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A friend got me this delightful #stainedglass #bat as a surprise birthday gift 🦇 💜 I love the colors!

Stained glass bat with opalescent colors
Stained glass bat in a window with a tardis and other stained glass pieces
14 hours ago

One of very few #Tiffany windows in the UK. It shows the young David preparing to fight Goliath. A shepherd boy who became a soldier, then a king - the window is in the church of Cuthbert - a shepherd boy who became a soldier, then a saint.

#Edinburgh #photography

6 days ago

C.E. Kempe's 1898 upper east window in Govan Parish Church. Christ with the Seven Lamps of the Church surrounded by various Scottish and Other Saints.
#Glasgow #Govan #stainedglass

Jeff Carlson
1 week ago

Some of my commercial photo work is now out in the world. 😄 The current issue of Whitworth Today, the alumni magazine for Whitworth University, features three of my images from two projects. First up, a set of stained-glass windows that once hung in the original Tacoma, WA location of Whitworth and that now reside at Bethany Presbyterian Church in Tacoma. A detail is used on the cover, and the windows themselves appear on the inside cover.

#Photography #WhitworthUniversity #StainedGlass

Interior page of Whitworth Today magazine showing a photo of two floral-design stained-glass windows, along with text detailing the history of the windows.
Cover of Whitworth Today magazine, showing a close-up detail of a floral-design stained-glass window.
1 week ago

I had the delight of having All Saints, the big church by the river, in central Maidstone, completely to myself for almost an hour thismorning. It’s my nearest church, but I don’t seem to get to visit very often. Therefore, I forget what really lovely #stainedglass it contains. These are currently my two favourite windows. They’re not the sophisticated, arty glass I occasionally rave about, but must have really wowed people in 1859, when Wailes produced them. It’s that blue that gets me!

1 week ago
A yellow and blue tea tableau with ducklings and Coconut Rooibos Tea.
1 week ago

I called in at St Denys, in Rotherfield, near Crowborough today, to see its William Morris/Edward Burne-Jones east window. Sad that such a superb piece of #stainedglass should be significantly hidden by a rather ugly altarpiece.

2 weeks ago

It's a door open kind of lazy, warm, Sunday afternoon...

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #photography #BennetsBar #StainedGlass #pub

@dtd99 It’s a magnificent edifice and I once was told that it’s principal stained glass window is, in size, the greatest in the world depicting the Virgin Mary. When you throw in the windows just below that one, depicting (I believe) the Council of Ephesus, the whole ensemble must be among the most impressive displays of ecclesial stained glass. Also in the cathedral are some gorgeous murals by Frank Duveneck, whose work deserves more attention than it gets.


A magnificent stained glass window in the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, Kentucky. In the High Gothic style it depicts, above, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and, below, the Council of Ephesus at which that doctrine of the Catholic Church was promulgated.
Dasha Moone
2 weeks ago

{Art/Oc} Commissions for @BeaBlossom8819

Thanks for the support. U have a lovely pony <33

#MyLittlePony #Brony #PonyArt #2D #2Dart #mlpart #DashaMoone #Pony #commission #StainedGlass

IT News
2 weeks ago

Glass Robot From a Solarpunk Future - You may have heard of a heart of glass or have a glass jaw, but have you ever seen... - #simonegiertz #stainedglass #robotshacks #solarpunk #robots #art #tea

Danielle Vossebeld
3 weeks ago

The white one is perfect for a waterfall. The green and the blue for northern lights. Theme will be #Iceland. Going to sketch a little more, now I have the glass. ✏️ #StainedGlass #GlasInLood

Danielle Vossebeld
3 weeks ago

Finally, unpacking the glass. #StainedGlass #GlasInLood

Green glass on top of black glass, packed in cardboard-like paper with structure.
Mark Maguire
3 weeks ago

Fenster Freitag (again, no TGIFF this week cos I’m working all weekend). The Chapel, Swords Castle, Dublin. #FensterFreitag #Window #WindowFriday #FuinneogFriday #Castle #Swords #SwordsCastle #StainedGlass #Dublin #Ireland #Mastodaoine

Medieval chapel with stone wall and gothic arched windows. The ceiling is composed of wooden beams with electric bulbs replacing candles on simple circular black metal ceiling light-holders. A large stained glass window is in the end wall with three tall main panes.
Cara Bruar
3 weeks ago

My photos from the Hydro Hotel, Leeton, in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.
The hotel was built around a century ago to house single men working on setting up the irrigation scheme to grown rice and fruit.
Hard to photograph as the windows face north (the sunny side for us in the southern hemisphere) and to get a decent perspective you would have to float over a two-storey stairwell void.
#photography #windowsfriday #art #StainedGlass #Leeton #Murrumbidgee #irrigation

Stained glass window showing agricultural scenes, a dam, a sheep, wheat and horse icon, an emu, kangaroo and boomerang icon, and sprays of gum with flowers.
Stained glass window showing irrigated paddies, a canal and a sluice wheel. A man with a paddle or shovel stands on a levee bank.
David Allan
3 weeks ago

Seems appropriate to post this photograph today.
The 'Ascension' as depicted is stained glass by William Wailes, a leading exponent of stained glass in the 19th century. The colours are amazing and can be viewed in the original historic parish church of Sunderland, Holy Trinity.
It was recently given a whole new lease of life as a cultural centre and performance venue, going by it's new name of 17Ninenteen (referencing its foundation).

#Sunderland #stainedglass #England #Ascension #photography

Stained glass window depicting the Ascension in the original 18th century parish church of Sunderland, now a cultural centre and performance venue.
3 weeks ago

Been staying again in Jevington, in the heart of the Sussex South Downs. Tried a few times to visit the local church (St Andrews), but usually a bit late in the day, and found it locked. However, just before our departure, we got in. How appropriate, on Ascension Day: it has an excellent 1892 “Ascension window”. It’s one of several windows produced by the Wimbledon Ladies Art College that I have seen on my travels. Classic late Victorian #stainedglass:

3 weeks ago

Because it is, for many, Ascension Day today, here are photos of four good “Ascension windows” from my big collection of church #stainedglass pictures.

3 weeks ago

A Flock of Fishes. 1984.
Stained glass by John K Clark in Café Gandolfi.

#Glasgow #photography #StainedGlass

4 weeks ago

Glynde has just seven #stainedglass windows, all by the Kempe company, from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These two of them, on opposite walls, effectively form a pair. The inset 16thC Flemish panels on each, made to look like pictures hanging in frames nailed to the pillars at each side, depict the New Testament gospel authors. Matthew and Mark in the right-hand window, Luke and John in the one on the left.

4 weeks ago

Following my earlier #stainedglass toot, here are the three lights that make up the east window at Glynde church. Fantastic bling! Kempe had the opportunity to include a number of exquisite, smaller 16th Century Flemish glass panels in the Glynde windows, clearly seen here.

4 weeks ago

I had a real #stainedglass treat today. The little baroque church at Glynde, in E Sussex (just down the road from the Glyndebourne Opera centre), is somewhere I have planned to visit for a while. Got there today. Seven big, classic Kempe windows, in beautiful colour and condition. More later, but if you are a #stainedglass and E. A. Kempe fan, this place needs to be on your list!

David Whelan
1 month ago

Probably my all time favorite stained glass windows, from St. Vitus' in Prague. The colors and the slightly modern-but-not-too-modern design #FensterFreitag #Czech #StainedGlass

St. Vitus' Cathedral stained glass by Alphonse Mucha.  At the bottom is text that describes it as a tribute to the slavic nations
Karen Dorman
1 month ago

Thanks for letting us share. This is the #StainedGlass backsplash I did for our kitchen. It reflects the farmland we live in and views from our windows.

#FediArt #MastodonArt #ArtistsOfMastodon #AltText

Stained glass pieces in many colours that depict images of farmland, barns, tractors and animals that I see out my window.
Jane 🌍
1 month ago

This is one of the doors into the fernery at The Swiss Gardens in Bedfordshire, I had a lovely time wandering around there on Wednesday. #Fensterfreitag #windowfriday #photography #stainedglass

Looking down a rocky tunnel a stained glass door surrounded by a stained glass arch is seen. The door consists of pale yellow and white squares and blue and white circles that surround a more intricate multi coloured glass piece in the centre. Either side of the door is a panel of stained glass, and a further arched glass panel above the door. These panels all depict a vase with multi coloured foliage shaped pieces coming out of them and running up to the top.
RDW Glass
1 month ago

New #Peacock window for a Perthshire home. #stainedglass #Glasgow #Scotland

Peacock stained glass
CodePen.IO :verify:
2 months ago

RT Wakana Y.K.
Today's work🏅
Stained glass
Stained Glass textures is AI illustration.
@CodePen #codepen #threejs #Stainedglass


Media source:
2 months ago

Stained glass at Stirling
📸24mm • 1/125s f/8 100iso
📷Canon EOS 6D EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM
#Scotland #Stirling #StirlingCastle #UK #castle #stainedglass

Looking out through stained glass windows at Stirling. There are 8 rectangular windows. Each has a lattice work of panes/supports forming diamonds throughout the clear sections of windows. In the upper middle of each window is a circle with stained glass including various coats of arms. Each coat of arms is surrounded by a yellow circle. In the foreground is a long table and a candelabra. Outside of the windows, small glimpses of the Scottish countryside can be seen.
2 months ago

"Saint Kentigern (Mungo) led to Cathures" in Douglas Strachan's 1930s West windows in the University Chapel.

#Glasgow #photography #StainedGlass

2 months ago

I always wanted to be a stained glass artist but could never make it happen so playing with digital stained glass is the next best thing for me.

Here is one I just finished today created using my app stacking technique in Gimp.

#artnouveau #stainedglass #art #MastoArt #FediGiftShop #Vintage #fashion #AYearForArt #SpringThings

Get a print>>

Colorful faux stained glass window style digital artwork featuring a model in a flapper dress and head wrap with a fancy feathery bird in the background.
Jan McCartney
2 months ago

English stained glass artist Tamsin Abbott

#Art #StainedGlass #Easter #Rabbit #Glass

Oval stained glass in turquoise, green, yellow and black, with a rabbit in the centre. On the surrounding panels we see birds in trees, butterflies and flowers.
BlueHunter ∞ 🥀
2 months ago

My favorite traditional art medium is stained glass work. It’s especially fun in collaboration with my partner; it changes work routine and the outcome always speaks for itself.

The first two pieces are such collabs, the last one is done by myself.
#mastoart #furry #stainedglass #art #glass #fox #tiger #badger #occult

Stained glass dancing foxes. Brightly colored by my partner.
Tiger and badger stained glass. A collabs between us.
Two skeleton foxes in stained glass surrounded by dried roses. There’s an infinity sign between them.
2 months ago

Spring sunlight coming through the Eric "Chariots of Fire" Liddell stained glass window, painting the back wall of Morningside United Church in an Impressionist painting. Church totally empty except for me, paused for a moment to just enjoy it.

#Bruntsfield #Edinburgh #Edimbourg #StainedGlass #photography #StainedGlassWindow #MorningsideUnitedChurch #church #eglise #window #fenetre #HolyCorner #Scotland #Ecosse

3 months ago

A throwback to my visit to Canterbury Cathedral, a few days ago. This ought to be the most popular view in the place, but most visitors simply don’t look up and see it. The view of the superb fan-vaulting inside the base of the central tower. Wonderful symmetry. Fear not, I’ll be back to #stainedglass shortly!

3 months ago

Stained glass is beautiful. I've done a couple of crappy workshops, but this lady makes the real thing: small pieces of glass held in place by lead solder with painted details.

It's a really neat explanation of a complex process. I enjoy how she doesn't do certain work on certain days, because she needs to be in the zone.

#crafts #stainedglass #stainedglassart

Janet Dane
3 months ago

#stainedglass in my front window. #FensterFreitag

An angled glass piece with ruby red and clear glass hanging in a window overlooking a snowy yard, icicles and a blue sky.
Danielle Vossebeld
3 months ago

I was given a round wooden frame, so I was thinking of putting a piece of Tiffany (glass, not a person) in it. 🤔

First idea: Iceland, northern lights and a waterfall. Not fully happy yet, so I will be creating more variations or different designs, until I am satisfied.

#tiffany #design #creativity #stainedglass #iceland #waterfall #sketching

Piece of white paper on a table. On it a drawing of a waterfall, with brown hills around it, blue sky and green aurora. Next to it, some sketches of different colours or shapes of this design. The drawing materials are still lying on the sheet.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
4 months ago

There’s a dark room in the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, with 3 stained glass works by Harry Clarke. This photo is one of those and should be seen in person if you’re in Cork.

They were made by Clarke while he was in his early twenties, and still a student at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art. In 1911, he was awarded a highly covered gold medal for these at the South Kensington National Competitions.

#photo #photography #cork #ireland #StainedGlass #art #HarryClarke

A stained glass picture of 4 men, one dressed the garbs of a Christian bishop.
Mark Prior
4 months ago

Not all stained glass lives in religious buildings and for today's #PhotoOfTheDay we visit one of them in a particularly unusual location, The King Kamehameha Golf Club in #Maui, Hawaii.
The club approached the Taliesin architects to see if there was a suitable Frank Lloyd Wright design that could be used for their clubhouse. This design started life as the "Crownfield" house, was modified a number of times before finally being built in Maui.
#photography #StainedGlass #FrankLloydWright #travel

A circular stained glass window in the unmistakeable style of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is an abstract design with coloured circles and rectangles.
Peggy Collins
4 months ago

This is my latest cat artwork with a stained glass look. (Not actual stained glass!) I named him Sam. I've been exploring creating 2D artwork with a 3D look.


#cats #catsofmastodon #catart #catsodon #stainedglass #AYearForArt #art #artist #artforsale #artprints #fineart #colorful #peggycollins #peggycollinsgallery

Artwork of a cat in profile with a stained glass effect.
4 months ago

Delicate stained glass butterflies and moths by Melanie flit and flutter with illuminated colors. #butterfly #insects #moths #glass #stainedglass

A photograph of a stained glass butterfly suspended on a thin metal chain. The butterfly's detailed glass wings are hues of pink, mauve, and cream. Next to it are plants.
Mark Tranchant
4 months ago

A #stainedglass #window from St Chad's head chapel in #Lichfield #Cathedral for today's #Fensterfreitag, by #Kempe, showing an #angel playing an impractical-looking #portative #organ. Taken by me in May 2009.

A stained glass window from Lichfield Cathedral showing a crowned angel playing a portative organ.
5 months ago

Chagall’s stained glass window with piano reflections.
Marc Chagall National Museum, #Nice, #France.

#FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #PhotographyOnMastodon #photography #art #stainedglass

Color photo of the lower part of a large stained glass window with deep purples, blues and some reds designed by the artist Marc Chagall. Near the window is a glossy black piano reflecting the colors of the stained glass.

"The Space Whale is a full scale stained glass humpback whale mother & calf. A monumental testament to family, our relationships with nature, time & space & our responsibility to preserve our environment. Originally Burning Man 2016, The Space Whale now lives in front of City Hall in Reno, NV." --Matt Schultz, artist, via his website <>. (Photo: 1/13/2023.)

#Whales #Nevada #StainedGlass #Rain #Nightscape #StreetArt #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

A full sized stained-glass sculpture of a humpback whale and her calf. The sculpture is installed on a large concrete town square area in front of city hall. It's a rainy reflective night.
Obsidian Urbex Photography
5 months ago

My humble offering to the #fridaythe13th edition of #WindowFriday #Fensterfreitag; a collection of decaying windows in an abandoned hospital in #Scotland 🇬🇧

More photos and history about this place can be found on my website

#Photo #FotoFreitag #Decay #stainedglass

Window on top floor
Triple windows in side room, with stained glass
Staircase with large leaded window, panes are broken
Triple window in an old ward. There are remains of blue tiles on the wall but most are missing
RDW Glass
5 months ago

Stained glass panel. Repair. 1860's. #Dennistoun #Glasgow #Scotland #stainedglass

Frank Courtney
5 months ago

The Geneva Window by Harry Clarke. Originally destined for the ILO in Geneva. However, there was a number of objections to various elements of the design, so it was never installed there.
Sadly, it's now resides outside the country in the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami, Florida.
#StainedGlass #HarryClarke

8-panel stained glass window depicting scenes from Irish writers.
Coolim Books
6 months ago

The Flight into Egypt, one part of the rose window in the Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Kilcoe, between Skibbereen and Ballydehob. Commissioned in 1943, it was designed by Terence Clarke of Harry Clarke Stained Glass Ltd.
Happy Christmas to everyone.

#WestCork #MizenPeninsula #Skibbereen #Ballydehob #Kilcoe #Aughadown #StainedGlass #Christmas2022 #mastodaoine

Karen Dorman
6 months ago

#ArtAdventCalendar #StainedGlass @SDF

Coffee table structure built by my spouse

Corner of wooden coffee table frame supporting stained glass panel. Pine legs and frame with decorative wood trims.
Karen Dorman
6 months ago
Rectangular stained glass panel. Red sun in top left corner with sunbeams in gold and amber radiating out. Circles of blues - light to dark surround it and there's a crescent moon in the top right corner within a dark blue sky.
Karen Dorman
6 months ago
Stained glass panel hanging in a window. Red and orange spinning sun throwing and dropping teardrop shaped pieces of red and orange glass down on the calm surface of a body of water. Water is several colours of blue and there is an implied path or wake towards the horizon line.

#nostalgia Loved the #Mapparium as a kid. Fantastic viewing! We’d #tour the inside of that #StainedGlass #globe on a rainy day for a short visit that could hold our attention, wo overwhelming us, then stop at Friendly’s or Bailey’s for 🍨 on the way home.

Anyway school #vacation is coming #boston—adults $6, kids free

(NB for older kids, walk/take T for 1 stop to #BostonPublicLibrary @bplmaps for lots more #maps, & it’s #free admission)

RDW Glass
6 months ago

New Dates for Weekend Classes.
Christmas and New Year.
Beginners Stained Glass,
Intermediate Stained Glass or Beginners Fused Glass

17th December 2022

21st January 2023
11th February 2023
25th February 2023
25th March 2023
More information and gift vouchers available at

#stainedglass #Glasgow #Scotland #classes

Stained glass Glasgow classes
Dan Hon
7 months ago

Queen Margaret, St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle, August 2022.

Canon EOS RP 24-240mm, 24mm @ f4 ISO 400

#stainedglass #stmargaret #stmargaretschapel #edinburghcastle

#canon #canonrp

A stained glass window of St Margaret's chapel. Coloured light plays across the stone wall surrounding the narrow, tall window. St. Margaret's clothes are a brilliant blue.