Bob Thomson
4 days ago

The original Cybertruck #spectrum #retrogaming #80s #gaming #sinclair from Lunar Jetman (1983).

Cover of the Ultimate, Play the Game, ZX Spectrum game 'Lunar Jetman' (1983), showing the moon buggy vehicle and trailer negotiating the edge of a canyon drop.
4 days ago

@arstechnica it looks like something from a #Sinclair ZX #Spectrum.

Indigo ♿ she/her
1 week ago

Hm. I'm weird about food lately. I had Pizza for dinner. Am hungry again but brain says too soon for more pizza and the sight/smell of it is currently unappealing. Is this a #spectrum thing?

I feel like it might be.

#DSM5 #Autism Criteria

What is autism? Can you tell for sure if someone is on the #spectrum? And are the examples we see in the media an accurate representation of #autistic individuals? "I believe part of the reason it took me 31 years to discover I’m autistic is that I didn’t have an accurate understanding of what autism REALLY is."

Dr. Motte
1 week ago

i like free software 😃👍🏻

Voxengo SPAN

SPAN is a free real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer AAX, AudioUnit, & VST plugin for professional sound and music production applications.


- - -
#voxengo #analyzer #spectrum #free #metering #fourier #audio #aax #vst #musicproduction #processing #plugin #mac #windows #daw #BlackFriday #software

Royce Eddington
2 weeks ago

Major Spectrum phone outage in the Texas valley (going on 2nd day). Spectrum support says 3rd party WindStream fiber line was “catastrophically” cut, affecting backbone VOIP services. No ETR. Inbound callers get “call cannot be completed at this time.” message. Outbound calls still work. Outage mainly affects calls originating from cell phones. #spectrum #spectrumoutage

David Boles
2 weeks ago

Echoes of Identity: Kripke's Insight on the Linguistic Evolution of Disability and Neurodiversity Labels

Saul Kripke's "Naming and Necessity" provides a profound framework for this exploration, arguing that names carry the essence of the objects or concepts they represent. This philosophy becomes particularly significant when we examine the evolution of labels in the context of disability and neurodiversity.

#Philosophy #Kripke #Naming #Labels #Deaf #Autism #Spectrum

— Shared since many trans people are somewhere on the #spectrum.

3 weeks ago

I want to write a story about #SocialMedia called The #Autistic #Coffeeshop.

Apologies to my brethren on the #spectrum, but I think it’s pretty accurate.

Social Media is a fairly lawless place peppered with disinformation and political and fiscal schemers looking for the next dupe. And porn sales. I’m thinking of #Xitter for example.

But it’s also the minds and feelings of modern humanity. More like #Mastodon.



3 weeks ago

Meet our 🌟🌟!
Auxi Alcantara, passionate about #Computer Science and the world of #technology since the age of 15, when spent long time browsing #Spectrum.
She has brought to RELIANOID her experience managing more than 16 people at the #Pharmaceutical Industry and much more finally joining us as manager of #Corporate Applications, WebGUI and our Website!
She brings to our team her perseverance, positive attitude, energy and constant eager to learn. Thank you Auxi for being part of our team!!

James Trickle uP
3 weeks ago

The fascinating history and applications of the transistor's early rival - the magnetic amplifier. Great read for the tech hardware curious.
#ieee #spectrum #electronics #magnetic #amplifier #hacking #hardware #transistor #engineering

Retro Danuart
3 weeks ago
Asbjørn Ulsberg
3 weeks ago

“Beyond XX and XY: The Extraordinary Complexity of Sex Determination. A host of factors figure into whether someone is female, male or somewhere in between.”

#Sex #Biology #NonBinary #Spectrum #Infographic #Research #Intersex #Trans #Science

The Gender Spectrum

A transgender woman is a person who was assigned male at birth based on her anatomy but who identifies as a woman.

A cisgender woman is a person who was assigned female at birth based on her anatomy and who also identifies as a woman.

A nonbinary person is someone who identifies as neither completely female nor completely male. Such an individual may identify with both genders or neither gender, or they may be gender fluid, meaning their gender fluctuates between female and male.

A transgender man is a person who was assigned female at birth based on his anatomy but who identifies as a man.

A cisgender man is a person who was assigned male at birth based on his anatomy and who also identifies as a man.
Tell me again how sex is binary
Kelly Lepo
3 weeks ago

A really gorgeous first light spectrum of the Planetary Nebula NGC 7027, the Jewel Bug Nebula, from the IGRINS-2 instrument on NOIRLab's Gemini North Observatory.

The bright lines come from gas in the nebula that only emits at very specific wavelengths of light. They have a V-shape because of NGC 7027’s expanding gas bubble, with some gas moving towards us and some gas moving away from us along our line of sight.


#astronomy #space #Spectrum #nebula

IGRINS-2 First Light, Spectrum of Planetary Nebula NGC 7027. The image is split into three panels, one panel on the left shows a Hubble WFC3 image of a nebula. The two panels on the right show a rainbow-colored spectrum.

Hubble image: A nebula with a pink and blue pillow-shaped structure at a 45-degree angle in the middle, surrounded by concentric waves of blue gas, on a black star-filled background. The pillow-shaped structure has vein-like filaments of dark red gas and dust and a small bright star in the middle. A small, white rectangular box is superimposed on the central structure, to the bottom left of the central star, marking the position of the slit used to make the spectra in the two right boxes.

Gemini North/IGRINS-2
Top box: H band, 1.49 to 1.80 microns. A square box is filled with horizontal lines which curve downward slightly. They form a gradient of colors, from purple at the top, to blue, to green on the bottom. Superimposed on the colored lines are v-shaped bright lines and straight black lines. Some of the lines are sharp, while others are fuzzy. Some are very bright or dark, while others are relatively faint.

Bottom box: K band, 1.93 to 2.46 microns. Similar to the box above, horizontal lines form a gradient of colors from green at the top to yellow, to red at the bottom. There are also v-shaped bright lines and straight dark lines.

Colors seen in here represent chromatic order of near-infrared light observed by IGRINS-2; not colors in visible light
3 weeks ago

CCIA appreciates the Biden administration’s prioritization of smart #spectrum policy that strengthens the economy, promotes innovation in #digital services, and increases the reach of #broadband.

Steve Leighton
3 weeks ago

Unfortunately the only cassette player in the house wasn’t up to the job of loading games onto my recently repaired #Spectrum. Will have to head to eBay for a replacement. Missed out on playing this gem today. #zxspectrum #RetroComputing #cosmicwartoad

Really got the urge to stream but #OBS and #Spectrum internet said


Massive dropped frames and speedtest says my already small upload was cut in half. I cry. 🥲​

katch wreck
3 weeks ago

`Triplex detection of a metallacarborane using the B−H stretch... together with a bis-alkyne & deuterated fatty acid can be achieved within the cell-silent region of the #Raman spectrum. When coupled to imaging in the high-wavenumber region of the cellular Raman #spectrum, 9 discrete regions of interest can be #spectrally unmixed from the #hyperspectral SRS dataset, demonstrating a new capability in the toolkit of multiplexed Raman #imaging of live #cells.`

Home Computer
3 weeks ago

"ZX Spectrum Diagnostics" es una utilidad de diagnóstico de hardware que viene incluida en la ROM del Dandanator.

Se puede acceder a ella encendiendo la computadora con el botón "Pausa" del Dandanator presionado, o bien desde el menú principal con la tecla "R".

Acá ejecutando el test de diagnóstico en mi CZ Spectrum y en una de las ZX Spectrum 128 +2A.

#spectrum #zxspectrum #sinclair #retrocomputing #retrocomputer #homecomputer #retrogaming #colorcomputer #dandanator

4 weeks ago

Wow, there really is very little info out there for/about parents on the spectrum. #autism #spectrum #AspergersSyndrome

ITX Mike
4 weeks ago

So, my day went sideways thanks to our local ISP #Spectrum technician. Client sets up an upgrade to their service. The tech looks at the network gear, and clearly decides: "Nope - not touching that!" So instead of swapping out the old modem with the new one (it was DEAD center on the wall), he decides to set the cable modem and router by themselves on a nearby shelf. But he needs power - so he unplugs the UPS from the only outlet, and... plugs the UPS *INTO ITSELF* #MSP #InfoTech #ISP #SysAdmin

Joe Vilas
4 weeks ago

I wonder how long Spectrum/ Charter/ TWC/ TPTB are going to keep the networking down *this* time. They brought it back up long enough to tell me they'd fixed it, and it then immediately went back out. They've predicted 2 hour outages each time. 🤬

If you're in the area & are having issues, please complain. It'll keep me from doing stupid things. It might even get service back sooner....

#Spectrum #Rectum #telcos #internet #DurhamNC #Charter

ricardo :mastodon:
1 month ago

#Spectrum is a CLI Music Player for #Linux (Installation + Usage) 🎵

Rhett Rogers
1 month ago

Goodness is #Spectrum greedy. First they lie about the service I get, then they promise a refund on the installation, then they lie about that refund and charged me anyway, and now that I am canceling the service mid cycle (because I have new internet), they will not prorate me for the remaining time of the month.

Seriously, don't ever get services with them as they will not go out of their way for you.


Linux TLDR
1 month ago

Spectrum is a CLI Music Player for Linux (Installation + Usage)
#Linux #CLI #Music #CommandLine #Spectrum #Productivity

Christina Dongowski
1 month ago

I find their discussion on what precisely is the #horror in MR James’ #stories very illuminating (and fun). They’re really onto something when they discuss #MRJames and the all male, cloistered and academic context of the stories as having strong repressed homosexuality vibes, veering into #incel territory, but I think of James more in terms of a-sexuality, of someone on the #acearo #spectrum (esp. I don’t read his ghosts as highly gendered, he even uses the term “indeterminate personage”.

[Audio] #AllTheOnlyOnes: In our first #episode, we meet Zen, a #MexicanAmerican, #NewOrleans #native, #coming into their #transness, exploring its #spectrum. We also learn about an #historic #trans #person, #Bernard, from #Alabama in the early 1900s, fighting to be seen.

They're both navigating their #identities in a world that is constantly trying to #define them.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #History #Entertainment #Media #Representation #Culture

Michael Lyon
1 month ago
Rainbow reflected on the wall
Home Computer
1 month ago

Mi actual mesa de trabajo: 😍❤️

Drean Commodore 64 + RAD Expansion Unit + SD2IEC

Spectravideo SVI-738 X'press MSX + cartucho Mapper/Megaram de 512K

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128 +2A + Dandanator + Multiply

CZ Spectrum + Dandanator + Multiply

Commodore 128 + ROM de Start Apps + módem Wifi + SD2IEC touch

#commodore #c64 #c128 #commodore64 #commodore128 #RAD #retrocomputing #retrocomputer #homecomputer #retrogaming

#spectrum #zxspectrum #sinclair #microdigital #tk90x #tk85 #retrocomputing #retrocomputer #homecomputer #retrogaming #colorcomputer

#spectrum #zxspectrum #sinclair #retrocomputing #retrocomputer #homecomputer #retrogaming #colorcomputer #dandanator

Jeroen Habets
1 month ago

#Planck knew the #formula before he started.

Using brilliantly precise experimental work, he recognized the black body #spectrum had a shape he could explain mathematically. It required what we would now call #quantization, a distribution over distinct states. In one evening, he found a way to derive that formula from the #physics

It was not a matter of quantizing and finding it worked; quite the reverse. The analysis did in fact start from the conclusion.

1 month ago

I miss the joy and wonder of using a computer for the first time.

I loved my ZX81 and then spectrum.

Whilst my friends were playing games on it. I taught myself to program it, first in ZX Basic and then into Machine Code.

Lost whole weekends just coding away... good times.

#spectrum #zx81 #sinclair #computing #retrocomputing

The image shows a vintage ZX81 computer setup. There's an old white CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor with rounded corners displaying a simple game with a score on the screen. The monitor sits next to a black keyboard with rectangular keys. Beside the keyboard is an older-style cassette player used for loading software. Additionally, there's a spiral-bound manual with some graphics on its cover. The whole setup gives a sense of computing from the late 1970s to early 1980s.
Home Computer
1 month ago
Tracy Rosenberg
2 months ago

#Spectrum announces they will no longer provide #cable TV services over their cable lines, using them exclusively for #Internet and video #streaming. Among other things, this means an end to franchise fees paid to cities and counties unless the law changes, which is a significant hit to public budgets and general funds and likely the end of government, educational and public access TV in Spectrum-served areas.

Hey ho, heroes! What was the best #rpg series available on old #8bit & #16bit computers? :drgn_knife_cute:​ (let's ignore consoles just for now)

#c64 #atari #armstrad #spectrum #atarist #amiga #commodore #commodore64 #roleplay #retrogaming #survey #poll #retrocomputer

#Wayland’s capabilities to run graphical applications with native performance and secure them using solutions similar to #chromeos OS. #spectrum

mutable system - dynamic builds
immutable system - static builds
TBH I nver took #vm seriously till I learnt about #QubesOS #spectrum
Motivation is a b**ch, so is readon, so is #storytelling

Home Computer
2 months ago

Mucha belleza toda junta ❤️💛💚💙

Qué lujo era tener color a principios de los 80's 😊

#spectrum #zxspectrum #sinclair #microdigital #tk90x #tk85 #retrocomputing #retrocomputer #homecomputer #retrogaming #colorcomputer

@100mountains Being on the #spectrum or displaying #autistic type behaviors does seem common in the IT industry.

John Gordon
2 months ago

My son is attending the MN Renaissance Faire with a local neurodivergent group. I’m separate but available if needed.

I was here 20y ago when he was 4. Now I recognize the largest spectrum gathering I’ve ever seen. I’m really hoping this works for him.

#neurodivergent #spectrum #renaissancefaire #minnesota

#retrocomputing #spectrum #romania #seguiràDibattito

la mia collezione di cloni spectrum romeni (e di giochini di Rubik)

1985 - Ice Felix - HC-85

1988 - Electronica - CIP03

1991 - Ice Felix - HC-91

1993 - Ice Felix - HC-2000

1985 -  Ice Felix - HC-85 1988 - Electronica - CIP03 1991 - Ice Felix - HC-91 1993 - Ice Felix - HC-2000
Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

If you followed me on #Twitter years (and years) ago, you may remember my thread on #Morxels, from this #IEEE #Spectrum article on #3DPrinted #food coming "soon" to your kitchen.

We're not there yet, but it may be a reality in commercial #kitchens in the near future.

2 months ago

I did a #Telegram client for #Arduino I called #X1Telegram, so you can chat with your #retrocomputer like #MSX #SPECTRUM #COMMODORE #AMSTRAD or whatever "thing" with a serial port like #MINITEL
Only you need to connect your computer with a #ESP8266 or #ESP32 and flash my code in it.

IT News
3 months ago

Cable TV Is on Life Support, but a New Bundle Is Coming Alive - Cable companies have started to figure out a way to stay in the TV game: Reselling stream... - #videorecordingsdownloadsandstreaming #spectrum(chartercommunicationsinc) #chartercommunicationsinc #computersandtheinternet #advertisingandmarketing #waltdisneycompany #cabletelevision #television #disneyplus

3 months ago

@danie10 @Rush #XMPP has "bridging" (or "gateway") support since the beginning, and it supports many protocols. Just have a look at #Slidge ( or #spectrum (

#ObsidianMD is the most useful tool i know so far. #Markdown lists and #canvas are the only thing keeping structure of my thoughts. If you have problems keeping track of everything, like me, try it out. If i wouldn't have lists, i would propably forget my age.
#spectrum #neurodivergent #asperger #autism

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿:TheCDN4:
3 months ago


Via Wu Tang is for the Children @wutangkids

Loving this 4 box feature for football on YouTubeTV….why did it take me so long to dump @GetSpectrum🖕

Hugo van Kemenade
3 months ago

IEEE Spectrum's Top Programming Languages 2023:

"This year, Python doesn’t just remain No. 1 in our general “Spectrum” ranking—which is weighted to reflect the interests of the typical IEEE member—but it widens its lead."
#IEEE #spectrum #IEEESpectrum #TPL #Python

Chart of top programming languages 2023 using a weighted ranking

The top five:

Python 1
Java 0.588
C++ 0.538
C 0.4641
JavaScript 0.4638
Ele Willoughby, PhD
3 months ago

For #SciArtSeptember Day 7: indigo a little story of analogy & bias in the most famous physicist of all. My lino block print is inspired by the earliest colour wheel, made by Isaac Newton. When he first split white light in 1665 into the rainbow spectrum of colours, he named & described what he saw as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (often denoted ROY G BIV).

#sciArt #histstm #linocut #printmaking #colour #music #spectrum #Newton #physics #light #MastoArt

Newton’s colour wheel: he displayed the colours Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet on a circle, and labelled the spokes of the cycle like the notes of a scale, the Dorian mode starting with D with no sharps or flats. He added orange and indigo where half steps occur (between E and F and B and C respectively). He labelled them in Latin: Rubeus, Aureus, Flavus, Viridous, Caeruleus, Indicus and Violaceus. I have added a musical stave and notes in a ring around the circle.
3 months ago

@adam @nicoco Seeking other #XMPP bridges? Consider:

- #Slidge: - current flagship of XMPP bridges

- #spectrum 2: - older, compatible with many Pidgin plugins (details:

- #Biboumi: - best for #IRC

- #Libervia: - for #ActivityPub (I'm the lead dev). Now stabilizing.

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿:TheCDN4:
3 months ago

🎾 #Tennis @tennis #USOpen

Medvedev is in serious trouble of becoming likeable ...

VIa Front Office Sports 🤖

The #Disney-#Spectrum standoff has cut #ESPN from millions of TVs, leading to illegal sports streaming.

Even the world's No. 3 men's tennis player has been pirating the US Open — a tournament he's playing in — to keep up with scores from his hotel.

"I have no other choice.”

Dan Bowman
3 months ago


Hope you are ready for a huge backlash from those of us who are paying $250 a month to watch just a few tv channels (espn for example) and now are left in the dark.
#idiots #usopen #tennis

Jeff Sikes
3 months ago

Husband came in mumbling and grumbling about ESPN and asking me to do my techie magic so he can watch the game.

Unfortunately I do not have any power over two greedy billion dollar companies being petty over a contract negotiation. And now I have a grumpy college sports fan spouse so I have no love for either of these companies.

#ESPN #Spectrum

The Walt Disney Company has removed their programming from Spectrum which creates hardship for our customers. We offered Disney a fair deal, yet they are demanding an excessive increase. They also want to limit our ability to provide greater customer choice in programming packages forcing you to take and pay for channels you may not want. Spectrum is on your side and fighting to keep costs down while protecting and maximizing customer choice. The rising cost of programming is the single greatest factor in higher cable TV prices, and we are fighting hard to hold the line on programming rates imposed on us by companies like Disney. We apologize for the inconvenience. We understand how important it is to be able to access your programming content and have solutions for you.

@Syulang @mekkaokereke @carnage4life
But like the #Hyperloop #scam being pushed to defund and cockblock #CaliforniaHighSpeedRail / #CHSR his plans aim to undercut overdue and long-term unavoidable #FTTB & #FTTH installations as only longterm feasible solution because we already do come close to the theoretical limitso of physics in terms of what can be done in the #RF #spectrum given earth's atmospheric composition and the narrow "Radio Window" into space...

fuck #Spectrum. after my mom died, IN PUERTO RICO, they started spamming me, HERE IN NEW YORK CITY, with "cable deals" for her.

Indigo ♿ she/her
4 months ago

@mariyadelano @actuallyautistic I'm neither Autistic nor DHD but i am definitely on the #neurodiverse #spectrum somewhere.

5 months ago

Internet has been out since about 12pm today.

Spectrum will be here at 10am Thursday(again) to possibly fix it.

AT&T will be here at 2pm Thursday to install our new 5Gb up/down Internet.

I've decided I'm leaving Spectrum after 18 months with them.

1Gb for $105.00 a month at Spectrum.

5Gb for $160.00 a month at AT&T.

Seems like an easy decision.

#Spectrum #ATT #Internet #BetterSpeeds #FasterInternet

A. Hofmann :mastodon:
5 months ago

#GuteNachrichtenSamstag 🔬

🧠 #Hirnforschung:
"Neue Hobbys wirken verjüngend"

"Ob Gitarre, Spanisch oder Tanzen: Wer im Rentenalter noch einmal drei neue Fertigkeiten gleichzeitig lernt, kann die Effekte des Alterns sogar umkehren."

:mastoread: via #spectrum

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
5 months ago

@internet_ginger I am on the #spectrum myself so I've been underestimated all of my life. I've learned to embrace the status of being underestimated because it makes the bar for success low. I use the #neurotypicals behavior towards me to my advantage.

Your use of the word "infantilized" is quite on target. Ironically, I see more infantile behavior of users in front of computers. I do IT support for a living and it's amazing how I hear adults whine like 5 year olds. I've learned to sit in silence, ignore them, and wait until they finish their temper tantrum. It doesn't go over well most of the time because they want me to be actively sympathetic. It's a good thing I am a state employee and all they can do is whine but when push comes to shove the problem is solved and that is all that really matters.

Yeah, I am jaded in my old age.

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
5 months ago

@goatsarah I am an adult on the #autism #spectrum and I definitely identify more as cat-like than human-like.

6 months ago

I have just killed the last English language account I had left on Twitter.

I created a new profile as @haitchfive for those of you who are interested in retro stuff I used to cross-post pertaining to:

#retrogaming #retrocomputing #ZXSpectrum #Speccy #TS2068 #Spectrum #SpectrumNext #neoretro #ZXSpectrumNext #TK90X

Going forward, there will be less retro stuff here, and more over there at @haitchfive

Charles Harper
7 months ago

“The Skye Bridge (Scottish Gaelic: Drochaid an Eilein Sgitheanaich) is a road bridge over Loch Alsh, Scotland, connecting the Isle of Skye to the island of Eilean Bàn. The name is also used for the whole Skye Crossing, which further connects Eilean Bàn to the mainland across the Carrich Viaduct. The crossing forms part of the A87.”

This was my view from the bridge as I passed over it last evening on my way home.

#skye #bridge #sunsetsky #colour #spectrum

Not quite sunset but an evening sky with sunbeams from behind the clouds. The colours range across the spectrum from yellows through greens to blues. There is a dark band of cloud across the top of the picture and the sea shimmers at the bottom of the frame. It felt comforting and welcoming.

Comunidad Home Computer 🕹️🎮

¡Hola! Les comparto mi cuenta de Home Computer, donde publico fotos de mi colección de computadoras y todo lo referido a mi hobby principal: la retroinformática.

> Soy usuario y coleccionista de home computers y consolas clásicas de videojuegos desde 1999.
> Creador y administrador del sitio web Home Computer.
> Cofundador de, la mayor comunidad de habla hispana de coleccionistas y usuarios de microcomputadoras.
> Creador y administrador de la comunidad Home Computer en Facebook.

Sitio web:

#retrocomputing #retrocomputer #homecomputer #commodore #sinclair #spectrum #msx #msx2 #atari #atarist #amiga #retrogaming #videogames #videojuegos #retrogames #retrojuegos

Les comparto mi cuenta de Home Computer, donde publico fotos de mi colección de computadoras y todo lo referido a mi hobby principal: la retroinformática.
Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
7 months ago

I'm going to have a go at recapping this Spectrum+ that I acquired the other day. Wish me luck, it's the first time I've attempted something like this.

#ZXSpectrum #Spectrum #8bit

A photo of the Spectrum's PCB along with a kit of replacement capacitors. Some soldering/desoldering equipment is also visible.
JC Little
7 months ago

Someday, when we are all free to be who we are… ☁️☂️🌈. I used genuine amethyst pigment in my recipe for the clouds, a healing crystal 💎 it shimmers ever so slightly. Close ups to come.

“Spectrum” 14 × 20” pure watercolor, available. I will be doing a very limited edition print run of this on watercolour paper, so reach out now if you’re interested.

#watercolour #painting #art #artist #freedom #ally #loveislove #spectrum #autism #cloudpainting #umbrella #whimsical #whimsy #fantasyart #mastoart

Large, watercolor, painting, of a roll of umbrellas against the backdrop of fluffy white clouds.Beneath the clouds there is a foreboding deep purple shadow, and above the clouds is the dark night sky. All of the textures of the clouds are made with watercolor, pigments, dispersed in water, creating a soft and textured effect. There is a child in a yellow raincoat, swinging from one umbrella to another free and easy. The umbrellas are arranged in order of the colours of the rainbow, representing a full spectrum.
8 months ago

@EC64 But of course! Plenty of love for it! 🤣

(I always love a little bit of banter)

#Speccy #ZXSpectrum #Spectrum

8 months ago

The Pawn was originally written for the QL. Anita Sinclair explains why it was an easy choice: "Because they were free ... Clive gave us a whole pile of QLs, and so we could use them to develop this game". #Speccy #retrogaming #Sinclair #QL #ZXSpectrum #Spectrum #ThePawn

8 months ago

The "Where Time Stood Still" game map poster was designed by @zxdunny

Here are some other map posters he made for other games.

- Finders Keepers
- Knight Lore
- Sabre Wulf
- etc.

Such an amazing job!

#ZXSpectrum #Spectrum #Speccy #retrogaming #retrocomputing

Jim Remsik
8 months ago

In "Everyone Is a Drawer", the theme surrounded the idea of perspective. In this post, I talked about what goes into our frame of focus with respect to disabilities and the spectrum of ability.

#Framing #Disability #Spectrum #Society #AssistiveTechnology

Roman Vesely
8 months ago

@paularmstrong Exactly. The team around Adobe's #Spectrum libraries must have put massive amount of work to built them. We built our design system components on the top of aria and stately hooks while taking a lot of inspiration from the architecture as well.
Honestly, we'd never be able to build so concise and feature-full UI library without them. Just looking at the code needed for e.g. Calendar considering also i18n is impressive.
Thanks @devongovett et al.!