Joe Rojas-Burke
7 months ago

Banner year for this rhodie - bouncing back after the ~2009 invasion of lace bugs into Oregon that has made it tough for rhododendrons and even worse for azaleas. I reluctantly resorted to using a systematic pesticide two years ago to keep the bugs from defoliating this old beauty.

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Pink blooms so abundant on a rhododendron they nearly conceal all the leaves.
7 months ago

As we experience our 3rd consecutive overnight of late-April frost warnings here in Metro Detroit, I wanted to document our backyard magnolia blossoms before they brown and fall away. I don’t expect them to survive the week, but they at least had a longer run than they did last Spring.

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A closed pink-and-purplish magnolia bud, backlit by the late afternoon sun, and beaded with water droplets after  a brief rain shower.
Our two backyard magnolia trees in bloom, the flowers white and pink and magenta. A petal-covered path leads to the wood French doors of our living room. English ivy covers the ground on other side of the path.
A full bunch of open magnolia blossoms from our more mature tree. The petals start out purple to dark pink before fading to white.
8 months ago

Today, the earliest #SpringBlooms in #Vermont.
It's unusual having #Blooms this early... #Magnolia #Squill, #Muscari.

Magnolia blooms... creamy white with a blush of pink.
Magnolia bud... creamy white with a blush of pink.
First of Squill blooms... blue and white striped tiny flowers.
Tiny Muscari no more than three inches tall tight clusters of blue flowers also known as Grape Hyacinth
Kristia Adams Photography
8 months ago

This image was taken last year at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ. They don't have an opening date yet. The tulips still haven't reached full color yet. Hopefully within the next week!

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A bicycle sits in a field of colorful tulips.  The tulips in colors of pink, red, yellow, white and orange can be seen in both the background and foreground.
Donna Janke
9 months ago

I'm looking out at all the white snow in my front yard and thinking about the brilliant spring blaze of colour at Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields in California. #lovetotravel #springblooms #VisitCalifornia #CarslbadRanch

A field of ranunculus blooms ablaze in colours of red, pink, yellow, and orange
Alternative Perspectives
11 months ago

Thanks to Julie who suggested tooting images of pictures to brighten up our feeds during a cold, dreich and miserable January (in the northern hemisphere). I thought I'd include this image of wildflowers.

There's a tiny bit of ground in our village that was useless - until some genius decided to throw down some wildflower seeds. Now, every year, we have a bright, colourful display.


A bright colourful patch of wildflowers, containing clover, poppy, cornflower and daisies.