Sunny has been giving some relief to the soldiers on board including Snake himself, She has become a fan favorite for the crew.


#nsfw #3D #3DCG #blowjob #Sunny_Emmerich #snake #rule34 #r34 #loli #lolicon #metal_gear #MGS4 #animated #animation #anal

Sometimes Snake needs a break and so he visits Sunny to get some relief.

Hello! I just wanted to make this image with Sunny since I had the urge to.


#nsfw #3D #3DCG #blowjob #Sunny_Emmerich #snake #rule34 #r34 #loli #lolicon #facial #metal_gear #MGS4

23 hours ago

DSLR pic of my buddy from week past. tbh I was too excited to get a really good pic, but I still think they did a good job posing. #photography #snake

A red-sided garter snake coiled up on a brown rock, its head raised a little on the right side.
Queen of Gangreen :verified:
1 day ago

🐍 ♠️ 💚

The second half of my self indulgent drawing collection!!

#ppg #powerpuffgirls #gangreengang #snake #ace #shota #teen #anal #gay #yaoi #creampie #abuse #facefucking #blowjob

Cathy Outlet
1 day ago

Guardian of the vacuum cleaner. #ballpython #snake #SnakeSaturday

Photo of a big, chunky wild-type ball python perched atop a metallic blue and black canister vacuum cleaner (the ones with two wheels that you can pull around behind you). The canister is stored upright and the python has squished herself through a handle at the top/front of it, with her body draped along both sides. Her head rests on the very top of the canister, like she is guarding it.
1 day ago

commission for Drachenfyr & Vividlucidity

#snake #planet #macro #earth #cock #penis #uncircumsized

Queen of Gangreen :verified:
1 day ago

For the past few days I've been preoccupied with drawing a bunch of Ace x Snake pictures and I will be compiling them in a little collection. This is only half of what I have to offer to you all. I'll be posting the second half later. But for now, I hope you enjoy this!! 🐍 ♠️ 💚

#ppg #powerpuffgirls #gangreengang #snake #ace #shota #teen #anal #gay #yaoi #abuse

Wesley Moore
2 days ago

Encountered this friendly Keelback snake on my walk today. Also this Banksia with a flower that seems oversized for the plant.

#snake #sunshinecoast #australia

Photo of a large Banksia flower on a young tree.
Photo of a Keelback snake in short grass.
Jill Orme
2 days ago

A grass snake swimming across the lake at NT Croome.
#reptile #snake #GrassSnake #NatrixHelvetica #NationalTrust #Croome #nature #wildlife #CanonR5

A grass snake swimming across the lake at NT Croome.

Pictures from a pre-wedding #photoshoot shared on Twitter show how a couple's love story started because of a #snake

#ItsViral #press

Erik Schouten 73
3 days ago

Pictures from a pre-wedding #photoshoot shared on Twitter show how a couple's love story started because of a #snake

#ItsViral #press

3 days ago

Short video of snake friend from yesterday... recorded just as the camera battery died.

#cycling #BikeTooter #wildlife #snake

salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
3 days ago

New skill set unlocked, 😉 :

Basic non-venomous #snake handling.

A #California #kingsnake was making its way down the street last night.

Homeless man blocked the street with his bicycle, came up to tell us.

Got a bucket, a lid, some patience, a tiny dose of adrenaline, and guided the critter into the bucket.

Release it in a nice undeveloped area a quarter mile away.


4 days ago

Met a snake friend while out riding today, just casually crossing the path under a bridge.
By the time they'd crossed, there were several of us standing around basically just gushing at how pretty snek was. Including one couple who took a photo, then typed something into their phone and showed me the translation app they had: "We just sent this photo to Brazil."

#wildlife #snake #wildlifephotography

A carpet python, approximately 1.8m or 6 feet long, crossing a cement path in the sunshine.
4 days ago

When you're a villain, you can take care of your needs yourself, without caring where you do it or who might be watching. That's what Elliana thinks, at least.

#snake #furry #feral #nsfw #female #solo #dildo #rivals_of_aether #elliana #2019 #pussy #public

4 days ago
Cathy Outlet
4 days ago

My #ballpython has finally awoken from her months-long stupor and seems ready to roam around my apartment again. Her period of low activity seemed to coincide with the European winter and the West African dry season, which is when wild pythons are documented to be less active.

I wonder if humidity levels play a role in influencing her activity, as it’s dryer in winter due to heating, or if she’s only out more because my place has gotten nice and toasty due to the summer heat. #snake #reptiles

Picture of a wild-type ball python almost fully stretched out moving along a hardwood floor onto a grey and white patterned carpet.
Photo of the same wild type ball python sticking her head out from behind a TV and gazing into the distance. A bookshelf with some books and blankets is visible in the background.
Emmanuel Veneau 📸
5 days ago

Laughing snake. Child with a snake mask, during a youth literature meeting, École Marie Skłodowska-Curie, quartier du Garros, Auch, France, June 2022.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #AsTheDaysGoBy
#photography #mask #snake #childhood #BlackAndWhite
👤 #ParMontsEtParMots

a child with a snake mask in a playground
The Master Mariner
5 days ago

Out of the car by the restaurant and..... hmmm what's that?
Yep, it is.

#travel #thailand #khonkaen #snake #phyton

Tamzin Cavendish
5 days ago

The full version of the snake piece I posted a while ago…

#Art #MastoArt #FediArt #Illustration #Snake #Bright #Colourful #Floral

A painting of a golden yellow snake in amongst bright pink peonies and leaves in various shades of green on a grey-blue background

@senanthic Our #snake wouldn't "rest" if we put it down in the garden. It would, we're quite sure, develop an amazing turn of speed and "escape".

5 days ago

my boy not in shed. grumpy because I was trying to take pics. #snake

An eastern indigo snake curving his head back along his body, resting in green grass and dandelions.
Damon Thomas
5 days ago

These love triangles were complex in the 50s! #comics #50s #snake

Comic panel Evil circus performer uses hypnotism and a big snake to find love.

While hiking in the Angeles National Forest we came across this #snake lying across the trail. We jumped a mile because we had just been warned off by the loudest rattler I've ever heard in the brush next to the trail.

After my heart started again, we decided it was just a Gopher Snake and waited for it to finish whatever it was in the middle of. A little while later, we also came across a black and white Kingsnake making it a productive snek day in the backcountry.

#California #LosAngeles

A mature, brown and tan snake is is stretched across a dusty and dry hiking trail. Its tail is hidden in the shadows and its head is obscured in the stones at the other edge of the trail.
Pierce ⚖️ 🇺🇸 🌵
6 days ago

Another morning of #hiking and #geocaching; this time on the Ventana Canyon trail. Perfect weather and got meet a Black Tailed Rattlesnake. 🐍 #OptOutside #GetOutdoors #snake #Tucson #Arizona

Kristin Bailey
1 week ago

OMG! I finally have a noodle friend in the garden! A huge one! I’m so happy! Welcome Noodle Friend! I hope I catch a peek of you sunning yourself on the rock wall one day. Please stay forever. #Gardening #Reptiles #Snake

Shed snake skin in my grass.

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?🌊
📷 and Art by Artist: #HuangYongPing in Loc.: near #SaintBrevin France 🇫🇷 - Title: "Le Serpent d'Océan" (The Ocean Serpent / Die Schlange des Ozeans") - #Streetart #Art #Snake #Mastoart #Installation #Sculpture #Photography #Fotografie ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography and Art. Next to a long orange sandy beach, a 130 meter long aluminum snake skeleton snakes through the gray water. Directly in front of its head is a human being contemplating the Artwork. This contemporary work of Art with the title: "Le Serpent d'Océan" by Huang Yong Ping is an enormous snake skeleton that appears at every tide. It is approx. 2,5 km from the center of Saint-Brevin.
Info: Huang Yong Ping,
Feb. 18, 1954 - Oct 20, 2019 was a Chinese-French conceptual and installation artist
Valerie Norton
1 week ago

More #wildlife on the trail!
What washes up, a couple of birds, and something that looks too much like a rattlesnake on Rattlesnake Ridge.
#octopus #snake #bird #cormorant #killdeer
#hiking #backpacking #LostCoast #KingRangeWilderness #California #nature
Trying to figure out what hashtags are needed is always too much. #DangerNoodle yeah.

Octopus in a tide pool. It washed up and suckers huge and small are visible, warped a little bit the ripples on the top of the water.
Nearly dry cormorant looks back to check out the photographer. It is a black bird with black webbed feet on a black rock. A waves washes this way in the distance.
Killdeer. Brown and white bird with striping on its head looks back between testing out spots in the sand to sit. The bird is currently standing in the dark sand surrounded by lighter rocks and tufts of green.
Something that looks all too much like a rattlesnake even with a skinny tail showing. Gopher snake curled up on Rattlesnake Ridge, slightly hidden by long grass.
1 week ago

I just had to file a DMCA complaint for an image of this murder machine (Albion, leucistic Texas rat snake). for some reason pictures of her get stolen a LOT, and used in other people’s business. this time someone was selling a very bad SVG for crafting use. #snake

A leucistic, pure white snake with blue eyes is curled up on a whitish background, her head on her coils.
1 week ago

so happy right now. my lifer red-sided gartersnake (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis) - caught, photographed, and released. #snake

A red-sided garter snake being held in a human hand, with an Apple Watch Pride watch band visible, against a background of brown muddy creek bank, a grey rock, and brown creek reflecting the forest.
A red-sided garter snake perched on a grey rock in the sunshine with its tongue out.
A red-sided garter snake being held in a human hand, against a background of forest.
A red-sided garter snake being held in a human hand, with an Apple Watch Pride watch band visible, against a background of forest.

October and November 2018 Patreon Reward for Jeb
It was a pleasure to work on him and his partner! I love to draw cute couples being extra cute!!

Support me!

[ #ryuukiart #dragon #patreon #patreonreward #commission #commissionsopen #blep #couple #lgbt #cute #fluffy #fluffydragon #snake #snek ]

1 week ago

Finished raffle reward for Zhime! Their sona in walking dead type attire with a nice bloodied axe to set the mood

#furry #furryart #furryartist #art #artist

#snake #reptile #axe #bloody #bloody axe #walking dead #flannel #smile #smirk #halfbody #bust

a purple and green snake holding a bloodied axe across her shoulder in a red checkered flannel
Julian Thome
1 week ago

Worked on a fun/free-time project with @Soeren where we used #lua and #löve to implement #snake. We wrote a short article about it (in German) which is available on The source code of the #foss project is available at

August 2018 Patreon Reward for Jeb
Such a handsum snek

:sparkles_nb:​ Become a supporter!

[ #ryuukiart #dragon #patreon #patreonreward #commission #commissionopen #blep #snake ]

Queen of Gangreen :verified:
1 week ago

Snake's Inspection. He's got such a nice and tight hole just BEGGING to be stretched and filled!

#ppg #powerpuffgirls #gangreengang #snake #shota #teen #gay #spreading #butthole #anus #dubcon #yaoi

He Who Remains
1 week ago

Without the Sorrow brought on by such a long wait, know not Joy. Fury burns in my mind of what could bring me Pain. I Fear this will be the End.

Kept you waiting, huh?

Remember, Snake Eater is the first game in the chronology of events in the franchise.

#mgs3 #MGS #MGSRemake #snakeeater #Snake

I'm always surprised at how few rattlesnakes I come across. And I wonder how many I get close to but never know it? This is the second rattler I've seen that didn't rattle at all. I first time I saw a rattler that didn't rattle it was striking out--but missed!--my friend who was walking about five feet ahead of me. It's scary how close she came to getting bit by that silent rattler!

#TheyDontAlwaysRattle #Snake #Desert #Herpetology

A coiled brown and tan rattlesnake. It's facing the camera and has its tongue out.
1 week ago

Spotted a copperhead #snake on my evening #hike

Gray orange and brown diamond patterned snake laying in the brush
Cathy Outlet
2 weeks ago

Hi, do you care about #ballpythons and animal welfare?

Would you like to help fund an episodic docuseries exploring pythons in the wild, their role in the #reptile hobby and help sponsor a novel scientific study on #ballpython behavior and welfare in captivity?

If so, please check out this GoFundMe for the Ball Python Deep Dive Project:

#royalpython #snake #snakes

Macro closeup photo of a wild type ball python's head. The head is viewed from the side and her facial scales and heat pits are clearly visble. She has a slighly blue iridescent shine to her and her narrow pupil is visible in her dark, round eye.
2 weeks ago

Trail snek fren #snake #river

Black rat snake on the river trail.
2 weeks ago

🐍 🐚 Recently completed commission

#snake #scalie #commission

A digital painting of an anthropomorphic cobra wearing a fish scale dress. She is emerging from ocean waves while holding a large conch shell to the sky.
2 weeks ago

Well, a rough warm up with inks.

Also, I need to buy more brush inks. Seems quite a few are out.

#Snake #Ink #Art #MastoArt #Sketch #TraditionalArt

A drawing done in ink.  A green snake with bluish flames on its head and tail.
snake v.
2 weeks ago
a macro shot of an eastern garter snake sitting in the photographer's hand
Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

Near Bad Sülz, a publican's young son became best of friends with a magical animal.

Sadly, this friendship did not last unti his adulthood...

#Germany #folktale #folklore #snake @germany @folklore

The Snake King:  In the middle of the forest close to the city of Sülz there is a small pub called the “Mückenkrug” (“The Gnat’s Keg”). People claim that many years ago a large snake with a golden crown on its head frequently appeared here. This gold was purer than all other gold on Earth and emitted a rather strange shine. The locals called the animal the Snake King because of its crown. The owner of the Mückenkrug at the time had a small son who had a deep friendship with the snake. He ate, drank, and played with the snake, and the snake was around him all the time and never did him any harm. Much later, when the boy had grown into a tall adult man, he killed the Snake King - why, the legend does not say - and gifted the crown to his parents. Those sold the crown and became rich people thanks to this.  Source: Bartsch, K. Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Mecklenburg, 1879. p. 279f.

I saw a lot of wildlife today, primarily birds. But I also saw two lively snakes down by the river. I’m not sure what kind this is, but I saw a garter snake later on in the forest. #snake #reptile #wildlife #WildlifePhotography

A dark grey snake with brown stripes slithers down the side of a boulder. His little forked tongue is protruding, and he’s moving down toward a pile of twigs.
2 weeks ago

Snek fren #snake #farm

Long black racer who lives under the red shed
Cathy Outlet
2 weeks ago

The #cornsnake is displeased that I took a photo with flash of her hiding spot in my bookshelf.


Bright flash photo of the inside top corner of a black bookshelf featuring a very pale, white, overexposed looking corn snake resting on a series of fat books. Her head and neck are pulled back slightly in the characteristic S-shape that snakes do when they are cautious/skeptical of something. Part of her body is sticking out from between a gap in the pages of one of the books.
2 weeks ago

a new friend


a medium sized garter snake pokes its head up from on top of a stick amongst some green leaves. their eye is bright and friendly and they look like they are smiling
Daniel AJ Sokolov
2 weeks ago

The vet sold my friend "#Hydra care" for her cat. I wonder if it is #snake oil.

2 weeks ago

still can’t think of a name for him and it’s driving me up the wall. (name must start with A, and I kinda want something candy-or-sweet-themed.) #snake

A lavender California king snake being held in a human hand against a beige bottle stucco wall.

I came across Junior Danjernoodle this morning whilst walking the morning's mouse back into the woods (looks kinda full-size in this photo, but it was only a little over a foot long).

It made head-motions at me that were like "I KNOW HOW TO AIM THIS THING AND YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT", so I gently tiptoed around.

When I got back, it had moved off the path, but did the head-signals again when I stopped to look at it, so I decided not to take another photo -- the triangular shape was clearly visible before he swung the gun-turret back around to aim it at me again.

I'm guessing copperhead, but I don't actually know what I'm talking about. (I am not Anne Expert -- although it should still be noted that all sneks are in fact thin at one end, significantly bigger in the middle, and then thin again at the far end.)

#snake #MastoAndSerpent #DurhamNC

photo: a snake with vaguely diamond-shaped brown stripes alternating with grey, among brown detritus and scattered english ivy and other minor greenery
3 weeks ago

Today’s #megafauna is the reticulated #python! At over 20 feet long, it is the world’s longest #snake. The largest individual on record was about 30 feet long. Reticulated pythons live in the forests and grasslands of Southeast Asia, though sometimes habitat depletion pushes them into less expected areas, including sewer systems. This super-long snake preys on birds and mammals, including large species such as boars and deer. Its long teeth are used to hold prey in place as its body coils around the prey and squeezes it until it suffocates. It finds its prey using a keen sense of smell as well as the infrared sensors which line its lips.

In captivity, reticulated pythons sometimes breed through parthenogenesis–with females cloning themselves due to the lack of available males. However, a typical mating season involves the male python vibrating against the ground to signal his availability to the female. A female python will incubate eggs in her nest for 90 days, and conditions must be kept just right in order for the eggs to survive. Females will fast while incubating their young, and will “shiver” their muscles to generate heat if temperatures drop too low. In addition, female pythons can hold sperm in reserve after mating, waiting for optimal conditions before allowing fertilization.

A python stretches out in a zoo exhibit, showcasing its body's impressive length.
A baby python pokes its moist head out of a freshly-broken egg
A python lays, coiled, on the ground
A python contorts itself, facing the camera with one yellow, slitted eye.
Scott Robeson
3 weeks ago

Good size (5+ ft) Gray Rat #Snake on the driveway. Nice to see them during the warm season. #Indiana #Wildlife

Large blackish snake on a concrete driveway
3 weeks ago

had some company outside #snake #BoaConstrictorImperator

The head and neck of a Hog Island boa constrictor from above, in green grass, as she flicks out her tongue.
3 weeks ago

pursuant to that nightmare of evacuating, how does one safely and temporarily mark snakes? I have multiple rosy boas and I would need to save space; some would probably be housed together but I need a safe way to mark them as some of them are very similar. #biology #snake

3 weeks ago

I forgot how fun it was to take pictures of California king snakes. he needs a name. has to start with A, and I’m thinking I want something cute and candy-related. #snake

A lavender California king snake being held in a human hand with a Pride Apple Watch band around the wrist.
A lavender California king snake being held in a human hand with a Pride Apple Watch band around the wrist.
A lavender California king snake being held in a human hand with a Pride Apple Watch band around the wrist.
Paul Chambers
3 weeks ago

It's a Snake Eat Snake World Out There. Eastern #KingSnake eats #RattleSnake in Georgia

Hungry snake caught swallowing another, even bigger snake headfirst. The unusual sight was filmed in Haddock, Georgia by 82-year-old Tom Slagle, who was surprised to find the entwined serpents near his mailbox.

#snake #Science #Nature #Georgia


Live Science article: Snake caught eating even bigger snake in striking new video

Ele Willoughby
4 weeks ago

Some believe that the chrysanthemum snake is imaginary. Who am I to say?⁠

While other snakes are known to use scale roughness to aid in camouflage, give a bristly appearance, to produce "eyelash" fringes or even tentacles on their snouts, the cryptic chrysanthemum snake (also known as the daisy snake) is the only known snake with a collection of petal-like scale spikes on its head, which mimics the shape of a flower.

#imaginary #linocut #printmaking #compositeCreature #snake #MastoArt

A square linocut print 8” x 8” with a grey-green snake with yellow flower-like scales on its head as it stands tall in its tail, disguised amongst yellow chrysanthemums with grey-green stems and leaves.
Anonymous Germany
4 weeks ago

👆️"Im Jahr 2018 hatte das Auswärtige Amt in Berlin einen großflächigen Cyberangriff gemeldet. Medien ordneten ihn der Spionagesoftware #Snake zu, die auch unter dem Namen #Uruburos bekannt ist."

Anonymous Germany
4 weeks ago

Wie das #US-#Justizministerium am Dienstag mitteilte, hat das #FBI das 20 Jahre alte, ausgeklügelte #Snake-#Malware-Netzwerk zerschlagen, das von der russischen Regierung (dem #FSB) genutzt wurde, um sensible Informationen von Hunderten infizierter Computer in 50 Ländern zu sammeln.
Die Ermittler behaupten, dass die Snake-Malware seit 2004 von einer Abteilung des FSB mit Namen "Turla" verwendet wurde.

Naw McNopington
4 weeks ago

Anyone know what kind of snake this is?
#fishing #fish #Snake #Snakes

Snake holding on to fish near pond.
4 weeks ago

And a big king snake right before it went under a decaying tree stump. I’m lucky to have a few healthy king snakes around the property which help keep the copperhead population down. This particular snake stays quite close to the house.

#KingSnake #Snake #Wildlife

Photo of a king snake as it’s about to go in a hole in a decaying tree stump.  Snake is black with white stripes.  A king snake’s diet consists mostly of other snakes, including venomous ones.
4 weeks ago

I was able to get outside yesterday and the snakes were everywhere! I think they were all enjoying the warm spring day. Luckily all were non-venomous. Below a common watersnake was swimming up the small stream that runs through the back part of our property.

#WaterSnake #Snake #Snakes #Wildlife

Photo of head and part of brown body of a common watersnake in a shallow stream.  Only the head is above water.  Light is reflected a bit in the water.
Cathy Outlet
1 month ago

Bought new earring attachments so I can turn my #resin hook #earrings into clip-ons (which means I can actually wear them myself). I’m especially fond of the #snake models.

#SnakeSaturday #CreativeToots

Photo of a metallic purplish-greenish resin earring in the shape of a snake resting on my hand. The part of the earring that attaches the pendant to the ear is a thin, clear plastic clip.
Photo of my earlobe, from which the metallic snake resin charm is hanging. The plastic clip part is hidden quite well by the pendant that hangs from it, making it look like a “proper” earring. In the background, an out of focus oil paint of a shark is visible.


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Jordi Sharpe
Aka RaineLionheart

Location: Tricities, British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦(Pacific Standard Time)

#HeavyMetal Maniac, #MyLittlePony fanatic and perennial weirdo. Proud #Cat uncle to one #FIV Male (Zen) and one Semi-Feral rescue Female (Cerium), and #Snake uncle to one female #BallPython (Cali/Snek).

I've been #Sober since January 19th, 2015. #ODAAT

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Stay #Metal.🤘

Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Some more shots of that delightful coast garter snake from the weekend.
#snake #photography #NaturePhotography

coast garter snake
coast garter snake
coast garter snake
Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Coast garter snake (Thamnophis elegans ssp. terrestris). From Marin County hike last weekend. It let me get quite close. In this shot you can see its reddish-pink tongue (though the tips are black).

#Snake #Nature #NaturePhotography #Photography #Reptile #Marin

Closeup photo of a coast garter snake (Thamnophis elegans ssp. terrestris) amid leaves, pine needles, and twigs.
Jason Stiff
1 month ago

I was wary of danger walking through the forest, but when I saw that the snake tree had recently fed, I was confident it wouldn't seek more prey today...

#California #tree #trees #treesofmastodon #forest #snake #snakes #snakesofmastodon #predator #prey #funny #humor #Sunday

Benjamin Reed
1 month ago

Any #Herpetology folks around know what this is? Partner saw it in the garden this morning. Thinking mayyyybe a juvenile rat snake, but not really getting good matches on ID sites.

#snake #nature #snakes

Black and grey snake about foot and a half long, about as thick around as a sharpie.
Ana Tudor 🐯
2 months ago

A month ago today, I was in Vienna, so I went to Haus des Meeres.

#1 Hmm, so that's the size of a 🦈 mouth... I could fit in there...🤔

#2 Happiness is a warm ass... and tail!

#3 Photo does a bad job at illustrating the size of this python... I could fit in there too!

#4 🐊💤 hmm, I think this dude (or dudette?) could also eat me...

#vienna #touristing #HausDesMeeres #python #reticulatedPython #snake #constrictor #iguana #SundaGharial #crocodile #reptile #shark #whatBigTeethYouHave #smile

Jaw of a sandtiger shark in a frame on a wall.
Some kind of green iguana, I think? Warming ass and tail under a light.
Reticulated python, curled up to rest.
Sunda gharial lazing by the water.

I'm both a Natural Science illustrator, and a pen and ink illustrator of whatever strikes my fancy. My oyster shells painted with native flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest are sold at the Seattle Art Museum, and I'm working on illustrating a comedic Middle Grade (ages 8-12) novel I wrote about animals on a Caribbean island.

#PortfolioDay #MastoArt #FediArt #ink #painting #crocodile #snake #dragonfly #TraditionalArt #illustration #illustrator #ActuallyAutistic #Art #artist #Nature #PNW

Pen and ink illustration of antique beer bottles, living in the woods alongside a river. A 19th century man crouches in the ferns, with a net.
Pen and ink illustration of a crocodile leaping from the water, jaws open, hoping to catch a chicken carcass.
A black and turquoise garter snake twines around itself, while a yellow, brown and black butterfly hovers nearby. The scene is painted inside an oyster shell with gold edges.
A red dragonfly spreads its wings, painted inside an oyster shell with gold trim.
2 months ago

friend in shadow. #snake #photography

The head and neck of an eastern indigo snake in partial shadow against a black background.
2 months ago

so beautiful. so infuriating. I wish I could do half so well. #photography #snake

The head and neck of an Eastern indigo snake as it flicks out its tongue against a black background.
Colin Sullender
2 months ago

Scientists have observed that the Dwarf Reed Snake (Pseudorabdion longiceps) performs cartwheels when threatened as an escape mechanism. This is the first time such an active rolling motion has been formally documented in any snake or reptile.

#Science #Research #AnimalScience #Zoology #Snake #Reptile #Cartwheel #Cool

Four images arranged vertically showing a snake rolling itself in a cartwheeling motion
2 months ago

Enjoying my #morning coffee today when my spouse opened the dishwasher to put things in and - LOUD PIERCING SCREAMS. This guy was inside the dishwasher door, a harmless rough earth #snake (not that that distinction mattered to my spouse). I shooed it out of the dishwasher but it disappeared. Poked around and saw its little tail stick up from the baseboard trim, it found just enough gap to squeeze behind it. I pried it off and got it. Released it safe into the woods behind our house.


Close up color photo of a small brown snake inside the door of a dishwasher.
Color photo of a small brown snake slithering along the baseboards of kitchen island cabinetry.
Color photo of a small brown snake being held in the fingers of a person’s hand. Below the snake on the floor is a pried out piece of baseboard quarter-round trim and the hammer and a screwdriver used to pry it off.  (The snake was hiding behind the trim piece.)
2 months ago

trying to get a nice picture of her after having to clean her enclosure for the second time. she was not on board, and was weirdly wiggly (normally she prefers to sit in place and stare). fun fact: this species of snake doesn’t produce waste for months, and then waits until you’ve cleaned the enclosure and deposits roughly half their body weight, presumably while laughing. #snake

A black nitrile-gloved hand holding a short-tailed python against a cream-coloured wall.
Joshua Wood
3 months ago

A snek has a bad day.

Great Blue Heron

March 16, 2023 at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

#WildlifePhotography #Wildlife #Photography #RidgefieldWildlifeRefuge #Ridgefield #Washington #GreatBlueHeron #Snake

A Great Blue Heron in tall grass, ingesting a snake.
A Great Blue Heron in tall grass, ingesting a snake.
A Great Blue Heron in tall grass, ingesting a snake.
A Great Blue Heron in tall grass, ingesting a snake.
Cathy Outlet
3 months ago

In the unlikely scenario that you would want a #keychain or #necklace made with #snake shed, a #rabbit #linoprint or a #catfish #oilpainting - you can now buy all these things and more on my #art store!

With the exception of bulkier items like the #resin #frog* most things can be shipped worldwide!

here's the link:

#craft #handmade #ShopHandMade #FediGiftShop
*the frog is only available in Europe for now, sorry!

An oval resin charm in which the head piece of a grey corn snake's shed is submerged. The scales and eye caps are visible against the white resin background. The shed is covered by a clear, slighly domed resin layer. The background surface is a light pink silicone mat.
Photo of a hand holding three A5 paper cards, each featuring a linocut print of a jumping rabbit viewed from the side against a white background. One rabbit is dark purple, one is a lighter purple and one is a reddish-pink
Photo of a postcard-sized oil painting of a wels catfish viewed from the side. The painting is greenish blue. I placed it onto a brown table with a plant in the background to make the "product" look more aesthetic for my store page.
Photo of a golden metallic resin frog on a textured cloth surface, with an out-of-focus plant pot visible in the background (for aesthetic purposes). The frog is viewed from above but also the front, at like a 2/3 angle.
3 months ago
Nurse Mich
4 months ago

Life with Pets :ablobcatheart:
(The snail & fishbowl tho 😂 )

#Animals #Pets #Sleeping #Love
#Cats #Dogs #Fish #Birds #Snake #Bunny #Snail #Illustration

Illustration of Person sleeping in the middle of the bed with animals also sleeping dogs cats rabbit snail fish bird and snake
Pavel the Marvel
4 months ago

For several days I have been wondering: what if #RPG and #roguelike elements are added to the old #snake game?

What game elements come to mind first?
#gamedev #GameDev #GameDeveloper #game

⚪ Ein grünes ... Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 A green... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #AdityaKshirsagar
in Loc: Índia 🇮🇳 - Title: "The laughing Vine Snake" (Die lachende grüne Weinschlange) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Snake #FunArt #Animals
#Photography #Fotografie
Click on: ➡️ #APhotoLove
... see you ... and smile 😁👋

Photography. Color shot of a green and white Asian vine snake against green background. It looks at the camera and appears to be laughing.
A photo for "The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021".
Paul Watson
5 months ago

New blog post: The Snake Mask

"I started working on the Snake Mask in January 2022, and it has sat partially-made for a full year now. I think it’s time to finish it..."

#MastoArt #mask #artistsOnMastodon #MaskMaking #blogging #snake

Lukas VF Novak
5 months ago

Snakes have clitorises

First evidence of hemiclitores in #snakes: Megan Folwell et al.

Across all species, researchers have given female #genitalia a lot less attention compared to its male counterpart. What’s more, it’s hard to get a good look at #snake genitalia. It’s all internal to the snake’s tail, for the most part. There has been quite a bit of research into the snake #penis, but the snake #clitoris has been missed.

An animated 3D reconstruction of internal anatomy if a snake. The snake clitoris is a heart-shaped structure in the tail. Folwell et al.

Saw a cute snek fren sunning or hunting in some branches while on a walk today. I was glad it let me get some okay pics without getting spooked.

#snake #snakes #SnakesOfTheFediverse #ILikeSnakesMoreThanPeople