Pseudo Nym
3 weeks ago

Not dangerous "danger noodle". Looks like a gopher snake. Lovely pattern.

Saw this cutie at the park.

#snek #snake #photo

Gopher snake. Black back with tan dots, and side opposite.
Chris Paduan
3 weeks ago

L’il dude hanging out on the trail towards the end of my hike. Moved it to the side of the trail so it wouldn’t get trodden upon/ridden over.

#snek #snake #SanJose #California

An immature (?) snake with a black dorsal stripe with horizontal yellow stripes.
Space Salamander
1 month ago
Finch the snakeman was about to enjoy a burger on his picnic, but the Handler, the horrible blobby slug alien, slid right over the burger, sliming it, making Finch mad!
1 month ago

I had to leave town for a few weeks for a business trip, but the hotel I was going to stay at doesn't allow pets. Thankfully Granny was able to watch my two Sylveon friends ( @kragmoor and Stab)
on such short notice! Looks like they are in good hands!

#MastoArt #Leebe #Vee #Sylveon #Snake #Naga #Lamia #DangerNoodle #Pokemon #Scalie #Reptile #snek #Dressup

An elderly snake lady is laying on a couch. On her lap, she is dressing up a sylveon, who doesn't look to thrilled. On the top of the couch rests another sylveon. This one is being held down by the weight of the elderly snake's tail. The Sylveon is waving a surrender flag with their tail. There is a text bubble from Vee, who is off screen "Thanks for being able to watch them on such short notice, Granny! I'll see you in a few weeks!"


He probado a replicar el estilo de dibujo de @EmielBoven pero creo que no termino del todo de pillarlo 🤣

#art #dragon #snek

DIbujo de una serpiente dragón
Herzenschein 🩵⭐
2 months ago

So I'm aware of:

What else is there?

2 months ago

"I am the best hunter! The sneakiest of sneaky ambush predators! Nobody could possibly see me lurking in the plastic bushes beside the waterhole!" #snake #snek #reptiles

A pet Stimsons python in his enclosure. He has extended his brown blotchy neck out of his hide, over one of his water bowls, only far enough to "hide" his snoot in some fake plants.
Dr jwwr
2 months ago

In aspiring to stay positive amidst our self-induced global climate collapse, allow me to say congratulations to the danger noodles of the world, who now have several extra months in the year to terrorise us. #snek

Weirdo Bug Guy
2 months ago

I drew some #snakes, and I invite you to #color them, if you like :)

#drawing #illustration #coloringbook #coloring #snek #krita

Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 months ago

This is my first time seeing a snake in my 4 years of living in Davis. I had to choose between photo or video. With photo it would have been easier to do a closeup. I am only guessing at this being a garter snake.

I'm having trouble getting even short videos to upload to Mastodon so I uploaded this slightly longer one to Flickr.


Paco Hope #BLM
2 months ago

Looking at my thermometer in the swimming #pool. “What’s that on top?” Oh. It’s a #snake #snek

Tiny snake floating on a pool thermometer
Tiny snake floating on a pool thermometer
3 months ago

Reading the #lizard book, can we call it the #dragon book? Or at least the #snek book


Jane Adams
3 months ago

Any #herpetologist folks out there have i.d. ideas for this lil brownie? Spotted in Boston, very confrontational, lurching out to bite quickly, not very scared, which was surprising. Didn't get a good look at its belly but didn't look red. It's about 90°F here today which is about the hottest it usually gets. Is it a baby?

Sorry my google camera tries to A.I. sharpen everything, idk how to turn that off

Edit to add: ~8 inches long

#herpetology #boston #BostonMA #snake #snakes #snek

3 months ago

Met this guy on my bike ride this morning. It was completely mellow and just hung out like this for the two minutes I watched it.
#Snek #Shakytail

A squiggly rattlesnake stunning itself on a gravel path., hear me out
3 months ago

This is the snake that chills in my living room.


4 months ago
4 months ago

Cardano Memecoin SNEK Lands Crypto Exchange Listing After Surging 200% - Thanks to its performance, the chillest memecoin on Cardano has landed a listing o... - #snek(snek) #memecoins #zz_index #cardano #zz_top

Anathema Device
4 months ago
Bread and Salt
4 months ago

#snek friend I met on a hike asked me to show off her #mosstodon garden.

October and November 2018 Patreon Reward for Jeb
It was a pleasure to work on him and his partner! I love to draw cute couples being extra cute!!

Support me!

[ #ryuukiart #dragon #patreon #patreonreward #commission #commissionsopen #blep #couple #lgbt #cute #fluffy #fluffydragon #snake #snek ]

4 months ago

Cardano meme coin SNEK's price had a significant increase over the previous seven days, propelling it to the top trending places in the layer 1 blockchain.

#MemeCoins #Cardano #ADA #Crypto #SNEK

5 months ago

Lil' fuckers! #snek #snakes

Sign warning about rattlesnakes
5 months ago

Cardano saw some exciting epoch activity in 410! The top dawg, Hosky Token is still holding strong at #1 while DRIPDropz, Cornucopias Game & Adosia also saw increases and $SNEK 🐍 joined the leaderboard! Congrats to Snek & community 🙌

You can learn more about $SNEK at

#cardano $ADA #snek

5 months ago

Cardano Founder Takes Notice of This New Meme Coin - Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has shown interest in a newly launched meme coin... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #charleshoskinson #altcoinnews #memecoin #cardano #snek

5 months ago

Hey, hey degens! 🔥 The moment you've been waiting for has arrived: the Snek token is finally dropping on in epoch 411! #Cardano network-wide and available to everyone, no matter which pool you're staked with. Trust, you do not want to miss out. 🐍 Head to now and get your hands on the #Snek token before it's too late!

5 months ago

Say hello to my little friend! #snek #snake #rattlesnake

Snake with diamond shaped head
Lisa 🦔
5 months ago

Looks like one of the front yard racers had a nice shed this morning 🖤 🐍 #snek #snake

A recently shed snake skin is draped over the edge if an old railroad tie. The front half of the shed disappears into a crevasse of the tie. A dog’s shadow and front passenger side shoulder and paw is visible at the bottom of the picture.
Mikal with a k
5 months ago

Working through my photos from the recent Sonora biodiversity expedition, I thought this blacktail rattlesnake's scale and coil detail was so pretty.

It was tightly coiled on a rock at a spot where the slot canyon widened. It was in the shade and I think too cold to want to move much, though it was gone when I came back through.

Second shot is the original photo in Lightroom showing the cropped area. I massively digitally zoomed in and then digitally sharpened the image significantly, then down-res'd it for the web.

#rattlesnake #snake #snek #herps #Sonora #desert

An extreme closeup of a coiled rattlesnake, showing several body coils and its rows of scales, each shaped like a round-tipped tooth. The scales are cream, brown and nearly black in alternating rows.
A screenshot of the original image used to make the previous snake close up image. It shows a photo of a coiled rattlesnake on a rock with a crop rectangle outlining the zoomed in part in the accompanying image in this post.
Mikal with a k
5 months ago

Is #BicycleHerpetology or #BikeHerping a thing? It's a great way to find snakes, much easier than in a car because you can easily hop off and investigate. You get to ride a bike and find snakes, how fun is that?

Went out the same road tonight, but all I found is the most adorbs baby sidewinder rattlesnake. It was so smol. I wanted to hold it, but I would be in the hospital now. It was about 8" stretched out. Video shows me shooing off the road with a stick.

(By the way, no, baby rattlers aren't more venomous/dangerous. That's another bad snake myth.)

#snake #herps #sidewinder #snek

A tiny, light tan/buff colored sidewinder rattlesnake being carefully shooed off the road with a stick. At one point it strikes the stick.
Mikal with a k
5 months ago

There's a nice 15 mile R/T bike ride on a low-traffic well-paved county road here that is also a good place to look for snakes at dusk.

Yesterday evening: a western diamondback rattlesnake (alas, turns out it was dying after being run over), a king snake and my first sidewinder rattlesnake!

I shooed the sidewinder off with a stick and picked up the king snake and carried it off the pavement. I dragged the diamondback off with a stick, but it was barely moving.

Alas, I have to be back in California soon, but we've got snakes there.

#snake #herpetology #RattleSnake #sidewinder #KingSnake #snek #NoStepOnSnek #SonoranDesert #Arizona

A black and white striped snake on asphalt.
A small rattlesnake with ridges over its eyes that look like little horns, facing toward the camera. Its body is in an S shape, it's crawling on asphalt and the rattle is visible at the end of its tail.
A 3-fool long rattlesnake stretched out on sand and gravel. Various shades of browns, whites and creams form a geometric pattern of shapes somewhat like large diamonds along its back.
5 months ago

Devi found this illustration of #snek anatomy and colored it to look like Blep! Activities like #coloring are a great way to #calm the mind and have #fun!

Wendy and Blep are proudly showing off the artwork that their hooman, Devi, gave them today! 

They are seated in front of an illustration of a snake colored to look like Blep that describes the SNEK anatomy. Arrows point out different parts:

* Tongue "PBBT - Hello friend you smell funny"  
* Nose "SNOOT - used for booping"
* Soft Bumps on Top of the Nnek's Head "HEADBOOBS - very squishy"
* Back "POSTURE: noodle ball PURPOSE: adorable"
* One last notice in the corner that says "FAT NOODLES - risk of getting stuck in small spaces" 

Thank you to for the lovely artwork that Devi colored!
Pseudo Nym
6 months ago

Little gopher snake at the park today. Just on the other side of the fence to get away from the kids.


#snake #snek #photography #photo #nature

Small snake, good camo, in the leaves, at the park
Matt Godden
7 months ago

Always a good day when you see a #snek. Red Bellied Black Snake (I think) at the local botanical gardens.

Red-Bellied Black Snake.
7 months ago

My name is Blep
I am a Snek
Out in the sun
I like to bake
If you come upon me
And startle awake
I will be so frightened
My tail I will shake
But it is only
To scare you away
My name is Blep
I am a Snek
#plushie #poem #snek

Blep is a very soft plushie snake with a variegated pattern in earth colors all over, except his little rattle tail that is tan. He loves lounging under a lamp!
7 months ago

Been doing some vet visits with Smaug lately. Please enjoy skelenoodle.

#snek #snake #IMGboa #pets

An x ray of a boa constrictor from above. His skull and the top quarter of his body are visible, arranged in a squiggle shape like snakes do.
7 months ago

look at this little baby snake!!

#snake #snakes #snek

a close up shot of the head of a small garter snake (i think) in some dry brown grasses. they have a black stripe running down their back and yellow spots and belly.

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
Artist: #Snek /#SnekGraffiti in - City: #Grenoble , France 🇫🇷 - #Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Mural #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟 see you 👋

Streetart. On a white iron gate of a French business house is sprayed / painted mural of a fashionable lady smoking. She leans sideways on the gate and her face is only half visible. She has a black dress and white long gloves on. In one hand she holds a cigarette holder. The background next to the figure are blue feathers and white mountains.
Lisa 🦔
7 months ago

Welp. The local fauna have certainly classified me as Not A Threat. Was sitting in the front garden when one of the front yard’s resident black racer #snek came nyooming through, right over top of my foot. (There were no predators in hawk pursuit, I was just in his way.)
I seriously love the critters we’re able to cohabitate with. 🥰

Lucas Martín
7 months ago

¿Cómo programar un Arduino (UNO, Nano o similar) en Python? Mediante Snek, una adaptación de Python realizada por @keithp para programar placas como Arduino.

#Python #Snek #Arduino #Micropython #CircuitPython

8 months ago

It's only

~ 4 (FOUR) DAYS ~

until Temple of Snek leaves early access! Get 1.0 on Steam on Wednesday for some rhythm+exploration puzzle-dungeon snekkin!

#screenshotsaturday #indiegame #puzzlegame #earlyaccess #snek #snake

A screenshot of a puzzle game about a giant snake. The image features buttons, pots, spikes and a conquistador who is about to be eaten.
A screenshot of a puzzle game about a giant snake. The snake is solving puzzles on the terrace of a prehispanic palace, while some kind of coup is going on below.
A screenshot of a puzzle game about a giant snake. The image features a floor mural showing a winged serpent circling the world.
A screenshot of a puzzle game about a giant snake. The snake has been given a plaid knitted texture.

@nixCraft wounder if "#NoStepOnSnek!" is an actual error message in #Snek...

10 months ago

This is normal, right?

#vtuber #introvert #funny #adhd #snek #snake

Kathy Reid
10 months ago

Good morning #Fediverse! :fediverse: In this morning's #ConnectionList #introduction, where I try to more deeply and richly connect the Fediverse, I'd like you to meet:

@alienelf who works with #MasakhaneNLP #NLP in #Africa. They are a #scientist and #musician 🇿🇦

@DRMacIver works in #software #testing and #assurance, and if you are #snek or #curlyboi inclined you may want to follow him 🇬🇧 🐍 #Python

@nicky is incredible and she is a founder of Grok Learning, a #tech #educator and now works in #productmanagement. She is also of the #snek #Python 🐍

@ElectricWill is from The North in #Sheffield, and is living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and is a #wheelchair user. They (not assuming pronouns) are into #photography #gaming #disability #a11y 🇬🇧 👋

@hmlittlecbigc is a #PhD candidate at the Kirby Institute at UNSW and a #healthpromotion practitioner. She's on Bidjigal land 🇦🇺 👋

@robs is a #formalmethods #researcher #academic in #concurrency. Uses #Isabelle and #HOL for any other #trustedsystems. folks. You might know @gernot ? Also interested in 🇯🇵 (cc @Takoyaki ) and likes #SciFi 🇦🇺 👋

@lauren works in #tech #systems and #policy #analysisas well as #privacy 🇺🇸

@signalapp is the brand account for Signal. What's the deal with stories?!

@thunderbird is the brand account for Thunderbird for any #opensource and #foss folks.

(Edited to remove Mozilla brand account which looked suspicious)

More this evening! ❤️

10 months ago

Introverts be like
#vtuber #snake #snek #funny #cute

💚 Artist: #snek in - City: #seyssinetPariset France 🇫🇷 - Title: "Le calme malgré la tempete" - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #urbanart

David de Groot 📸
2 years ago

Found this Eastern Small-eyed Snake tonight under the house.

Very chill fellow, which we left alone (apart from a quick photoshoot).

Highly venomous (mytotoxic) with one recorded death in the greater brisbane area (probably quite some time ago, the Qld Museum book doesn't specify).

#snake #AustralianWildlife #SmallEyedSnake #photo #nature #snek

4 years ago

#inktober Day 29: Injured

O no, snek got boo boo 🐍🤕😭

An ink drawing of a Rod of Asclepius; a stick with a snake wrapped around it. The snake is shedding a single tear and has a bandaged head.

Oooooooft, nearly finished. Posting this was delayed as I’ve been working on my halloween costume.

#snek #snake #inktoberday29 #inktober2019 #injured #mastoart

Day 29: Injured. An ink drawing of a Rod of Asclepius; a stick with a snake wrapped around it. The snake is shedding a single tear and has a bandaged head.
Maelonir Art
4 years ago

Inktober Day 5: Build!

Finished just in time for the day!

I haven't spent time learning to draw animals but I'm really happy with this cutie!

#traditionalart only today.

#Inktober #Inktober2019 #inktoberday5 #ink #sketchbook #pen #sketchbook #nest #snek #build #inktoberchallenge #snake #flyingsnake #sharpie #mastoart #creativetoot