Negative Players
14 hours ago

An album I've been sitting on for 2 years is officially in the pipeline... A Weezer inspired banger will be released as a single on the streamers on Dec 5th but will be available tomorrow on bandcamp at

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Album cover featuring a bird

Your vibe attracts your musical tribe.

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🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
17 hours ago

From shouting at the devil, to being soundly trampled by grunge, glam/hair/sleaze, metal was easy enough to appreciate, even at its worst. Simple but fiery rock 'n' roll songs, with big, dumb choruses, showy guitar solos and enough hairspray to choke an elephant may have gone out of fashion as the '...

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ITSPmagazine 🎙️✨:verified:
1 day ago

🎙️ ✨ A new episode has been published on @ITSPmagazine

Show: Audio Signals With @Marcociappelli

Episode: Words and Music: Songwriting Inspirations and the Importance of Keeping an Open Mind as a Musician

Guest: Drew Ryder Smith

Podcast format: Video & Audio

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Challenges are but muses in disguise.

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2 days ago

Haha... one more reason not to use AI #songwriting #songtitle #AI

the transcription of AI being dumb
Oren Levine
2 days ago

#TunesOnTuesday revisits Billy Strayhorn's "Isfahan" to mark his Nov. 29 birthday. My 2021 post was solo, this is a virtual duet with Joel Bennett, adding a piano track to his fine solo performance for the Facebook group Jam of the Week.
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Oren Levine's Tunes on Tuesday: Isfahan

Instruments are mere tools; it's the soul that creates symphonies.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

Treat every gig as an opportunity, no matter how small.

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Perhaps as you're browsing online for gifts, you could put my music on in the background. 🎄🎅🙂❤️🎶
It would be very nice.

Apple Music:



And, my other project on YouTube:

Happy shopping! :blobratheart:
(boosts are so appreciated!❤️)
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Devin Canterberry
5 days ago

This is my everyday foot-controlled guitar effects chain. Not pictured is my Boss GT-1000 Core, which currently comes last, but ideally I'd have that just before the DD-5.

I've had the DD-5 for 20+ years, and have used it in virtually every performance and recording I've ever done since. Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" was my gateway to learning how delay could elevate my sound.

The looper has been my best creative tool, hands-down. Most days, I sit and just play and write whole improvised harmonies, melodies, and beats with it. When all the memory banks are full, I record them all to long-term storage, then wipe all the banks. I've been doing this for such a long time, I'm sitting on an anthology of vignettes.

#Roland / #Boss have really inspiring and high quality product demo videos. Here's one I came across today. If this doesn't make you want to pick up your instrument, what will?

#Guitar #Process #Songwriting #Musicianship

A cluster of guitar effects pedals in an effects chain: Boss NS-2, volume expression pedal, Marshall JH-1, Boss CS-3, Boss DD-5, Electro-Harmonix nano looper 360.

The best compositions often lie beyond your comfort zone.

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5 days ago

Feeling pretty good. I think I finished writing a new song today. #songwriting #SingerSongwriter #music #guitar

I'll get started on tracking and arranging next, though I'll be travelling for a lot of December so it will take a bit to produce and finish. #musicproduction

Meanwhile he's my slightly tweaked master of Throw It Away from this week. Very happy with the polish on this mix and master so far. I'm getting better.

Wear each note you play as a badge of your passion.

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6 days ago

Get high quality harmonies and backing vocals for your song or music project. Our online studio offers expertly recorded harmonies to give your songs a full, rich sound. Raise your music to the next level with our professional vocal recording services. Learn more:

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Alastair Leonard
6 days ago

Hi 🌼

A new song called "Mickey Was A Butcher" is available today.

It's about a butcher and his lambs and is a rollicking good time.

If you're around the Goldfields of Western Australia tonight, come down to Coolgardie Train Station where I'll be playing some tunes.

Have a lovely day!


6 days ago

I cleaned up the mix a little for Throw It Away. The low end had some buildup especially on some platforms like car radio. This version is cleaner & a little fuller in the distribution from mid to side channels.

It’s also just a beautiful fucking song & piece of #songwriting by Abbey Lincoln. I’m getting closer to the final master. Comments & feedback more than welcome! How does it come through on your device? #guitar #MusicProduction #blues #jazz #pop #folk

The musical journey is as important as the final composition.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting
1 week ago

Songs written and produced for singers and artists. Package includes lyrics written by our team, music production in any instrument or electronic style of your choice, demo vocal melody recording (to copy when recording your vocals), mixing your vocals and complete mastering. Read full details:

#Musicproducer #Musicproduction #Songwriter #Songwriting #Music #Producer

Always be patient, because success in music often requires persistence and time.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

Release 'B-sides' or demos to maintain fan engagement between major releases.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

Sharon Murphy
1 week ago

The beginnings of a song based on my empathy for those that hoard and their reasons.

Bring it all around me to
remind myself.
Let it all surround me to
envelope myself.
Bring it all around me to
cushion myself.
Let it all surround me to
protect myself.
Bring it all around me to
hide myself.
Let it all surround me to
lose myself.

Take it all away, just not today.
Give it all away, some other day.

#WorkInProgressWednesday #WIP #SongWriting #WritingCommunity #SongLyrics #MentalHealth #Loss

Oren Levine
1 week ago

#TunesOnTuesday marks (American) #Thanksgiving with my song for the season "Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob." Thinking of all those who are not able to celebrate with family and friends now. #musicblog #jazz #jazzmusic #songwriter #songwriting #composer #lyrics #piano #jazzpiano #music #musician #holidaymusic

Oren Levine's Tunes on Tuesday: Thanksgiving With Uncle Rob
Sharon Murphy
1 week ago

Looking for advice on what home I (neither a luddite nor a tech whizz) should choose for #writing on topics ranging from #music, #creativity & #songwriting to community building & #wellbeing.

I've published an article on #Medium before, & know that #Substack has become the recent choice for many. #WordPress, I'm less familiar with, but I like the idea of having more control!

I've read a pros & cons article comparing all three, but thought I'd ask you good people also!


Engage in cross-promotion by collaborating with other artists.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

Blue Nagoon 🫐
1 week ago

When someone asks about my new song and I flunk the elevator pitch. Or in this case the trail pitch.

The song in question:

#indiemusic #musodon #musicproduction #comedy #synthpop #songwriting

A skit in which a man is walking on a trail and encounters some old friends. He attempts to pitch his newly released pop song to them but it doesn't go well. We only see his side of the conversation. The song is Blue Nagoon's "Highway 101."

Do surprise releases to generate immediate buzz and excitement.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

Sharon Murphy
2 weeks ago

Myself and my pal @sivemusic feature on this episode of the Souls in Harmony #Podcast.
It's a lighthearted 45-min listen taking in #Creativity, #Inspiration, #Songwriting, #CommunityMusic and more.
Host Aaron TBone Murphy is an excellent guide, and has kindly included links to all of the references made during the conversation.
It was a really fun experience!
#Musodon #FediMusicians #MusiciansOfMastodon #ArtsandHealth #SelfCare #WritingCommunity

Kat Kimbriel
2 weeks ago

I don't know who needs to hear this tonight, but sometimes life deals you a hand, and you are not at the critical events of your generation.

But then you may respond with your own magic, and it becomes the soundtrack of history.

#Music #Songwriting #JoniMitchell #Woodstock

jesse jarnow
2 weeks ago

#NowPlaying - phil ochs' topical #folk #songwriting demos for broadside, 1962-1964, released in 1980. along with the usual anti-racism & pro-unionism, oddities include a commercial for proto-cable ("talkin' pay tv") & a song for christine keeler (spotted canoodling with b. kreutzmann on the dead's europe '72 tour), but once again most charmed by the space race ballad, "spaceman." less into the winking cover of the #beatles' "i should have known better" with (recent deadcast guest) eric andersen.

Join a community or group of musicians to share knowledge and support.

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2 weeks ago

Raise the bar on your song productions with our "PRO Online Song Production Package" designed specifically for singers and artists. Package includes all of the top production services from our standard song package, plus a high quality music video, full stems pack, unlimited music modifications and so many more extras that are commonly requested by professional singers and artists. Read full details:

#Musicproducer #Musicproduction #Music #Singer #Songwriting

jesse jarnow
2 weeks ago

#NowPlaying - back working on a pile of pete seeger & folkways LPs courtesy @4CPcomics & his late father. topical songs, 1958, just after seeger's weavers liberation. white-bread af but a hearty supply of earnest anti-racism, woody guthrie, unions, talkin' blues about atomic energy, etc.. charmed by lee hays & earl robinson's "martian love song" & malvina reynolds' "battle of maxton field," on north carolina lumbee wreaking havoc on a klan rally. #folk #songwriting

Pete Seeger Gazette LP
newspaper clips and lyrics pertaining to Martian Love Song
news item on natives raiding a Klan rally

Always be open to learning and improving your songwriting and production skills.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

An iPad is a great songwriting powerhouse.

#electronicmusic #bedroomstudio #songwriting

Use feedback to help refine and improve your music.

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2 weeks ago

Billie Eilish Was Terrified She’d Hit Her Peak Before ‘Barbie’ Soundtrack Song: ‘Concerned That It Was Over For Me’

Check it out! 👇

#Songwriting #MusicNews #Dance #Pop #Music

Uncle Daniel 🐅🏔
2 weeks ago

song6 - 2013-11-16

#music #songwriting

Collaborate with other musicians to bring new ideas and perspectives to your music.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

Use technology to collaborate with musicians from around the world.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

2 weeks ago

me doing my best again the musical self doubt the last few day...
#songwriting #musicproduction #singersongwriter

dAVE Inden || attks th drknss
2 weeks ago

Some fun findings in my poll on song titles. I'm in the "Fuck yeah" group for sure. As in, that's what I voted in my own poll.
I think for me, as a musician who mostly creates instrumental works, long song titles also give the chance to convey some kind of message behind what the intent was of the thing I am creating.
Plus, it's a chance to have a silly fun time and I can't pass that up.

#music #experimentalmusic #electronicmusic #musicproduction #musodon #songwriting #InstrumentalMusic

Oren Levine
2 weeks ago

#TunesOnTuesday shares Naomi Shemer's "Lu Yehi | לו יהי" from 1973. What started as an adaptation of the Beatles' "Let It Be" became a timeless expression of hope and humanity in dark times. #songblog #jazzblog #musicblog #jazz #jazzmusic #songwriter #songwriting #composer #lyrics #piano #solopiano #music #musician #instamusic #luyehi #naomishemer

Oren Levine's Tunes on Tuesday: Lu Yehi (Let It Be) לו יהי

Use social media to build your fan base and engage with your audience.

#music #musician #artist #motivation #songwriting

2 weeks ago

Buffalo Nichols at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle (well, Ballard). My new favorite songwriter. I'm so glad he came to town just a month after I first learned about his music. Wow.
#music #songwriting

3 weeks ago

Found this old recording i made in 2019...i like the ideas! What do you think?

#music #songwriting

Sunday evening here on the San Francisco coast seems like a nice time to post one of my songs. From 2020, A Different Song with Chloé on vocals..she knocked it out of the park. 🙂❤️🎶
#Songwriting #Music

Blue Nagoon 🫐
3 weeks ago

Yeah other artists are cool but do they release #Transformers Gen-1 style TECH CARDS to go with their songs?! (Yo dawg I heard you liked the 1980s... 🤣 )

That's right, now you can see my song's specs at a glance, and you don't even need the red plastic decoder thingy!

Check it out below. The song in question is my new track "Highway 101"

#1980s #toys #musodon #indiemusic #music #songwriting #musicproduction

A parody of the Transformers toys' tech cards that used to come on their boxes. This one lists the "tech specs" of a song by artist Blue Nagoon called "Highway 101."
A tech card from the box of a Transformers toy from the 1980s. These cards show an illustration of the Transformer inside, a description of it, and a graph showing its characteristics such as strength, intelligence, and speed.
moose magoon
3 weeks ago

5 Reasons You Should Finish That Song... Even If You Don't Want To - Ask.Audio #songwriting

MK Rexx
3 weeks ago

I want to work on this tune. When I'm far from my laptop, ideas come in. But as soon as I try to input those into the DAW, I'm stuck. AAAAARGH!

#makemusic #musicproduction #songwriting

Das Heinrich Manöver
3 weeks ago

Unser #Album ist draußen

Mehr oder weniger 8 Jahre #Songwriting, Sessions, Outtakes. 10 Monate #Recording, Mixing, Mastering. Alles selbstgemacht, kein Label, No-Budget, alles #DIY. Dazu 3 #Musikvideos und Cover-Artworks von der wundervollen Karla Eden.

Dabei rausgekommen ist eine ziemlich leckere Dönerbox. 16 Tracks. Ungefähr ne Stunde Heinrich #Musik. Unzählige Genres. Richtig viele Wörter.

Jetzt auf allen Streaming-Plattformen die es gibt.

#fedimusic #band

3 weeks ago

Looking for a guitar teacher in #Albuquerque? I'm running a special for new students through the end of Autumn --- five lessons for just $100!

I also teach much more than guitar; so if you're interested in making music, but you're unsure how to get to that next level, let's talk!

#GuitarLessons #MusicLessons #Music #Musica #Musodon #Guitar #Songwriting #Production #ABQ #NewMexico #MusicInstructor #MusicCoach #Guitar #Bass #Vocals #Drums

Sharon Murphy
3 weeks ago

It's #WIPWednesday & I'm sharing the opening #lyrics of a song I'm currently working on.
I'm co-writing it with my son Leon who is a #jazz guitarist, & it will be in the style of an old #JazzStandard, with some added spice! 🙂
It could be called a Christmas song, but actually it's more of a New Year song, & will partner one we co-wrote & released a few years ago called Persevere (Another Year).
I hope to release them as bundle on the last #BandcampFriday of 2023.
#Musodon #SongWriting #Music

Christina Dongowski
3 weeks ago

Joni Mitchell feiert heute ihren 80. Geburtstag, und eines der besten Dinge, die in diesem shitty Jahr 2023 passiert sind, ist, dass sie wieder ein Konzert geben konnte, auf dem Newport Festival. Ich verehre sie sehr, auch weil sie so offen genial ist. Eines meiner liebsten Lieder von ihr ist "Free Man in Paris". Vor einigen Jahren habe ich dazu einen Blog für die FAZ Popanthologie geschrieben. Ihr könnt ihn hier lesen:
#JoniMitchell #Pop #Musik #Folk #Songwriting #lyrics

1 month ago

I am incorporating synths into my music and….. it is not going well.Does anyone know of any videos or something explaining which sounds are often used in certain contexts (eg metal) and how to design them? Any tips appreciated.

#MusicProduction #Music #Musician #Guitar #Guitarist #Metal #Metalcore #Songwriting #MusiciansOfMastodon #Synth

Blue Nagoon 🫐
1 month ago

Here's a two-minute sampler of my #album "Here Be Dragons." 🐉

11 tracks of #synthpop and #80s #rock and a bunch of other things. 9 different lead singers, all kinds of surprises and old school songwriting like bridges, solos, and changeups, and just for fun it ends with a 10-minute prog pop epic folk tale! 🤘

The sampler barely scratches the surface, so check out the full album at:

#MusicProduction #Songwriting #IndieMusic #Musodon

Audio clips from Blue Nagoon's album "Here Be Dragons" play over footage of 80s adventure movies and other dramatic images like a woman running, a woman singing on a beach, and an anime woman holding a knife.
✿ Floby 💉😷💨
1 month ago

Du nouveau sur ce morceau!

J'ai enregistré une première mouture instrumentale pour poser la structure et le groove. je pense qu'on est bien : 4 couplets chantés, un solo de guitare, un autre de saxo *in fine*, puis un final en chœur. :) (bon il faut imaginer pour l'instant)

#LonelyTunes #MusicProduction #SongWriting

projet de paroles.

Eulalia's bed is all full of roses
It's full of petals all of red
the scent of which all around
hides her from us just as she poses

Eulalia's bed is full of promises
It's full of all the things she said
we brought kisses on her head
kisses she so desperately misses

She said to us that we got it all wrong
Told us we ought to stay
She told us to stay and play

Eulalia said "don't miss me when I'm gone, 
You'll always find me in your head"
When I'm dreaming as it seems
well I'm with her and life goes on

Eulalia's dead, but her memory lives on
it lives in her letters we've all read
As she leaves us on this earth
we'd better smile and carry on

na na na (ad lib.)
Sharon Murphy
1 month ago

Update: well my above toot (where I posted work in progress and told the people of #Musodon that I would try to #record and release the song by the next #BandCampFriday) seems to have worked!
We are doing the thing...and we just might make it in time!

#Music #MusicProduction #Indie #Folk #SongWriting #MusiciansOfMastodon #Piano

The photo shows the wooden back of a black piano, with three microphones aimed at it, ready to record. Guitars are visible on the wall to the right, and books and objects sit on top of the piano. There is a blue patterned rug on the floor and light streams in above the piano from a far window.
S. K. Riley
1 month ago

Remembering poets:
Dylan Thomas
Sylvia Plath
Lou Reed

Patti Smith – Perfect Day
#Poets #Songwriting #DylanThomas #SylviaPlath #LouReed #PattiSmith

Creature from the Blue Nagoon
1 month ago

Hey everyone, I'm BACK with new music coming next week.

"Highway 101" is all about "I gotta get out of here!" without the pesky "where am I going?"

It's a pretty classic Nagoon weird #synthpop with vocals track (this one I sing myself).

Please follow and share and all that jazz. Full track on Bandcamp next week!

Spotify users can presave here:

#MusicProduction #SingerSongwriter #Songwriting #IndieMusic #Musodon

A sample from Blue Nagoon's new single "Highway 101" accompanied by top-down video of a roadway in wintertime.
James Baillie
1 month ago

I did another song! It's a #BaldursGate3 song, specifically for Faerun's favourite frog-elf-warrior redemption arc. It's entitled 'Devotion', and is accompanied by clips from my own playthrough (where my tiny gnome divination wizard was in a romance with Lae'zel).

Whether or not you've played BG3 I hope you enjoy it:

Thoughts and boosts and comments all very welcome (and likes on the YT video, because algorithm, eccch).

#MastoMusic #Music #Gaming #Songwriting

Sharon Murphy
1 month ago

*Work in Progress*
A rough voice-memo of Can't Catch Polly, a new song that
I plan to record & release on the next #BandCampFriday.
I'm telling you good people of #Musodon in the hope that I follow through! 🙂

It's a stark, #indie take on the blues, (violin parts planned) inspired in part by seeing PJ Harvey live & being as intrigued by her movements as I was by her voice! Bum notes, mistakes & throat clearing all present here! 😬

#WIP #MusiciansOfMastodon #SongWriting

Can't Catch Polly Demo 
© Sharon Murphy Sept 2023

I'm re-listening to the latest Noel Gallagher album as part of an unrelated obsession/investigation and, man, this is a *great* bunch of songs. Dare I say he's a better songwriter now than he was in the glory days of Oasis? #noelgallagher #oasis #songwriting

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Maynard James Keenan Celebrates Next Step in Wine Journey, Puscifer's New Concert Film + Tool's Recent Special Guest
Maynard James Keenan discusses his new wine facility, what fans can expect from Puscifer's new concert film and how Tool ended up jamming with Billy Strings

#MaynardJamesKeenan #Wine #Puscifer #Tool #Interview #Loudwire #RockMusic #AlbumReleases #Creativity #Songwriting #MusicIndustry

Hey, can any #audio folks recommend a simple, reasonably privacy-respecting multi-track recorder app for #Android?

I don't need a full-on
#DAW, and in fact, that would probably be too cumbersome. I just want something that I can quickly and easily test out harmonies or write different instrument parts and test them against each other when I'm writing by myself away from my PC.

#Music #Musician #SongWriter #SongWriting #AudioProduction #MusicProduction #Recording #Singer

Jennifer Single Bass
2 months ago

Nothing new this #BandcampFriday, but here's a little collection of past stuff to browse if you're interested!

If you'd like something gentle and encouraging, I'd suggest "Love to the younger me" or "Weather".

The most recent is "All of us": reflections on humans' place in the living world.

I'm in the middle of recording another new one, as first played at the Green Fest the other week!

#music #songs #songwriting

Jason Evangelho
2 months ago

The most cathartic thing for me right now is going through my songs and replacing the drum machine with my own live drumming.

Or at least LEARNING the drum parts I programmed so I can be competent enough to record them live.

Either way, I'm immensely happy sitting behind the kit and adding that energy to my music.

Also, a proper logo is coming for Hurricane Blonde. And a proper website. Stay tuned!

#Songwriting #Rock #Musician #drums

T. T. Perry
2 months ago

I've also added one more #demo recording here. This #song, called Sagittarius Star A, is both a deeply personal conversation with a dead man and a reversal/re-imagining of Patti Smith's Birdland. The lyrics works as a Bush era protest song a la Herbert's album Scales (pretzels, anyone?).

Not to compare myself to either Herbert or Patti Smith. Inspirations are aspirational. This recording is just me and my #guitar being confessional as a college kid, a long time ago.

#audio #songwriting

Acoustic guitar and an amateur singer. Simple, sparse picking patterns in the verse and prechorus leaving the song feeling weightless and floating, while the strumming in the last half of the chorus and bridge bring a stronger sense of momentum. Mood is reflective and tired, or perhaps bitter.

They say that I should be ashamed of you,
choking on pretzels in the TV room.
I always knew you were a drunk,
but nowhere near this much.

Quietly, we walked.
We went everywhere but up.
The black cars trail away
from Sagittarius Star A.

[Verse 2]
I felt the graveyard shift beneath my feet,
threw dirt on you and then left for peace.
And with the birds in the cypress,
I pleaded for just one thing.


And if life gives me just one wish,
if I only get one chance to say please,
oh I wish
I wish that you would stay buried,

The house is quiet now.
No one around to watch Jeopardy.
My mind is quiet now.
And I've started fixing things.

2 months ago

Ben Gibbard mostly on running. He’s a long distance endurance runner (50km +). Interesting intersection of #music and #songwriting. Outside podcast.

From Peter Gabriel to Edie Carey, I’ve been influenced by other musicians
#influence #inspiration #songwriting

jesse jarnow
2 months ago

robert hunter died 4 years ago today. this week's #gratefuldead-cast features unheard & surprisingly/wonderfully open 1977-1978 interviews (by @dgans) getting incredibly deep into his lyric writing & #songwriting.

2 months ago

Submitted 2 tracks to music supervisors this week. Not expecting much but it’s fun writing for briefs.

Also got tons of personal projects I’m working on. Just wish I had the time:

* 7 Bells (ambient electro)
* City of Shadows (synthwave / goth)
* A Scream in the Fog (prog rock/metal/goth)
* Train to Nowhere (hard rock)
* Curse of the Sea Witch (hard rock)
* What’s Going On? (Santana style rock)
* Ghost of Kyiv (hard rock/metal)
* Lost in the Game (hard rock)

#songwriting #music

2 months ago

I wrote a sweet, sad, pretty, ultimately hopeful ballad for anyone who has ever gone through, or is going through, a tough breakup.

Please check out Not Mine Anymore as my pre-release demo and let me know if you like it. If you do, please share it and that will encourage me to write more songs.

Thanks! Have a great weekend.
#guitar #music #songwriting #musicproduction #Relationships #love #dating #LGBTQ

Truth In Needles
2 months ago

Summer vacation is over! Back on that #SongWriting grind. Ten new songs are locked down with only a couple more to go!

#NYHC #PunkHardcore #metal

Truth In Needles band members, left to right: Wellington, Jonathan, Keith, Will
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

“A Black Sabbath audience was not our audience… but we knew how to sell it. We were never being serious musos – it was always, ‘We’ll entertain you, so you’ll enjoy it!’” The first two years of Gentle Giant
From hating their name to challenging 15,000 people to a fight, the Shulman brothers’ battle for success left them badly bruised after four albums


Sharon Murphy
2 months ago

Feeling really lucky that #music is keeping me busy right now & over the coming months. A happy #Musician !

Below are 10 #BandCamp download codes for my most recent release, an #EP called Not the Sea.
I'll be #writing new material soon and find this to be a great way to move on from these #songs.
#Songwriting #Folk #Jazz #IrishMusic #WomenInMusic



Artwork for an EP of music called Not the Sea by Irish musician Sharon Murphy, featuring a night image of a lone swan lookings at its own reflection in a canal.
Jason Evangelho
3 months ago

I'm a 47-year-old musician who's been playing guitar and writing songs since I was 16.

I just got my first amplifier. Yes, I am a walking contradiction. But that doesn't diminish my OVERWHELMING excitement right now!

The backstory: I didn't actually start recording any of my songs until about 8 years ago, and my solution for that was simply to play through a DAW and use software effects.

I had no idea what I was missing.

#Guitar #Musician #Songwriting

Je me lance officiellement dans ce projet!

J'ai 5 (ou 6) morceaux en tête pour en faire un album *concept*. Cette année (scolaire) je vais m'atteler à en faire une réalité :)

La playlist #soundcloud est ici

Pour ce projet là, je vais accepter ma déformation pro et faire ça en *agilité* en livrant une version minimale de tout l'album d'abord.

J'ai déjà fait ça dans le passé, en 2017 et 2019, et c'est documenté là

#MusicProduction #SongWriting

Une couverture d'album. La silhouette distante d'un homme et une femme se tenant par la main se découpe contre le soleil couchant colorant d'oranges, de roses et de violets le désert autour d'eux qui s'étend à perte de vue. Le titre Lonely Tunes écrit a la main au bas de l'image.
James Baillie
3 months ago

I wrote a new song! This one's based on and inspired by @vicorva's Tombtown novels, which are excellent and well worth reading (the cover art is used on the video by V's kind permission).

The piece is called A Song Of Books And Bone, and I tried to capture the themes of the books - tales of necromancy and adventure but also about what home means and finding family and identity and community through differences. Hope you like it!

#MastoMusic #Songwriting #CreativeToots

3 months ago

I find it fascinating and somewhat bizarre when an article about how 'songwriting has changed' refers to songs written by one person - 'songwriting has changed' has become a euphemism for 'Max Martin is popular'.

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New for profile pinning. 🙂🎶 #Songwriting #Music

CONTENT WARNING: This song deals with homophobia, abuse, and death. 🙏❤️🏳‍🌈

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For anyone who may have missed it, I have a new song out this week. #Songwriting #Music

CONTENT WARNING: This song deals with homophobia, abuse, and death. 🙏❤️🏳‍🌈

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Hey music Mastodon!

We at Tonic Audio have a connection to a possible sync licensing deal for enby songwriters for a major game studio. 🤘 Send me a link to the song you want submitted and I’ll get all your beautiful songs to them!

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3 months ago

10 metal riffs that look easy but are incredibly difficult to play
From Metallica to Slipknot, Sylosis frontman and guitar virtuoso Josh Middleton picks 10 heavy riffs that are far harder than they sound


Good morning, and happy Labor Day. ❤️ :blobratheart:
The new song is here....links below. I'll be back later today. I hope everyone has a great holiday! #Songwriting #Music

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My new song comes out tomorrow. Story songs are difficult, and I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it...that said, come tomorrow, it's out of my hands. I'll be focused on the next song. #Songwriting #Music ❤️🎶

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Here is the third #song from the #SuzeeScienceSinger #H2O workshop, teaching basic #science concepts to younger kids. As I sing this song we are either outside making a rainbow by spraying water with a hose (weather permitting), or we are inside using a prism.

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Mark Hunt
3 months ago

My band is trying to get another EP out this year and I’ve got two songs in progress. One is a killer chorus with no verses yet, and the other is three kickass verses with no chorus. Problem is, the chorus is a happy bubbly love song and the verses are melancholic childhood nostalgia.

So if I can’t think of any way to finish the two, I get the fun of re-writing to mash the two together 😬

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3 months ago

“I realised that I’m actually not very good at playing the guitar”: Noel Gallagher on why he opted to write his own songs early on...

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4 months ago

I used to work with this cool lady and she would always take an interest in my songwriting. Every Monday, she’d ask how the weekend jam sessions went and if I’d recorded anything new. The weird thing was, anytime I had something uploaded for her to listen to, she’d listen to it through, and then tell me that it’s “not her kind of music” which is fair enough, but it always bemused me that she would take such an interest if she didn’t like what I was making.

One day, I decided to write her a song that she’d enjoy.

Spotify and Apple Music were playing at work all the time, so I knew what sort of songs she was into. Classic Rock. Australian Pub Rock in particular. She was a single mum in her 50’s, a strong, hard woman, an Aussie battler.

I wrote Proud Woman in a weekend, and recorded it at home on borrowed equipment. A mate I regularly jammed with did the vocals for me and when it was done, I uploaded it to my SoundCloud and gave her the link when I got to work.

She liked it.

The experience taught me the value of an audience of one. Even though the recording is rough, the focus on writing a song for one person with the aim that they - that person in particular - enjoys it, I think gave me a different perspective than when I was either writing purely for my own enjoyment, or simply going with some random song idea.

I’d love for you to listen to it.

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4 months ago

30 musicians on the album that changed their life as a kid
Members of Kiss, Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Rage Against The Machine and more reveal the albums that set them on the path to rock stardom