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##somali #Cats #neko #Restroom #Toilet #キャットワレ #ソマリ # #猫トイレ

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[ソマリ] 毛艶の良い子に成長しています

##somali #cat #neko #ソマリ #ねこ #パートワン

[ソマリ] 毛艶の良い子に成長しています
Meow Moe
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[ソマリ] 毛艶の良い子に成長しています

##somali #cat #neko #ソマリ #ねこ #パートワン

[ソマリ] 毛艶の良い子に成長しています
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[ソマリ]離乳中の子猫 ルディ 2
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[ソマリ] 離乳が終わった子猫 遊ぶときは全力で

##somali #cat #neko #ソマリ #ねこ #パートワン

[ソマリ] 離乳が終わった子猫 遊ぶときは全力で
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Interesting, didn't know #charcoal #smuggling was a thing, and it is how #Somali terrorists finance their operations (h/t @RichStein )

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BBC News - Ground-breaking #Somali TV drama shatters taboos

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I am proud to present my #PhDresearch 's web pages
If you are interested in #ethnography #childhoodresearch #asylum #receptioncentre #everydaylives #migrationstudies #anthropology --> check the pages and spread the word! The pages are also in #Dari #Arabic #Ukrainian #Somali and Finnish

Female members of parliament discuss the ‘Improvement of the Representation of Women’s Interests in the #Somali Constitutional Review and Law-Making Processes‘.
continued its legal capacity building programme in @HirshabeIIe

Thanks to @AuswaertigesAmt 🙏 @GermanyinSOM

#gendersensitive #constitutionmaking #genderresponsive #lawmaking #gendermainstreaming #gender #womensinterests

Parliamentary support staff of the 🇸🇴#Somali Federal Member State Legislative Assemblies deepened their knowledge about the role/mandate/functions/status/recruitment/dismissal etc of parliamentary support staff.

🧐Read more about this 1st series of workshops & the @AuswaertigesAmt -funded project on our website.


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When #climate #disaster hits home, the urge to #help is powerful. For the #Somali #diaspora in #Canada that means #SendingMoney to those who are #struggling to #survive . #SomaliCanadian #community #leaders Hibaq Warsame & Jibril Ibrahim share how their #RemittanceSpending has increased since the #drought & #Somalian #climate #activist Hassan Yasin explains how #InternationalRelief can build #resilience in his country.

#BlackCanadians #BIPOC #DisasterRelief #GlobalSouth

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Love #poetry and #haiku ?

Did you know that St. Paul, #Minnesota , holds a contest and the selected works are cast on the sidewalks?

Entries in #Dakota , #Hmong , #Somali and #Spanish are accepted.

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On 15 February, #OperationAtalanta was invited to attend the launch of the National Action Plan for enhancing 🇸🇴Women in Maritime Sector. Some relevant members of @TheVillaSomalia @EU_in_Somalia @UNSomalia @EUCAPSOM @UNODC @UNEP @ilo @FAOSomalia participated at the HVE.
RT @UNSomalia: The immense economic potential of #Somalia's #BlueEconomy - and the role that #Somali women can play in it - was spotlighted at the recent launch of the #FGS's Women in Maritime Se…


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Huge #boxing card in #NYC tonight, featuring two undisputed title fights & a lot of prospects.

On the rise of Alycia Baumgardner, from #Detroit:

From August, the incredible journey of #Somali refugee Ramla Ali to become a boxer/model/philanthropist:

The importance of history Saturday for Amanda Serrano and #PuertoRico:

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Shankaron on Emerald has an excellent counter in the back serving goat soup, really nice chicken, colorful rice and bright hot sauce.

Somali market up front. Check it out.
#Boise #Goat #Somali #Soup

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Hyvää joulua!
Tämä kuva on muutaman vuoden takainen joulukuva pojista. Kuten näette, he nauttivat täysin rinnoin pukeutumisesta.
Happy Christmas!
This photo was made few years ago. As you can see my boys really enjoy dressing up.

#kissantai #kissa #somali #abessinialainen
#Caturday #Cat #Somalicat #Abyssinian

Kaksi kuvaa samassa. Ylemmässä kuvassa on kissa pöydällä. Kissan kaulassa on rusetti ja pöydällä tonttulakki. Kissa irvistää, koska on juuri aivastanut. Alemmassa kissa samalla pöydällä, kaulassa rusetti ja joulupukin takki päällä. Hän ei näytä kovin tyytyväiseltä.
Two pics in same frame. Upper image shows a cat on a table. The cat has a bow and there is a Christmas hat on the table. The cat seems to be showing it's teeth but he was sneezing just as I took the picture so he looks scarier than he is. On the lower picture there is a cat on the same table, he has a bow and santa's jacket on. He doesn't look too happy.
6 months ago

The #Somali Islamist group Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujaahidiin, more commonly known #AlShabaab, is the ‘largest, wealthiest and most deadly’ #AlQaeda affiliate remaining in the world.

Al-Shabaab’s continued resilience can be attributed in great part to the sophisticated and efficient #mafia-like 'taxation’ apparatus it has established throughout southern Somalia.

Find out more in our new report, "#Terror and #Taxes":

6 months ago

Canadian researchers ignore local name for #Somali meteorite in use for generations and chose names for new minerals including one named after a western scientist. #elali #meteorite #elaliite #elkinstantonite

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‘Explosion targets’ #Mogadishu hotel used by #Somali officials #news

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A few years ago, some lending firms began offering an “interest free” way to buy a home. Word spread in #Minnesota’s #Somali community.

But "contract for deed" or seller financing lacks protections for buyers. Until final payment is made, the seller holds the deed & can cancel the contract if the buyer falls behind. If that happens, the buyer forfeits all $$ they’ve put in. The seller could then evict the buyer after as little as 60 days.

By @lussenpop & Joey Peters

Illustration of a Somali family standing in front of a house, and next to a real estate sign that reads "Sold!"
6 months ago

"Many buyers mistakenly believe if they make the monthly payment stipulated in their contracts, they will successfully pay off the home by the end of the contract term. But those payments may only add up to a portion of the price of the home, and the buyer is expected to make up the difference with a lump-sum payment, known as a balloon, or by refinancing the loan. The lenders almost have an incentive for contracts to fail."

#RealEstate #HomeBuying #Somali #Minnesota

6 months ago

Real Estate Investors Sold Somali Families on a Fast Track to Homeownership in Minnesota. The Buyers Risk Losing Everything.

For #Somali Muslim families in #Minnesota, a contract for deed seems like an easier path to #homeownership. But predatory practices and poor #regulation can make it a financial trap rather than a good deal.

New, from Jessica Lussenhop, ProPublica, and Joey Peters, Sahan Journal

Illustration of a Somali family posing in front of a house next to a "Sold!" sign. 

Art by Imran Hussein, special to ProPublica
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@silviaelenaff Welcome! May I recommend a community as a model for multi-culturalism? The city of #Winooski, adjacent to #Burlington, #Vermont, is a good example of #diversity in a place we think of as a monocultural.

It's a former mill town that has opened itself to several different immigrant groups, as needed. There are vibrant #Somali and #Afghan communities. And they are part of, and included in, the larger community.

I've heard it called the most diverse city in #NewEngland.

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I am Prof of #Economics at Warwick University. I'll use an #introduction to revisit my past work. My first published paper in 2015 was:

"The Welfare Cost of Lawlessness: Evidence from #Somali #Piracy"

In this paper we show in the context of the breakdown of law & order in Somalia that: the monopoly of violence matters. #Anarchy is very costly. We do so by causally identifying & quantifying the externality cost of piracy induced insecurity on #trade.


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@HiroProtagonist @Rdwicker "hang ten" refers to ten #Hawaii hostages murdered by #Somali pirates
11 months ago

A #Somali refugee in Finland moves his family back home in search of gold | Witness Documentary

EU Delegation to AU
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RT @RolandKobia: At the end of his official visit to #Ethiopia, with #Tigray and #Somali regions legs, EU Commissioner @JanezLenarcic talked to media. Stay tuned for his messages. @EU_ECHO #EU @EUinEthiopia


RT @JanezLenarcic: The devastating effects of the drought: children suffering from severe acute malnutrition being treated at the 🇪🇺-funded Gode Hospital Stablisation Centre, #Somali region, #Ethiopia.

The international humanitarian community must not lose sight of this crisis!


RT @JanezLenarcic: The devastating effects of the drought: children suffering from severe acute malnutrition being treated at the 🇪🇺-funded Gode Hospital Stablisation Centre, #Somali region, #Ethiopia.

The international humanitarian community must not lose sight of this crisis!


RT @JanezLenarcic: The displaced living in this camp in Ethiopia’s #Somali region are experiencing first-hand the effects of climate change, fleeing their homes due to one of the worst droughts in the #HornOfAfrica in decades❗️

#ClimateCrisis 🇪🇺🤝🌍


RT @UNICEFEthiopia: EU Commissioner for Crisis Management @JanezLenarcic visits @UNICEFEthiopia supported school in an IDP site for #drought impacted #children and their families in #Somali region. Education in emergencies gives displaced children a sense of normalcy.

#ForEveryChild, Education.



第一句:你在干什么?"What are you doing?" in #Somali is: Maxaad sameynaysaa? 简单讲语法就是,第一个词里面有what和you,第二个词是doing的第二人称单数。x发类似h的音。现在让我们一起练习:Xi Jinping, maxaad sameynaysaa?

第二句话。他说啥了?“What did he say?” in Somali is: Muxuu yiri?换到第三人称“他”,我们可以看到同样是what的问句,第一个词从maxaad变成了muxuu。然后第二个词yiri是said的第三人称he的变位。如果这句话是“你说啥了”,那就是Maxaad tiri?这句话很常用,别人说话没听清时,就问这句。

Hello fedi! I've been focusing on my thesis hence not been on here a lot lately. Here's some #Somali for you.
Freedom or liberation in Somali is xornimo. -nimo is a suffix that is added to adjectives and nouns meaning "the state of being" or "-ness". And it often makes things abstract. For example, Soomaalinimo means Somaliness. By adding a "-nimo" suffix, the concept of being Somali is emphasised. When talking about the Somali identity or Somali nationalism, this word is used a lot.

1. salaam用于打招呼
2. Alhamdulillah 对真主表达感谢和赞颂
3. Inshallah 期盼一件事会发生
4. Mashallah 对一件事表示赞叹、祝贺
今天要讲的这一句叫做:Wallahi,意思是I swear to God. 我在很多对这个词的介绍里都看到说,它在伦敦听到最多(in an English speaking context),或“Somalis say it in every sentence”。补充背景:在大流散中,伦敦有全欧洲最大的索马里社群。我觉得呢,有点像中文里的“我的妈呀”,或者“我的天呀”。任何时候,表达惊叹,表达强调等等。我记得我有一次跟出租车司机讲价,他非要多收我钱,我一句一个wallahi跟他吵,他一句一个wallahi跟我回,非常有趣。我实在太爱这个词了,我希望我的所有secular朋友都能学会这个词,然后我就可以到处说了!

"Yes" and "no" in #Somali : "yes" is "haa" and "no" is "maya".
I remember I kept saying "haa" instead of "hai" when I started learning Japanese. And with "maya", the Chinese online encyclopedia Baidu Baike links it to the Chinese word for "no" (past tense), "mei you", saying the Chinese language had influenced some Somali words during Zheng He's treasure voyages in the 1400s. The source is a state media article in 2010 which is no longer available. I am highly skeptical about it though.

Another fun fact about af Soomaali and 中文。In #Somali , the word for "and" is "iyo" and it is used to join nouns but not sentences. You can't use it like how you say "I went to the park and came home at 7" in English. It is the same with Chinese. A mistake my students often make is using "和" as the equivalent word for "and" when they are translating English into Chinese in their heads. I often set this as a goal in the beginning of a class so that they will be very alert to get their "and" right.

之前讲了Casalaam Calaykum (peace be upon you),然后又讲了Alhamdulillah (all praise be to God/ thank God). 别人问“你过得好吗?工作和家人都好吗?”然后用一句Alhamdulillah来回复,感谢真主,我过得很好。这两句都是阿拉伯语的表达,在所有穆斯林国家都会用到。
还有另外两句,在多元国家,即使是非穆斯林人也应该都知道的话:一个是Inshallah,是In shaa Allah合在一起,意思是if God wills it. 所以当表达“I hope…”的时候,你会听到穆斯林人说Inshallah.
另一句是Mashallah,跟上一个很像,Ma shaa Allah,只是表达的是过去:“it is what God willed”,用来表达对一件事的赞叹、祝贺。比如喜欢的歌手的歌取得了好成绩时,就可以说Mashallah! 穆斯林人把这个词几乎挂在嘴边。这个词跟Alhamdulillah都出现在了Nicki Minaj和A$AP Ferg的Plain Jane歌词中。

如何回复“我很好”。“好”的这个词在问句里我们已经见过了,它的词根是“fiican”, 放在系表结构里,“我很好”是:Waan fiicanahay. (重音在‘can’,读“安”)
我 Waan fiicanahay
你 Waad fiicantahay
他 Wuu fiicanyahay
她 Way fiicantahay
我们 Waan fiicannahay
你们 Waad fiicantihiin
他们 Way fiicanyihiin
此外,之前说的,nabad (peace) 也可以用于回复。比如问Nabad miyaa?(Is it peace?)就可以说Waa nabad. (it is peace.) 回复Is ka warran. 也可以直接说“nabad”.
但据我的经验,这都不是最常用的。在我问一个索马里人好不好的时候,我听到最常用的回复是:“Alhamdulillah”. 我打字打不下了,不知道这个词词意的朋友,自己查吧!

Ways of asking "how are you" in #Somali .
中国人不问how are you. 也不是完全不问,参考西方文化,我们东亚人不这样。但是索马里人问,而且比英语人更甚。而且索马里人一件事,反复问。有以下几种问法:
Is ka warran. (Give news of yourself. rr发大舌音)
Sideed tahay? (How you are)
Maxaad sheegtay? (What did you tell)
Ma fiicantahay? (Are you good?)
Nabad miyaa? (Is it peace?)
Ma nabad baa? (Is it peace?)
索马里人经常连着问一串。Is ka warran. Ma fiicantahay? Qoyska ka warran. (你怎么样?你好不好?你的家人怎么样?)

Translate Science
1 year ago

Machine Translation Benchmark Dataset for Languages in the Horn of Africa

Lesan AI has just published their first dataset on GitHub with data for #Amharic, #Oromo, #Somali, #Tigrinya and #Afar.

#HornMT #Translation #LanguageJustice

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I'm going through the episodes of Somali to Mori no Kami-sama.
It's a cute parent-child story with stunning backgrounds and lightning 🤩

#anime #somali