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This Friday, at Noon Pacific: Let us help you with your SCALE talk idea/proposal! Our program committee members will be online and available to help you develop your idea into a talk, or polish your proposal, or answer your questions!

New presenters very welcome.

Register here:

@socallinuxexpo #speakers

2 days ago

@capla Just where I am now, daily, I listen to music. After normal people are awake, I play my music to hear anywhere on my property, more than an acre in size, and the music can be heard for a mile, or more, across the ocean. But respectful times, and I will take requests. But today, I went through 1950-1990s music, and all the neighbours did too 😎​ because my speakers are huge, and PRO and I'm kind enough to let them hear their TV too LOL

#speakers #Volume #Pro

a large professional Peavey DJ speaker captioned. 

I miss the days when everyone in the neighbourhood got up at 5am to listen to my music
Eryck Gu⸸⸸eЯaL
3 days ago

Anyone across the fediverse have any experience with the #Eminence #Cannabass #bass #speakers?

It's more marketing and bad weed jokes than anything but, I'm curious how they sound. I do think it's cool that the cone dust cover (but not the cone itself..?) is made of a #hemp based fabric and cones are coated in CBD oil.

And this is coming from a guy who's been in a straightedge band. 😛

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YULONG Aquila III Review

Our weekend feature is a full debut review from Lynn on YULONG's 3rd generation integrated DAC, headphone amplifier, and preamp, the Aquila III.

Now published on Headfonics!

#review #headphones #amplifier #preamplifier #speakers #hifi #audiophile

Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 week ago

If you're in Spain or Europe...

I'm selling my #SVS #Wireless shelf #Speakers and my #Chromecast.

The SVS speakers fit very nicely into small spaces, and #Bluetooth setup is easy. They'll also run over #WiFi via an app.

I bought these speakers a couple years ago. The newer model retails at 1000 euros here in Spain. See link below.

The speakers and the Chromecast are yours for 110 euros. You pay for shipping, or just come pick them up at my place.

#ForSale #Used #HomeStereo #Stereo #Video #SmartTV

Chromecast in photographer's hand.
Back of audio speaker showing various inputs and outputs.
Front of right-hand SVS speaker with Bluetooth icon illuminated.
Front of left-hand SVS speaker.
Tech news from Canada
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Speakers and audio ports not working, it shows no output device #server #kubuntu #pulseaudio #speakers #ubuntudrivers

3 weeks ago

🌟 NORDUnet Community Workshop🌟

🗣 The event was a resounding success thanks to the active participation of everyone involved. 🙌 💬

💙 We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our #participants, including researchers, educators, network experts. Additionally, we express our sincere appreciation to our exceptional #speakers.

Thank you once again for being a part of #NCW23.

See you all in Bergen for the NORDUnet Conference #NDN2024🌐📚🌟

#Collaboration #Innovation #Networking #KnowledgeSharing

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No sound from front speakers Ubuntu 22.04 #sound #speakers

Did you know I have a shop on ZAZZLE?
#leggings, #notebooks, #bluetooth #speakers, #tshirts, #ties, #posters, #totes, #lamp and more!
Perfect for #backtoschool and #holidays and #gifts
Check it out and but something!
Not only are you getting a swell original bit of art but you are helping a member of the #lgbtqia community!
Tell your friends and buy something for the ones you love!
#nonbinary #trans #transgender #queer #art #merch #store #giftgiving #nailsthatglow #firstdraftsthatglow #belts #mugs #skateboards

screen clip image of leggings from the nailsthatglow zazzle page. Each with a bold and unique designs.
screen clip image of pillows and a lamp from the nailsthatglow zazzle page. Each with a bold and unique designs.
screen clip image of a jigsaw, speaker, frisbee, skatedeck from the nailsthatglow zazzle page. Each with a bold and unique designs.
screen clip image of t-shirts from the nailsthatglow zazzle page. Each with a bold and unique designs.
Tech news from Canada
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Wired: Best Sonos Setup (2023): Which Speakers and Soundbars Should You Buy? #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Gear/Products/Speakers #Gear/BuyingGuides #buyingguides #BuyingGuide #Speakers #Shopping #Sonos #Gear

Adrian Segar
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Why don't meeting conferences pay speakers? Here's why so many industry conferences budget for everything — except their presenters!

#meetings #events #speakers #presenters #SpeakForFree #compensation #eventprofs #assnchat

pay speakers: photograph of a person wearing pants with one of the pockets turned inside-out showing it's empty. Photo attribution: Flickr user danmoyle
Phil Lam
1 month ago

So. I don't know who needs to hear this, but.

#Speakers make noise by creating sound waves that propagate away into space.

#Headphones are pressure transducers--they squeeze the air into your ear. Doesn't sound like a big distinction, but it turns out it matters a lot.

It turns out you can make headphones by assuming they're speakers, but having the right mental model helps. TIL.

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2 months ago

DevConf (

You have last chance to apply as a speaker at #DevConf2023 📢
Submissions close on this Sunday (20.08)📆
You can find all details, conditions and profits under link
👉 👈
#DevConf #Conference #IT #CallForPapers #Speakers #InvestInLodz #Knowledge

2 months ago

Looking for recommendation for wireless speakers.

1) Will be used in an enclosed workshop/garage
2) Ideally Linux/Android/Windows Compatible

Nothing too fancy, just a simple single or 2 speaker setup.

#windows #linux #android #wireless #speakers

2 months ago

If it's just for casually listening to background music and you want something simple/inexpensive/small then these are something I recommend for folks at work:

If you want actually great sound quality as in gives you goose bumps and you feel the base, then, an amp with more than 100 watts and these speakers:

#Audiophile #Speakers #Music

2 months ago

But wait, there's many, many more after these get placed..... Serious set up is going on now!

#defcon #dc31 #defcon31 #sound #artists #dj #livepa #bands #speakers #defconparrot @defcon @dcparrot

Giant pile of speakers
Tristan Harward
2 months ago

Yada yada cables don't affect sound quality etc. etc.

Yeah, but if you're using 18-gauge speaker wire for big tower #speakers, you're choking them.

Use 10-12 gauge pure copper for large speakers. Ridic expensive cables don't really improve the sound that much, but you still need appropriate cables for the speakers. #audio #audiophile

2 months ago

Would happily take recs for wireless #speakers that could do the job (with the understanding that they'll be inherently more fiddly and fallible than anything wired) and the box it could all live on. I've only played with laptops and big desktop towers before, not sure what I'd be looking for.

Tristan Harward
2 months ago

Finally got up to Holt Hill Audio ( in Lawrence this week to pick up an old used Denon surround thing (very low on their list of quality gear but still a great deal).

Wow. What a shop. They've got all manner of vintage, amazing gear, and all the new stuff, and they make their own speakers. Just an audio nut's dream. Gotta get back with more time someday. #audio #audiophile #speakers

(some stolen photos as I forgot to take any)

Listening room in a brick warehouse style building with an old wood floor and large windows. An eames chair sits in the center with silver wire chairs to each side. Surrounding the chair are many speakers, racks of amplifiers and other audio gear.
An old warehouse room with wooden floors and racks on racks of stereo gear, amplifiers, speakers, and more.
beyond tellerrand
2 months ago

48 days until we hit the #btconf Berlin stage again. Hope to confirm all #speakers this week. But be sure: it is going to be lovely again. Better get your tickets before price goes up:

2 months ago


Call For Papers for #JDDKrakow 2023 is open until 31 August 2023. 🚨

Check the details & fill out the #CFP from: #Java #conference #speakers

3 months ago

THAT Conference (

<Reminder> The call for speakers for #THATConference Texas this January is open.

#callforpapers #webdevelopment #techtwitter #speakers

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(EN will follow)

Avez-vous envoyé votre propositon de conférence à notre "Call for Papers" (CFP) pour le prochain Hackfest , qui aura lieu les 13 et 14 Octobre prochain? Non? Alors soumettez-là ici:

(Psssssss: nous avons toujours de la place pour des partenaires, et vous VOULEZ être présents à notre 15e édtion! Plus d'information ici:


Have you submitted your talk proposal yet? Our Call for Papers (CFP) is still opened for our next event on October 13 and 14, 2023. Submit it here:

(Psssssss: we are still looking for sponsors too! Grab your spot fast, you want to be at our 15th edition!

#hackfest #HF15 #HF2023 #CFP #cybersecurity #infosec #speakers #sponsors

Hands typing on a computer keyboard
Michal Bryxí 🌱
5 months ago

Ok I think I'm done with the #Sonos / smart speaker experiment. Anyone would recommend a decent #BlueTooth speakers that can connect to multiple devices at the same time?
I don't own (only) Apple devices so their proprietary solution is a no-no.

#Audio #Speakers #Music #SoundSystem

6 months ago

#WalesandBasqueCountry Cooperation

🗓️5 May #Online #workshop


Glad to announce great line-up of #speakers #Croeso #Ongietorriak

Registration open!

Dewch draw i ymuno â ni!
Zatoz eta batu lankidetzan!
Come along and join us!
¡Ven y únete a nosotras!

#Wales #BasqueCountry #SmallNations @anthropology @sociology @politicalscience @economics @geography

6 months ago

Any recommendation for cheap but decent pc #speakers? Not looking for anything fancy. 2.0 would be fine (even preferred).

I just want to go beyond my notebook speakers which are a bit irritating when the move is in front of you and the sound always comes from the side.

Looked at the Logitech Z200, but I have no idea if they make sense.

And to trigger everyone who is into audio, yes. They'll be positioned behind my monitor.

#audio #followerpower

Dom Tyer
6 months ago
Tech news from Canada
8 months ago

Make Use Of: Edifier S360DB: Premium 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers With Excellent Connectivity #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #BluetoothSpeakers #ProductReviews #SurroundSound #HomeTheater #Speakers

8 months ago

Attention all PHP enthusiasts! Check out the amazing lineup of speakers at @phptek ! From industry experts to up-and-coming talent, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out - register now at #PHPTek #PHP #Speakers

Dead Astronaut
8 months ago

"MozFest 2023 will explore the collective power of people: as it shapes #technological #systems, ##policy, and social and political movements – both on and offline. #Unions federated systems, civil rights movements, and open source technology all have a history of activism and defiance fueled by the power of people coming together to co-create solutions and alternative opportunities.

At MozFest, we are investigating current global realities with a sharper focus on how technology is shifting or maintaining power structures, and where the collective power of people is most needed.

Activism in Practice:

This year, MozFest Dialogues & Debates speakers will reflect on the collective power of people from different angles and points of view, with a particular look at the cost of activism in the face of powerful systems. What does it take to shake up the status quo and upend power imbalances, and to what extent do digital spaces and the conception, creation, and deployment of technologies enable these movements or further power asymmetries?

This exciting speaker lineup brings a wealth of experience in art and activism against state power, unionizing against the unfair policies of tech conglomerates, activism that is rooted in scholarship and experience in civil rights movements, builders with focus on ethical technology, policymakers and journalists active in the unfolding work toward big tech regulation.

Beginning on February 6 through March 24, we have 6 Dialogues & Debates speaker events scheduled to raise awareness, inspire, and motivate the MozFest community to what is possible – and what sacrifices might need to be made – in the fight towards global collaborations for justice and liberation."

#MozFest #Mozilla #CollectivePower #AI #tech #festival #mozillafestival #opensource #speakers #datajustice #justice #civilrights

Nicolas Fränkel
8 months ago

Happy #speakers make memorable events: 7 tips to improve the speakers' experience


8 months ago

Attention all PHP enthusiasts! Check out the amazing lineup of speakers at ! From industry experts to up-and-coming talent, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out - register now at #PHPTek #PHP #Speakers

Ether Diver
9 months ago

Looking to upgrade my monitors in the next year or two. What do you use and do you like it/them?

#monitorspeakers #musicproduction #speakers #musicengineering #studiotools #musictools #monitors #nearfieldmonitors #mixing

Blue Team Con
9 months ago

OK so new in 2023 for @BlueTeamCon, we've introduced our CFP Submission Resources page. It contains three things we hope will help and encourage you to submit a proposal even if you're relatively new to speaking:

1. Hints for how to build a successful CFP

2. A list of items the CFP reviewers look for in submissions

3. The ability to send your draft abstract for review and feedback before you submit it

The page is live now. If the #CFP process has been daunting in the past, now's your chance to give it a shot. We hope to hear from you!!

#BlueTeamCon #Speakers

Blue Team Con
9 months ago

Hey folks, we hope you've been thinking about what you want to talk about at this year's #BlueTeamCon!! The #CFP opens tomorrow at 2:00CST. We want to hear from you!

#InfoSec #Conference #Speakers

Blue Team Con - Call for Papers,  January 15 until March 1st at 11:59PM CST.
Brian Hicks
9 months ago

Sigh, my desktop speakers are out, and the manufacturer doesn’t want to help fix them. Anyone got recommendations for #speakers from a manufacturer that’s good on right-to-repair?


Gus Perez
9 months ago

Wow. Just got the new pair of studio monitors. Ended up going with the Yamaha HS5s as they were the right size for my existing stand/desk. Was a little worried they'd be too small but they're about twice the size of my old set. The sound is ridiculously different. Amazing.

#AudioEngineering #studio #recording #speakers

9 months ago

Tada, job done 🙂 #speakers

9 months ago

Hey tech people, for those of you that submit talks to events, how do you come up with subjects? Thinking I'd like submit a talk to #codegarden next year but no idea on subjects.

#speakers #dotnet

Laura Ritchie 🌸
9 months ago

does anyone know about bone conducting speakers? I just got two... I am working with a school for deaf children and this will be part of it. I was disappointed to see the one I got said only 2 speakers can be paired... I wanted to pair about 15... Is that possible??

#music #musicproduction #speakers #deaf

10 months ago

Here’s where #GivingTuesday meets mentoring others!
Let’s fund Women Talk Design’s #kickstarter for Present Yourself: The Book, now in its final month! Grab a copy for the new #speakers on your team, yourself, or a recent (or upcoming) graduate. Need a Secret Santa gift for the colleague who wants to grow in their career? Wrap up a note about your donation and IOU for the printed book!

Hello from #Paris! It is only two days until #AFPLhmc22 begins and we are so excited to see you all! We have a great lineup of #speakers and #experiences -- #safety #responsibility #sustainability when it comes to #algorithms designed to interact with #humans #robots and #art all feature. Details here:
Including virtual registration. #AFPLhmc22 is made possible with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

A picture of a woman looking at a robot arm holding a flower, overlaid with the Algorithmic Futures Policy Lab logo. The text next to the image says “Human-Machine Collaboration in a changing world (HMC22) 1-2 December 2022 Paris/online” followed by the tagline “How do we create and regulate systems involving human-machine collaboration in a rapidly changing world? #AFPLhmc22”. At the bottom we have our partner logos: DIMACS at Rutgers University, CNRS LAMSADE, Australian National University, University of Canberra, the European Union, École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs at PSL University in Paris.
10 months ago

Learn how #hardware #hacker @joegrand combines TDK Corporation's ultra-thin PiezoListen #piezoelectric #speakers with innovative #PCB techniques to create an 80s-style #boombox that is either the thinnest or phattest we've ever seen - if not both! 🤘📻🤘