1 day ago

Ich war gerade etwas durch den Wald wandern und am Ende hab ich diesen Aufkleber entdeckt und bin verliebt. 😍 #sticker #stickerart #rotkehlchen #antifaschismus

Aufkleber auf einem Laternenpfahl mit einem gezeichneten Rotkehlchen auf einem Ast, welches eine rote Fahne hält, die einen schwarzen Schatten wirft. Oben drüber steht "Nazis den Vogel zeigen".
The Chronic Sloth
2 days ago

New downloadable art for stickers and pins!
For myasthenia gravis warriors and other spoonies. Check it out:

#myastheniagravis #myasthenia #chronicillness #funny #stickerart #pinart #spoonie #disabled

It reads: New downloadable stickers/pins  for myasthenia warriors and for everyone else who loves cooking. 
Two round sticker art, both of which read: No more spoons, only knives; but I need them for cooking, with drawing of a spoon and a knife. One sticker has the words "Myasthenia Warrior" on the side.
The Chronic Sloth
2 days ago

Free stickers!

Free community suggested art! Downloadable for stickers, pins or anything else you'd like 🤗
Want more? Check out my Ko-fi shop:

#myastheniagravis #myasthenia #art #stickerart #pins #pinart #chronicillness #freeart #downloadables #mestinon

Round sticker art that reads: Running on coffee and Mestinon. With a drawing of a red cup of coffee and a pill falling from the bottle into a hand.
Round sticker art that reads: Running on coffee and mestinon.
Round sticker art that reads: I run on coffee and mestinon.
Tim Zöller
2 days ago

In der Stadt gibt es jemanden, der Sticker mit Markenlogos klebt, in den Namen aber immer „Ronny“ einbaut. Peak Art.


Ein Aufkleber im „My Little Pony“ Design, aber er sagt „My Little Ronny“
4 days ago toller Sticker für ein Loch-Hack! #HackTheSticker #lenovo #stickerart

blinkyparts sticker mit einhorn auf einem lenovo laptop wo die deckel-led durch ein loch im auge des einhorns leuchtet
Delta Wye
6 days ago

All the #sticker artists I’m seeing here on Mastodon: Anyone have recommendations on places online in the United States that print, cut, and ship stickers in relatively low volumes? (I’m looking at ten sheets of letter size stickers, full CMYK and metallic, printed with kiss-cut.)

#stickers #stickerart #stickerslap

1 week ago

I added some stuff to my Ko-Fi Shop after Eurofurence x3

Please feel free to take a look :D I sell other stuff there as well - Prints or a lot of digital media you can download yourself ^^

Here is the Link:

#FurryArt #FurryArtist #KoFi #StickerArt #Charms

Screenshot of my Ko-Fi Shop, showing my Sakura Charm/Lanyard and my Cat Bubble Tea charm.
Screenshot of my Ko-Fi Shop, showing my Stickers of a Kitsune, Cat Bubble Tea and Sakura
Mar Espinosa
1 week ago

✨ Some of the physical rewards for my higher Tiers patrons ✨

#stickerart #Postcard #FanArt #OriginalCharacter

Postcards and Stickers
Hasko 🇪🇺🦄🌻
1 week ago

Der heutige Fund verbindet meine zwei Heimaten. Auch wenn mir Fußball meistens egal ist, ist die abgebildete Frau krass (Marta, ehem. Spielerin der Nationalmannschaft). Es ist auch immer witzig, Brasilien related Stickers zu finden. Kann ich mich ab heute Caveirudo nennen? ☠️ #stickerart

Sticker auf einer Schranke geklebt. Zu sehen ist die Fußballerin Marta in einem Logo, das stark dem vom FC St. Pauli ähnelt, mit dem Worten „Caveirudxs, St. Pauli – Brasil“
2 weeks ago

🦈 NEW MERCH: Shark Week Sticker Sheet!

5" x 7" sheet featuring 8 different shark species! Perfect for decorations, bullet journaling, scrapbooking, or anything else! ✨

Get this and other prints and stickers for 15% off until 9/18 by using code COZYARCADE at checkout!

#Shark #Sticker #StickerArt #StickerSheet #Etsy #Shop #Merch #ArtistsOnMastodon #Art #ArtForSale #GiftIdeas

A sticker sheet featuring eight shark species. The stickers are of a lemon shark, a white tip reef shark, a chain cat shark, a scoop head shark, a kite fin shark, a porbeagle shark, a spot tail shark, and a whale shark. The stickers were digitally painted and designed by me. In the picture, I am holding up three sticker sheets in front of a leafy background.
Tim Zöller
2 weeks ago

Fund in der Nachbarschaft #stickerart

Aufkleber mit einem Polizeiauto. Darunter der Schriftzug „Antifa Time“ im Stil der Fernsehserie „Adventure Time“
Hasko 🇪🇺🦄🌻
2 weeks ago

@nobs @javahippie danke! Dann muss ich anfangen #stickerart

Der Junge Harrison Ford als großer Sticker
3 weeks ago

More #art from #DeeImaginarium (me) this time in #video format. I got lazy and didn't feel like cropping the #photoshop framing. I'll do that on the next one. Don't judge me.

I appreciate any love you can give (and so does this carrot)!

I'll be uploading full resolution images for patrons a little later today (after I do some finishing touches). Stickers will also be coming and this is absolutely getting added to the tattoo flash portfolio.

#tattooflash #stickerart #veggies #pinupart #timelapse #MastoArt

A time lapse video of me drawing a thick carrot headed pinup girl holding a sign that says "eat your veggies" while making a suggestive face.
4 weeks ago

Worm (on a string) - [FolkToy] - An "AMAZING" Worm or Caterpillar-like party favor with Google-eyes, fuzzy bodies & a transparent string run through it so it can dance. You never know when your girlfriend might turn into a worm. Cherish them if they do. - #mastoart #art #silly #noveltytoy #stickerart

@samkalensky worm
onna @samkalensky
string~ @samkalensky
Zac | JamKats :heart_sp_nb:
1 month ago

I'm craving pancakes 🥞

Sticker illustration preview for August subscribers :yay_cheer: This is my favourite illustration from this month's set :3

Sign up for Sticker Club (aka FlanKats) up on ko-fi! :ko_fi:
#CatArt #MastoArt #Illustration #Kofi #StickerArt

Illustration of a brown tabby cat sitting in between a pile of pancakes. There is a pad of butter on the top of the pancakes, and raspberries and a mint leaf surrounding the bottom. The illustration is signed by @jamkataclysms (aka JamKats)
1 month ago

Just a little Mothman dropping in to say hello. How's everyone keeping?
#mothman #cryptid #folklore #moth #legend #creature #monster #sticker #stickerart #illustration

A vinyl sticker featuring a happy waving black and red mothman
1 month ago

Here in Dee Imaginarium it's not all about world history, worldbuilding, writing, RPGs, poetry, etc. No. No, sometimes it's also about getting weird and/or stupid. This is just such an occasion. I drew this #DigitalArt piece in #photoshop a few months back while I was on my social media hiatus.
Now that I'm back I'm making it your problem.

Just fyi, there will be more #cursed #illustration in the future. I'm using this Furbae as the litmus vibe check for my followers lol

Also, #stickers are absolutely going to have to happen for Furbae here. I just need to find the right printing service now.

#MastoArt #furby #pinup #humor #stickerart #sexy #booty #DeeImaginarium

A close up of the other image, showing only the woman's middle neck up. Her face is still a Furby.
A very well endowed woman with her neck turned towards the viewer, looking over her shoulder to make eye contact, in a pink two piece with her thong showing above the pink booty shorts. The shorts have "Furbae" printed across the butt. The woman's face is a Furby, looking seductively towards the viewer.
1 month ago

Hallo mein Name ist neonmate und ich kann nicht aufhören Sticker zu sammeln. Das fing schon damals auf dem Schulhof meiner Grundschule an. Zu meiner Verteidigung kann ich leider nur vorbringen, dass die auch zum Teil weiter umverteilt werden. 🙈 #cccamp23 @c3stoc #sticker #stickerart

Foto von ca. 50 Stickern vom Chaos Communication Camp 2023 auf dem Boden ausgebreitet.
1 month ago
1 month ago

Sticker spotted in Doncaster (Melbourne, Australia).

#StickerArt #Stickers #StickerCulture #Sticker #Melbourne #HelloKitty

A silver sticker on a red background. Hello Kitty is holding a lollipop in the bottle right corner. Text reads "Riots not diets".
1 month ago

Art for the big eye fishes! My favorites are the angler fish and puffer fish.

Available as stickers!

#fish #fishart #sticker #stickerart

Chibi art of a mola, anglerfish, starfish, pufferfish, jellyfish, fish, and cuttlefish.
1 month ago

A sea slug pie! or more like a cobbler?

Available a sticker!

#sticker #stickerart #pie #seaslug

A blueberry pie in the shape of a sea slug
2 months ago

Some summertime molas!

Available as stickers!

#stickerart #fish #summer

Digital art of mola holding a tall stack of ice cream, building a sand castle,. floating on the water on a lifesaver and tanning on the beach.
2 months ago

All of these and more come to my shop this Friday in the morning (CEST) 🛒🍄

This is the first time I have every owned a shop and I am rather nervous 👀 But fingers crossed everything will go well!

You can find my shop here:

#ShopLaunch #Stickers #StickerArt #MastoArt #Art

A screenshot of my etsy listings. They are all small pictures of my stickers, bookmarks and prints. Most of them are cat themed and autumn colours are used!
2 months ago

This is an "old" design, and seems to be the most liked on my TeePub shop 😮
I'm often surprised when people like my old drawings, because I find them all the flaws 😅
If you want to buy t-shirts, stickers, or mugs with this kitty learning How to Cat, or you want to see more cat designs made by me, plz go check my shop :ablobcatbongo:

#cats #caturday #CatsOfMastodon #shop #tshirts #sticker #stickerart #stickers #giftideas #merch #design #mugs

A cartoon gray kitty reading a book titled "how to cat".
Same kitty design applied on a t-shirt.
2 months ago

Bread (fish) stick

Available as a sticker!

#sticker #stickerart #fish #bread

Digital art of a shiny buttery breadstick in the shape of a fish
Mamath @ HOME
2 months ago

Lots of stickers too <3 So many stickers lol. Can't stop making stickers. They sorta build up and then every time I update the shop I'm like oh shit i have to photo so many stickers

#stickerart #sticker #shopupdate #glitter

A photo for a glittery sticker of a boy sitting on a crescent moon amongst stars
A photo of a glittery sticker of the light dragon
A photo of two stickers depicting Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth holding abstract flower bouquets
A photo of holographic stickers of Reigen and Mob with food items floating about
Jen C Mars
2 months ago

Artists, if you have stickers printed, where you do order them from?

#art #StickerArt

2 months ago

Onions have layers

Available as a sticker here! :storenvy:

#zagreus #hades #stickerart

A chibi of Zagreus from the Hades Game biting a red onion.
3 months ago

They're stuck

Available as stickers! :storenvy:

#fish #mola #stickers #stickerart

A mola with their face poking out of a doughnut with strawberry icing and sprinkles
3 months ago

Moleg and mipper

Available as stickers! :storenvy:

#fish #mola #stickers #stickerart

Digital art of 3 molas with legs. One has fishnets and tall black heels, another is cross-legged with stockings and red heels and the last is squatting with buff legs.
4 months ago


Available as a sticker!

#croissant #bread #shark #stickerart

Digital art of a croissant in the shape of a shark.
4 months ago

Are you team 👁️ or team 🦷?

I went with two colorways for this because there were too many options to choose from and I just couldn't settle for one.
Will be available as physical stickers soon, stay tuned!

#MastoArt #HorrorArt #FloralArt #StickerArt #CreativeToots

Purple Orchids with yellow spots on light blue background: some of them have an eyeball, some have teeth.
Blue Orchids with yellow spots on black background: some of them have an eyeball, some have teeth.
4 months ago

Many a sad frog.

Find them as stickers here!

#frog #frogs #stickerart #sticker

Art of sad blue frogs in different poses. One is sandwiched by bread, another has dropped spaghetti and three are in various lying down or sitting positions.
4 months ago

Magic Peaches 🍑
#MastoArt #FantasyArt #StickerArt

This sticker sheet is going into print next week and will hopefully be available at the beginning of June along with my monster orchids that I haven't shown yet ✨

Sticker sheet, featuring the following stickers:
- In the center, a witch bust with blonde short hair and a pink hat with orange bow and peach accessories.
- In the top row left, an open book with a peach illustration and peach blossoms in the background
- Top row center: a pair of peach blossoms
- Top row right: a peach shaped bottle that resembles a butt. Filled with pink/red liquid and a pair of peach blossoms swimming on the surface.
- Left: a witch broom, decorated with orange ribbon and peach blossoms.
- Center right side: orange ribbon bow
- Center right side, slightly below: Peach
- Bottom row center: a decorated dagger with orange bow and peach blossoms
- Bottom row right: slim bottle saying 'peach blossom tea', peach blossoms
Smaller stickers scattered around the sheet feature random sparkles and petals.
5 months ago

Just some good ol frogs

Available as stickers at my shop!

#frog #stickerart #Krita #chibi

Digital art of various cute green frogs. There is a stack of 3 frogs with a blue butterfly on top. There are also individual frogs. One is smug, another derpy, a different one sticking out their tongue, and the last one attacking a fly with their tongue.
5 months ago

I'm trying to design sticker packs and... I like some of these but as a whole I dunno if they work. Was rather proud of a couple of them though so share I do. #lantern #lamp #scarab #beetle #bug #sticker #StickerArt #art #MastoArt

A series of illustrations outlined in a thick black of lanters and golden scarab beetles. It's got a rather angular style.
5 months ago
A sticker design, of a lanky brown speckled bird with a worried look in its eye, standing up straight and still. There are letters floating around the bird saying "ACT NATURAL".
maique :prami:
5 months ago

⭐️ in The Wild

A memento of @jean’s visit to the city. First @ian. Lots of community members in town!

#photography #vsco #lisbon #stickerArt

A sticker, with a car going by the post where it’s glued to.
6 months ago

Cabbage Babies - [UrbanLegend/Childlore*] - A common fib told by parents to their children to dodge the question: "where do babies come from???" "Oh, we found you in the cabbage patch"... Clearly, the most fearsome of all critters, is Man...
• Full post:
• Etsy:
(Happy April 1st 🥸)

#folklore #UrbanLegend #childlore #aprilfools #stickerart #samkalensky #vintagepostcards #mastoart

a vintage Cabbage Patch postcard from Germany, 1906! read full post for more info!

This illustration of a monarch butterfly I did several years ago is still one of my favorites. It's available as shown here on a sheet of vinyl contour stickers, and on other items in my shop at Zazzle.

If you like my artwork/designs, I very much appreciate boosts, thank you!


#butterfly #MonarchButterfly #sticker #stickers #StickerArt #art #artist #MastoArt #FediArt #artwork #digitalArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #BuyArtNotCandy #GiftThemArt #SupportArtists #HumanArt #HumanArtist #DigitalArt #ad

A photo of a sheet of 9 realistic monarch butterfly stickers on a white table viewed from the top. There are some peach colored flowers in the upper left corner, a quartz crystal center top, and the corners of some brown and tan thin notebooks at top right. There is a pen and pencil to the left, and the edges of light blue and pink papers or notebooks partially showing to the left, under the sheet of stickers.
✨ Pepper Raccoon ✨
8 months ago

They're READY!!! You've got just five days left to join my P/a/treon for January at the Sticker Paws or Cool Trash Cat tier and get yourself these epic rewards.

🧃 Up n' Gone Sticker
🥤 Fueled By Spite Soda Holo Sparkle Sticker
😈 Fueled By Spite Art Print


January has been dead and my Patreon has been a massive, massive help to my ability to keep operating, every patron is deeply appreciated!

#CreativeToots #MastoArt #NZTwits #Art #Stickerart #Sticker

An image of a hand holding a large bright sticker of a can of soda that reads Fueled By Spite, So Salty, You Say I Can't, I Crack A Can!
An image of a hand holding an illustrated sticker of a box of Up n' Gone, with labels that read "Now With More Slime", "Trash Treats" "Fuck This Shiiit", "I'm Outta Here"
A flatlay of an art print and two stickers, the art print and one of the stickers is a Fueled By Spite soda can, and the other sticker is Up n' Gone breakfast drink.
An informational graphic detailing the January Rewards from Pepper Raccoon, at the Sticker Paw Tier, you get 1x Up n' Gone glossy sticker, at the Cool Trash Cat Tier, you get 2x stickers, the Up n' Gone and Spite Soda sparkle sticker, plus a mini print of the Spite Soda design.