4 hours ago

I really want to run #SQLite in production :blobfoxbongo:

Shawn Hoover
5 hours ago

A note on querying #sqlite from #emacs and exporting the results in a buffer formatted as CSV

jolupa :fedora: :gnome:
13 hours ago

Doncs ja tinc el contenidor de les meves tasques corrent al servidor... Tot molt senzill amb #Codeigniter #SQLite i #Podman encara no l'havia provat en mòbil però és veu força bé...

Aplicació Recordam per recordar-me de les meves tasques que un es fa gran. Encara no l'havia provat en mòbil.
Dmitry Kudryavtsev
21 hours ago

Anyone got experience with using SQLite in production? Please share!

#buildinpublic #sqlite

2 days ago

Been impressed with Turso usage of #libSQL to the edge with replication and multi-tenancy, especially the performance. Great post about the underlying architecture including #sqlite

Víctor García
2 days ago

Query is a Rust server for your remote SQLite databases
#rust #sqlite

Santi :rust:
4 days ago

I have never seen such a simple graph database implementation as this sqlite schema

#db #sqlite

4 days ago

My latest project, still a "tech preview" but starting to come to life and supports some simple demo cases. Check it out!

DDCP (Database-to-Database Copy) replicates #SQLite databases over #Veilid

It's a Git-like CLI for VLCN's CR-SQLite (, a Rust-native networking layer for reconciling database changes and an agent that publishes a database to peers.

derwaro :tux: :python:
4 days ago

some notes of mine, on upgrading/transitioning alembic to an async set-up and what I'm especially proud of, on how to differentiate the environment for alembic in a, in my opinion, most easy and concise way:

Would love to read some opinions/comments!

#blogging #blogpost #alembic #sqlalchemy #python #notes #async #sqlite #mysql

Téotime Pacreau
4 days ago

#100DaysOfCode : #NodeJS #Express #SQLite #VanillaJS

#Day43 : continuing Newsletter Express project

Source Code :

Changes :
- implemented a functionality to allow the client to render the email in a new tab

Learned :
- handling query parameters in Express

#WebDev #Frontend #CSS #WebDesign #LearnWebDev
#Javascript #LearnToCode
#LearnJavascript #JS #emailgeeks #bentos #UI #UserInterface

A welcoming email is received in an email client. User can read the email in a new tab to get full HTML experience
György Kiss
5 days ago

If you still think that #SQLite will not scale with your small startup traffic, check this out:

Jacob Scott
6 days ago

Hey #RStats, keen to get takes on this.

I really like data-management solutions like #duckdb, #ApacheArrow, #sqlite etc which help you manage large datasets whilst keeping your analysis local.

My question is, how do you approach version control with these tools? How do you make your work reproducible? Not talking about your code (just use Git), but the data it operates on. I can create a duckdb database, but it's not obvious how I should share this with others.

#DataScience #Database #sql

John Bokma
6 days ago

Syntax for CSS nesting, SQLite Internals, and manage your dotfiles

#css #sqlite #dotfile

👉 Please retweet if you ❤ Plurrrr. Thanks! 👍

Louis Pilfold
1 week ago

Oh yeah I'm supposed to use hash tags here
#gleam #erlang #elixir #sqlite #litefs #release

Daniel Cachapa
1 week ago

Introducing a family of #OpenSource #LocalFirst #Dart and #Flutter #CRDT packages including support for #Sqlite, #PostgreSQL, #Hive and even plain old hashmaps.

With a #sync layer to enable #realtime communication between any combination of those.

Try the demo:

1 week ago

As a regular #PostgreSQL user, I am accustomed to using the 'percentile_cont()' function to calculate quartiles for data sets. The need just arose to calculate quantiles in #SQLite, and a) there is no built-in aggregate function for this purpose, and b) existing approaches that I found are inaccurate in some circumstances.

Doing the calculation accurately requires several subqueries or CTEs. My code for grouped quantiles is here:

#Database #SQL #statistics

1 week ago

Always use strict mode in SQLite:

Was doing some munging of public transit data in Excel format into an SQLite database to take advantage of datasette and was bitten by loose typing. Seems like an archaic usage born of an era of MongoDB and friends.

Public agencies need to level up and start releasing things in database format like SQLite but the ecosystem and tooling is not quite there.

#sqlite #TIL #💻

Andy Smith
1 week ago

Canonical's dqlite (distributed SQLite) has been forked by its original author as cowsql:


1 week ago

J'ignorais qu'il y avait eu une tentative de sortir SQLite4 mais qui n'a jamais abouti et dont les travaux ont servi à améliorer SQLite3.

SQLite4: SQLite4


Alejandro Baez
1 week ago

And of course, #sqlite everything with #corrosion. 😍

Yeah... I'm going to swap some things this weekend. 😎

Chris Wensel
1 week ago

would be great to have time (be paid) to create a sample #clusterless app on #AWS to put data behind a #DuckDB WASM frontend

So instead of Athena/Glue integration that can work against a complete corpus, have DuckDb over the last 30 days for investigations etc

quick reminder,

I want to do this with #sqlite as well (I did it in a previous role and it was awesome)

Téotime Pacreau
1 week ago

#100DaysOfCode : #NodeJS #Express #SQLite #VanillaJS

#Day42 : Newsletter Express project

Source Code :

Changes :
- reworked completely all styling to get a handcrafter #Bento UI
- when unsub, if checks if email is already in the DB, if not it sends an error notif

Learned :
-SQL conditions
- adding a js parameter that is added to the SQL selection

#WebDev #Frontend #CSS #WebDesign #LearnWebDev #Javascript #LearnToCode #LearnJavascript #JS #emailgeeks

a  newsletter website showcase : colourful bentos UI, subscribe form and swiwtching to unsub page trying to unsub the email

I started working with SQLite recently —

(SQLite is one of the databases that PostFreely supports. This support was inherited from WF)

So far I like SQLite

There is no database-server. And the database seems to just be a single file

(Might make for easy backups)

There is even a command-line tool, that lets you inspect and work with a SQLite data file

I am assuming that SQLite has a much lower "footprint" than MySQL, Postgres, and others

#PostFreely #Programming #SQLite #SQLite3

:rss: Hacker News
2 weeks ago
Holly Becker
2 weeks ago

I think the reason I was initially appalled by #sqlite not storing "dates" is that it went against my expected level of abstraction. Probably #postgres does something similar under the hood, but presents a more robust date/datetime interface. 🤔 Who's to say which approach is more right?

(I still prefer the higher level of abstraction Postgres provides)

@sebsauvage agreed. #SQLite getting incredibly popular for all kinds of use cases. And including production DB at relatively high scale too.

What popped up in my head as an extension of this thought experiment, having taken an interest for #WebAssembly (server-side Component Model + #WASI) was SQLite + #Wasm ..

And then picture - in this case - OpenDocument as a WASI interface, backed by SQLite.

🤔 What if #OpenDocument used #SQLite?

Benefits would include:

- Smaller documents
- Faster File/Save times
- Faster startup times
- Less memory used
- Document versioning
- A better user experience

A nice thought experiment by the SQLite folks..

Blain Smith
2 weeks ago

SQLite As An Application File Format


Nice article showing how to use #sqlite, #gnuplot and curl to scrape apis.

3 weeks ago

In today's #SQLite post, I show how simple snapshotting and restoring local databases can be when your entire database is simply a file on the filesystem:

3 weeks ago

Why build an API when you can ship your #Database! 😀

Loving all this new development happening around #sqlite: LibSQL, Turso, LiteFS etc.

🕹️ jbz
3 weeks ago

💎 Enhancing your Rails app with SQLite: Branch-specific databases

「 Over the course of this series, I want to lay out some of the key tweaks we can make to our Rails applications to make working with SQLite more powerful and pleasurable. To start, I want to focus on a developer experience (DX) improvement for local development 」

#Rails #SQLite

Caleb Hailey
3 weeks ago

I ran into a pretty strange issue today w/`sqlite3_prepare_v2` in part of a #Swift project that has been working for months and that I hadn't changed.

What I did change is switching from the system library to my own build of #SQLite using Amalgamation. It turns out that the LIMIT clause isn't supported for UPDATE and DELETE.


Catalyst Cooperative
3 weeks ago

This will excite only a very niche audience, but we've released v1.0 of our #FERC #XBRL extraction library, which consumes the taxonomies and filings published by FERC via RSS and uses them to build #SQLite databases that are much more amenable to analytical usage. it works for FERC Forms 1, 2, 6, 60, and 714 which started using XBRL in 2021. We're now working on integrating the 2022 data.

#OpenData #EnergyTransition #EnergyMastodon #PyData

Axel Rauschmayer
3 weeks ago

SQLSync is a collaborative offline-first wrapper around #SQLite. It is designed to synchronize web application state between users, devices, and the edge.

SQLSync by @f0a

#SQLSync is a collaborative offline-first wrapper around #SQLite. It is designed to synchronize web application state between users, devices, and the edge.

Hugo Soucy (hs0ucy) 🖤 🏴 🖖
4 weeks ago


> «SQLite a commencé comme une extension #Tcl et la suite de tests principale pour #SQLite est écrite en Tcl. SQLite peut être utilisé avec n'importe quel langage de programmation, mais ses connexions à Tcl sont profondes.»

#DenoKV is in Open Beta

#Deno now has a #database built into it's core!!

When you run it locally it's free and backed by #SQLite, and when you use #DenoDeploy it uses #FoundationDB

#webDev #javaScript #web #db

Howard Chu @ Symas
4 weeks ago

Comparative analysis of embedded databases performance on single board computer systems using Python

Abstract:The article deals with comparative analysis of SQL and NoSQL embedded databases performance on single-board computer systems, such as #SQLite, #LMDB and #UnQLite. The aim of the article is to perform comparative testing of CRUD operations performance through database connection software implemented using Python, on single-board computer systems...

Arie van Deursen
4 weeks ago

What is an example of an open source system with an exceptionally good test suite?

The example I gave today is #SQLite, with 100% branch coverage, MC/DC testing and 600 (!) test lines per line of code.

- How SQLite is tested:
- MC/DC for SQLite:
- SQLite architecture:

#sqlite #mcdc #testcoverage

4 weeks ago

Anyone have experience doing database migrations from #SQLite to #PostgreSQL? Is it complicated? 

Kees N ✅
1 month ago

> "Is it crazy to think that a simple system like this would run just fine with SQLite instead? "
Not crazy at all, #SQLite will do fine in a read-only context. Much less (communications) overhead than #PostgreSQL or #MariaDB, so likely considerably faster.

Tim Wilson
1 month ago

I've got a PHP website with a PostreSQL backend. It's entirely read-only in production, and its largest table has about 10,000 rows. Postgres, PHP, and a Caddy proxy all run in separate Docker containers.

Is it crazy to think that a simple system like this would run just fine with SQLite instead? In the longer term I’d like to move the whole thing to running with the Django Rest Framework and rework the front-end bit entirely.

#PHP #PostgreSQL #SQLite #database #webapp

Holly Becker
1 month ago

#TIL that sqlite doesn't have a datetime column - it stores dates as text ("YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"), real numbers (days since noon on Nov 24, 4714 B.C (!!)) or an integer (unix epoch) #sqlite #database #db

Ron Gilbert
1 month ago

SQLite is an amazing piece of software... I've watch this several times:


1 month ago

Bulk export of highlighted content in your books from your Kobo ebook reader is straightforward with this trick:
#ebooks #ebook #kobo #export #highlights #hacking #sqlite #tips #hacks

1 month ago

Weekend hack/toy! 😏

A tiny #cloudflare Worker that provides authorization layer on top of #Turso / #sqlite db by reflecting on policies defined in the database itself. Now you can send SQL queries directly from the frontend safely, even for a multi-user app. 😱

Don't use it for anything serious! 😀

1 month ago

#SQLite has released its latest version, 3.43, which includes new features such as support for Contentless-Delete FTS5 Indexes, performance upgrades for #JSON processing, and various other enhancements and bug fixes.

An image with a light-blue background, and the SQLite logo in the center.
1 month ago

Les performances de #NextCloud sont absolument nullissimes. Je sais je me répète, mais par curiosité après une remarque de @pyg l'année dernière sur le stockage de fichiers dans #SQLite, je voulais tester les perfs de #Paheko niveau téléchargement de fichier.

Scénario : une asso partage un fichier PDF de 1 Mo.

Paheko, stockage dans SQLite : ~250 req/sec.
Paheko, stockage en local : ~280 req/sec
Paheko, stockage en local + X-SendFile : 330 req/sec

Et maintenant…

NextCloud : 8 req / sec !!!

1 month ago

@jwildeboer so much wisdom in this. But remember, #SQLite is just a placeholder for any light embedded database.

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
1 month ago

If your software needs a database, you should always have a #SQLite option. This makes it far easier to offer your software as a simple #container or flatpak that is completely self-contained. I promise you, in 90% of the cases, that is sufficient. I know you all aim for super big scale deployments, but it almost always starts with a test install that should be as easy as possible to get up and running.

in 2023, #sqlite should be considered as much of a universal format as plain text files. even #emacs can open SQLite databases natively now!

Johannes Baiter
2 months ago

So I'm slowly typing out the #SQlite WASM bindings for #TypeScript, based on the docs. And the awe I have for SQLite has multiplied. Every single part of the API is *meticulously* documented, even the most obscure lowlevel WASM function. Simply amazing.
If there ever is a software Nobel prize, Dr. Hipp and company should be the first ones to receive it...

Catalyst Cooperative
2 months ago

Our tooling is mostly #Python based. We primarily use @pandas_dev for data wrangling, and @dagster for orchestration.

We publish our smaller, more relational outputs as #SQLite databases and bigger skinny tables as Apache #Parquet datasets.

Historically we've focused on wrangling semi-structured data like spreadsheets, VisualFoxPro DBs, XBRL, and piles of CSVs into clean tables, but recently we've also started using OCR and ML to extract tables from regulatory PDFs in bulk (millions of pages).

Eric Vitiello
2 months ago

Three ways to create a pivot table in plain SQL.

#SQLite #Database #SQL #Programming

2 months ago

Is there a static site generator that can use a #SQLite DB as source?

I can sync my bookmarks to a SQLite database using, but I need to be able to generate HTML pages from that DB.


2 months ago

え、 #SQLite 同時書き込みできるようになるの!?
#Cockpit ってヘッドレス CMS の挙動もそこに結構縛られてたからな…そのうちそこも改善するかもってことかな(期待

Khalid ⚡
2 months ago

Does anyone have a good #ORM for @deno_land that works with #SQLite?

I’m using the SQLite dependency, but it requires a bit of mapping. Any advice/hints would be appreciated. #TypeScript

Deno API handler

​:blobcat_tap:​ ok let's gooooooo ​:blobcat_tap:​ the Secret Project is no longer secret ​:blobcat_tap:​

#TiddlyPWA – Storage & Sync solution for #TiddlyWiki that turns it into a modern offline-first web app with client-side encryption! Syncs with a simple #sqlite backed server that can be hosted on in one click! 🚀

Blog Post | TW Talk Announcement | Codeberg Repo | Patreon
2 months ago

Version 2 is out and ready to try! We’ve got #Playwright! We’ve got #Litestream! We’re all in on #SQLite and #FlyIo! It’s totally free for personal (non-commercial) use!

Grab a copy while it’s fresh

#Django #BlazeHorse #ProgressiveEnhancement

3 months ago

Okay I'm releasing my #Ada bindings to #SQLite :

I'm quite proud of the bindings because they're thick bindings to SQLite specifically, so unlike SQL libraries that abstract over multiple DBMSes, it exposes SQLite's rather broad featureset. It actually binds to things that I've never seen bound in any SQLite binding for any language, like loading both shared & static SQLite extensions, doing incremental BLOB I/O, and having very granular mapping of exceptions to SQLite errors so you can handle specific expected errors and let the rest propagate upwards.

Aslak Raanes
3 months ago

@CommanderViral Maybe @kanboard is suitable? It's a #PHP application that works with #SQLite (and other databases)

#kanboard #kanban