aj (she/her)
1 day ago

There's something so frustrating as a scholar who keeps up with current events to be so concerned about some social crisis currently happening -- that has been happening for years and is already known to be endangering lives -- And then to see next to nothing about it on research databases. 🤨

What are we doing here? How many more re-hashings of Focault do we have to have before we start turning some collective energy towards some unexplored and pertinent puzzles?

#Sociology #AcademicMastodon

aj (she/her)
1 day ago

#Trans people have been vocal for years/decades about anti-trans content creators online and their impact on legislation, violence, and the well-being of trans people.

#Sociology under-investigates anti-trans rhetoric online as a modern social crisis, lacking tools for concrete acknowledgement and intervention. Transphobic tweets are statistically modeled, but major anti-trans content creators can run free to be non-consensually intimate with trans lives online.

Call it out!

Nicole Blanchett
2 days ago

Hot off the press! The paper I presented at the #BIPJRP2023 conference, written with @claudiamellado, Colette Brin, Sama Nemat Allah & Cheryl Vallender is now out:

Is it us or them? The challenge of getting journalists to participate in academic research

#journalism #sociology

Seth Abrutyn
2 days ago

Just running this back on a quiet Friday morning...are you contaminated? A contaminant? Afraid of being contaminated? A master in the art of aversive defensive tactics?

#sociology @sociologists_list

2 days ago

A sociologist practicing #ageism is no sociologist at all.


Birds Books and Bullshit
4 days ago

Pager's white auditors who reported no criminal record got a 34% callback rate, and her white auditors who reported a criminal record had a 17% callback rate. The black auditors she used, with very similar resumes, had a 14% callback rate when they did not report a criminal record. […] Only 5% of black applicants reporting a criminal record received callback interviews.

–How Fascism Works

#Books #Quotes #Racism #Black #White #Jobs #Crime #Justice #Science #Society #Sociology

Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
4 days ago


Social Science 🌈 🦄 👍

When I think about social science I get an association to #Sociology.

What do you think about or what association/associations do you get when thinking about Social Science?

Philip N Cohen
4 days ago

Michael Dougherty @doughertyorama reports this resolution has passed the faculty senate at the University of Vermont:
#openaccess #openscience @academicchatter #sociology #Academia

Humans and AI can coexist peacefully, according to a sociologist. He argues that we need to overcome our biases and fears and embrace the potential of AI to improve our lives. He also suggests that we learn from other social movements fighting for justice and equality.

#AI #humanity #sociology

Emily Fox
5 days ago

Our survey on friendships, sexual and romantic relationships closes soon (5/31)!

If you're 18+ in the US (& especially if you're #asexual / #aromantic / #queer),
my collaborators (Canton Winer at UCI and Hannah Tessler at Yale) and I would love to include your perspective in our study.


#sociology #socialscience #sexuality #lgbtq #aro #ace #relationships #friendship #research #survey @sociology

Tan flier with title in a blue bubble, “Seeking Research Participants to Take Survey on Relationships”. Text on the middle left of the flier says “We are sociologists studying how adults in the U.S. understand and experience their friendships, romantic relationships, and sexual relationships (as applicable).” Text in an orange bubble includes a QR code to the survey and a URL link to survey: At the bottom right, there is text that says, “Participant requirements: 18+ years old, currently living in the United States, you do not need experience with all relationship types.” There are also Twitter handles @CantonWiner @TesslerHannah @Fox_EmilyC at the very bottom of the flier. There is a graphic with four people smiling with their arms around each other at the bottom left.
Miguel Afonso Caetano
5 days ago

#Generations #Sociology #SocialSciences: "Here’s a short overview of how we’ll approach generational research in the future:

We’ll only do generational analysis when we have historical data that allows us to compare generations at similar stages of life. When comparing generations, it’s crucial to control for age. In other words, researchers need to look at each generation or age cohort at a similar point in the life cycle. (“Age cohort” is a fancy way of referring to a group of people who were born around the same time.)

When doing this kind of research, the question isn’t whether young adults today are different from middle-aged or older adults today. The question is whether young adults today are different from young adults at some specific point in the past.

To answer this question, it’s necessary to have data that’s been collected over a considerable amount of time – think decades. Standard surveys don’t allow for this type of analysis. We can look at differences across age groups, but we can’t compare age groups over time."

José Manuel Barros
5 days ago

In recent decades, the concept of #Aesthetics has changed considerably, due to contributions from fields such as #Anthropology, #Sociology and #philosophy Even in political studies, aesthetics is beginning to be seen from points of view that are very different from those based on "beauty". Three very different and interesting examples:

➡️ "Existential Aesthetics" by Hans Maes (2022)

➡️ "Aesthetics and World Politics" by Roland Bleiker (2009).

➡️ "Aesthetics of the Everyday" by Yuriko Saito (2019).


Cover of the book "Everyday Aesthetics" by Yuriko Saito.
Philip N Cohen
6 days ago

Nice. Pew Research Center has release a set of articles on "generation" labeling. Suitable for ignoring if you're in the click business, interesting for researchers and responsible journalists:
5 things to keep in mind:
How Pew will use #generations
A methods primer on age-period-cohort:
#socialscience #sociology

Miguel A. Martínez
6 days ago
6 days ago

This episode of #Mindscarpe #podcast was surprisingly interesting!

237 | Brooke Harrington on Offshore Wealth as a Complex System – Sean Carroll

#economy #taxes #wealth #science #sociology

Alex Miller-Noe :verified:
6 days ago

#savethedate #FediCampus
Am 06.07. findet das interdisziplinäre a.r.t.e.s forum 2023 im Seminargebäude der Uni Köln statt. Es geht um die Frage danach, wie wir mit Umgebungen umgehen, die unsere Lebensgrundlagen und Lebensweisen in Frage stellen. Das diesjährige Forum, an dem Forscher aus den Bereichen #archaeology , #architecture, #musicology, #literarystudies, #theology, #bioengineering und #sociology teilnehmen, 1/2

Auf dem Bild steht eine Frau auf einer von runden grauen Wänden umgebenen Treppe, die Arme gehoben. Oberhalb des Lochs, in dem sie steht, werden Pflanzengrün und Bäume sichtbar, teils in das Loch hängend. Das Bild ist von einem türkisfarbenen, transparenten Kreis gerahmt. Im unteren Teil des Bilds steht der Tagungstitel: "a.r.t.e.s. forum 2023 challenging surroundings"
Antonio Santos 🇵🇹
6 days ago

Online extremism linked to rise in school shootings in Brazil, researchers find. After a rise in shootings, an all-woman group is advising the new Brazilian government on how to deal with radicalization online. #Sociology #SocialMedia

Diego Pappalardo
6 days ago

Hi! I'm looking for #books to help me understand #people , #humans and #society . Yes, I sometimes go on crusades like that 😉
So far I got me a few books by #spinoza and #Thoreau , plus a couple of introductions to #sociology . Anything else you'd like to recommend? Don't forget: I'm just starting...

Precision: to avoid any confusion, I'm talking philosophy, sociology and psychology...

Dave Muth
1 week ago

@marcoserino @avielroshwald Welcome! I relish #Science and #Sociology. Combined with communication, life has meaning.

1 week ago

I hope someone is studying the trend in kids' birthday party invitations saying, "No gifts please".

Is it universal? Are there differences in wealth/class/location/politics/race/culture/...?

When did it start? Is it new or more popular?

What are the causes? Effects?

It it new to me (but then having kids is new to me), I love it and I hope it says all the good things I've been reading into it.

#sociology #anthropology #economics #polisci #socialsciencekitchensink

Félicien Breton
1 week ago

"The #technical phenomenon is the preoccupation of the vast majority of people of our time to seek in all things, the absolutely most efficient method".

Wrote Jacques #Ellul in his book "Le Système technicien".
#efficiency #technocriticism #ethics #sociology #engineering #quotes #AI #ChatGPT #digitalisation #philosophy #ethicalAI #AIEthics #technology #tech #stochasticParrots #generativeAI

1 week ago
Philip N Cohen
1 week ago

Despite a sample size of only ~23 victims per year, the relationship of sexually assaulted women to their attackers in the National Crime Victimization Survey is very consistent: About 23% strangers, 39% acquaintances, and 29% intimates (weighted).
#rape #sexualassault #crime #sociology #gender

Philip N Cohen
1 week ago

In the US 2021, among homicides with perpetrators known to police, 2.5-times as many women as men were killed by intimate partners. Or, 43% percent of women who were murdered were killed by intimate partners, compared with 7% of men. Female victims were 71% of intimate partner homicides.
#ipv #gender #violence #sociology

Figure showing this table:
	Women	Men
Family (excluding intimate parters)	284	559
Current or former intimate partner	853	345
Other relationship	576	2757
Stranger	269	1461
Understanding Society
1 week ago

Meso-foundational explanations

Analytical sociologists give primacy to microfoundational explanations of social facts. I suggest that it is equally legitimate to seek out "meso-foundational" explanations (based on causal mechanisms for a social fact at the meso level), and even "macro-foundational" explanations. The examples imply that there is no “up” and “down” when it comes to explanatory primacy. Microfoundations have no special priority.

#philosophy #sociology

Félicien Breton
1 week ago

To say "You are right" is to issue a patent of #conformity.
Jacques Ellul explains it well (in French): #philosophy #technocriticism #trust #inclusion #security #sociology

Black-and-white portrait photograph of a man in a beret (Jacques Ellul) against a library background
broVbro 🇺🇲
1 week ago

Does the fact that prisoners in the nazi concentration camps would gather and share music and poetry, often original works, undermine Malthus' Hierarchy of Needs? [correction: Maslow not Malthus] Whether you view the artistic expression as a means of community connection or self-actualization, according to Malthus, it should fall well after the physical and safety needs that were not satisfied. #philosophy #sociology

Heloise Berkowitz
1 week ago

We're very excited with @devivijay to officially launch #PeerCommunityInOrganizationStudies next week the latest born #openscience initiative from #PCI @pciorgstudies
Join us for some #community based #preprint recommendation :)

all disciplines dealing with #ork #organizing and #organizations are welcome !

So far mostly #management #economics #sociology but we also seek more colleagues from #anthropology #history and more !

1 week ago

I have to wonder if in some future time, all of our modern economic order will be reclassified as a variant of slash and burn farming taken to a global scale.

certainly the financialization of economies has resulted in behavior reminiscent of pirates, raiders or pillagers, not farming communities

#anthropology #sociology

1 week ago

One thing I wish I had expressed more clearly, is that a dependency on child labor for survival within a family replicates the motivation in agrarian societies for larger families.

Without mechanization, children expand production for the parents. They help with food gathering and growing. Now we have mechanization AND the necessity for child labor. welcome to the desert of the real.

#sociology #anthropology

Richard Shaw
1 week ago

What are the best references on why "higher" and "lower" should ideally not be used in relation to socio-economic position and that terms such as advantaged and disadvantaged should be used instead?

#PublicHealth #Sociology

Sociological Focus
1 week ago

A study by Breauna Marie Spencer contrasts experiences of Black and White men in STEM graduate programs. Both advocate for themselves in navigating challenges, but for different reasons. #Sociology #racism #college #academics #qualitativeResearch

Philip N Cohen
1 week ago

Five new features in the Spring @ContextsMag - free downloads for a month. @sociology #sociology

Telesma Blooorb
1 week ago

#Introduction 2,000.0

Hi again! I'm Blrb. Telesma Blooorb, B.O., U.T., F.E.

My human host is Rachel Nelson whose face appears in the avatar. She's away on an extended project, but I'm here.

We're really into:

#ufos #paranormal #anomalous #anomalies #preternatural #psychology #nocturnallights #folklore #sociology #religion #podcasting #orbs #blue #nature #ecology #wildlife #ghosts #magic #magick #spirits #being #trans #cycling #entities #good #things #space #science #and #other #topics

José Manuel Barros
1 week ago

One of the thinkers who has influenced me most is the sociologist John Law, one of the creators of Actor-network theory, along with Bruno Latour, among others. I especially like his book "After Method" (2004), very influenced by the amazing work of Annemarie Mol (especially her "The Body Multiple"). For those who want to know more about Law, I recommend his website There is a lot of very interesting material (papers, projects, etc.).

How to study the messiness of social realities? ➡️ "I want to argue that while standard methods are often extremely good at what they do, they are badly adapted
to the study of the ephemeral, the indefinite and the irregular".

#Sociology #JohnLaw #ANT #Method

Cover of the book "After Method. Mess in Social Science Research" by John Law.
Mark Tisdale
2 weeks ago

For the moment I'm mainly copying over my #Introduction post from my old account but given there's more space on Calckey I'll probably re-write the whole thing before long.

Hi, I’m Mark - live in a small rural
#Georgia town - until last year I was caring full time for my mother who has advanced dementia (she is in a nursing home 400 feet from my front door now). I’m a #digitalartist and love it. My degree is in #sociology though. And in a former life I was a #ProjectManager in a dark and dreary cube. LOL

Among my fan loves are
#StarTrek #Transformers and #DoctorWho - just the highlights. If it's kind of geeky there's a decent chance I read, watched, etc. whatever it may be. Or would like the recommendation. 😃

I only recently came out to myself as being part of the
#LGBTQIA family. I will repost the longer version of this from my old account as well but the Cliff's notes is I consider myself to be on the #Asexual spectrum and #OmniRomantic - still sort of new to all this so patience please! 🚧 ❤️

Jeffrey Yost
2 weeks ago

Please check out
excellent new article "The Dangers of Ethical AI in Healthcare" just published in Interfaces: Essays and Reviews in Computing and Culture!!!

#aibias #ai #MachineLearning #medicalcomputing #sociology #history #largelangaugemodels #llm #tech #science #medicine #healthcare #patients

Philip N Cohen
2 weeks ago

The first release of the 2022 General Social Survey is now available. There are important caveats as the survey adapts to new modes of administration, and they conducted some experiments. Take these cautions seriously!
#sociology #gss

Gabrielle 🌸 she/they/fae
2 weeks ago

Since I'm new to Calckey, looks like it's time for an introduction!

—About Me—

💜 Name: Gabrielle

🪪 Age: 25

​:bhjflag_blm_small:​ Ethnicity: Biracial-Black/white

​:bhjflag_pansexual:​ Gender/Sexuality: Nonbinary/Pansexual

🏳️‍🌈 Pronouns: she/they/fae

🏡 Location: New England, USA

🎓Degree: BA in Sociology (2019)

🌹Political Views: Leftist, Intersectional Feminist

🙏 Religion: Neo-Orphic Polytheist

☀️ Sun Sign: Gemini

🔢 Enneagram: 4w5

​:mastodon:​ Mastodon:

—Topics of Interest—

☆Gothic Literature

Thank you for reading!
#Religion #occult #occultism #horror #magick #pagan #polytheism #orphism #orphic #OrphicMysteries #philosophy #introduction #queer #Sociology #feminism

2 weeks ago

A sleek, modern typeface has become known as "the unofficial font of gentrification."

The Neutraface font, introduced in 2002, has been especially favored for house numbers. The clean lines are stylish and legible at a distance, and have been spotted in U.S neighborhoods from coast to coast, especially where there is a lot of construction and renovation.

"The Gentrification Font: How a sleek typeface became a neighborhood omen"

#typography #gentrification #sociology

Philip N Cohen
2 weeks ago

#Family #Sociology Final Exam bonus question

Richard M. Carpiano, PhD, MPH
2 weeks ago

New paper on income and health by David Brady, Michaela Curran, and me in Demographic Research...

A test of the predictive validity of relative versus absolute income for self-reported health and well-being in the United States
#medsoc #sociology #hiap #PublicHealth #PopHealth #epidemiology

Philip N Cohen
2 weeks ago

Among assault victims age 70+, women are much more likely to be assaulted by spouse/partner/relative, while men are more likely to be assaulted by strangers or unknown assailants. Overall, victims coming into ERs are 58% male.
#nowyouknow #IPV #familyviolence #gender #sociology @familyresearch

2 weeks ago

For the sci fi minded out there, here's a dystopic idea, one consequence of child labor is it restores the motivation for larger families. Large families are valuable in agrarian societies because children are productive capacity and social security and tribe or clan wealth and defense. I don't know if the rich fucks think this way, but imagine this as their labor /economic model. . #politics #economics #anthropology #sociology

Leftist UU
2 weeks ago

It's interesting trying to outline a sociological (#sociology) while presently out of a university and thus digging into databases to help the outline (particularly this involves several fields like material engineering and archival practice that I don't know much about). Thankfully I'll be near #Stanford soon and the Green Library does allow the general public to enter. Probably going to spend two full days there.

@sociology #socialscience #research #outline #writing #data #academia

Seth Abrutyn
2 weeks ago
Leftist UU
2 weeks ago

So I've written a foreword draft and outlined the first couple chapters of a short book, tentatively called "Post-Apocalyptic Sociology." Someone said it was "retrohistorical archeology." I consider it a meditation on how today, as humankind holds the corpus of all history, literature, survey date, etc.- we face the same issue as every age before us.

Namely, how do we keep this alive for future generations, and if we were to put ourselves in the shoes of future (or far future) social scientists, how can we make it so they can conduct the kind of research we would want to do?

We can evaluate prior generations' attempts to do this, whether explicitly #propaganda or good-faith attempts that have had their effective strengths and maddening shortcomings.

Attached is the (very rough) foreword, which I wrote mostly on Friday to just have it down so I can start doing some outlining and figure out what #library access and databases I need to use.

#sociology #research #socialscience #future #archeology #history @sociology

Seth Abrutyn
2 weeks ago

Just got the proofs for this exciting chapter in the Handbook on the Sociology of Morality (v2). A chapter on #children and #youth, #morality, and #ontogeny, it explores the paucity of research on youth morality in sociology and suggests some paths forward.

#sociology @sociologists_list

Alex Afouxenidis
2 weeks ago

Any colleague out there who would like to peer review an article we just received:

"From Allies to Adversaries: the Potential Impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis on Russian-Indian Relations"

I would be very much obliged! Please send me a message

Thank you!

@academicchatter @sociology @internationalrelations #politics #sociology #PeerReview

Europe’s Moral Crusader Lays Down the Law on Encryption.
Ylva Johansson is on a personal mission to make the internet safer for children. Her opponents say her plans would wreck online privacy. #Sociology

🥳 The final numbers are in!

⭐ During April:
▪️ 13,949 learned about consent by visiting our sites
▪️ 1,274 people played our consent games

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Although April has ended you are still welcome to learn about consent with our free award-winning video games!


#Consent #VideoGames #PublicHealth #Education #IndieGame #Sociology #SAAM #Prevention #nonprofit @stopTDV @gamingagainstv @susanne @crecente @edutooters

Images from four consent games are shown: ADRIFT, How to Blorrble Blobble, Crossing Boundaries, and Stuck in a Dark Place.

"Consent Games for a Variety of Ages"
"Six free games about consent"
"No ads. No in-app purchases. No Tracking."
"From the 'Gaming Against Violence' program by 'Jennifer Ann's Group', a nonprofit charity."
Marc Moelders
3 weeks ago

Not really #newhere but new @JGU Mainz, joined the team “media sociology | social theory” in May. See intro for details.

Barely in my mid-40s and already a permanent position.

Kaum Mitte 40 und schon eine unbefristete Stelle.

#academicchatter #ichwarHanna
#jgu #jgumainz #sociology #soziologie

3 weeks ago

I've been writing and sharing thoughts for a while about how we can realise who we are, and who each other are, in order to transform the way we think about ourselves, our communities, our societies, our cultures. Our futures.

Every ideal that I have been writing about finds its practical realisation in this film.

#hope #joy #humanity #society #future #love #sociology #community #philosophy #unity #friends #world #solutions #positivity #goodnews #oneness #life #bahai

What's it to you?
3 weeks ago

#musing #sociology

Does humor have a frequency of representation, and can it be related to the health of a community?

Like, we've had that behavioral quirk since before we walked upright, but how has that affected the development of communities on the macro scale?

If I walk down every street and forum in a city, how often does one see an intentional display of humor?

Can this then be correlated with other sociological factors? And across cultural regions?

Philip N Cohen
4 weeks ago

All of 2023's US family massacres (through April), in headlines. (Students often complain my class material is too subtle.)
#familyviolence #sociology

Leftist UU
4 weeks ago

What's a work of #sociology that's fairly old but not "classical" (Durkheim, Weber, Marx, etc) that holds up well and you recommend? #theory #research #socialscience #books


Kris Inwood
4 weeks ago

1930s Chinese female sociologists Zhou Shuzhao, Liu Qingyu & Xu Huifang theorized that social conditions rather than biology shaped the crimes of women, according to Stephanie Montgomery who reconstructs their intellectual contributions in a new Social Science History article
@sociology @politicalscience @anthropology @economics @econhist @geography @criminology #history #histodons #China #crime #sociology #women #ChicagoSchool #biology #criminalization #SocialReform

Rabi'a Elizabeth
4 weeks ago

#TIL ...

"Early #Afrikaans developed as a pidgin from both #Dutch and #Malay. Its writing, pioneered mainly by religious teachers of Malay origin, was in the #Arabic script. Over time, the script was modified in parts to suit the needs of spoken Afrikaans. Arabic was the script of early Afrikaans from the 18th century. The first two written texts in Afrikaans were commentaries on the Qu'ran, their publication funded by the #Ottoman empire."

Why does this matter?

"Research on the written tradition in #Africa is relatively recent. Part of the reason lies in the wide acceptance of two assumptions: that Africa is an oral civilization, and that the literature written in Arabic is not part of African civilization."

"Reading Ibn Khaldun in #Kampala", Mahmood Mamdani, Journal of Historical #Sociology Volume 30, Issue 1: Ibn Khaldun - Theory and Methodology. March 2017, pages 1-106.

Jyoti Mishra
4 weeks ago


I’m Jyoti and I’m a professional musician. This song is my only claim to fame:

I’m a
#singersongwriter, #producer and #label. I love helping people out with #proaudio / #recording / #synthesizer / #DAW problems so please just ask. I also write for #SoundOnSound magazine

My actual degree is in
#Sociology, specifically #Ethnomethodology and my final was an #Ethnography of #AltCulture

I’m also very much into
#photography, #sciencefiction, #films, #tv

Philip N Cohen
4 weeks ago

Women do more childcare at home than men do by being more likely to live with children, and also by doing more work when they live together. Combining these, women do 67% of the primary #childcare activities at home with children under age 6 (US, 2021). Here's the activity breakdown:
#gender #sociology #nowyouknow

Giselinde Kuipers
4 weeks ago

Gripe du jour: #ASA #sociology. I just declined membership of the editoral board of Sociological Theory. Love the journal, very honored, excellent editor, but I couldn't join unless I became an ASA member.

now I'm fine with providing state state-subsidized and/free labor for the discipline and even publishers , but paying $300 per year to do so is a bit bizarre.

Apart from the ASA issue, we REALLY need to rethink publishing practices.

Seth Abrutyn
4 weeks ago

One of my alltime faves tackles a Durkheimian mystery: what exactly is altruistic suicide and is it a relic of traditional societies? Durkheim famously saw disintegration as the consequence of modernity, & the social root of most ills. Older societies, characterized by ascribed status, slow-changing shared culture, and a web of kin relations was protective, he reasoned.

#sociology @sociologists_list

Alex Afouxenidis
1 month ago

#Digitalisation, Unpaid #Labour and Anganwadi Services

Child malnourishment has been a long-standing reality in #India. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) (2019-21), the proportion of children who suffered from stunting (low weight for their age) was 35.5 per cent and child wasting (low weight for their height) was about 19.3 per cent.
#sociology @sociology

Philip N Cohen
1 month ago

The US is down more than 200,000 childcare workers from 2019 (-17.5%). No increase in the last two years.
#nowyouknow #childcare #family #sociology #gender

Alexander Karn
1 month ago

Discussion w family member today re political violence and right-wing ideology. People assume that only uneducated and intellectually inferior people can be captured by #propaganda. But authoritarian and fascist movements attract plenty of intelligent people. Why? Because they offer relief from complexity and ambiguity. Because they distill a complex world into a handful of simple maxims. Fascism steadies the dizzy and disoriented. #politics #democracy #fascism #sociology


Hallo! I'm Jyoti! -> My actual degree is in #Sociology, specifically #Ethnomethodology and my final was an #Ethnography of #AltCulture

I’m also very much into #photography, #sciencefiction, #films, #tv

Nice to meet you!

Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago

On that note, I do wonder about the impact of (eventually?) all social media sites operating on the same network on context collapse.

#fediverse #SocialMedia #ContextCollapse #sociology #psychology

Philip N Cohen
1 month ago

I understand that the Sociological Research Assiciation is Very Important but if people are going to brag about membership on their CVs I'm going to need to see a website, public membership list, and other signs of legitimacy.
#sociology @sociology

Woman Spent 500 Days Isolated in a Cave And It Completely Messed With Her Sense of Time #FutureOfWork #Sociology

Beatriz Flamini emerges from Los Gauchos cave, near Motril on 14 April 2023. (Jorge Guerrero/AFP)

Computational sociologists! Our annual #ASA Computational Sociology Happy Hour will be part of the Math Soc reception (joint with Methods & several other sections) this year at Tir Na Nog in Philly on Sat (8/19) from 6:30-9:30p. We will gather in our own room; join us! #ASA23

PS: Anyone know if any ASA sections are on Mastodon?

#sociology #sociodon @sociology

Benjamin Geer
1 month ago

Hello! In my academic career I mainly studied the #history of intellectuals and #nationalism in #Egypt. I've also worked in #digitalhumanities, developing technology for digital critical editions. I now work as a software developer. I'm especially interested in the #sociology of #climate, #migration, and #inequality. #introduction

Emily Fox
1 month ago

We're looking for more #men to take our #sociology #research #survey on relationships!

Others (18+ in US) are still welcome to participate. Survey takes 10-20 minutes, link with more info:

Please share widely, especially with men you know — my collaborators (Canton Winer at UCI and Hannah Tessler at Yale) and I would really appreciate it.


Light green flier with title in a blue bubble, “Seeking Men to Take Research Survey on Relationships”. Text on the middle left of the flier says “We are sociologists studying how adults in the U.S. understand and experience their friendships, romantic relationships, and sexual relationships (as applicable). We currently have a lot of respondents who aren’t men and want to ensure men’s perspectives are thoroughly documented as well!” Text in an orange bubble includes a QR code to the survey and a URL link to survey: At the bottom right, there is text that says, “Participant requirements: 18+ years old, currently living in the United States, you do not need experience with all relationship types.” There are also Twitter handles @CantonWiner @TesslerHannah @Fox_EmilyC at the very bottom of the flier. There is a graphic with four people smiling with their arms around each other at the bottom left.

One person who had a front-row seat for this transformation was Wendy Li, a PhD candidate in #sociology at #UWisconsin, who served in the USTR's office from 2015-17, and who leveraged her contacts among officials and lobbyists (and ex-lobbyists turned officials and vice-versa) to produce a fascinating, ethnographic account of a very specific form of #RegulatoryCapture.


Mark Igra
1 month ago

Does anyone have a list of #sociology or other social science journals with active RSS feeds? If so would it be useful & fair to set up mastodon feeds using this code from @dave ?

Kristen Olson
1 month ago

My fantastic UNL #Sociology colleague Kelsy Burke's new #book, The Pornography Wars, comes out next week.

Preorder your copy - it's worth it.

Don't believe me? Read this review in The Atlantic!

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
1 month ago

...OK, I ended up sending this to #ASASociology council just now. Interested to see what they say!

cc people who've responded to posts about this: @pamelaoliver @jonathanhorowi1 @WeedenKim @philipncohen @fetner

#sociology #sociolodon

Dear members of ASA Council,

Hi! Thank you for your service in what I'm sure is a rather thankless task.

I'm writing because the third proposed bylaws amendment in the upcoming ASA election strikes me as being problematic, and | was curious what the discussion about it has been like. My starting point is a pretty strong opinion that this bylaws change would be a mistake, but I'm quite genuinely open to changing my mind!

The amendment in question is the one that would limit the member resolution process to public policy statements, rather than anything related to ASA as an organization (and, perhaps, larger disciplinary matters; that part seems ambiguous). Let me just say that | do understand the challenges that member resolutions (or other forms of direct democracy by a much wider group than is involved in day-to-day decisions) can pose for organizations, particularly complex organizations like ASA that employ a sizable staff, own property, sign major contracts with conference venues and publishers many years in advance, and so forth. Member micromanagement would have the potential to be a genuine and serious problem (although I'm not sure if there's any history of it at ASA). But even so, the idea that operational decisions in a membership organization should *only* be made by fiduciaries strikes me as quite wrong.
Here are some examples of possible ASA member resolutions that would be precluded by this amendment (some were suggested to me by others):

- ASA should hire a data editor to check replication packages of quant articles accepted in ASA journals

- implementing more progressive author publication charges at Socius

- creating a new fellowship

- capping member dues or imposing a new ceiling on dues for contingent faculty, grad students, etc

- directing ASA to create a process to seriously explore changes like a hybrid annual meeting, alternating in-person with online meetings, etc

- move additional ASA journals toward open access

- let sections have listservs again
(On that last example: I'm not sure what the timeline or process behind this proposed bylaws change has been; | do know that there was discussion on social media last fall about members potentially organizing a member resolution calling for individual ASA sections to have the option to run a listserv in place of, or alongside, ASA Connect. Because the member resolution process is already sharply constrained -- resolutions have to be organized on a calendar year basis, and need to be signed by three percent of ASA's voting members in one calendar year in order to be potentially placed on the next calendar year's ballot -- the online discussion concluded that a resolution should be organized in 2023, for the 2024 ballot. This bylaws amendment would preclude that, of course; | don't know whether or not this public discussion had any relationship to this amendment being proposed.)

Whatever one thinks about the merits of any of these ideas, they do strike me as being highly appropriate for ASA membership to pursue through member resolutions if members felt so moved. | would be grateful for your thoughts about that, including any angles to this question that | may be missing.


Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
1 month ago

Members of #ASASociology Council, I'd love to know more about what the discussion on this has been like. I'm coming at this with a strong opinion that it's a mistake, but I promise that a conversation about it won't be antagonistic and I'm open to changing my mind!

#sociodon #sociology

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
1 month ago

The American Sociological Association wants to limit members' ability to weigh in on organizational matters through ballot referenda; if the proposed bylaws amendment passes, members can weigh in only on public commentary.

Of course it would be silly and harmful for members to micromanage organizational questions, or to pass referenda that violate important standards and laws regarding, say, ASA's status as an employer.

BUT (cont'd)

#ASAsociology #ASA #sociology

Emily Fox
1 month ago

Want to contribute to knowledge about #friendship and #romantic and #sexual #relationships ?

Participate in our #academic #research #survey !

Anyone 18+ in the USA can participate.

We are hoping for responses from all types of people, and particularly want to highlight #asexual #aromantic and #queer perspectives.

#sociology #socialscience #sexuality #gender #aroace #aro #ace #lgbtq @sociology

Tan flier with title in a blue bubble, “Seeking Research Participants to Take Survey on Relationships”. Text on the middle left of the flier says “We are sociologists studying how adults in the U.S. understand and experience their friendships, romantic relationships, and sexual relationships (as applicable).” Text in an orange bubble includes a QR code to the survey and a URL link to survey: At the bottom right, there is text that says, “Participant requirements: 18+ years old, currently living in the United States, you do not need experience with all relationship types.” There are also Twitter handles @CantonWiner @TesslerHannah @Fox_EmilyC at the very bottom of the flier. There is a graphic with four people smiling with their arms around each other at the bottom left.