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44 minutes ago

I have been busy with work but not a lot is going on either while the yard is getting ready for #spring. Temperatures are not there yet but it definitely sounds like spring. And I love that I am seeing more Robins! When the ground is frozen, they are happy for dried fruit like raisins (make sure to keep your dogs away!), mealworms or suet nuggets.
#birds #birdsofMastodon #Ostdrossel

1 hour ago

Happy Spring Equinox! What’s for dinner tonight? Spring rolls of course! With sweet chilli sauce and satay sauce. #spring #equinox #food

Spring rolls
Spring rolls
1 hour ago

Hello, #Spring!
It's the perfect time to clean up gaming gear, organize cables, and get ready to win. Then, when the weather gets warmer, get outside and soak up some sunshine 🌞


Ahimsa Bjorn
2 hours ago

It is time to observe and learn from #Spring. #Taoism #wisdom #spirituality

Day 70 “Spring” from 365 Tao: Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao

It was in the upper 50’s with 15 MPH winds on the #tennis court tonight. I don’t believe that #Spring arrived in #Orlando on time.

Mythology & History
2 hours ago

Happy #Spring #Equinox to the Northern Hemisphere!

& Happy #Autumn Equinox to the Southern Hemisphere!

I'm currently in the latter, so here is today's celebratory #food:

(photos will have alt-text that is, hopefully, delicious!)

#kangaroo #foraged

The photo shows a gulasch.

Thick chunks of soft dark kangaroo are floating in a bright orange sauce made of diced tomatoes, red capsicum, red onion, and garlic. 
The warm hue comes from the sweet paprika powder and the depth from caraway seeds.

The gulasch is in a small white bowl.
This photo shows a piece of Australian bread.

A big quarter of a formerly round damper bread is here in profile. It shows us the crispy golden crust, with a sprig of rosemary on top, which shields the lighter, crumbly, and soft inside.

The airy bread contains chopped rosemary & sage. The dough is only roughly kneaded and has many indentations.

The damper quarter sits on a tiny beige plate with a brown rim.
The photo shows four miniature cakes.

All four cakes are about the diameter of a muffin, but the height of a cupcake.

The dough is a dark brown colour. Despite being a simple vanilla base, the dark colour comes from wild blackberries that were added to the dough.

On top of the cakes is a coulis, a strained fruit pureé, also made of wild blackberries. For aesthetics, a little dusting of powdered sugar was added to the edges of the cakes, and each one has three blueberries in the centres.
Lorri M Barry Photography
2 hours ago

Happy #PhotoMonday
First ever Animal fundraiser event done ✔️ major success!
Now back to my art. ❤️
Happy first day of Spring!

#Spring #SpringForArt #SpringIntoArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #PhotographyIsArt

Spring sun shining bright through the long green leaves sprouting to support the bright colorful pink and yellow blooms.
3 hours ago

Ah, today is the Equinox. Happy #Spring, Northern Hemisphere.

3 hours ago

Cherry blossom at a regional Shinto shrine (March 20th, 2023)

#photography #cherryblossom #shrine #spring

Cherry blossom at a regional Shinto shrine (March 20th, 2023)
3 hours ago

Clouds obscured the sun at #sunset with a gentle, orange light on this #spring equinox.
#NEwx #SpringEquinox

Clouds obscured the sun at sunset on this spring equinox.

Purple River
by artist Je Shen
#Art #JeShen #Spring

Trees in full purple bloom over a river
4 hours ago

What a sky today, on this, the first day of #spring.

Humber Arboretum
4 hours ago

The Snowdrops are in bloom, and some of them are really earning their names.

#Gardens #Flowers #PublicGarden #Etobicoke #Spring

Small white flowers drooping from green stalks grow low to the ground. These ones are surrounded by an icy mound of snow.
4 hours ago

Spring is in the air…

#spring #giggles

A metal spring from a pen is in the air…
4 hours ago

Portal update: The ice has melted. There seems to be someone trying to pass through on the other side.

#Spring #Portal

A circle cut out of a sidewalk fill with leaf debris and water. A human figure is reflected in the water. Two brown boots stand at its edge.
4 hours ago

Spending the first day of #Spring smoking a tri tip, and listening to good #music on the patio.


4 hours ago

Bye Winter


Crow's Castle
5 hours ago

Now that it is spring, the birds are hoping it is time to put away their winter gear. #snow #spring

A variety of plush birds, (robin, cardinal, chickadee...) are wearing hats, scarves and earmuffs.
5 hours ago

A tale of two Elderberries. The European Black Elderberry is just barely getting started whereas the native Red Elderberry is already developing flower buds.
#Trees #Elderberry #Spring

A purplish red and greenish yellow leaf bud opening on a grey and brown branch.
Two inch long purplish green leaves with saw teeth edges and pointy tips shoot out around a developing green bumpy flower bud that resembles Broccoli.  They extend from a grey and green branch.
Torben (he/him/🐼)
5 hours ago

Now that #spring is in the air the #chickencoop is coming along nicely! 🐓#chickens #homesteading #homestead

Metal chicken coop build in progress
ElleDawgg (She/Her)
5 hours ago

Credit Daisy Lemon

Very colorful flowers popping up everywhere with Happy Spring coming in occasionally.  Very uplifting.
Ian Rose
5 hours ago

Graduation day for my three biggest marigold seedlings. No more plugs for you. Enjoy the new terracotta digs.

#gardening #oregon #spring #flowers #WellNotFlowersYetButSomeday

Three small green marigold (Calendula) plants in brown clay pots. Each plant has four oval leaves.
JQ Jacobs
5 hours ago

Happy #Equinox #Garden #Photography #DeskPicture
First day of Spring, first mowing done, first plants in the ground. The peas had 98% germination, 106 plants set out.
#Spring #PhotoMonday #plants #PNW #Oregon #gardening

Garden with a newly planted row of peas, a cat in the foreground, daffodils and an orchard in the background.
Gene Ontology
5 hours ago

It's #WorldFrogDay! Looking for #Xenopus info? Check out the newest @alliancegenome member @Xenbase! You can also find Xenopus #GeneOntology in our taxon-specific #GOAnnotation downloads: ➡️
➡️or non-MOD frog annots at @QuickGO_EBI
RT @Xenbase
Happy World Frog Day! #spring #frog #FirstDayofSpring #xenopus

5 hours ago

A mixed group of grackles and male red-winged blackbirds (I saw no females) arrived in our yard about two weeks ago. They spent several days emptying our suet and sunflower feeders before moving on. I think this unlucky fellow ran up against a local raptor. #Spring #Death #Bird

A long black bird bill, partially open,  with black feathers attached lies on weathered grey-brown wood chips.  The rest of the skull and bird are missing.
5 hours ago

In honor of the #Spring #Equinox
Spinal Tap - Stonehenge

Jason Stiff
5 hours ago

A mild mix of sun and clouds on the first spring afternoon in northern California, but more rain and snow is coming! I'll have your 7-day weather forecast at 4, 5, 6, 10 & 11pm!

#California #Chico #Redding #NorCal #sun #clouds #rain #snow #Monday #winter #spring #weather #wx #cawx #caweather #weatherMastodon #wxmastodon #climate

5 hours ago

Today felt as though the contest between winter and spring is still undecided. Spring is pushing hard, but winter isn't going down without a fight. #Winter #Spring

A small clump of green leaves, possibly grape hyacinth, pushes up between dry brown leaves: oak, maple, buckthorn. The tips of the green leaves are lightly frostbitten. The bottom of a pine stump is in the background, and some dry grass is to the right.
6 hours ago

Today is the first day of #spring, and it happens that the weather is right to do our first direct sowing in our brand new kitchen #garden. Peas today, radishes and carrots and some others later in the week. Plus, starts indoors for #summer crops. It has begun, and I'm so very happy to be #gardening again.

Noam writes
6 hours ago

A short #Spring #Equinox #story I wrote a few years ago.

“Spring is like walking up a big hill,” Jill said, leaping effortlessly up the rocky slope as I scrambled behind breathlessly.

“How is it like…?” I panted.

“You can’t just flow from winter to spring, darkness to light, with no effort,” she explained.

“The dark isn’t threatening if you can simply step out of it,” Jack added.

“But spring comes along without us doing anything,” I countered. I stopped at a steep break in the path in front of me, looking for a foothold. They each reached down and offered me a hand. I took both and they pulled me up.

“Not doing anything?” She asked. “What about winter colds, post-Christmas blues, spring cleaning…”

“Getting out and about, getting fit again, waking from hibernation,” He continued.

“But it would still turn to spring if we didn’t do any of that,” I said, a bit bewildered. “As the days grow longer, daffodils would bloom, frogspawn would fill the ponds, hawthorn leaves, the sap rising…”

“Yes, spring would still come, but you would be stuck in winter,” Jack said.

“Not everyone makes it,” Jill nodded in agreement.

I shuddered as I finally understood. If you didn’t work to wake yourself up at the end of winter, you’d sleep. Forever. Not the light-hearted chat I was expecting after they’d suggested an equinox outing.

I resigned myself to soldiering on to the top of the hill, seeking spring and light. A chill wind carried a wispy cloud towards us. As I stepped through the mist, I spotted Jack ahead of me to the left, just in time to see him turn into a large brown hare and bound off ahead.

“Did you see—” I said to Jill, but she had already turned into a stream, somehow climbing the hill despite flowing down it.

“I guess I’ll turn into a leaf and float to the top!” I declared. I waited a few seconds in anticipation. Sadly, it didn’t happen, and I trudged on up the path.

The last stretch was steep and slippery in the thickening mist. Darkest before the dawn, I said to myself, trying to focus on the days to come, on light and warmth. Suddenly I emerged at the peak into gentle sunlight, a warm breeze blowing. They were sitting nearby on the moist grass, taking in the view, looking human again.

“It’s all about the balance,” Jill was saying, as I collapsed to the ground between them.

I regained my breath, and gazed at the surrounding sunny hills and fields coming into spring. I smiled.

“Well done,” Jack said. “You survived another winter.”

#pagan #writing

Deb Oppermann
6 hours ago

This very handsome drake #Mallard was swimming lazily on the roadside #pond in #Guelph #Ontario Canada on this lovely #spring evening when it decided to show off it's beautiful colours with the wings spread.
Drake Mallard Showing Off available here
#ducks #birds #waterbirds #waterfowl #BirdArt #BirdLover #BirdWatching #BirdPhotography #nature #reflections #NatureLover #animals #wildlife #ArtMatters #SupportTheArts #PhotographyIsArt #photography #WildlifePhotography

The drake Mallart showing off his colors with wings spread at the pond with bullrushes and great reflections.
6 hours ago

@adhdeanasl @ReticentTurnip
My now-deceased BFF used to buy a new pair of tennis shoes and eat a banana split every year on the first day of #spring.

Profuse pink
A missing petal


おはようございます 🌧️

Shot 2023 ©️ Nara Moore, Do not use in AI

#PoetsOfMastodon #Haiku #Senyru #俳句 #川柳 #Poem #Poetry #FreeHaiku @freehaiku
#Shahai #シャハイ #Photography #マストドン写真部 #写真
#Spring # #Flower # #Sakura #

We see a branch with sakura flowers and buds. The flower with focus has rain drops on it and is missing a petal. Haiku in English and Japanese is on the right in a pink field. As in the text.

7 hours ago

Thrilled to see a crocus on the first day of #spring!

A pale pink crocus.
Ingrid Murray (she/her)
7 hours ago

A spread to celebrate the first day of #spring!

#MastoArt #FediArt #MixedMedia #ArtJournal

An open mixed media art journal. A layer of neutral-colored collage is topped with abstract marks and drips in yellow-green, teal, dark blue, gray, white, and neon pink. Most of the background shows through.

#equinox #spring Happy equinox. Happy first day of Spring for those in the Northern Hemisphere @gardening

Purple wood violet.
Rose wood violet.
Yellow forsythia blossoms.
Blue wood hyacinth and blue anemone blanda.
Rubin Observatory
7 hours ago

Happy March Equinox!

Today is the first day of autumn🍂 in Chile, & the first day of spring🌸 for the northern hemisphere.

Astronomically, the Earth's axial tilt is exactly perpendicular to the sun's light. That means day & night both last about 12 hours everywhere on the globe!

#astrodon #autumn #spring #equinox

A white observatory building with silver dome sits atop a rocky mountain site under sunset skies. A second small dome sits on a nearby hill. The moon shines brightly in the upper left. Stars sprinkle the clear sky, which fades from deep blue in the upper right, to pink, to orange in the lower left. The rocky landscape dominates the bottom half of the image, and some shipping containers are visible to the right.
7 hours ago

All these beautiful pictures of flowers and the sun, meanwhile in Oregon you take the clouds and you keep your mouth shut lest the rain god's become angry

#spring #springequinox

7 hours ago

First day of spring and there are lots of birds out and about. We still have winter birds, tho. #birds #photos #spring #hawk #junco #bufflehead #loon #mergansers

Juvenile (red shouldered?) hawk perched on a branch in sunlight.
Dark eyed junco scavenging for food in the grass.
A male migrating bufflehead on a pond.
A common loon and two male red breasted mergansers floating together.
Jane Withnolastname
7 hours ago

Random Shit
Funny, sexy, hot or sick - just the way you like it!
#spring #funny #sexy #hot #sick #topless #video #nude #FullFrontal #explicit #hardcore

Militant Angeleno
7 hours ago

It is Monday, March 20, 2023. #Spring may or may not have officially begun. 🤷🏽‍♂️
#VernalEquinox #SpringEquinox

Cloudy, overcast sky.
7 hours ago

In France, by law, every citizen on the Spring Equinox must listen to the Jean Michel Jarre album of the same name

#equinox #equinoxe #TrueMadeUpFacts #spring #JeanMichelJarre #music #SpringEquinox #France

Priscilla Stuckey
7 hours ago

Happy equinox to all—and to those of us in the north, happy first day of spring!

Here's a poem to celebrate, thanks to the Poetry Today newsletter of Maya C. Popa. You can find more from Maya here:

#poetry #poem #spring #equinox #HarlemRenaissance

At the Spring Dawn, by Angelina Weld Grimké - 1880-1958
I watched the dawn come, Watched the spring dawn come. And the red sun shouldered his way up
Through the grey, through the blue,
Through the lilac mists.
The quiet of it! The goodness of it!
And one bird awoke, sang, whirred
A blur of moving black against the sun,
Sang again—afar off.
And I stretched my arms to the redness of the sun,
Stretched to my finger tips,
And I laughed.
Ah! It is good to be alive, good to love,
At the dawn,
At the spring dawn.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
8 hours ago

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Know what you *should* be doing, but can't seem to figure out where to start? I've been there — more importantly, I have a map that can help guide you.

Ready to level up? Drop me an email for your free consultation!

#LifeCoach #LifeCoaching #LevelUp #LevelUpYourLife #change #goals #beginnings #LifeLesson #LifeHack #Spring #NewNormal #mindset #GrowthMindset #PersonalDevelopment #PersonalGrowth #SelfCare #SelfHelp

Branded art element promoting my 4 week coaching program.

Headline: Level Up In Just 4 Weeks
• Discover
• Deploy
• Review
• Refine

email for your FREE coaching consultation

Art is of smiling Black woman wearing a soft pink tee and holding up four fingers.
David Boles
8 hours ago

Trump Spring Awakening

#AI #Midjourney #Justice #Trump #Spring

Trump arrested.
Trump mug shot.
Trump being fingerprinted.
Trump testifying in court.
8 hours ago

A strip of green to brighten up this soggy Monday for #Mosstodon in the #YorkshireDales. Despite the sodden hills and rain-stained walls, there are buds on the trees, a promise of blossom.

Happy Spring Equinox vibes to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, plus a New Moon tomorrow to really emphasise the cosmic shift.

#equinox #spring

A wet stone wall with some gloomy hills in the distance. A bright strip of moss lines the southern slope of a stone - a flash of colour in a very grey day.
Richard Rollinson
8 hours ago

In honor of the Equinox today, I set out to look for signs of spring besides my crocuses. I found a lone Periwinkle (Vinca), the Rhubarb making a tentative start and the Raspberries waking up.

Closeup of a blue Periwinkle (Vinca) flower in brown leaf litter a few dark green leaves show off to each side.  Bright sunshine in center, deep shade off to sides.
Very small, tightly curled rhubarb leaves emerging about an inch out of brown soil.  Bright sunshine.  Leaves are green with slight shading of pink on edges.
Very tiny raspberry shoots emerging from brown soil and mulch.  Leaves are tightly bunched, colored mostly red with a hint of green.  Bright sunshine.
Benita Skinner
10 hours ago

The season officially changes in a few hours – be sure to turn your Seasonally quilt, to the right! 🥰👏❤️

#quilting #sewing #spring

Four seasons quilt, with the spring panel featured at the top.
Kat ♾️
11 hours ago

Happy #Spring!

Skagit Valley tulips.

#photography #Washington #flowers

Rows of purple, pink, yellow, white and red tulips under the blue skies of Skagit Valley, Washington state in early spring. A red barn and people who’ve come to witness tulip season are seen in the background.
Rows of purple, pink, yellow, and red tulips under the blue skies of Skagit Valley, Washington state in early spring. Tourists who’ve come to witness tulip season are seen in the background.
11 hours ago

Spring has officially started and I’ve been sitting on this sketch since last spring and decided to try and add some rough digital color to it just to see how it turns out, but I’ll make a finished one some day.

#Sketchbook #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Spring

Sketchbook page with a pencil drawing of a hand from which plants are growing.
Digital illustration of a hand from which plants are growing
R. Natale Fine Art
11 hours ago

Happy Spring to all who are in the spring hemisphere! Can't wait for warmer weather so we can sit outside and see the flowers again!

#ayearforart #poppies #Gardening #spring #springintoart #nature #art #MastoArt #orange #lovely #Photography #photo

Lovely orange poppy growing in my garden. Happy Spring!
rémi 🐌
12 hours ago

Today is the first day of Spring 🌱​🌸​
#Illustration #CreativeToots #MastodonArt #Spring

Drawing of a cherry tree in blossom. A few bees are happily hovering around the flowers. In the background, a character inside a non-defined building is sat at a window and looking at the blossoms and the bees, and smiling quietly.
12 hours ago

Almost too much light this morning. Today is the day of the vernal equinox and for the first time you can see changes in the quality of ice on the river.

#Vernalequinox #Spring #Tree #Baiedurfe #StLawrence #Monochrome

Monochrome version of a tree photographed beside the St-Lawrence River in Bair-D'Urfe. Deep shadows against the river ice.
Brian Clozel
12 hours ago

We've just released #Spring Framework 6.0.7 and 5.3.26. They're fixing two new CVEs that are announced today:

* cve-2023-20860: Security Bypass With Un-Prefixed Double Wildcard Pattern
* cve-2023-20861: Spring Expression DoS Vulnerability

13 hours ago

🌱Joyous Spring Equinox!🌿
Especially to all the amazing gardeners I have come to know here, this is for you..

‘In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.’
-Margaret Atwood

#SpringEquinox #Spring #gardens #gardeners #flowers #FlowerPhotography #soil #sun #seeds #gardening #earth #joy #DirtyFingernails

Spring garden with Leucojum, Snowflake flower.
Joseph H. Vilas
13 hours ago

Today, 20 March 2023, Is the last day of winter for the Northern Hemisphere. Spring starts ~6 hours from now at 21:23, 20 Mar 2023 UTC, or 5:23 pm EDT on the U.S. East Coast. Some trees are already blooming here.

I recently heard of a concept called "meteorological spring." It aligns seasons with the month/year boundaries of the calendar. If you prefer using that, then spring will start April Fools Day. :)

#time #seasons #calendars #spring #equinox #springEquinox #weather

Happy equinox! Happy Spring! A boquet of narcissus and daffodils in early light. The days are half. The nights are the other half. Welcome Spring! @gardening
#gardening #bulbs #spring #equinox #flowerPhotography #flowers

Mixed boquet of white,  yellow and orange dafgodils being hit by morning light. Vase is a deep blue Bavarian with gold vines. Reflected in a mirror is a painting of freesias.
14 hours ago

Good Monday morning...yeah for the first day of spring!
These parrots, lorikeets, are feeling the vibes of springtime!
See larger image here:

#Photography #wildlife #birds #BuyintoArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #Parrots #wallart #TheArtDistrict #Interiordesign #prints #puzzle #Fedigiftshop #springforart #spring

A pair of parrots or lorikeets sitting next to each other and kissing.
14 hours ago

"Thus is the Spirit of Spring"

"Krazy Kat" by George Herriman, 11 May 1924

#Spring #Equinox #cartoon #KrazyKat #GeorgeHerriman #1924

Line drawing cartoon panel; background a stylized landscape of the South-Western US desert. 

Anthropmorphic cat "Krazy Kat" dances hopping in a circle, waving a pair of flowers, saying "Spring is among the Woil (World), and Me -"
Agneta H :verified:
18 hours ago


1 day ago

First bloom of the year spotted! #florespodence #Spring

Yellow flowers blooming. I wish I knew what they were
Jon Kirkendall
1 day ago

If anyone has any recipes calling for two asparagus stalks please dm me thx

#UrbanGarden #asparagus #BackyardGarden #Spring

Two asparagus stalks grow in a garden against a brown privacy fence under a bright blue sky.
Inverse Phase
1 day ago

Looking at the #weather and so excited for 7th #Spring, right now we're in 5 or 6, can't remember...

The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
1 day ago

Happy Spring from Seattle, Washington!

#Photography #Spring #Seattle #WashingtonState

Cherry tree blossoms in Seattle, Washington's Pike Place Market

Sign text reads:

Theodora Lau
2 days ago

The plum tree in the front is finally blooming 🌸 spring is here.

#flowers #spring

Plum tree blossom

Gesegneten Sonntag...
alte Weiden an der Holtemme bei Derenburg.
Blessed sunday ...old willows on the Holtemme near Derenburg.

#harzvorland #sachsenanhalt #silentsunday #trees #sky #weather #landscape #river #landscapephotography #outdoor #spring #photography #photo

Alte Weiden an der Holtemme
Heidi Li Feldman
2 days ago
Three shorter cherry blossom trees against a background of very tall budding trees, against a blue, blue sky with wisps and puffs of white cloud.
Heidi Li Feldman
2 days ago

First #CherryBlossoms of the season from a wonderful #walk in Dumbarton Oaks gardens. #spring

Closeup of cherry blossoms
Slightly less closeup of another set of branches.
3 days ago

'Empathy Bee'
Spring is almost here, the smaller creatures are hatching and waking up. An illustration to remind myself of the importance of taking care of all of us
#MastoArt #mastodon #bees #spring #illustration #art #ArtGallery #empathy #kindness #drawing #ArtMatters

'Empathy Bee says: be kind to yourself and to all living things.'  An illustration of the upper body of a bee in a green top with the letter  'e' on the front looks out at the viewer with enormous gentle eyes. Some of its legs are folded over a generous tummy, the hands held together in a pose that expresses wisdom and kindness
Quinten Steenhuis
3 days ago

Also fairly certain I spotted a pair of merganser ducks in Jerry's Pond, a pretty rare sight as far inland as #AlewifeReservation #spring #WaterFowl

Merganser on pond (duck-like bird with orange crest)
Deb Oppermann
3 days ago

For #FlowerFriday I have chosen to showcase the #TulipTarda which is a wild dwarf species that is #perennial and self seeding. The showy clumps have a honey fragrance and a buttery yellow star with a cream edging that remind me of #friedeggs.
Fried Eggs available here
#tulips #yellowTulips #flowers #floral #FlowersOfMastodon #MastoFlowers #FlowerLover #FlowerPhotography #macro #FlowerArt #BuyIntoArt #SpringIntoArt #gardening #garden #springflowers #spring #artwork

Yellow and cream ground cover type Tulips with light and shadow and green leaves and stems in close up.
4 days ago

New #Spring time #green in the #bonsai garden.

Top view of a rectangular bonsai pot planted with man different type of moss forming a miniature landscape.  In the center a  cypress seedling. Right of center the landscape is parted by a gravel strip. Many shades of lush green.
View of the same scene from the side the cypress seedling in profile centered.
Another view of the same scene.
Low view down the miniature gravel path to the left and right "banks" of moss and the cypress seedling to the left.