20 hours ago

Hugo nerds, if you're not already here, #HugoConf2023 is happening right now: #Hugo #SSG all virtual ✨

Matteo Brunati
6 days ago
2 weeks ago


I think I've found my #SPA #SSG #SSR holy grail:

- #Preact with no build step (#ESM only)
- HTM for JSX-like syntax
- preact-render-to-string for server-side rendering
- preact-router for all routing
- Preact's `hydrate` method

On the server (I use #koa, but works with #Fastify or #Express, too) routes can either serve

- Pre-rendered static markup
- Pre-rendered app routes that get hydrated on the client (optionally switching to client-side rendering)
- Fully client-side rendered apps

Amadeus Maximilian
3 weeks ago

Still trying to find a good image optimisation pipeline for @astro that has good support for being used in framework components and can work with arbitrary paths (as in load content from variables). `astro-imagetools` is alright, but it doesn't seem to be actively maintained anymore and does a little too much. 🤔

It's the one thing I really miss from #Gridsome. 😅

Maybe I should try building something on top of the built-in asset system in v3. 🤔

#webdev #jamstack #ssg

Jonathan Matthews
3 weeks ago

Anyone know how to get #Hugo to place a page into the Nav in 2 different hierarchical locations? Kind of like an Alias, but not really.

The aim is for URL "/foo/bar/" to appear twice, as:

- Foo (link goes to /foo/bar/)
--- Bar (nested under Foo; link goes to /foo/bar/)

Any ideas/pointers/etc? #HugoSSG #StaticSiteGenerator #StaticSiteGenerators #SSG

Marcel Bootsman
1 month ago

Any Statamic experts familiar with this error, and the possible solution?

Generation fails - Nesting level too deep

#Statamic #SSG #Static

The Spicy Web
1 month ago

Hey folks.

We like sharing links here.

But many of the links we've started sharing now include additional context courtesy of our sibling project, @jaredwhite's That HTML Blog.

So y'all might like to check that out and add the RSS Feed / Newsletter Digest to your reader(s) of choice.

And if YOU have something to share, email links(at) with all the deets!

#WebDev #HTML #CSS #JavaScript #WebComponents #SSG #SSR

Timothée Goguely
1 month ago

“Rebuilding a Solar Powered Website”, written by Kris De Decker, Marie Otsuka, @rra and @marieverdeil

#LowTech #Hugo #SSG

A screenshot of the markdown file used for the article page.
Amadeus Maximilian
1 month ago

When a blog post is then loaded in the browser, download the index as well and use it to fetch the replies for that blog post from Mastodon.

For optimisation and depending on the frequency of new blog posts, you could split the index into yearly/monthly/weekly chunks, so not too much unnecessary information has to be downloaded for any given post—I guess you could even store one post ID per file, but that seems a bit like premature optimisation. 😅

What do you think? 🤔

#webdev #ssg #jamstack

La empresa que presta el servicio de ambulancias en #CórdobaESP: #SSG son unos mercenarios y unos explotadores. En primer termino, por supuesto, con sus trabajadores. Y afectando a los usuarios y pacientes que necesitan este *servicio básico público* que está privatizado. Pagando un beneficio empresarial por un servicio de mierda. #PP

Choan Gálvez 🐐
1 month ago

Thing is: at work we build sites using #wordpress because that's all we all have in our toolset.

But in many cases it's unnecessary, unuseful, and inefficient.

I'd love to start offering quicker and safer sites created with some #ssg

Doug Parker
1 month ago

#Angular v16.2 just dropped this week with lots of cool new features.

On the tooling side we've got:
✅ Performance improvements for our experimental #esbuild + #vite stack.
✅ A new, experimental "application builder" which supports #CSR, #SSR, and #SSG all in one with an improved devserver and faster build times.
✅ Automatic injection of preload hints for #JS and #CSS used in the initial load.

There's even more beyond tooling and lots more cool stuff coming. Very excited about what's in the pipeline for v17!

More complete changelogs 👇

Anders Thoresson
1 month ago

I’ve never built anything using a static site generator. If I would like to dip my toes, where do I start explore.

Would like something I can run locally, on my Mac, and just push the rendered html pages to a web server. Not thinking on nothing more than a small bloggish site, with content written in #Markdown and metadata in #YAML.

Don’t think it makes any difference what editor I use for that. But if it does, something that plays nice with #Obsidian would be welcome.


Can you embed #peertube #videos in #blog #posts on #Hugo? Does anyone know?

I'm going to be starting a travel blog/
#travel #vlog here soon and I'd like to upload all my travel videos to Peertube and use that instead of #YouTube. (I only plan to post trailers and highlights on YouTube).

But I'm not sure if blog posts in Hugo can have embedded Peertube videos.
#webdev #ssg

Does anyone know?

People that use #Hugo to develop their websites...

I see
#Netlify referenced a lot in themes and whatnot. Do you have to use it?

Can you use it, for example, to host a form (mailing list signup form f/ex) but host the rest of your site somewhere else?
#webdev #hugo #ssg

did some more hacking on my underconstruction site using tera templating language. it's a learning curve, but I managed to tick two tasks in 'version 0.6'.

#zola #tera #ssg #webdev

2 months ago

🚀 SuCoS v2.0.0 is here! Unleashing Pages with plain output, #wordcount, #SEO boosters, & more control. A creative game-changer awaits you! Dive in now 👉 💥🔥#SSG

3 months ago

@aparrish Thanks for the inspiration. I have taken charge of my bookmarking with #Nextcloud, and while #PicoCMS for #Nextcloud isn't a #SSG, I hope to use it to display my bookmarks as elegantly as you have

Ariel Richtman
3 months ago

Anyone know a #Markdown linter that works with #Hugo front matter?
Or even settings to configure on a popular one so it plays nicer?

Bonus points if:

- Compiled
- Has auto-fix feature


#Zola #SSG

Julian Elve
3 months ago

Working with this Hugo site in GitHub Codespaces
Development Containers work well with WSL2 and GitHub Codespaces, found problems from Windows #TIL #devcontainers #codespaces #hugo #SSG #100DaysToOffload

Julian Elve
3 months ago

Working with this Hugo site in GitHub Codespaces
Development Containers work well with WSL2 and GitHub Codespaces, found problems from Windows #TIL #devcontainers #codespaces #hugo #SSG #100DaysToOffload

Julian Elve
3 months ago

Working with this Hugo site in GitHub Codespaces
Development Containers work well with WSL2 and GitHub Codespaces, found problems from Windows #TIL #devcontainers #codespaces #hugo #SSG #100DaysToOffload

Peter Binderup
3 months ago

I'm on the hunt for at good Static Site Generator #ssg that has an easy integration for Tailwindcss (#tailwind #tailwindcss).

My primary backuound is in Python development (mainly #django), but for some sites I wish to create quick prototypes in static html hence the hunt for a SSG

Any recommendations )and why the recommendation)?

Random Geek
3 months ago

It occurs to me that I'm doing an awful lot of work to get my blog building successfully on some other #SSG framework while it already builds successfully — and fast — with #Hugo.

Doesn't necessarily mean I'll stop trying but it is definitely something to keep in mind.

Jack Baty
3 months ago

I've switched from using ox-hugo for writing posts to just editing the Markdown directly because it's easier for me overall.

#emacs #ssg

Random Geek
3 months ago

Snapped back so hard from my complex #SSG explorations that I opened in a new tab.

3 months ago

"Mastodon as comment system for your static blog"

Woah, this is pretty neat. I'm probably going to set this up at some point on my blog...

@dpecos thanks for writing this easy to understand guide!

#mastodon #fediverse #hugo #ssg #disqus

C.Cameron 🎃
3 months ago

I am trying out, and I really like the simple functionality of it, but I wish it weren't $4 per blog. I have several tiny web sites and don't feel like tripling my hosting cost per month.

#blot #ssg

Fabian N. T. 🦆
3 months ago

🔖 Quarto – #opensource scientific and technical publishing system

- Jupyter notebooks or #markdown in your favorite editor
- dynamic content with #Python, R, Julia, …
- publish articles, presentations, websites, blogs, books in HTML, PDF, MS Word, ePub, etc.

#markdown #publishing #book #ebook #ssg #jupyter #blogging #writing #bookmarked

Marcel Bootsman
3 months ago

A solution to the #Statamic #SSG I've been having for the new #WalkToWCEU website problem seems to be on the horizon. I will absolutely share it here of course when it's done.

Amadeus Maximilian
4 months ago

My #May blog post is up! 🥳

This month, I’m sharing a method for generating custom #sitemaps with #Astro when the official sitemap integration isn’t flexible enough, for example when you want per-page `lastmod` values, instead of per-site ones, or have internationalised slugs the official integration can’t match to each other.

Enjoy it here: 😊

#webdev #tutorial #xml #jamstack #ssg #i18n

Jonathan Matthews
4 months ago

The few times I’ve used #Hugo the #StaticSiteGenerator I’ve rapidly become bogged down in off-putting low level detail. I just want to write words, select a theme, run a command, and push the resulting nice-looking site!
What #StaticSiteGenerators can I check out that would give me a closer-to-hosted-Wordpress level of “choose theme; type words; have website” initial effort (even if that absolutely implies a low degree of customisation/flexibility)? #SSG #Websites

Andrew Tropin
4 months ago

Migrated my website to Haunt. A lot of work ahead, but I already can start writing blog posts.

#scheme #lisp #guile #ssg #haunt

Are there any #Hugo boss’ in the house? (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) 🤣

I’ve got a kerfuffle. I am absolutely flummoxed trying to figure out where some Lorem Ipsum text that is showing in this page that’s been rendered under /public is actually coming from.

I have used fgrep to search the contents of every file in the site folder and for the life of me I can’t find a file that contains the words I’m trying to edit (out).

Does anyone have any thoughts?

#hugo #ssg #StaticSiteGenerators

Andrew Tropin
5 months ago

Tomorrow will be trying out @dthompson's Haunt hackable static site generator.

It's written in Scheme, should be quite minimalistic and very flexible.

Stream starts 8 a.m. UTC.

#stream #scheme #haunt #lisp #ssg

Emacs with eww showing haunt project webpage on the left and title of the stream on the right.
Olivier Forget
5 months ago

Just realized #Astro #SSG is rendering site with broken links everywhere because of a quirk where it renders links with a trailing slash in prod but without in dev/preview builds, meaning relative links are different. And guess what? That tends to be problematic on these here World Wide Webs.

To say I'm disappointed in Astro is an understatement. I thought they were solid.

Sorry for the broken links in I swear I checked them in dev! 😭

Chris Aldrich
6 months ago

@LLS @carlschwan @veronica
I was expecting a Webmention-based back end with some help from, but it looks like a API solution hiding under the hood. Clever.
#IndieWeb #SSG

I’m formally starting a side project that has been in planning since 2022. It will be an interactive and content-heavy website (not a blog) about one of my math-related interests.

As for the tech stack, this will be static site using @eleventy as my #SSG. (I actually experimented a bit with Hugo last year for this project but decided to go with 11ty since I know the #JavaScript ecosystem better in case I need to extend the platform and because I have very little Golang experience.)

#math #11ty

Logotype featuring a stylized golden rhombic triacontahedron as the graphic logo and “Kepler’s Jewel” as the type in gold color all on a field of maroon.
Random Geek
6 months ago

new note on random geekery:

Elf Sternberg on how SSG is not a reaction

#SSG #Blog

Ryan Makes, Dreamscaper
6 months ago

Anyone else publishing Markdown -> Static Site Generator here?

Logseq -> Sourcehut is my setup and I'll be making it sing over the next month.

Curious about what y'all are working with :)

#markdown #ssg #logseq #srht #publishing #git

7 months ago


you all put me to shame. SHAME, I say.

@kev @joel @hyde


Articles from blogs around the web e My static site worflow via Lazybear on 27 February 2023 o My Static Site Workflow (2023), via Joelchrono12 on 27 February 2023 e My Static Site Workflow via Kev Quirk on 27 February 2023
7 months ago

Following @joel, and @kev, here's my workflow too using #vim, #zsh, #fzf and other aliases, functions, and tools for my #ssg.

#100DaysToOffload : 27/100 Round 4!

#blog #blogging

A response to @kev sharing my workflow, using #jekyll, #vim, #rofi and other tools to achieve the same thing. Plus some extra stuff people using any #ssg would find useful! Day 41 of #100DaysToOffload

#blog #blogging

🍒🌳 Hartmut Goebel
7 months ago

Switched from plone to #ssg #nikola a few months ago. (Of course plone is a quite different level, but too complex for me needs.) Created my own template based on #w3css from
Was not too hard.
Have some dislikes on where files related to posts are to be put, but okay. Missing some features like "list of recent blog posts in iframe" (to avoid rebuilding all pages).
Seems better than pelican to me.

Sukrit Tan
7 months ago

I’m looking at all the #StaticSite generators out there and NGL, I’m sorta wondering why I don’t just write up some Python to parse a folder of .md files and spit out ready to upload html files.

I’m just doing a portfolio site. It just needs to have a homepage with lotsa thumbnails. And post pages for each work.

Sounds like it’d be easier to customise and I wouldn’t have to wrestle with trying to understand a whole framework.

Am I missing something? Why an #SSG? #WebDev

7 months ago

The tens of people that have ever visited it will be interested to know that I've migrated my blog from Jekyll to @eleventy. eleventy-base-blog is a great jumping off point.

The second, but not last, site I've done in #11ty.

#ssg #staticsite #webdev #web

7 months ago

Sometimes, you can learn so much from studying source code!

For example, this week I looked into @zachleat and @nhoizey 's project called Tweetback and discovered

Super helpful if you want to add #search to your #SSG build!

(I considered #Lunr but that project didn't received an update in a while).


7 months ago

Your blog should not use a database!

I wrote a blog post explaining why I think so. Let me know if you agree, or disagree. I would love to know what others think.

#blog #blogging #personalBlog #personalWebsite #ssg

7 months ago

Our #SwiftUI-inspired #SSG now has a much nicer pattern for media queries. Great to see how well these patterns work in other domains.

Screenshot, GitHub, Pull Request

Robb: This improves the infrastructure around media queries, making them work similar to @ScaledMetric in SwiftUI.

struct Button: Component {
    .isMobile: 8,
  var padding: LengthOrPercentage = 16

  var body: some Component {
    Text("Hello World!")
7 months ago

Eleventy 2.0 just released!

I've been playing with the prereleases for a bit and very excited to see the stable v2 release. Congrats @eleventy!

#11ty #eleventy #ssg #staticsite