21 minutes ago

Just saw that a dude from the Netherlands messaged me on my artist Facebook page, of all places. 😂 🙄 😬

I wish I could hit a button to physically prevent getting DM's on social platforms.


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Noelle Mitchell 📚
2 hours ago

I wish more people would leave corporate owned social media and join Mastodon/the fediverse.

#Mastodon #fediverse #SocialMedia

4 hours ago

#Socialmedia be like let's use eye dialect because it's the social convention lest not being outrageous enough in having something to prove makes us seem like enemy sympathizers. For example, let's say "Ze Cram-it-in-lin fightZ becauZe it likeZ to cram its 💩 into innocent women" or some absurdity like that. People are so stupid that if you just say "the #Kremlin fights because it likes to," people will be like:

"You're taking the side of the Kremlin."/gen #smh

Is #Web2.0 on its way out? (One can only hope) The trend is towards increased proprietization. Are there enough unenlightened millennials to keep Corporate Net going? #internet #corporate #socialmedia #reddit

5 hours ago

Anticipating that we'll need a safe place to go after Reddit - I created a Kbin for science fiction - all hail:


You can get to it directly here:

#Kbin #reddit #lemmy #socialmedia

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
6 hours ago

Evidently Elon Musk is neither able to realize he made mistakes nor to ever learn from mistakes he made.
Without any regard for responsibility & humans involved & affected, he's turning the roulette of his personal whims in his $44 billion egomania casino. Rien ne va plus!

#Mastodon #FreeSpeech #ContentModeration #Fairness #Community #SocialMedia #LeaveTwitter #AntisocialMedia #HateSpeech

Schoolhouse Rocked
7 hours ago

I’ll cut to the chase. If you want to see our content on social media or streaming platforms you can’t just follow us. You have to hit the notification icon and make sure our content is prioritized in your feed. Otherwise we don’t exist.

#socialmedia #culture #CultureWar

7 hours ago

#SocialMedia #psychology #misinformation #disinformation #DigitalLiteracy

'Overreliance on existing worldviews as a yardstick for truth can lead to confirmation bias... Alternately, when users struggle to accept a claim as truthful or untruthful, they enter what researchers term the dialectic stage where they attempt to determine its veracity. Social media leverages cognitive dissonance and hijacks the dialectic phase, complicating users’ evaluation of a claim.'

Judy L Mohr
7 hours ago

Hey #writingcommunity, #writers and other creative types... I'm in the process of rewriting my book on building online platforms safely, incorporating some of the new tricks (and issues) that have cropped up over the last 5 years. But I would love to hear from you about some of the things that you wish you knew but had to find out the hard way.
#InternetSecurity #internet #SocialMedia

If the new device turns out to be a niche product, it would leave Apple in the same bind as other major tech companies.
Will Apple’s sleek new VR goggles be the ones to capture users?
Fabian Schaar
7 hours ago

Unter dem Titel "Digital Naives" habe ich ein paar Gedanken zu meinem Selbstverständnis gegenüber der Digitalisierung und dem Leben im Informationszeitalter aufgeschrieben.

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Dunbar's Number
7 hours ago

So one of the things that pisses me off about #socialmedia is the lack of #attribution. Do you know how many times I see #Instagram posts which are screenshots of tweets or tweets which are videos from #TikTok. The developers have the ability to make it so their software automatically searches and finds the source. Look at #YouTube for an example, but they won't. It's the same with #memes, you see people reposting memes when it should link to the original.

Charlie McHenry
9 hours ago

This is where it all began, if you’re interested in the history of the #fediverse and #socialmedia. The Well was the very first ‘virtual community,’ in fact, a Well member coined the term. You may have heard about it, or if you’re as old as I am, even been around when it began. What you might not know is that its users bought it in 2012, and it still exists in all its historic glory - even more relevant today. While modern social networks burn, The WELL endures

Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
10 hours ago

Nothing to see here. Everything is perfectly fine while the other very stable genius who definitely knows how to run a social network continues to be a disaster.

What an absolutely shitshow. #socialmedia

Alex Afouxenidis
11 hours ago

"In Dec. 2022, the European Parliament, the Council, and the European Commission signed the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles for the Digital Decade. This Declaration sets out principles for shaping the European digital space in the years to come.
We welcome that the Declaration recognizes the importance of broad “participation in the digital public space” and of “fair and just working conditions.”
#EU #digitalequality #tech #internet #socialmedia
12 hours ago

"Wir nehmen das mal mit." - eine häufige Floskel bei User-Feedback auf #socialmedia. Allerdings geschieht danach leider selten etwas.

Die #ARD spricht auf der #rp23 über Community Management und User Generated Content auf Instagram.

The Japan Times
12 hours ago

Former lawmaker and YouTuber GaaSyy, who was arrested after returning to Japan on Sunday, was essentially pressured to come back after Japanese authorities sought cooperation from their counterparts in Dubai. #news #japan #socialmedia #dubai #uae #japanesepolice #gaasyy #nhkparty

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
13 hours ago

CANNIBAL CORPSE's PAUL MAZURKIEWICZ Misses The 'Mystique' Of The Pre-Social Media Days
In a new interview with the "Nothing Shocking" podcast, drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz of long-running Florida-based death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE was asked if he prefers the transparency and...


Aure Free Press
13 hours ago

"My contacts and followers on Mastodon are of a much higher quality and more well-informed than what I had on Twitter. Let's all keep growing Mastodon!"
- Aure Free Press

Twitter’s U.S. Ad Sales Plunge 59% as Woes Continue
#Musk #Twitter #Mastodon #socialmedia

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
13 hours ago

🇺🇲 Four US senators are scrutinizing Twitter’s #privacy practices and questioning whether the platform under CEO Elon Musk may have flouted consumer protection laws following widespread layoffs and resignations — an inquiry that could highlight vast legal risks for Twitter and potentially for Musk himself.

#socialmedia #twitter #elonmusk

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
14 hours ago

🇪🇺 #European Union commissioner Vera Jourova said Twitter's compliance with the new Digital Services Act (DSA) entering force on August 25 "will be scrutinised... vigorously and urgently".

#socialmedia #twitter #elonmusk #disinformation

14 hours ago

Elon Musk says his politics are in the center but extremism experts say he's using Twitter to increasingly empower right-wing viewpoints

#SocialMedia #Twitter #Politics #Extremism 🌐
14 hours ago

How do you keep your blog alive?

Or is it already dead, and you don't realise?

A Big Blogging Milestone Is Coming. What I’m Doing To Get To It. Click on the link to read my post.

#blogging #bloggingtips #blogginghelp #WordPress #milestone #help #socialmedia #writingcommunity #writing #writingtips

An image with a blue background with the words 'A big blogging milestone is Coming. What I'm doing to get to it,' written in white text.
heise online
16 hours ago

Protest gegen API-Preise: Große Subreddits werden tagelang stillgelegt

Reddit will für bislang kostenfreie API-Zugriffe so viel Geld verlangen, dass Dritt-Anwendungen wohl dicht machen müssen. Dagegen macht die Community mobil.

#API #Reddit #SocialMedia #news

Reddit-Logo auf Smartphone-Bildschirm
IT News
18 hours ago
18 hours ago

Snapchat hat eine neue Funktion namens "My AI Snaps" eingeführt, die es Nutzern ermöglicht, ihre Fotos automatisch zu bearbeiten und zu optimieren, um sie noch ansprechender zu gestalten. 📸 #Snapchat #AI #SocialMedia

19 hours ago

New video out, today we're talking about why kids shouldn't use social media!:



Support the Channel Through Patreon:

Make a One Off Ko-Fi Donation:

#socialmedia #parenting

heise online
19 hours ago

Irland: Kleinstadt einigt sich auf Smartphone-Absage für Grundschulkinder

Elterninitiativen in Greystones sind sich einig, dass Kinder unter 11 Jahren keine Smartphones bekommen. Das ist freiwillig und richtet sich gegen Gruppenzwang.

#Instagram #Smartphone #Snapchat #SocialMedia #TikTok #WhatsApp #news

heise online
22 hours ago

Twitter unter Elon Musk: Merklich weniger deutschsprachige Tweets, Rechte lauter

Im April dieses Jahres wurden etwa 20 Prozent weniger Tweets auf Deutsch abgesetzt als in den Vorjahren. Nur eine Gruppe wird laut einer Analyse immer aktiver.

#ElonMusk #republica #SocialMedia #Twitter #news

Mark A. Rayner
2 days ago

In The Fridgularity, Blake's web-enabled fridge becomes self-aware and takes over the internet, not to mention every device connected to it. A satire of the technological singularity, social media and our digital lives.

Get it for free, along with 35 other SFF books, right here:

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Cover of The Fridgularity, by Mark A. Rayner. An old timey fridge, with a raven sitting on top of it, and an apocalyptic sky in the background

Unfortunately #Reddit is the latest #socialmedia giant to try to put up higher walls around its walled garden.

With new high prices to access its API, a lot of third-party apps will be priced out.

And the bots that reply with lord of the rings quotes every time you say a name on #LordOfTheRings memes will also be banished:(

2 days ago

In einer Zeit, in der jeder mit einer Smartphone-Kamera ausgestattet ist und #SocialMedia alle Aspekte unseres Lebens erfasst, hat das „Recht am eigenen Bild“ eine große Bedeutung gewonnen.

heise online
2 days ago


Nach Übernahme durch Elon Musk: Twitter weniger als 15 Milliarden US-Dollar wert

Elon Musk hat 44 Milliarden US-Dollar für Twitter bezahlt, ein Teil der Summe kam von Geldgebern. Einer hat den Wert der eigenen Beteiligung nun erneut gesenkt.

#ElonMusk #Kurznachrichtendienst #SocialMedia #Twitter #TwitterÜbernahme

Lydia Conwell
2 days ago

I've seen a couple of posts on my TL about #SocialMedia arguments or family members/friends with #RightWing views.

The thing is: You can engage with these people, debate them, or you can exist as proof of something, but you are just one minuscule voice in a sea of billionaire-owned #media.

That is #news outlets but also #PR companies that push right wing agenda.

It's like arguing with climate-deniers: There's an industry at work pushing that shit and you are a cottage industry fighting back.

2 days ago

#Mastodon #security

Evidently, there is a security flaw in Mastodon (see screenshot). It's not prudent to trust unknown admins with our #data.

Therefore, how do we make the #Fediverse admins more accountable? Or, should the fediverse be developed to be more user-friendly - so that we can connect directly to the network without having to depend on servers? (that is do-able. e.g., p2p networks)

#software #SocialMedia #data #hack #admin #justice #activism #equity
Say no to #BigBrother #network #surveillance or unjust #admin #employers #corporations #corruption

A screenshot. As readers can see by this screenshot - on the server there were 250 "followers" on my account. As I recall, there were also hundreds of "follows". But, after suspension, the list now only shows 12 follows.

So, what's happened? Has the admin sabotaged the data? Effectively, now the account has been suspended (data deleted! without warning or any written reason provided). Therefore, I can't transfer the 250 followers to another server. 

Evidently, a security flaw in Mastodon. It's not prudent to trust unknown admins with our data.
Kevin :ve:
2 days ago

“…So why are #news organisations still on it? Why is anyone who considers themselves to have liberal values still on it?
Ego is probably the main answer to that question. A lot of journalists have built up very large followings on Twitter… It’s time to start trying, though: we can’t keep hand-wringing about #Twitter turning into a cocktail party for Nazis while stubbornly refusing to leave the room.”
#journalism #Media #socialmedia #oligarchy #extremism

Alexander Hay
2 days ago

#ArwaMahdawi asks: "#Twitter’s #Rightwing takeover is complete. Why are #Liberals still on it?"

"...There is no pretending any more that Twitter is anything other than a #FarRight social network headed by a CEO who revels in chaos and is platforming extremism. So why are #News organisations still on it? Why is anyone who considers themselves to have liberal values still on it?"

#Media #Fascism #Musk #SocialMedia

2 days ago

Luring men on the internet with snark and drinking their tears.

#tears #cry #tech #socialmedia

Async Kyle
2 days ago

I’m happy to announce that I’m a Partner at along with @mike.

We are dedicated to offering businesses and organizations 360° #Fediverse Social Media consulting and hosting services.

Follow my account at @kyle to stay up to date on news about our company.

#Fedible #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Marketing #Consultants

It seems to me that the people who are left on #Reddit and #Twitter are the most aggressive and rude users. There's a kind of civility-drain going on, as #edgelords fill the content vacuum left by mindful people who are finally getting driven away by the unmoderated pit. The old #socialMedia giants are the new #4chan. We didn't kill #kiwifarms, we just ceded territory to them.

Ian Robinson
3 days ago

This skit from Lachlan Peterson is magnificent. Do you feel seen? I do 😂🥰😂

#Comedy #SocialMedia

John Refior
3 days ago

Is Facebook too big to fail?

They can spread conspiracy theories that elect Trump and inspire school shooters, and hundreds of millions of people just keep using them (or billions? really?)

(Including WhatsApp and Instagram)
#meta #facebook #instagram #whatsapp #SocialMedia

Chart from Wikipedia page showing 2.9 billion users on Facebook, 2 billion on WhatsApp, 1.5 billion on Instagram. Page says source is Statista.
Statista chart showing 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook
What the blockbuster series Succession tells us about the media world we live in. Plus, Indian reporters under pressure.
Succession: When fact and fantasy collide
Martin Holland
3 days ago

**Mit der Freiheit in den Untergang**

Seit #ElonMusk #Twitter übernommen hat, hat die Vielfalt des deutschsprachigen Twitters abgenommen. Die rechte Bubble hingegen twittert mehr als zuvor. #VogelRIP

"Vergleichsweise kleine Bubbles werden durchschnittlich noch kleiner – und twittern weniger.

Im April 2023 hat die Bubble, die aus vorwiegend rechten Accounts besteht, 64 Prozent mehr #Tweets veröffentlicht als im April 2021."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #Analyse

Tech Professor
3 days ago

Today logged into my #mastodon account on web and revoked all the past sessions and also revoked complete access given to many apps that I have tried in last two months! #privacy #onlineprivacy #mastodonapps #technology #socialmedia

From this point on I will be referring to #Web2 #socialMedia corpos as #normieMedia


heise online
4 days ago

Kalifornien: Tech-Konzerne sollen für Medieninhalte zahlen, Meta droht wieder

In Kalifornien könnte es bald vorgeschrieben werden, dass soziale Netze für Artikel und Meldungen bezahlen, die dort geteilt werden. Meta droht direkt wieder.

#Alphabet #Facebook #Google #Journalismus #SocialMedia #news

4 days ago

👆 Ich komme auf diesen Rückschluss weil für uns pro. Anwender:Innen das nutzen von anderen spezieller #ActivityPup als normal vorkommt.

In der breiten alg. Masse wird dies anders gesehen oder nicht verstanden. Deswegen benötigt dies meiner #Meinung nach simpleren Einstieg. Gelernt was das alles ist wird mit der Zeit 😉

Abgesehen davon, es gibt sicherlich cooleres für einige als dieses #Mastodon #SocialMedia und es ist oool zu sehen was es da noch wie zu nutzen mit welchen Funktionen gibt! 😊

4 days ago

Ich bin der #Meinung, dass für das Vorstellen von #ActivityPub der Fokus auf #Mastodon sein soll! 🤓

Wenn wir den Menschen zeigen wollen, dass #SocialMedia auch "faktiv" sein kann und dich zB auf #Infos & #News etc. konzentrieren kann. Da soll da schon was konkretes vorgeführt werden.

Die Menschen müssen noch auf den #decentral Umgang "geschuhlt" werden und da ist für eine #Motivierung mit simplen Vortrag das effektiefste 🤷‍♂️


Lydia Conwell
4 days ago

See, there's this blog post from #AnotherAngryVoice about circumventing #Facebook #algorithms

But all the tips are things the reader/follower is supposed to do. Nowhere does it mention how the writer/commentator can also diversify by joining the #fediverse and then hopefully being able to leave #corporate #SocialMedia for good!

NefariousSocial :verified:
4 days ago

NefariousSocial wishes all of its current and future clients* a happy Pride Month full of lucrative advertising campaigns exploiting the struggles of marginalized peoples for profit.

*Past clients have been dealt with.

#SocialMedia #EMarketing #AdTargeting #CorporatePride #Nefarious

Just some happy smiling LGBTQIA+ people.

Keywords: pride month, pride flag, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqia, pride month advertising, pride campaign, ROI, how to cash in on pride
Async Kyle
4 days ago

I’m currently looking for a new job. My current one is a drain on my mental health and anxiety that it can’t keep on.

I have experience in both the social media, seo/internet marketing and IT/development sectors. If anyone knows of anyone that is hiring I would appreciate the help and connection. I would be forever grateful.

PLS boost for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse.

#NewJob #JobSearch #NeedAJob #FediJobs #IT #SocialMedia #Developer

The Conversation U.S.
4 days ago

From the milk crate challenge to the Tide pod challenge, social media challenges have grown ever more dangerous, leading to serious injuries and occasionally deaths.

Here’s some tips from clinical psychologists, including what you can do to protect kids from these trends:

#socialmedia #parenting

Chris Pirillo
4 days ago

After reviewing hundreds (?) of possible open #community roles, I can tell you with a great degree of confidence that they're not asking for community help at all. These roles seem to be conflated with both #marketing as well as (to a larger degree) #socialmedia.

Three. Different. Disciplines.

I give up.

DAME Magazine
4 days ago

"Bowing to the whims of bigots and fascists never satisfies them; given an inch, they will take not just miles but light years."

@andreagrimes on if in the ever expanding #socialmedia landscape there can ever be an actual safe space where trolls and bigots aren't capitulated to by the company founders.

Metin Seven
5 days ago

Almost forgot that I've got a BlueSky account. In case you're there as well, my account is

Don't know if I'll use it a lot though, as there's no desktop / Web client yet, and I love Mastodon. ❤️

#bluesky #social #SocialMedia #media

Toni Aittoniemi
5 days ago

All the #tech parents I know, and I’m one of them, run a very strict control regime on their own kids around #socialmedia and #screentime.

How are the parents who don’t understand how addictive tech runs circles around the #developing #brain of their kids supposed to be up to the task?

Conservative forces like to say it’s up to the parents, but isn’t that more like saying ”survival of the fittest”? I understand it’ll give the kids of already rich a leg up, so maybe it all makes sense.

Ricardo Harvin
5 days ago

#ActivityPub / #Fediverse / #Mastodon #federation: 21st century #WebRing technology for #SocialMedia


Gotta say I'm loving late-stage #Web2 where they start to atrophy by eating the third parties that made them successful in the first place.

This is why we #Web3

#reddit #twitter #facebook #google #socialmedia #api

I think I am just about done with #Mastodon. It was a (not) fun little experiment. I don't know why I thought that it would be safer for #Muslims, but the #fediverse has turned out to be exactly the same as every other corner of the Internet. #SocialMedia is like the USA. No #SafeSpace for Muslims, and if we complain, then we're part of the problem. #Allyships also run only one way here. Folks cry for us to support them, but refuse to support us in return. #MastodonSoWhite #MastodonSoBigoted

Toni Aittoniemi
5 days ago

US Surgeon General: ”There is no evidence that social media is safe for kids”

A refrshingly pragmatic conversation that does not just go around the issues.

Personally, I would remove ”like” button mechanics and follow counters from users under 16. And mandate strong age verification. By law.

Yeah, sorry, but parents just aren’t up to the task of changing how addictive software design and chilhood development interact!

#socialmedia #children #podcast

heise online
6 days ago

Halbes Jahr nach Elon Musks Übernahme: Twitter ist nur noch ein Drittel wert

Elon Musk hat 44 Milliarden US-Dollar für Twitter bezahlt, ein Teil der Summe kam von Geldgebern. Einer hat den Wert der eigenen Beteiligung nun erneut gesenkt.

#ElonMusk #SocialMedia #Twitter #news

Elon Musks Profil vor dem Twitter-Logo
6 days ago


IMO, the Surgeon General's scaremongering over kids and social media is part of an anti-encryption push by world authorities.

If the powers that be convince the public that social media harms kids, they can establish a system where internet users must identify themselves under the guise of proving they're not children.

#SurgeonGeneral #Kids #Children #SocialMedia #MentalHealth #Encryption

1 week ago

"To keep us addicted, many of the websites and apps we use fuel the same neural circuitry used by cocaine and slot machines.
But RSS feeds allow you to consume content in a way that's free from any distractions or sneaky cocaine strategies.

They allow you to see only the content you want to read right there in the feed, in its entirety, and without all the fancy ads or triggering comments."

#RSS #OpenRSS #SocialMedia #MediaConsumption #MentalHealth

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 week ago

@ct_bergstrom Musk simply wanted to let his patient victims on the rotting birdsite know, who's their Adolf.

#Mastodon #FreeSpeech #Freedom #Democracy #Community #Fairness #SocialMedia #MuskSucks #Histrionic

1 week ago
Roni Laukkarinen
1 week ago

Is the future of microblogging divided between Twitter, Mastodon(/Calckey/Akkoma/etc.) and Bluesky in the future? It certainly looks like it.

#SocialMedia #Centralized #Decentralized #Fediverse #Bluesky #Blueskysocial #Twitter #Mastodon