Mat Ricardo
9 hours ago

Scenes from Bar Italia on a Sunday morning

#photography #streetphotography #london #soho #baritalia

A soho reprobate sitting outside bar italia, smoking
A very stylish woman with green glasses and matching beret sitting in bar italia, taken through the window
a close up of a vespa mudflap
Bob Young :verified:
2 days ago

It’s nice when clients mail their payment promptly. It’s even nicer when they include a thank-you note. I received this note with a check a couple of days ago.

BTW, I pay a referral fee when I receive the first check from a new client, so if you recommend me to someone, be sure they tell me your name.

#callmeifyouneedme #fifonetworks

#techsupport #remotesupport #helpdesk #soho

Handwritten thank-you note that says, "Bob, Thank you so much! We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your help!"
apfeltalk :verified:
2 weeks ago

Telefonica O2 kann keine eSIM
Telefonica O2 kann keine eSIM. Das ist die Kurzfassung einer Nutzungserfahrung beim Wechsel vom iPhone 14 Pro aufs iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Schön wenn man das Glück hatte am Starttag, Freitag dem 22. September, ein
#Ausprobiert #EditorsPodcast #iPad #iPhone #News #Services #Aktivierung #eSIM #Geschftskunden #GooglePixel7a #Iphone14Pro #IPhone15ProMax #MeinO2 #SoHo #telefonica #TelefonicaO2

2 weeks ago

It seems surprisingly hard to get a simple solution for a small office where you get the same X users on Y machines, without manually setting them up.

Windows: Get Windows Server licenses on redundant machines, use Win Pro everywhere as clients; works, but requires quite a bit of money & knowledge. Easier/cheaper if you can go cloud. Also offered by a few NASes or homebrew Samba stuff, but even more knowledge required, never mind that everyone seems to be against this (not surprising, coming from the MCSE crowd)

Linux: Complicated LDAP/NFS setup, + make your own bash scripts, possibly some homebrew sync solution; Yikes.

MacOS: You wanna do what?

#sysadmin #soho

2 weeks ago


🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | 🕵️🦹🎈🦄🎈🦹🕵️

#Soho: Hippychick (Art Of Mix Version)

1 month ago

Gorgeous corner shedding the heat of the afternoon. #GhostOnTour #soho

Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
1 month ago

#Gentrification in #Soho #London #UK has cost it its unique character - I remember it in the 90s, it was an interesting place but getting more and more commercialised even then, plus locals only voted against the Tories as recently as 2022 and it was still a fairly close result...

50+ Music
1 month ago

"Lola" is a song written by #RayDavies and performed by English #rock band #theKinks on their 1970 album #LolaVersusPowermanAndTheMoneygoroundPartOne. The song details a romantic encounter between a young man and a possible #transWoman or #crossdresser, whom he meets in a club in #Soho, London. In the song, the narrator describes his confusion towards Lola, who "walked like a woman but talked like a man".

Anthony Gladman
1 month ago

New Italian aperitivo bar coming to Soho soon. I can't wait!

"Inspired by the vibrant spirit of Soho and Italy’s popular bar culture, Bar Lina is an intimate aperitivo bar beneath Lina Stores at 18 Brewer Street, pairing classic and modern twists on Italian cocktails with sharing platters and bar snacks from the delicatessen."

(That's Soho in London btw, not SoHo Noo Yoik.)

#Aperitivo #Cocktails #Bar #London #Soho #Barlife @drinkstodon

Very simple graphic image on a dark red background. In a lighter orange-red the words "coming soon" and the logo, a step design with the words Bar Lina running above and beneath. And an instagram icon, for the sake of being complete. I mean, if you're going to do a description at all, right...?

Anyway, let me tell you, I am excited about this. It sounds right up my street. I love an Italian aperitivo. I love a Soho basement bar. I love an excuse for a night out.

I wonder whether I can wangle an invite from their PR... *thinking face emoji*
1 month ago

Check out 12 #EU4Health calls for proposals in the areas of:
🔵#Healthcare access
🔵Substances of Human Origin #SoHO
🔵Medical devices
🔵Organisation of health events
Deadline: 17 October


🤎 Artist: #TimothyGoodman in City: #Soho #NewYork USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Today is a good day to tell a racist that they are being fucking racist" -
("Heute ist ein guter Tag, um einem Rassisten zu sagen, dass er ein verdammter Rassist ist".) - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #Mural #NoRassism #BlackLivesMatter #FckNzs

Streetartwall. On a square black surface on a white brick wall with Louis Vuitton advertising, a lettering is written in white block letters: "Today is a good day to tell a racist that they are being fucking racist".

Na 17 jaar maakt STEREO-A zijn eerste scheervlucht langs de Aarde

Op 12 augustus 2023 passeert de STEREO-A van de NASA tussen de Zon en de Aarde en markeert hiermee de eerste scheervlucht langs de Aarde van de bijna 17 jaar oude missie.

#scheervlucht #sdo #soho #STEREOA #zon

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
2 months ago

What a 🤯 result!

Coronal mass ejections, large expulsions of magnetized plasma from the #Sun can generate energetic particles that reach the Earth's surface in a ground enhancement event.

7 different space missions, incl. #ESA's #ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, #SOHO and #BepiColombo, & ground-based monitors worked together to characterise such an event on Earth, Moon and Mars simultaneously.

Press release ▶️

Paper: ▶️

#astrodon #space #CME

Animation of the coronal mass ejection as seen by SOHO on 28 October 2021 - we see material being ejected from the sun (which is in the middle, hidden behind a mask).
Infographic summarizing the rough location of different space missions within the solar system and the measurement made on Mars, Moon and Earth in Orbit and on surface during the CME event.
2 months ago

RT Marina Zanchi
The 2023 #EU4Health calls are still open for applications!
Topics include:
- #MentalHealth
- #NCDs
- #Cancer
- Substances of Human Origin #SOHO
- Medical devices
- Events & conferences
📝Deadline: 17 October


▶️ Manic af for 2 days now and wondering if the moon's cycle is part of it.

Werewolf-me with perfect hair! Ah-hoo!

"Spurgeon" Supermoon today/tonight, August 1, 2023.

🎧 "Werewolves of London"
#WarrenZevon (1978)

#EddieFM #ClassicRock #Rock #UK #London #Soho #70s

2 months ago

54 years ago today I was 21. With birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, I went up to London and bought a second hand Wilson SAF2 #guitar and a Baldwin Sonic 35 amp at the #Orange #MusicShop in #Soho. The receipt says each cost £35, but I remember being annoyed with the guy who served me as the ticket on the guitar said £45 and the amp £25.

Over the years the pickups failed, but my brother-in-law who runs
has done a great job repairing them.

A Wilson SAF2 guitar lying in an open red velvet lined case.
1970s London
2 months ago

Wardour Street, 1974 #london #soho

A line of cars parked on the street outside a building with a large sign reading WARNER-PATHE DISTRIBUTION LTD
2 months ago

#EU4Health calls for proposals📢
Are you working in the fields of #Healthcare access, #mentalhealth, #NCDs, #cancer, Substances of Human Origin #SoHO and medical devices?
📅Apply by 17 October 2023, 17:00 (CET)


3 months ago

"A SIGNIFICANT EXPLOSION ON THE SUN (UPDATED): We've been waiting for this. Big sunspot AR3363 just produced a significant #SolarFlare, a long-duration M6-class event during the early hours of July 18th. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast near the sun's southwestern limb:

"Energetic protons accelerated by the flare have reached Earth and are now peppering the top of our planet's atmosphere. This is called a 'radiation storm.' According to data from NOAA's GOES-16 satellite, it is a category S2 event.

"Although the explosion was not X-class, it was more powerful than many X-flares would be. Why? Because it lasted so long. The flare's X-ray output was above M5 for more than an hour and above M1 for nearly 4 hours. It had plenty of time to lift a substantial CME out of the sun's atmosphere.

"Indeed, #SOHO coronagraphs have since detected a bright CME emerging from the blast site
Although the #CME is not heading directly for Earth, it appears to have an Earth-directed component. A NASA model suggests it could deliver an effective glancing blow as early as July 20th (0000 UT). NOAA is doing their own modeling, and results should be available soon.

"Our preliminary forecast: The CME's flank will reach Earth on July 20th. Its impact could spark G1 to G2-class geomagnetic storms, with a slight chance of G3. Stay tuned."


#SpaceWeather #SolarFlares #SolarCycle25

informapirata :privacypride:
3 months ago

Il malware AVrecon ha infettato 70 mila router per Linux, per costruire una botnet.


Dopo aver compromesso 70mila router #SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) basati su Linux, il malware #AVrecon ne ha aggiunti più della metà a una botnet per rubare larghezza di banda e fornire un servizio proxy. Insidiosa perché capace di restare nell’ombra per ben due anni. Ecco come mitigare il rischio

Nick DeWolf Photo Archive
3 months ago

new york city

greene street, soho

© the Nick DeWolf Foundation
Image-use requests are welcome via nickdewolfphotoarchive [at] gmail [dot] com

#photography #film #color #35mm #streetphotography #citylife #newyorkcity #newyork #nyc #manhattan #lowermanhattan #soho #greenestreet #architecture #buildings #signs #fireescapes #1970s

3 months ago

Back to visit the scene of the crime (having pizza in #Soho). 🍕 Fair play to whoever tidied up the neighbourhood - Soho was like a war zone yesterday. 🗑️ #LondonPride 🏳️‍🌈

Nick DeWolf Photo Archive
3 months ago

new york city

soho, corner of canal street and west broadway

© the Nick DeWolf Foundation
Image-use requests are welcome via nickdewolfphotoarchive [at] gmail [dot] com

#photography #film #color #newyorkcity #newyork #nyc #manhattan #lowermanhattan #soho #canalstreet #westbroadway #streetphotography #streetlife #street #buildings #corner #intersection #architecture #fireescapes #stoplights #signs #phonebooth #1970s

1970s London
4 months ago

Gerrard Place, Soho. Early to mid-1970s. #london #soho #gerrardsplace #chinatown

A man stands in front of a food stall called LUN KEE HONG in the middle of a busy market, in between a clothes and a record stall. A man in flares walks by as a boy fiddles with his bicycle to the right. Behind, a wide block of flats looms.

"Look at us playing Poors, isn't it so funny? Now feel grateful and don't say another word you peasants"

Apparently taking a train to a pub in #Soho will save the Monarchy for another generation....
#AbolishTheMonarchy #Coronation #NotMyKing

"Jumping on the Line to Soho!"

Two parasites sit on public transport for a laugh.
5 months ago

With dozens, if not hundreds, of transit-rich office buildings gasping for breath as residential conversions, the last thing the city should be doing is disfiguring (SOHO) a beautiful Manhattan neighborhood with new construction. (from 11/21) #SoHo

The photo this is based on is nearly 15 years old now. In that time I've read this #London club closed and has apparently re-opened again. I spotted it on a walk on my last night in London and the red glow was attention getting.

Find prints here:

#LondonAtNight #SoHo #Night #city #LondonSoHO #RedLights #DigitalArt #CreativeToots #MastoArt #MarkOnArt

Digital art painting based on a photo taken on my last night in London years ago. This is the old Windmill International club in Soho - the glow of the lights are casting a red hue across basically everything in the image.

At a loose end in London, I wandered down to #Soho and thought I'd push my boundaries at a lesbian bar!
I couldn't shake the feeling that I (a trans woman) was intruding and in the way though :(

Punkrock History
6 months ago

47 years ago today
Sex Pistols played the first night of a stay at the El Paradiso strip club, London, April 4, 1976

Stage Photo by Ray Stevenson

#punk #punks #punkrock #sexpistols #soho #london #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Ben Patterson
6 months ago

I’ve ordered a M.2 #SSD to install inside for hosting a permanent #Ubuntu partition and fast copy of music library.

Planning to run some #containers for #homeAutomation too (migrating off the underpowered #Pi currently running it).

The best bit: this PC fits perfectly on a 10” #SOHO shelf.
I recently made my own network rack! #homenetworking

Wooden box mounted under my desk filled with mini rack gear, patch cables running between shelves
Close up of network gear; two panels of RJ45 connectors, a small network switch connects most of these followed by a router
View of the back of the rack, a power cable plugs in and several empty keystone slots. A few network cables are plugged in to the jack panel at the bottom
Closeup looking through the last empty shelves showing a bundle of network cables punch-down terminated and a power distribution terminal block
Álvaro Ramírez
7 months ago

Kinako shaved ice from Shibuya in #soho #london is awesome. What a treat when I found out they also add condensed milk 🤩

pro tip: skip the queue and get take-away.

#food #icecream #japanese

Tacit Subtext
8 months ago

💜🕯️ #Vigil for #BriannaGhey 🕯️💜

Tuesday Feb 14
6PM #Bristol College Green
7 #Liverpool St. George’s Hall

Wed 15
6 #London Department of Education
6 #Belfast City Hall
7 #Manchester Sackville Gardens
7 #Cambridge Parker’s Piece

Thurs 16
6:30 #Brighton Victoria Gardens
8 #Sheffield Peace Gardens

Fri 17
6 #York Saint Helen’s Square
6:30 #Brum Hippodrome Theater

Sat 18
3 London #Soho Square
? #Exeter (TBD)

Sun 19
6 #Lincoln High Street (by Santander)
6 #Oxford Radcliffe Square

#Trans #UK

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, one of the world’s Meccas of jazz, in Soho

#jazz #RonnieScott #London #soho

Street view of famous jazz club, with atmospheric neon sign above door saying “Ronnie Scott’s – 6:30 pm to 3:00 a.m. – Open Nightly”. There’s also a white neon saxophone on a indigo blue background.
heise online
9 months ago

Soho fixt Datenbank-Lücke in Password Manager Pro und Zugriffskontroll-Software

Es gibt wichtige Sicherheitsupdates für die ManageEngine-Produkte Access Manager Plus, PAM360 und Password Manager Pro.

#ManageEngine #PAM360 #PasswordManagerPro #Patches #SOHO #Security #Sicherheitslücken #Updates #News


Fanelli Café #soho #nyc #photography

Fanelli Café in Soho

😈Artist: #LORETTOgraffiti - in City: #Soho London UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "Evil Puppetry Pyramid" - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #graffiti

🔵Artist: #CaptainEyeliner - in City: #Soho #NewYorkCity USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "I don't belong here!" (Ich gehöre nicht hierher) - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #montag #mondaymotivation

🔵Artist: #CaptainEyeliner - in City: #Soho #NewYorkCity USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "I love me!" 😍 - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #ILoveMe

🥴 Artist: #HadyontheWeb - in City: #Soho #NewYork USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "As I was saying..." /When you're the only Women in the room. (Wie ich bereits sagte..."/Wenn Du die einzige Frau im Raum bist) - #art #streetart #mastoart #mural #graffiti

🇺🇦Artist: #DavidfBarthold in - City: #Soho (Centre St/Broom St) #NewYork USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Zelensky" - #streetart #mastoart #art #StandWithUkraine️ #ukraine 🇺🇦

💛 Artist: #DeeDeewashere ( #DeeDee ) in - City: #Soho #NewYork USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "The Day Is My Enemy" 😎✌️(📷 by Lisa Scott, NY) - #streetart #mastoart #art

1 year ago

The Regulation proposed today will, once adopted and implemented in all Member States, replace the rules for safety and quality set out in two Directives dating back to 2002 and 2004.

#SOHO #HealthUnion
RT @EU_Commission: Every year, millions of Europeans need either a blood transfusion, bone marrow transplants or cycles of IVF to become parents.

We are proposing new ru…


Es gibt wichtige Sicherheitsupdates für Desktop Central und Desktop Central MSP von Soho.
Fernwartungssoftware Desktop Central: Angreifer könnten auf Server zugreifen

#Soho #яумамыинженер
История успеха:
После переезда в #бетон подключили местного провайдера. Первый их роутер помер, нам его заменили на более веселый. О его хаке я писал раньше по тегу Soho.

А ломать я его решил, потому что через какое-то время работы роутера к нему не возможно подключить новое устройство, старые продолжали работать без проблем. Ломал я его потому что хотел посмотреть, что же там происходит.

Первое, на что обратил внимание, что устройства, которые не могут подключиться - получают от роутера IP и маршруты. Значит dhcp работает и какие-то пакеты туда-сюда ходят.

Второе, что вызвало у меня не малое удивление, в arp таблице на роутере не было тех вновь подключеных устройств, которым он только что по dhcp ответил. Для тех, кто понимает, что ложится в arp таблицу, такое должно быть также удивительно, как и для меня.

Роутер, по классике жанра, не ведет по умолчанию системный журнал. Так что какого-нибудь особо интересного чтения не было. Все ведь любят читать логи, или это у меня только?

В процессе всех экспериментов с ректором стало понятно, что речь идет о какой-то нехватки памяти, так как после перезагрузки все работает, пусть и не очень долго.

На самом роутере крутится busybox, в котором не хватает, конечно, каких-то приятных утилит, но основное все есть. Да и строго говоря, главная утилита - это мозги.

Логично было посмотреть, что пишет в meminfo. Там свободной памяти несколько десятков метров. Файловые системы также были более чем свободны, для корректной работы системы. А значит что заканчивается что-то не очень очевидное.

Опытный инженер уже, скорей всего догадался, в чем дело и куда посмотреть. Но я на тот момент был в тупике. По этому решил сделать следующее: кинул пинг на IP устройства, которое только что подключилось и отсутствовало в arp. Вместо ожидаемого timeout я получил ошибку: No buffer space available.

Это что-то мне не знакомое, пошел гуглить. Посмотрев что пишут про эту ошибку, я понял, что это мой кейс. Заканчивается буфер wmem и нужно его уволить. В этот буфер, и в его брата rmem, пишутся активные маршруты и, в том числе, таблица arp.

Посмотрев на нынешние значения, я увеличил их в 2 раза. Роутер проработал как должен около суток и опять свалился с такими же симптомами.

Тогда я начал смотреть, что же забивает arp таблицу. Там были адреса моей скромной домашней сети, внешний интерфейс и какой-то вагон говна, на который я раньше не обращал внимания. Все говно висело на каком-то одном интерфейсе.

Начал изучать, что это за интерфейс. Он смотрел наружу, на нем работал dhcpc, и всем своим видом он изображал ещё одну внешнюю сетку. Поскольку для работы интернетов этот интерфейс не нужен, я его погасил. По нему ходит всякая муть, как и бывает с большой локалкой. Достаточно большой, чтобы выжрать все место под маршруты на роутере.

Со всей этой информацией пошел в поддержку моего провайдера. Зашел, как водится, через верх с вопросом, что это за интерфейс такой и зачем он нужен?

Выяснилось, что этот интерфейс сделан для нужд поддержки, за ним одна большая сетка на весь провайдер, одним сегментом. Поскольку заходил через верх, "технические специалисты" получили пиздюлей, так как это старая проблема, которую они отрицали и не могли собрать достаточно диагностической информации.

В качестве приятного бонуса - получил бесплатный интернет в награду за диагностику и выявление причины проблемы. Так как задело это не только меня, но mojo найти проблему было, похоже, только у меня.

История, наверное, без морали. Сейчас, смотря назад, становится очевидно, где можно было срезать, но все сильны задним умом.

На все я потратил несколько вечеров, это была интересная головоломка, которую я успешно разгадал.