Miguel Afonso Caetano
3 hours ago

#Musk #AntiSemitism #Racism #SouthAfrica #Apartheid: "Isaacson writes that Haldeman had come “to believe that the Canadian government was usurping too much control over the lives of individuals and that the country had gone soft.” One of Haldeman’s sons has written that it may have simply been “his adventurous spirit and the desire for a more pleasant climate in which to raise his family.” But another factor was at play: his strong support for the brand-new apartheid regime.

An examination of Joshua Haldeman’s writings reveals a radical conspiracy theorist who expressed racist, anti-Semitic, and antidemocratic views repeatedly, and over the course of decades—a record I studied across hundreds of documents from the time, including newspaper clips, self-published manuscripts, university archives, and private correspondence. Haldeman believed that apartheid South Africa was destined to lead “White Christian Civilization” in its fight against the “International Conspiracy” of Jewish bankers and the “hordes of Coloured people” they controlled.

“Instead of the Government’s attitude keeping me out of South Africa, it had precisely the opposite effect—it encouraged me to come and settle here,” he told a reporter for the South African newspaper Die Transvaler shortly after his arrival. The far-right Afrikaner newspaper treated Haldeman’s arrival as a PR victory for apartheid. (“PRAISES ACTION OF NATIONALIST PARTY REGIME: Canadian Politician Settles in South Africa,” the headline read.)"

#TheCitizen #SouthAfrica #News : ‘Fearless’ Proteas confident of challenging for World Cup title

#TheCitizen #SouthAfrica #News : Can new entry-level Isuzu MU-X dent Toyota Fortuner’s pride?

#TheCitizen #SouthAfrica #News : Our heritage is reduced to a braai because we have few things left to celebrate

Lorraine C.
14 hours ago


Thank you #firefighters, both men and women from #SouthAfrica

➖Here they dance and say goodbye. ⤵️♥️

#Wildfires #yeg #alberta #canada #quebec

15 hours ago

Oil platform divers using deadly C-2 explosives destroys more ocean life in one day than a trolling net would in one year. "Go to hell shell" and leave the wild coast in peace.
#Shell #SouthAfrica #WildCoast #AnimalMassacre

Nigel Pugh
16 hours ago

Well done Ireland! Especially considering your line out, and RSA penalty kick misses. #Wales both sides look beatable. Ireland having New Zealand in the quarters too…

#rwc2023 #ireland vs #southafrica #IREvRSA

IoT Botnet
16 hours ago

First sip is sweet with a caramel overtones. I'm not sure what these fruits taste like on their own, but they seem to be doing a fantastic job of complementing the cream.
#Cream #Review #SouthAfrica #Amarula

Jeffrey K. Walker
17 hours ago

Watching #Ireland v #SouthAfrica in #RugbyWorldCup2023 right now. At the half and it’s a real barn burner. We may be looking at a preview of the final match up here.

Freedom Press
1 day ago

ANC profits while KwaZulu-Natal residents thirst
The ANC does not care about poor black people.
#AbahlaliBaseMjondolo #KwaZuluNatal #SouthAfrica #WaterWars

A photograph of a hilly savanna near the South African city of Pietermaritzburg
1 day ago


In this context, I heartily recommend that you listen to Chris Hedges’ [@chrislynnhedges] most recent podcast!

It’s only short (36 mins) but, boy!, it provides *such* a powerful insight into the ‘silent coup’ that global corporations have engineered to essentially overthrow democracy across the world since the post -WWII decolonisation period!

Hedges interviews Matt Kennard of @Declassified_UK about his new book “Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy”

#CorporatePower #Democracy #CorporateCoupD’Etat #WorldBank #InvestorRights #InvertedTotalitarianism #ShadowLegalSystem #ICSID #ElSalvador #SouthAfrica #Colombia #Honduras #Activism #Murder #Assassination #FreePorts #TTIP #NAFTA

1 day ago

If you do anything today, I highly recommend that you listen to Chris Hedges’ [@chrislynnhedges] most recent podcast!

It’s only short (36 mins) but, boy!, it provides *such* a powerful insight into the ‘silent coup’ that global corporations have engineered to essentially overthrow democracy across the world since the post -WWII decolonisation period!

Hedges interviews Matt Kennard of @Declassified_UK about his new book “Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy”

#CorporatePower #Democracy #CorporateCoupD’Etat #WorldBank #InvestorRights #InvertedTotalitarianism #ShadowLegalSystem #ICSID #ElSalvador #SouthAfrica #Colombia #Honduras #Activism #Murder #Assassination #FreePorts #TTIP #NAFTA

🎶🎶 dumama + kechou – for madala

📨 Nomadic Future Folk Music, by dumama + kechou. The song "for madala" features Nobuhle Ashanti and Odwa Bongo.

"This film is about a woman who is leaving prison. She walks down an endless road; there is no end in sight. This long walk is a lament, which speaks to our history of an inherited oppressive [...]

#️⃣ #Folk #SouthAfrica

dumama + kechou – album "buffering juju"

🎶🎶 The Chisa Years (1965-1975)

📨 The Chisa Years: 1965–1975 (Rare and Unreleased) is a compilation album by South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela.
Witch Doctor

The album consists of 14 rare or forgotten tracks recorded by Stewart Levine and Hugh Masekela [...]

#️⃣ #AfroJazz #OldAfricanMusic #60smusic #70smusic #Compilation #HughMasekela #SouthAfrica

The Chisa Years: 1965–1975 (Rare and Unreleased)
1 day ago

⚡️ Update: 24 dead in suspected gas leak in Johannesburg informal settlement. Gas cylinder in Angelo Squatter camp likely cause. Search & rescue ongoing, exact casualties unknown. Incident possibly linked to illegal mining activities. Further comment from Ntladi not available. #SouthAfrica #GasLeak

South Africa's COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant has endured through the pandemic, & looks set to be transformed into a permanent form of #BasicIncome.

Other countries should follow suit

Is #SouthAfrica poised to become a global leader in universal basic income?

#SouthAfrica #BasicIncome #UIB

Primate skulls likely meant for collectors, hunting clubs in US, where they are reportedly given as gifts and prizes.#Crime #Wildlife #Africa #CentralAfricanRepublic #Europe #France #SouthAfrica #UnitedStates #US&Canada
French customs seize nearly 400 monkey skulls destined for the US
Peter du Toit
2 days ago

⚠️ Early Warning

We have a severe precipitation event projected for parts of South Africa spanning Sunday > Tuesday.

Cut-off low systems produce severe weather conditions with heavy rainfall, often leading to flash floods, devastation and disruption of socio-economic activities.

#ClimateLiteracy #SouthAfrica

Perception forecast for Monday 25th September 2023 at 17h00
Danie van der Merwe
3 days ago

Wow! Cut off after 1 hour and 40 mins on hold for #SouthAfrica Revenue Service. I was no 1 in queue for last 10 mins so sure they dropped my call.

Luckily I called their Toll Free number so the taxpayer pays for that call, but there were 78 other taxpayers also on hold when the call started.

And it's all because I did not comply with a website notice they posted in Aug 2022. Who reads websites every day?

Africa's most advanced economy is enduring frequent electricity cuts that ramp up cost of business, including poultry.#Economy #BusinessandEconomy #Energy #Food #Africa #SouthAfrica
Power crisis, bird flu trigger imminent chicken shortage in South Africa
South Africa's south coast has been hit by extremely rough seas, known as 'spring tide' phenomenon, since last weekend.#Africa #SouthAfrica
Three South African Navy personnel dead in freak submarine incident at sea
Danie van der Merwe
3 days ago

All broken subsea cables on West coast of Africa now repaired, including Sat-3 so #SouthAfrica international Internet should be full speed again!


Graham Downs
3 days ago

LOL I swear The Courier Guy is the new Nandos. They must've scored their old ad agency or something. Their #radio ads just crack me up! 😆

#ads #SouthAfrica

Kristian Harstad
4 days ago

"#Isaacson calls [#Musk's grandfather's] politics 'quirky.' In 1960, [the grandfather] self-published a tract, 'The International Conspiracy to Establish a World Dictatorship & the Menace to #SouthAfrica,' that blamed the two World #Wars on the machinations of #Jewish financiers."


Laney’s Cat Sighs…
4 days ago

Just a beautiful Burchell’s zebra looking wonderful in Kruger NP, South Africa 🦓

#wildlife #zebra #animals #nature #southafrica #photography #photo #wildlifephotography #travelphotography #wildlifewednesday #naturephotography

A beautiful Burchell’s zebra striking a pose in Kruger NP, South Africa
Graham Downs
4 days ago

I was watching Station 19 the other day, and part of the fiction is that the titular station has solar panels plastered all over its roof. Well, in one episode, the power goes out, and the firefighters are looking for "the manual for the generator".

I thought it was weird, since it was broad daylight, but when they eventually opened the panel to reveal this "generator", my first thought was, "That's not a generator; that's an inverter!"

You see, in #SouthAfrica, we're well informed of the difference. What with #loadshedding, everyone knows what an inverter is, and even how you can run one with or without solar. :P

A generator, on the other hand, is a big stinking machine with a motor, which is powered by either petrol or diesel. People who haven't yet "upgraded" to inverters still use them to power their homes and businesses during power outages (I kid. Sometimes an inverter won't do for various reasons, and a generator is their only option). :D

But that got me thinking about the word "text". In most of the rest of the world, people will just say, "I'll text you" or "he texted me" or something, to refer to any textual cellphone communication from SMS to WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger.

In South Africa, we're very concerned with the specific technology being used. We'll "SMS you" or "WhatsApp you" or "Message you on Facebook" (Similarly, "He SMSed me" or "WhatsApped me" or "Messaged me on Facebook").

It's also rare (although becoming less so, if I'm honest) to refer to Internet access as "Wi-Fi". Similar to the above, we'll talk about having fibre or 3G or still being on ADSL. Again, very specific and particular.

And we would never call an inverter a generator. ;-P

That's just how we roll.

#English #language #words

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
4 days ago
🇿🇦🇺🇦The Presidents of South Africa and Ukraine have met on the sidelines of the UN summit in New York (Ukrinform - Ukrainian National News Agency VIDEO) #Ukraine #USA #Press #News #SouthAfrica #Russia #RussiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

5 days ago

Liberation Movements in Southern Africa by Nathan Shamuyarira

#nationalliberationmovements, #anticolonialism, #southernAfrica, #Africanpolitics, #southafrica, #Azania, #Angola, #Namibia, #Zimbabwe, #rhodesia, #Botswana, #Mozambique, #politicalconflict, #neocolonialism, #politicalscience

8th annual hans wolff memorial lecture, delivered 14 april 1977; speaker's name misspelled on title page (corrected in upload metadata); Shamuyarira turned out to be a neocolonial tool himself.

6 days ago

* "at least 12 people injured, five seriously.... child washed out to sea but a lifeguard rescued the child" #SouthAfrica #wave

6 days ago
Public Enemy Exposed
6 days ago

Is NEDBANK now sending Account Balances and other Banking Details to #Meta 's #Facebook and #Google ? Does anyone have a valid explanation for such profanity? #facebookpixel #Nedbank #SouthAfrica #MetaFacebook This appears on all pages, except the Login Page. 🤬

African Wildlife
1 week ago
A live view from a webcam near a watering hole. The camera occassionaly pans and zooms around, showing trees, bushes, and various wildlife, including antelopes, zebras, giraffes, lions, and elephants.
Thousands expected to pay tribute to once-feared founder of Inkatha Freedom Party who died a week ago.#Politics #Africa #SouthAfrica
South Africa holds state funeral for divisive Zulu leader Buthelezi
1 week ago

Update. Trade orgs for very profitable US #entertainment companies, thriving under US #copyright law, are #lobbying #SouthAfrica not to adopt US-style #FairUse. The Library Copyright Alliance (#LCA) is calling them out.

The same US copyright orgs "argue that academic freedom would be threatened if scientists have the right to freely share the results of Government-funded research."

#Africa #Libraries #Maximalism #OpenAccess #OSTP

1 week ago

For my fellow South Africans:

The local Deaf children's sign for Eskom is also the sign for "off" 😅

(my husband teaches Deaf children)

#SouthAfrica #loadshedding

1 week ago

#SoulfulSaturday #jazz #music #SouthAfrica
Abdullah Ibrahim
Dollar Brand-Mannenburg
"It's Where It's Happening"

Fedi.Garden 🌱
2 weeks ago is a general-purpose public Mastodon instance for everyone, operated from sunny Cape Town, South Africa:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin @lifeofguenter

#FeaturedServer #SouthAfrica #Africa #CapeTown #Mastodon #Fediverse

In case you were curious - this is the river system of in South Africa.

#maps #southAfrica #rivers #Qgis

3 weeks ago

@kevinrothrock #SouthAfrica is also non-aligned and has similar laws.

Ricardo Levins Morales poster catalog, p700: "Nothing About Us, Without Us, Is For Us"

This powerful slogan arose from the struggle of people with disabilities in #SouthAfrica. It could be the basic operating principle of peoples’ struggles all over the world. One of our most popular images, it's a poster, card, button and shirt:

Today (9/5/23) is the last day of our Labor Day sale - 25% off with code EDUCATE

#DisabilityJustice #SocialJustice #MastoArt #FediGiftShop

A roughly circular image on a cream background, consisting of block lettering in mostly earthy colors (such as burnt orange, dark green, gold, lavender, and dark blue) interspersed with cut out shapes depicting people's faces and arms joining together. The five people depictred have various hairstyles and dark skin tones. The letters spell out "Nothing About Us -- Without Us -- Is for us." In small words at the bottom, "based on slogan popularized by South African disability rights and youth activists."
Steve Herman
3 weeks ago

Eighteen suspected robbers have been killed in a shootout with police officers in Limpopo province in #SouthAfrica.

Poetry News
3 weeks ago

South African blaze starts
Unclear what sparked the fire
Fifty dead in flames

#southafrica #johannesburg #fire #tragedy #haiku #poetry

Graham Downs
4 weeks ago

So #Amazon's coming to #SouthAfrica. I'm kind of hoping they don't do well here, because I'm not a fan of Amazon, their employment practices, their KDP Select and other aggressive ebook practices.

And we have a super mature #ecommerce environment already, what with #Takealot and #Loot and plenty of smaller sites. Not to mention #Checkers and #PickNPay with their grocery deliveries.

So I think we have what it takes to not only survive but thrive this bully's entrance into our market. I just hope we don't screw it up. The last thing I want is an American company coming in and dominating South African ecommerce. Especially not Amazon.

The Conversation Africa
4 weeks ago

Ncediwe Sylvia Mdunyelwa, a revered South African vocalist, passed away at the age of 74. She left a lasting legacy as a remarkable musician and advocate for South African jazz.


There is a certain hint of something in the #CapeTown air today 😁

#photography #urban #ocean #sun #sky #spring #beach #SouthAfrica

Wide view of a city beach covered in yellow wildflowers, with a sandy path leading the eye to some distant apartment blocks and a hint of ocean at the foot of Lion’s Head in the distance. Seen under a pristine blue sky on a perfect, sunny spring day.
Wide deep blue ocean with white waves breaking out onto a rocky urban shore. A row of apartment blocks sit alongside a slither of white sandy beach in the distance. A pristine blue sky completes the serene, sunny, late afternoon seen.
View over some chunky rocks and deep blue ocean in the late afternoon on a sunny day, with some apartment blocks on the left and a distant mountain stretching into the ocean under a pristine blue sky in the distance.
Urban scene of succulent ground cover with bright pink and yellow flowers, with Lions Head piercing a pristine blue sky in the distance.
My Cat Sighs in Space…
1 month ago

These are the toe beans of a lioness 🐾 lounging at the side of the road on a afternoon drive on the Lower Sabie, South Africa…

#wildlife #lioness #toebeans #photography #photographie #travelphotography #bigcats #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #animals #southafrica

A close up photo of a lioness’s toe beans on the Lower Sabie, South Africa


📷 📍 Leopard’s Kloof @ Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens, Betty’s Bay #SouthAfrica

#nature #photography

Long exposure of a smooth, white waterfall flowing into a dark pool of water and surrounded by lush, green vegetation
1 month ago

Oh man it just occurred to me what would happen if anyone tried to launch self driving taxis in South Africa 😅 😂 😅 Let's just say that the taxi orgs won't just be putting traffic cones on bonnets...

#SouthAfrica #TaxiWar

A very lazy wine-sipping Saturday on the Blaauwklippen Road, #Stellenbosch #SouthAfrica

#CapeTown #nature #sky #travel #sun #photography

Wide shot of a lush green field at the foot of some majestic cape fold mountains under a crisp blue sky in a sunny day.
Four white ducks in a pond surrounded by neat trimmed hedges and a rustic white courtyard wall with trees and a colourful partly cloudy sky in the background.
A long, shiny wooden table fills a whitewashed, high-ceilinged room with a wooden beams on the ceiling and a row of elegant lights hanging from it. A near arrangement of white arum lilies and a sheep sculpture in front of an antique window frame completes the scene in the distance.
A green field on the left, and a smooth dust track running along a row of oak trees sporting early spring green colours on the right, against a backdrop of cape fold mountains under a pristine blue sky dotted with a few fluffy white clouds.
Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago

Sounds to me like the minibus taxi industry needs serious regulation as drivers are being unfairly treated in contravention of labour laws. This is what causes all the problems in the roads in #SouthAfrica. Seems to be below minimum wages with zero benefits. In today's Business Day newspaper.

His day starts at 4.30am. He works every day of the week to meet his boss’s target of R4,000 a week. This is the amount his boss keeps.

The boss is responsible for the maintenance of the taxi and covering the cost of fuel. The driver takes home an average of R1,200 to R2,000 a week and it is a struggle to support his family on this small income.

He gets fines every week, and he pays these out of his own pocket. The fines range from R500 to R5,000 for offences such as overloading or stopping on a red line while waiting to pick up passengers.

He says they park where people feel safe to board and these are often on red lines, such as outside shopping centres.

During the recent taxi strike, they carried on operating but only within Atlantis.

His employment is based on a verbal agreement and without a written contract.

“There are no benefits whatsoever – no retirement benefits, no UIF [Unemployment Insurance Fund], no fixed salary, no leave days. It’s really frustrating … It’s sad.

“Drivers need specific recognition from the government, because the services we render are significant,” he said.

“It is not easy for me to be 100% compliant with traffic legislation and related by-laws. I’ll stop right where there is a passenger waiting, cause if I don’t, another minibus taxi will take the passengers.

“We need to survive. It’s about survival. We don’t mean any harm to anybody,” he says.
Graham Downs
1 month ago

I've been on here since November 2022, and I still don't have an #Introduction post. When I first joined, I was a bit lazy, and also couldn't really think of anything to write about myself, and as the time wore on, it just started to feel superfluous, and even a bit silly, to write an introductory post when I've been here for almost a year already.

But here goes:

I was born and bred in #SouthAfrica, and I really love it here. I often post stuff using that hashtag, both slice-of-life type posts, and occasional commentary on local #news. Specifically, I live in the City of #Ekurhuleni.

I'm an independent author, and have written a few books (website link in my bio), but for various reasons, I haven't written anything long-form in some time.

And one of those reasons is that I'm #PartiallySighted (I have #RetinitisPigmentosa), which has progressed quite rapidly in my old age. As such, you might see me using the #accessibillity hashtag from time to time, as I comment on the sorry state of it in websites and software.

For the same reason, I don't read nearly as much as I used to. I'm trying to get into #AudioBooks, but I'm still struggling with them, man. I really battle to focus long enough to finish one. (At this point, I should probably also tag #bookstodon and @bookstodon). :-)

By trade, I'm a Software Developer, and I love technology. But I'm an old-school lover of #technology, so I dislike web apps, struggle with mobile (also see my #disability), and prefer to work on a big monitor with an external keyboard and mouse, rather than a tiny laptop. Unlike most developers, I can't use multiple monitors because I keep losing the mouse cursor. ;-) #programming #development

Because of my interest in tech, I'm also often commenting on the state of the #Fediverse in general and #Mastodon in particular, and what I think should be done (spoiler alert: I think Mastodon is perfect the way it is, and it should be left well enough alone). :-P

Last but not least, I'm a #Methodist Christian, and my #faith is very important to me, so you'll sometimes see me sharing inspirational #Bible passages and discussing things related to #Christianity and Christian #theology.

Oh, I'm also a husband to the most wonderful wife any man could ever hope for, and a foster father to two beautiful teenage girls, but I don't tend to mention them much, because privacy.

Phew! Quite a wide range, hey? So feel free to give me a follow, if you like. Just be warned that you're unlikely to agree with EVERYTHING I post. :-D

#MassSurveillance in #SouthAfrica 1) Its ALPR cameras scan the plates of all cars that come within range.
2) It retains all registration numbers and metadata thus obtained for 30 days.
3) Your vehicle’s movement can be plotted with this data, even if you are innocent.
4) Your name can be linked to your vehicle registration number by police or security companies. #Vumatel #Vumacam

Sixto Rodriguez dead at 81 😥
Musician gained late-career fame after music smuggled into South Africa

* star/subject: Searching for Sugarman (good movie 👍️)

Sixto Rodriguez:
* career initially met with little fanfare in U.S,
* unbeknownst to him: for decades his music extremely successful/influential in South Africa, where he sold more records than Elvis Presley

#SixtoRodriguez #SouthAfrica #Sugarman

The Japan Times
2 months ago

An often impenetrable logjam of trucks laden with coal at South Africa’s crossing with Mozambique has brought chaos to a sleepy border town. #business #southafrica #coal #trade #energy

Streets around the CTICC in the #CapeTown CBD have been pedestrianised to form a fan park for the #NetballWorldCup2023.

Makes for a brilliant atmosphere and a great advertisement for the benefits of remaking #StreetsForPeople.

#mobility #cities #PublicSpace #SouthAfrica

Three women dressed in colourful sports gear smile and pose in front of a giant  papier-mâché style figure of a woman’s head dressed in colourful flowers and striking make-up
Two teams play netball on a street surface decorated in bright orange colours .surrounded by some casual spectators.
A woman poses with an entertainer on stilts who is dressed in a striking outfit and bright read headgear.
A woman dressed in striking traditional South African colours dances in the street next to a person carrying a large number of South African flags.

A small selection of South African visual activist Zanele Muholi’s powerful and empowering work on show at Southern Guild, V&A Waterfront, #CapeTown.

It includes new additions to their now famous ongoing series Somnyama Ngonyama (“Hail the Dark Lioness”).

Once again in awe of their work.

More info here

#queer #art #activism #LGBTQ #BlackMastodon #SouthAfrica

A striking, high-key, black-and-white self portrait of visual activist Zanele Muholi dressed in a black hat, white head robe and religious necklace. They are looking straight into the camera with a intense gaze matched by the intentionally dark tones of her exposed black skin as if to dare the viewer to look back and understand. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery.
A wide shot of a shiny gold sculpture with an oversized black-and-white self portrait of visual activist Zenele Muholi breaking up the sterile, white gallery background, her gaze piercing the room from an intense saturation of dark skin tones and a wave of thick, dark hair. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery.
Wide shot of a white gallery wall covered in striking black-and-white self portraits of visual activist Zanele Muholi, with big, shiny black sculpture in the foreground. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery.
Wide shot of a black and white diptych made up of two low-key self portraits of visual activist Zanele Muholi striking expressive poses, with a gold-and-white suggestive sculpture in the foreground. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery.
Jungle George 🌴🌳🌲🍃
2 months ago

Just look at this goal <chef's kiss> 🇿🇦🇿🇦

This win against Italy secures South Africa a place in the knockout stages of the FIFA Women's World Cup for the first time ever 👏

#FIFAWWC #BanyanaBanyana #SouthAfrica

South Africa! 🔥🔥🔥

The lowest ranked team to ever advance to the knockout stage. And only the third African team to ever do it.

#SouthAfrica #Africa #WomensWorldCup #WorldCup #WorldCup2023

Players in yellow and green kits huddled into a circle on the pitch
Danie van der Merwe
2 months ago

@jaysen good post. I'd been enjoying his podcasts on The Anglo-Boer War in SA and must still finish it as I was really enjoying it. #southafrica

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

#BREAKING South #Africa 's president #Ramaphosa has confirmed that Vladimir #Putin won't attend the #BRICS #summit in Johannesburg in August. The #Russian president is #wanted by the #ICC for #war #crimes in #Ukraine. #SouthAfrica as a #signatory to the court would be expected to arrest him if he would travel there

The Conversation Africa
2 months ago

Morocco and Zambia are making their Fifa Women’s World Cup debut in 2023. South Africa must recover their morale after a pay dispute and Nigeria once again leads the charge for the continent.


Mina Hanse
2 months ago

Putin won't be attending the BRICS meeting in South Africa, instead Lavrov will go on his behalf.

I guess someone is afraid of that warrant after all.

"By mutual agreement, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation will not attend the Summit but the Russian Federation will be represented by Foreign Minister, Mr Sergey Lavrov."

#Ukraine #Russia #BRICS #SouthAfrica

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
2 months ago

🇷🇺 🇿🇦 South Africa’s presidency said #Putin will not attend next month’s heads-of-state summit of #BRICS leaders in person, Bloomberg News reports.

#russia #southafrica