3 hours ago

Inari just keeps ending up underneath big, ol' Virgil. Not that he minds.

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Peggy Collins
17 hours ago
Photograph of a Douglas squirrel posing on top of a wicker basket full of pumpkins and squashes, by photographer Peggy Collins.
le dek
2 days ago

Grosse session #squash + l'aller-retour en #velo, je suis RINCÉ ❤️

Howard Smith MD, AM
2 days ago

Sunnyside Farms Diced Organic #Butternut #Squash Has Bacterial Contamination:
The product is contaminated with #EColi O45 that triggers a #diarrheal illness and sometimes a form of kidney failure called Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. Affected product has a use by date of 9/19/2023

Tom Shaw
6 days ago

Acorn and butternut squash that were easy to get a photo of.

#gardening #squash #acornsquash #butternutsquash #butternut #wintersquash

A photo of two acorn squash hanging from their vine. These two are about 12-16 feet from where the plant is growing from. They are dark green and the vine is hanging from a hollyhock plant. There are hollyhock leaves, some strawberry plant leaves, dead leaves, and the squash vines around them.
A photo of a butternut squash on the vine. It is setting on the ground that is coverd with black poly barrier and against a hollyhock plant. There are squash vines and hollyhock leaves around the squash. The squash is butter colored and more than 12 inches long with the end away from the vine being bulbous by about 1/4 of the diameter of the slender part.
Anna Anthro
1 week ago

“The #Booker award honors the best work of fiction published in English in the #uk & #ireland.

Two of the short-listed writers made the list for their debut books.

Jonathan Escoffery's If I Survive You details the life of a young son of #jamaican immigrants.

Chetna Maroo's Western Lane centers on a young #squash star trying to process the grief of her mother's death.”

Daveography :yesbike:
1 week ago

With the #yegWX frost warning, we decided we should just harvest our squash rather than try to cover them (the plants had spread over nearly half the garden).

Tempting as it was to try to let them grow a bit longer, I'd say these pumpkins are big enough.

They are an heirloom variety from Australia that are actually a really neat shade of blue that I wish came across better in the photo.

#yeg #gardening #pumpkins #squash

A photo of three very large light-blue-ish pumpkins on the dirt in a garden. My hand is touching one of them for scale. There are also four harvested acorn squash behind them, and a smattering of carrots still in the ground around the harvested squash.
Stefanie Neumann
1 week ago

I screamed to see it gone, but the pain persisted. With it, a #deluge of emotions surged through my body until I cried a #serenade. A #frame of relief to #outfit me, before everything melted down to a #soup of agony, its weight about to #squash me. The room started to #spin, then all was #black.


#FromOneLine 317
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2 weeks ago

Computer not working, so no new pictures. Here are some pictures from this time last year. Descriptions in ALT. #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon #birdphotography #deer #naturephotography #squash #hoosiermast

A great egret, wings outstretched, flies low over the water, looking for a place to land. These birds gather together during the fall, preparing for migration.
This is a male rose breasted grosbeak, hatched this spring, stopping for a drink at the birdbath. He is on his first migration south. He looks like a lot like a female, with a brown head and shoulders, but you can see the beginnings of his red breast and black on his head. In time, his head will turn all black,  he will have a prominent red breast and most of the brown will go away.
Our neighbors have a huge oak tree in their yard and deer love acorns. Here is a youngster, born this year, licking its lips, while its mother grazes for acorns in the background.
It's pumpkin time. Here is a display of pumpkins and squashes (ornamental and edible) at the Fresh Thyme grocery store.
Carrie E, Craft++
2 weeks ago

M A N Y pumpkin
#gardening #Squash

The poster, manically smiling while holding 3 pie pumpkins, 2 kabocha, a tiny hybrid yellow squash, and a zucchumpkin
Carrie E, Craft++
2 weeks ago

Big pumpkin
#gardening #Squash

A somewhat larger pie pumpkin, mostly orange but with some green stripes, sitting on a small chest freezer
Carrie E, Craft++
2 weeks ago

Lil pumpkin
#gardening #Squash

An immature pumpkin growing on a vine growing up the side of a wire fence on a dog run. The bird feeder that's probably responsible is in the shot.

Big pink-gray pumpkin 🎉

A surprise pumpkin (or squash) in our front yard 🤩

about 11 kg (24 lbs)

We did not plant this, it just popped out, so we kept the plant growing 😉

This is the only fruit we got, but huge - 12.5 inches (width) – 8.5 inch (height, not including the stem) – 39 inches circumference. We are all happy 🥳

We don’t know what this is (could be a Nanticoke Squash variant), so, won't be eating this - we will save this for Halloween decoration 😊

#Pumpkin #Squash #Plant

A 16-year-old is holding a big pink-gray pumpkin on a couch. Its width is about 12.5 inches, height is 8.5 inches without the stem, and the circumference is about 39 inches.

#Cucurbita maxima 'Speckled Hound' #squash - can't tell you who hybridized them but they're delicious :)

#garden #gardening #flowers #horticulture #photography #bloomscrolling #botany

Carl S. Gutekunst
3 weeks ago

@enog I inverted your problem: instead of a squash in the flower bed, I have a flower in the squash bed. I have no idea how long this sunflower has been growing in the container with this Delicata squash; I only know I missed it completely until it grew a flower head.

#Gardening #ContainerGardening #Squash #Sunflower #VegetableGardening

A sunflower stalk, complete with a small flower head, stands tall over a container squash. The squash has three bright yellow horn-shaped flowers of its own, growing just above the level of the pot. Although a slightly lighter green and smaller, the sunflower leaves are quite similar in appearance to the leaves on the squash plant.
El Deportero :verified:
4 weeks ago

El Team Chile de Squash logró dos medallas en el Sudamericano 🥉😀

Revisa la nota en

#squash #chile #deporte #deportes

Nanticoke squash variation?

A strange pumpkin-like plant popped up in our yard a few months ago 🤔

Now we got this, only one fruit, it’s about 14 inches wide, pretty symmetrical looking 😊

Not sure what this is, it maybe a Nanticoke squash variation (I googled) - looks delicious 🤔

And, it’s been nicely protected by hostas 😊

#Pumpkin #Squash #Plant

This winter squash may be a Nanticoke squash variation - light pink-orange color, pretty symmetrical, about 14 inches wide, and looks delicious. It is still growing, protected by hostas that are growing around the squash.
Carrie E, Craft++
1 month ago

Harvested one lawn pumpkin, along with other things out of the actual planter box. #Squash #gardening

A bunch of vegetables on a patio, including a pumpkin, kabocha, yellow squash, zucchini, 2 Japanese eggplants, and some cherry tomatoes

When I retire from tech I can take up a career growing spaghetti #squash.

Nine large, oblong, yellow squash on a kitchen counter.
1 month ago

'Americans took a long time to warm to this mild-tasting, oblong yellow squash, set apart by its densely coiled inner fibers, which separate when the squash is cooked into strands that distinctly resemble noodles.' #foodhistory #Squash #curcurbita

1 month ago

There’s strange beauty in #kabocha #squash varieties #BlueKuri and #FuttsuBlackEarly. The weather’s still warm, we’re letting them ripen on the vine as long as we can #allotment #growyourown

Dark green squash on vine. The skin of the squash has an interesting texture: shiny and scarred and wrinkled.
Squash plant trained on a trellis. Large bright green leaves and a pale green squash hanging from the vine.
1 month ago

Nesten høstvær for tiden, så derfor lagde jeg en varmende suppe: Curried Zucchini Soup. Ganske enkel å lage, og smakte blant annet av løk, karri, ingefær og sennep.

#kokebok #squash #suppe #høstmat #TheEssentialNewYorkTimesCookbook #AmandaHesser #Middag #NorskTut #Allheimen

The Essential New York Cookbook av Amanda Hesser.
Curried Zucchini Soup servert i en lysebrun suppetallerken.
Carrie E, Craft++
1 month ago

#Squash #gardening update. These are probably pumpkins? And the new kabocha is doing well.

Pumpkin with a hand for scale. It has grown a little and become more orange
Two more pumpkins, visible in the lawn
A kabocha vine growing out of a raised planter. Two medium sized immature squashes are visible
A vine from the lawn pumpkin, snaking up the wire fence of a dog run
legumancer Davy
1 month ago

Hey #gardening folks, do you fruit prune #squash and #pumpkins? (Removing some of the fruits when small so the plant doesn't over exert itself.) I'm growing medium size pumpkin-like squashes in containers.

Also, what causes female flowers' fruit parts to yellow and rot instead of starting to grow? Is it inadequate pollenation or a nutrient thing? The kabochas are doing this, but the butternut-species pumpkins aren't.

Big George
1 month ago

Big call to make tomorrow. My injured hamstring is responding to treatment, but I have a #squash tournament in two weeks time that I have entered. Even if it heals enough by that time I will be going to be very undercooked havimg mot been able to train for close to two weeks now and risk a worse injury. I need advice: should I (please boost form more opinions)

Big George
1 month ago

They playing... I am watching... #squash #hamstringinjury

Carrie E, Craft++
1 month ago

I leave my garden for *2 days* and I find this thing drooping off the side of the raised bed.

#Squash #gardening #Zucchini

A giant zucchini/courgette shown next to a cylinder of kitchen salt. The squash is significantly bigger
Giant squash in hand, above floor
Giant squash, same size as photographer's forearm
2 months ago

Tucker enjoys his cool, refreshing veggie punch drink. The monochromatical mephit pays the price for loitering in front of the vending machine.

#furryart #furry #elephant #fat #fatfur #obese #skunk #squash

Richard Rollinson
2 months ago

#today We had another steamy deluge last night, but now the heat has broken and it was 60⁰F this morning, going up to "only" 80⁰F this afternoon. Nice change and a good day to be outside. BTW, it looks like my Butternut squash is planning world domination in the near future! 😀

A 40ft. x 20ft. area of garden completely covered with butternut squash vines.  A few yellow flowers are seen poking out from under the lush green leaves. A partial row of eggplant seen to the left and some sweetcorn visible on the right.

I'm growing a remarkably vigorous #hybrid #spaghettiSquash that's supposed to be a "summer type" which I assumed meant it was a *not* a winter #squash and could be eaten like other summer squash, but I can find exactly zero information on this thing so I have no idea when to pick it, whether or not it needs curing, etc, etc. #gardening #help

3 months ago

I feel like this squash are being unnecessarily cruel about my cowardice. #squash #badjokes #plants #gardening

Two squash plants sit on a shelf at a gardening center. One is labeled”yellow”. The other is labeled “spineless beauty”.
Paul's 3Sisters English Garden
3 months ago

The corn is growing and the beans are in.

In little over a week, we will plant the #pumpkins, #squash, #melons, #cucumbers, #watermelon & #zucchini

The #SweetPotato are taking off in their bags.

#3Sisters #Gardening

Long garden with9 mounds of corn growing surrounds by beds of hay.
Mound with corn stalks 6 or more inches high
Long garden with9 mounds of corn growing surrounds by beds of hay. Lower corn some tomato plants growing.
three bags with sweet potato vines growing.
Paul's 3Sisters English Garden
4 months ago

Are you ready for some #gardening

A week late on planting the corn but we have until June 1st.

Watch this space!

Today is Friday, May 19th.
Saturday, May 20, the mounds will be made and corn will be planted. #Marigolds and #Sunflowers will be planted also.

Next we wait for #beans and #pumpkins, #squash, #melons & #zucchini planting time.

While we wait for the corn, raised beds around the edge will be made for traditional garden plants like #tomatoes, #peppers, #lettuce, etc.

Garden plowed and tilled, next to a house
Garden plowed and tilled.

My three sisters garden is planted: Miami squash, glass gem corn, and Kahnawahe pole beans. All these seeds came from Indigenous seed savers. I got the squash and bean seeds in Six Nations. #FoodSovereignty #Indigenous #SeedSaver #ThreeSistersGarden #squash #beans #corn

A colourful dried ear of corn, and two empty seed packets.
6 months ago

Compost pile volunteer #squash, hooray! #gardening

Volunteer squash seedlings
David Zappelli
8 months ago

#TortillaCasserole with yellow corn #tortillas, grilled yellow #squash, refried #pinto beans, fire roasted tomatoes and juice, jalapeños, and shredded cheddar and cotija cheese.
Day 32/89 of winter, 21/365 year
#food #CocinaMexicana #vegetarian

@evan or #orange #squash when run by 4 eight year old #kids and their mums aren't #charging them for the oranges which of course means they are getting a #concession on basic #costs. And usually no rent.

Shockingly the mums have also been known to juice the oranges at no charge. Appalling behaviour.

Only one of these items is a #squash. Which one is the impostor? (Shhhh if you were around already the last time we bought one of these!)

Perched on a granite countertop are two dark green and yellow food-things. One is rounder and one is longer. They both look like squash.
Big George
9 months ago

Going to see a physio later. I have what is called "golfers elbow" even though I don't play golf. It is seriously affecting my #squash. I took two weeks off squash to let it rest but it is still there. If this does not work then it is cortisone.... I canr afford to start the year off with an injury.

Pierre Zemb
9 months ago

Great #squash training session with my girlfriend tonight 💪 now it’s time for Christmas break 🎄

Martin Herndl
9 months ago

it has been around 2 weeks since I mentioned last that we don't _have to_ use #fixup #commits anymore because we can just #squash via GUI..

#git #gitlab

Notification email from GitLab showing that a colleague pushed new commits to a MR. The first commit title is "feat(ACD-1887): Dual Y axis support", the second one is "fixup! feat(ACD-1887): Dual Y axis support", the third one is "fixup! fixup! feat(ACD-1887): Dual Y axis support" and that goes on for 8 or so commits..
Linda Nagata
10 months ago

#botany folk: Trying to identify this. Guessing it's Lagenaria siceraria, AKA upo squash/ calabash/ bottle gourd. Growing wild on edge of neighboring property in Kula, Maui, Hawaii. Neighbor delivered the two large fruits, (~16" long) and I don't know what to do with them. #plantID #gardening #Hawaii #squash

long-distance image of what may be an upo squash vine
upo squash, aka calabash gourd?
long-distance image of what may be an upo squash vine
Timo Kramer
11 months ago

Hello again! I decided it was time for an updated #introduction. I'm Timo, a food microbiologist turned process developer. Recently made the move to #AltAc after serious mental health issues during my PhD. Apart from posting on #Microbiology, #FoodSci (Beer, wine and dairy in particular), I'm also involved in Inclusive Diversity initiatives. In my free time, I love to cycle, listen to podcasts and play #TTRPG's and am looking for a new place to get back into #BallroomDancing and #Squash.

An awkward mirror selfie wearing a white disposable overall, hairnet, safety helmet and white safety shoes while standing in the dressing room in front of supplies of personal protective equipment.
dana :blobhaj_witch:
11 months ago

Hi I’m new to :mastodon: and I see #introduction is a fun thing to do.

I enjoy #modernart, #abstractart, #paintings, #photographs. I love listening to #music including #drumandbass, #dance, #classical, #pop, #punk, #ska, and #alternative. I am learning #crochet and #piano and into sports like #skateboarding, #rollerderby, #squash, and #hockey. I love #learning and #science.

Have a #MSc in #compsci. I make internet #software have better #security. I enjoy #rust but do research with #cpp too.


1 year ago

Two years since I did an #introduction.

In my professional life I've previously run a dvd-store and failed at streaming services. At the moment I'm going old-school and manage a #cinema.

In my spare time I co-manage a family, play #squash, read #comics and #speculativefiction and I love games (#ttrpgs/ #boardgames/ #videogames). I'm also into #cooking, #miniaturepainting, #weirdmovies and #photography.