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Bitcoin Ordinals could be stopped if blockchain bug is patched, claims dev - A Bitcoin Core developer claimed Bitcoin Ordinals exploit a vulnerabilit... - #vulnerability #inscriptions #bitcoincore #ordinals #brc-20 #spam

1 hour ago
Sami Juvonen
6 hours ago

You can follow hashtags on #Mastodon!

Except that hashtags are being spammed by all the self-appointed clout chasing bot accounts spamming the same few original stories over and over.

#hashtag #spam 📚
9 hours ago

Google has made major enhancements to spam detection in Gmail, a process which it has described as the "largest defense upgrade in recent years".

#gmail #email #spam #detection

𝕹𝖔𝖙hing 𝓉𝑜 See Ɦɛʀɛ: That little trick you're using to get around spam filters probably ain't going to work much longer.

✅ Get the full details in our newsletter or podcast today — subscribe free at

#marketing #digitalmarketing #marketingnews #email #spam #emailmarketing

An envelope stuffed with strange letters and numbers.
Avoid the Hack! :donor:
10 hours ago

Microsoft Outlook Blocking All Email from Domain as #Spam

According to Tuta @Tutanota, Microsoft has flagged the entire `` domain as spam. Users are unable to deliver mail to Outlook accounts.

Similar as the problem around this time in 2022 where #Microsoft Teams did not allow users to register with a `` email address.

#privacy #privacymatters #email

Mack Reed
12 hours ago

What is UP with the proliferation of LinkedIn pitches that all read like this:
"Hi, I've read your profile and you're a perfect fit for the new project our company is about to launch, if you're interested in joining, I can refer you to our head of the company, it's a great opportunity for both you and our company! If you are interested, please leave your WhatsApp number and I will forward it to my responsible person, she will tell you some details about the job ..."

What's the #scam? #spam?

13 hours ago

#Spam-Anruf lockt mit Rückzahlung von der Krankenkasse:

Du sollst "nur" die 1 drücken, sagt die Computerstimme.

Dabei geht es um teure Rückruf-Nummern und Anrufer, die möglichst lang in der Leitung gehalten werden sollen.

13 hours ago

Another spam call about “promoting” Last Call. Everyone wants my money/rights, but no one wants to give me anything in return.

#publishing #writing #spam

14 hours ago

Today I received my first #spam message on @signalapp.

I won't complain but I will take it as a sign of #Signal gaining traction. 🎉

Not on Signal yet? 🗨️

#privacyMatters #privacy #InstantMessaging

Websitemachine (ツ) JP
14 hours ago

Let op: gebruik je #Outlook / 365, je ontvangt dan geen mails van adressen. #Microsoft markeert alle mails van die adressen als #spam.

22 hours ago

Heute kam diese
#Mail. Sie enthält einen Link, der nicht zu Strato führt, auch die Absenderadresse ist nicht von Strato.
#Spam #Phishing

Screenshot einer Mail, in der behauptet wird, sie käme von Strato mit diesem Inhalt:
Sеhr gееhrtеr STRATO Kundе,

Diеs ist еinе Bеnachrichtigung, um Siе darübеr zu informiеrеn, dass Ihr Kontogеspеrrt wurdе.Diе Aussеtzung ist wiе folgt:

Grund für diе Aussеtzung :Unsеr Abrеchnungssystеm hаt fеstgеstеllt, dаss Ihr Domain-Nаmе abgеlaufеn ist, еs wurdе trotz unsеrеr vorhеrigеn Erhöhung nicht еrnеuеrt.
Siе sind еingеlаdеn, dаs Vеrlängеrungsformulаr für Ihrе Diеnstlеistungеn gеmäß dеn Anwеisungеn und Schrittеn unter folgendem Link mаnuell аuszufüllen : Kundenbereich
Wichtig: Wenn Sie die Domain nicht innerhаlb von 24 Stunden аb heute werden erneuern, Ihre Dienste endgültig gelöscht werden

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie auf diese E-Mail nicht direkt anworten können.

Anschrift: STRATO AG, Otto-Ostrowski-Straße 7, 10249 Berlin


Copyright © STRATO AG
22 hours ago

Phone call from Egypt. Too bad I muted whatsapp calls from unknown numbers. Imagine if they wanted to inform me about an inheritance 🤣 #spam

Elias Schwerdtfeger
22 hours ago

Phishing im Namen des „WordPress Security Team“

#Spam #Phishing #Security #WordPress

Guy Jantic
1 day ago

I have a spambucket account: crap@[myserver].com

dumb spam algorithm = awesome results.

Reminds me of the days of random dictionary semi-grammatical phrases in email subject lines. I enjoyed that accidental dada poetry.

#spam #algorithm #stupid #funny #email #crap 📚
1 day ago

Blocking email spam is a constant, ever-evolving battle, and Gmail’s latest technique results in a 38% boost to detection thanks to better text identification.

#gmail #email #spam #detection

Vi :18_plus:
1 day ago

#notSure if i should use #hashtags or not, cuz #fedi made me #associate them with #spam #tbh

Elias Schwerdtfeger
2 days ago

Bei der #Spam des Tages sollen Menschen, die darauf reinfallen, offenbar mit emsigem Klickefinger klicken, bis die Maus brennt…

Es geht in solcher #Kommentarspam immer noch eine ganze Größenordnung dümmer, als man es gerade noch für möglich gehalten hätte.

2 days ago

Habe mal auf den typischen "Hallo Mama, Handy verloren" #Spam geantwortet. Interessanterweise wurde da nicht nach Geld verlangt, sondern nach Freigabe des Adressbuchs und der Google Fotos Mediathek.

2 days ago

#Gmail#スパム 検出は「最大の防御アップグレード」を受けました

Gmail's #spam detection has received its 'largest defense upgrades'

2 days ago

New blog post: How to process Apple Mail Flags with imapfilter

Let me know what you think.

#mail #imapfilter #lua #spam

3 days ago

#Tax #IRS #phishing #SPAM

you could figure this out for your self in a few minutes, but if you get suspicious email that pretends to be from the IRS, foward it to

more infol


#Mastodon #Users, please #Stop #Writing your #Posts like this. It hurts #Readability and #Accessibility.

If you really want to #Spam as much #Hashtags as possible in your #Post, put them at the #Bottom of the #Post, where they can be #Safely #Ignored.

I'm on the verge of writing an MRF, that will just reject any post with more than 5 tags in it.
Elias Schwerdtfeger
3 days ago

#Spam des Tages: »Verify Your Wallet for Enhanced Security Measure«

#Coinbase #Kryptogeld #Phishing

@annaleen #Loginwalls are bad because all they do is sent me #Spam and provide no value to the site beyond #DataHarvesting!

Alex Willmer
4 days ago

Damn good opening 💯.
The rest is disappointing - lazy, bog standard fake blackmail. #phishing #spam

A phishing email shown in GMail. The first line reads "Hello, my perverted friend". This is below a large read warning banner, because the email was marked as spam and dangerous.
Benjamin Colliot
4 days ago

5e mail ➡️ désinscription de la mailing-list.
Si j'en reçois un 6e, je mords... #lenovo #marketing #spam

4 days ago

@shortridge I have an email strictly dedicated to online ordering. It makes life so much easier. #spam #tech

Mark Wyner :vm:
4 days ago

I saw this email from @mozilla and thought “how did that get through my spam filter.” Then I noticed the message preview. 😂

Ah, yes, that’s a legit email for the newsletter I’m subscribed to.

#Mozilla #Email #Spam #Newsletter

Screenshot of an email preview from Mozilla with the subject line ‘Pshhhkkkkkkrrrrkakingkakingkakingtshchc.’ The beginning of the message preview reads ‘that’s the sound of a modem.’
Erika Autumn
5 days ago

Oh cool an email from #Amazon telling me to sign up for #AmazonBusiness

I don't use Amazon and there's a reason I don't have a personal or business Amazon account. 🤷‍♀️

And they just gave me a reason to block their entire domain as #spam in my email provider.

5 days ago

So far, on my work email account, 12 new emails today
I was able to delete 6 of them without reading ; a good morning's work

not sure if this says more about me then about spam

#Email #Spam #Outlook #InboxOverload

A few weeks ago my #mailserver was blocking #spam from .info domains, then from .shop domains, and this week it’s .best domains 🤷🏼‍♂️

#rspamd #postfix

5 days ago

And in the early morning hours each day, I'd observe and study the big guys, the top news source, the top Social Media presenter, and also learn how to spot fakes, bots, and find where the Russian Troll Bots were using phrases and #spam across Twitter, in the good old days, when you could report that, and it disappeared instantly.
Now, and before, it became a toxic dump of Porn, Crypto & Misinformation. I did my best, but that's not enough #bots #FakeAccounts #KLOUT #trends #SM #Analysis

A sample of a persistent bot that attacked me over and over on Google plus. Google didn't do enough to stop this The Account "OR-OR" had 100 accounts per day, every time I blocked, a new account was created and followed me. It took months,  but I blocked and reported all. That's what I do.
Peter N. M. Hansteen
5 days ago

I've mentioned cryptobros posting comment spam earlier, but did anyone else notice that the comment spam looks increasingly crapomat generated?

I mean, sure the keywords can be found in the text but does this (or if you prefer G's trackers sound like I'm at all interested in either buying or selling cryptotulips?

#bitcoin #bitcon #blockchain #cryptocurrency #cryptotulips #commentspam #spam #scams #crapomats

Finder of Impossible Things
5 days ago

#Journal, Day 1351
Thursday, 30 November 2023
#UkraineWar: Day 646
#HamasIsraelWar: Day 54
#MassShootings in the USA in 2023: 620

#holidaymarketing #spam
#secretsanta #giftgiving

Chester Wisniewski
5 days ago

Anyone else notice that like 75% of spam is coming from ""? #spam #InfoSec

Bill the Galactic Hero
5 days ago

Ye gods! First the sales onslaught from Black Fri thru Giving Tues. Now the political pleadings. So much email 📧 📧 📧 #Spam Spam Spammity Spam

6 days ago

It's time for me to mosey on out of here. Too much #political #spam for me to filter out. Be careful not the play into the hands of #propagandists; Extreme #polarization is real and it's a #game of #power and #control. Do not let one side of the shitcoin #games have #monopoly on your thought patterns, seek reality, criticize methods... Rarely the #extremists are 100% right, more often they're wrong and playing on emotion to maintain their clutches. Be water.

--Dactyl out.
Hasta la vista, baby.

Wokebloke (call me Doug)
6 days ago

Have you been spammed by Medicare Advantage peddlers? Now there's a way to fight back against this fraud.
#Spam #Medicare #Fraud

Hayo Bethlehem 🇪🇺
6 days ago

OHnee. de Duitsers sluiten m'n Norton account!111 #spam

Peter N. M. Hansteen
6 days ago

After a random discussion with colleagues about email vs other types of communications that degraded into the general shittiness of modern email clients I looked up my 2011 rant and I am baffled how much of it still applies. #mail #email #spam #Timesink #exchange #outlook

6 days ago

Paid by the American Beef Pork And Bacon Council.

I smell Bacon!

"Large-scale study finds no mortality benefit from vegetarian diets in U.S. adults, challenges previous beliefs"

#fakenews #spam is totally fabricated garbage


Paul Chambers
6 days ago

LOL. The RAT extortion #scam hit my inbox/ #spam box.

My thoughts:
First, you emailed a catch-all address. You couldn't log in and send it to me from this email address because there isn't an #email account.

Second, I don't have webcam hooked up.

Third, my Parkinson's let that boat sale a long time ago.

Forth, I don't have a bashful bone in my body. Go ahead. Press send.

Don't get fooled if one comes to your email. #infosec

I wonder how many people fall for this?

Extortion email scam content: Hello there!

Unfortunately, there are some bad news for you.

Some time ago your device was infected with my private trojan, R.A.T (Remote Administration Tool), if you want to find out more about it simply use Google.

My trojan allowed me to access your files, accounts and your camera.

Check the sender of this email, I have sent it from your email account.

To make sure you read this email, you will receive it multiple times.

You truly enjoy checking out porn websites and watching dirty videos, while having a lot of kinky fun.


After that I removed my malware to not leave any traces.

If you still doubt my serious intentions, it only takes couple mouse clicks to share the video of you with your friends, relatives, all email contacts, on social networks, the darknet and to publish all your files.

All you need is $5000 USD in Bitcoin (BTC) transfer to my account.

After the transaction is successful, I will proceed to delete everything.

Be sure, I keep my promises.
Eureka! Fakten
1 week ago

SPAM (SPiced hAM) ist eigentlich Dosenfleisch. In einem Sketch der Komikergruppe Monty Python wird #SPAM so oft verwendet, dass es zum Synonym für unnötig häufige Wiederholungen wurde. Daraus entwickelte sich der heutige Begriff für unerwünschte Mails.

smalldog club ☑️
1 week ago

Come on y'all, I just had lunch. 😬

Political spam text just rolled in. Jolting.

#spam #textspam #biden #potus #flotus

Screenshot of spam text which includes a pic of POTUS and VPOTUS.


It’s Joe Biden. David, tomorrow night is our end-of-month deadline – so a donation from you today couldn’t come at a better time.

Plus, if you pitch in now, you’ll also be entered to win an all-expenses-paid trip to meet Jill and me.

David, few things would brighten our day more than getting to spend time
Flo 🐈🦈
1 week ago

Sie erhalten diese E-Mail als Datenschutz-Abonnent des 🫣-Netzwerks #spam

Marcel Waldvogel
1 week ago

#Google verdient Geld. Viel Geld. Auch an unseriösen Geschäftspraktiken (Online-Betrug, Advance-Fee-Scams, …). Aber auch 14 Tage nach Meldung solcher offensichtlich gefährlichen und gefälschten Werbung blockiert Google diese nicht. Sondern verdient lieber weiter Geld daran.
#Webung #Spam #Scam #Betrug
h/t @adfichter

Qua che siamo nerd: c'è mica qualcuno che ha, o sa dove trovare, un archivio di email di #spam in italiano con cui addestrare il mio spamassassin? #AiutoSegreto

1 week ago

Just logging on X for the first time in ages to see how it's going.

#twitter #x #spam

my notifications are complete shit and full of spam.

📧 🐖 ☣️ Happy #UnsubscribeFriday to all who celebrate!

#email #spam #BlackFriday

2 weeks ago

I'm thankful for Autospam

It's prevented users from seeing over 19K spam posts, and it just keeps getting better with time

#autospam #spam #pixelfed admin autospam dashboard
2 weeks ago

Heute lernte ich, dass es inzwischen zum guten Ton gehört, bei Newslettern und Werbemails einen List-Unsubscribe-Header aufzunehmen, über den dann Programme automatisiert das Abo kündigen können.

#k9mail scheint das auch zu supporten, unter den 3 Pünktchen findet sich bei einem Newsletter der Menüpunkt für Unsubscribe.

Bei #thunderbird auf dem Desktop konnte ich aber leider keine Funktion dafür finden. Es scheint ein Drittanbieter-Plugin zu geben, das wird aber seit 2 Jahren wohl nicht mehr gewartet und die Bewertungen lesen sich so, als wäre es irgendwann kaputt gegangen.

Weiß jemand mehr dazu? Wie kann ich diese coole Funktion in Thunderbird nutzen?

#boost #spam #unsubscribe #followerpower

Erik Rasmussen ☑️
2 weeks ago

Happy "Unsubscribe to All The Companies You Didn't Know Had Your Email" week! #BlackFriday #spam

Josh Renaud
2 weeks ago

Another day, another way Tw/X is pushing spam and turning off users. ❌ 👎

Crypto groups pay to become "X Verified Organizations," which enables them to send unsolicited invites to random users to "get verified!" (by accepting affiliation with them).

That place is so exhausting. Wish real people would just jump over here en masse. (the bots can stay there)

#twitter #crypto #infosec #spam #security #scam

Screenshot of a spam email sent by Twitter/X on behalf of a crypto group inviting you "to get verified."
Screenshot of a notification on the Twitter/X website about a crypto group's invitation for you "to get verified."
Screenshot showing example tweets from the feed of a crypto group on Twitter/X.
Peter N. M. Hansteen
2 weeks ago

Considering factors such as targeted user and known company size, this is likely a strong contender for worst-ever #phishing attempt. #scam #phishing #spam #cybercrime curiously, no #bitcoin mention.

2 weeks ago

I love how my spam mail is literally fake people having fake conversations with each other trying to get me to do something.

#infosec #spam

2 weeks ago

Agent Gertrude Stein erklärt alle anderen Betrüger für illegitim.

#spam #spamperle

Abteilung für Terrorismusbekämpfung und Verbrechensüberwachung
Interpol Sekretariat 200, Quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon, Frane.

DATUM: 17.11.2023

Ich kontaktiere Sie, um einen ersten Kontakt mit Ihnen herzustellen und um Ihnen zu erklären, warum ich Sie kontaktiere.

Ich bin Agent Gertrude Stein, neu ernannter Interpol Betrugsermittler der Europäischen Union, und arbeite Hand in Hand mit der Betrugsabteilung der Vereinigten Staaten, der Kriminal Investigation Division (CID).

Ich bin auf Hintergrundermittlungen zu Fonds spezialisiert, zu denen [Entschädigungs-/Erbschaftsfonds oder Angehörige], Konsignationsbox, Lotto® JACKPOT, Darlehen] gehören, und ich habe festgestellt, dass Sie zahlreiche E-Mails von Personen erhalten haben, die behaupten, dass ihnen Gelder zustehen. Wir legen ihnen nahe, jeglichen noch bestehenden Kontakt umgehend einzustellen, da, nach unsern Ermittlungen feststeht, dass auch sie ein Betrugsopfer sind.

Wir geben hiermit bekannt, dass wir vor einigen Tagen die Ergebnisse der Ermittlungen erhalten haben. Ich denke, es wird Sie interessieren, warum diese Untersuchung durchgeführt wurde. Zu Ihrer Information: Es wurde tatsächlich bestätigt, dass Ihnen eine 100 % legitime ausbezahlte Transaktion zusteht und Sie jedes Recht haben den Betrag zu beanspruchen. Aufgrund der Verzögerungen bei der Übermittlung dieser Mittel wurde über den Europäischen Gerichtshof entschieden, dass diese Gelder umgehend an sie Ausbezahlt werden müssen.

Thorsten Leemhuis (acct. 4/4)
2 weeks ago

Was? gehört mir? Cool!


2 weeks ago

A local cellphone number called me just now to worry me about someone using my Visa card and declined a 400 and 1000 purchase. GREAT, because I didn't make them, and Visa doesn't call from a local number, and they don't call me, because I tell them off. So, mark this number in your BLOCKED SPAM NUMBERS #NovaScotia 902-471-2518 #SPAM #robocalls #Phishing #Halifax

Claudius Link
2 weeks ago

#swarmintelligence question

I got a #Phishing/ #SPAM email with a really strange header. The header doesn't contain any "Received:" lines. As it "is" an external email IMHO there should be at least one of the local #SMTP-Server/#MTA

Any experts there who can explain me the header?

#Boost welcome

Screenshot of an email header. Only the recipient was masked

MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2023 00:10:40 +0100
From: "" <>
Subject: Notice of Processing of Personal Information (This is Not an
Thread-Topic: Notice of Processing of Personal Information (This is Not an
Message-ID: <Ad2FZU4QTfmtTIjqBfRCbA@geopod-ismtpd-38>
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"
2 weeks ago

Apple announced to support RCS (Rich Communication Services) soon.

On the first glance, RCS looks like a system designed by telcos to better monetize B2C communications.

With RBM (RCS Business Messaging) being priced much lower than usual SMS, how will they prevent #spam?

This system looks really inviting, if I was a spammer tbqh.

Gay Old Time
2 weeks ago

This week’s #SundayLunch is oozing with goodness. Or then just plain oozing. Try it at home! (Or don’t.)
#vintage #food #Spam

Vintage ad for Spam, with a recipe for Spam Italiano. A photo shows a block of Spam with molten cheese and ketchup oozing out of it.
2 weeks ago

What the fuck? #Facebook is banning people for advertising #Mastodon now?

#FuckYou #Meta #ItsNot #Spam

Michael Lawrie Nov 18, 2023
We removed your comment
Why this happened
It looks like you tried to get likes, follows, shares or video views in a misleading way.

Michael Lawrie
Nov 21, 2022
Mastodon isn't bad at all, but it's not hit critical mass yet, and its big servers are dying with the load from Twitter escapees at the moment. I am though if you do! Just avoid like the plague.

You shared this on someone's profile
Your comment goes against our Community Standards on spam.
Your Autistic Life
3 weeks ago

Pro-tip: in the off chance that you decide to leave a comment like this on my blog:

"There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this subject.
I really like all the points you’ve made."

Don't bother. I'm going to assume that you are a spambot. Why? Because this comment is generic and can apply to anything.

#ProTip #spam #spammer #assholes #blog #GenericComments

Elias Schwerdtfeger
3 weeks ago

#Spam des Tages: »Das Paket wurde nicht zugestellt – buchen Sie Ihren Liefertermin.«

#Paketzustellung #Betrug

My Actual Brain
3 weeks ago

Just got an #email from Spotify about a new comedians podcast. I generally like that comedian, but spam emails are such a turn off that I don’t want anything to do with that podcast.

It’s like reverse #marketing . It’s especially annoying since I never get #spam from #Spotify until now.
#privacy #LeaveMeAlone

I feel like spamming today so I'm posting one of my favorite and most outrageous pieces of spam that I found on one of the sites I work on.

Have you ever wanted to join the Illuminati? It only costs $200 and you'll get an untold amount of riches in return including $1 million dollars monthly, access to Bohemian Grove, and a golf membership package.

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking of joining just for the golf membership package.

#spam #funny #illuminati

A text screenshot of spam posted to an online forum. The subject of the post is "Join the Illuminati".
Mike Taylor 🦕
4 weeks ago

As part of the monotonically decreasing quality of all #Google services … I am finding that #Gmail mis-files a disturbing and increasing number of legitimate emails as #spam.

Just this morning I rescued a letter from a charity that I support, a personal message from someone who works for my church, and a notification from a blog that I follow.

A few days ago, it spammed an email from a journal editor, with the reviews of an aticle I submitted for peer-review!

Very poor. So disappionting.

Dave Mackey
4 weeks ago

#question of the day: I'm looking for an automated means of setting up an alert if a #Google #Workspace user sends over x emails per day? I know there are Rules, but I can't seem to find a way to create a rule for a user's outbound emails.

#spam #security #email #gsuite #sysadmin #it

Die #Steiermärkische #Sparkasse schickt mir #Werbung in der internen Messaging-App!

Ich zahl völlig überhöhte Gebühren (im Vergleich zu andern Banken), bekomme im Gegenzug einen Witz als Zinssatz und jetzt soll ich mich auch noch zuspammen lassen?

Gehts noch?


Email #spam question: a spammer got one of my email addresses and is bludgeoning my inbox with emails that are also marked as “from” my same address. Is there any way to figure out the actual source, and any way to block them using Mac/iOS Mail? Or a different tool/app I can use to block them? #HiveMind #mac #ios

Peter N. M. Hansteen
1 month ago
Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Somebody figured a way past the mailing list spam filters.
#Spam #SpamSpamSpamSpam

A screenshot of a mailing list choked with spam for prescription medicine

A little personal post I should propably pin:

Don't sent me any links/invites to #centralized, #SingleVendor / #SingleProvider #Chat or whatever sites/services.


If you want to contact me, you'll find all the info you want on my profile.

To protect against #Spam, all #unencrypted messages/eMails get automatically filtered as junk on server-side.

If you want a reply, add your #Pubkey to those.

Thanks for your attention!

El Duvelle
1 month ago

By the way, did you know that #SFN explicitly sells our (physical) adresses to advertising companies:

They say that they do not sell e-mail adresses… but why am I getting so much spam to the email I gave them, when I opted-out of being in the member directory?
#SFN23 #Spam

1 month ago

I like to look in my Spam sometimes, it's a good job I do! This one was so important that Chris had to send it from his holiday in Australia.

#Spam #Mail #FBI #Scam #Email #JFK #Australia

Re: Email From The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Christopher A. Wray <>

Sun, 22 Oct, 11:50 (3 days ago)

Attention: Beneficiary,
I'm Christopher A Wray from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Field Intelligence Groups (FIGs).
We intercepted an envelope at JFK Airport in New York containing a huge amount of money and some backup documents bearing your
name as the beneficiary or receiver
After cross-checking all legal documents in the envelope, we found out that your envelope was lacking an important document, and we
cant release the envelope to the delivery agent until the documents are provided.
You are required to reply within 72 hours; at that point, I will walk you through the process of clearing and claiming the money. Failure
to comply may lead to your arrest, interrogation, and/or being prosecuted in court for tax evasion and/or money laundering-
Yours in Service,
Christopher A. Wray
FBI Director
Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

That's some shady stuff you're doing there #SwissPost. Please stop.

#Switzerland #PostOffice #Spam

Form asking if Swiss Post can "Remove the stop advertising notice". The "no" option is selected.
Warning modal saying that it's the next resident's right to decide whether they "would like to receive unaddressed advertising or not". Bonus part is that it also says that "many 'no advertising signs' are not removed when moving and are kept by the new resident.
1 month ago

Mastodon must be gaining traction with the public because I’m getting more spam bots trying to follow me lately. Source: party of one Me LOL


Spam from an account on trying to get me to join their affiliate program
Glenn Gabe
2 months ago

One day after the October core update completed, the October spam update has now completed. Checking a number of the sites that dropped based on the spam update reveals they are still way down. No reversals from what I can see -> Google October 2023 Spam Update Finished Rolling Out via @rustybrick

#google #seo #spam

Pratik Patel
2 months ago

If you think that using "Congratulations, Office Files," as a header to the #spam generated by #AI is something you believe to be effective, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

@nachtfunke @aeva @BNetzA @sudaksis #NotLegalAdvice but you can just report #SMS & #Fax #Spam to #BNetzA:

For any #eMail-Spam I'd recommend hinting a competitior.that info so they can #SLAPP the.Spammer extra hard with huge fines.

Some may even be willing to pay a bounty as a cut in return...

Retro Librarian
2 months ago

What's for dinner tonight ?
Spam by Hormel with Spam Polynesian recipe, 1970
#dinner #spam #cooking #recipe #food #advertisement #retro #vintage

spam in a sweat sticky sauce surrounded by white rice and veggies

My new release "Dead Internet" comes out this #FridayThe13th!

It's #vaporwave #music that starts out nostalgic, but over time distorts into a creepy husk of itself, symbolising the death of the #Internet as we knew it thanks to #enshittification, #bots, #advertising, the erosion of #privacy, #spam, #scams, #paywalls, demands you create an account or disable your #AdBlocker, and the #AI-powered #SEO race to the bottom.

You can #PreSave and check out its #merch here:

Video playing the first 2 minutes and 22 seconds of my upcoming vaporwave track "Dead Internet" in Logic Pro.

MIDI regions are coloured purple at the top and form a gradient to turquoise at the bottom.

The music opens with a bell pad crescendo that quickly gets faster, then a trumpet melody and another upbeat bell melody.

What follows is a heavily-reverbed beat and bell melody inspired by sounds like that of Windows 95, then a funk bassline melody kicks in, followed by another bell melody section introduced by the same trumpet and bell sounds from the beginning. Music notes shown in the video.

As for this video's thumbnail, it's Dead Internet's cover artwork.

With a pastel purple, turquoise, and white colour scheme, it's set in a vaporwave world with a white line grid on the floor and in the sky.

An anthropomorphic cartoon bear called Cockburn (pronounced "co-burn"), who wears a purple hoodie and is coloured purple himself (he's usually yellow), is surrounded by pop-ups dominating the front of the image.

These include a paywall, a 404 page not found window, a crypto ad, bot spam messages, a sign-up form asking for too much information like a birth certificate and ID card, ads encouraging buying likes and followers, a pop-up telling the user to disable scripts, a window showing an AI content generator, and a picture of a black swan.

At the bottom is the phrase "dead internet", written in sans-serif font and distorted with a line through it, in the style of a captcha.
2 months ago

Don't just move unsolicited emails to the spam folder, report them to someone who can get them into trouble, too, using Spamcop!

#email #privacy #internet #spam #phishing #spamcop

What do people do nowadays to combat spam? I don't mean for their personal spam filter—mine is just fine, but for fighting the problem at large. Is reporting to SpamCop still a good idea? Do people use Project Honey Pot? #email #spam