LimeDye After Dark
8 hours ago

Shiny rubber feet on a shiny rubber mat! 😊

#latex #socks #feet

Just a close-up on my feet in black latex toe socks, as I wiggle them around in various ways.
! Quite Interesting
20 hours ago

A single town in China produces one half of the world's socks. A global logistical nightmare could be avoided if they made them in pairs.

#china #manufacturing #textiles #socks #oddsocks #QI #notQI

23 hours ago

@knitting @fiberarts

Knit the Aranea spider socks for Halloween! Free with the code SPIDER until midnight Australian EST 3 October 2023. Mosaic knitting so you only knit with one colour each round.

#knitting #ravelry #freepattern #socks

App Cloner
2 days ago

Take a look at this! Split-screen mode with two cloned Chrome instances: the top using a French SOCKS proxy, the bottom a UK proxy.

Exciting part? Once either app receives touch/input focus, the App Cloner SOCKS VPN service springs into action, activating the correct VPN proxy connection and displaying a confirmation notification.

The geo-IP page reports the correct locations for each app.

#AppCloner #SOCKS #VPN #Proxy

App Cloner
2 days ago

Amazing feature drop in App Cloner 2.17!

Introducing the App Cloner SOCKS VPN service, a game-changer! What sets it apart? Unlike the SOCKS proxy option, it seamlessly works even when your cloned apps use web views or native socket connections (like Chrome or Firefox).

How does it work? The App Cloner SOCKS VPN service leverages an accessibility service to track which cloned app is in the foreground, automatically routing traffic through the correct SOCKS proxy connection.

With the VPN service configured as an always-on VPN, blocking connections without VPN, it guarantees that clones may not access the internet while in the background.

But wait, there's more! When you open other apps or clones that don't use the SOCKS VPN service, it provides a local non-SOCKS network connection while still blocking internet access for SOCKS VPN service-enabled clones, preventing IP leaks.

Please note, this feature is currently in beta.

#AppCloner #SOCKS #VPN #Proxy

Kristian Purrucker
3 days ago

Da ich immer mal wieder von Kollegen gefragt werde, wie man #ssh als #socks #proxy verwendet, habe ich es in meinem Blog noch mal genau erklärt und gemalt.

4 days ago


The packing is adorable and the socks say “Famichiki” on the bottom! :famichiki: :family_mart: :family_mart_socks: #Famichiki #socks

White tube socks with yellow and brown colored bands on the top - Famichiki colors
The socks’ package looks just like a Famichiki package.
Baa Baa Brighouse
5 days ago

Sign ups for our September 2023 Paddington Sock Box will close on Friday!

The September Paddington Sock Box will be inspired by ‘Paddington Takes The Air’, the ninth book in the series, which was originally published in 1970.

#knitting #crochet #yarn #paddingtonbear #paddington #sockknitting #socks #michaelbond #reading #books #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #indiedyedyarn #handdyed #handdyedyarn #london #sockyarn

Picture shows a black and white image of Big Ben.
Rina Volpina 🦊🔞
1 week ago

"Come closer... and closer... that's right, now you're close enough to start licking. Isn't that what you wanted...?"

#Latex #Rubber #Socks #Feet #ToeSocks

Lavender purple latex toe socks on orange bedsheets
Liz the Lucky
1 week ago

@knitting More new #socks. The yarn is #UneekSock by #knitting

Hand knit rainbow striped socks.
Hand knit rainbow striped socks.
1 week ago

Out in the garden a couple years ago where the plants formed a nice barrier so nobody could see me. Damn magnetic cock rings, though. #wank #bate #SundayPenisPosting #socks

1 week ago

J’ai une nouvelle chaussette sur mes aiguilles 😊
New sock on my needles. Great pattern to use leftovers! And free.
#socks #knitting #mosaicKnitting @knitting

Chaussette tricotée à 5 aiguilles avec une pelote crème et une pelote multicolore.
Sock on needles with two yarns: a cream one and a multicolored one (orange, purple, blue, pink and green)
Baa Baa Brighouse
1 week ago

Good news!

'Villette' from our Literary Greats Sock Yarn range is now back in stock!

This yarn is a 100% British Bluefaced Leicester 4 ply high twist sock yarn, delicately hand dyed in the colours of the Penguin Clothbound Classic edition of Charlotte Bronte's novel.

#yarn #knitting #crochet #indieyarn #indieyarndyer #indiedyedyarn #handdyed #handdyedyarn #villette #charlottebronte #bronte #brontesisters #reading #books #socks #soclknitting

Picture shows three skeins of yarn positioned diagonally in a pyramid. The yarn is duck egg and sand. Behind the yarn, standing on its end is a copy of Charlotte Bronte's Villette. The cover of the book is duck egg with a repetitive sand coloured leaf pattern on it.
Baa Baa Brighouse
1 week ago

Did you miss out on our eighth Baa Baa Brighouse Book Club Bundle?

Fear not, we have introduced a new permanent range of yarns (which will be added to as our Book Club progresses). So, if you'd like to get your hands on a skein or two of 'Mansfield Park', you can!

This yarn is in stock and available to ship now.

#yarn #knitting #crochet #literary #literarygreats #socks #sockknitting #janeausten #austen #books #reading #mansfieldpark #handdyedyarn #indiedyer

Picture shows three skeins of yarn positioned diagonally in a pyramid. The yarn is grey/blue and white. Behind the yarn is a copy of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park stood on its end. The cover is grey/blue with a repetitive white chain pattern on it.
Baa Baa Brighouse
1 week ago

Did you miss out on our seventh Baa Baa Brighouse Book Club Bundle?

Fear not, we have introduced a new permanent range of yarns (which will be added to as our Book Club progresses). So, if you'd like to get your hands on a skein or two of 'Northanger Abbey', you can!

This yarn is in stock and available to ship now.

#yarn #knitting #crochet #literary #literarygreats #socks #sockknitting #janeausten #austen #books #reading #northangerabbey #handdyedyarn #indiedyer

Picture shows three skeins of yarn in a pyramid. The yarn is bright pink and beige. Behind the yarn, stood on its end is a copy of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. The cover of the book is beige with a repetitive pattern of a key in bright pink on it.
2 weeks ago

Continued #knitting of #socks:  I have done the second set of repeats after completing the fleegle heel.  Now I get to have patterning around the whole thing!

These are the second pair of #socks I am making for my dad and mom after mom saw some in the same pattern in similar yarn on my feet over a Christmas visit in 2022.

The pattern is Elementary Watson by Sherry Menton.  I am going to make a US Size 10.5-11 for my dad in the larger size and then make the narrower-soled "Cosplay" size, likely ankle socks, with any leftover yarn for my mom. (My mom already has a full midcalf pair of socks in the color she liked more of the two colorways I could find.)

The yarn is Stiletto by Plymouth Yarns in color 825 that I bought from an Etsy store because it looks like it has been discontinued.

Two large skeins of yarn with two socks knitted tip first on dual circular needles (Red Lace Chiaogoo) sitting on a blond wood table in sunlight through venetian blinds.

One sock is facing up showing some cables and chevrons in pattern. The other sock is facing down showing a flat, stockinette sole.

The Red/Green/purple/teal/pink self-striping yarn with occasional streaks of primary blue and gold Lurex thread woven into the yarn for a bit of sparkle. One of the socks has a large magenta section and a knot as sometimes happens with self-striping yarn.  The yarn is also being held in plastic mesh that used to hold glass planter beads.
2 weeks ago

Mid-September, the nights are getting cooler as fall nears…
I just put #socks on. The duvet went back on the bed two nights ago.

IT News
2 weeks ago

3D Printing a Sock Knitting Machine - 3D printing socks isn’t really a thing yet. You’d end up with scratchy plastic gar... - #knittingmachine #3dprinterhacks #socks #sock

2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

What's your favorite toe up sock pattern? I'm making knee highs for my 16 year old. Usually I knit socks top down but I thought I'd try some backwards 😉

Edit to add: Any ideas/tips/tricks for reinforcing the heels and bottoms of the feet? This kid is hard on socks.

#knitting #SockKnittersOfMastodon #SockKnitting #socks

Bridget Rivers
4 weeks ago

Getting ready for the Sep 1st start of fall finish along by clearing out one WIP. La Mancha’s Giants are done and they make me so happy.

#knitting #socks #fallfinishalong

A pair of hand knit socks on a light coloured wood table. Socks are knit in a stranded windmill pattern in white on a variegated purple background.

@Pacers31Colts18: I like the #cycling #socks from #GripGrab as many of their socks are also available in #hiviz yellow:

I bought these in hi-viz yellow for summer rides:

For night rides, I have a bit warmer socks with a #reflective stripe:

I though would have preferred a larger reflective section instead of a large rainbow. But the 🏳️‍🌈 is also a nice political statement. 😊

Melona 🌈
1 month ago

It‘s finally the weather for my #handknit #socks. I still need to do something with the heel of the next pair I start, it‘s not quite perfect for my feet yet. But hey, it‘s the first pair that‘s not too big and actually stays on my feet, so I consider these a win 🤩

1 month ago

My second-to-last knit, a pair of socks. After all, you can never have enough socks.

I loved to knit this pattern; the mock braid adds a lot of character but almost doesn't affect the flow of knitting at all. Would have looked better with the toes in contrast colour as well, but I was running short on the blue.

Knitted with Viking Alpaca Storm yarn, from the pattern 'Motorsyklistens pensokker' by Bitta Mikkelborg.

#knitting #socks

A pair of hand-knitted socks
Julie R
1 month ago

...and done! Now to cast on the second one. #knitting #socks

Knee-high knit sock on my left leg.
James Fine Art
1 month ago

Laundry Day

Laundry Day is a watercolour painting of washed clothes hanging on a clothes line, with white and blue sheets, teeshirts, jeans, shirts, socks and a variety of pieces.

#laundryday #laundry #hanging #clothes #line 
#jamesmccormackartist #FediGiftShop #jamesfineart #BuyIntoArt #white #blue #sheets #jeans #MastoArt #mastodaoine #socks #watercolour

Laundry Day is a watercolour painting of washed clothes hanging on a clothes line, with white and blue sheets, teeshirts, jeans, shirts, socks and a variety of pieces.

Got some new compression socks. They’re literally the most comfortable socks I’ve ever put on, compression or otherwise. And they’re stylish.

Some old skateboarder designed them. His brand is called “Old Bones Therapy.”

Check ‘em:

#Health #CompressionSocks #Skateboarding #Aging #Skateboarder #Socks

My elevated crossed legs with my black socks with red and white stripes at the top and my Vans shoes.
Bridget Rivers
1 month ago

Sock progress. This one’s really moving along because it’s a fun knit and I’m listening to an audiobook that has me hooked. The sock pattern is La Mancha’s Giants and the audiobook is Debt by David Graeber.

#knitting #socks

Hand knit sock in progress with leg, heel and part of foot complete. White windmill motifs are worked against a variegated purple background.
Front of hand knit sock in progress showing white windmill motifs against variegated purple background.
1 month ago

I don't #knit #socks. Why do I have so many skeins of sock #yarn? Maybe I should crochet an afghan. Striped. Cast on & go until the yarn in the skein runs out then attach the next color & so on. (Daydreaming. I haven't finished a large project in 8 years.)

goblin jane 🍄
2 months ago

if you had the choice to never experience one thing, but be forever plagued by the other, what would you choose?

#poll #silly #glasses #socks #WhatIf #choice #dirty #wet

Carver Dethly
2 months ago

Thigh high socks are super comfy! 😊💜

#Femboy #ThighHighSocks #Socks #FemboySocks

I'm laying on my left side, with my right leg resting on top of the other. My legs are bent at the knees, bringing my feet up towards my butt. I'm wearing nothing but a blue T-shirt and black thigh high socks. My black panties are pulled down around my ankles.
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
2 months ago

Among my mom’s things that we went through & finally sorted in Chicago (she died during the pandemic in 2020 & I couldn’t travel) — 2 pairs of socks I knitted for her & various scarves (not pictured). I’m happy to have reclaimed them. Sweet memory of how much I loved her. Marlene Kornick z’’l #knitting #socks #pandemic

2 pairs of hand knit socks. Top one is light blue colors. Bottom pair is turquoise & blue.
Bridget Rivers
2 months ago

I might be a convert to Magic Loop. I normally use DPNs to knit socks, and I knit the first sock of this pair that way. But the pattern is written for ML, so I switched. I’ve tried it before and didn’t like it, but I’ve got better needles now and it’s so much faster. It’s amazing what a difference the ChiaoGoo Red Lace make

#knitting @knitting #socks #chiaogoo

Hand knit sock in progress in blue wool on circular needle with red cable. Folded completed sock sits under cable beside green ruler, yarn bowl and yarn on light wood table.

Are plain color #socks not a thing anymore? It feels like every store only has these socks with funny designs… which I love but they don’t fit the occasion

#clothing #fashion

@mxtthxw There's even a #glub icon so you could have some printed on #socks

2 months ago

I have old hands that now cramp up so easily. When my fingers won't let me #knit, I #crochet until they hate that and then I go back to the knitting so I always have one project of each going. Just now it's socks and a C2C from a color changing cake of yarn. #knitting #socks #c2c

Crochet project in progress and socks still under construction.
Mark 🔞
2 months ago

He just got back from skating and was hoping you'd rub his feet~ 😎🐰🐾

#NSFW #NSFWArt #Paws #Socks #Feet #Furry #FurryNSFW #FurryArt

Rabbit character sitting on a chair with his legs up and hard dick showing off his socked paws
Rabbit character sitting on a chair with his legs up and hard dick showing off his awesome kicks
Rabbit character sitting on a chair with his legs up and hard dick showing off his paws
2 months ago

My socks are now looking sockier.
#knitting #socks

knitted socks still on the needle
Dr BethFishReads
2 months ago
A ball of variegated yarn — yellows & greens — with the start of a cuff-down sock on double-pointed knitting needles

You’ve heard of programmer socks, but have you seen my CAD socks?

#engineering #thighHighs #socks

Super cute rainbow fishnet socks for serious CAD design workloads
Kris Howard
2 months ago

Socks are coming along nicely! This self-striping colourway is “Return of the Bounty Hunter” from @bahyarns. It’ll be a simple 2x2 ribbing with an afterthought heel. #knitting #socks 🧶🧦

A pair of knitted socks. The stripes are in colours taken from Boba Fett’s outfit: green, yellow, blue, grey, brown, and maroon.
Bridget Rivers
2 months ago

Basic blue sock one is almost done and in other knitting news, my Megadahlia has been washed and laid out on my blocking mats and should be dry tomorrow.

#knitting #socks

A dark blue partially complete sock on grey double pointed needles sitting on a light wood table. Light green ruler and yarn bowl in background
Deborah Makarios
2 months ago

When your cat discovers where you're keeping the good stuff...hand-knitted winter socks.
#cats #knitting #socks

A tortoiseshell and white cat sitting in the "loaf" position in a wide black wooden bowl. In the foreground, coming out from under the cat, are the feet of a pair of purply-brown hand-knitted socks. In the background, coming out from under the cat, is the cream-coloured cuff of a hand-knitted sock. The cat does not look remotely guilty.
2 months ago

My First #Socks! Not perfect, not identical but definitely a pair! #finished #knitting @knitting

Bright striped socks in yellow, reds and black and white.
The same socks photographed from above showing their grafted toes.
Saffron (they/them)
3 months ago

I told a friend I would take a picture of these socks to post on here. I made the pattern myself! It took a few tries to get the cables right, when I knitted them years ago. I think they're probably my favorite pair of socks.

Marked as sensitive because it's a photo of my feet (wearing the socks).

#Knitting @knitting #SockKnitting #HandknitSocks #Socks #FiberArts

Feet wearing green socks. There's a four-way loose braided cable pattern on the tops of the feet. It moves seamlessly from the 1x1 ribbing of the cuffs, and gathers at the toe.
3 months ago

First Sock update: it fits really well! Need to cast off though, or I won’t be able to put on shoes 👞😂 This is also the moment I am happy that I knitted the second sock to the ankle before tackling the foot! @knitting #socks #knitting

A foot wearing a hand knitted sock, knitted in vibrant self-striping wool, with the dpns still in the end of the sock. It is against a striped carpet. Above the sock is a leg wearing denim. On the floor are scraps of wool because knitting 🧶

Asking the group mind in case someone has #opinions.

The drastic weight loss during my extended hospital stay (~100lbs) has changed my body-shape in all ways save skeletal.

1 weird-ass effect is that my feet have shrunk in width & thickness, but not length, which means I’m now swimming in my Docs, but can’t go down a size.

I’m trying to find a solution that won’t make it too hot for summer wear. I’m leaning towards #hiking #socks but am not familiar enough.

Any suggestions/solutions?

Johannes M. ✅
3 months ago

@ocsweetest I have these here
#socks #fuverymuch

Bild aus der Gboard-Zwischenablage
3 months ago

@manon I bought the pattern and I started it today. Thank you again! Love it! @knitting #socks #woolsocks

5cm of knit on 4 needles, like white little flowers on a red background.
redbanjer 🪕
4 months ago

Finished my pair of 'magic' self-striping Fair Isle socks using the 15 year old (discontinued) yarn I had stashed away forever. I look forward to wearing these. Plain 'vanilla' pattern on size 1 9-inch circular needles, with steel dpns for the tricker parts of the heels and toes.

I managed to match the cuffs and the whole legs in the color sequence. Didn't attempt to match the foot or toe striping since they'll mostly be inside my shoes anyway. 😸
@knitting #knitting #SockKnitting #socks

A newly knitted pair of socks on a table next to a little vase of bright chartreuse flowers. The socks are knitted in a yarn that automatically self creates striped sections that look like Fair Isle patterns in bright primary colors of red, yellow, blue, dark green, maroon, and white.
Erika Ensign
5 months ago

Really enjoying today's #socks!

Two feet in black strappy flats. Grey socks with doggie paw prints and white terrier puppy faces peeking out between the straps and toe portions of the shoes
Harmony. Corrupted.
6 months ago

An older photo but I just felt like sharing it!
I’m told I’m good at setting intonation… can help you with yours😏😉

#nsfw #lewd #bass #thighs #fishnet #socks #boots #longhair #blonde #mesh #gothgirl #altgirl #metalhead #erotic #sexy

I’m sat on an armchair sideways, playing bass. I’m wearing just a mesh shirt, fishnet socks and shiny ankle boots, giving you a good view of my bare pale thighs. I’m looking down at my fretting hand as if I’m playing something very sophisticated (I’m not)
6 months ago

Hey hey fellow #mending folks, I’m sitting here with a friend and we’re trying to figure out what the three hook tools on the right have to do with the mending loom on the left. We’ve looked at a multitude of videos and reviews of Speedweve Looms and hilariously no one seems to know what they’re for - anyone here know?

#VisibleMending #SpeedWeveLoom #SpeedWeaveLoom #socks #darning #patches #sewing #handsewing @sewing

A speedweaver loom, metal hooks at the top and wooden disc, and then on the right are three metal tools with hooks that we can’t figure out the use for.