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in #Asia #Pacific side, growing percentage of #Australia's #mortgage holders are under extreme financial #stress due to rising interest rates and #inflation.

6 hours ago

I'm inadvertently testing to see how often a person can get this stress rating and stay alive. Literally 5 days per week, every week.

#garmin #stress

Garmin Stress Notice: You had almost no restful moments on this day. Stress consumes your body's resources. If you are stressed for long periods of time, you may become exhausted.

Live stream of my week, courtesy of the animator Kiszkiloszki.


#Animation #Stress #Chaos #Aaaaaa #Breathe #Meditate

Animated illustration of a man with large bushy hair and a large bushy mustache slowly waking up in bed and immediately screaming with red eyes wide open. This continues through many scenarios of a day: driving, working at a computer, eating, brushing teeth, etc. There are clips of other things emulating his eyes/screams: the sun, a dog, his food, people on TV, etc. When things go silent in a couple places we see social media posts with the text ‘aaaaaa’ and a like action.
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Quand tu passes une très mauvaise nuit, en crise d'#angoisse car t'as un recommandé en attente depuis 2 jours, inattendu, "qu'elle #emmerde va me tomber dessus, qu'est ce que j'ai fais de mal"
Tu décides d'aller le retirer, le matin...à 9h car #laposte ouvre qu'aux horaires où t'es sensé être au boulot.
Finalement c'est un compte rendu d'AG de syndic. Syndic auquel t'as déjà donné plusieurs fois ton accord pour dématérialiser les recommandés.

#3615malife #administration #stress #administration

Anja Reul
2 days ago

Wer seine Heimat verlassen muss & auf der #Flucht lange, oft gefährliche #Fluchtrouten mit Phasen extremer #Angst, #Stress, #Ausbeutung & #Gewalt überlebt hat, kämpft nicht selten mit psychischen Folgen & braucht #psychologischeHilfe.
Gerade an dieser mangelt es aber👇🏻

Flucht & #Migration
Rund eine Million psychisch kranker #Flüchtlinge in Deutschland


Serhii Nazarovets
2 days ago

I rarely mention the publications of my colleagues, so today I’m promoting the work of Olena Lytvynenko from Grinchenko University, who, together with @lauramkoenig at the University of Bayreuth, presented the results of a study in AP:HWB on how stress, depression, and anxiety affected the diet of Ukrainian refugees in 🇩🇪 :


It was quite expected – many of my fellow countrymen tried to eat stress away. 🍔 🍟

#stress #anxiety #depressive #refugee #foodintake

Correlations between eating behaviors and psycho-emotional states of Ukrainian refugees.
dott. Alessandro Pedrazzi
2 days ago

🗣️​👥​ Prosegue il nostro lungo approfondimento sul mobbing e, nella puntata di questa settimana, si raggiunge il nucleo patologico causato dal mobbing, ovvero l'innalzamento del fattore PA #piscologoinrete #mobbing #psicologia #psicologiaonline #problemiallavoro #problemilavorativi #stresslavorocorrelato #Pedrazzi #costrittività #marginalizzazione #demansionamento #giuslavorista #centrostress #stress #pa #paranoideo

2 days ago

This anxiety is widespread, impacting individuals who find themselves preoccupied with worries about what the future holds.
#lifestyle #jobs #financial #money #stress #mentalhealth #2024 #anxiety

dott. Alessandro Pedrazzi
2 days ago

📣​🏭​ Proseguiamo il nostro approfondimento video in tema mobbing e violenza psicologica sul posto di lavoro ed iniziamo ad inaugurare la sezione che approfondisce i disturbi psicofisici conseguenti a questi fenomeni. #psicologoinrete #psicologia #mobbing #problemilavorativi #stresslavorativo #stresslavorocorrelato #stress #ansia #esaurimentonervoso #attaccodipanico

Sampath Pāṇini ®
2 days ago

Somehow, we managed to dial into and collaborate via conference calls without this challenge.

Maybe there are other reasons for the under-stimulation?

#stress #fatigue #stimulation #collaboration #Zoom #ConferenceCall #culture #COVID19

Adam Grant 
Zoom fatigue is not burnout. It's boreout.
New study: when meetings are virtual,
we're not overwhelmed—we're
understimulated. Cardiac measures show
drowsiness, not stress.
The antidotes are common sense but not
common practice: fewer, shorter, more
interactive online meetings.
Matthias Stanke
3 days ago

Ich frage mich, welchen Nutzen hat man von dem ganzen #SocialMedia Kram?

Im grossen und ganzem erzeugt es doch bei den meisten #Menschen #Stress und schlimmeres.

Alles viel zu schnell für unser Spatzenhirn.

3 days ago

I have a friend who has now become my #work manager. Navigating the new friend/work relationship is stressing me more than it should.

It's not like I would put us in jeopardy, but I'm worried about all the what-if scenarios. I need to get a grip #mentalhealth #ramblings #offloading #stress

Prokrastination ist ein vielschichtiges Thema, für das es ebenso viele Lösungen gibt. Ein Überblick in Listen-Form.

Woher kommt eigentlich Prokrastination und warum sehen wir sie so negativ?

Kein Zweifel, Prokrastination hat einen negativen Ruf, dabei muss sie nicht zwangsläufig negativ sein. #Digitization #Motivation #Strategy #Stress #Success #TimeManagement

4 days ago

#science #stress Listening to Dr. Elisabeth Binder's presentation (ACNP2023), led me to this paper of hers from 2019--fascinating stuff, on how early childhood adversity -> stress -> transcriptomic response -> physiological responses -> increased risk for mental health problems.

This is in mice, but in today's talk she was talking about UK Biobank genetics and similar relationships (genetics anyway).

🥳 _-/\-_ 🤯
4 days ago

Customer to the team: „we really need to focus on finishing PBIs to get the work done and reach our sprint goal“

Me thinking: what the fuck do you think I do all day long?

Do these people really think that work will get done faster by putting pressure and stress on the dev team?
No, it will definitely not.

But people will be more pissed on the day job and work will result with less quality, because everyone will focus on get shit done as fast as possible and not get it done right. That’s not sustainable (I hate that word, but it’s the most suitable here).
Artificial pressure from people in leading positions is the worst thing you can do to a development team and really drains motivation. If people in a leading position can’t handle pressure and stress, but simply forward it to the dev team then they are not the right person for the job.

#Stress #Pressure #Work #JobLife #Job #DevLife #Dev #Engineer #Teams

4 days ago

Alle Jahre wieder… ...die schönste Zeit des Jahres?. Alle Jahre wieder ist Weihnachten. Das Fest der Familie. Das Fest der Liebe. Friede auf der ganzen Welt. Wahrscheinlich ließe sich die Liste der idealen Weihnachtswelt noch...
#Jugendarbeit #Berufsschule #ReligionEdu #FediLZ #Kirche #Sekundarstufe #advent #ankommen #jahreszeit #stress #weihnachten

Joni Horinoita
4 days ago

I don't know what causes routines become a stressful burden to me quite quickly, but I have to say life without routines is really carefree.

Am I allowed to enjoy this?

Why do people think a lot of routines makes life so much better?

#routines #stress

4 days ago

It’s 2023, going into year 4 of the pandemic.

#Poll #Pandemic #Stress #Burnout

Susanne Müllner
4 days ago

#Entspannung auf Gutschein? - Na klar! 😊

Ich habe meine Angebote für's 1. Hj. 2024 in einen Flyer gepackt - zum Download:

Man kann ihn z.B. samt #Weihnachtsgutschein (bei mir erhältl.) einem lieben #Menschen schenken.
Bestellung bitte bis 12.12. (bin dann verreist)!

#Auszeiten #MBSR #PME #Meditation #Gesundheit #Stress #Prävention #Stressprävention #Achtsamkeit #Mitgefühl #Selbstfürsorge #Reisen #FrankfurtMain #Hessen #Gutschein #Advent #Weihnachten #Geschenke

Adventskranz, weiße und rote Sterne und Äpfel als Schmuck
Was immer die neuen Propheten des Zeitmanagements behaupten: Zeit „sparen“ zu wollen, weiß die Philosophie, produziert eher Leid als Linderung. Gegen das Stressregime helfen aber kann eine Zeit, die nicht nach Minuten und Stunden zählt. Und diese Tiefenzeit ist gar nicht so schwer zu finden.#Freund-Wieland #Odell #Jenny #Sachbücher #Wallace #DavidFosterSchriftsteller #Zeitrechnung #Zeitmessung #Stress #Zeitmanagement
Psychologie: Wie man die Zeit wiederfindet, indem man sie verliert
5 days ago

#Astuces pour s’entretenir facilement les journées chargées : 6 #conseils simples pour bouger sans #stress même lors des journées les plus chargées.

5 days ago

I really gotta stop listening to radio with ads late at night.

Just listening to classical music tryna sleep and on comes an ad telling me I could have left the oven hob on by accident.

Dude my anxiety..

#sleep #radio #anxiety #stress

ABC Feeds
5 days ago

It's beginning to look a lot like burnout: How to take care of yourself before the holidays start

To finish the year feeling good, try putting these techniques into practice and prepare for a restful break, write Sophie Scott and Gordon Parker.

#Psychology #MentalHealth #Christmas #Leisure #Work #Stress

6 days ago

"Die Arbeitszeiten sind kurz wie nie, viele müssen nur noch selten ins Büro und haben intelligente Maschinen, die ihnen bei vielen Tätigkeiten helfen. Warum nur sind alle immer so gehetzt?"

#brandeins #stress

DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
1 week ago
Kleine Pausen sind wie Energietankstellen im Alltag. Man muss sie sich nur nehmen. Hier lernen Sie, wie das gelingt.#Leben #SPIEGELCoaching #Stress
Coaching Stress reduzieren: Erholung trainieren
1 week ago

Schenke deinem Paketboten ein Lächeln!

Beim Tatort am 1. Advent dreht sich alles um den Stress vor Weihnachten. Alle wollen rechtzeitig ihre Pakete, das kann schon zum ein oder anderen Konflikt führen.

#ARD #DasErste #Koln #BallaufUndSchenk #Weihnachten #Vorweihnachtszeit #Paketbote #Geschenke #Stress #Akkordarbeit

Tatort-Kritik aus Köln „Des anderen Last“: Alle Kommissare stehen nebeinander auf einem Weihnachtsmarkt. (Foto: ard-foto s2-intern/extern, WDR / Bavaria Fiction GmbH / Martin Valentin Menke)
DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
1 week ago
Wer sich immer mehr zumutet, bemerkt manchmal gar nicht, dass die Belastungsgrenze fast erreicht ist. Mit diesem Check finden Sie heraus, ob Sie die Herausforderungen gut meistern oder im Dauerstress unterzugehen drohen.#Stress #Leben #SPIEGELCoaching
Selbsttest zur Stressbelastung: Sind Sie leistungsstark oder doch schon im Burn-on?
1 week ago

Letzter Tag meiner bisherigen Arbeit.
Bald sind 3 Stunden Zugfahrt geschafft und ich darf mich in Besprechungen, Abschied und Orga-Kram stürzen.
Ich bin so froh, wenn dieser Tag geschafft ist und ich wieder im Zug nachhause sitze.
#Erwerbsarbeit #Abschied #Stress

Inside the Red Head's Head
1 week ago

It’s 4:30. I have one hour left in the work day. It feels like an eternity.

This has been a long one. I am in the office today and I really wish I had been able to work from home. I really miss Jen today. I always miss Jen when I am not near her, but today has felt so much worse. I just want to go home and have dinner with her and relax a little. She has a computer hardware project she wants to do tonight. I can help out a little. It will be fun.

I am not sure what the problem was today. It has just felt like an endless grind of a day. That happens sometimes. It’s actually been quiet and calm, but it’s not at home and somehow that makes quiet and calm feel stressful. Weird, eh?

53 minutes until quittin’ time. I can make it. Who knows how long the commute will be. It’s pitch dark outside already (stupid non-daylight savings time). It’s 34 degrees out. It will probably be below freezing by the time I leave. I really don’t like this time of year. Blah.

Okay, let’s make that last hour of the work day productive. What do you say. Get some work done and then go home to where you belong.

ADDENDUM: Almost immediately after publishing this post we got pulled into an escalated issue for one of our biggest customers. So much for calm and quiet.

#commute #Family #inTheOffice #irrationalStress #returnToTheOffice #Stress #work #workFromTheOffice

1 week ago

Ehrlich gesagt, ich pers. weiss nicht ganz was ich davon halten soll aber nur #Stress bringt sicherlich niemensch weiter. Doch mMn sollten dies auch die #Firmen selber.

»Burnout vorbeugen: Lob der #Faul'heit, Lob der Güte:
Bill Gates soll gesagt haben, für einen schwierigen #Job suche er immer den faulsten #Mitarbeiter - denn der werde einen einfachen Weg dafür finden. Daran kann man sich ein Beispiel nehmen, sagt Coach Karin Probst und gibt #Tipps gegen #Burnout


1 week ago

Wuah ich hab #verpennt, jetzt hab ich #Stress… 😲

Dr. Steve Thompson
1 week ago

"Ayurvedic Plants Boost Stress and Depression Resilience"

"The study found that Ayurvedic medicinal plants, particularly Withania somnifera (ashwagandha) and Centella asiatica, can improve the flies’ resilience to chronic stress when used prophylactically.

Interestingly, the team identified chlorogenic acid, found in Centella asiatica and other botanicals like coffee beans, as a key anti-stress substance."

#stress #depression #mentalhealth #ashwagandha #coffee

If you’re experiencing a lot of stress from current events, you are cordially invited to a Primal Scream event to get some of your frustrations out. We'll all get together on Zoom and have a good yell together. I'm scheduling this for December 17th, 11:00am PST - 11:20am PST via Zoom.

If you can't make this event, I invite you to give a good scream that day on your own. 😊

More details here:

Tagging @scream seems appropriate.


2 weeks ago

Um mit Loriot zu sprechen: „Morgen bringe ich sie um.“

#stress #exhausted #MentalHealth #SelfCare

Es ist so absurd, dass es lustig wäre, würde ich nicht mittendrin stecken.

Verschläft man den halben Tag, ist es verlockend, auch die restlichen Stunden im Bett zu verbringen. Mit einfachen Tricks kann trotzdem noch ein produktiver Tag gelingen.#Ratgeber #Arbeitnehmer #Arbeitgeber #Beruf #Psychologie #Schlafstörungen #Schlaf #Stress #Depression
Prioritäten setzen: Halben Tag verschlafen? So wird man doch noch produktiv
2 weeks ago

I constantly feel screaming.
Mrs Mike has said she constantly feels like crying.

We've got a really busy week ahead - although some of it is of our own making, some of it is stuff we've been manipulated into (and it's too late to back out of).
A lot of the stuff we're doing is supposed to be 'fun' or 'nice' - but it don't look it from here

Most of the stress is rooted in our daughter's situation.

It'll be better this time next week.

#Carers #mentalHealth #stress

News18 India
2 weeks ago

The blades of the augering machine drilling through the rubble of the collapsed tunnel were on Saturday stuck in the debris, forcing officials to consider switching to other options that could drag on the rescue by several weeks more
#UttarakhandTunnelRescue #MobilePhones #BoardGames #Stress

Elsa & Balou
2 weeks ago

Unser Städtchen im Münsterland 🏘️
erwachte heute bei kühlnassen 2 Grad und für den Nachmittag sind ein paar Sonnenblitzer angekündigt. ☀️

Von Herzen wünsche ich euch, ihr Lieben, 🧡
einen Samstag ohne allzuviel Stress, einen Tag, an dem all eure Planungen gelingen, ihr ein wenig die unschönen Nachrichten ausblenden könnt und euch von nichts und niemandem ärgern lasst! ☺️

#Samstag #Wetter #Stress

Sonnenstrahlen fallen von rechts in einen Wald.
Verđandi K Soldusty
2 weeks ago

I'd forgotten how much fun public transport is once you start using the trains & need to change trains 😖.

#ActuallyAutistic #Confusing #NoInfo #Anxiety #Stress

Across the world, we’re seeing unprecedented levels of mental illness at all ages, from children to the very old – with huge costs to families, communities and economies.
In this series we investigate what’s causing this crisis, and report on the latest research to improve people’s mental health at all stages of life.

#Anxiety #Coronavirus #COVID-19 #Depression #Mental illness #Pandemic #Psychology #Stress #Suicide #Wellbeing
Mental health News, Research and Analysis - The Conversation
Vicky Blake UCU
2 weeks ago

The national health and safety regulator (HSE) has issued a notification of contravention (which means improvement is required) to #UCU after @UniteUCU lodged concerns over increases in work-related stress absences and high workloads.

This is a very serious failure and an issue a group of us raised with the UCU trustees in July.

#HealthAndSafety #Stress

2 weeks ago

High levels of maternal stress during pregnancy linked to children's behavior problems #health #stress #pregnancy #children

2 weeks ago

A (Microsoft initiated) study shows that back-to-back meetings create considerable stress to our brains. Make sure you get enough recovery time!

#wayofworking #stress #meetings

Brain activity mapping plots of a sequence of four meetings. In the top row with back-to-back meetings showing significant red zones (presumably indicating strain). In the bottom row brain activity mapping remained quite green/blue.
2 weeks ago

Reminder to take time and decompress this week as needed
#cranberries #stress #comic #comics #MastoArt

A comic drawing of a jellied cranberry sauce in the shape of a can looking stressed. A though bubble reads “I really need to decompress”
T. T. Perry
2 weeks ago
Robert Roy Britt
2 weeks ago

#War, #inflation and other national and world affairs top the list of worries for the average American today, followed by fear of respiratory infections, a new survey reveals. While most of us don't have much control over the financial system or global conflict, this article offers a strategy for dealing with all this #anxiety and our overall #health concerns amid the #stress of the holidays.

According to the #Department of #Health and Human Services, for most healthy #adults it is recommended to get at least #150minutes of #moderate #aerobic activity per #week to #manage #stress [1]. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also states that 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity can help reduce the risk of depression and anxiety and improve brain health[3]. (1/4)

3 weeks ago

an interesting thesis in #environmental #psychology 🇵🇹

"Promoting individual adaptation to extreme heat weather events: the role of affective and socio-cognitive factors in situational appraisals of challenge or threat"

#heatwave #climatechange
#coping #stress #emotion

I'm not a bad person if I choose to ingest the news once a week, right?

The daily madness is getting to be a bit much and I'm not sure we have much to gain from it. If it's something truly imperative that I need to know that day, I'll probably hear about it by accident.

I dunno', what do you think? What's the right balance to stay informed without losing your inner calm?
#news #information #fatigue #stress

4 weeks ago

@Snowshadow The article completely misses the main reason why this is potentially so dramatically good for 'the environment' (viz the #oceans).
It is quiet.
It doesn't pump interminable screeches and rumbles into the sea as with all motorised #ships and #boats causing untold #stress to #sea life for miles around.
After nearly 200 years of constantly increasing levels of oceanic #noise #pollution this is possibly the first serious step forward in reducing it.
#acoustics #wildlife #fish #whales

Finally got a work albatross off my back after months. It was causing me such anxiety it was hard for me to even spend time on it. What’s worse is that it was a change forced upon us without any guidance on low impact solutions or consultation. I really loathe them. Bad IT.

I’m just glad it’s finally done. Spending time with family for a few days. It’ll be a nice break. (Exhale)

#work #stress #anxiety #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD @actuallyautistic

Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
1 month ago

Grosse vague de panique dans la voiture en revenant de mon entretien d'embauche - j'ai cru avoir oublie d'eteindre le gaz sous la casserole de soupe 😱
evidemment, j'imaginais la maison en feu et les camions de pompier dans la rue...
heureusement, j'y avais pense avant de partir. Je me deteste, des fois... 😞
#IHateMyBrain #ADHD #Stress

1 month ago

> Emotional stress.. implicated in disorders of the blood vessels and the heart.
"Physicians have long felt that the rapid pace of modern civilization might somehow be contributing to the development of heart disease," notes a report by the National Heart Institute...
#MurrayBookchin on #stress #EmotionalStress and #IndustrialCivilization in #OurSyntheticEnvironment with
the #NationalHeartInstitute

Animated Short Of The Day
1 month ago

Disquietude (2022) [4 min] by Emma Chai, Brissa Corona, Petunia Qin, Bianca Rodriguez-Holliday and Fred Zeng | #USA

#2D #2DAnimation #AnimatedShort #AnimatedShortOfTheDay #Animation #Anxiety #Stress #Cat #Outside #ACCD

@rob Yeah, my next week or so is going to be about one of THOSE kinds of work projects too. #PDA and #burnout are a pain, seriously. #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #stress #hyperfocus

Lisa Hamilton
1 month ago

I am feeling very #thankful for #NFL because it gives me a whole day of not thinking about all the bad things in the news and the world or even the #stress in my life 🏈

Milcom Miasma
1 month ago

Things that are better without 2.7 million other people living in your town.

1. The airport - it's a 15 minute drive and a 10 minute wait for luggage. And the long-term parking lot is a 3 minute walk to our one and only gate.

2. Winter driving - lots fewer cars which means lots fewer poor decisions with bad consequences. It still happens but not at the rate of several per minute.


When I was a little kid and my mom needed some peace and quiet, she would hand me some crayons and a coloring book. Turns out, coloring books are good for your brain health. Thanks, Mom!

🖍️ 🧠 🙌🏻

#3mr #BrainHealth #SelfCareSunday #SelfCare #parenting #stress #StressRelief #LifeCoach #author #art #colorTheory #newsletter #growthMindset #MentalHealth

Wow. This is everything, all in one article, that I teach so many of my clients:

"You feel worn out because you *are* worn out. We've been taught this is the virtuous way to live.

Would you like to reconsider that?" ❤

@dyckron #stress #joy #health #overwhelm #chronicPain #lifeExpectancy

Danai Riga
2 months ago

Happy & proud to share our latest work with the #bluespot community, #locuscoeruleus enthusiasts, and anyone else willing to read 😉

4 years ago, we had the idea that endogenous neuromodulatory systems are in place that control LC activity, thereby promoting adaptive behavioral responses in challenging environments.

We examined the role of Neuropeptide Y, as a possible candidate system for this, and identified a new population of #NPY-expressing neurons, distributed in the pericoerulean space.

We showed that peri-LC NPY cells innervate the region, providing #NPY input onto #noradrenergic neurons of the LC, and strongly inhibiting their activity, via Y1Rs.

Next, we showed that chemogenetic stimulation of NPY cells led to anxiety-relief, via Y1Rs, and conversely, inhibition of NPY neurons triggered an anxiogenic phenotype.

Together, we showed a novel role for NPY-mediated #neuromodulation of the LC in adaptive behaviors.

We re happy to hear your thoughts /ideas /feedback on our data.

Please share/boost. Happy reading 🔵

#preprint #neuroscience #systemsneuro #ephys #stress

2 months ago

@evacide This will cause serious problems with #moderation staff's #MentalHealth too. Forget all the crap you read about what gives us long-term #stress and years of #PTSD, most of that is crap that is pushed by inexperienced #TrustAndSafety managers and tool vendors. The major factor for an experienced vocational worker is agency, ethics, and the deep down knowledge that they are doing good.


matsuko (they/she)
2 months ago

Is it a sign of maturity that I'm prioritizing what I'm currently stressed about? 😂
#adulting #venting #stress #school #work #moving

2 months ago

How do we best integrate #mindfulness into every day life? Something I'm going to try is just being mindful for a few seconds each time I look at a clock. This should track nicely with my level of #stress and feelings of pressure. What techniques do you use to create moments of calm in a busy world? 🙂

an old pocket watch
2 months ago

Is anyone else just constantly overwhelmed with everything right now?

#stress #world #unemployment

FF255 🇫🇷 🇪🇺
2 months ago

Dans le cadre de l'événement #SuperDemain, organisé par l'association lyonnaise #FréquenceÉcoles, une #Masterclass en ligne (via Zoom 🤢 ) présentée par Dorie Bruyas et Margot Sarret, respectivement directrice et designeuse pédagogique de l'asso, est programmée cet après-midi, de 13h à 14h :

#Numérique #Éducation #Émotion #Harcèlement #Scolaire #Stress

Such #stress
very overwhelm

#cat #CatsOfMastodon

Brown and white cat in a leather office chair on her back exposing a belly full of white fluff and all four paws in the air.
dbat :godot:
2 months ago

Brain fog and the inability to focus. A daily degrading of your ability to anything. Increasing stress and decreasing ability to cope. It all leads to not caring and a kind of winding-down to death.

You *might* have sleep apnea.

Turns out I do. News to me. Get help, it's fatal in so many ways.

🦇 💤 🛏️

#SleepApnea #heart_failure #BrainFog #Stress #Fatigue #CPAP

There's an epidemic of #stress in the #workplace; I wonder why?


& that's before we get onto the UK's bullying & dysfunctional management style, the general perception that the UK's state institutions are failing, and that the #climatecrisis now seems inevitably damaging to everyday life...

that people are stressed should be no surprise; stress is about seeing a desired end & having no agency to get to it!

Out of necessity I have forced myself to be singularly focused on tackling some clutter demons that have built up during COVID. I may not get to 100% by the time family arrives but I will do my best to get as close as possible.

This was many layered issues, enhanced by isolation and stress surrounding COVID and struggling to get school district to do the needful. It’s nice to emerge, but I see some goals here out of this mess.

#stress #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD @actuallyautistic

While I accept that I'm *very* lucky to be able to retire early (which I did 2 years ago) & into a pretty stable financial situation....

the thing that has become pretty obvious to me over the last 24 months is the level of background #stress & tension I had been working under for pretty much my entire working life of 43 years...

because, now its (very obviously) just not there.... it makes me realise #workers need even more managerial reform than I had presumed!

#economic reform is urgent!

3 months ago

Ehrenamt (liche) stärken:

Am 16.09.23 veranstaltet die Stadt #LandauinderPfalz zusammen mit #StarkimEhrenamt einen Workshoptag für #ehrenamtliche

Meldet Euch an, teilt den trööt oder sagt es weiter - wir freuen uns auf Euch!

#ehrenamt #landau #landauinderpfalz #workshop #stress #resilienz #kommunikation #strategie #verein #unterstützung

Sumana Harihareswara
3 months ago

Some typical responses to different levels of #stress in this infographic that lists criteria for different areas on the "stress continuum". I can use this to remind myself that I won't always feel as I feel now (for better and worse).

Thriving: “I got this.”
Surviving: “Something isn’t right.”
Struggling: “I can’t keep this up.”
In Crisis: “I can’t survive this.”


from via @kottke

#burnout #selfcare #depression

4 columns, left to right

Thriving: “I got this.” [green]

Calm and steady with minor mood fluctuations
Able to take things in stride
Consistent performance
Able to take feedback and to adjust to changes of plans
Able to focus
Able to communicate effectively
Normal sleep patterns and appetite

Surviving: “Something isn’t right.” [yellow]

Nervousness, sadness, increased mood fluctuations
Inconsistent performance
More easily overwhelmed or irritated
Increased need for control and difficulty adjusting to changes
Trouble sleeping or eating
Activities and relationships you used to enjoy seem less interesting or even stressful
Muscle tension, low energy, headaches

Struggling: “I can’t keep this up.” [orange]

Persistent fear, panic, anxiety, anger, pervasive sadness, hopelessness
Poor performance and difficulty making decisions or concentrating
Avoiding interaction with coworkers, family, and friends
Fatigue, aches and pains
Restless, disturbed sleep
Self-medicating with substances, food, or other numbing activities

In Crisis: “I can’t survive this.” [red]

Disabling distress and loss of function
Panic attacks
Nightmares or flashbacks
Unable to fall or stay asleep
Intrusive thoughts
Thoughts of self-harm or suicide
Easily enraged or aggressive
Careless mistakes and inability to focus
Feeling numb, lost, or out of control
Withdrawal from relationships
Dependence on substances, food,
or other numbing activities to cope

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3 months ago

Der gefühlte Raum zwischen #Langeweile und #Stress, zwischen Zeit haben und vollem Terminkalender ist sehr klein.

#gedanken #bauchgefuehl

Tiffaney MB
3 months ago

Don’t allow the stress of thinking about the days ahead to steal your present peace.

One breath at a time.

One thought at a time.

One day at a time.

Peace. ❤️

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3 months ago

Hexagon tile magnet slider prototype. Produced October 2022. Colorless epoxy resin. 4mm magnets. 49mm diameter. 12.4mm thick. 24.4 grams. Polished up to 800 grit. Not for sale. #resin #epoxy #fidget #magnets #hexagon #worrystone #desktoy #everydaycarry #edc #adhd #neurodiversity #autism #anxiety #slider #handmade #sensory #stim #stress #haptic #oddlysatisfying

A Pretty Good Jason
3 months ago

Just got word that our power is back. Time to clean out the fridge and get this hurdle behind us, then focus on the basement. Plumbers said it might take a few days to get back to us since they are focusing on storm emergencies. Which is actually kinda comforting in a weird way because they don't think our thing is pooling fast enough to be considered an emergency. Fans and dehumidifiers are back on to help on that front.

Everything's comin' up Millhouse!

#SilverLining #stress #flooding

A Pretty Good Jason
3 months ago

Personal update: water has been slowly accumulating in the basement (where our bedroom is) since Tuesday. Restorers have ripped up the carpet and most of the drywall, but a storm knocked the power out since Thursday evening, so they can't continue and the dehumidifiers aren't working. We still haven't found the source of the leak so we have no idea how much this will cost us to fix. School starts Monday, I've missed a week of work, our house is unlivable, and there's no potential end date/cost to this whole thing.

I realize that less than a week of stressors is pretty light on the grand scale of things, so I hope this isn't coming off as whiny. I need to vent at a place that will not transfer the stress to my kids.

We have a safe place to stay for now.

#stress #flooding #PowerOutage

4 months ago

I had a walk today and listened to the birds.

Did you know that birdsong lowers stress?

Even if you live in a city where the birds are drowned out by traffic, construction, or landscaping noise, you can still listen to birdsong through headphones -- it has a similar effect!

#MentalHealth #Stress #Birds

The Conversation U.S.
4 months ago

The 988 hotline is for anybody experiencing distress, anywhere in the United States.

You can call for yourself, for someone in your family or a friend. It’s available 24/7, and it’s free and confidential.

#health #mentalhealth #stress #PSA

Koos Looijesteijn
4 months ago

At a previous job, #HR promoted #mindfulness #meditation. I think that program was very successful. Not because it helped reduce #stress.

I mean it did that. And with that, it probably made me more productive and more pleasant to work with.

But it also prevented me from thinking about why I was stressed. Mindfulness disassociates the self from emotions. I am not what I feel. It wasn't the job's tight deadlines or high expectations that was causing me stress. It was cognitive dissonance.

Deep down, I knew some of my work wasn't beneficial to society. That much of it was strengthening extractive #business practices. That it benefited only a few already rich share holders and some customers. But I believed in our 'mission' and that belief clashed with the other realizations. Mindfullness meditation helped me not to worry about it at night and be a good coworker the next day.

I still think mindfulness meditation can be good—I still practice it when I feel overwhelmed. But I hope that people who are sad, anxious or angry at a well-paid job let their emotions run free and #rage against how societies are messing things up. And then decide about what they really need in life.

4 months ago

Wir müssen mal über #Arbeitsschutz in der #IT und anderen Bürojobs sprechen. Ich hatte heute von 08:30-12:50 durchgängig Teams-Calls. 7 Calls aus 4 Projekten. Das kann auf Dauer nicht gut gehen.

Wieviele Calls habt Ihr so am Tag? Wie fühlt Ihr Euch damit? Haltet Ihr das für sinnvoll und/oder gesund? Kommt Ihr noch zu echter Arbeit? Springt Ihr oft zwischen Themen?

Gerne in der #Umfrage und im Kommentar beteiligen. Gerne Boosten. #boost #stress #burnout #teams

Peter Spork
5 months ago

Viele von euch werden wissen, wie schwierig es ist, #Stress exakt zu erfassen. Wirklich zuverlässige Aussagen liefert nur Cortisol-Messung. In meiner heutigen #SporksScienceNews berichte ich über Zukunft der #Stress-Messung: Kooperation entwickelte Gerät, das über bis zu 72 h hinweg alle 20 Min Hormonproben von Menschen einsammelt.

Heutige Technik schafft das schwerlich über 24 Stunden hinweg u schon gar nicht im Schlaf o bei der Arbeit. Wenn man aber das mögliche Risiko eines Menschen für ein Stressleiden wie #Depressionen, starkes #Übergewicht (#Adipositas), Typ-2-#Diabetes und zum Teil sogar #Krebs verringern möchte, sollte man wissen, wann, wie und warum diese Person gefährlichen #Stress erlebt.

Eine Messung am Tag, für die jemand womöglich sogar zum Arzt gehen muss, ist hier wenig zielführend. Forschende bewerten die neue Technik deshalb als Revolution.
Erfahrt mehr in meinem heutigen #Newsletter, der #SporksScienceNews Nr. 96