2 months ago

On-site project (i.e IoT, robotics, webapp, …) require mutable system. It mean your logic and user interface can be modified at anytime after being deployed, maybe via ssh/sftp/uart.

Off-site project (i.e apps/games, services, website, …) require immutable system. It mean each deployment produce immutable artifacts. To harden security and protect your costumers, no one can modify it. The only way to update the system is by redeploy.
system = build(change) |> deploy(target)


Jason Butz
5 months ago

The AWS Prescriptive Guidance library has been one of the most useful things I have found recently on the AWS website. If you haven't used it and are involved in technical leadership or solutioning I highly recommend it.

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Matt Maguire 🌱
5 months ago

@timbray If you are just running a single user instance, you probably run everything inside a single VM, with maybe some S3 integration, in which case it's not too bad. If you care about things like high availability and scalability though, then it can become more complicated and more expensive as you distribute functions across multiple VMs, employ load balancers, etc., and that's where #AWS #SolutionArchitect skills come in handy...

Jason Butz
6 months ago

Software Architects, what are your thoughts on the "Strong beliefs, held loosely" concept? It's something I frequently see advocated for, especially in architects, but I see more and more articles advocating against it.

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Jason Stanley
6 months ago

Hello, #introduction time!

My name is Jason, by profession I am a #SolutionArchitect. Most of day is spent researching technology, designing solutions, prototyping and providing guidance to various parts of the business.

In my personal life, I have three children that take up a lot of my time. I enjoy #f1, #squash and learning things. Next year I am looking to get back into #warhammer

Joined to meet some interesting people.

Matteo Rinaudo
6 months ago

A Learning Plan pulls together training content for a particular role or solution, and organizes those assets from foundational to advanced.

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Kaia Seaver
6 months ago

Hello! I'm Kaia. I've been a #SolutionArchitect for a major corporation for 3+ years. Collaborating with technical and non-technical stakeholders to create solutions to business problems is a fascinating space to work in. I frequently helped teams decide between #AWS and on-premise solutions.

I believe that #RemoteWork is the future. People can work together no matter where they are.

I am proudly #trans. My hobbies include #SimRacing and #Writing.


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