Rob Chapman ✍🏼🐧
4 days ago

I have just introduced Professor Easton West into my short story

#Sorry #ShortStory #IAmWriting #writingcommunity

Gerard van Oel
5 days ago

Ik lees: ‘Drones kunnen ook levens redden in oorlogsgebied’ en ik denk: ‘Maar dat doen ze lekker niet, ze kijken wel linker uit, veel te gevaarlijk’.


Ik ga geen lijstje produceren. #sorry

(probeer 'afbeelding zoeken met Google')

@Zjaan @reinoradeboer

Steve Ince
6 days ago
Philippe Boey
6 days ago

Open doel. #sorry mastodon.

Herr TurTur
1 week ago

Ich bitte das Fehlen eienr Triggerwarnung vor dem letzten Post zu entschuldigen. Ich war schlicht geladen. #sorry

lorddimwit: not a typewriter
2 weeks ago

I’m not saying I’m good at #CardTricks I’m just saying that whenever I’m shuffling the cards while my kids and I are playing #Sorry I always make sure the top N cards are exactly what the kids need in the moment.


2 weeks ago

Es scheint keine Deppenfirma mehr zu geben, die nicht bei die #Black Quatschkram mitmacht und irgendeinen Dreck anbietet, den man in seinen Spam-Ordner verschieben muss.
#BlackDreck #BlackFriday #BlackIrgendwas #BlackundDecker #PaintitBlack #BlackisBlack #BacktoBlsck #Sorry

Santiago Lema :amiga:
2 weeks ago

Milei Vanilei


Pat Scullion
2 weeks ago

Well, it’s time to do the annual watch of this again…

Mashed potatoes- EY!
#thanksgiving #glorious #sorry

2 weeks ago

Sorry, totally made a mistake. Not sure how I got things flipped in my head.

I was stating in Euler’s identity, pi is a specific angle in radians, and he was stating it’s just a constant.

Again, I have no idea why I thought he was saying pi wasn’t a constant.


ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 weeks ago

ME: alright time to focus

There is more to life
than what you're living.
So take a chance
and face the wind.
An open road and
a road that's hidden
A brand new life
around the bend.

the struggle is real
#sorry 😂 😅 💀

the words are the opening lyrics to the (objectively terrible in hindsight) Who's The Boss sitcom from the early 90's

Kristen Wiig as Gilly - "sorry"

Rip & tear Stewart !
#doom #meme #sorry #sorrynotsorry

2 weeks ago

@girlonthenet I know, but I could help myself. (⁠╯⁠︵⁠╰⁠,⁠) #sorry

Petarda of the Stars
2 weeks ago

@espanabizarra debería ser
Agente Monísimo porque maderemía cómo estaba.

#sorry #notsorry

Badabumttsss Drums GIF
RTL Nieuws
3 weeks ago

'𝗦𝗼𝗿𝗿𝘆, 𝗶𝗲𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗲 𝗹𝗮𝗮𝘁': 𝗯𝗼𝗲𝗸 16.683 𝗱𝗮𝗴𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝗲 𝗹𝗮𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘂𝗴 𝗶𝗻 𝗕𝗿𝗶𝘁𝘀𝗲 𝗯𝗶𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗲𝗸

"Sorry, ik ben een beetje laat." Met die woorden bracht een vrouw in het Engelse Blackpool een boek terug bij de bibliotheek waar ze het ruim 45 jaar eerder had geleend.

#Sorry #TeLaat #BritseBibliotheek

@selzero @Free_Press

This is an #AutomatedMessage...

#Sorry... #SpaceKarenX is #UnavailableRightNow because #Reasons and #SomethingInvolvingSoup... We're #NotReallySure... #Mommy has had to #Change his #Diaper and #Everything....

#PleaseLeave a #Message after #TheBeep...

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | 🕵️🦹🧟🦄🧟🦹🕵️

Stadtbibliothek Wuppertal
3 weeks ago

⚠️ Aufgrund technischer Probleme ist unser Service derzeit stark eingeschränkt.
Das betrifft leider auch die Ausleihe und die Rückgabe von Medien. Rückgaben von Medien nehmen wir aber händisch an. Vorerst sind nur die Recherche-Funktionen des Web-OPAC und die Onleihe möglich.
Wir arbeiten intensiv an einer Lösung und bitten um Verständnis.
#wuppertal #sorry 🙏


#Sorry... I #Misread that #InAFlash and #Feared #ElainePaige might #Disagree with you... | #ChessPieceseseses #AllOverThePlace #FromThe80s

#SorryAboutIT | #StoopidBrains

🧙♟️​🤖🐺🤖♟️​🧙 | ☕️🦹:fediverse:🦄:fediverse:🦹☕

#MurrayHead: One Night In Bangkok

JustDude 🛜
3 weeks ago

@reinouts Tsja, ik vertegenwoordig YT niet en ben niet de aangewezen persoon om hun reclame beleid uit te leggen. #sorry

Marek Bláha 🎯
3 weeks ago


Schnelle Info an alle Kalender Vorbesteller!
Das Teilchen hat sich leider etwas verzögert

(Krankheit, Ferien etc).
Nächste Woche wird er gedruckt!!!
Sorry die Umstände.

#mbart #Kalender2024 #sorry

meh kein #style #sorry 🤷

4 weeks ago

@pascaline Je irriteert je eraan he? #sorry #konhetnietlaten 🤣 🤭


#Sorry #SquareEnix , but 22n Oct 22 is over

You had your year.

Now it's PC (semi deck) time.

Too bad your #financial #decision making suuucks :crazylaugh:

Lars Richter
1 month ago

@estevez I know. I just like to mix things up around #StarTrek and #StarWars fans. 🤭
#sorry #pleaseDontBlockMe 😄

Lars Richter
1 month ago

@orsinium I'm not so much into LotR, but I'm pretty sure the most powerful component is called "Dumbledore", right? 🤭 🙈 #sorry #pleaseDontBlockMe

1 month ago

The Internet has ruined me #8472

New TV show, 007 Road to a Million shows a golden circle and hands holding the edges. It looks maybe a bit like a rude thing. Maybe.
Jon Bowie
1 month ago

I’m #sorry for this horrible #post

A literal post

So there's a farm. On this farm, there's a cow, a chicken, and a horse, and the three of them are best friends.

They do just about everything together. And one day, they're sitting at the window of the house, and the farmer's kid is watching MTV, and they're watching it, and they hear the music, and the horse says "you know what? I'm gonna learn how to do that."

So the horse calls up Guitar Center, and he says to the guy on the phone, "Hey, listen. I wanna learn to play guitar."

Guy on the phone says "no problem. Come on down."

"No, there might be one problem. I'm a horse."

"Naw, it ain't a problem. We'll get some attachments, I can teach you to play. Promise."

So horse turns out to be a natural. He gets GOOD. And he calls over Cow and Chicken and he's like "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO" and he jams out like Jimi Hendrix. And Cow says "holy shit. That's awesome. I want to learn to do something like that too. What's like that?" And horse says "Bass. Learn to play bass."

So Cow calls up Guitar Center, and she says "Hey, listen, I wanna learn to play bass guitar."

Guy on the phone says "No problem, miss, come on down."

"Eh, this might be a problem. I'm a cow."

"Nah, no problem. I helped a horse recently, I can teach you to play too. Promise."

So Cow learns to play the bass, and Cow is fucking amazing at it. So Cow and Horse are jamming, and Chicken gets a bit jealous. He says "Damn, I wanna learn something too. But not like that."

Horse says "Well, I mean, we need a drummer around here."

So Chicken calls up Guitar Center, and he says "Hey, listen, I wanna learn to play drums."

Guy on the phone says "No problem, man. Come on down."

"Eh, maybe a problem. I'm a chicken."

"Naw. Ain't no thing. I taught a horse guitar and a cow bass. I can teach you drums."

So chicken learns the drums, and he's fucking amazing. So Cow, Horse, and Chicken all start having jam sessions whenever the farmer's out. And one day they're playing, and a big record agent is driving down the road. And he hears them, and he's like "what the fuck? that sounds amazing." so he stops at the farm, and he finds them all playing in the barn. And he says "Holy shit. You guys sound AWESOME. I wanna represent you, make this a real band, make some music. You're gonna be HUGE."

So Cow and Chicken and Horse take this guy's deal, and they move to the city, they cut albums, and they're big. REAL big. Top 10 hits, platinum albums, the works. They get set for their first tour. But there's a problem, see. Horse gets a phone call, his mom's real sick. Cow and Chicken, though, they're cool as hell. They say "Listen. Go see your mom. We'll delay the first show a couple of days, so fly back home, spend some time with her, and then jump on a plane and come meet us."

Horse says "Thanks, guys. you're the best," and he takes off.

Couple of days later, Horse's mom is just fine. Turned out to be a real bad cold, she gets over it, and he spends another night there. The following morning, he gets a call. It's his agent. Cow and Chicken's plane went down, they died in the crash. The band is done. he's lost his best friends. And horse, this breaks him, man. He's been through so much with them, and he feels real down in the dumps. So he takes a walk, and while he's on that walk, he just can't shake the blue, so he figures to himself "Alright, alright. One drink, just to get over it."

So Horse walks into the local bar. Bartender looks at him and says "Hey. Why the long face?"



Catherynne M. Valente
1 month ago

I have a really tight and serious and ulcer-causing deadline next week.

And I’m having a carpal tunnel flare up + coming down with the latest kindergarten plague. Because of course I am.

So I won’t be on social media much for about 10 days, & while most Patreon rewards will go up tomorrow, the big essay will have to wait a few days because IT’S JUST A LOT. #sorry

Gabor Heja
1 month ago

Looks like IKEA made a calculator. But I'm afraid it's not a really great one.

#IKEA #kalkstuff #joke #sorry

A photo of a white box of cable holder by IKEA, it's name is Kalkstuff.

#Mastodon unfollowed some of my peeps...
#Sorry y'all if you got unfollowed... It wasn't me!
I don't know why it's doing that but it's really fucking annoying!
Just holler and I'll follow back... Cheers.

Also, the follow and unfollow buttons should not both be the same blue color! They should be different colors... Pretty easy fix... Make it happen!

1 month ago

i cant find a credible source for the free water and power claim in #SarahSilverman's otherwise fantastic post that i shared
if anyone has one plz send it to me and in the meantime my very sincere apologies on posting something before careful fact checking
i had seen that claim before so i wrongly trusted it but it seems to be uncorroborated.

#ScrewedUp #Sorry #Israel #Gaza

2 months ago

Le coing

Diego Pappalardo
2 months ago

@breadandcircuses and we are not stopping our ways anytime soon, because we're too stupid as a mammal race to even think about our future.
Think about it: we kill our Earth, but we also kill our ability to share knowledge and learn, we tell ourselves we care even though we fly twice a year to get holidays, and we vote for the Trumps of this world to make sure nothing will ever improve.
This Earth deserves to burn, so it can get rid of us.
#climate #ignorance #sorry #Vodka !

KnuppelBeer 🐻
2 months ago

sinusitis natuurlijk

#dadjoke #sorry

Alison Meeks
2 months ago

Just a heads up #Joomla peeps. Many Joomla official sites are down with Rochen having the hiccups this morning. We hope to be back ASAP.
#ServerOutage #Sorry #Glitch

Glitching robot picture with ....oops

Text: Oooops Site Glitch We are aware and working on it! Joomla logo.
2 months ago

Unfortunately, sometimes returns "Too many #requests" instead of the #index.htm #file. I'm #sorry, the #bootloader could theoretically handle #this, but unfortunately I'll #never #fix #it. This is no longer #possible at the #original #IPFS address. That's why #RPlayer is primarily an #archive.

Nigel Moss 🌻
2 months ago

@substandardnerd Now imagining Phil Collins singing "she's a TV lover..."

2 months ago

@rombat @SwiftOnSecurity Players gonna play. Just shake it off.

#sorry #notsorry

BoneHouseWasps 🔶
3 months ago

@anomnomnomaly You can't criticise the work ethic, I guess.

#DarkHumour #Sorry

I'm actually surprised about how much coverage this is getting. The DM site is *full* of it and broadly on the right side of history, too. Knocking Starmer's meeting with progressive leaders down below the fold (DM link, apologies).

@jenn watatacolor #sorry

There were three First Nations ladies. One slept on a deer skin, one slept on an elk skin, and the third slept on a hippopotamus skin. All three became pregnant. The first two each had a baby boy. The one who slept on the hippopotamus skin had twin boys. This just goes to prove that.... the squaw of the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws of the other two hides.


3 months ago

@EarlG Unfortunately, it sometimes sneaks out the same way #sorry

3 months ago

Why do so many powerful men seem allergic to apologies?

Sorry. Five letters, two syllables: it’s a fairly straightforward word. Its Spanish equivalent, lo siento, has an extra couple of syllables but it’s not exactly difficult to say.

Or so you’d think. An extraordinary number of powerful men seem allergic to apologies, living life by the mantra (sometimes attributed to Winston Churchill) that you should never apologize, never explain.

#sorry #machismo #male #men

3 months ago

Having bright blue and pink hair is all fun and games until suddenly it’s no question about whose hair it is in that plate of food



Rob Thomas
4 months ago

This morning's outage was brought to you by having two switches, both unlabeled and right next to each other. ONE of them was to be decommissioned. The other one was still in production, and should not have been touched. Guess which one was decommissioned? #mastodonau #sorry

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
4 months ago

@seachanger we’re sending it as fast as we can. Apparently. 🤦‍♂️ #sorry

Santiago Lema :amiga:
4 months ago

No wonder communication with the kids is slow.

What would one expect from
triple NAT over a cereal line.


A bunch of cereals packs named NAT
5 months ago

Next Valentines Day, take your love up a notch and aim for the stars. (Higher.)

#Funny #Fun #Humor #LOL #Humour #Archery #Sorry #Dad

A father and son are sitting in a hospital waiting room. The father has been shot with a significantly long arrow. He is wearing a pullover sweater over a button down and is wearing khaki slacks. He seems perfectly calm. His teenage son is sitting next to him with a large bow. His pose is casual, but his face is flushed.
5 months ago

@raiderrobert deck chairs on the titanic? #sorry #needaVacation

When we apologize, we allow for expansiveness and possibility. We are taking responsibility for the action that caused someone else pain or inconvenience. How are forgiveness and apologies related?

#GlobalForgivenessDay #forgiveness #sorry #GrowthHack #life #writer #kindness

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
5 months ago

@dangillmor any search engine in Canada? 🤷‍♂️ #MoreAccurateThanHelpful #Sorry

Fish Id Wardrobe
5 months ago

@davidallengreen @TomatoSoup Dark grey or brown with lighter brown circles. #Sorry #TrueThough

Picture of a Black Panther – a mellanistic strain of leopard – where you can clearly see the leopard markings.

Dear New Yorkers, and other eastern American friends. As a Canadian, first let me apologize. (It’s what Canadians do best.) Also, if you want to know why our forests are on fire - please listen to this interview with award winning Canadian science writer & wild fire expert Ed Struzik. #canadianwildfires #NYC #NewYork #wildfires #smoke #BlameCanada #sorry

@markwyner Opener? I barely know her!


jello ツ
7 months ago

@theresnotime More like,… #sorry #notsorry

jello ツ
7 months ago

Yes. And not just because French is a language I'd make love to if that was possible. #sorry #notsorry #FRA #Eurovision #ESC2023

Matt Blaze
7 months ago

The recently opened Moynihan train hall at NYC's Penn Station.

Depressingly high resolution version at

#photography #DevoidOfAllColorAndJoy #RemindsUsThatWeAllWillDieOneDay #Sorry

View of main hall of Moynihan train hall at pen station, showing passengers milling about beneath a massive skylight roof supported by steel beams reminiscent of the original station.

Lean development is garbage.

That's why I've been using the type "boolean" more often.

#puns #sorry #programmerhumor

8 months ago

Why am I listening to "The Hall of the Mountain Womble" at 2.30am when I am meant to be doing other stuff?

Oooh, I just found this, now you can listen too!

#Procrastination #Wombles #Music #Sorry #Grieg

Daniel Fisher (lennybacon)
9 months ago

@rauschma Do you know who said this: “Knowledge is power.”?

9 months ago

It was a booby trap!


10 months ago

Yeah ok fine I'll do an intro. I'm a #librarian in #missouri. I love tech/computers (#windows, #mac, #linux, #raspberrypi), music (I play #guitar, #piano, other stuff), gaming (PC, #PS5, retro), #discgolf, and #stlouis sports. #Sorry #for #all #the #hashtags; they are important here, I guess, cuz there's no other free text search.

Jack Ryan
10 months ago

@HelloAndrew @stshank No, it's not a lie. All these projects to bring back proxy species exist within the IUCN definition of "de-extinction" which you can find below. Well worth reading the entire paper, by Revive&Restore's Ben Novak, to understand how researchers and scientists think of expanding this definition. Purposefully adapting living species to serve the ecological function of an extinct one is what de-extinction is. #Sorry

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) guidelines defined de-extinction as the generation of proxies of extinct species that are functionally equivalent to the original extinct species but are not “faithful replicas.” Proxy is meant to address the fact that the original extinct species’ lineage can never be fully recovered (explained in more detail in Section 5) and therefore only an altered version of a living species can substitute (proxy) for the extinct species.
bituur esztreym
10 months ago

@BrentToderian insert Indian webcam of a huge fluid crossing with tens of lines of cars bikes tuktuks & so on, here. #sorry `~8çB)

Steffani Cameron
11 months ago

Don’t hate me because I can cook. 😂

Made savoury waffles with some English cheddar, green onions, and a little olive oil.

Topped with my air-fried chicken brined in sriracha buttermilk & garlic.

There’s a sriracha maple syrup but I busted out the dark syrup today for deeper, less sweet flavour.

Soft-poached egg.

#breakfast #chicken #cooking #food #sorry

Meal as described, basking in sunlight on a white plate

Oh WHOOPS it did do it!

But it basically just posted a whole bunch of videos from my account! (#Sorry about that)

Bastian Allgeier
11 months ago

We have a new piece of kitchen equipment and it's a real ei-opener


A photo of an egg opener
11 months ago

@whalecoiner if it was constantly flowing you might have enough to ... I dunno, power a phone charger or summary?

But of course it's rarely flowing, so fuck all power in reality.

#ShitOnYourParade #Sorry