6 minutes ago

I've started following a couple of portable pc gaming consoles hashtags since I'm on the fence about buying one. Read a couple of the major outlet reviews and comparisons between #steamdeck, #legiongo and #asusrog and I'm now ready for some actual end user feedback so hit me up with all your harsh truths and raving reviews!

Pascal Garber
21 minutes ago

🖥️ #SteamDeck von #Valve nutzt #Wayland, doch der #LinuxDesktop hinkt nach 10 Jahren immer noch hinterher. Während Wayland auf Millionen von #Chromebooks und in #Windows11 läuft, gibt es auf dem Linux-Desktop noch viele Herausforderungen zu bewältigen. Trotz Streitigkeiten und technischen Hürden hat Wayland beeindruckende Fortschritte gemacht, dank der Beharrlichkeit der Entwickler und der Unterstützung von #Google, #Microsoft und #Valve. Mehr dazu auf 🔗

Kenny Park
2 hours ago

Just occurred to me that if #iPhone15Pro is able to run #DeathStranding, #AssassinsCreedMirage, etc, it might give the #SteamDeck a run for its money (when you add a #BackboneOne or #RazerKishi). Depends on the games. I'm praying for #Sekiro. 🙏

5 hours ago

Hallo meine #Mastonauten, ich bin gerade auf #Twitch:
In die Wüste geschickt - Weiter mit COROMON - Dem niederländischen Pokemon-Klon (Spaß mit Videospielen) #DE #Steamdeck

Sagt doch gerne mal hallo, ich würde mich freuen :-)

#gaming #zocken #videospiele #retroGaming #Sammler #IAmLive #live #streamer #retro #videoGames #nintendo #steam #xbox #playStation #follow #letsPlay

8 hours ago

Valve: Steam-Deck-Nachfolger könnte noch "einige Jahre" brauchen - #Steamdeck

Brian Jackson
10 hours ago

Baldur’s Gate 3 on my Steam Deck, cozy on the couch under a blanket, with a dog passed out on my lap. Just sharing what a good evening looks like to me. #BaldursGate3 #SteamDeck #dnd #bliss #dogs

steve mookie kong
14 hours ago

I just spend the last hour screaming and yelling with my son. We were playing Rounds together and it is such a blast.

#gaming #videogames #SteamDeck

17 hours ago

I am digging doing couchplay with this game but the lighting over there sucks for pictures. #starfield #steamdeck #geforcenow

Pascal Garber
19 hours ago

🎮 Das #SteamDeck von Valve könnte seinen Nachfolger erst in einigen Jahren sehen, so Pierre-Loup Griffais von Valve. Trotz leistungsfähigerer Handheld-Gaming-PCs auf dem Markt plant Valve, die Hardware erst zu aktualisieren, wenn signifikante Leistungssteigerungen ohne Beeinträchtigung der Energieeffizienz möglich sind. Ein Refresh des aktuellen Steam Deck ist jedoch noch ungewiss. Mehr dazu auf 🔗🕹️

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
20 hours ago

#rain, couch and #steamdeck (playing #SeaOfStars)

I need one or two cats to snuggle and this night will be perfect

20 hours ago

Why didn't #Steam call the #Linux distribution for the #SteamDeck #GlaDOS??? 🤔

21 hours ago

Ok, custom controller sets with Gyro aiming is the best thing on #SteamDeck. I even got it working with #starfield on #GeForceNow

21 hours ago

I just played the first two world of #SuperMarioWorld on my #SteamDeck
It‘s great for emulation!
I‘m still convinced, that SMW is the pinnacle of Super Mario Games. It‘s just the best.
Also, yo can‘t loose.
If you play it just normal, you have at least 25 lives at the end pf Castle Nr. 2.
And I died a couple of time.
After playing this game for 30 years I still enjoy it. #SuperNintendo #SNES4Ever #SNES

Trese Brothers Games
22 hours ago

Legwork is one of the ways you can prep for a heist or open up new opportunities in storylines.

Mercs from your crew with the right skills or connections have a better chance, but they'll be unavailable for other jobs while completing it. Worth the tradeoff? « check out our squad tactics heist RPG

#ScreenshotSaturday #RPG #VideoGames #Gaming #PCGaming #IndieDev #TurnBased #Strategy #Steam #SteamDeck #Games #cRPG

Screenshot from Cyber Knights: Flashpoint. Legwork interface screen offering the opportunity to search for a corrupt Brave Star officer. Shows what will happen on a success or failure, and offers a choice of which mercenaries on your crew could attempt the legwork, with their chance of success, based on their skills and traits.
22 hours ago

The cities look cool! Also moved from my desk to the TV last night for a bigger screen. Go go gadget dock! #starfield #steamdeck #geforcenow

My #valve #steamdeck is in #austria now but not here yet.

Hey Valve! Why are you sending your parcels with shitty GLS? This company is not reliable at all!

Hopefully, my Steam Deck 64 GB is here next week. On coming Saturday I will bring it to a PC Service company to add a 1 or 2 TB SSD and maybe some other stuff.

I can't wait to start my journey into #linux #gaming ... :-)

Guruprasad :kubuntu: :arch:
1 day ago

Started playing #DaveTheDiver today and it is interesting! I ❤️ the stunning pixelated art style! And it works perfectly on #SteamDeck as expected! #gaming :ok:
1 day ago
Punk à chat
1 day ago

En Garde! est à -25% (14.99€) jusqu'au 26 septembre.

C'est un très chouette jeu de capes et d'épées (développé à Montpellier, et c'est le 1er jeu du studio)

Je l'ai pas relancé depuis les dernières mises à jour, mais ça tournait très bien sur Steam Deck après quelques ajustements des options graphiques.

#jeuxvideo #steamdeck

Pascal Garber
1 day ago

🚀 Exciting developments in the #Linux #gaming world! At the Open Source Summit Europe 2023, Alberto Garcia from Igalia discussed how #Valve, with its #SteamDeck and #SteamOS, is significantly benefiting Linux. The commitment of Valve to the open-source ecosystem is evident, with major contributions to Mesa OpenGL, Vulkan drivers, and kernel graphics drivers. 🎮🐧 Check out the video presentation: 🎥🔗 #osse

Steam Deck Update RSS Feed
1 day ago

Steam Deck Beta Client Update: September 21st

Note: This update is for the Steam Deck Beta and Preview channels, and includes new features that are still being tested. You can opt into this in Settings > System > System Update Channel.The Steam Client Beta has been updated with the following changes:Steam Input Fix default orientation for Steam Deck and Steam Link Mobile App controllers in the new Gyro To Mouse mode

#Steam #SteamDeck #SteamInput

1 day ago

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is shaping up to be one of the best expansions we have played in a video game, and while we have more to test, here is our experience on #SteamDeck so far.

Alexander Müller
1 day ago

Empfehlenswerter Blogbeitrag von Bitblokes über Valves Steam Deck und die daraus resultierende Förderung des Linux-Desktops:


Vor drei Jahren bin ich gänzlich auf Linux umgestiegen. Bis heute eine für mich zufriedenstellende Entscheidung. Auch Spielen geht dank Valve einfach und reibungslos. Hogwarts Legacy oder auch Diablo 3 waren große Freude. 🎮

#linux #valve #steamdeck

In case somebody is struggling whether to buy a Steam Deck now, or wait for SD2... Dew it!
#valve #SteamDeck

I’ve been adventuring so much in Dust: an Elysian Tail that I had all the materials to complete each Fale quest tonight in one visit! It was funny just sitting there, solving each quest with a “Here are those materials you asked for, Fale.” without having to venture off to purchase or loot my way to victory.

#Gaming #PCGaming #VideoGames #ShareYourGames #Metroidvania #MastodonGaming #Indie #IndieGames #IndieGaming #SteamDeck

"Here are those materials you asked for, Fale." Dust says as he magically pulls them out of his inventory multiple times over.
steve mookie kong
1 day ago

The cool profile theme that comes with the #SteamDeck

A neon looking theme that came with my Steam Deck.
steve mookie kong
1 day ago

My PC gaming gear.

I play my AAA games on my #PS5. But, I still play some games on my Alienware X14r1 (Intel 12700H + Nvidia RTX 3060).

And now that I got my Valve #SteamDeck, I'm playing less demanding games on the Steam Deck away from my desk and my TV.

#gaming #videogames #pcgaming

A Steam Deck and Xbox Controller on top of an Alienware X14 R1.
A Steam Deck and Xbox Controller on top of an Alienware X14 R1.
2 days ago

My deck struggles with the big explosions of the boss fights lol dips to 19fps during the particle intensive parts of the fights

#steamdeck #ac6

pezhore :arch_linux:
2 days ago

#FirstWorldProblems - when you're hanging out in your living room hammock with your dog sleeping on your lap, but your #SteamDeck is *just* out of reach.


Brownish red dog sleeping on a lap. The background is a gray and orange hammock.
Leonardo Giovanni Scur
2 days ago

@jorgegamedev Don't forget the big name in the room, Linux, which while still uncommon on consumer computers, is and has been the standard for servers. (as well as appliances and mobiles like #android and #steamdeck, of course)

And the million little(r) projects powering the web.

I think that "digital autonomy", is something very important for people to have. Of all the "utilities" in our lives, the internet is the most at the whim of private companies.

Closed platforms like... most social networks restrict how people can interact and do business with each other. Can you imagine if both parties of a transaction had to have an account at the same bank to be able to do it?

Of course, there is still a bunch of work to be done for FOSS to become truly attractive for a general audience, but I can speak for myself when I say that right now it is a bit of a "eat your vegetables" situation: it might be a bit more inconvenient in the moment, but it's the healthy thing to do in the long term.

2 days ago

The newest bundle from Humble focuses on games where you decide the outcome of the story! Great experience for your #SteamDeck.
2 days ago

Seedlings es un precioso videojuego de puzles 🧩 relajados ☺️ hecho en @godotengine

Lo puedes comprar ya en #Steam nativo para #Linux 🐧 ☑️

#linuxgaming #SteamDeck #godotengine

2 days ago

Not enough time spent in space cause of fast travel….but I’m only at the early parts of the game #starfield #steamdeck #geforcenow

2 days ago

Man I bought Fable anniversary so quick for my #SteamDeck

Nicd (FI)
2 days ago

Vois tehdä #esittely'n tälle suomenkieliselle tilillekin. Pahoittelen että käytän #hashtag'eja tähän tyyliin kun en oo keksiny parempaakaan tapaa.

Oon koodiapina
#Tampere'elta. Töissä on tullu hakattua #Python'ia ja #JavaScript/#TypeScript'iä about 10 vuotta, vapaa-ajalla maistuu enemmän #Elixir ja nyt etenkin #Gleam. Ehkä joskus vielä töissä, I want to believe.

Harrastuksena pyöritän kooditilastopalvelua
@code_stats jossa voi saada itselleen kivat pikku analytiikat koodailustaan. Muita harrastuksia on #geokätköily, #pyöräily (sähköllä töihin ja kaurapyörällä lenkille), #SteamDeck'illä pelailu, rekisterikilpinumeroiden tarkkailu (538/999). Oon naimisissa ja meillä on myös yksisilmäinen pölyhuiska #BichonFrisé nimeltä Nappi.

Jotain muuta mitä on tullu kötösteltyä:

#Pastebin joka säilöö koodin urliin, ei serverille: (JS)

#maalämpö'pumpulle: (kirjoittelen juuri uusiksi Gleamilla)

"Speden speli": - (Elixir)

Blogi: (Elixirillä mutta kirjoittelen tätäkin uusiksi Gleamilla)

Jotain pakettejakin on tullu julkaistua:

Tää on mun oma instanssi joka pyörii Raspberry Pi 4:llä työpöydällä. Voi olla hidas, olethan kärsivällinen.

Tässä kuva koirasta niin saa söpöyspisteet.

Bichon frisé istuu etualalla ja katsoo kameraan, taka-alalla on grilli jolla paistetaan makkaraa.
Brad Linder
2 days ago

Valve reaffirms that there are no plans to offer a Steam Deck with a faster processor for the next few years. Instead the goals are is to offer developers a "fixed performance target," while also keeping power consumption low. In other words, don't expect a Steam Deck 2 until 2025 or later. #SteamDeck #Valve #HandheldGamingPC

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
2 days ago

Steam Deck and SteamOS are great for Linux as a whole - Open Source Summit Europe 2023

#SteamDeck #SteamOS #Linux

Original SteamOS logo - Valve
Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
3 days ago

The article on Halo: The Master Chief Collection multiplayer being broken on Steam Deck was updated, they're looking into it

#Halo #SteamDeck #HaloMCC

Alien 👽 Max | 🇺🇦 gamedev
3 days ago

Don't let yourself get crushed, you are a robot too...

Hammer in Erra: Exordium
Early access

#gaming #retrogaming #pixelart #gamedev #videogames #retrogames #steamdeck

3 days ago

Muahahaha #SteamDeck

The box of the Steam Deck
3 days ago

Played some Jupiter Hell instead of reading my textbook tonight.

It's a great game, amazing polish for a trad roguelike, and plays wonderfully on the Steam Deck.

#JupiterHell #roguelike #SteamDeck

Does anyone have experience with using a #steamdeck as a main PC? I'm considering doing that and just using my (currently broken) desktop as a server once it's fixed

Boiling Steam
3 days ago

the first keynote with Griffais from Valve is about to start, will post comments on here as it goes #tgs2023 #valve #steamdeck

4 days ago

When you spend a night in a ferry terminal in the middle of nowhere, #SteamDeck is a godsend.

I managed to finally ascend level 10 with Silent on #SlayTheSpire with a very straight-forward shiv build.

A steam deck with Slay the Spire on. On the background, inside of a  ferry terminal with a sign "Shuttle Bus"
Linux ☑️
4 days ago

The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trail - NOW WITH FULL STEAM DECK SUPPORT ✅

Along with English language support landing - specific Steam Deck optimizations are in.

Play The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trail the best way possible on a handheld device - STEAM DECK :catjam:


#JRPG #roleplaying #SteamDeck #linuxgaming #SteamOS #Linux #Steam #action #Japan #gaming

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
4 days ago

Proton 8.0-4 is now in testing with a Release Candidate, with many game fixes for Steam Deck and desktop Linux

#SteamDeck #Linux #Proton

Proton concept logo by me
5 days ago

Looking at the #SteamDeck sale and really very much wanting to order. Also looking for the #MoneyTree. If anyone has seen the latter, let me know. #gaming #gameGirlProblems

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
5 days ago

ICYMI: SteamOS 3.5 Preview for Steam Deck RELEASED - Top Features

#SteamDeck #SteamOS

5 days ago

With #Payday3 released, we checked out all 8 heists on the #SteamDeck and heres how it’s running so far.

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
5 days ago

ICYMI: Did a video on Titanfall 2 for Steam Deck recently, including a Northstar guide!

#SteamDeck #Titanfall2

5 days ago

A new #SteamDeck Beta Client update was released yesterday that revamped the "As Mouse" gyro mode.

This is not good.

And before anyone mentions it to be speculation, the fact of the matter is that these industries are built to consume one another. I'm glad the #SteamDeck is more open that most handheld gaming systems which guarantees a long lifespan but fucking hell. #Nintendo potentially getting acquired was not on my bingo card.

I know the switch gworls on twitch might be talking about this lol

1 week ago

Looking for some friends on #steam I play on #SteamDeck and my Desktop. Mainly playing Titanfall 2 and AC6 in terms of coop but I sometimes play other stuff. I sometimes post reviews as well.



1 week ago

Picked up Full Void on #steamdeck

Lovely game that wears its heart on its sleeve: huge love letter to Another World and Prince of Persia

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
1 week ago

ICYMI: Titanfall 2 has a player surge with a huge sale, great on Steam Deck & desktop Linux (also video shows how to get Northstar working)

#Titanfall2 #Titanfall #SteamDeck #Linux

Punk à chat
1 week ago

Tinykin est à -50% sur Steam en ce moment.

Un Pikmin-like sans le côté stratégie mais avec une partie plateformer.

C'est très chill, ya pas de combat, ça se prend vraiment bien en main et les niveaux sont suffisamment bien construits pour que la progression se fasse de manière très naturelle sans qu'il y ait vraiment de temps morts ou de frustration.

Gros coup de cœur perso
(et ça tourne parfaitement sur la Sainte Machine).

#jeuxvideo #steamdeck

Capture d'écran du jeu.

La scène se passe dans un chambre ou un bureau. Au premier plan, on y voit le personnage principal entouré d'une cinquantaine de Tinykin, des petites créatures de couleur rose et rouge. Elles doivent faire 1cm de haut. Le personnage principal lui doit mesurer 3cm, il a les cheveux rose et une veste orange. Ils sont sur une étagère avec une lampe de bureau et un classeur posé à plat.

Dans la pièce en arrière plan, on y voit un fauteuil, un piano, un arbre à chat, un radiateur sous la fenêtre, quelques étagères avec des livres sur les murs et des instruments de musique posés par terre (guitare, xylophone et djembé). Le papier peint est mauve, la porte est rose, le sol est un parquet beige.
Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
1 week ago
Steam Deck

🇧🇷 Você acha que a Valve irá fazer um #SteamDeck 2 ? retorno da Steam Machine só que com VR? O que você acha?

🇺🇸Do you think Valve will make a #SteamDeck2? return of the #SteamMachine but with VR? What do you think?
video by @fanthedeck

Erik Moeller
2 weeks ago


One more reason the #SteamDeck is so important as a way to open up the whole space.

2 weeks ago

The only video game consoles that ever mattered are ones that you could develop video games on. Change my mind. #steamdeck #atari

Doug Belshaw
2 weeks ago

That's Sniper Elite 3 completed. Moving on to V2 Remastered (already completed 4 and part of 5)


2 weeks ago

Western Digital will begin selling new 1tb and 2tb SSDs specifically made for handhelds like the #SteamDeck and #ROGAlly.

Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
2 weeks ago

Since my replies are full of people missing the point (it's like a two-second meme is not nuanced!):

Of course I don't think #Flatpak, #Flathub, #FreeDesktop, etc. are evil. 😂

But we should be happy to use #SteamDeck as a way to get the cool stuff we're working on into the hands of millions of new folks. And we should be happy to use it as an example when talking to app developers we want to support #Linux.

Perhaps this is an alternative interpretation.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS

Trojan horse meme. The city of Troy's wall is labeled "App Developers," the Trojan horse is labeled "Steam Deck," the people outside the wall are saying "Get your app on this shiny handheld console!" and inside the horse is labeled "Support for the Linux desktop"
Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
2 weeks ago

I'll keep saying it, because it keeps coming up. If you're working in the FreeDesktop, Linux, or Flatpak spaces, you *need* to understand this, even if you don't personally care about gaming or Steam Deck.

#SteamDeck #Flatpak #Flathub #Linux #FreeDesktop #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS

Trojan horse meme. The city of Troy's wall is labeled "Millions of Gamers," the Trojan horse is labeled "Steam Deck," the people outside the wall are saying "Look, a shiny handheld console!" and inside the horse is labeled "Flatpak, Flathub, FreeDesktop specs."
Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
2 weeks ago

Other interesting facts:

- Bitwarden has over 700k installs from Flathub even though it's not yet verified

- Steam Deck is shipping Flathub as the default desktop app store to millions of people

- Devices, OSes, distros, and users can choose to filter their app store to only show verified apps

It just makes sense to get it verified, especially since it's coming from the official releases, anyway!

#Bitwarden #Flathub #Flatpak #OpenSource #SteamDeck #Linux

Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
2 weeks ago

Do you use #Bitwarden? Do you also use #Linux or #SteamDeck?

The #Flatpak is a community effort, automated from the official release. That feels a bit off for your password manager; the thing that holds all your secrets.

A community post from 2021 asking them to maintain it only got 211 votes, 117 likes, and 46 comments but over 10k views. I and other #OpenSource folks commented and said we'd be happy to help, but never heard back.

Maybe give the post some attention?

Emory L.
3 weeks ago

ordered a 2TB m2 for my #steamdeck. #RIP #SteamOS it was …interesting giving #linuxGaming a try.

it's really too bad all the big publishers are requiring internet connections for single player games and make you use clunky ass bridge software to patch and enforce licensing because you're so terrified of someone playing a game for free that would never have bought it in the first place bravo with your customer experience there hard to imagine doing it worse.

those launchers confuse things a LOT

Emory L.
3 weeks ago

@jake4480 the thing is that i might love this game enough to buy hardware for it though but i am going to need to see some outstanding footage of breathtaking scenes because the pixel painted views of stars is underwhelming to say the least.

even #BaldursGate3 has some ehhhh graphics on #steamdeck. honestly i am about to buy a 3-4TB ssd and install windows on it. at least then i won't have to deal with dozens of iconless launchers and compatibility layers in steam. guh.

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
3 weeks ago

DOOM Eternal banishes DENUVO, it’s GONE! And it also runs beautifully on Steam Deck!

#SteamDeck #DOOMEternal

DOOM Eternal, Denuvo Removed - Steam Deck
Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
3 weeks ago

STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor - Steam Deck, Patch 7 - 30FPS?! Playable?!

#SteamDeck #StarWars

Emory L.
3 weeks ago

i'm enjoying #starfield but on a #steamDeck it isn't great. the view from the cockpit in particular is not remotely awe-inspiring to say the least. even on low/med i can't hit 30fps, and dialing everything to max doesn't really elevate the experience any either so i hope this is some sort of bug in the game.

otherwise i will be streaming this game from a virtual machine i pass a GPU to in the IOW house. something tells me eGPU over thunderbolt isn't going to work as intended.

cliophate :ok:
3 weeks ago

We're running our biggest project of the year: The #SteamDeck user survey. I appreciate everyone participating, and sharing this with your audience.

There's even something you can win!

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
3 weeks ago

Starfield on Steam Deck (hitting the big city, early access - part 2)

#SteamDeck #Starfield

Stephen Radford :telly:
3 weeks ago

Anyone wanna buy a Delta fan? #steamdeck

An opened Steam Deck showing a fan replacement
Andrea Grandi 🦕
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

The #SteamDeck is a great device. It replaces a game PC even when the game is not suitable for it (not optimized game with miniature fonts) or when the keyboard+mouse experience is just better (eg strategy games).

Just connect it to a random USB dock to add a screen, mouse and keyboard. Just played Desperados III at glorious 1080p ;).

#appreciationToot #gamingOnLinux