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Texas’s Governor Is Trying to Destroy Public Education — and Dim Those Friday Night Lights #socialism

7 hours ago

Texas’s Governor Is Trying to Destroy Public Education — and Dim Those Friday Night Lights #socialism

Goldman Mill
7 hours ago

Texas’s Governor Is Trying to Destroy Public Education — and Dim Those Friday Night Lights #socialism

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Just a little reminder that Mexicans aren’t coming for your jobs. Neither is AI.

The CEOs want to replace you with free/cheap labor. First it was slaves, then it was immigrants, now it’s AI.

It’s ALWAYS been the rich coming for your jobs.
#Capitalism #CEO #AI #AIArt #ChatGPT #Socialism #OpenAI #EatTheBillionaires #billionaires

When looking to the massive challenges & upheavals facing us in the #ClimateEmergency we will need to think about how we support families and communities alongside national & international policies to come together.

If we work together as brothers & sisters, we will be stronger.

The #rich may keep trying to steal our wealth, but if we stand together, they are weak, & cannot take these strong bonds of #community & #nature



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14 hours ago

#socialist arguments fall apart when you realise the #capitalist has to satisfy customers as well

it's not as if the capitalist is just magically making money out of thin air and refusing to share

the money has to come from *somewhere*

#competition makes the capitalist a #rational agent

#economics #capitalism #socialism #communism #politics #libertarian

tom donald
16 hours ago

Alexei Sayle would be my ideal Labour Party leader: he is actually, consistently, decently, socialist.
He is also funny. Very funny.

Ricardo Levins Morales poster catalog, p784: "Philosophers"

“Philosophers have sought to understand the world. The point, however, is to change it.” Activist philosophy from the grand old man of the Red Menace, Karl Marx.

The art shows an industrial plant billowing pollution, guarded by police, while people march past a tree in fall colors. Get it here:

#SocialJustice #Philosophy #Marxism #Socialism #Poster #MastoArt #FediGiftShop #Activism #Justice

A vertical poster with bright watercolors illustrated in ink. From top to bottom: A man holds a globe whilst resting on a lavish pink cloud bed, looking at the stars and writing in a book; industrial pollution billows from a factory below; To the left, a tree in brilliant fall colors shades a large protest march of people carrying signs, running up against a large chain and riot policemen guarding the factory. Across the blue sky in the middle in black block letters is the quote, "“Philosophers have sought to understand the world. The point, however, is to change it. - Karl Marx"
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I get it.

Democrats are not perfect. They never have been in their brief modern iteration. They never will be. Even so, please consider the following.

* Democrats are fare more malleable. They respond much better to public pressure than do Republicans, Greens, and Libertarians.

* They are much less likely to enact and enforce bigoted or repressive policies. They do from time to time. However, see above and also remember that the Rs and Ls would hie after fascist policies like flies to carcasses.

* Democrats like democracy, democratic principles, and democratic institutions. Rs and Ls don't. (GS tend towards eugenicism and anti-science conspiracy theories.)

* It was disunity and factionalism on the left that split the vote enough to let Hitler take office in the 1933 or such German elections.

* One of the biggest factors in Hitler's electoral victory was the weakening of unions. Join a union. Invite union speakers to visit with groups of employees or the community in general. Call on union leadership to embrace liberal ideals. Strong unions help to save democracies.

* Keep your local liberal organisations in the practise of allying and coalescing with other liberal organisations. Only with a solid alliance among liberal groups can we come together with enough strength to preserve representational governance and a dedication to human rights.


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The Global Trade in Passports Is the Latest Boom Industry Catering to the Superrich #socialism

Grateful Dread
1 day ago
1 day ago

The Global Trade in Passports Is the Latest Boom Industry Catering to the Superrich #socialism

1 day ago
Seth G.
2 days ago

@carnage4life #Capitalism is only sustainable through infinite growth. This is why we need a system based on meeting everyone's needs, not trying to find the next thing to sell #consumers. #socialism #consumerism

Tucker Teague
2 days ago

#BOTD ub 1933, Happy 90th Birthday to one of my heroes, Michael Parenti, a brilliant political scientist, academic historian and cultural critic.

#marxist #AmericanLeft #socialism #MichaelParenti

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2 days ago
thomas (they/them) 🌺
2 days ago

Getting no love in this reddit post on r/Astoria about worker owned cooperatives. Why is it so hard to find like minded people?

#WorkerOwnedAndOperated #coop #cooperative #solidarity #SolidarityEconomy #socialism #unions #workerCoop #astoria #nyc

2 days ago

Red Line TV speak to Ken Loach about his new film the Old Oak, Labour the media and Palestine.

#socialism #socialist #socialistsunday #kenloach #labour #labourparty #solidarity

Cory Doctorow
2 days ago

I mean, there are French antitrust enforcers kicking down doors of giant tech companies and ransacking their offices for evidence of nefarious anticompetitive plots:

As ever, the question is #SocialismOrBarbarism. But don't say that too loud: in America, #socialism is a slur, one that dates back to the Reconstruction era, when pro-slavery factions called Black voting "socialism in South Carolina."


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2 days ago
David Gilmour
2 days ago

Couldn't not have a pint of Red Ellen. Named for Jarrow MP and socialist Ellen Wilkinson.

#BeerAndSocialism #Beer #Edinburgh #EdinburghPubs #Socialism

Beer taps at the Blue Blazer. Red Ellen in the middle is recommended.
A pint of Red Ellen beer on an old barrel next to my glasses.
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3 days ago
Grateful Dread
3 days ago

UAW President Shawn Fain Is Reviving That Old-Time Religion: Christian Radicalism #socialism

3 days ago

Am I the only one who's noticed that when people say they are "living the dream" they never actually are living it? I mean, honestly! We live under #Capitalism and the only people who actually are living any good kind of dream is a lazy and entitled capitalist.

#people #socialism #AntiCapitalism

Tucker Teague
3 days ago

An old clip from a #Chomsky lecture on the Madisonian Democracy. This clip is his response to a question based on an assumption that Chomsky completely destroys, and then to a reframing of the question that, once again, Chomsky destroys. I love it.

#capitalism #slavery #USHistory #reconstruction #Stalin #Castro #Cuba #LatinAmerica #socialism #hegemony #democracy #Hitler #fascism

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3 days ago
Grateful Dread
3 days ago

There’s a New Way to Support the United Auto Workers Strike: Canvassing Car Dealerships #socialism

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'Now, I think it tells you quite a lot about Effective Altruism that someone can say in all seriousness “I’ve decided to stop working on evidence-backed poverty relief programs and start working on stopping Skynet from The Terminator, because I think it is the most rational use of my time.” But EA people are dead serious about this.'

--Nathan J. Robinson

#EffectiveAltruism #Socialism #philosophy

1 week ago

The only way to "stop the boats" is open safe legal routes, stop bombing other countries, stop installing governments 'we' want and tackle the climate crisis.

Apparently this is a #radical position.

#socialism #socialist #conservativeparty #labourparty #labour #anticapitalism

Hello, supposedly communist / socialist Tooters - how about alt-texting those "revolutionary" pictures you're posting?

Because if you're excluding visually-impaired workers THEN YOU'RE NOT FUCKING COMMUNISTS, ARE YOU?

fuck me, get a grip and stop with the fucking ableism.

#Communism #Socialism #Anarchism #Ableism #EverythingIsPolitical

Graphic of a wheelchair user logo but the user is wielding a machine gun and circular text surrounding reads:


Destroying Tent Cities is Inhumane! We need Socialized housing now!

#HousingCrisis #socialism #SocialHousingNow

2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History September 21, 1976: Chilean national Orlando Letelier was assassinated in Washington, D.C. by agents of the Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional (DINA), Pinochet’s secret police. An American, Ronni Moffitt, was also killed. The CIA was aware of the plans and knew of Pinochet’s involvement in the assassinations. Letelier had been a member of the government of Salvador Allende and was living in exile in the U.S. Immediately following the CIA-orchestrated coup that murdered Allende and placed Pinochet in power, Letelier was the first high-ranking Allende cabinet minister to be arrested. He spent over a year in various concentration camps, where he was repeatedly tortured. When he made it to the U.S., he worked for the Institute for Policy Studies. He wrote several articles critical of the Chicago Boys, the South American economists trained at the University of Chicago by Milton Friedman who went on to take on positions in their home countries’ governments, including Chile’s dictatorship, where they promoted free market policies and influenced leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #chile #pinochet #allende #socialism #dictatorship #torture #ConcentrationCamps #reagan #thatcher #fbi #cia #imperialism

Letelier (in the middle) with Salvador Allende. By Revista Argentina Lea -, Public Domain,

The "Free" Market Will Not Fix The World.


• Data on real wages suggests that, historically, extreme poverty was uncommon and arose primarily during periods of severe social and economic dislocation, particularly under colonialism.

• Where progress has occurred, significant improvements in human welfare began only around the 20th century. These gains coincide with the rise of anti-colonial and socialist political movements.

#Socialism #Communism

Study Debunks Capitalism as Solution to Global Poverty

A study by Dylan Sullivan and Jason Hickel challenges the commonly held belief that capitalism is necessary for improving human well-being. 

“claims that capitalism delivered a steady and dramatic e reduction in global poverty over time are not supported by the data” 

(Picture is small, skinny child holding up an Apple logo as if to eat it.)
Goldman Mill
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

I never remember who pointed this out to me first, but it stands the test of time;

It doesn't matter if you're a #democrat, a #republican, or an #indepedent. You can support #socialism, #communism, #capitalism, #distributism, etc.

Pretty much no matter what, you're going to find quite a bit of common ground with the #libertarian cause. Really the only exception is if you're an #authoritarian.

3 weeks ago

Today in Labor History September 14, 1918: Labor leader and Socialist Eugene V. Debs was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for opposing World War I. During his sentencing he said “. . . while there is a lower-class I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; while there is a soul in prison, I am not free . . .” While in prison, Debs became the first person to run for U.S. president while behind bars, winning nearly 1 million votes.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #EugeneDebs #socialism #prison #union #strike #IWW #ww1 #antiwar

Presidential campaign poster for Eugene Debs, with an image of him, wearing a bowtie, bald headed. Above image it reads: The Working Class Candidate for president."

About 44 years ago the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (Sandinista National Liberation Front) overthrew the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua. It was known as the Sandinista Revolution.

One third of the rebels were women. They were at the forefront of the movement and integral to its success.


#Women #Rebellion #Socialism #Fascism #Dictatorship #Nicaragua #Uprising #Sandinista #Revolution #Liberation #Photography

A group of women in solid green camouflage suits holding automatic rifles and aiming down sights in a grassy field in front of lush green hills. One woman is close to the camera in front, lying down with her gun pointed directly into the camera. 7 additional women are positioned in the background, aiming into the distance beyond the camera.

Addendae 2

Medical Debt Collection Is Vicious Multibillion-Dollar U.S. Industry

* ballooned in recent decades
* hospitals, collection agencies making a killing
* erodes trust in health care system
* countless patients financially ruined

#MedicalIndustrialComplex #corporations #DefundCorportations #DefundBillionaires #capitalism #neoliberalism #inflation #PrivateEquity #HumanRights #greed #avarice #profiteering #poverty #debt #PublicHealth #socialism

𝗔 𝗠𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗹 𝗧𝗮𝗹𝗲

GP Doctor's visit.
Perfusion test.
Visit to ED.
Admitted to ED.
Blood tests.
CT Scan.
Heart surgery - failed.
Two nights in hospital - close obs.
Ambulance transport to airport.
Ambulance flight 250 km to Sydney.
Ambulance transport airport to hospital.
Admitted to hospital.
Blood tests.
CT scan.
Heart surgery - failed.
Transferred to High Dependency.
24/7 monitoring and observations for 5 days.
Heart surgery - cancelled.
24/7 monitoring for 7 days.
Heart surgery - successful.
24/7 monitoring for 3 days.
Discharged home.
Doctor's follow up visit.
Heart Specialist's follow up visit.
8-week/3-days-a-week Rehabilitation process set up.

𝗧𝗢𝗧𝗔𝗟 𝗖𝗢𝗦𝗧 (Including all drugs and other tests not mentioned): $0. Nothing. Nada. Nix.

Try that in the USA.

#Medical #Hospital #MedicalBankruptcy #USA #Australia #Socialism #Capitalism

3 weeks ago

A nice 1934 leaflet from the archives of the Independent Labour Party. "What is fascism?"

#fascism #antifa #socialism #IndependentLabourParty #ILP

The front of the leaflet with the title "What is Fascism?" It begins with "Capitalism is decaying throughout the world. The ruling class fear the bitter discontent of the workers. To keep their power the ruling class have turned to Fascism in Italy, Germany and Austria, and are beginning to do so in USA, France and Great Britain...." It ends with "Make no mistake! Fascism means war, the end of our hard won liberties, that strikes will be illegal, concentration camps for everyone who dares disagree, and means the working class in chains while the ruling class continues to reap its profits!"
Back of the leaflet, with the title "Fascism has nothing to offer us", and ends with Don't be fooled! Don't sit still while our rights are filched from us" It that has a small form to fill in to "join the ILP, the Party for all revolutionary socialists"

I propose a new Political Party: Democratic Socialists for the Earth and Humanity.
It can exist in any country.
The Manifesto:
Full societal change:
- End Fossil Fuel use and CO2 emissions within 10 years through immediate mass economic restructuring.
- Full Healthcare (Dental, Medical, Drug/Addiction, End of Life)
- Public Services: Mass Transportation, Telecommunication, Fuel and Electricity
- Free Education inc University/College.
- Public Affordable Housing.
- Guaranteed Livable Basic Income.
- Minimum Liveable Wage
- 95% tax rate on earnings over Maximum Living Wage.
- Abolish Debt and Lending.
- Decolonization and End of Discrimination based on race, gender or any other metric.
- The Natural World has same basic rights to life as any human.
- Denuclearization of Military
- Global Peace, Integration and Cooperation.
- Convert Standing Armed Forces to Defense Force for dealing with domestic and international disaster relief and aid.

Why you ask? Because I do not see a single party that advocates for all of this. Not one. Much less *delivers* all this.

What did I miss?
#lateNightThoughts #Socialism #Greens #Politics
#CanPoli #BCPoli #GlobalPoli #UN

Tucker Teague
3 weeks ago

The forgotten 9/11? Many still remember, but most Americans have probably never heard of it.

#Chile #Allende #coup #CIA #socialism #communism #democracy #september11

Grateful Dread
3 weeks ago
Asbjørn Ulsberg
3 weeks ago

“Nestle says slavery reporting requirements could cost customers.”

Not to be a joyless communist, but if we can’t have chocolate without slavery, we shouldn’t have chocolate.


#slavery #chocoate #capitalism #communism #socialism #exonomy

3 weeks ago

Yesterday I posted a Reuters article saying how Sanna Marin was leaving politics in Finland and joining the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

I implied Tony Blair is a war-monger and his Institute promotes US hegemony.

Is Tony Blair recognised as a peace-loving fair minded politician internationally?

Totally neutral hashtags: 😉

#socialist #SocialistSunday #socialism #labour #labourparty #corbyn #blair #war #peace

Addendum 1 cont'd

* 39% respondents feel economic issues impact their mental health
* suicide ideation among Canadians experiencing financial challenges alarmingly high
* 41% reporting having thought about suicide 2022-2023
* inflation affecting Canadians: 24% report going into debt as result

#Canada #suicide #ideation #mhrc #MentalHealth #economy #inflation #profiteering #CorporateGreed #DefundCorporations #HumanRights #AffordableHousing #FoodSecurity #socialism

Grateful Dread
3 weeks ago
Denman Rooke
4 weeks ago

Repost from People Before Profit University of Galway:

We're set up at Socs Day in the Bailey Allen today. Great buzz around the place and loads of interest in ecosocialist politics on campus.

#PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #EcoSocialism #Socialism

4 People Before Profit activist at a table at University of Galway's Socs Day.
Angry Education Workers
1 month ago

"America never deindustrialized. It just scaled down its industries in the manufacturing sector of the economy while concentrating industrialization in other parts of the economy—like education... Education is an industry with the same exploitation and disparities of power, privilege, and resources as any other. It has transformed from local, community-based schools to an industry in the same way the retail, service, logistics, legal, healthcare, hospitality, railroad, construction, maritime, agricultural, and other industries have."

Read the entire text here:

#education #history #politics #labor #workers #socialism #communism #anarchism #schools #teachers #libraries #museum #archives

Title of the paper: The Class Divide in Education superimposed on an image showing the components of the industry in the 1990s.

Addendum 11
[ 1-post summary of Addendum 6]

This is superb:

Canadian Workers, Social-Ecological Crisis & Alternatives

* How can we rebuild workers’ strength & confidence?
* How can our movements retake the initiative & turn things around?
* Immediate Demands
* How Do We Win These Demands?

#unions #socialism #WorkersRights #capitalism #WealthInequality #sustainability #EnvironmentalRights #LaborMovement

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
1 month ago

The Bay View massacre was the result of a strike held on May 4, 1886, by 7,000 building-trades workers and 5,000 Polish laborers who had organized at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to strike against their employers, demanding the enforcement of an eight-hour work day.[

By Monday, May 3, the number of participants had increased to over 14,000 workers who gathered at the Milwaukee Iron Company rolling mill in Bay View. They were met by 250 National Guardsmen under order from Republican Governor Jeremiah M. Rusk. The strikers had shut down every business in the city except the North Chicago Rolling Mills in Bay View. The guardsmen's orders were that, if the strikers were to enter the Mills, they should shoot to kill. But when the captain received the order it had a different meaning: he ordered his men to pick out a man and shoot to kill when the order was given. Workers camped in the nearby fields and the Kosciuszko Militia arrived by May 4. Early the next day the crowd, which by this time contained children, approached the mill and were fired upon. Seven people died as a result, including a thirteen-year-old boy. Several more were injured during the protest. Several contradictory newspaper accounts described other possible casualties, but the count of seven deaths is substantiated by specific names (Frank Kunkel, Frank Nowarczyk, John Marsh, Robert Erdman, Johann Zazka, Martin Jankowiak, and Michael Ruchalski).

#Politics #Leftism #Leftist #Socialism #Labor #LaborDay #Communism #WorkerRights #LaborRights #Weekend #8HourDay #Meme

The weekend was a crazy leftist idea.

In 1886, 7 union members in Wisconsin died fighting for the 5-day work week and 8 hour workday.

Addendum 10

A Labor Day Like No Other
With public support for unions at near-record highs and new federal rules that actually enable organizing, unions need to mount massive campaigns

#unions #socialism #WorkersRights #capitalism #WealthInequality #LaborMovement #inequality #StructuralViolence #EugeneDebs

1 month ago

Today in Labor History September 4, 1970: Socialist Salvador Allende was elected President of Chile. As president, he tried to nationalize major industries, expand education and improve conditions for the working class. On September 11, 1973 (the other 9/11), he was ousted in a coup by Augusto Pinochet, leading to a dictatorship that lasted until 1990. Thousands of workers, socialists, union members and activists were killed, including folk singer Victor Jara, who continued to sing, as his torturers mashed his fingers and demanded that he play his guitar. The coup and dictatorship were supported by the CIA, and by President Nixon, and by the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, who later won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here's is an interview & rare live footage of Jara singing his classic: El Derecho de Vivir en Paz.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #socialism #chile #VictorJara #FolkMusic #allende #pinochet #dictatorship #torture #kissenger #imperialism