1 day ago

Rolling gently whilst donating plasma. Snacks soon!
#lifebloodau #lifeblood #donateBlood #plasma #snacks

Display on plasma donation machine, showing some numbers and an icon to  “roll gently”
Sean and Ruchika
2 days ago

Right before we left India, we were up late packing and we could smell maggi noodles cooking in the kitchen. After we all finished them, we see decided to go on a Midnight Maggi Run at Netaji Subash Place. NSP was hopping even at midnight with lots of people looking for midnight snacks. We finished our noodles and then headed to Sardar-ji Baksh for chai. 1/

#India #Delhi #NewDelhi #NSP #Maggi #Chai #Coffee #StreetFood #Travel #Food #Snacks #City #Midnight #Family

Ruchika's brother, Sean, and Ruchika having a drink at Sardar-ji Baksh at NSP in Delhi. You can see all some of the tangle of small shops with servers behind. The whole complex has many such small shops.
Joe Cotellese
3 days ago

I think Nutella filled E.L. Fudge cookies could be delicious. #food #snacks

The Cross-Cultural Nerd
6 days ago

First Crazy Food video in a while! I found some crackers that supposedly tasted like one of my favorite Chinese dishes and had to try! #crazy #food #foodie #foodlover #snacks #crackers #chinesefood #China #chinalife

These Thai flavor Lay’s chips are legit! 🌶️🔥 Got them at a local Thai grocery based on the packaging alone.

#snacks #ThaiFood

Photo of imported Thai Lay’s chips with hot chili peppers on the label
Sean Murthy
1 week ago

Life hack: If you get a handful of pistachios to snack, be sure to pickup 2-3 extra pistachios because the handful will almost certainly have some empty shells. If it does not, the extra pistachios will still be a nice bonus.

You're welcome.

#lifeHack #pistachios #snack #snacks

1 week ago

In 林邊 today and we took the opportunity to grab some snacks at one of our favourite stops, 李師傅餡餅

This 韭菜盒子 (“leek box”) is super tasty! 😋

#韭菜盒子 #台灣 #林邊 #屏東 #小吃 #Taiwan #Linbian #Pingtung #Snacks #StreetFood

Holding a half-eaten 韭菜盒子 (“leek box”), which has a chewy doughy outer wrapping filled with green vegetables and glass noodles.  It’s being held in my hand in a white paper bag with red decorative printing on the outside and a park is visible but out of focus in the background.

Random Acts of Kindness 🫶🏽

While getting my iced coffee, I listened to a customer ask the clerk if there was a discount price for a muffin. Without them knowing, I paid for it and left.🥮

Later on in the day, a member from my strength class at the Malden Senior Ctr surprised me with a Bao bun (first time eating one)😋

I guess the saying “what comes around goes around” is true. ♻️

#gratitude #payitforward #Food #snacks #BeKind #helpingothers #photography #karma #quotes

Tim 👨‍💻
1 week ago

Der #boardservice funktioniert, #kaffee und #snacks werden an den Platz gebracht.

2 weeks ago

Oh yeah! I’m be been waiting for these Peanut Puffs to reappear for ages. The flavour of these made in Germany chips is a bit strange to begin with but the more you munch the more you want to shove them down your face hole. Recommended. #ALDI #Snacks #Sydney

A huge pile of Peanut Puff chips piled on top of each other in a middle aisle bin at my local ALDI store.
2 weeks ago

A small snack for dinner.

#life #food #snacks

Two pork steaks, peas and boiled potatoes with butter on an oblong blue plate. Dinner.
Maj 🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

I would really like a treat such as a little chocolate or a cookie or even grapes. Only things I can find in the office are a small can of tuna and a cough drop :-( #food #snacks #disappointed

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
2 weeks ago

#Foods That Make You #Happy, According to #Science;
The #food you #eat directly impacts your #mood. These are our favorite pick-me-up #snacks for when you're feeling down.

Clayton Hove
2 weeks ago

I bought four different types of Lance cracker and peanut butter sammiches and this box turned out to be cookie and peanut butter sammiches and they were lovely.

#crackers #cookies #peanutbutter #snacks #food

Daniel Detlaf
2 weeks ago

These generic iced oatmeal cookies have a three-part life cycle if you leave them out. They start soft, then dry out till they're crunchy, then become more stale til they are chewy. I like all three textures.

$1.99 well spent 😆


"Lonely God" is my new favourite snack name. #Taiwan #Tainan #snacks

Snack packet. Text in English reads "Lonely God" and 浪味仙 in Chinese. On the packet is a cute angel with a wand.
2 weeks ago

Snacktime with @angiesboomchickapop ✨️We enjoy our snack board for movie night and game night. Tonight is anime binge night!

#kalepartner #boomchickapop #boomchickayum #snack #snacks #snackbreak #glutenfree #nongmo #blogger #contentcreator #blastkat

Never too early for Halloween🎃

🐱Xing Xing the Rescue Kitty fearlessly checks Skeletor💀 for snacks before I take it outside🍕

#cats #Halloween #kittens #snacks #fun #photography #arts #horror #catsofmastodon

Zira Phema ☆ she/they
3 weeks ago

I made the applesauce lol. It was so good, too. It was absolutely worth the effort. 🥰

My "secret ingredient" is lemon juice. Just a dash is all you need to add a bit of brightness and cut through all the sweetness.

#Food #Dessert #Snacks #Recipe #Vegetarian #PlantBased

3 weeks ago

The best #snacks are eaten from that cute #cat plate.

Slices of white (and crimson) peach in a white and pink shallow bawl, with a kawaii cat drawn inside.
Lia [she / her] 🏳️‍🌈
4 weeks ago

Today is one of my favorite “holidays”: The official US Eat An Extra Dessert Day!
(And I think Germany should really celebrate the Iss-mehr-als-ein-Dessert-Tag)
What is your treat of the day?

#vegan #foodie #dessert #EatAnExtraDessertDay #IssMehrAlsEinDessertTag #snacks #cookies #cinnamonbuns #cake #celebrate #holidays

4 weeks ago

Sheep Shortbread 🐑 😋👍 x x
#Biscuits #Cookies #Snacks #Sheep #Shortbread

4 weeks ago

This morning was balmy and lovely for enjoying some matcha, kohakutou (crystal candy) and mijian (candied fruit) outdoors. 🍵 ✨

The mijian are peach and plum, and the kohakutou are blueberry, lime and watermelon!

#matcha #tea #kohakutou #mijian #snacks #TeaTime

A handmade teabowl with the character for "fortune" on it, next to a small dish containing several candied fruits and pale blue, pink and yellow-green crystal candies on a tablecloth patterned with drawings of leaves and strawberries. The surrounding environment is a small balcony with many plants.
Closeup of a hand holding the pink kohakutou crystal candy with a bite taken out of it, showing the texture of crispy sugar crust.
Erik Schouten 73
1 month ago

Mijn nieuwe nachtkastjes zijn binnen (links frieskastje rechts friteuse) #snacks

You can tell I I picked up @sister_ratched 's kadhai today - by what else I accidentally came out of the shop with.

#snacks #IndianFood #addictive

Methi Puri and Chevdo Indian snacks
Ajwain flavoured puffs (light and crispy puff pastry)
Curious Loth-cat
1 month ago

Opening a package of gummi bears, I noticed it was labelled "gummi grizzly bears". I have no idea why as they're identical to regular gummi bears. 🤷‍♀️

#Candy #Snacks #Bears

1 month ago
The front of a box of Little Debbie brand Pumpkin Spice Rolls.
Mac Berg
1 month ago

As I left the store today I saw a man pushing a shopping cart full of bags of potato chips. I've never been more jealous in my life.

1 month ago My Never Grow Up Geek Culture Corner Plamil Vegan White Cocoa Bites Review #vegansnacks #plamil #veganwhitecocoabites #snacks #sweets #sweetreview

1 month ago

I have actually eaten enough Twiglets.
#snacks #Twiglets

Why would anybody want a nonFunyuns-able token?

#NFT #crypto #snacks

I saw Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno Doritos at the bodega and my curiosity got the best of me.

I wish I hadn't.

Pineapple, then sour/spicy, with a stale cigarette smoke aftertaste.


#snacks #review

Photo of a bag of Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno Doritos.
Tim Board
1 month ago

As an American who grew up on Ruffles, Frito, lays and Pringles, I can honestly say that you've never had potato chips until you've tried Calbee Potato Chips. The best potato chips in the world. #potatochips #snacks #best

My daughter and I popped to #Colchester to pick up some snacks from our favourite Asian supermarket. Had some fresh bao buns too! #Snacks

My daughter and I outside an Asian supermarket
Soh Kam Yung
2 months ago

Where to go if you still want that old time snack.

""SINGAPORE – One of Singapore’s last kacang puteh sellers has recently relocated to Toa Payoh Bus Interchange, in front of the escalators leading to the HDB Hub."

#Singapore #Culture #Food #StreetFood #Snacks

2 months ago
A spotlight board in an animal shelter praising the “nice” cat of the week for liking belly rubs, and chastising the “naughty” cat, Popsicle, for stealing snacks from his blind roommate.
2 months ago

Today's snack post.
Tawan brand (under Pepsi company) Tapioca chips, crispy prawn flavour.
There are 5 flavours at my local #7eleven and each is a different colour but all show a glass of cola next to the flavour picture and on the back recommends it as a serving suggestion.

These are up there on the favourites list! Light and airy triangle shapes, powdery flavour that is a saucy, BBQ type with a hint of sweet seafood. If you have ever eaten "Burger Man" snacks, they are not too dissimilar.

#Snacks #Food #InternationalSnacks #Bangkok #Thailand

Green snack packet with a picture of a cracker triangle that has 2 cooked prawns sitting on it, next to a hand holding a glass of cola. The brand name is in Thai in the centre of the packet.
Picture of snack bag contents. Curly triangle snacks with visible red flavour powder. The bag is about half full.
Patrick O'Keefe
2 months ago

If you, like me, love Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheese Spread, I wanted to inform you that they now have a Hatch chile version, and it's great.

#TraderJoes #Snacks #Cheese

Patrick's hand holding both the trader Joe's unexpected cheddar cheese spread and the trader Joe's unexpected cheddar cheese spread with hatch chile.

@xinicit Pakora. Roast sweet potato with sour cream. Indeed a tray of a mix of roast veg with any dressing and some seeds sprinkled over. Roasted or sauteed tofu. Baked wedges. Cheese Salad sandwich. Toasted melty cheese and tomato sandwich. Roasted chickpeas. Pasta with chilli and garlic. Pasta with chickpeas and tomato. Quesadilla. Wraps. Baked potato. Deep Fried Potato and Carrot Strings with Chilli Powder.Vegetable patties. Vegetarian dumplings (store bought frozen). ..... #vegetarian #snacks

2 months ago

Cocktail hour! Which means it's also time for snacks.

#cooking #food #hedgehog #snacks #FoodPrep #PlayWithFood

Four nesting hedgehog serving bowls filled with snacks: gluten free crisps, green olives, smoked Italian meats, and a tomato dip.

Went for a walk this afternoon and made a few stops along the way. Even did some foraging. #snacks
#tenino #bloomscrolling #quarrypool

Local news about snacks
#Snacks #Vermont

Newspaper clipping that says "July 15 at 11:33 a.m., a caller told police that they found a large snack behind VIP Tire. Vermont Fish and Game officers later identified the snake as a ball python and provided a contact to turn the snake over to."
2 months ago


Thrills gum - "They still taste like soap!" right on the package.

Apparently Coffee Crisp is, or was, a Canadian thing - they'd never heard of it in Europe.

Oh, and "All Dressed" chips. Lotsa people go nuts over them.


2 months ago

Went to Walmart today and found several new goodies that we had been looking for.

Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float ice cream
Blue Bell Monster Cookie Dough ice cream
Pillsbury Cookie Dough Poppins - birthday cake flavored
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie dough
Churro flavored KitKat

We also got one of the two new Mt. Dew Baja Blast flavors for the summer. They didn't have the other one.

#Food #Snacks #FoodPorn #BlueBell #IceCream #CinnamonToastCrunch #Pillsbury

An image showing the following products.

Blue Bell Dr. Pepper Float ice cream
Blue Bell Monster Cookie Dough ice cream
Pillsbury Cookie Dough Poppins - birthday cake flavored
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie dough
Churro flavored KitKat
3 months ago

'Better than a doughnut? #DeliaSmith dishes up a deep-fried jam sandwich. ...[She] showed her taste for the adventurous this week by adding a deep-fried jam sandwich to the menu of one of her restaurants – after trying it in a fish and chip shop.' #snacks #chippy

Polls :perfect:
3 months ago

Favourite fruit? 🍎🍏🍓🍌🥭
#poll #pollsforfun

Das Dan
3 months ago

1. At retreat with my monastic community
2. Lots of #snacks
3. #prayers

3 months ago

This afternoon I made #Pesto with garlic scapes, parsley, basil, kale, olives, pumpkin seeds, parmesan cheese, and olive oil (order no indicator of quantity sadly, pesto recipes are fast and loose around here) and I just ate it with corn chips! So good!

#ErMerGerd #SoGood #HelloILoveYou #Food #EverythingCanBePesto #ChipsAndDip #Snacks #FromScratch

Chris Hallbeck
3 months ago
Person 1: Thanks for letting me come over tonight. 
Person 2: Any time! What's wrong?

Person 1:  I don't know I'm just freaking out! I need to calm down but i can't... What was that sound?!
Person 2: Quick! To my panic room! 

Person 1: This is just a closet full of snacks. 
Person 2: The most relaxing place i know.
Alexander Hay
3 months ago

I for one demand the return of #Hedgehog flavoured crisps, and would argue their demise has simply sped up the demise of post-war #Britain.

(Also features #Vampires)

#Food #Snacks #UK #Hauntology #JunkFood #Horror

3 months ago

The best ketchup chips are back baybeeeeeee. Old Dutch Baked Ketchup ftw

#food #snacks #canada

3 months ago

Some snacks for the goats after the rain today.
#snacks #ヤギ #goats #GoatsOfMastodon

A tan goat with horns stands on the ground in front of a man in a wheelchair and gobbles up some tasty corn husks
A brown goat with  horns stands on a deck surrounding an old oak tree and eats some chopped up corn husks.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

Gonna let these two work out their differences

#Takis #Talenti #gelato #snacks #dessert

a bag of Takis Waves “Fuego” flavored chips and a pint of Talenti chocolate peanut butter cup gelato
Ryan Peters
4 months ago

Tell me your favorite snack/trail mix and where I can buy it!

#food #snacks #hungry

4 months ago

I'm on my second pack of Twiglets (second multi-pack, that is) and now my mouse is all sticky.

Tim Richards
4 months ago

I remember someone once saying that you should only have kitchen gadgets if you have the space for them to be permanently out. Otherwise they get ignored.
The snackmaker smackdown: The kitchen gadgets you need in your life (and the ones you can skip)

#Food #Kitchen #Snacks

Current snack obsessions: these chips tasted JUST like a lobster roll. I don't know how they do it. If you see these in a store, get them. And this drink was not actually what I ordered, but it arrived with my dinner delivery and it was really good! A tasty surprise 😂 #food #snacks

A blue bag of Lay's potato chips with the text "inspired by America" "BIG PACK" "only at 7-Eleven" "lobster roll" written in English and also in Thai
A pink canned drink with a peach and coconut on the front surrounded by little white cubes and the word "Coco Palm" written in English and in Korean as well as many other small Korean words
Pat Castaldo
4 months ago

I’m worried about Little Debbie. Someone needs to tell her that she’s better than this. She can stand proud and say “I’m Little Debbie and my pastries are pretty darn good!”

She does not need to resort to the type of trickery on display here. Putting the word “Brownies” in a near-match to the Oreo font and colors is shameful.

#Snacks #SnackNews

Chris Hallbeck
5 months ago
2 people discussing potato chips.

Well, THESE are amazing. 11g protein, 190cals/serving (half the bag).

#cheese #MoonCheese #snacks #protein

ArtBear on Mastodon
6 months ago

So many directions to go with the spices. I really went both barrels + kitchen sink this time. Half this would still be tasty.

✅tamari or soy sauce
✅onion powder
✅lemon pepper
✅ginger powder
✅garlic powder
✅strong yellow english mustard
✅salt & pepper
✅garam masala
✅ground chillies
✅xtra ground cumin & coriander

#cook #cooking #food #vegan #plantbased #wfpb #snacks #recipe

Spicy mixup in a bowl
ArtBear on Mastodon
6 months ago

If I cut individual stalks off the base then quarter or halve them I end up with far less mess than cutting in to the cauliflower head.

Same effort, less clean up, better result.

Microwave with a splash of water for 8-10mins or so until tender then, drain any excess water & leave lid off so can dry a little.

Pre-cook then drain gives better crispier result at end.

#cook #cooking #food #vegan #plantbased #wfpb #snacks #recipe

halved & quartered cauliflower florets on a chopping board.
ArtBear on Mastodon
6 months ago


Spicy hot crispy cauliflower chickpea recipe save.

#cook #cooking #food #vegan #plantbased #wfpb #snacks #recipe

Blue ceramic owl of crispy spicy cauliflower and chickpeas on counter. Behind some extra sauce for dipping and an open beer.
Norman Posselt
6 months ago

In regelmäßigen Abständen probiere ich nun süße und herzhafte #Snacks ›vor‹ der Kamera. @spielundzeug hat mich unwissentlich dazu ermutigt. Mal sehen, wohin das führt. 🫣

Pat Castaldo
6 months ago

I had such incredibly high hopes for these, but they let me down.

There is a vague taste of Fruit Loops, but they are *stale* Fruit Loops.

Like you grabbed a bunch of dust at the bottom of a cereal box, wet it, and then sealed it in edible wax.

#snacks #candy #fruitloops

I’m about to change your snack game. Go get a spoon and fill it with peanut butter. (Natural, not that sugar trash.) Gently press an organic grape into the peanut butter. Shove it into your face hole, chew, and swallow. You’re welcome.

#Vegan #Organic #Snacks

7 months ago

The true driving force behind evolution. #grickledoodle #science #snacks #evolution #cartoon #MastoArt

ArtBear on Mastodon
7 months ago


Because sometimes just F it.

Chipotle cashew not-mayo dip for salt n vinegar crisps (chips).
✅Lime juice
✅Soy sauce/Tamari
✅Black pepper
#cooking #cook #snacks #vegan #plantbased #food #junkfood

Chipotle cashew not-mayo dip for salt n vinegar crisps.
✅Lime juice
✅Soy sauce/Tamari
✅Black pepper
7 months ago

What is you favorite NON crunchy #snack #snacks? #food

7 months ago

Fair enough, but I only came in for snacks.
#Funny #Humor #Lol #Snacks

A Sinclair gas station/convenience store sign with the letter C burned out, leaving the provocative “Sin lair” enticement.
Steffani Cameron
8 months ago

Fresh, homemade sea salted potato chips. Local potatoes. Happy chef.

Sometimes feelings taste like chocolate, and sometimes feelings taste best when deep-fried.

The difference in a homemade deep fried thin potato chip versus Lay’s is night and day. Takes 15 -20 minutes. Easy peasy. #food #snacks #eating #chips #cooking

A bowl of golden brown thin cut potato chips/crisps.
Thin raw potato lying on a dish cloth to dry out after being rinsed of starches
Potatoes frying so they can live their best life as chips
8 months ago

What's the best siopao (steamed bun) in Metro Manila? Please boost for bigger sampling.

#Siopao #MetroManila #Philippines #Food #SteamedBun #Snacks #Poll #Chowking #KowloonHouse #MaMonLuk

ArtBear on Mastodon
8 months ago


You can do final crisping in the oven, like 200 degrees in a fan oven. Preferably on a flatish open tray so air can move around. About 25mins maybe. They're even better in an airfryer if you have one.

Do 15mins then check how they're going, give a shake around then another 10.

Cheesy, but no cheese. SUPER crunchy, but no oil. Savoury tasty super junky feel, but basically healthy food.

Yum yum crunch!

#Cooking #Snacks #Healthy #Vegan #Plantbased

Crunchy yummy crispy potatoes from the  recipe, in a blue oriental wide dish.
ArtBear on Mastodon
8 months ago


Sprinkle salt, chilli and/or spices and nutritional yeast flakes. (Spices are optional but i used approx half teaspoon of tumeric, blackpepper quarter teaspoon of togarishi)

Then lid on, proper bosh them around shake so the potatoes get all fluffy edged and coated. Move loose coat around and shake again.

#Cooking #Snacks #Healthy #Vegan #Plantbased

ArtBear on Mastodon
8 months ago


7mins + 7mins in 1000W microwave in this case - you want them to be cooked and separate easily when prodded with a fork like so.

#Cooking #Snacks #Healthy #Vegan #Plantbased

Microwaved potatoes in bowl.
ArtBear on Mastodon
8 months ago


Chop the potatoes up into similar sized irregular chunks.

#Cooking #Snacks #Healthy #Vegan #Plantbased

David Demaree
8 months ago

I paid the higher $25/yr for @ivory to support Mark & Paul, but mostly because they said the elephant would get extra snacks. If they had a $50 tier that included, like, an OnlyFans-like experience where you got to *see* the cute elephant get extra snacks I'd have bought that. That freaking elephant is a star. #snacks

Steffani Cameron
9 months ago

Making sourdough crackers* while the rain falls, with a clean house & acoustic rock playing, as you do.

Sourdough cracker dough keeps in the fridge a couple weeks. I’m freezing it in portions, though. I only used 20% of the dough for what I’m baking.

*manchego, paprika, thyme — based off the King Arthur recipe; I add about 1/2 cup fine grated manchego and a teaspoon or so each of paprika and thyme, maybe?

#sourdough #crackers #baking #food #snacks #cheese

A jelly roll tray covered in parchment is full of super-thin randomly cut crackers
9 months ago

Paladin: exquisite platter
Warrior: chopped kraken
(The other classes are even wilder, I promise)

#ffxiv #snacks #warrior

Axed kraken
Ambigram Art
9 months ago

New #Pfp

A #Walkers #FrenchFry #potatoSnack with lovely curvature set in mounting putty.

I sold this piece some years ago. This is in a private collection in Scotland.

I've also used potato snacks in my header banner.

#MastoArt #FediArt #snacks #FoodArt #crisps #walkerscrisps

New *Pfp 

A #Walkers #FrenchFry #potatoSnack with lovely curvature.
Adam Fields
9 months ago

I had a craving for homemade raisins. Boiled for 45 seconds to help break the skins, then 12 hours at 140F in the food dehydrator. Most of them were done at that point, a small handful needed to go back in for another few hours. #snacks #raisins #preservation #dehydrator

Pratik Patel
9 months ago

Some day soon we might be making #popcorn with infrared poppers.

It's fast, energy efficient, environmentally friendly compared to conventional heating.

#snacking #snacks #JumkFood