Amarna Vimes :welp:
4 days ago

In love with the Kaweko Liliput (rollerball edition, copper)

#KawekoLiliput #Pens #Stationery #Copper #WritingInstruments

A copper pen with some potted plants in the background
Alexandra :prami:
5 days ago

🆕 Post

For fans of Bullet journalling and all things stationery, check out my ramblings on: One Notebook To Rule Them All!

#notebooks #bujo #stationery #journalling

Todd Battistelli
5 days ago

A variety of blue and blue-black fountain pen inks:

#stationery #FountainPen #ink #PaperNotebooks

A paper notebook laid open on a wooden surface. On the right side, the page is covered by a well-used blotter sheet marked with ink. On the left side, the page lists a variety of blue and blue-black fountain pen ink names along with lines and swatches written in that ink.
1 week ago

Was going through my boxes and found my Hobonichi multi-pens from 2021-23. They take Uni Jetstream refills SXR-80-05 or SXR-80-38. They write so nicely! I should put them in my bags to make sure they get used. I also found my Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 and V7 pens that use refillable fountain pen ink cartridges. It's fun to shop your own stash (especially when you've almost forgotten you had them)! #Stationery

1 week ago

Weird stationery request of the day: I really like self-inking stamps to record the weather in my little red planner, but in all my travels, I have never found one that depicts wind? Not even from Japanese companies? Japan gets wind storms! So if anyone out there sees a stamp, self-inking or plain, that looks like wind, please let me know! Just has to be small enough to go into a planner page, like maybe half an inch on all sides maximum.

#stationery #weather

Cheryl Lindo Jones
1 week ago

Note to self: queue this #podcast for tomorrow's playlist - @penaddict interviewed on Slate. 👍 #FountainPens #pens #stationery


How a pen and stationary expert turned a hobby into a career

Todd Battistelli
2 weeks ago

From analog to digital: a snapshot of my process moving handwritten notes over to a digital (and more easily searchable) format

Several years back, I started storing notes in file folders punched for two-prong fasters. On the left side are a handful of sheets for noting overarching themes and connections. On the right side are detailed notes from specific sources.

As I move the notes into a digital space, I am condensing and summarizing, but direct quotes remain plentiful. After all, whether my notes are on paper or in a computer, they are always part of a commonplace approach.

And while much of the paper is being recycled, some will always remain.

#notetaking #notes #stationery #paper #PKM #OfficeSupplies #WritingTools

A manila file folder laid open on a table. At the top of each side of the folder are two holes punched for duo-prong style fasteners. On the right, the fastener has been removed leaving yellow lined ruled sheets with handwritten notes from a book: page numbers are listed on the left margin. The notes mention Therborn and Giddens' approach to ideology. On the left, a duo-prong holds several sheets with a white piece of unlined paper on top displaying a mind map with org. comm. at the root with four branches: power, silence, upward comm, and distortion.
A screenshot of the Obsidian notes app window: black background with white text and three panels. The left panel shows folder hierarchy with Mumby, D. K. (1998) file selected. The center panel has two lists: Therborn's 3 modes of ideology and Giddens' 3 functions of ideology. The right panel displays "No headings found."
2 weeks ago

I will buy the same red pocket sized daily Moleskine planner every year, but I love looking at what the more hardcore planner people buy every year too. This year's Hobonichi Techo lineup is pretty good! Especially the Jin Kitamura panda cover :3


Rebecca Celeste
2 weeks ago

Made a short trip to Frankfurt to buy some stuff from Muji (I also bought storage boxes).
I hate that the refills only come individually packed in plastic 🥲

But I use my Muji pens every single day :/

#Muji #Stationery #Frankfurt #FrankfurtAmMain

Two notebooks and many pen refills in different colors. They are individually packed in plastic.
Some high buildings in Frankfurt am Main.
Flipboard Culture Desk
2 weeks ago

Some people get to know a place via its food and others, its historic buildings. Julia Jeuvell explores via stationery — she picks up kitsch Christmas paraphernalia in Germany, celluloid fountain pens in Osaka and decorative papers in Paris. Thrillist talked to her about her own store, Choosing Keeping in London, a treasure trove for stationery nerds.

#Travel #London #Stationery #StationeryNerd #Lifestyle

3 weeks ago

Oh dear. #Stationery nerd alert. Cult Pens is having a 20% off sale on #Rhodia notebooks. I haven’t been this excited since I got Snake Mountain for Christmas in 1985.

3 weeks ago

Back to school, back in the day. Still using Flairs, Bic 4-Colors, and 2Bs...

#70s #school #pen #pencil #marker #finepoint #endofsummer #artsupplies #stationery #ballpoint

A line drawing of pens, pencils, and markers from the 70's. #2, Mr. Doodler, Bic 4-Color Pen, Flair Pen, Venus 2B drawing pencil, and Parker Big Red ballpoint pen.
Line drawing of a Bic Accountant Fine Point pen on a sheet of continuous print computer paper.
3 weeks ago

The cozy ghost friend is now available over on my Patreon! Patrons get early access to stickers before they get added on Etsy! 🫖📚

Get your cozy buddy over here:

#Mastoart #Stationery #StickerShop #SmallBusiness #Patreon

Digital illustration of a little ghost holding a yellow cup on top of a stack of books. In the right bottom corner is a yellow tea kettle with mushrooms on it. The ghost wears big round glasses and has freckles on its cheeks
4 weeks ago

september kofi theme: vampire queen 🦇

join any of my physical tiers on kofi to get some of these rewards! if you join in the first half of the month, your rewards will be sent out on the 20th with others!

in case of questions read TOS at or just ask me 💜

#art #mastoart #vampire #fantasy #happymail #membership #artsupport #artistsupport #stationery #illustration

Cheryl Lindo Jones
1 month ago

I posted a VERY LONG recap of my #SFPenShow experience. #FountainPens #stationery #inks

Seriously. It's a long blog post. Very long. You've been warned.

1 month ago

I am continuing to gush over the 2024 #hobonichi techo previews - They unveiled the japanese store exclusives recently and wtf it's a back to the future collab out of nowhere??

The clear covers with the time circuit smash pretty hard imo, kinda jealous those aren't available in web orders 😤

#stationery #planner #handwriting #journaling

Photograph of the "Loft Exclusive edition Hobonichi Techo only available at Loft stores across Japan" items

"Introducing a Back to the Future Techo for Original, Cousin, and Weeks! The futuristic design includes things like the Time Machine and hoverboard. Also available are a Cover on Cover and Clear Cover. "

A6 Original size cover
Time Machine (Schematic)

A5 Cousin size cover
Time Machine (Hover Conversion) 

Weeks book

Cover on Cover
Time Circuit
Time Circuit clear cover, shown over both a A6 planner and a small Weeks book
1 month ago

Bought a little accessory for my Traveler’s Notebook to remind me of my trip to Singapore. Travelling hand baggage only means the mementos have to be tiny!

#Singapore #TravelersNotebook #TravelersCompany #stationery #travel

1 month ago


#ブングジャム おみやげでいただいた #文房具 #stationery - YouTube

1 month ago

I didn't know you could put urushi on glass pens. Here's Bokumondoh's treatment:

#Stationery #FountainPens #UrushiArt

1 month ago

Hey #fountainpen folks - tangential question - I use a #Leuchtturm 1917 notebook. Does anyone have a favorite cover? I prefer leather, with 2-3 pen pockets (Pilot Metropolitan / Pentel Graphgear 1000 / Clic Eraser), although cordura would be fine, too. Thanks! #askfedi #stationery

1 month ago

Japanese stationery from JetPens. Small joys of life.

#japan #stationery

Photo for some Japanese stationery I got from Products include notes, stickers, stamps and erasers.
1 month ago

Alesa McNeill of Inky Rocks on Youtube visits some small Japanese stationery stores, and here's her overview. Some of them will be at the San Francisco Pen Show.


Monica Farrell
1 month ago

super excited for #sfpenshow and to meet eric small things tomorrow! ✒️ 💕

#stationery #pens #fountainPen

Sam Warnick
1 month ago

Long shot, but I’m looking for a laser printer that can duplex print A5 paper. So far it looks like laser printers will only duplex A4/letter and nothing smaller. Anyone know of anything available in the US?

#printers #stationery

Cheryl Lindo Jones
1 month ago

Oh boy. This is going to be crowded when people arrive… Kinda wish it were at some place like Moscone instead for more space! #SFPenShow #excited #anxious #FountainPens #inks #stationery

Christopher Yudichak
1 month ago

It’s always a good day when a JetPens order arrives. #stationery

Various stationery items laid out on a table. Pens, pencils, notebooks, stamps, and more.
1 month ago

#stationery as a hobby makes my inner kid really happy as i get to collect cool and pretty stickers, papers, washi tape, ephemera, etc. from my favorite artists & design studios all over the world, and then use it all for both fun AND function :)

in these pics:
- Plotter bible-size binder
- @papertessdesigns monthly #planner insert
- Midori transfer #stickers
- LAMY Safari #FountainPen, inked w/
- Ferris Wheel Press ink’s “Cloak and Forest” (not shown as i used Pilot Frixion 0.4mm this month)

Plotter bible-size planner open and showing the August spread decorated with Midori transfer stickers of green leaves at the top left corner and bottom right corners of the spread. Above the binder is a LAMY Safari fountain pen
Plotter bible-size planner open and showing the August spread decorated with Midori transfer stickers of green leaves at the top left corner and bottom right corners of the spread. Above the binder is a LAMY Safari fountain pen
Zac | JamKats :heart_sp_nb:
1 month ago

Last Saturday was so fun!!! I'm still so tired!! I have more photos to share but idk how much longer my brain will work!!

I vended at a local art festival with a friend! We split our booth in half :ablobcatbongo: It was my third year doing this show, and it was my best show overall!!
#CatArt #CuteArt #MastoArt #Illustration #StickerShop #Stationery

Photo of JamKats's booth at ArtFeast 2023 in Old Town Lansing, Michigan, USA. The photo is of the edge of their left-most table and the display people see when they walk by. In the center of a photo is a cat wearing a red visor, an apron, and holding a spatula, supporting a sign about a stationery set deal designed and sold by JamKats. Other than the stationery mentioned in the sign (sticky notes and two rolls of washi tape), fhere is also a small cart of JamKat's business cards on the table.  A few magnets and three prints are displayes flat on the table.
Global Museum
1 month ago

📚Is your ZOOM background embarrassing? | Need to brighten up the office or study? | These personalized, antique leather book folder designs will make a difference! | On Sale Now in the Global Museum Store #zazzlemade #binders #stationery #office #museums #Globalmuseum #Zoom #gifts #folders #bookshelf #books

John Washam 🎨
1 month ago

Remember these erasers? It’s been ages since I’ve used one of these.

This one is about 5m tall.

Outside the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

#eraser #lasVegas #stationery

Sculpture of a very tall roller eraser. The part use use to brush em away eraser dust is flowing in the breeze.

Today's pen is yet another Jinhao 82. This one is equipped with an Online 0.8mm stub nib.

#fountainpen #fountainpens #penaddict #stationery #jinhao #jinhao82

Today I present to you the Pineider Avatar UR demo in Amber (what a name). Equipped with a flex steel nib from Not the biggest fan of the section (shape and finish), but otherwise it’s a great pen.

#fountainpen #fountainpens #penaddict #stationery #pineider #pineideravatar

Ink Sync🖋️
1 month ago

Part 1 of my little travel diary / tour of stationery shops in Taipei is up!

#Stationery #FountainPen

a desk facing out on a street in Taipei, with a display of wooden fountain pens and some small jars of ink laid out alongside paper covered in colourful squiggles

Today’s fountain pen is another Jinhao 82. This time with a fude nib. No. 5 fude nibs are great because they’re small enough that you can still write (almost) normally with them. That is, if you enjoy writing really big. 😬

#fountainpen #fountainpens #stationery #penaddict #jinhao #jinhao82 #fude #fudenib

Zac | JamKats :heart_sp_nb:
2 months ago

Cat Sticky Notes!! Meowww :artcataww:
(finally) On my Ko-fi shop :ko_fi:

I hand-cut and fold all of the packaging for these!! It's a long process... But I personally like the variations and handmade touch to a manufactured product (that I illustrated)!
#CatArt #CatLovers #MastoArt #StickyNotes #Stationery

Photo of Dreaming Isko Sticky Notes, illustrated and designed by JamKats. The design features a sleeping cat in the corner.

Today's fountain pen is a Jinhao 82 with a vintage Stephensons 14ct gold stub (?) nib. Inked with Pelikan 4001 violet.

#fountainpen #fountainpens #penaddict #stationery #jinhao #jinhao82

Today’s fountain pen is the Jinhao 9019. I would call it an upgrade to the X159. A bit bigger and better plastic, huge (think TWSBI Swipe) screw in converter that is still standard international compatible, still the same great no. 8 nib. Oh, and fun colors!

#fountainpens #fountainpen #penaddict #stationery #jinhao #jinhao9019 #jinhaox159

John Washam 🎨
2 months ago

Here’s my pocket setup.

- A little pocket sized tin that’s not too thick.
- Kaweco Special 2mm lead holder (pencil).
- Faber Castell kneaded eraser.
- Some kneaded eraser plastic case from a novelty eraser company.
- Tombow Mono One stick eraser.
- tiny 2mm lead pointer.
- Mnemosyne A7 Notebook
- Eraser shield
- Drawing chamois to cover areas so I don’t smear.

#artsupplies #drawing #stationery #pencil #notebook #TraditionalArt #artistsonmastodon

See post for description of content.
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See post for description of content.
Hanan - GoblinHellion
2 months ago

Hokay I just plopped the Sleepy Bitch Disease stickers as a discount ($6) on my ko-fi shop!

Go check them out if you'd like one (or more!)

#SleepyBitchDisease #Stickers #Sticker #Stationery #Art #CuteArt #Design #DigitalArt #Merch #CreativeToots #MastoArt #FediArt @Curator

Photo of the Sleepy Bitch Disease sticker, being held up by my hand to show some sort of scale. It's a 5 inch sticker, that is holographic in the background, but muted as it has a matte laminate instead of a glossy one. The words have a dreamy cloud design inside of the letters, and sparkles littered around them.
Hanan - GoblinHellion
2 months ago

OH!!! I completely forgot that I have a bunch of misprinted (my fault) Sleepy Bitch Disease stickers!

Would anyone want one/some? They were meant to be holographic, and technically are, just muted 'cause I chose a matt laminate instead of a glossy one. Oops. So they look like 'mirror' stickers with a hint of rainbow at the right light.

Trying to determine if I should put them up on the ko-fi store on a discount!

#Art #Stickers #Stationery #SleepyBitchDisease #Sticker #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Video of the Sleepy Bitch Disease sticker design. It shows me gently moving/wiggling the sticker around to show the muted holographic background.

If you had 400€ to spend on a fountain pen what would you pick?

#fountainpen #fountainpens #penaddict #stationery

2 months ago

pendulum board in my ko-fi shop 💙

#smallbusiness #handmade #stationery #divination

Round pendulum board on decorative background.

Thank you everyone who bought some of my pens already! I've updated the listing with a few more. Maybe there's something interesting now. :)

#fountainpen #fountainpens #penaddict #stationery

That was quite a #fountainpen sale yesterday! Check out what's left in the pictures and on (for the most up to date information).

#fountainpens #penaddict #stationery #destash

I procrastinated for a long time, but I have finally listed many of my #fountainpens for sale. Some expensive stuff, but mostly cheap Chinese pens. Go have a look and please buy them off of me. ;)

#fountainpen #stationery #penaddict #destash

Cheryl Lindo Jones
2 months ago

Since I only really got into #FountainPens last August, my first pen, a #Kaweco Sport in iridescent pearl, is still around and works. 🙂

I remember ordering it from JetPens one night when I couldn’t sleep and for some reason decided to finally go ahead with the purchase. I also picked up a passport-sized Traveler’s Notebook. I blogged about getting into #stationery and fountain pens a while back:

(I should migrate the post over to my website)

The Leonardo Officina Italiana Micarta from Stilo & Stile arrived today! 🎉

The custom stamping on their (Jowo) nibs is really nice.

#fountainpen #fountainpens #stationery #penaddict

All three colors and ratios up to 3:1. This is addictive and I should actually be working. 😬

#fountainpen #fountainpens #fountainpenink #inkmixing #penaddict #stationery

Started with the #fountainpen ink mixing. Only 1:1 and 2:1 ratios and only two colors for now, but I can already see how this is going to be a lot of fun.

Still have the darkener and lightener (essentially clear liquid) to try!

#fountainpens #stationery #penaddict #inkmixing #papierundstift

I received the ink subscription box from today. Now I’ll have to do some ink mixing. And good recipes out there?

#fountainpen #fountainpens #stationery #penaddict

John Washam 🎨
3 months ago

I was visiting my aging father and he asked if there was anything special I wanted to inherit. I said only his old electric pencil sharpener. So he gave it to me to take home. I’m so happy.

It’s a Panasonic KP-100N. From the 70s or 80s. If you know, please comment.

#pencils #stationery #drawing #artistsofmastodon

An older Panasonic automatic electric pencil sharpener.

Today's #fountainpen is a Jinhao 82 with a Kaweco 1.5mm stub nib. Inked with Rohrer & Klingner Magenta.

#fountainpens #penaddict #stationery

3 months ago

You know those 4 colour ballpoint pens? My favourite is the one with pencil, instead of green. But Lordy, they never stay in my possession for long.

Must be karma for all the pens I have accidentally purloined over the years.

#exteacher #stationery #pens #writing

⠠⠵ avuko
3 months ago

Hello #stationery fans & freaks!👋🏻

My preferred stuff:
• BIC Criterium 2mm aluminium refillable pencils
• X17 a5 notebook (with dotted filler)
• LEUCHTTURM1917 Hardcover a6 notepad pocket (dotted, reporter style/flip-over)

3 months ago

I mentioned in my intro that I'm a #bookbinder so I thought I really ought to share some of my projects.

The purple one I just finished today. It and the blue one were commissions. The green/tan one is one of my standard designs which will be going onto my Etsy store when I re-launch later this year.

All three of these were rounded and backed case bindings, for those in the know 😉

#Bookbinding #stationery #bookstodon #journal #crafting #handmade #traditionalcraft #bookofshadows

A thick purple notebook with silver triple moon decoration.
A large book bound in leather and marble paper with a gothic title "An Age Without Light"
A journal bound in green book cloth and tan marble paper on a background of white planks. A pen, house plant and some stones sit to one side.
3 months ago

I used to very actively collect vintage pens (and pencils). My fountain pen addiction these days is more focused on Japanese pens. #fountainpens #stationery #fountainpen

Here are the Sheaffers:

Vintage Sheaffer fountain pens in green.
Vintage Sheaffer fountain pens in green, brown, and grey.
Todd Battistelli
3 months ago


I keep both an A4 disc bound notebook with swatches on Kokuyo KB office paper and a notebook logging each pen as I ink it up (currently a B6 size Penco).

#fountainpen #fountainpens #stationery #notebooks

An A4 size disc bound notebook with a page of ink names and swatches sitting on top a smaller notebook opened to a log page with inks and pens.
3 months ago

#introduction hi there! :pikachu_hello: I'm a crafty, queer, neurodivergent Asian American in Japan. You'll usually find me tooting about the following passions and hobbies with longer form thoughts posted to my personal site: :wiggle:
:ms_meeple_pansexual: #ttrpg #dnd #soloRPG #dimension20 #criticalrole
✒️ #stationery #fountainpens #hobonichi
🧶 #knitting #Crochet #memade #ravelry
📚 #scifi #fantasy #audiobooks
🤝 #unionstrong
:rainbow_bugcat: #running
:blobhaj_asparagus: #vegan

Lirleni Hankeshe
3 months ago

Here is a pic of the pen and ink. (Yes, I mis-spelled Nahvalur at first. ) this is my first Nahvalur pen. Probably won’t be my last.
Paper: Pelikan Hubs notepad
Ink: KWZ Meet Me in StLouis 2023 “Missourah Crawdad”
Pen: Nahvalur Voyage Special Edition PRIDE 2023 (M steel nib)

(The white balance seems to be a bit off in the pic. The paper is white, not ivory like it looks. )
#Nahvalur #FountainPens #ink #Stationery

Photo of a sheet of Pelikan paper. 
Handwritten is the ink and pen name, as stated in the post. 
The uncapped fountain pen itself is at the bottom. It is a swirled pastel rainbow with sparkles.
Lirleni Hankeshe
3 months ago

yesterday, today, and tomorrow is the St Lous Pen Show.
I am volunteering, helping with the classes / classrooms. Does give me time to look through the show floor.
Yesterday: I got the show ink: KWZ Meet Me In St Louis 2023 "Missourah Crawdad". A nice orange-red. A show notebook from Curnow Bookbinding. and the biggest item I got yesterday was a Nahvalur Pens PRIDE edition (from Lemur Ink) with a Medium nib. #FountainPens #ink #PenShow #Stationery

Hanan - GoblinHellion
3 months ago

Preorders for the Capybara sticker sheet close TOMORROW at midnight, PST!

Get your order in now if you want them!

#Capybara #Stickers #StickerSheet #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FediArt #Art #Cute #Stationery

A preorder notice for my Capybara Sticker Sheet! It shows 3 different capybara stickers. One capybara standing and facing us, one that shows a capybara from the back, and one that shows a capybara in a little wooden bath with an orange sitting on its butt. There are 4 small orange stickers included on the sticker sheet, and the background of the sticker sheet has oranges tiled. Text on the image reads: Capybara Sticker Sheet Pre-Orders Now Open!!! (3) 2" Vinyl stickers. (4) Small orange stickers. (2.5") and an arrow pointing to the bath sticker.
3 months ago

This pen from Schon DSGN is just out of the park hot. It's art. Mind-blowing.

#fountainpen #schondsgn #penaddict #stationery #inkdependence

Hanan - GoblinHellion
3 months ago

Beep! A reminder that preorders close THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 25TH at MIDNIGHT, PST!! That's in 4 days, so if you want to get in on this sticker sheet preorder, please do so before then!

#Capybara #Stickers #StickerSheet #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FediArt #Art #Cute #Stationery

A preorder notice for my Capybara Sticker Sheet! It shows 3 different capybara stickers. One capybara standing and facing us, one that shows a capybara from the back, and one that shows a capybara in a little wooden bath with an orange sitting on its butt. There are 4 small orange stickers included on the sticker sheet, and the background of the sticker sheet has oranges tiled. Text on the image reads: Capybara Sticker Sheet Pre-Orders Now Open!!! (3) 2" Vinyl stickers. (4) Small orange stickers. (2.5") and an arrow pointing to the bath sticker.