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We had fun with last week's #UPWeek #SpeakUP blog tour!

And we're continuing the fun with @aupresses, hosting the next #AskUP session. Do you have questions about university publishing?

This is your chance to ask us here:

While you wait, read up on some past #AskUP questions here:

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📢 📖 University Press Week raises awareness of how and why UPs help increase visibility and reach of diverse scholarly publishing - sharing knowledge around global issues of critical importance - influencing ideas around the world.

PKP's open software enables UP #PublishingFreedom, #ScholarlyIndependence, and control over the publishing process, because we believe in scholarly publishing for the global public good!

#UPWeek #SpeakUp #ReadUp #OpenJournalSystems #OpenMonographPress

PKP software enables University Press publishing freedom to #SpeakUP with global reach to #ReadUP! University Press Week, November 13 - 17, 2023. 

The graphic features the Association of University Presses' social media kit banner with additions by PKP Communications. The main message is in a speaking bubble that points down to the map of global Open Journal Systems (by PKP) usage. 

The PKP software logos for Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Monograph Press are displayed in the lower right corner, with the PKP 25 year logo in the lower left corner.
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Are there any #Linux distributions with #Speakup in them that work on the new #mac machines in #vmare or #utm? I tried #debian 12 and under this distro Speakup froze up at random intervals and locked up the vm. I am starting to think that two different physical machines may be the best for me. #arm64 with #accessibility features doesn't seem to be stable enough yet for prime time.

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In today’s #UPWeek blog, Project MUSE talks about how it reaches around the globe, providing valuable scholarly journal content to everyone, including some of the hardest-to-reach countries in the world


Stock image of a pair of hands painted to look like a global map set against a blue sky and cloudy background
2 weeks ago

'Military Revolution and the Thirty Years War 1618–1648: Aspects of Institutional Change and Decline' is out now in #OpenAccess from @HelsinkiUPress! 🎉 📖 🔓 To find out more about the new title, as well as some of HUP's other #openbooks, check out our latest blog post: #SpeakUP #UPWeek

Public Knowledge Project
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🎉😍 Happy University Press Week! @aupresses is hosting the event with the theme of #SpeakUP ->

"... to celebrate university press work that amplifies thought-provoking concepts, new points of view, and ideas that advocate for social change."

Learn more:

#SpeakUP theme of University Press Week, November 13 - 17, 2023. 

Graphic of orange book outlines on a blue background.
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We believe Open Access university presses are the leaders of the next phase of scholarly publishing 🔓
In today's blog post for #UPWeek, we address some of the common misconceptions surrounding university presses: #SpeakUP #upweek2023

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Today’s #UPWeek post: We #SpeakUP when it’s urgent

@NIBJournal editor Heidi Walsh introduces a series of timely testimonies from workers treating the wounded in combat zones, free to read ahead of the forthcoming issue

Blog header screenshot: The article subject "When Do University Presses #SpeakUP" in a tile to the left, and the logo for the journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research on the right
3 weeks ago

'Children’s Culture and Citizenship in Argentina' by @DraLRea is out now in #OpenAccess from @WRUniPress! 🎉 🔓 📖
We spoke to WRUP about the new publication, as well as the press' highly successful 'Hidden Depths' - find out more: #SpeakUP #UPWeek

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Today for #UPWeek, we interview with Ariana González Stokas, author of Reparative Universities: Why Diversity Alone Won't Solve Racism in Higher Ed about her DEI work and her experience publishing with a university press for the first time

A copy of Ariana González Stokas’ book Reparative Universities: Why Diversity Alone Won't Solve Racism in Higher Ed
3 weeks ago

Starting a university press with ]u[ Ubiquity is like buying a shiny new car. How so? Find out in our latest blog post, in which we spoke to ]u[ founder and CEO Brian Hole: #UPWeek #SpeakUP

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It’s University Press Week! Join us for a series of blog posts that look at the who, when, how, and why it is important for university presses to #SpeakUP

Today, a look at what we do at Hopkins Press, and what else we have in store for you for #UPWeek:

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1 month ago

'Flinging #Joy In the Face of Oppression: On Fighting Tyranny At Every Turn' by @thorncoyle

"Choose one thing. Speak up. Show up. Do what you can, when you can, where you can. And notice joy where you can find it." 💛

CW for specific examples of tyranny and oppression - but also specific examples of how to resist and why.

#Resist #Resistance #Activism #Courage #Encouragement #Community #Kindness #Hope #SpeakUp

Michael Bishop ☕
1 month ago

The UK is cracking down on those protesting. Climate and environmental activists are the usual target of new laws that criminalize protests that are deemed to interfer with national infrastructure.

Taking to the streets to express yourself is now becoming illegal around the world.

#protest #climatechange #speakup #actup

1 month ago

Your #Jewish #Friends Need you.

Hebrew by Inbal
1 month ago

In the shadow of the setting sun, where barbed wires and aching memories still linger, I stand as a Hebrew educator, a Jewish born and raised Israeli woman.

Today, I harbor envy. Envy towards other language educators who gleefully share their fun, uncharged language lessons, untouched by the shadows of prejudice and misunderstanding.

#neveragain #neveragainisnow #values #peaceful #virtue #speakup

Hebrew by Inbal
1 month ago

I know that right now, it feels like the weight of the world is pressing down on so many of us.

Recent events have left us shaken, and the headlines can be overwhelmingly grim. It's a tough place to be, and I get it.

So when I say, "It's going to be okay", what I really mean is, "Let's make it okay. Together."

#itwillbeokay #hopeful #speakup #stopantisemitism #neveragain #standwithisrael #israel

2 months ago

I saw this wonderful post by @drewdevault, it speaks a lot about our community, if you have the time, please read it.

#HackerCulture #FreeSpeech #CommunityAccountability #SpeakUp #tech

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 months ago

"Killed by Police Over Eight Dollars – Ethan Saylor's Story"
⚠️ CW: Disability and Police Violence (The details may be disturbing to some)

On January 12, 2013, 26-year-old Ethan Saylor of New Market Maryland, went to the movies to see "Zero Dark Thirty" for the second time. After the movie, his caregiver went to bring her car to the front of the theater while Ethan waited inside. Being his favorite movie, Ethan snuck back in to watch the movie again while she was gone.

The theater manager told him that, he would have to buy a ticket or leave but, he refused. Ethan had Down Syndrome and did not understand, nor did he handle money. Not disturbing anyone, he was watching the movie, when the theater manager summoned mall security to have Ethan removed. His caregiver returned, pleading with the manager and one of the deputies attempting to de-escalate the interaction. She begged with them not to touch him and requested to speak to him. She was ignored and not allowed to go to Ethan.

The mall security guards that responded were actually off-duty Frederick County Maryland deputies, moonlighting as security guards. When one of them told Ethan that he had to leave, Ethan again refused and began to swear in protest. Two other moonlighting deputies came to "assist" in removing Ethan from the theater. The three veteran officers, Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford, and Deputy James Harris, forcibly pulled Ethan out of his seat and tried to handcuff him. A struggle ensued and Ethan was taken to the ground by the three deputies.

With Ethan on his stomach, at least one eyewitness account cited that one officer had his knee pressing on the man's back. It also stated that Ethan was heard crying out, "MOMMY, IT HURT!". At this point, I have to ask the question if these men were stupid or just callously evil as I wipe the tears from my eyes. Obviously, that question is rhetorical. It should have been plainly obvious that Ethan Saylor was, as some laws word it, a "vulnerable adult" with disabilities.

A few months later, a Frederick News Post story stated:
“Saylor cursed and resisted the deputies, and he was briefly handcuffed with three sets of cuffs linked together, according to the sheriff’s office. Saylor ended up on the floor during the struggle and had a medical emergency. He was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the sheriff’s office said.”

The Frederick County Sheriff's office investigated and later released Maryland Atty. Gen.'s report said in part:
"The opinion of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was that a 25 year old Caucasian male ROBERT ETHAN SAYLOR, died of ASPHYXIA. Down’s Syndrome, Obesity, Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, and Accessory Conduction Pathways of Heart, are also significant conditions…This individual was already compromised by his Down’s Syndrome, obesity, body habitus, and heart disease, making him more susceptible to sudden death in stressful conditions which would compromise his breathing. Using the medical definition of homicide (but for the actions of other individuals Mr. Saylor would not have died), the manner of death is best certified as HOMICIDE".

In April, another news source reported about injuries to Ethan's face and cartilage in his neck, "which has yet to be explained":
“The autopsy revealed Saylor had bruises and abrasions on his face and body. And another injury: a fracture to cartilage in Saylor’s throat. Experts say it’s an unusual injury to see in a choking case. A forensic pathologist not familiar with case [SIC] says the injury happens from some kind of force... It can be seen in a manual strangulation, ” says Dr. John Hunsaker, a forensic pathologist and expert witness. “But in and of itself, one would be difficult to diagnose without more information. And it can occur as a result of a direct blow.”

The use of three sets of handcuffs is a tactic referred to as "hog-tying", in which the ankles and wrists are restrained and connected to each other with the third. In 1995, the US DOJ (Department of Justice), warned police departments that people may die when using this hog-tying method, yet there are still many that employ this technique of restraint. To be clear in regard to the sheriff's worded claim of a "medical emergency", Ethan's larynx was crushed and at least one of the sources below use the words "broken bones" in his neck. Despite the homicide ruling, 17 eyewitness account statements and Dr. Hunsaker's statements, a Maryland grand jury refused to indict the deputies for the murder of Ethan Saylor. One of the officers, Sgt. Rich Rochford, was later "quietly hired" by Frederick city Police Department, despite his involvement in the incident.

It seems I write about these horrific instances of police violence against people with invisible disabilities all the time. It's certainly not because I enjoy them, and it is very emotionally taxing to do so. The fact is, situations like this occur so regularly, there's too many stories to ignore. 50% of people killed by police in the US have a disability and unfortunately, many people never hear about, or care about stories like this. Many seem too busy fighting about colors or wooden hammers. How many of you have heard of Ethan Saylor, Christian Glass or Elijah McClain. I feel that telling their stories to wake people up, is the first step in inspiring them to stand against these recurring injustices facing the invisibly disabled community. Ethan is just another tragic example of the senseless, hateful authoritarian murders of otherwise innocent people. He was killed over an eight dollar movie theater ticket, to put things in perspective. This is one of the main reasons I do what I do, and the support for the cause of people with invisible disabilities is very much appreciated.

The Preventable Death of Ethan Saylor – "Psychology Today":

Maryland Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Deputies:

The Trouble with the Robert Ethan Saylor Case:

Frederick city Maryland police quietly hired cop who killed Ethan Saylor over a movie ticket:

Deputies Want Lawsuit Dismissed in the Death of a Man in Custody:

The Road We've Shared:

Sister of a Man Who Died in Police Custody Continues to Fight for Justice:

#Disability #DownSyndrome #ICantBreathe #ImJustDifferent #PoliceViolence #NoJusticeNoPeace #StopKillingUs #acab #EndAbleism #SpeakUp
@disabilityjustice @disability

Photograph of Ethan Saylor raising his arm in the air and holding books in his other hand with sunlight highlighting the right side of his image. The blue and black gradient background is framed in light blue. The words "Ethan Saylor – Always Remembered" are superimposed on the image.  In the bottom corner in small gray text reads "Out Of Exile_IDR".
Laceys House
2 months ago

In an incident captured on video, a group of women in Cameroon were seen confronting a man who had allegedly assaulted his wife.

#Cameroon #WomenEmpowerment #StandAgainstAbuse #DomesticViolence #Equality #CourageousWomen #SupportSurvivors #StopViolence #SpeakUp #Africa #FocusNewsAfrica #LaceysHouse #LaceysHouseAfrica

WIST Quotations
3 months ago

A quotation from Austen, Jane:

People who suffer as I do from nervous complaints can have no great inclination for talking. Nobody can tell what I suffer! — But it is always so. Those who do not complain are never pitied.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #complaint #martyr #pity #silence #speakup #suffering

🟡Michael Clifford Carter
4 months ago

Lack of Communication Is Like a Strikeout - It's Not Always About Swinging and Missing, Sometimes It's About Not Swinging at All. #TeamworkWins #SpeakUp #BreakTheSilence #CommunicationMatters

beautiful artwork, abstract, detailed, shadows, baseball player
Tim Mocarski
4 months ago

"If you have something to say of any worth then people will listen to you."

- Oscar Peterson

#quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #speakup #BeingHuman

Preston MacDougall
5 months ago
🚨 Public Service Announcement 🚨

Attention, citizens of the internet! The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would like to bring your attention to the pressing matter of having a billionaire running a popular social media platform. We are here today to shed some light on the hidden dangers and potential risks associated with this alarming phenomenon. 😱💰💻

You see, dear internet users, when a billionaire takes the reins of a platform like Twitter, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. While it may seem glamorous to have a super-rich individual running the show, we must not forget the perils that come along with it. Let's explore some of the potential hazards:

1️⃣ Inequality Amplification: Imagine a world where the tweets of the wealthy get more visibility and engagement than the tweets of ordinary folks. Oh wait, that's already happening! A billionaire at the helm could exacerbate this inequality and create a virtual caste system where the rich get richer in terms of likes, retweets, and followers.

2️⃣ The Power of the Blue Checkmark: We all know the mystical powers of the blue checkmark. It bestows an air of authority and legitimacy upon the account holder. But in the hands of a billionaire, this power could be used to amplify their own messages and suppress dissenting voices. #BillionaireBias

3️⃣ Algorithmic Shenanigans: Algorithms, those mysterious creatures that control what you see on your timeline, can be easily manipulated. With a billionaire pulling the strings, there's a risk of certain narratives being favored over others, potentially skewing public opinion and promoting self-serving agendas. 🕵️‍♂️🤖

4️⃣ Monetization Madness: Let's not forget the insatiable appetite for profit. A billionaire owner might be tempted to squeeze every penny out of the platform, leading to an onslaught of invasive ads, sponsored tweets, and product placements. It's like living in a never-ending infomercial!

While we understand the appeal of a billionaire running a social media platform, it is important to consider the potential consequences. We urge you to stay vigilant, question the algorithms, challenge the biases, and remember that your voice matters, regardless of your bank account balance. 💪🗣️

So, fellow internet denizens, let's join forces to navigate this digital landscape with a healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking. Remember, the power of Twitter is in your hands, not just in the pockets of billionaires. Use it wisely, responsibly, and above all, let's keep the "social" in social media! 🌐🤝

#FBI #BillionaireTwitter #OnlinePerils #PowerandInfluence #AlgorithmsUnveiled #DigitalDemocracy #SkepticalCitizens #SpeakUp #SocialMediaMatters
IT News
5 months ago

How to Advocate for Trans Rights in Your Community - Want to push back against attacks targeting trans and gender-nonconforming people? Here a... - #gear/howtoandadvice #speakup #gear

Sean Boyer
5 months ago

Alright... the time has come. I am soft-launching a new writing venture, and here is my first piece, regarding the anti-2SLGBTQ+ law-meddling taking place in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

#cdnpoli #nbpoli #nb #newbrunswick #higgs #canada #humanrights #transrights #lgbtqrights #pride #speakup #resist

speaking truth to power is giving up everything for what youre working on. lets make this light while im still breathing.


snapshot ani next to incense
Kevin Pho, MD
6 months ago

Being a voice for patients and medicine: Advocacy at every level

#PatientAdvocacy #MedicalProfessionals #HealthcareAdvocacy #SpeakUp #DrivingChange

Katrina Gipson is an emergency medicine physician.

Listen here:

I have the local office numbers of both of my Senators and my House District Representative in my phone and I try to call them once a week on matters of importance to me. I make certain to state my zip code every time because I know that is critical to their statistics. #PoliticalAction #AntiFacist #DontGiveUp #SpeakUp

Tiffaney MB
7 months ago

When I first read the quote on the picture below, I felt called out. Now that I’ve I abandoned ego for logic, I realize how true it is.

If you value yourself and order your life according to what is important to you, some things will simply not make your priorities list. Therefore, you decline offers based on your priorities.

It may sound like an unfeeling approach to saying no but, depending on what you are saying no to, it could change the trajectory of your life. It has certainly changed mine. #SayNo #No #Priorities #MentalHealth #SelfLove #SelfCare #RadicalSelfCare #BlackMastodon #HumanRights #Boundaries #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #Anxiety #Depression #Peace #Love #SelfConfidence #Logic #Rest #Struggle #Codependency #SpeakUp #ShowUpForYourself

Pictured is a side profile of Tiffaney Moore Borgelin with locs. Written on  the side view of her hair is the following quote by an unknown person: “It is simple to say no when your priorities are in order.” Under the quote attribution is the YouTube handle @presentformyself.

Anyone else do this? #Speakup

Text meme. 

I solemnly pledge that I will not stand idly by while others are harassed in my presence.
I will speak up, stand up, defend and protect to the best of my ability all who are targeted by hate.
I recognize that change starts with me and I pledge to be that change.
(Your turn)
Sean Boyer
8 months ago

Bill C-22 – an act to reduce poverty and support the financial security of persons with disabilities by establishing the Canada disability benefit (CDB) – is making its way through senate, and could pass any day.

#leadnow is calling on #canadians to send a message to our senate to let them know we want protections for persons with disability.

#act #disabilityRights #cndpoli #speakUp

Watching Mayday/AirCrashInvestigations. I learned that ther have been at least two major aviation crashes due to pilots distracted by trying to replace a lightbulb instead of just “flying the light plane”.

There’s a life lesson there.

#CRM #Aviation #SpeakUp #FlyThePlane

Sabrina Kirschner
10 months ago

Diese Woche sind wir mit dem Redigieren des #SpeakUpOstbelgien Tagungsband einen großen Schritt weitergekommen. Mittlerweile sind alle Beiträge aus
#Wissenschaft (viele von #IchbinHanna ), #Zivilgesellschaft & von #Fachleuten aus 🇧🇪, 🇧🇬, 🇩🇪, 🇱🇺 & 🇳🇬 eingegangen sind.
Und gibt es tolle Neuigkeiten, wir haben jetzt endlich den Titel 🥳 Unser Buch heißt: #SpeakUp - Zum Umgang mit #FakeNews und #HateSpeech. Ostbelgische Zivilgesellschaft und internationale #Wissenschaft im Austausch

aimee rivers
1 year ago

think about the meaning of the words you use. think about how they affect people negatively.

speak up when you hear casual ableism. don’t be tacitly complicit in harming folk.

i know it’s all around us, embedded into everyday speech. but it is important to interrupt those automatic words and phrases if we are to get away from them.

it is repetitive, it feels futile, but little by little, it makes a difference.

#speakup #ableism

Egbert Schroeer
1 year ago

The people have spoken once again: Jan. 6 families decline McCarthy, McConnell handshake
#speakup #insurrection #jan6th #constitution

1 year ago

A child’s wide prairies
Fenced by bigots farming hate.
Show them wildflowers.


Kodak 2254
Minolta Maxxum 7 + 50/1.4

Wire chain fence
Note books with bad haiku and worse hand writing
Klaudia (aka jinxx)
1 year ago

Neue Episode im ViennaWriter's #Podcast: "Gegen das Verstummen". Mit Julia Schönleiter über das Verstummen von Menschen in der Welt und ihren Ansatz, die eigene #Stimme wiederzufinden, unabhängig, ob diese Stimme sich in Klang, im #Schreiben, in Bewegung, Farbe oder wie auch immer ausdrückt. Auch, wie der kreative Brunnen wieder fließen kann. #CreativeWell #Kreativität #SpeakUp #Mobbing #Trolling #Hatespeech #Selbstliebe #Selbstfürsorge #SelfCare #Voice #FuckYouMobber

Cover der dritten Staffel des ViennaWriter's Podcasts
Klaudia (aka jinxx)
2 years ago

Die dritte Staffel #DatenschutzPodcast startet heute! Gleich um 12:00 Uhr geht es los mit Sandra Cegla von SOS Stalking Berlin auf der #Podstock2021 Außenbühne. Kommt live dazu und stellt uns Eure Fragen! =) #Datenschutz #Stalking #SpeakUp

Cover der dritten Staffel Datenschutz Podcast mit dem Schriftzug "Der Datenschutz Podcast" und "Speak Up and Carry On".
FF255 🇫🇷 🇪🇺
3 years ago

Journée d'étude de l' #ENSSIB :
« Comment éduquer et accompagner les #adolescents et les #JeunesAdultes dans l’univers #médiatique contemporain pour les aider à grandir? »

#Stream sur Youtube :
Commentaires et questions sur #SpeakUp :

Prasanna S :verified:
3 years ago


Nothing will change in the days to come unless officials are held accountable. For officials to be held accountable, everyone of us needs to speak up. It's now or never. #SpeakUp #JusticeForJayarajandBennicks


Mrs Christine Assange [bot]
4 years ago


Respected veteran Australian journalist @MaryKostakidis gives a well deserved but eloquent mouthful to those persecuting my journalist son or standing by in silence!

#SpeakUP …
#Assange #JulianAssange #Australia #Veteran

Full-List of bots:

4 years ago

I request all the people here please take up to speaking and writing at whatever platform you can and whoever you can speak to. Use your network and speak up against whatever is happening and how this is going to affect us and our future as a nation.

If not us then who? Of not now then when?

#speakup #resist #noncooperation #india

4 years ago

I believe there is no greater threat than to not speak up your mind and stay quiet.


5 years ago

Ran across this article on r/solarpunk - - and thought it was so awesome I started to email local and nearby city council people (they all have online bios, you can figure out who is most left-leaning in case you don't already know). Unexpectedly, I already received a positive response back, they said they were excited and sending it to other council members! It never hurts to suggest good ideas to your local elected officials. They tend to respond best to ideas that other cities are already successfully doing. #speakup #urbanpolicy