthier.
All smoking symptoms (coughing, hard breath, insomnia) were gone in first couple of months of vaping. Then I'd been lowering nicotine concentration I use once in a couple of years.

#Vaping #Nicotine #Smoking #QuitSmoking

2 weeks ago

18 Jahre rauchfrei. Was für eine gute Entscheidung. 💪

#nosmoking #smoking

2 weeks ago
…6x higher than the previous estimate, and represents ~30% of all deaths from #cardiovasculardisease—the leading cause of death worldwide.

It would mean that lead exposure is a bigger cause of #heartdisease than #smoking or #cholesterol
$6T cost: research also estimated that children under five lost a cumulative 765M IQ points due to #leadpoisoning globally in 2019, with 95% of those losses coming in developing countries…nearly 80% higher than previously estimated.

Random thought... why do we have alcoholics anonymous and not smokers anonymous?

Is it that for most parts of the world alcohol addiction pre-dates smoking as an addiction, or that the negative effects of smoking were only recently stigmatized?

Or maybe smoking isn't considered an addiction or one that deserves meetings about it?

#addiction #smoking #alcohol #alcoholicsanonymous

Matthew Rimmer
3 weeks ago

Waiter with lung cancer sues Melbourne’s Crown casino over smoking in high-rollers room Dien Nguyen alleges in court documents that company knew or ought to have known about risk of disease. #auslaw #smoking #health

3 weeks ago

I guess I shouldn't be at all surprised that the "Feu D'Amour: Seductive Smoke" book on vintage photos actually smells of smoke.

It's still quite a collection, and telling as to beauty standards and styles over a century ago. #smoking

#science #medicine #health #smoking #pipetobacco

Health benefits of pipe smoking:
- stress reduction
- increased lifespans
- higher IQ
- improved memory
- lowered anxiety
- destroys Alzheimer's
- prevents Parkinson's
- eliminates depression

(artist depiction of JR "Bob" Dobbs if he had survived his assassination)

3 weeks ago

My love for a good thunderstorm and my need to go outside and smoke a cigarette at least every 90 minutes are two things in frequent conflict. #smoking

Shu Daizi
4 weeks ago

We can add to it though, right?

That side-eye is devastating.

#Bacall #Smoking #SexyAsAllHell #ToHaveAndToHaveNot #Sexy #Movies

A gif of Lauren Bacall in To Have and To Have Not, lighting her cigarette and giving a sexy as all hell side-eye.

The two 16-lb full packer briskets are getting so close to being done... 26 hours later. I don't pull until the probe is showing 205F consistently.

Cook to temp not to time!

#smoking #traeger

RLM Arts poster catalog, p669: Healthy Workplaces

This poster was made for a collaboration between tobacco awareness groups and #Minnesota’s labor community. It treats workplace smoking not as a personal fault, but as part of the long, collective struggle for safe work environments. It’s an example of RLM’s frequent collaboration with community and labor groups, and of union commitment to worker health:

Get it here:

#Union #Smoking #WorkplaceSafety #MastoArt #Labor

An intricate vertical poster, with illustrations depicting people of many different occupations, inside a brown frame. They include a meatpacker, a server, someone typing on a computer, a tall building on fire evoking the Triangle Shirtwaist disaster, and miners marching with a sign that says "I can live without black lung". In boxes with black text down the middle are a series of phraes, one letter in each phrase is bolded and colored red to spell out R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Workers' rights, clean air, solidarity, union power, safety, collective action, healthy workers. At the bottom is the large text in all caps, Health Workplaces Work! next to a cigarette butt being put out. Going up either side of the black frame are the words, "Every worker has the right to breathe clean air," and in Spanish, "todo empleado tiene el derecho de respirar aire puro." Campaign contact info and a logo is in tiny type at the bottom.
Melroy van den Berg
1 month ago

@rms the moment this industry came with an alternative (vaping / e sigaret) all countries should have stopped and banned all of this immediately. It's really insane that this is even possible. #block #smoking #vaping #health #Smokefreegeneration #smoke

Not sure why this attempt at #quitting #smoking is going so well, I haven't had a single craving for a long time.

partial screenshot saying "365d 11h 59m 11s smoke free".
The European Network
2 months ago

Smoking in cars is completely banned in only three European countries.

Countries can apply no ban, a partial ban or a complete ban.

Germany plans to enforce a partial ban on smoking in cars to protect children and pregnant women from exposure.

Smoking in cars is only completely banned in Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Turkey. This means that complete bans on smoking in cars are in place in only four out of 39 European countries.

#Europe #Smoking #Cars

A map of Europe showing countries that have no ban, a partial ban, or a complete ban on smoking in cars.
The European Network
2 months ago

An explosion in vaping rates among kids is prompting Europe to rethink its approach to regulation.

The no. of 11-17 year olds who have ever used an e-cigarette has quadrupled in the UK since 2013; more than half of 17-year-olds in France have tried a vape; and the percentage of 11-17 year olds who have used an e-cigarette in the past month has doubled in Italy since 2014 and increased significantly in Latvia and Romania.

#Europe #EU #Vaping #ECigarette #Smoking #Teens

2 months ago

Another oc, from the same setting as the flower-themed lady.

#MastoArt #oc #illustration #smoking

A drawing of a man with long hair sitting on a couch, holding a cigarette in one hand.
2 months ago

The headache I have suggests to me that I probably shouldn't have had a nicotine lozenge in my gums at almost all times since like 5:30 PM, and definitely shouldn't have had a cigarette minutes after finishing one. How I long for the cancerous days of smoker's lounges in airports #smoking

2 months ago

Smoking has been banned on United States airplanes since 1990.

In other news, our plane is apparently so old that...
#airplanes #smoking

Canada's latest anti-smoking push is a first — but global effort is lagging behind | CBC Radio #Smoking #HealthCanada #Health #AntiSmoking #warninglabels #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Jeffrey Yost
2 months ago

CBI Image o' Day. General Electric was showing off various forms of robots in the 1950s. Here, we see mechanical hands, striking match & lighting a cigarette of a GE employee. Isn't automation grand!?

#automation #robotics #smoking #health #ai #artificialintelligence #computing #software
#sts #tech #technology #engineering #robot #robots #science #medicine #sociology #anthropology #smoking #cigarettes #gender #ge #generalelectric #history

Square black and white image with woman employee in dark sports jacket on left and two mechanical robotic arms on the right. General Electric was showing off various forms of robots in the 1950s. Here, we see mechanical hands, striking match & lighting a cigarette of this GE employee.
Jeff Fortin T.
2 months ago

@slomo We've banned that shit in Montréal since 2016; #smoking is not allowed on patios nor within 9m of a public building entrance or a playground. Another great reason to come here in addition to poutine.

2 months ago

Tobacco companies are exploiting a legal loophole in the UK to promote addictive flavoured nicotine pouches as a fun and glamorous lifestyle product, including paying young influencers to plug the products online and at lavish promo parties.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) said the marketing was “straight out of the big tobacco playbook of old”.
#Tobacco #Smoking #Nicotine #BigTobacco #BAT #Velo #ASH

Excuse the naïveté: what cut of beef are these and how do I smoke them? I was given like a 10 pounds of these.


Excuse the naïveté: what cut of beef are these and how do I smoke them? I was given like a 10 pounds of these.
2 months ago

@MadisonMonkey @petertrek1 @allstartrek

Some smokers were very indignant and constantly complained about non-smoking sections as a violation of their "rights" to puff everywhere they wished, no matter how unpleasant or unhealthy it made others.

#1970s #smoking #NonSmoking

2 months ago

@MadisonMonkey @petertrek1 @allstartrek

In the US, slow decline in smoking had already started in the 1970s. Restaurants and airplanes had "non-smoking sections" (which didn't prevent smoke coming over and making your clothes smell like an ashtray, but at least one wasn't right next to someone chain smoking). #1970s #smoking #NonSmoking

Tucker Teague
2 months ago

Watching #French #films from the 1960s and 1970s, I'm always fascinated in how much they smoked #cigarettes... and *how* they smoked them. So much a part of that culture, not merely just #smoking, but a "French way" of smoking that I can't quite find words to describe.

Across Southeast Asia, vaping is skyrocketing, heralded as a way for smokers to quit cigarettes.But public health experts say e-cigarettes and vapes contain ...
Flavoured toxins: The rise of vaping | 101 East Documentary
Julian Lam
3 months ago

Just checked the #kettle #smoker ... it's sitting at 300℉...


#bbq #smoking #porkbutt

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
3 months ago

Male skeleton showing wear pattern to teeth resulting from long-term pipe smoking, c.1660. It was excavated from the Patuxent Point site, Calvert County, MD. All of the skeletons uncovered (men, women, and children) showed signs of smoking. #histodons #histodon #skull #histmed #medhist #smoking #skeleton #histsci #archaeology #archaeologist

Close-up of a skull's jaw showing teeth and a round hole worn between them.
Michał Górny
3 months ago

Content warnings in #movies these days are like cookie warnings on websites.

It's nice that people include things such as "#smoking", "alcohol" and so on as possibly undesirable and warn about them.

It would be even nicer if the screenwriters didn't needlessly insert them (not to mention random sex scenes) in the vast majority of movies where this makes no sense at all. They're making it more "realistic", they're going to say.

Semi-related quote: "Machete don't smoke!" Be like Machete!

The European Network
4 months ago

Smoke free Sweden: Why are Swedes stubbing out their cigarettes?

Sweden is on course to become one of the world's first "smoke-free" countries, defined as less than 5% of the adult population smoking.

It is set to achieve this significant milestone in the coming months - 17 years ahead of the EU's 2040 target, with smoking rates falling from 15% to 5.6% over the past 15 years.

#Sweden #Smoking

Stuart D Neilson
5 months ago

#Australia has banned recreational #vaping and is moving towards #SmokingCessation only #vapes.

"Just like they did with #smoking, #BigTobacco has taken another #addictive product, wrapped it in shiny packaging and added flavours to create a new generation of #nicotine addicts," said Health Minister Mark Butler.

How long before #Ireland (at the forefront of #SmokingBans) has the courage to ban vaping?

["Vaping has become the No 1 behavioural issue in high schools. And it’s becoming widespread in primary schools. Over the past 12 months, Victoria’s poisons hotline has taken 50 calls about children under four becoming sick from ingesting or using a vape.

“Just like they did with smoking, big tobacco has taken another addictive product, wrapped it in shiny packaging and added flavours to create a new generation of nicotine addicts."]
- 𝘔𝘢𝘳𝘬 𝘉𝘶𝘵𝘭𝘦𝘳 , 𝘍𝘦𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘭 𝘏𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘵𝘩 𝘔𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳

[The Australian government will ban the importation of nonprescription vaping products – including those that do not contain nicotine – in the most significant tobacco and vaping control measures in the country in a decade.]

This is a fantastic move.

Vapes have long included nicotine while not mentioning it on the packaging, leading to kids getting hooked and developing a bloody hard to eradicate addiction.

The banning of single-use vapes will also help clean up the environment and rid us of millions of small lithium-ion batteries currently being left lying around as litter - and massive fire hazards.

#Vape #Smoking #Nicotine #AusPol #Australia

Flipboard News Desk
5 months ago

There are now fewer smokers in the U.S. than Europe and Asia.

Semafor reports on the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

#Health #Smoking #CDC

Part of the first episode of The Muppet Show that aired in 1977 🤣

#Muppets #TheMuppets #TV #70sTV #smoking #MindIfISmoke #jokes #comedy #TheMuppetShow #funny #lol

From season 1 episode 1 of The Muppet Show from 1977. Everyone is dancing in a fancy ballroom and a monster asks if he can smoke, and then smoke starts coming out of his head. Everyone is coughing.
Alan Kotok
5 months ago

Trial Shows Plant-Based Drug Helps Reduce Vaping

First results of a clinical trial show a #drug derived from plants to aid in #smoking #cessation helps cut the use of e-cigarettes among non-smokers of burning tobacco.

#News #Science #Business #ClinicalTrial #Placebo #Vaping #Ecigarettes #Nicotine #Dopamine #Neurotransmitter #Chemistry #Addiction

Juul e-cigarette device
CultureOverlord :verified:
7 months ago

📚 New research examines the marketing strategies used to promote vapes / e-cigarettes in Australia & New Zealand.

⭐ Health claims include:

▪️ "vaping has been proven to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes"

▪️ "you will feel your breathing improve in a matter of days"

❓ What impact might these marketing strategies have on young people?

❓ Are marketers legally responsible if they make false health claims? Do they have a moral responsibility?

✔️ Create a fact-based ad for vape products. Do not use glamorous imagery. Instead, use images that reflect the reality of the health and environmental impacts from using vape products. Include citations to support any facts used in your ad.


@edutooters @publichealth @communicationscholars @theconversationau #PublicHealth #Vape #Smoking #Teachers #Education #MediaLiteracy #HealthLiteracy #DigitalLiteracy

Esther Schindler
8 months ago

_Easy Electric Smoker Cookbook_ is a nice cookbook, and perfectly suitable if you want more inspiration for using your electric smoker. But it's far from a must-have. #cookbooks #smoking

8 months ago

#ProLifeMyAss GOP.

Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-N.J.) this week railed against #GOP lawmakers’ “self-serving move” and “life-threatening decision” to allow indoor #smoking in the newly Republican-controlled #House.

9 months ago

BTW, do the costs of clean-up of #Smoking litter @ c. half of €85mill pa "of all litter", when extrapolated, mean that c. €42 million a year is spent on cleaning up #Cigarrette #Butts thrown out in# Ireland by #Smokers? #IrishTimes: "Cigarette-related litter accounts for the vast majority of waste at more than 48 per cent, followed by packaging (20 per cent). Guilty parties are overwhelmingly pedestrians (41 per cent) and motorists (22 per cent)." #Smokers #Pollution #Taxes

9 months ago

It fascinates me that people who smoke think it's not only ok to pollute their lungs &ours, but to throw their #Fag #butts on path, street, outside restaurants, pubs, on ground etc. Would they do that in own sitting room? #IrishTimes: "Last year, €85 million was spent by local authorities on street cleaning including €36 million in Dublin. Cigarette butts account for half of all litter &are the biggest litter scourge” #Cigarettes #Smoking:
#Litter #Tobacco #CleanUp

Alright, I wrote a blog post about cigarette filters. It was something that piqued my interest and I hope that you enjoy yourself on this bummer:

Tobacco, Episode 1: Filters are Ironically Named

#blog #tobacco #smoking #science #bigTobacco
9 months ago

Resentment Still Burns.

No... I don't smoke nor do I endorse smoking. It's just a character in a drawing based on my observations of the people in the world I inhabit.

Don't focus too hard on the surface of things when there is a juicy center waiting to be discovered & appreciated.

Favoriting is nice.
Boosting is sweetness.
Feedback is awesome.

#art #artwork #abstract #abstractart #abstractportraiture #abstractartist #smoking #smoke #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork

Abstract depiction of a man in a smoke filled room smoking a cigarette. The room is glowing in orange and yellow with swirls of grey smoke filling the air around him. The man is wearing glasses with hazel eyes and a crooked nose. His lips are exaggerated in size and puckered around the cigarette. The cigarette angles downward with the cigarette's cherry angled toward the bottom of the frame. Coming from the cigarette is a puff of smoke bleeding upwards across the side of the man's face bleeding into his skin and the room around him creating a stream of opaqueness breaking up the chaotic stagnation behind him. The man's expression is dismissive, almost disgust with the situation around him. Being disgusted while being disgusting. Being dismissive while being dismissed.
Matthew Rimmer
10 months ago

Minister Ayesha Verrall, ‘Thousands of Lives and Billions of Dollars to be Saved with Smokefree Bill Passing’, New Zealand Government, 13 December 2022, #nzpol #smoking #health #tobacco #epidemic #tobaccoendgame #nzlaw

Been cold and snowy all week, time to make my double smoked brisket chili (this time with some chicken as well). Sooooooo gooooood!!

#HackerBBQ #barbeque #chili #smoking #brisket

Tray of smoked chili
Chili in a bowl with shredded cheese on top

An #introduction post, eh? Like many others, trying out #Mastodon as my new #SocialMedia home.

I'm a long-time #tech/#gaming/#photography geek/nerd. I am currently the Senior Editor over at, an independent tech/gaming news and review site. It's not my day job but keeps me busier — and it's more fun.

Other interests include #CraftBeer, #music (except country), #Oilers, #smoking (the meat, not the leaf), #nature, #science, #genealogy, #abpoli, #cdnpoli, and more.

Avatar image, self-portrait, stylized, sticker style.
Eugene Huo
11 months ago

time for an #introduction

I'm formerly gamerparent on twitter, the host of The Magic Hour Show #gaming #Podcast The kids are grown and off at uni so I'm rediscovering myself in the quiet.

I'm a musician, freelance recording engineer, and producer. I can edit video, and I write words too. I love film and TV.

I am in the middle of a soldering project to build my own modular #eurorack #synthesizer #diy I just started a blog collecting my thoughts and notes on the process.

I like BBQ and am dedicated to offset #smoking

All my links in bio.

#theology #socialjustice #climatejustice #antiracism

J. Williams
11 months ago

Time to make an #introduction toot, I guess.

I'm an engineer and programmer, and apparently an analyst now. 30+ yrs in manufacturing control and automation, but I always end up back in the #SteelIndustry somehow.

I actively follow #politics and #science #news while drinking an unhealthy amount of #tea. I lurk around #astronomy, #history, and #astrophotography people because I wish I was one.

Current projects are to quit #smoking and #renovating our house.