Neon Crypt
18 minutes ago

I will never get over Han’s death in #StarWars The Force Awakens, but that little moment when Leia and Rey meet for the first time after and they immediately share the pain without a single word heals me a little.

Jajajajaja #starwars

Neon Crypt
2 hours ago

Decided to rewatch #StarWars The Force Awakens tonight, what immediately striked me is how timeless it looks! I really love the decision to shoot it on film! #Movies

Wortspielfettgesicht (C)
2 hours ago

Hat Data jetzt nen neuen Job? Auf Pandora?

#StarWars #avatar #Ashoka #startreck #nextgeneration #STNG

Ein blauer Typ aus der Werbung für die Serie "Ashoka", der Brent Spinner stark ähnelt.
Borealis AKA the LiteralGrill
2 hours ago

Alright look, I'm not that big on #StarWars, but them canonically changing Jizz music to Jazz music is cowardly and a bad call.

2 hours ago


Those #SilentRunning biosphere #shipmodels got around. They seemed to have shown up in a few multiship scenes in #90s #StarTrek.

While a different model, a similar build was used for the #HarlanEllison concept of the #ARKship for #TheStarlost in 1975. (It even sounds like some of SilentRunning’s score was reworked for The Starlost’s trailer.)

You note the same narrowing title font from #50s #ForbiddenPlanet that made a bigger splash later the #70s #StarWars.

Main physical model for the ARK ship from The Starlost is show illuminated against a blurred blushifted space backdrop.
A poster for The Starlost (title in orange reducing font) shows the main body of the ship with biospheres running off from it.

Esto tiene su punto. Además, el rollo blanco y negro con imagen castigada ayuda mucho a vender la ilusión. #starwars #ia

3 hours ago

Vorhin entdeckt, die erste Folge hat mich direkt
Gecatched wie Profiboxer.
Mega guter #starwars #podcast :)

steve mookie kong
4 hours ago

#StarWars Magic Band+ paired and setup on my account. Ready for #DisneyWorld in a week.


Mandu 🥟
4 hours ago

A weird alternate universe where Star Wars premiered 100 years ago

#StarWars #GenerativeAI #AIart

generative ai version of what star wars might have looked like if it came out in 1923

Why didn't Han Solo enjoy his steak? #StarWars

Captain Rex
6 hours ago
6 hours ago

Very into the whole witchy pagan vibe #Ashoka is bringing to #StarWars. Spin offs exploring the Peridea system and its magic please.

Today, in memes that absolutely nobody but me is gonna appreciate (eye contact) #starwars

The cover of a recent edition of "Heir to the Empire" by Timothy Zahn

Joruus C'baoth has been replaced with the Empire Carpet Man
Hippie Scuba Steve
8 hours ago
A meme showing Darth Vader force choking an Imperial Admiral with the caption "You didn't make coffee?  You've failed me for the last time, Admiral".

طی اقدامی شگرفت و باورنکردنی کارهای جدید آپلود شده در سایت، تائید و در دسترس یارو گرفت!
#جنگ‌ستارگان #Starwars #millenniumFalcon

9 hours ago

@thx 어제 만든다고 했던 짤 드디어 만듬ㅋ

#요다 #스타워즈 #StarWars #Yoda #DoOrDoNot #meme

3-panel meme.

1st panel: A photo of Yoda, saying "Do! Or do not! There is no..."

2nd panel: A display of chocolate-covered donuts, with a misspelled sign saying, "Donot."

3rd panel: Same photo of Yoda as 1st panel, now saying, "Mmmm... Donot...."
Terry Rodgers
12 hours ago

Went to Cruachan Dam yesterday; it's where they filmed a portion of the #StarWars TV show #Andor...

A guy with a lightsaber and a blaster gun watches a Star Wars star destroyer loom over a dam. (Space ship photoshopped.)
A guy with a lightsaber and a blaster gun hides behind a rock with a large dam in the background.
13 hours ago

Hera Syndulla #3dprinted articulated figure. #starwars

13 hours ago
13 hours ago

Collective relief just swept through this household as I verified that the #StarWars series “Young Jedi Adventures” takes place 200 years before “The Phantom Menace” and none of the characters will meet their demise at the hands of a particular sand-hating someone.

14 hours ago

I wrote a new #starwars #fanfic based off of the #ahsoka flashback. It's very short, only 500 words. I feel proud of it though. Only on #ao3 atm.

Перекодировал полнометражный анимационный мультфильм "Звёздные Войны: Войны Клонов" в формате HEVC.
При обработке видео в AviSynth добавил несколько фильтров для устранения шума, лёгкого сглаживания линий и устранения цветовых полос. Для сжатия в кодеке x265 использовал preset slower, crf 14 и другие дополнительные параметры.
Добавил в релиз расширенные сцены и трейлеры с Blu-ray диска.



Сравнение качества видео:

Ссылка для скачивания:

#Video #AviSynth #HEVC #LafielRelease #StarWars

16 hours ago
Sinnloses Wissen 🧠
16 hours ago

Das Geräusch der Lichtschwerter aus „Star Wars“ mischte der Tontechniker aus den Geräuschen eines gestörten Fernsehsignals und des Motors eines Filmprojektors zusammen.

#SinnlosesWissen #StarWars #Filme #FilmeUndSerien

16 hours ago

Finally! THIS is one helluvan Ahsoka theory. Allen Xie's on to something that had me confused at then end of Ep6:

"Skoll's motivations"

"This Planet is Hiding a Complete Nightmare (Ahsoka is the key)" - Generation Tech

#Ahsoka #StarWars #peridea #GenerationTech

Darth Hideout 🏳️‍🌈
16 hours ago

I miss #StarWars #Twitter more and more: #Chiss Twitter, who'd never let me get away with all the shit I’ve posted about #Thrawn; Tommy Stella, president of the Droopy McCool fan club; Lakhvinder the “Ezra Bridger wife name Sabine Wren” guy; Veers Watch; Nude Gunray, Luminara Unruly. 😢 Damn Musk.

*pours one out for the (probably) BlueSky* crowd 🫡 #MTFBWY

16 hours ago

No, #Disney , I won't call it Jatz music.

It's Jizz music. You can't retcon it in #StarWars. I'll never forget the amazing music of Evar Orbus and His Galactic Jizz-Wailers


Captain Rex
18 hours ago

Are you cross-wired?
#StarWars #CloneWars #Rebels

Are you the high charisma bard-like character on a ship? Wanting to inspire your crew and allied ships? The Coordinator deployment might be a good fit for you! In this next episode of the beginner's guide to Star Wars 5e (SW5e) Chewie and I look at the the abilities and collaborations for this deployment.

#StarWars #SW5e #TTRPG

🎦View on YouTube ➡️

19 hours ago

I think she's finally really into Star Wars. Just got some sabers from Ultrasabers. She's going to be my practice partner for my upcoming wedding duel. I need a lot of practice.

#starwars #ultrasabers

My eleven year old and me duelling with lightsabers in the yard. I'm secretly still 11, too, just with a lot more miles.
My eleven year old and me duelling with lightsabers in the yard. I'm secretly still 11, too, just with a lot more miles.
My eleven year old and me duelling with lightsabers in the yard. I'm secretly still 11, too, just with a lot more miles.
20 hours ago

Yoda revealed as bigot #starwars

SJ Farrell
20 hours ago

Just watched the sixth episode of #ahsoka I'm still fascinated by Baylan and Shin. They're turning out to be the most interesting characters in this series, and I can't wait to see how they will fare in the upcoming endgame portion.

But I wasn't too impressed by the appearance of the Night Sisters. I liked them much better when they were known as the Bene Gesserit from #DUNE 🙄


Ray Stevens and Ivanna Sakhno as Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati from the Ahsoka TV series. They are both standing in profile facing left.

Still playing catch up with #StarWars Ashoka. Episode five, Shadow Warrior, was simply brilliant.

21 hours ago

Disney+ has an intro promo for couple of bucks a month the first three months (with ads), so I'm catching up on my #starwars. #andor is good, like with dialogue and acting and everything. #obiwan continues the tradition of stilted conversation whenever jedis are around. I'm warming up to #bobafett, good action.

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿:TheCDN4:
22 hours ago
WhY did the stormtroopers in Star Wars bother wearing helmets and armour? It was seemingly ineffective against almost everything.
Your Autistic Life
23 hours ago
Admiral Ackbar saying: "Yeah, I look like fish. So what? You look like an ape. Who's laughing now?"
1 day ago

@mwshook "He's probably blue. Guys like that are always blue." #ftfy #StarWars #Ahsoka

1 day ago

Stole from other social, I did.
Mind-blowingly creative, it is.
Turn away, you will not.

#StarWars from 1923.

Iain Clark
1 day ago

The most unrealistic thing in the whole of #StarWars is how General Syndulla wasn't just constantly telling her son to stay away from the SHEER CLIFF EDGE. Oh my god.


The boy Jacen and the droid Chopper standing on a clifftop looking out to sea.
E.W. Doc Parris
1 day ago

I think Ezra Bridger looks like a young Dave Filoni. #StarWars #Ahsoka #StarWarsRebels

Dave Filoni sans cowboy hat.
Eman Esfandi as Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka.
Vesa Lehtimäki
1 day ago

Two variations of the UCS #Lego Millennium Falcon under repairs. The older UCS model wasn't mine, I borrowed it from a friend for this photograph to try it out.

#toyphotography #starwars

Falcon Mods. Han Solo and Chewbacca minifigures stand on top of the UCS Millennium Falcon in a smoky dark environment. Chewie has an oil dispenser in hand, maintenance going on. A toyphotograph.
The Burnout. Chewbacca under the old Lego UCS Millennium Falcon with a wrench in his hand with Treadwell droid next to him. Smoke coming from the aft of the Falcon, technical trouble suggested. A Toyphotograph.
Joanne Fisher
1 day ago

Yes I can imagine lopping off an arm or leg... #StarWars #lightsabers

Pie chart with the heading: Likely Outcomes of Owning a Real Lightsaber

Smallest sliver (in blue): Save the galaxy
Next smallest sliver (in yellow): Sell it to the highest bidder
Second largest slice (in red): Become a ruthless killer
Largest slice (about eighty percent plus and in green): Immediate Accidental Self-Dismemberment
2 days ago

I... I had never seen this.
"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Panel | Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016"
#StarWars #celebration #rogueone

Jason W. Ellis
2 days ago


Hello, all! I just moved here from

I am an Associate Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY, where I coordinate the City Tech Science Fiction Collection and teach classes on #sciencefiction, #language, #writing, #multimodal #composition, #law through #literature, and #technicalcommunication.

I co-founded the annual City Tech Science Fiction Symposium, and I am a former director of the Bachelor of Science in Professional and Technical Writing Program.

I am also into #artificialintelligence, #ai, #generativeai, #neuroscience and neuroscientific discourses, #retrocomputing, #emulation, #linux, #lego, #making, #starwars, and #skateboarding.

Looking forward to the conversations!

2 days ago

Alright nerds. When it comes to #scifi future tech like in #StarWars and #StarTrek , what's better?

Hippie Scuba Steve
2 days ago

Thrawn: "What was first just a dream has become a frightening reality for those who may oppose us"

#Ahsoka #StarWars

A close-up shot of Thrawn on the the Chimaera talking to Morgan (who is off-camera to the right).

Happy Birthday Ashley Eckstein! Aka the voice of Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and Tales Of The Jedi

Born September 22, 1981

#StarWars #AshleyEckstein #Ahsoka

Ashley Eckstein (2023)
Ahsoka Tano as seen in The Clone Wars season 7
Oli Mould
2 days ago

#StarWars conundrum:

In #Andor, Nemik said:

Remember that. And know this, the day will come when all these skirmishes and battles, these moments of defiance will have flooded the banks of the Empire's authority and then there will be one too many. One single thing will break the siege. Remember this. Try.

But #Yoda said:

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Try or no try? Who to believe?

Do you think Star Wars works best as a lens of reinterpretation?

#StarWars #GeorgeLucas #DaveFiloni #SequelTrilogy

Star Wars works best when it used as a lens by filmmakers and storytellers to reinterpret their favorite things.

For George Lucas, it was Kurosawa films, hot rods, WWII aerial dogfights, Shakespearean tragedy and Flash Gordon.

For Dave Filoni, it's wolves, LOTR, Lone Wolf & Cub, Arthurian legend, and various world mythologies. 

That is why the sequel trilogy didn't work. It forced the idea of Star Wars through the Star Wars lens. It became an oroboros: the snake eating its own tail.
Oli Mould
2 days ago

The thing with #Ahsoka is that Thrawn is obviously some badass empire dude who was so evil he was banished to some galaxy only reachable by massive space whales, but unless you're the geekiest of #StarWars nerds then you're like "if Thrawn was such a stalwart of the Empire, where was he in the original trilogy?"

Chris Pirillo
2 days ago

have you also been watching #starwars #ahsoka - and what do you think?

2 days ago

For Polygon, I look at how Dave Filoni is drawing on his love of Tolkien to play up Star Wars' fantasy elements in #Ahsoka. #AhsokaSpoilers #StarWars

2 days ago

@mvsde 👋🏻
Cool to see people liking both #StarTrek and #StarWars instead of hating the other respectively 👍🏻 Calling #StarWars queer is … well, Disney isn't particularly famous for real queer representation, is it?

2 days ago

Marvel sheds light on ‘Star Wars: Revelations’

The special one-shot that sets the stage for what’s to come to the galaxy far, far away returns this December.

#ComicBooks #News #PressReleases #StarWars

Today I learned that the A-Wing was, in its prototype stage, a design that the Empire was considering, but that they chose the TIE-fighter instead.

#StarWars #TIL

Jyn Erso Lives!
2 days ago

#Andor showed, what #StarWars television can achieve. And it did so consistently, with high quality writing, acting, directing, effects etc. Only #TheMandalorian came close at times, especially in s2 with "The Believer". So there's really no excuse for sub-par storytelling because SW is always silly or that kind of crap excuses.

Jyn Erso Lives!
2 days ago

Fantastic artwork by Uzuri Art! #StarWars #Andor


Artwork with Cassian Andor, Mon Mothma, and Luthen.
Ralf Stockmann
3 days ago

Wir hatten jetzt schon drei sehr gute Folgen #Ahsoka hintereinander, das gibt mir viel Zuversicht auf das Finale.

Einen Gutteil des Fame für diese Folgen sollten wir wohl auf Jennifer Getzinger abladen, das ist ihre erste Regiearbeit für #StarWars - sehr gerne mehr davon, die Frau kann was.


Ralf Stockmann
3 days ago

Die vorletzte Episode s01e05 #Ahsoka wird sehr gefeiert, und ich verstehe woher das - gerade bei durch die Prequels Sozialisierten - kommt.

Der Titel "beste #StarWars Serienfolge" ever geht jetzt aber klar an s01e06 - ein Triumph, was hier an Ideen verbaut wurde und wie elegant und effektiv, flüssig und dicht die Inszenierung ist.
Gehen wir ein paar Highlights als 🧵 durch - massive Spoilers ahead:

Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
3 days ago

Rewatching/listening to #Ahsoka while doing housework, and yeah, this show is good. It felt a bit slow the first watch through, but there’s SO much more happening w/the characters than you realize—watching a second time, I’m picking up a LOT more.

My main concern is how it lands for folks who haven't watched #CloneWars & #Rebels. Because it feels like this show is *important* for the future of #StarWars.

This week's episode was my favorite yet, which I'm pretty sure I've said 3 weeks in a row.

I reckon the force Baylan sensed is the Bendu.

- he wouldn’t give a shit about the witches
- Baylan is also “the one in the middle” he just wants to even the Force
- The Bendu called to Kanan in the same way when he first appeared

I can totally see Bendu talking to Baylan and being like “and what will you do when you’ve stopped this cycle, MMMMM?”

#StarWars #Ahsoka

Did you know the actors who plays Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) and Thrawn (Lars Mikkelson) are brothers?

#StarWars #LarsMikkelsen #MadsMikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen (left) and Lars Mikkelsen (right)
Carlo Zottmann
3 days ago

Isn't the #Ahsoka show a bit pointless? I mean, I don’t remember seeing Thrawn in the movies, so I guess he'll retire or something. That kind of kills the suspense, doesn’t it?


Mandu 🥟
3 days ago

space wizard savior #StarWars #meme #Ahsoka

side by side image of obiwan and ezra from ahsoka s1e6.

kenobi is played by ewan mcgregor, a caucasian man with brown hair and brown beard.

ezra bridger is played by eman esfandi, an American person of color with parents from Iran and Ecuador. he has black hair and black beard and slightly darker skin tone(?)

caption: how people think space jesus looked vs how he actually looked.

meme is a play on belief that many people think jesus christ was white caucasian man, when he was more likely to be of middle eastern/african descent.
Pez Pengelly
3 days ago

#StarWars has always been space fantasy, not science fiction and #Ahsoka is really hitting that home! This is definitely one of my favourite nods to it's many influences.

Meme formatted diptych image. Top image is Ahsoka with two lightsabers drawn in a grey cloak with a caption of "Ahsoka the Grey".
Bottom image is Ahsoka with a hand raised and eyes shut – using The Force – with a caption of "Ahsoka the White"

On this day 19 years ago - 9/20/2004 - Star Wars Battlefront was released on PC, PS2 and XBOX

#StarWars #StarWarsBattlefront #Videogames

Cover art for Star Wars Battlefront (2004)
4 days ago

Saw this over on #Reddit about #StarWars and it rings true, I think.

The Riker Maneuver
4 days ago

What is this, a crossover episode?

The "star wars memes" community on Lemmy is doing a theme day today, so I made this crossover. Hope you all enjoy too.

#startrek #allstartrek #starwars #meme #memes #lemmy

On board the star trek TNG enterprise. 

1st panel: Worf says to Captain Picard "Sir, we're being hailed by the star wars fandom. They say they've sent an esteemed ambassador."

2nd panel: Picard, looking forward, says "Fantastic. We can finally put that stupid Trek vs Wars debate to rest. Put them on the viewscreen."

3rd panel: Jar Jar Binks' face takes up the entire viewscreen. He says "HELLO! Meesa so happy to be meeting' with you cap'n, and meesa be hoping we can be friends, okey-day"

4th panel: Picard and Riker look on in horror, with Picard saying "what the actual fuck..."
Nick Zolotko :imperialcog:
4 days ago

Today is a great day to show off my #Thrawn Challenge Coin! Last nights episode of #Ahsoka was good. I thought Thrawn was played well. #StarWars

J. Alan Henning
4 days ago

Oldie but a goodie. #StarWars #OSV

Yoda on Luke's back: "Why was five afraid of seven?"
Yoda: "Because six seven eight."
4 days ago

Question for people who are more versed in #StarWars lore than I am: Is there a reason for the scuff/damage to the right side of the chest on Thrawn's uniform in #Ahsoka?

Star Wars is not just one galaxy but two!

Thrawn! 😮

Nightsister/Dathomori original homeworld! 😶

Ezra!!! 😊

Thrawn's remnant Stormtrooper corps

Where is it leading?!

Where are they going with Thrawn's story - whats his endgame? Are they going to wrap up Thrawn's story to lead into the Sequels or make it even bigger than just that?

Who is this Enoch guy?

What is Thrawn's connection with the Great Mothers?

#StarWars #Ahsoka #EzraBridger #Thrawn

Jennifer Getzinger did a great job directing this week’s episode. I hope she gets to do more with Star Wars.
#StarWars #StarWarsAhsoka #Ahsoka

I wonder if Ezra will train Sabine, maybe continuing the legacy of Jedi/Force users learning a lot in an impossibly short amount of time.
#StarWars #StarWarsAhsoka #Ahsoka

Of course Thrawn is using Sabine as bait to get rid of baylan and Shin.
#StarWars #StarWarsAhsoka #Ahsoka

The Dathomiri Great Mothers I’m sure took inspiration from the witches from Macbeth. In fact the entire planet has that atmosphere.
#StarWars #StarWarsAhsoka #Ahsoka

We need a series with Huyang telling stories of the ancient galaxy, please 🙏🏻
#StarWars #StarWarsAhsoka #Ahsoka

This episode of Ahsoka felt very old school Lucasfilm. A little bit Willow, a little bit Ewok Adventures, and another fantastic score by Kevin Kiner. This was top tier Star Wars.
#StarWars #StarWarsAhsoka #Ahsoka

Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
5 days ago

Reminder: 30 minutes until the next #AhsokaWatchAlong! Come chat along while we watch #Ahsoka part 6 together.


Mandu 🥟
5 days ago

Now with USB-C, 5x telephoto planet destroying laser, and natural Titanium dark side finish. #StarWars

side by side pic of death star and death star pro max. death star has one laser dimple.  ds pro max had 3 laser dimples.