29 minutes ago

Created a new video today on how to use StarStaX to create a star trails image. Tried to be as thorough as possible from capture gear to final processed image. 🔭

Watch it here:

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Ivan Rosenbreyer
1 hour ago

NGC7822 Question Mark Nebula. My first ever mosaic. Four panels 5 hours each. Trial and error to stitch it. Not much post-processing.
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Mark Maguire
21 hours ago

Another beautiful (and bit cold) clear night. The stars are out. #StarGazing #LookUp #Stars #Mastodaoine #NightSky #CityStars

Tiny white points of light against a dark black night sky.
23 hours ago


Jupiter and the four moons

From #northernireland tonight

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1 day ago

Happy #Spring or #Autumn #Equinox to those who observe!

This month is my birthday & my art-iversary, so I painted the Virgo constellation to celebrate.

The Maiden is often depicted using a drop spindle, or just standing around benignly holding wheat. I have always thought that this constellation looked more like she was jumping for joy

#mastoArt #Watercolor #SciArt #Space #Stars #Virgo #Zodiac #Fall

Watercolor says "Virgo" with Virgo symbol in shiny purple letters. The constellation is painted with shiny purple circles sized to show which ones are the bigger stars in the constellation & which are smaller. White lines connect the stars. The constellation almost looks like a person is jumping for joy.
2 days ago

When you look up in the night sky, what do you see?

#poll #night #sky #stars #satellites #smog #LightPollution

Mark Maguire
3 days ago

Beautiful and brilliant: starry, starry night. Look up outside if you can rn. #Stars #StarGazing #NightSky #Dublin #Ireland #Mastodaoine

Black night sky with tiny points of bright stars.
Mike Bolam
3 days ago

A #CrawickMultiverse #Milkyway composite pic.. This is a shot I’ve had in my head for a while, but never had the conditions just right, so it’s a quick and dirty photoshop combo

#Scotland #Stars #MilkyWay

The Standing stones of the North South line at Crawick Multiverse backlit with the Milky Way This is  a composite image.
kosmoski 🚀
3 days ago

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
I don't wonder what you are;
For by spectroscopic ken,
I know that you're hydrogen;

(Anonymous author)

#astronomy #stars #spectroscopy #physics

3 days ago

日本歌姬丨中島美嘉首度襲港開騷 明年2月唱爆亞博

40歲日本歌姬 #中島美嘉,今(20日)晚在東京國際Forum舉行「MIKA NAKASHIMA CONCERT TOUR 2023 YOU」上,宣佈將於明年2月3日首度襲港開騷,假 #亞洲國際博覽館 舉行「MIKA NAKASHIMA CONCERT 2024 YOU IN HONG KONG」 #香港站演唱會

2001年以演員和歌手身份出道的中島美嘉,首部日劇《#新宿傷痕戀歌》和單曲《STARS》大受歡迎,入行22年經歷高山低谷,推出多首hit歌,包括《#STARS》、《WILL》、《#雪の華》、《櫻花紛飛時》、《#NANA》主題曲《GLAMOROUS SKY》風靡亞洲,並曾為主演電影《NANA》來港宣傳,於2018年應邀參與香港亞洲流行音樂節。

中島美嘉在事業高峯期時,不幸患上了 #耳咽管開放症,經常出現耳鳴,舞法辨別外界聲音,甚至影響唱歌,最後更導致聲帶受損,「因為聽不到聲音就開始胡亂的用嗓子,到最後連聲音都發不出來...

Peter Gutsche
4 days ago

“We all share the same sky, and anyone from the same culture can identify the same constellations night after night. The loss of that access and heritage is a loss of part of our humanity.”

A thought-provoking text:

The photo shows #LightPollution in the Northern Black Forest.
The lights of the metropolitan area of Strasbourg obscure the night sky over distances of 50-100 km.

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #Stars #Sky #Astronomy #AstroPhotography #MilkyWay

The silhouettes of trees in the night are visible in front of a distant landscape and a starry sky that is strongly illuminated by the light of the distant villages. The sky, nevertheless, is so clear that the stars and the Milky Way can be seen.
Grigorios Piperagkas
4 days ago

In this place- Greece- they are trying to put the National Observatory under some stupid administrative ministerial madness, from a state of autonomous operation that is now. Seriously, I am not fully aware of the issue, but after Elon Musk, we will also have to ask permission from greek ministers to watch the stars?
#stars #sky #space

5 days ago

#astronomy #stars #exoplanets #VLT #HIP81208
An article published in the journal "Astronomy & Astrophysics" reports the discovery of an object that could be a gas giant planet or a brown dwarf in the HIP 81208 system. A team of researchers analyzed data from the archive of the observations conducted with the SPHERE instrument mounted on the VLT in Chile discovering an object that was cataloged as HIP 81208 Cb orbiting the smaller of the two stars in this binary system.

5 days ago

Messier 16 is a popular target with astrophotographers because it is photogenic at any focal length. The famous Pillars of Creation show up right away and only get better with more exposure time. While this target only pops low over the horizon during the shortest nights of the year, the payoff is well worth it.

Full Resolution + Details:

#astrophotography #stars #pillarsofcreation #nebula #space #red

Flipboard Science Desk
5 days ago

How far apart are stars?

Live Science reports: "Scientists have calculated the average distance between stars, but there's much more to star distribution than meets the eye."

#Space #Stars #Astronomy

Marvin Johanning
6 days ago

Quite an old photo (summer 2016) but still my favourite photo I've ever taken of the Milky Way. Taken at my parents' house in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. I haven't been able to take a photo as good as this one since!

This is not a stacked photo but a rather simple long exposure taken with my old Canon 1100D and its kit lens.

#photo #photos #photography #space #stars #milkyway #galaxy #nightsky #foto #fotografie #fotos

A photo of the Milky Way. The bottom of the photo is glowing slightly orange due to light pollution from the city. Part of a house and part of a tree can be seen as well.
1 week ago

16/09/2023 - After sunset visit to Ben Rinnes. Quiet on the hill. Wheatear still here and a couple of ptarmigan flew by. Lovely golden sunset and then a dark walk down. No moon so the stars were great. An autumn chill in the air, very different to last week. Temp was low single figures. With equinox in a few days time, the cold months are coming. A good trip.

#EveningWalk #Stars #Hills #Trigpoint

View from our tea spot. We sat and watched the sun go down. Misty when we arrived on the top but not for long. The low sunlight lights the land far below. Big hills in the distance.
Sunlight gives the summit tor a lovely golden colour. Glen Rinnes below then beyond Corryhabbie Hill is Glen Fiddich.
After sunset. Photo of a tirgpoint painted white. One of us stands on the tor beyond.
The stars were good tonight. Milk Way showing well. Photo is not that sharp but good enough. I'm finding it tricky to get the focus OK on star shots. Good fun trying though.

Some shots of the Galactic Center I took up here in the gorgeous Berkshire Mountains. It was super fun putting all my new gadgets to work to get these shots! I’m super blown away at how much light this Sony 20mm f/1.8 G lens let’s in. These were shot at f/1.8, ISO 640, for 25 seconds. #photography #astrophotography #milkyway #galacticcenter #nightphotography #nightsky #stars #space #longexposure #night #galaxy #nature #cosmos #milkywaychasers #sonycamera #sonya7rv #sony20mmf18 #adobelightroom

Helen Czerski
1 week ago

Ooh, the winner of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition (run by the Royal Observatory at Royal Museums Greenwich) has just been announced.

“Marcel Drechsler, Xavier Strottner and Yann Sainty discovered and photographed a never-before-seen oxygen arc next to our nearest spiral galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy. ”

The full exhibition of entries is open from today in London:

#space #photography #science #stars

The whole photo of the blue streak next to the Andromeda galaxy
Close up of the blue arc
WIST Quotations
1 week ago

A quotation from Dante Alighieri:

So now we entered on that hidden path,
my lord and I, to move once more towards
a shining world. We did not care to rest.
We climbed, he going first and I behind,
until through some small aperture I saw
the lovely things the skies above us bear.
Now we came out, and once more saw the stars.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #ascent #climbing #stars #heavens #light

Gustave Dore (1890) woodcut from Inferno, 34.139, as Dante once again sees the stars.
Shaun Cuff
1 week ago

Not the best orbit for spotting the International Space Station this evening so hiked to higher ground to see it go over.

#NightSky #Space #Stars #IsleOfWight #ISS

Mikko Tuomi
1 week ago

Herbig-Haro 211, a bipolar jet travelling through interstellar #space at supersonic speeds.

At roughly 1000 light-years away from Earth, the object is one of the youngest and nearest #protostellar outflows.

Herbig-Haro objects are luminous regions surrounding newborn #stars, and are formed when stellar winds or jets of gas spewing from these newborn stars form shockwaves colliding with nearby gas and dust at high speeds.

#astronomy #astrophotography

HH 211 as imaged by JWST.
1 week ago

32x32 pixel art of Hubble's photo of the Crab Nebula. 🌌 🦀

I've been taking a light break by slowing down art production for a while, but not stopping.

#pixelart #crabnebula #hubble #space #art #scifi #nebula #spaceart #astroart #universe #scifiart #cosmos #green #digitalart #stars #mastoart #mastoartist

1 week ago

How it's going...

Click to open complete image.

Wide angle photo of the nightsky with mily war. Pole for electricity and tree in the foreground.
1 week ago

Crazy #monsoon storms the other night in #Arizona. There were several, but this one was over #Florence.

#nightphotography #photography #longexposure #lightning #clouds #stars

Rick Berk
2 weeks ago

With the new school year in full swing, this seems like an appropriate image to share. This old one-room school house stands in Harrison, Maine. I'm unable to find much history on it, but I do know it's been used both as a schoolhouse and a church, dating back to the mid 19th century. I made this image one crisp night.

#mastoart #photography #stars #astro #history #schoolhouse #buyintoart #homedecor #officedecor #night #fineartphotography

2 weeks ago

🌟 Milestone Alert! 🌟 OpenAndroidInstaller just hit 300 stars on GitHub! 🚀🎉

Thanks to your incredible support, we're making Android installation a breeze. 🔧📱 Join us and give it a go! 🚀

#foss #android #lineageos #customROM #stars


Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

A star like our own Sun in a nearby galaxy is gradually being eaten away by a small but ravenous black hole. Here’s more from Eurasia Review:
#Space #Science #BlackHoles #Stars

2 weeks ago

08/09/2023 - After sunset visit to Carn na Drochaide. Evening walk up the hill to see some stars. Warm and clear sky. Reached the top by sunset, we sat down for a rest and tea and waited for the dark. A good place to be. Nice dark walk back along the west side. Twilight turned to night. We stopped again and had a brew and played a bit with the cameras. The Milky Way was as good as I've seen. Last sunset walk of the week, a really good one to finish on.

#EveningWalk #Hills #Stars #NightSky

Photo of track heading up the hill in the evening sunshine. Heather slopes, big hills beyond.
Just after sunset on Carn na Drochaide. View across to the big Cairngorm hills, Cairn Toul on the left, Ben Macdui on the right.
Dark now as we get ready to make the slow walk down. Cairn on top of Carn na Drochaide lit by headtorches.
Photo of the Milky Way. Just playing about with the camera settings. Not really sure what I'm doing but quite liked this one.

I can't wait to get back together with this amazing group.


#Stars #Eriks #Esenvalds #yeg #yegarts #yeg choir

Flipboard Science Desk
2 weeks ago

A comet no one had seen until last month may be visible to the naked eye this weekend, giving stargazers a once-in-a-437-year opportunity. More from Science Alert:
#Science #Space #Comet #Stars #SpaceExploration

2 weeks ago

Messing around with my smartphone camera, I better learn how, my digital camera isn't always available.
The streak in the night sky is a plane, the camera shutter is open for up to 30 seconds, to see this

#NightSky #NightPhotography #stars

The tree top shows at the bottom, above is a clear night sky dotted with stars. A plane flew over and left a line where it passed
Bob Mottram :debian:
2 weeks ago

Wrote a program to amplify stars in night photos. As far as I could tell there wasn't anything out there to do this - at least nothing open source. This detects the stars and then increases the brightness of only those pixels, leaving eveything else unaltered. Faint stars become brighter.

#stars #AstroPhotography

Rebecca Wang
2 weeks ago

"Raven Placing the Stars"
Acrylic painting on linen panel, 16" x 20"

A legend according to the Tlingit peoples of Alaska say that Raven placed the stars in the sky.

#Art #MastoArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #TraditionalArt #AnimalArt #AcrylicPainting #Raven #Mythology #Celestial #Cosmic #Stars #Galaxy #BuyIntoArt #Fantasy

"Raven Placing the Stars"
Acrylic painting on linen panel, 16" x 20"

Was Glinda the Good Witch the first to put a star on the end of a wand?

#Stars #Wands #GlindaTheGoodWtich

Mikko Tuomi
3 weeks ago

An interesting paper on movement of #stars in the Milky Way based on #Gaia observations.

The authors show that the movement of stars is fully Keplerian up to distances of 26.5 kpc, with a decrease in rotational velocity as a function of distance.

So what happened to dark matter than makes the rotation profiles of similar nearby #galaxies flat?

#astronomy #cosmology

The rotation profile of the Milky Way as presented in the paper.
3 weeks ago

For whom it may concern.
Feel free to upvote this topic.
#github #stars #lists

Jazzy Plz
3 weeks ago

I'm terrible at keeping up with social media so as an apology please have this gorgeous flying serpent by Cinderwing3D, printed in Ziro Starry Night 🌌

#3dprinting #dragon #stars

3 weeks ago

This is the only space painting I finished to the point of posting it, from 2020, depicting a stellar nursery.
I have no idea if it stands up, being an imagined scene using Hubble Space Telescope images, amongst others, as inspiration.
Spontaneous reposting based on seeing some cool space art just now and suddenly wanting to do some more...
#mastoArt #SpaceArt #stars #space #art #oldArt #sciFi

An old digital painting representing a stellar nursery, where stars are being formed from the gas and dust of a nebula. Clouds of material spiral towards a bright mass in the foreground, and other trails of gas are forming other stars in the background.
Ivan Rosenbreyer
3 weeks ago

NGC6946 Firework Galaxy. Difficult target. Bortle 7, Moon 94%.
#astronomy #astrophotography #space #NASA #nebulae #stars #planets #sun #galaxies #astrodon

Starry Time Podcast
4 weeks ago

Some days you just want to watch an artist's illustration of a black hole destroying a star... if that's the kind of day you're having (or if u are like me & always want black hole content), here you go!

#NASA #BlackHole #Stars #Astronomy #Space #Science #SciComm #Astrodon

🔗 :

Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

An astro-forensic murder investigation? Live Science explains:
#Science #Space #BlackHoles #Stars

Juan Carlos Muñoz
1 month ago

Most #exoplanets that orbit very close to their #stars are either huge gas giants like #Jupiter or small rocky planets like #Earth, but there are very few intermediate-sized ones. Why? Find out in our latest ESO blog by Jonas Enander.


📷 Elsa Bersier - CFPArts / ESBDi Genève

#astrodon #astronomy #space #scicomm

1 month ago

#3GoodThings #ReasonsToBeCheerful

1. I see stars in the sky.

2. I absolutely love sitting on the front porch with my dog. She's super chill and just sits there with me with no inclination to leave the porch unless I tell her it's okay, even if I leave the porch.

3. Knowing the 10 hour version of Marconi Union's 'Weightless' will get me to sleep again tonight despite my overactive mind.

#stars #NightSky #DogsOfMastodon #Weightless #MarconiUnion #sleep #SweetDreams #music


1 month ago

I've drawn and painted this enigmatic little character quite a few times but have never found a satisfying name or back story for them...
#MastoArt #space #art #alien #stars #planet #mastodon
*Click to see the picture in full

An illustration of a sweet large-eyed alien creature propelling itself upwards from a reddish planet, into a field of stars. Its arms are stretched wide as if it is somehow controlling everything around it. The odd coloured eyes (one blue/turquoise, one yellow/red) gazes out in a compelling and confident way. It has large ears, no mouth and pink feet. It is dappled in contrasting warm and cold colours. The creature is surrounded by shimmering white light that somehow emanates from it.
1 month ago
Long exposure wide-angle color photo of the back of a house at night . The house has large windows that go from the floor up to the pitched roof and are glowing from lights within. There is a deck with railing in the foreground. Around and behind the house are many conifer trees. In the gap of trees above the house is a star-filled sky with the band of the Milky Way passing left to right through it.
Sebastian Lammers
1 month ago

⭐ New project out today:

The light from the #stars travels for years (and years) until it reaches your eyes. This #interactive #map of the night sky shows you for each star what happened on Earth when the light started traveling from the star to you. That way, any star has a story to tell you. You can zoom in, move around and hover all the stars to reveal the historical events they are connected to.

Built with #svelte #d3 and #sveltekit

Screenshot with a big text that reads "Stories from the night sky" in bold white letters on a dark blue background. On top there is a star-shaped icon and below the large text, smaller text reads "A data-driven visual experiment." and on a new line "By Sebastian Lammers".
Screenshot of a map of the night sky. On top there is text that reads "Which star tells the most interesting story to you?". The map shows around 50-60 stars, depicted as white circles on a dark blue background. A computer cursor shaped like a hand is hovering one of the stars. This star is enlarged and has a purple outline. Right below the cursor there is a white tooltip textbox that contains information about the hovered star. The information reads as follows. Star ID: 113881. Star Name: Scheat. Distance: 200 light years. Year: 1829 CE. Event(s): Sir Robert Peel founds the Metropolitan Police Service, the first modern police force.
Below the map there is a group of buttons that include arrow buttons for all directions, zoom-buttons, a reset button and a button with a star-symbol.
Screenshot of a map of the night sky. On top there is text that reads "Which star tells the most interesting story to you?". The map shows around 50-60 stars, depicted as white circles on a dark blue background. A computer cursor shaped like a hand is hovering one of the stars. This star is enlarged and has a purple outline. Right below the cursor there is a white tooltip textbox that contains information about the hovered star. The information reads as follows. Star ID: 9640. Star Name: Almach. Distance: 390 light years. Year: 1631 CE. Event(s): Mount Vesuvius erupts.

Below the map there is a group of buttons that include arrow buttons for all directions, zoom-buttons, a reset button and a button with a star-symbol.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
1 month ago

'Magnetar' may sound like a super-villain name, but it's actually a very real kind of astronomical object: a super dense and highly magnetic dead star. We don't know exactly how magnetars form, but astronomers have just found a new kind of living star – a massive magnetic helium star – that will likely become a magnetar when it collapses and dies.

More info:

Video summary:

#astrodon #astronomy #space #stars

Illustration: ESO/L. Calçada

A dynamic blue sphere, the massive star, is at the centre of this image, with powerful blue magnetic field lines all around it. The field lines look wispy and fine but are densely packed, especially near the star itself. The lines shoot out of the surface of the star, especially at the poles, and curl back around on themselves in closed loops that end on the other side of the star's equator. Some do this close to the star in tightly wound loops, while others extend out to the edge of the frame, looping back in long arcs.
1 month ago

Haven't had the time to draw anything the past weeks, been spending some quality time outside with friends and family, should be able to get back to drawing next week ^^'
Have some of the picture I've taken meanwhile :blobfoxcamera:

#photography #dog #beach #sunset #sunsetphotography #astrophotography #stars #milkyway #overgrown #moss

A big black dog on a beach holding a huge stick in his mouth
The sunset through some grass/reeds
The night sky with many visible stars and a vague Milky Way at the top side of the picture
A reddish brown old log overgrown with moss and flowers in a forest
El Perro Negro
1 month ago

The summit of Mulhacén 3482m yesterday evening from our bivouac on the Collado de Siete Lagunas 3230m to the north. Milky Way showing in all it's glory. Cold temperatures too with strong wind blowing.

#Spain #trekking #hiking #SierraNevada #skies #stars #astrophotography

A dark mountain peak is in the lower photo. Above the Milky Way and hundreds of stars illuminate the skies
1 month ago

Ceiling lights reflected on a metal table.

#PhonePhotography #TextureTuesday #Light #Metal #Abstract #Stars

Close shot of a dark grey metal surface with shiny white concentric circumferences drawn by reflected light, they converge on their center forming a white circle.
On the bottom right corner, another set of circumferences mixes with the previous one.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
1 month ago

"The thing's hollow -- it goes on forever -- and -- oh my God! -- it's full of stars!"

An infrared image of the globular cluster NGC6723 snapped by ESO's VISTA #telescope in #Chile


#astronomy #astrodon #space #stars

A dark background is dotted with countless white and yellow stars in this image, almost like snow falling on a winter’s night. At the centre, the density of these dots increases, forming a circular bright white region where the background is almost completely obscured. This dense region is the globular cluster.
Spike - DoomWeasel Art
1 month ago

Hey everyone, I just opened an #inprnt shop! :blobfoxlurk2owonotice:

So if you want prints of my work please check it out:

I've mostly got my wildlife drawings up there at the moment but if there's any other art that you'd like, let me know and I'll add it.

#Art #Prints #GiftIdeas #ArtPrint #FantasyArt #Wildlife #FediGiftShop #WildlifeArt #FediArt #Ferret #Fox #stars #redpanda #BuyIntoArt #MastoArt #ArtistsOfMadtodon

Ballpoint pen drawing of a Fantasy ferret creature
Ballpoint pen drawing of a colourful bird
Ballpoint pen drawing of an otter
Coloured ballpoint pen drawing of a smiling fox
Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Update: actually it's just a satellite. :( See thread.

Well, I can't say I'm any great shakes at astrophotography, but I did manage to see 3 Perseid meteors and photograph 2, despite clouds, light pollution, and camera fumbles. I'll put this is the successfully documented category, but it's not a great photo. 35mm (very cropped) 15 sec., f1.4, ISO 200.

#Perseid #Meteor #Astrophotography #stars #LightPollution #Photography

A thin line shows a Perseid meteor streaking from upper right toward lower left against a background of stars and some streaky clouds
Helen Czerski
1 month ago

The Perseid meteor shower is here! If you’re anywhere with minimal light pollution and a clear sky, do go out and look. #astronomy #sky #stars,will%20be%20visible%20to%20you.

El Perro Negro
1 month ago

Lots going on in the night skies at the moment, but didn't manage to get any of the Perseids meteors yesterday evening, just the occasional satellite.

#nightsky #night #sky #astrophotography #stars

A night sky full of stars with a few satellite lines showing. At the foot of the image is a chimney and a weather station
Starry Time Podcast
1 month ago

New episode of our #mythology & #astronomy #podcast comes out tomorrow morning! 🥳

This week we'll be covering the #myths and our #retconstellations of the #constellation Corona Australis.

What do you remember about the story of this constellation???

#myths #stories #storytelling #CoronaAustralis #Stars #GreekMythology #RomanMythology
📷: Sidney Hall, 1825

Drawing of the constellation Sagittarius (a centaur with a bow an arrow) with a wreath (crown) and telescope below. These constellation drawings were completed by Sidney Hall in 1825
Starry Time Podcast
2 months ago

In this week's short #astronomy focused episode about the #constellation Corona Australis, we discuss:
🤔 what this constellation looks like (or doesn't),
🗺️ where to find it
☀️ the brightest star (Bayer comin in HOT for Season 2)
💕 contact binaries,
and more!


#astrodon #astronomy #CoronaAustralis #Stars #Space #Science #podcast

Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 months ago

I just got this absolutely lovely #drawing of my "cosmic marble" photograph, drawn by a friend's daughter, and I'm over the moon about it (pun intended 😅 ). I love the attention to detail: the out-of-focus #stars , the reflections on the ball... There's nothing like inspiring young artists!

#MastoArt #sketch #astrodon #astronomy #astrophotography

A black and white hand drawing representing a night image of our galaxy, the Milky Way, captured through a crystal ball. There are elongated clouds crossing the image, both outside and inside the ball, representing the Milky Way band. The ball is sprinkled with tiny stars, with larger, hexagonal-shaped ones in the background, outside of the ball.
A photograph of the night sky featuring a crystal ball against the starry sky. Inside the ball, bright orange clouds and dark ones extend horizontally –– this is our galaxy, the Milky Way. The ball is sprinkled with tiny stars. The Milky Way and several stars are also in the background, outside of the crystal ball, but totally out of focus. The stars are shaped like polygons rather than circles. The crystal ball is resting on a small glass cube on top of a dark rectangular structure.
2 months ago

Star tiling with rhombuses and pentagons. #Stars #Tiling #Geometry #MathsArt #MathArt #MastoArt

Abstract geometrical art. Polygons tiled side by side in green blue, purple, orange red, and yellow. There are 5 and 10 pointed stars in the design
Swapna Krishna
2 months ago

STARGAZING is a gift-style book that introduces stargazing as a way to practice mindfulness. It’s packed with science too!! It’s out in August, and I appreciate any preorders:

Amazon |
B&N |
Bookshop |

#space #science #mindfulness #stars #stargazing

Cover of my book: Stargazing: Contemplate the Cosmos to Find Inner Peace