New England FAS
20 minutes ago

Last Friday, a friendly neighborhood #anarchist from FAS stopped by the #UAW picket in Mansfield Mass to show a little #solidarity and talk with the strikers to see what’s up. A ton of different orgs have been coming out to show solidarity including IWW members (with scabby the rat), Service Employees International Union, and Black Rose. Cops have been watching the picket and unsurprisingly come through en masse to occasionally force scabs through the line. Let it be known that UAW aren’t cowards and don’t let the pigs through without a struggle!
The feeling on the picket line is in a word electric! Solidarity and the power of a unified people against an entrenched boss is on everyone’s lips in one word or many, and the comradery and positivity are palpable. This is an example of a charged and fed-up proletariat open to new ideas and weren’t the least bit afraid of a little anarchy! Come rain or shine, the spirit on the picket line is undiminished!
If you’re able to help out, you have several options. First and foremost they need people to show up and hold the line in solidarity. Whether you’re representing a group or just yourself, you’re invited to come walk with a sign and block the scabs! For material goods, the strikers said they have ample amounts of donuts, water, soda, and coffee, and that they get reimbursed for those specific items. All other foodstuffs are not being reimbursed and are appreciated. With the heavy rain they could also use some umbrellas, ponchos, and D batteries were mentioned.

They also have a #strike fund at

View from the UAW Mansfield picket line. Center midground is a sign that says "UAW ON STRIKE"
UAW strikers walk the picket line in Mansfield Massachusetts
White and blue picket sign
Peter Riley
4 hours ago

The #NTEU Has a Plan to
Improve Working Conditions
More Secure Work
Manageable Workloads
Better Parental / Carer's Leave
Restrict Restructures
Fair Pay
Better Flexible & Work from Home Arrangements

#Strike Week (2nd-8th October)

#casuals #UniMelb #union
#solidarity #picket

Near North camp
10 hours ago

Tomorrow, Tuesday morning, join in #solidarity with a South Minneapolis #homeless camp that has been attacked and destroyed by #Minneapolis and #Minnesota government forces scores of times the past few months alone. #breakfast #eggs #MNastodon

(big bold text the same colors as the illustrations of sunny-side up eggs, over the faded background of an upside-down piggy bank with Xd out eyes, announces)

Encampment Breakfast

Start your day off right
w/ egg sammies & coffee

10/3 7:30 a.m.

94/Cedar Ave Underpass
(northside of bridge by offramp)

chat w/ neighbors & frens
bring a baked good
15 hours ago

coal mine collapses in Northern China, many die
#StopCoal #ClimateCrisis #solidarity #ClimateAction #FreeHumanity

16 hours ago

@politico_eu_bot Expressing #solidarity w/ Ukraine!

Joe Biden creates history as first sitting President to attend a workers strike. #Biden #UAW #USA #Solidarity

Thorsten Philipp
2 days ago
Zeitgeisty Aphorisms
2 days ago

Neither #strike without #solidarity nor #solidarity without #strike.

DJ Evil Dave (He/Him)
2 days ago
thomas (they/them) 🌺
2 days ago

Getting no love in this reddit post on r/Astoria about worker owned cooperatives. Why is it so hard to find like minded people?

#WorkerOwnedAndOperated #coop #cooperative #solidarity #SolidarityEconomy #socialism #unions #workerCoop #astoria #nyc

2 days ago

Red Line TV speak to Ken Loach about his new film the Old Oak, Labour the media and Palestine.

#socialism #socialist #socialistsunday #kenloach #labour #labourparty #solidarity

Cory Doctorow
2 days ago

Writing a hopeful novel of ecological, social and economic redemption, driven by #solidarity, #repair, and #LibrarySocialism, was a powerful tonic against despair in this smoke-smothered, flooded, mosquito-bitten time. And while the book isn't out yet, there are early indications I succeeded, like #KimStanleyRobinson's reaction, "Along with the rush of adrenaline I felt a solid surge of hope. May it go like this."


2 days ago


What we talk about as 'normal' was #racist af, #homophobic af, #sexist af

We're not going back & shouldn't want to

I miss believing we had a representative government. Honestly I do. But I'm ready to work for a real one, & hope y'all are too
#Solidarity from Tacoma :BLM: :af: :better_pride: :iww:

Freedom Press
3 days ago

Activists disrupt bomb factory’s open day
Palestine Action disrupt bomb factory's open day with paint bombs
#PalestineAction #Solidarity #Teledyne #TeledyneTechnologiesGroup

A photograph of a glass-walled building behind a sign that reads TELEDYNE e2V. There is red paint splattered onto the building's glass
Mark W. Alexander
3 days ago

Everyone, and I mean *everyone*, who is not getting a paycheck should not go to work.

#EssentialWorkers died for us during #COVID19. The #WorkingClass is essential. Air traffic controllers are NOT slaves. Neither are SSA workers, park rangers, FDA inspectors, ...

If you're not getting paid what are you working for? Let the billionaires take responsibility for a change.

#GeneralStrike #WeThePeople #Solidarity #GovernmentShutdown

LA Legault
3 days ago

Every time I see this picture I think it should have won a pulitzer.
#union #solidarity

An emotional French man holding his police officer childhood friend by this collar to get through to him in the French strike of 1972
Séamus McGuire
3 days ago

I didn’t follow the writers’ strike closely, though I certainly supported them. Drew Carey, on t(w other hand, provided free meals to WGA members at two LA restaurants for the duration of the strike. When the end was announced, he encouraged writers to go celebrate with one more meal on his dime. That’s solidarity.

#WGA #writersstrike #union #labor #solidarity

4 days ago

Further to my post about the Australian Human Rights Commission receiving an FOI request; apparently the FOI has been withdrawn.

This is happy positive news for community well-being and safety. Remember, always keep safe mentally and physically, but never let the fascists get you down and silence you.

#LGBTQIASB+ #Pride #solidarity #FightFascists

Peter Riley
4 days ago

#UAW #

The Metalworkers Union of Greater #Curitiba (SMC) holds an assembly in #Brazil to express support and #solidarity with the #strike of U.S. automaker workers #union.

Cole Haddon
4 days ago

'We Did It! Ex-WGAW President Howard A. Rodman Weighs in on Screenwriters' New Contract'

The 5AM StoryTalk guest contributor discusses our Guild's 'glorious' deal with the AMPTP, the cruelty of the companies that necessitated the strike, and the importance of collective bargaining in our culture.

#WGA #WGAstrong #WGAstrike #unionstrong #solidarity #screenwriting

An image of picketing WGA members. Over this the headlines:

We Did It! Ex-WGAW President Howard Rodman Weighs in on Screenwriters' New Contract

The guest contributor discusses our Guild's 'glorious' deal with the AMPTP, the cruelty of the companies that necessitated the strike, and the importance of collective bargaining in our culture
Jack Rosenquist
4 days ago

We got a tentative agreement on a contract at the Seward Community Co-op, where I work. I'm part of the bargaining committee, and I'm really pleased with what we came up with. And a series of job actions, as well as an overwhelmingly majority vote to authorize a ULP strike should it become necessary, have brought co-op employees much closer to each other, creating the strongest sense of community I've seen there in the fourteen and a half years I've worked there. We're all very grateful for all of the support from customers, has been wonderful.

#Unions #JobAction #Solidarity #MutualAid

DJ Evil Dave (He/Him)
4 days ago
Odin Halvorson
4 days ago

Additionally, “the WGA reserves the right to assert that exploitation of writers’ material to train AI is prohibited by MBA or other law” — a major issue given many authors’ recent discovery that their work is being used to train AI owned by Meta and other companies.

This turned out SO MUCH BETTER than I expected.

Way to go Union!!!

#Strike #WGA #Union #Unions #Workers #Solidarity

European Commission
4 days ago

When disasters strike, #solidarity lights the way.

Since 2001, the #EUCivilProtection Mechanism has been activated 700 times, channelling emergency assistance in and outside the #EU.

Besides EU countries, nine other states participate in the mechanism.

How does it work?

- A country can request assistance via our #Emergency Response Coordination Center (ERCC) – 24/7.

- Participating countries can offer assistance

- Once the offer is accepted, the ERCC coordinates the delivery of the aid.

An illustration with a Canadair firefighting aeroplane in the centre dropping water, which creates an EU flag. 

A text on the bottom-right side reads, “Our Union is built on solidarity”.
4 days ago


Of course he would be! As a member of the #ZionistLobby in the US, as others do here in the UK, Gottheimer’s intervention is intended to suppress *any* expression of support for the do-called ‘deligitimization’ (anti-Zionism) of #ApartheidIsrael in universities!

As Hil #Aked notes in his excellent new book “Friends of Israel: The Backlash Against #Palestine #Solidarity” (p150):

“Academia has long been a critical arena of concern for the #Zionist movement. Many of the key North American and European nodes in the do-called delegitimization (anti-Zionist) network challenging the legitimacy of #Israeli #apartheid - as mapped out by Israeli think-tank the #Reut Institute - were universities. Similarly, US-based lobby group, The David Project, called universities ‘the leading venue for anti-Israel activity’.

The principal reason that higher education holds this status as an arena of deligitimization par excellence is the academic boycott campaign. A key plank of the wider #BDS movement, some advocates argue that academic boycott could play as pivotal a role in the struggle to end Israeli apartheid as the sport’s boycott did, in previous decades, in the campaign against South African apartheid.”

As I’m sure you, at Mondoweiss, are all acutely aware of the Lobby’s backlash against the Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism (#ICSZ) & the announcement of its first-ever conference examining the politics and impacts of calls to adopt the “#IHRA definition of antisemitism.”

I quote:

“Since the moment we announced the Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism, our work and people have been attacked. We’ve kept our focus on building our research community and working toward the October conference. Still, we cannot let pass these efforts to stifle academic freedom and prevent antiracist education, nor the harassment of scholars. Please read and amplify ICSZ’s statement on the attacks and the supporting letters from our community — and then let’s keep doing the work that ICSZ was created to support.”

Any others interested in ICSZ can read more here:

Freedom Press
5 days ago

Culture of Solidarity
Culture of Solidarity is a fast growing mutual aid group based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in Israel-Palestine.
#Anarchism #CultureOfSolidarity #Israel #MutualAid #Palestine #Solidarity

A photograph of a street in Tel Aviv with a banner over it saying SOLIDARITY IS RESISTANCE. There are boxes in the street that people are opening.
5 days ago

So, three days ago the Australian human rights commission released its preliminary response to the Lesbian Action Group's request for a 5 year exemption to the Sex Discrimination Act here in Naarm.

Thankfully their preliminary view is to decline the application.

Today the commission advised an FOI has been received for the information of all individual submissions (which were not released with the initial verdict). This release of information would include the name of the individual who lodged a response.

This is simply a witch hunt by LGB Alliance Australia et al to discover, harass and we all know what else, to individuals who oppose them.

This is terrifying.

#LGBTQIASB+ #Pride #queer #trans #transMasc #unity #solidarity #FightFascism

“The streaming industry has thrived on data opacity — allowing an industry in the business of fiction to twist the story to how it sees fit with carefully crafted data. Now, there will be real, actual, hard data available to the WGA membership.”

#WGAStrike #WGAStrong #labor #union #solidarity

Stephen J. Carrington
5 days ago

So very happy to see #WGA and #AMPTP arrive at a tentative contract. 🥳 The Writers' Guild posted a PDF showing how it compares to when negotiations broke off earlier. An interesting read, and lets you see where various wins & concessions were made. 💪

#HotLaborSummer #UnionStrong #Solidarity

5 days ago

when you have more than you need - build a longer table, not a higher wall... ☝️ :anarchismred: :yayblob:

#pomoc_wzajemna #solidarnosc #mutual_aid #solidarity

(wzięte od: @pezmico)

czarno-biała grafika przedstawiająca rodzinę i inne osoby przy stole pełnym jedzenia. powyżej  i poniżej grafiki napis po angielsku: "jeśli masz więcej, niż potrzebujesz, zbuduj dłuższy stół, a nie wyższy mur"...
Jess Thompson
6 days ago

On the #UCUrising picket line at Oxford Brookes University this morning spreading my positive vibes of #solidarity grounded in #empathy with this crocheted scarf I made in #UCU colours. It's time to build the union so that we can save the sector.

Woman wearing a pink and purple scarf that says "solidarity" and "empathy"
6 days ago

BOOM! Las Vegas culinary union workers vote 95% yes to authorize a strike. If this doesn't make the Strip resorts wake up, I don't know what will.

#Labor #Strike #Union #LasVegas #Worker #Solidarity

Freedom Press
6 days ago

Activists crash Europe’s largest drone conference
Yesterday, Palestine Action crashed the DroneX Trade Show & Conference
#Drones #Elbit #PalestineAction #SHUTELBITDOWN #Solidarity

A photograph of 3 people standing in front of a conference hall holding the Palestinian flag and a banner about Thales
Raymond Scott Pert
6 days ago

It looks like the WGA got pretty much "everything it wanted", including structural change.

UNION SOLIDARITY WORKS. WORKS #WGAStrong #Union #Labor #solidarity #UnionStrong

jennifer mills
6 days ago

Details of the WGA agreement: The AI provisions are a significant step forward, this will have an impact across other creative fields. Thank you strikers! #solidarity #WGA_strike

Tim W (admin)
6 days ago

@ulidig it's really terrible, I feel awful for the CVS workers. Anyone who has to put up signs saying, and I paraphrase, but not by much, "hey, we're people too, please don't scream at us because we're understaffed", is being put in a terrible position by their bosses and absolutely should be getting organized.

#Solidarity to CVS and Walgreens and everyone else being intentionally understaffed in the name of profits.

6 days ago

You can't quite see vests from here, but I'm pretty sure I just heard a SAG-AFTRA captain leading chants at a light. Solidarity, friends. #SAGAFTRA #WGA #Solidarity

Closeup of last night's near Harvest, or Corn, moon. The details are sharp--bright light and dark shadow, smooth arc and pocked meteor field. With a longer lens, you might even catch a few blue WGA shirts in solidarity on the roaring, festive lunar pickets.
Rafagas Links
1 week ago

Shareish is a web platform based on Open Source principles that promotes mutual aid and solidarity through a gift economy #solidarity

Peter Riley
1 week ago
1 week ago

@shannoncurtis Billy Bragg’s ‘There Is Power in a Union’ from 1986?

Oh, we’re not doing that here are we?


Patches with Velcro in support of anarchists from Resistance Committee @ResComUA are here! Recommended donation 20 euro a piece (plus some stickers with same motive). Donate via with "ResCom"subject and send your address to our email #Ukraine #Solidarity

Dr Will Ball
1 week ago

While we're at it, we should also support folks from the NUJ, BMA, PCS and others (including some school staff here in Scotland) who are also striking this week.

#Solidarity #SupportStrikingWorkers

1 week ago

ASLEF striking at the weekend, pay and conditions.

Make a donation to ASLEF's fighting fund:

Account Name: ASLEF Fighting Fund
Account Number: 20230973
Sort Code: 60-83-01

#ASLEF #Strike #Solidarity

1 week ago

PCS striking over conditions at courts, they can't even open some days because they're underfunded, understaffed.

Fighting Fund:
Account name: Fighting Fund Levy
Account number: 20331490
Sort code: 60-83-01

Need to click on "Donate to the PCS strike fund" link to open.

#PCS #Strike #Solidarity

A white dog in a PCS hi-viz vest, placards in the background say "OFFICIAL PICKET PCS". This dog is having a great time in Newcastle.
1 week ago

UCU on strike for pay and conditions. Strike fund here.

#UCURising #Strike #UCU #Solidarity

UCU Cardiff outside the Open University. Gang of folk in pink hats holding up a SOLIDARITY FOREVER banner.
Clinton Anderson SwordForHire
1 week ago

@neilhimself Oh hey, you do post here... Cool!

I'm not sure "most" should be enough...


Raymond Scott Pert
1 week ago

Canadian autoworkers ratify new labor agreement with Ford

> The new agreement raises base hourly pay for production workers by almost 20% over three years, and by more than 25% for trade workers, the Canadian autoworker union Unifor said. It also gives permanent workers a $10,000 bonus and adds a cost-of-living adjustment, a mechanism that adjusts wages in line with inflation. #Canada #unifor #strike #unionstrong #labour #union #solidarity

A Canadian flag flutters in the wind near a Ford logo on the automaker's headquarters, Oct. 26, 2009 in Dearborn, Mich. Canadian autoworkers ratified a new labor agreement with Ford Motor Co. on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2023 averting a threatened strike and potentially setting a precedent that could play out in the United Auto Workers strike at automaker facilities in the U.S. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
The Associated Press

"The unwavering support of the vast majority of WGA members was the muscle that allowed the guild’s negotiating committee, led by Chris Keyser and David Goodman, to dig in on priority issues.

Now that a deal with the WGA is in hand, AMPTP negotiators will turn their attention to SAG-AFTRA, which has been on strike since July 14. Production and promotion cannot fully restart until SAG-AFTRA members vote to ratify a new agreement."

#WGAStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #solidarity

Adara Astin
1 week ago
Raymond Scott Pert
1 week ago

UAW Scores Early Victory In Big Three-Face Off

> The United Auto Workers’ unprecedented strategy to simultaneously target all three legacy carmakers is showing results. #UAW #strike #union #labor #solidarity #unionstrong

Outside the Ford Assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, UAW members were striking on Sept. 20. On Friday though, the union said it had clinched key concessions from the automaker and would spare it more pain.

Photographer: Emily Elconin/Bloomberg
Raymond Scott Pert
1 week ago

Biden to join the picket line in UAW strike

> “Tuesday, I’ll go to Michigan to join the picket line and stand in solidarity with the men and women of UAW as they fight for a fair share of the value they helped create,” Biden wrote on X #JoeBiden #UAW #strike #union #labor #solidarity #unionstrong

His decision to stand alongside the striking workers represents perhaps the most significant display of union solidarity ever by a sitting president. | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo
Red Hat Workers
1 week ago

Today is the eighth day of the historical United Auto Workers strike. UAW members are fighting for fair labor compensation, benefits, and job security for automotive workers. Support and stand with the UAW in solidarity: Their fight is our shared fight for a fair and equitable society.

Check out their latest video:

#Solidarity #SolidarityForever #UAW #Unionize

Chris Stefan
2 weeks ago

“They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn
But without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn
We can break their haughty power, gain our freedom when we learn
That the union makes us strong”
#solidarity #SolidarityForever #union #UnionStrong

Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

Reversing two generations of anti-worker politics is a marathon, not a sprint. The strikes are going to run for months, even years. Every worker will be called upon to support their striking siblings, every day. We can do it. #Solidarity now. #SolidarityForever.


Red Hat Workers
2 weeks ago

You can track all the ongoing strikes in the US with the Cornell ILR Labor Action Tracker. Sort by worker demands, industry, duration, and more:

As of today, there are 24 ongoing strikes in 42 locations across the country.

#Solidarity #Strike #Unionize #Unions

Raymond Scott Pert
2 weeks ago

UAW Bashes Trump Ahead of Michigan Speech

> “Every fiber of our union is being poured into fighting the billionaire class and an economy that enriches people like #DonaldTrump at the expense of workers,” said union president Shawn Fain in a statement on Tuesday. #union #labor #strike #UAW #solidarity

UAW (US Auto Workers) president Shawn Fain speaks with members of the media in Wayne, Michigan on September 15, 2023. MATTHEW HATCHER/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Todd Battistelli
2 weeks ago

Current and former workers doing prospective employees a solid:

#workers #solidarity

A screen grab from The Simpsons. Hans Moleman (a short man with thick glasses) stands in a phone booth, holding the phone to his head. Outside the booth, hundreds of birds fly wildly, some hitting the booth so hard as to crack the glass. Text appears at bottom: "I need the biggest red flag you have."
Autonomie und Solidarität
2 weeks ago

#Solidarity among the Displaced
How Russian Anarchists in #Exile Supported Armenian #Refugee Squatters
"Throughout the world, mass displacement is accelerating as climate catastrophe, economic crisis, and war drive millions into exile, both within their own countries and across borders. These mass migrations are exacerbating gentrification, driving up housing costs just as real estate speculation is rendering more and more people homeless. How can displaced people continue to take political action in their new homes, establishing solidarity across ethnic lines in unfamiliar settings? In #Armenia, #Russian anarchists living in exile set one example, supporting Armenian refugees who had squatted the abandoned Ministry of Defense."
#Anarchism #Exil #Migration #Squat #Antireport #MigrationIsAHumanRight

Picture shows a tent erected in front of a large building. People are standing and sitting in front of the tent. People are walking by. In the background you can see a tent
H. Ikonen "Psychiasaurus" MD
2 weeks ago

Yes, #unionization is legit medical advice in 2023. See also: @bicmay 's replies timeline today.

#Unions #solidarity #antifeudalism

LA Legault
2 weeks ago

“We have to fight to just keep a 40 hour work week so some asshole can shoot himself to the Moon.”

I ❤️ Shawn Fain.
#UAW #Solidarity #unionstrong

Labour Activists: Use your power right now. Revoke your labour from Twitter/X. Refuse to be captured and your energy used for the benefit of this fascist tycoon. Bring your siblings to the decentralized social universe where we can all organize and advocate freely. #labour #workersrights #Solidarity #fascism #unions #decentralized #twitter #TwitterMigration #musk

Favourite chant so far:


#NoPasaran 🏳️‍⚧️❤️✊🏼
#DubTrans #TERFsOut #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #Solidarity #Dublin #Ireland #MastoDaoine

I've seen a lot of people saying they're unable to attend the solidarity rally today - so, if you can be there, please go.

We need all the support we can get.

See you at 11am by the Dáil. ✊🏼

#NoPasaran 🏳️‍⚧️❤️✊🏼
#DubTrans #TERFsOut #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #Solidarity #Dublin #Ireland #MastoDaoine