When considering a new integration, weigh the cost of integration and maintenance against the value brought to the business. #SoftwareEngineering #TechIntegration #10xSoftwareDelivery

🤔 Feel like you've eliminated all uncertainty? You've probably over-analyzed. In the real world of #SoftwareEngineering, comfort with some level of ambiguity is a must. #EmbraceUncertainty

Brandon Webster
15 hours ago

Question for the #SoftwareEngineering folks out there, have you ever been asked to sign an NDA before a first round interview? I’ve never had to do that before, but just got asked by a company that a friend referred me to. I’d normally be a bit suspicious about something like this, but said friend works for the company and has a lot of good things to say, so I’m not sure what to think

Sonny Bonds
20 hours ago

What good embeddable (in e.g. or C++) "scripting" languages are there that are also debuggable? There's C#/CLR and some JS runtimes but they're also pretty huge. Something lightweight?

Edit: Forgot to mention Lua. It kind of ticks the boxes, but I just really don't like it. 😬

#programming #cpp #softwareengineering

C++ on Sea
20 hours ago

Throwing Tools at C++ Ranges – Tina Ulbrich – C++ on Sea 2023
#coding #cpp #programming #ranges #softwareengineering

Dev Leader
22 hours ago

Asking Isn't Weakness

Do you align with this? Share with your network and follow for more content like this!

#softwareengineering #softwareengineer #softwareengineers

A quote from Dev Leader on Asking Isn't Weakness
Andrew Theken
22 hours ago

I just spent way too long typing out a solution to coordinating outbound rate-limiting, and it might even be slightly off-topic for the original question, nevertheless, it might be useful for some #softwareengineering people out there:

Practicing mindfulness daily can significantly boost your focus endurance. After 5 years, I went from focusing for 30 mins to 3 hours. Yes, it's that powerful. 🌟 #MindfulnessPractice #SoftwareEngineering

🎯 Over-analysis is the silent killer of productivity in #SoftwareDevelopment. Trust your gut and choose the most likely path to success. Review, learn, and adjust. #ActionOverAnalysis #SoftwareEngineering

The Optimist Engineer
1 day ago

🔴New issue of The Optimist Engineer newsletter

A software engineering team is made of professionals from different levels of expertise and onboarding junior profiles is critical for the continuity of your team and your company. How can we do this?

#optimistengineer #startup #europe #softwareengineering #engineering #experiences #software #softwaredevelopment #developer #platformengineering

Catherine Berry
1 day ago

Great moments in software engineering

New Jersey, 1970: Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson create the programming language from which nearly all future languages will evolve, use it to implement the operating system which will become the de facto standard for more than half a century, then pause for a mid-morning coffee break.

#GMISE #Humor #SoftwareEngineering #Midjourney #AIArt

Two men drinking coffee in a 1970 corporate cafeteria.

🎣 Ever aim for one outcome and get another? You might be working with a social or natural system. Their purpose isn't always clear and they can surprise you. Learn to work with them. #ComplexSystems #SoftwareEngineering

The goal isn't just speed but efficient speed. Combining steps and automating releases can drastically reduce your lead time. Remember, the best process is one that has only essential steps. #SoftwareEngineering #Automation #10xSoftwareDelivery

🔄 DRY isn't just about code; it's about knowledge. Every time you find yourself repeating steps, whether in code or in a manual process, ask: Can this be DRYed? #DRY #SoftwareEngineering

C++ on Sea
2 days ago

Optimism in software engineering is a double-edged sword: Helps us problem-solve but often leads us to underestimate work. Remember, your integrity is tied to the trust others place in your estimations. Be cautious & realistic. 🤔 #SoftwareEngineering #Integrity #Estimation

🛡️ Ever found yourself assigned a project that goes against your personal ethics? Speak up! Standing by your values isn't just good for you; it elevates the ethical bar for the entire team. #PersonalEthics #SoftwareEngineering

Dirk-Jan Swagerman
3 days ago

You own the quality of your code.

Asking permission to refactor is a bit like asking permission to go to the bathroom.

Above a certain maturity level, it becomes embarrassing…

And yet many engineers desperately seek approval to refactor from their PO, project lead or scrum master…

#softwareengineering #technicaldebt #ownyourcode

A black and white cartoon of an older man in a class room, holding up his hand to ask permission to go to the bathroom
Marcos Lobo 💙💛
3 days ago

Tomorrow, a new issue of the @optimistengineer

On this occasion, I write about how to onboard Junior profiles in an Agile team within a Hyper-growth company

This comes from one of the interesting questions I got during my talk at @codemomadrid 2023 #codemotionmadrid2023

#optimistengineer #startup #europe #softwareengineering #engineering #experiences #software #softwaredevelopment #developer #devrel #platformengineering #coding

Your code isn't the only thing that needs review; your process does too! Always be vigilant and challenge every step, handover, and delay in your software delivery process. #ContinuousImprovement #SoftwareEngineering #10xSoftwareDelivery

Dev Leader
3 days ago

The Power of Trunk-Based Development — Want to take CI to the next level? Try Trunk-Based Development. All engineers work on a single branch, pushing directly to the trunk. It's the most powerful application of CI. #TrunkBasedDevelopment #SoftwareEngineering

C++ on Sea
3 days ago

Comparing Libraries to Parse JSON Data in C++ – Maja Marevic – C++ on Sea 2023
#coding #cpp #JSON #programming #softwareengineering

Dev Leader
3 days ago

No Shortcut To Mastery

Do you have different thoughts? Share with your network and follow for more content like this!

#softwareengineering #softwareengineer #softwareengineers

A quote from Dev Leader on No Shortcut To Mastery
Dev Leader
3 days ago
3 days ago

Software Architecture: Meta and SOLID Principles in C# (BOOK + VIDEO COURSE) by EngineerSpock is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $12.99; get it for $7.99 with this coupon: @engineerspock #Dotnet #ApiDesign #SoftwareEngineering

3 days ago

Rust for Network Programming and Automation by GitforGits | Asian Publishing House is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $29.99; get it for $23.99 with this coupon: @GitforGits #Networking #Rust #SoftwareEngineering #Software

4 days ago

Minimal Python by Noah Gift and Alfredo Deza is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $39.99; get it for $23.99 with this coupon: @alfredodeza #Python #Devops #SoftwareEngineering

4 days ago

Functional Programming in Python by Martin McBride is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $24.99; get it for $7.99 with this coupon: @martinmcbride64 #Python #FunctionalProgramming #SoftwareEngineering

Deep Focus: Solo vs. Pair — Ever thought you could achieve more 'together' than 'alone'? There's a state called 'pair flow': you and your teammate enter a zone of collaborative focus. This flow is more resilient than solo focus flow. 🧠🤝🧠 #DeepFocus #SoftwareEngineering

C++ on Sea
4 days ago

A Tour of Polymorphism Techniques in C++ – Andrew Marshall – C++ on Sea 2023
#coding #cpp #polymorphism #programming #softwareengineering

4 days ago

"Using positional arguments requires less code today, but you pay for this decrease in volume of code with an increase in the risk that changes will cascade into dependents later." (Sandi Metz)

#Ruby #Programming #SoftwareEngineering

Nothing destroys trust faster than broken promises. Whether you're an engineer, a manager, or a CTO, trust is the cornerstone of 10x software delivery. So, when you commit, make sure you deliver. #Trust #SoftwareEngineering #10xSoftwareDelivery

Drew McManus
4 days ago

“Tim wasn’t delivering software; Tim was delivering a team that was delivering software. The entire team became more effective, more productive, more aligned, more idiomatic, more fun, because Tim was in the team.”

#SoftwareEngineering #Team #PairProgramming

Are you confusing 'refactoring' with 'rewriting'? Stop! Refactoring is about changing the structure without altering behavior. A simple name change can be a refactoring step; rewriting the whole module is not. #Refactoring #SoftwareEngineering #ContinuousImprovement

If you find yourself constantly pushing deadlines, take it as a red flag. Something is wrong—either with your estimation skills, your process, or your team's capabilities. Tackle it head-on! #SoftwareEngineering #Deadlines #10xSoftwareDelivery

Teal Amore
5 days ago

i hate that we call it #softwareengineering when software "engineers" still debate if we should test our apps.

i know it's easy to write these ideas off as just something a junior might say, which i would also ask why are we employing people who don't believe in verifying their code works. but i've seen many a senior+ engineer say that they don't need to test for a variety of reasons.

Waste Work Filter One of the greatest levers for speed in software engineering? The Waste Work Filter. During planning, it's not just about what you should do, but also what you shouldn't. Remove all waste for 10x delivery. #SoftwareEngineering #AgilePlanning

Marcos Lobo 💙💛
5 days ago

Sharing experiences, learnings, and inspiration from the tech world, with a bit of optimism. Interesting for Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, and software makers from Startups to medium-sized companies. Hope my journey could help yours.

Subscribe now to The Optimist Engineer newsletter @optimistengineer 👇

#optimistengineer #startup #europe #softwareengineering #engineering #experiences #growth #techlead #engineeringmanager #makers #software #learnings #technology

Expectations Are Not Auto-Updated — Don't assume stakeholders will 'auto-update' their expectations when hurdles appear. Proactive communication is the cornerstone of effective collaboration. Keep everyone on the same page to avoid disappointment. #SoftwareEngineering

Dev Leader
1 week ago
NMR Online + NMRD
1 week ago

Lately, we've seen a lot of momentum, and an increase in interest and #NMRChat in what we're engineering.

This includes meeting fellow #NMR community members, who have inspired us, and helped broaden our ideas and portfolio.

In short, things are getting exciting at #NMROnline!

@bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @physics @strucbio

#biochemistry #bioinformatics #biology #biophysics #chemistry #CompChem #metabolomics #physics #SoftwareEngineering #StructuralBiology

Let's Connect
1 week ago

Das dritte Mitglied im Verein hinter der #BaselOne: ERNI. #VielenDank für Eure tatkräftige Mithilfe bei der Organisation und für Euer starkes Commitment für uns und die Community. 💪🏻

#ERNI ist ein Schweizer #Softwareengineering Unternehmen mit mehr als 800 Mitarbeitern und Niederlassungen in 8 Ländern. ERNI entwickelt komplexe technologische Lösungen für Projekte in verschiedenen Branchen.

#communityrocks #BaselOne23 #softwareentwicklung

C++ on Sea
1 week ago

Tips and Tricks for Becoming a CMake Master – Hans Vredeveld – C++ on Sea 2023
#cmake #coding #cpp #programming #softwareengineering #sql

1 week ago

Dear software engineers! Do you happen to know an #opensource project that would benefit from an amateur programmer? I want to get more experience in #SoftwareEngineering and working on projects with other people. I primarily code in #Julia, but I am open to delve into other languages as well. Boost are appreciated :boost_ok:

C++ on Sea
1 week ago
Ondine B.
1 week ago

What is the reason behind the lack of widespread interest in IT among both men and women?

Why is there a shortage of skilled labor in such a crucial field today, and why isn't there a surge in the pursuit of technical education?

Who is the minority choosing IT-related fields and why?
#IT #skills #career #software #softwareengineering #developers #devops #cybersecurity #womenintech

Lust auf den Besten Job der Welt? Wir haben aktuell eine Stelle offen:

#fhaachen #softwareengineering

Gern auch weiter teilen!

NMR Online + NMRD
1 week ago

We're working on a number of #NMR related tech and community projects.

One of which is looking very promising!

Find out what we've achieved on:
19th SEPTEMBER 2023 – 12:00 (UK time)

@bioinformatics @biophysics @chemistry @compchem @nmrchat @physics @strucbio

#biochemistry #bioinformatics #biology #biophysics #chemistry #CompChem #metabolomics #NMRChat #NMROnline #physics #SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareEngineering #StructuralBiology #WebDev

Black background. Flames are bursting out from the centre. In front of the frames is the word, breakthrough
Malte Petersen
1 week ago

International Research Software Engineering Day on 2023-10-12:

#rse #research #softwareengineering

1 week ago

"How many times have you seen a comment that is out of date? Because comments are not executable, they are merely a form of decaying documentation. If a bit of code inside a method needs a comment, extract that bit into a separate method. The new method name serves the same purpose as did the old comment." (Sandi Metz)

#Ruby #Programming #SoftwareEngineering

Eric McCorkle
1 week ago

Probably the single most important lesson on #SoftwareDevelopment I've learned: what I call the "warrior vs. soldier" divide.

The analogy comes from militaries, specifically, the fact that what makes them effective is people learning to fight *in groups*. It doesn't matter how effective one person might be, they'll never match a team whose members know how to work as a team, and who are practiced at doing so.

#Software #SoftwareEngineering #SoftwareDev

Jeff Caldwell
1 week ago

So, for my #SoftwareEngineering class, we form teams and work on one of three real-world projects.

I had a big part in recruiting the perfect people to do a project that would have required some mobile development, a little server side, and some front-end dev. It was going to be great.

Then, the professor assigned the predictive modeling and analytics project to us.

We may be deeply fucked.

Bahman M.
1 week ago

Hey #Fediverse 👋

I'm open to #freelance work w/ a focus on #SoftwareEngineering (~25 years in the field.)

I think of myself as a problem solver who invariably finds a solution to your team's most *complex/blocking* challenges, irrespective of the #technology.

Diagnosed w/ a crippling #ADHD, the harder the problem the more engaged I am 💪

#Programming #DevOps #Architecture #API #Algorithm #Optimization #Database #FOSS #Linux #OperatingSystem


Master the art of local deployment and development of VMware Secrets Manager. Take your #DevOps game to the next level 🛠️🔐


#VMware #SoftwareEngineering #ZeroTrust #SPIFFE #SPIRE

Rose Red Loon
2 weeks ago

#dev #softwareengineering
Programming sucks.

"Most people don’t even know what sysadmins do, but trust me, if they all took a lunch break at the same time they wouldn’t make it to the deli before you ran out of bullets protecting your canned goods from roving bands of mutants."

Joshua P. Steele
2 weeks ago

Working on a “developer experience” project. If you’re a software dev, what do you like or dislike about the “DevEx” at your company? How’s onboarding? Knowledge sharing? Do you have an internal developer portal/platform? #DeveloperExperience #DevEx #DX #SoftwareEngineering

2 weeks ago

Sadly many #SoftwareEngineering good ideas become mistakes when we blindly apply as some natural law because popular or used by rich or powerful.

- not in big corp environment their org patterns aren't yours (see Team Topologies)
- scale problems are so far off the decomposition best practices become worst practices (see Microservices).
- async PR collab and FOSS dev practices can hurt team collab (See

TL;DR Avoid “laws”, context always matters in SE

Nicolas Fränkel
2 weeks ago

The 11 Types Of Toxic Pull Requests (According To 4.5 Million Code Branches). After reviewing millions of PRs, we've found the 11 that are dragging down your engineering team.

#softwareengineering #pullrequest

So I wrote an algorithm that works really well, outperforming the old algorithm by a factor of 3, but it's kind of difficult to understand at first.

I came up with a fun solution: baked right into the library is a main function which fires up a curses window and shows other developers, visually, what is going on with the algorithm. All they need to do is python and they get a nice, animated display showing them how/why the algorithm works.

It's visual, animated documentation built right into the library that any future developer can use to understand what I've done.

It's worth considering if you're developing something that's tricky to understand, and Python made it pretty easy with curses wrappers built-in.

#softwareEngineering #softwareDevelopment #python #curses #documentation

Gottfried Szing
2 weeks ago

99 little bugs in the code.
99 little bugs.
Take one down, patch it around.
127 little bugs in the code...

#softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering

Bahman M.
3 weeks ago

A happy #LabourDay, in advance, to my fellow software engineers.

Looking forward to us getting closer to unionise our wildly wild industry.

#Canada #Programming #SoftwareEngineering #Union

Dmitry Kudryavtsev
3 weeks ago

So McKinsey released they developer productivity report. Here is how the future for developers will be like.

You will be a coding monkey who will be measured by the amount of line codes you produce.


#softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering #productivity

Air Adam
3 weeks ago

Been toying around with a little bit of F# lately. It's giving me memories of programming in Standard ML at the start of my CS degree, many years ago! They were really onto something starting everyone off with functional programming - years before it was cool 😉

#BlackMastodon #softwareEngineering #programming #computerScience

Steve Fenton ♾️
3 weeks ago

The past, present, and future of multi-tenancy! Also, I'm open to debate on this, so message me your thoughts.

#SoftwareArchitecture #SoftwareEngineering

3 weeks ago

Given that modern software builds on many small components, when troubleshooting across those components, I find it helpful to have a local copy of many of those components. I also find it useful to have a versioned copy, so I can review the historical state of the component. In this post, I go through some of the pros of having local clones of component repositories.

#git #programming #softwareEngineering

3 weeks ago
A screenshot of VS Code showing a new file called "lamport-timestamp.ts"
Bahman M.
3 weeks ago


> Right-engineering is difficult.


Darn right! IMHO it's all based on intuition. Being able to "do the right thing at the right time the right way"™ is a direct result of how well that intuitions is trained.

The more you read, code, observer, ponder, intro/extro/retrospect the better that becomes.

#SoftwareEngineering is a strange cross-roads of #arts, #engineering and #philosophy 🤷‍♂️

José A. Alonso
3 weeks ago

Large language models for software engineering: A systematic literature review. ~ Xinyi Hou et als. #LLMs #SoftwareEngineering

Steve Woodson
1 month ago

Another post for my #DesignSystems friends!

I've integrated the recently announced ✨ Eleventy Style Guide Generator ✨ into my own site and blogged about the process so you can do it too.


Screenshot of Steve's refreshed homepage, showing larger overall text, a bit more color, and fluid layout and typography
1 month ago

What’s the best source code you’ve read?

Do you think sprints and IDEs have affected code quality?

#softwaredevelopment #SoftwareEngineering #webdev #gamedev

One of the 22 yo new hires told me that he bought a "small keyboard" like mine so he could more easily use the #emacs keybindings in #vscode.

Reason: He realizes that in order to "be a wizard" he can't be moving his hands off the #keyboard so often because it obviously wastes so much time.

I wanted to pat his little head!

#softwareengineering #parenting

Not even my project, but obsessed with a bug adjacent to me

Two datasources w/ data and metadata

Test 1: Proves conclusively that there is a problem and it can't be the metadata. Therefore must be the data

Test 2: It's not the data.


Test 2 is probably the shakier reasoning because I fudged a lot of it. But I fudged both data sources *the same* so it should cancel out. :blobfoxcomputer: :blobfoxcrylaugh: :blobfoxangry:

#debugging #softwareengineering

MPI for Gravitational Physics
1 month ago

📢 Calling software engineers with a strong interest in space projects 📢

Become an Embedded Flight Software Engineer for “Scientific Instrumentation for Space Applications” at @mpi_grav in Hannover:


#SoftwareEngineering #Spaceflight @LISACommunity

Sonny Bonds
1 month ago

Currently running Jenkins but kind of hate it and every three months or so I start googling alternatives until I feel that it _does_ actually do what we need and I don't feel like setting up something new that's probably just as horrible.

Having a look at TeamCity though and it does seem to check a lot of the right boxes. What say ye? Yay? Nay?

#softwareengineering #BuildAutomation #ci #teamcity #jetbrains

Diego Elio Pettenò
1 month ago

«On Rake Collections and Software Engineering»

For those who might not have read this post before, I think it's worth a good read in terms of providing a frame of reference for the often unpraised work of code janitors.

#SoftwareEngineering #Jargon #RakeCollection

Wilda Software
1 month ago

Wiele osób myśląc o rysowaniu diagramu, automatycznie wpisuje w przeglądarce adres, gdyż rzeczywiście jest to najpopularniejsze narzędzie tego typu, w pełni darmowe oraz o dużych możliwościach. Ale mimo wszystko nigdy nie wolno zamykać się na alternatywy. Tylko jakie one są?

#diagramy #SoftwareEngineering #oprogramowanie

1 month ago

We asked @geerlingguy for an unpopular opinion and he said he doesn’t worry about “Not Invented Here” syndrome and prefers to build his own stuff.


Do you agree with him? Vote and reply with your take!

#unpopularopinion #ansible #softwareengineering #redhat #drupal

Sonny Bonds
1 month ago

Looong shot asking here but google comes up blank do I'm just blurting it out.

Anyone happen to know if it's possible to associate a certificate in Window's certificate store to a private key on a smartcard/token CSP? I can sign using signtool with a certificate on file, but if I try to use a certificate in the store based on its thumbprint it says it could not associate the certificate with a private key.

#codesign #softwareengineering #development

Carol Lee
1 month ago

There’s a lot of buzz about #GenerativeAI at the organizational level, but how do #developers think and feel about it? Help the Developer Success Lab answer this by participating in this brief (~10 min) research survey and we’ll make a $1000 donation to an OSS nonprofit organization chosen by participant voting. This survey is open to all developers, software engineers, & engineering managers. Survey Link:

@seresearchers #SoftwareEngineering

Brian Ambrozy
1 month ago

Bungie, who has reaffirmed their commitment to remote-friendly work, has lots of interesting roles up for hire:

#softwareengineering #marketing #community #cmgr #communitymanagement #jobs #jobseeking #hiring #gaming #gamedev

Sonny Bonds
1 month ago

I'd like to use free functions over member functions more, but have a hard time internalizing it really.

One thing that takes a hit is function discoverability. Hitting "object." gives you a list of members and an idea of what can be done in most IDEs. What's a good way to alleviate this?

Bunching functions up in relevant namespaces could maybe help.

I probably just want Rust's traits though. Or maybe rather uniform call syntax.

#cpp #cplusplus #programming #softwareengineering

Arie van Deursen
1 month ago

After a pleasant 10 months on the broad Mastodon instance, I've decided to move to this ACM server devoted to computing.

I'm a professor in software engineering at TU Delft, The Netherlands. I'm a member of ACM SIGSOFT, and presently chair of the steering committee of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE).

Looking forward to interacting with you!

#SoftwareEngineering #TUDelft #Computing #Introduction

Vangelis Kostalas
1 month ago

@clacke This is one of the hardest things to explain to stakeholders without a #softwareengineering backround..

The 5 line, bad performace code was in a sense free to the organization.

The 400 line, well performing code has a hidden cost that is hard to pin point.

If, for example the only person that understands it is the engineer that wrote it, you can develop a dependency on them with a potential cost that will only become apparent when you need to shuffle teams or change to a new tech.

Frozen Canuck
1 month ago

I'm curious: what do people consider good, proven #DomainModeling exercises that lead to successful outcomes?

For instance, a good domain modeling exercise is one where:

1. All key stakeholders are able to agree on core domain concepts (entities, behaviors, states, workflows, etc)
2. Software engineers can take the model and use it to build a fully realized, well bounded service
3. Outcome meets the expectations of all stakeholders

#SoftwareEngineering #SoftwareDevelopment #DDD

Software development is about solving problems, not about writing code.

Code is our foremost method for solving problems, but lines of code are a liability, not an asset. The fewer you can get away with while solving the problem equally well, the better.

EDIT: actually these two paragraphs still work if I remove any "user" or "client" at all, so I did that

#SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareEngineering #BusinessDevelopment

Sonny Bonds
1 month ago

Here goes! Put a little template thingie to somewhat emulate checked exceptions in C++ on GitHub.

It's mostly a proof of concept and probably problematic in a dozen ways, but I think there might be something useful in there.

#cpp #cplusplus #programming #softwareengineering

João Silvestre
1 month ago

Haven't really thought about blogging before but I'm giving it a go, exploring a topic that has been on my mind a lot recently.

Ever wondered how we go from code to actual program execution? Starting by explaining how CPUs execute programs, let's delve into the tech together! Part 1:

Feedback welcome.

#softwareengineer #softwareengineering #cpu #computer #programming

Sonny Bonds
1 month ago

Hot take:
Java got exceptions mostly right, and the reason they're annoying is because writing safe code is annoying.

#programming #softwareengineering #java #cpp

1 month ago

If you have not seen the talk "How I learned to stop worrying about Developer Productivity" by @grimalkina and your work relates to software engineering in some way, you should watch it. #SoftwareEngineering #SoftwareDeveloper #Productivity

Sonny Bonds
1 month ago

I have a concept in Wilco called "features", which is an abstraction of compiler flags basically. So for example:
project.features += feature::FastMath;
would add "/fp:fast" for msvc and "-ffast-math" for GCC/clang.

But... I'm thinking about ditching this and relying on setting flags directly.

There are so many nuances in flags and differences between compilers, I'm not sure it makes sense to try to abstract it.

#cpp #cplusplus #cmake #programming #softwareengineering

1 month ago


Today's cool kids call this #SoftwareHabitability ;)

Better term for this?

(Like this term bc. doesn't focus in ci/cd cycles, compilation, tests, etc.
But across/abroad, as your last post with the soft mngmt critique)

Written as triplet:
»“Patterns of Software”
explores the work of the architect C. Alexander as it relates to the creation of software. «
by Richard P. Gabriel

#softwareEngineering #softwareDevelopment

From » Patterns of Software 
Tales from the Software Community «
by Richard P. Gabriel

» Although I will return to the themes brought out by Feyerabend and Van
Fraassen later, first I will set the scene. In the first two essays in this book I looked at three new concepts for programming: compression, habitability, and piecemeal growth, defined as follows:
Compression is the characteristic of a piece of text that the meaning of any part of it is "larger" than that particular piece has by itself.

This characteristic is created by a rich context, with each part of the text drawing on that context- each word draws part of its meaning from its surroundings.

Habitability is the characteristic of source code that enables pro-grammers, coders, bug-fixers, and people coming to the code later in its life to understand its construction and intentions, and to change it comfortably and confidently.

Piecemeal growth is the process of design and implementation in which software is embellished, modified, reduced, enlarged, and improved through a process of repair rather than of replacement. «
Seán Fobbe
1 month ago

Do you use ChatGPT for Coding? A new pre-print by Kabir et al (2023) reports that of 517 Stackoverflow questions tested, 52% were answered incorrectly by ChatGPT. Participants (N = 12) tended to prefer even incorrect answers, because they could not spot complex errors.

Link to pre-print:

- Pre-print, not peer-reviewed
- Very small sample size in terms of participants (N = 12)
- Non-random sample of participants

#ChatGPT #SoftwareEngineering

Screenshot of first page of the pre-print "Who Answers It Better? An In-Depth Analysis of ChatGPT and Stack Overflow Answers to Software Engineering Questions" by Kabir et al (2023).
Catherine Berry
1 month ago

I can personally vouch for most of these techniques. We older software engineers can often add the casual "By the way, I wrote that" flex while explaining an API that is seemingly older than time itself to a junior developer. 🙂

#SoftwareEngineering #humor #YouTube

I've got two recent grads in my group under my de facto...mentorship? Command?

They are both very smart. One is very confident he can do things but is less effective, one is less confident and more effective.

I'm very unused to constructive criticism and other #leadership skills so I'm not sure how to turn down the confidence and turn up the effectiveness.

I mean, I know what to do. "Test. Be skeptical of your own work/ideas."

I don't know how to say that.

#softwareengineering #management

Andrew Theken
1 month ago

One nuance of the _best practice_ of “DRY” and avoiding “copy-pasta” is *why*.

In my experience, it’s less about code duplication, and more about referencing a **single source of truth** for a particular fact/facet of the software.

Sometimes it is actually ok to duplicate some code (especially low-leverage/complexity stuff like html views).

It’s important to ask whether the things you’re consolidating are actually the same thing, or just structured similarly.


Sean Murthy
2 months ago

C++ people: I like your help to make a list of some real-world applications/systems built largely with C++.

I realize such a list can be large but hoping to share with students a list broadly covering several complexities and domains.

Please mention app/system name and domain. Links to docs, repos, etc. would be most helpful so I and students can learn more.

Grateful for boosts. 🔃 🙏

#cpp #cplusplus #software #softwareEngineering

Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 months ago

#Rust's explicitness is more profound than you might think:

A #ProgrammingLanguage is a tool for #communication, so this actually tells us how communication (in software projects) should happen in general - which is: in an _explicit way_.

Implicit communication is the actual billion dollar mistake!

#SoftwareEngineering #ProjectManagement #RequirementEngineering
#ExplicitOverImplicit (funny - i've apparenly used that hashtag already in some other toot)

I have an honest question here:

Are there such things as jobs where you deal mostly with “small” projects in #softwaredevelopment or #softwareengineering anymore?

I’m so sick of working with codebases so huge that any tiny change can result in some other totally different part of the system breaking unexpectedly three months later because I forgot to grep every single sub-repository for instances of a method I renamed to be less misleading.

God, I’m so disillusioned with computers.