Kevin Russell
23 hours ago


That Aint HALF the problem with this design failure.

Laughter comes first, then shock at the design idiocy.


"I brought the Truck, just throw your bike in the back."


#Dumb #ugly #stupid #Tesla #musk


Photo of Tesla Truck in a parking garage looking ugly with half a bicycle in the  "bed" of the truck, and the other half dangling out the back.
Russ Swan
1 day ago

Well surprise surprise. Brexit was voted for by the stupid. #brexit #stupid

NEWS RELEASE 22-NOV-2023 Cognitive ability mattered in the UK's vote for Brexit. Peer-Reviewed Publication. UNIVERSITY OF BATH. New research from the University of Bath’s School of Management finds that higher cognitive ability was strongly linked to voting to Remain in the 2016 UK referendum on European Union Membership. The study shows that cognitive skills including memory, verbal fluency, fluid reasoning and numerical reasoning, were correlated with how people decided to vote. Lead author Dr Chris Dawson, from the University of Bath’s School of Management, said: “This study adds to existing academic evidence showing that low cognitive ability makes people more susceptible to misinformation and disinformation. People with lower cognitive ability and analytical thinking skills find it harder to detect and discount this type of information. “We know that evidence has been put forward that information provided to the public in the months leading up to the referendum was contradictory, false and often fraudulent, especially regarding the pro-Leave campaign, and that this information proliferated on social media platforms.” The research found that, of the people with the lowest cognitive ability, only 40% voted Remain, whereas 73% of those with the highest cognitive ability voted Remain.
Ogie Ogilthorpe ✅
1 week ago

My favorite day of the year is tomorrow. Because it’s the day after #BlackFriday and videos will be posted of #stupid people #fighting over TVs.

blue linden
1 week ago

@paninid AI is just now learning how to use twitter and is hashtagging everything it can (#ai #is #kinda #stupid)

Jack William Bell
1 week ago

So Sam Altman was fired for creating Skynet?

> #OpenAI researchers warned board of #AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster, sources say.

The project in question is called 'Q*'/'Q-Star' – leading me to wonder if this AI is the source for the Q conspiracy theories. The fact the AI can do math on the level of a grade-school student while consuming vast amounts of CPU bolsters this theory.

And now everything about Trump makes sense.

(Narrator: No it doesn't.)

#stupid #WTF

1 week ago

Charla de Charles Stross, autor de ciencia ficción, en Next Frontiers Applied Fiction Day (Día de la Ficción de las Próximas Fronteras Aplicadas) en Stuttgart el viernes 10 de noviembre de 2023.

Describe muy bien las filosofías de Elon, Thiel, Bezos, Zuckerberg y demás billonarios idiotas. 😒

Y lo que cuenta es aterrador. 😱

Lamentamos haber creado el Nexo del Tormento - El diario de Charlie (Stross)

"Me gustaría explicar por qué yo, y otros autores de ciencia ficción, somos terribles guías para el futuro. Lo cual no importaría, excepto que un montón de multimillonarios están en los titulares en este momento porque prestan demasiada atención a personas como yo"

We're sorry we created the Torment Nexus - Charlie's Diary

#Talk #SF #stupid #billionaires #musk #bezos #thiel #tescreal

Frankie ✅
1 week ago

Guess Who Just Brought Back Pizzagate?

Days after promoting antisemitism, Elon Musk has moved to another vile conspiracy theory.

#news #birdsite #elonmusk #pizzagate #stupid #qanon #cult45

Garry Knight
1 week ago

Disabled people must work from home to do ‘their duty’, says UK minister

'People with mobility and mental health problems should work from home or lose benefits under new policy'

Apparently, those Tories and their friends just aren't rich enough yet, so they need more workers and a far bigger income gap between themselves and the poor. About as stupid as they ever get, and will lead obviously to worse physical and mental health.

#Tories #ukpol #stupid

Personally not a fan of this trend of splitting game reviews into MP and SP separately. In most cases you still have to buy both together. The overall score should reflect the overall package value. This method in many ways just allows publishes to exploit user perceptions. I guess further reason to stop trusting big company reviews ..
#gaming #rant #reviews #stupid

Liberal senator at a loss to explain immigration detention quick fix

Of course he was. He is stupid beyond belief. Growing facial hair and wearing black rimmed glasses doesn't help.

Shakes head. Moves on to next news item…

#auspol #LNP #stupid

2 weeks ago

@billykaren #Trump has a real talent for attracting #STUPID and #ConArtists who want a piece of the action. 🤔

Funny Planet
2 weeks ago

Is anyone else annoyed by poorly-acted, fake prank videos on #Facebook? What's even worse are the supportive comments that fall under #PoesLaw. I'm not sure if these comments are from planted Facebook accounts or from people who are genuinely #stupid. If the latter, it's of great concern. These people could be #voters.

3 weeks ago

@GottaLaff assuming simple stupidity, I'm thinking those fools walked under a few ladders or something to accidentally pick that vehicle to make an attempt on.


3 weeks ago

The amount of dumbass fuckwits on here who talk shit laying false claims that one can't be antifascist whilst hating netanyahoo's nazi fascist rightwing genocidal regime is fucking hilarious... comedy gold. You poor fucking idiots.

#falsestatements #fraudclaims #claims #trolls #stupid #dumbass #zionism #antizionism

3 weeks ago

@photosbykyle my home is #smartly #stupid enough to not require the internet at all 🤓

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
3 weeks ago

⛔️🇺🇸Biden invites fox into henhouse: Meeting with Xi - Details emerge of what leaders will discuss in San Francisco (more) #Ukraine #USA #Stupid #Press #News #russia #russiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #BoycottMusk #AxisOfEvil

3 weeks ago

@tobi #Trump Mini-Mes catering to the Orange Koolaid Drinkers back home…#STUPID will be the end of us…🤔

Ogie Ogilthorpe ✅
4 weeks ago


Is this for real? Can people really be this fucking #stupid

It's #beer and #bud time...

That's right.. I'm #chillin' in one THOSE STATES... THE #FREE #STATES O THE #US #USA #UNITEDSTATES...

All you need to know is...
I'm "Somewhere West Of The Rockies"... Nosy ass mother fuckers! 👃⁉🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️😂


Can't we all just get a bong?
It turns out... WE CAN!

If we can all get a bong...


Ogie Ogilthorpe ✅
4 weeks ago

So today a person showed up to hang my TV on a wall.
1)He arrived late, so we had to reschedule.
2) He got stuck in my driveway almost hitting the retaining wall.
3) He asked me to help pull him straight. Unfortunately the belt I had broke so we had to wait for his coworker to bring a chain.
4) Finally pulled him out almost late to pick up my son from school.

#stupid #people

Paul Gill Rider
4 weeks ago

Some films are just not worth the time...
#CineMastodon #SciFi #Stupid

Uhm,... very stupid question: Is there a limit how much storage you can put in an laptop. I would like to give an old laptop a 1TB SSD. The size shouldn't be the problem, but is there a digital "limit"?

#stupid #window #linx

1 month ago

Here we go again because those ineffective legislators on both sides of the aisle in the Senate & the House can’t get their act together for our collective benefit. #fallback #dstends #stupid #changeclocksback

Don't forget fall back daylight savings time ends flyer.

#IvankaTrump #Hands #LetitiaJames A #Gift, Paints Herself Into A #Factual Corner.

Ivanka claimed she had a “#scheduling #conflict” and moved her #testimony to November 8, making her the last member of the #family to #testify. That was a #stupid #move.

1 month ago
1 month ago


" ... encouraged employees to “show Westernity” in social media posts backing Israel, as “unlike the Gazans, we look and live like Europeans or Americans”, it said."

Creates the appearance that #Wix is #Racist.

#Racism is an ugly look, as well as being #Divisive, #Oppressive and #Stupid.

1 month ago

@TacticalGrace_ exactly... and you can apply that to. EVERYTHING. on. the. planet.

#humans are #stupid #arrogant 🍑 holes who just want to kill and destroy.

1 month ago

Not following Tom Morello after he endorsed Alice "terf/christofascist" Cooper... what a fucking nutjob!

These fucking #posers...

#ratm #rageagainstthemachine #TomMorello #music #artists #terfs #terf #TransExclusionary #christofascist #alicecooper #bigots #hypocrites #stupid #dumb #frauds

Greg Fultz 🪀🍋🥶
1 month ago

😂 #SamBankmanFried "I'm not a criminal I'm just #Stupid" 🤣🤣🤣

Sören Wilke
1 month ago

That means scientists regularly find themselves confronted with things they cannot comprehend. Worse: nobody can (yet), but our poor sod of a scientist is now tasked with sorting it out.

But the available data makes no sense. Clearly data is missing but the data on what data is missing, too, is missing.

That's why an important part of beeing a #scientist is is to become accustomed to feeling #stupid


#Republicans float a quiet #conspiracy theory that Biden won't be on the ballot

“So here’s the scenario that I think is perhaps the most likely and most dangerous,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on his podcast last month. “In August of 2024, the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe #Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama.”
“I view this as a very serious danger,” he said.

#gop #maga #stupid #conspiracytheory

Jack of all trades
1 month ago

"Humans with dinosaurs. Image from an Accelerated Christian Education science book."

Images like these make me doubt there's any hope for humanity. I first saw it in John Oliver's video about homeschooling.

It's almost as sad as the flat Earth model some parents are teaching their kids:

#religion #homeschooling #dinosaurs #FlatEarth #stupid #USA

Humans with dinosaurs. Image from an Accelerated Christian Education science book.
1 month ago


Well it goes to show the idiocy of using Google if you are up to no good!

There should be a Crime 101 course to warn of leaving an electronic trail, if you are a few bricks short and want to do crime.

#crime #stupid

1 month ago

@VQuaschning Gerade erst wieder nen Artikel über grünen Ammoniak gelesen - ganz unten wird dann die Effizienz von 30% bei der Herstellung erwähnt =/ - und die zusätzliche Gefahr, das beim Transport der Ammoniak entweicht und als 100x Treibhausgas in die Atmosphäre geht... #stupid

2 months ago

#book #banned #stupid #alabama
Can't make this stuff up. The tyranny of the mob is in full force. Of course it's a southern state. In this case, the backasswards state of Alabama.

Children's book put on watch list in Alabama because its author's last name is 'Gay'

OMFG Peter "Mr 🥔 Head" #Dutton had just called #Claire O'Neill an #angry and #negative person.

Pot and Kettle?

What a #stupid, corrupt cnut. I think he believes all of us are as stupid as his #conservative boot licking #sycophant voters.

Justin the Wayseeker
2 months ago

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done today? I just blew out a candle with a compressed air blower.

#AskMastodon #AskFedi #Stupid

That spider I just ushered to safety looks determined to head back into the sink. I must therefore assume it's male. #Stupid

2 months ago

@Ulrich_the_Elder And if you support a fascist, racist for President, you’re a fascist, racist, or so incredibly myopicaly selfish, you think somehow in the mayhem you’ll land on top, which still makes you a tragically flawed human being, or #STUPID which we seem to have an abundance of. . 🤔

2 months ago

@charlotteclymer They are Broken Bad in multiple ways, big fat cheat to win, oh so righteous and <GAG> faux- religious, preaching to #STUPID, Hypocrites, asking “Did we fool ya?”🤮

Jan B.
2 months ago

Ja, also, die Rolleiflex funktioniert einwandfrei. Mein Hirn dagegen... nicht. Merken: Wenn man 120 Film entwickelt, sollte man auch Entwickler in der entsprechenden Menge einfüllen (und nicht wie gewohnt nur für einen 135er...) 😂😂😂😭😂 Ich gebe der Hitze die Schuld: Wenn aus dem Wasserhahn kein Wasser unter 21,5°C zu zapfen ist, weißt Du, es ist warm! Deswegen ist der Film auch grundsätzlich etwas dünn, habe wohl überkompensiert.

#analogphotography #filmphotography #stupid #brainfog #heat

Ein 120 Mittelformat-Film hängt zum trocknen in der Dusche. Ein etwa fingerbreiter Streifen auf der linken Seite ist merklich heller.
Detailansicht zweier Bilder auf dem Film. Das Negativ wurde digital invertiert und ist nun ein Positiv. Der Streifen auf der linken Seite ist dementsprechend sehr viel dunkler als der Rest der Bilder. Das erste Bild zeigt einen metallenen Frosch als Vorgartenverzierung, das zweite ein umgestürztes Kreuz an der Blankenberger Kirche.
Ukraine War Bulletins and News
3 months ago
⚠️🇷🇴Russian strikes and explosions don’t qualify as an attack says NATO, expert says new standard is that the victim has to prove the aggressor is “deliberate”, “unambiguous”, and has mental “intent”, otherwise all attacks on NATO members are okay. | #STUPID (CBC - Canadian News in English VIDEO) #Ukraine #Romania #Canada #Press #News #Russia #Nato #RussiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive
#NoEUPrezForHungary #AnyAttackWarrantsResponse

iamcanehdian :mstdn:
3 months ago

@Pinchy63 @gemelliz @wes Shocking. Who could possibly have known? #DrugFord associated with criminal organizations? How would anyone ever find this out before they voted for them???
you can't fight stupid? #stupid

3 months ago

Fox News pundit and Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen railed against Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s foreign policy proposals, calling them “criminally stupid,” and “utterly disqualifying.”

Thiessen took to social media on Monday in response to an article Ramaswamy wrote with The American Conservative centered on how he would approach the Russia-Ukraine war and U.S. relations with China.

#Ramaswamy #GOP #stupid

The Ocean Cowboy
3 months ago

Dear @TimHoustonNS,

Before you go getting any #stupid #ideas, "parental rights" is a far right #dogwhistle used to attack & out #trans youth and we won't be having ANY of that here in #NovaScotia.




3 months ago

video analysis of #XENOSAGA

watch the official analysis of an analysis of an essay on Xenosaga written by @numeracy "CHILD OF A MADMAN"

watch the #amateur writers at OCG get progressively more #drunk and #stupid as we discuss TOPICS such as:


perfect to #PutOnInTheBackground as you work

also, please use an #adblocker

eye with "madman" and "xenosaga" text
4 months ago

@chrisgeidner Many of us tend to regard #LittleDonny as the problem, but easily argued it’s the minions, suckers, #STUPID, millions of them, and the multitude of co-conspirators that turned him into anything other than a minor corrupt sociopath, businessman, New York based crook and laughing stock for any leadership position. This is a collective failure. It could be argued our society is on the verge of collapse. 😣

Frankie ✅
4 months ago

Reddit introduces Chucky Cheese Tokens, sorry Redditcoins, because of course they were going to do that.

#tech #technology #technews #reddit #crypto #stupid

Can you imagine the #Earth being mostly #water?

I mean, wouldn't everything just roll about like #jelly or something?


Jack William Bell
4 months ago

All these headlines – everywhere – about David Grusch testifying to congress; saying, "US has non-human remains of UFO Pilots."

I've read his actual public testimony. He never says they are remains of UFO pilots, only that the 'material' is non-human. Those headlines added that part. He doesn't even say 'alien'.

If you parse his words closely, what he said could just as easily apply to birdshit on a weather balloon as to something from outer space.

Real journalism is dead…

#stupid #WTF #UFOs

R. L. Dane
4 months ago

@joel @thelinuxcast

#OpenSUSE #Tumbleweed is probably *the* most stable rolling-release distro.

My only negative takeaways from a few experiences with it:
1) pacman spoiled me. zypper feels slow
2) No packagekit by default, and it's a pain to figure out how to implement. Every forum post I could find on the subject basically said, "Duh, why don't you just use the root password, lol!" #stupid

Great distro, otherwise.

(And yes, I'm using the old fashioned SuSE capitalization, just 'cause ;)

5 months ago

Today's tip: don't jump up and down on a rusty bit of fence when wearing Crocs. Now, the question is when was the last time I got a tetanus shot from doing dumb things in the backyard (most certainly within 10 years, probably within 5 years... or do I just go get boosted for the NEXT TIME I do something #stupid?)

Safety First Sign: X Days Since Last Injury
6 months ago

I am a tad confused that #MAGA #Republicans seem to think that there can only be one #news story a month. But it's really good timing on the part of the #BidenFamily to have timed all of these grand juries to come to a head at just the same time as the news of this #Biden #Wiretransfer story.

#GOPShite #Insanity #Conspiracy #MTG #Crime #Poor #PresidentTrump #WaaWaaWaa #1023Forms #Stupid #Politics

Erik Sagen
6 months ago

As a user, I want to click a button that magically reveals another button when pressed. This newly revealed button should grant me three wishes of my choosing, fulfilling all my desires and solving all my problems instantly. #UX #Stupid #Userstory

Esther :mastodon: 🐾
7 months ago

@elonjet #WHOCARES Don’t make famous people more famous. #stupid

Dave Mackey
7 months ago

1/ yesterday I asked if everyone alternates between feeling #smart / #stupid and the overwhelming response (particularly from the #coding #community) was "yes".

I inverted the #question and asked if there were those who felt smart for sustained periods of time and no one replied in the affirmative.

I also suggested that I had an idea of how (besides psychopathy) it might be possible to experience this sort of sustained experience of intelligence.

Since it doesn't seem likely that my inverted

Dave Mackey
7 months ago

(inverting question)

does anyone not #feel #stupid one day and #smart the next?

like sometimes the smart goes on for days with barely a flicker of #stupid? If so, how?!?

my bouts of feeling smart were significantly more frequent when my #job wasn't primarily #coding


for original question see:

(p.s. I have one idea as to what might make this occur less frequently besides psychopathology, but I want to hear from others first)

Dave Mackey
7 months ago

I think I've said this before...

but does anyone else #feel pretty #stupid one day and pretty #smart the next?

sometimes the stupid goes on for a few days, sometimes the smart.

sometimes it flips multiple times in a single day. 😂

imho, this is significantly intensified by my career (#coding).

I don't recall feeling remotely as stupid when I was working in #IT systems.

Or when I led a non-technical #nonprofit.

7 months ago

I just found myself looking up "waterproof pencil" on Amazon. This century is fucking stupid.

#Stupid #Pencil #Shopping

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
8 months ago

We keep thinking that we will "defeat" the 'bad guys' by showing them how contradictory or illogical their arguments are. They don't care about any of that. All they want is for us to be #stupid, #hungry, #vulnerable, and #distracted so that they can control and extract as much $$ and service as possible from us. There's no logic there other than the logic of complete domination and oppression.

Elan Hasson
9 months ago


An add for a light that sticks under cabinets in a kitchen that says "Amazing Device Lights Up Dark Countertops and Fixes Dark Kitchens".

@astrojuanlu @atomicpoet @fediversenews

#tootfinder is apparently controversial because some people hate easy access to information.

#Hashtags #are #stupid.

@dkiesow There is no way a large number of journalists are coming to Mastodon without a robust search function. Journalism requires quick and easy access to information. Mastodon’s required use of #hashtags for search will likely turn off many journalists. Also: #Hashtags #are #stupid.

Lady Liberty 🗽
10 months ago

@rbreich that is how #stupid they are. #StupidGOPFucks

11 months ago

Hmmm.... shall I walk home through the Church yard in the rain, in the dark, with a light blinking...


#stupid #scary #worsteditingever #horror #hahaha

A walk home through the spooky church yard
11 months ago

@w7voa I was just lurking over there and everyone is outraged and complaining about the white supremacists and antisemites being reinstated, yet they're all still on there contributing content and helping Elon. #Stupid