Your Autistic Life
2 hours ago

I totally suck at producing German, but once in a while I see a post... or a sentence in the fediverse written in German that I can totally make sense of.

For the record, I think I did one semester… or maybe one year... of German in high school.

Then I did some self-study to be able to read academic German.

I lost a lot of it, but there are still some fragments in my brain.


I remember watching a German show with my ex-wife. We had the English subtitles on, and sometimes I could tell that they took liberties with how they translated things. :hide_the_pain_harold:

#German #language #subtitles

3 days ago

I finally got a gig up on #fiverr with the hope that I can get some #freelancing going with #accessibility Currently I have my #subtitles and #captions with a plan to offer add #audioediting and maybe even alt text options.

I’m only working part time for the holidays and really need some income.

Has anyone built a good client base and have some tips for someone just getting started? (open to feedback too of course)

Why is the #dub different from the #subtitles?

If you guessed "different media, different limitations" you guessed right, but #TomScott provides the details, fun examples, and more about the art of translation in general, using his own show as a case study.……

RossMinor👨‍🦯: CPACC
1 week ago

My accessibility review of the PlayStation Access Controller is live! Thank you to PlayStation for providing the controller :)

#Accessibility #PlayStation #Blind #GameDev #Disability #Subtitles

2 weeks ago - ARD will KI für Live-Untertitel verwenden

Also, an sich finde ich gut, dass sie mehr Untertitel anbieten wollen, wo sie noch keine haben. (Und Gebärdensprache)

Ich hoffe nur wirklich, dass deren KI-Live-Untertitel dann besser sind, als die von Microsoft Teams, denn, naaja, die sind teilweise wirklich schlecht. 😅

#Accessibility #Subtitles #Captions

Juggling With Eggs
2 weeks ago

I doubt whether most people would realise we need legislation in the UK to compel on demand streaming services to provide subtitles and signing for programmes…but we do and there has been some progress this week! Yay!


Dominik Alexander
2 weeks ago

Manchmal schreibe ich mir Sätze auf, die einfach so erscheinen. Irgendwann verwende ich die Sätze als Gedichtanfänge. Hier ist es der Titel.

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#diverse #ambivalent #subversive #poetry

2 weeks ago

'Subtitle' is an open-source AI-powered caption generation project that utilizes machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques to generate accurate and natural-sounding captions for videos in various languages.

The tool can run on your own server for enhanced control and privacy and utilizes the open-source #Whisper ASR model for high-quality speech recognition.

#Subtitles #Subtitle #CaptionGenerator #Accessibility #Translations #Captions

3 weeks ago

I find it outrageous and incredibly offensive how often subtitles are censored.

I've experienced it on broadcast TV. On Amazon. On YouTube. And elsewhere.

Deaf people do not need swear words hidden. Those of us with hearing loss don't suddenly decide, "Ah, yes, because I can't hear fully, I don't want to experience swearing anymore."

Stop censoring our content!

#Subtitles #ClosedCaption #Censorship

Cadu Silva
3 weeks ago

Here's a CSS hack for changing Jellyfin's subtitle color. It works only in Firefox, as far as I know.

Go to menu > Dashboard > General > Custom CSS code. There you paste the following:

.videoSubtitlesInner { color: #FDD802 !important; filter: drop-shadow(3px 3px 1px #000000); }

Save it and done!

From now on, all the subtitles will be shown yellow. You can change the font and size as you like, the color will still be yellow.

#Jellyfin #subtitles

Ténno Seremél
3 weeks ago

Today I've finally tried “subed.” It's going to be so much faster that doing all that subtitle stuff by hand :blobcatcoffee:

#lang_en #emacs #subed #subtitles

3 weeks ago

"with English SDH #subtitles on"

Oh, dear. I know *what* SDH is, but I didn't stop to think that the letters stood for "Subtitles for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing". So I have perpetrated an "ATM machine" goof. SMH.

3 weeks ago

I've started #watching the #TV show #TheLazarusProject, with English SDH #subtitles on, and *boy* are they badly handled. We have agents going all over the world searching for missing scientists, which means questioning people who speak German or Japanese or whatever.

These conversations have normal default subtitles. Do the SDH subs go away so one can read the translation subs? No. They plaster "[speaking Japanese]" OVER the regular subs, so they're unreadable.

Which means I pause the video, jump back ten seconds, turn off SDH subs, restart the video to read the translated conversation, then turn SDH subs on again afterward. Annoying. #ScienceFiction #UKTV

Robert Thinks You’re Great
4 weeks ago

Question for the #Deaf, #HardOfHearing, and other #ClosedCaptions and #Subtitles users: How do you all feel about the recent online trend of building captions in one word at a time? (I have an opinion but want to hear yours.)


Please feel free to explain your thinking, and boost for visibility. #Accessibility

Gotto love Youtube captions... 😂😅

#fail #youtube #subtitles #captions #wrong #funny

1 month ago

I was just zooming around #Jemison when I passed a couple, tucked away in an out of the way spot, at night.

My #subtitles clarified the transaction I heard when a man said to a woman, in shadow:
Agent: We have company. Good day ma’am.

Did I miss something? Is that part of a #mission or #SideQuest? An #EasterEgg maybe? Or was it just some fun the writers were having?

#Starfield #agent #NewAtlantis

The joy of subtitling...

#TV #Pingu #Subtitles

Screenshot of TV with "Pingu" on (just in case, it's a stop-motion animated children's television series).
Subtitle says "[Speaking Penguinese]"
Paolo Belluomini
1 month ago

#netflix 's #subtitles are so fast even a hummingbird couldn't catch Tyler at work. #tvshows

Randahl Fink
1 month ago

Done! 🙌🏼

I want my show to be for everybody, and I finally got a spare moment to add subtitles to the latest episode.

So if you or someone you know benefit from subtitles, please enjoy the latest episode of my show right here:

(Press the CC button to enable subtitles)

#TheRandahlFinkReport #politics #uspol #Ukraine #subtitles

1 month ago

I thought #TV shows, at least big ones like #Bodies on #Netflix, had subtitles made from scripts. But at one point the #subtitles said "What have you got for holding the head?"

What I heard was "What have you got for a hole in the head?", which makes sense from context. Close enough for someone to mishear. #ScienceFiction #television

Håkon Alstadheim
2 months ago

Good thing about #SubTitles is you get to know whenever the string-music is "intriguing".

Jason Weatherly
2 months ago

Getting closer with the SubStationAlpha parser. Hopefully I can get this finished up and integrated with the encoding server. #programming #python #subtitles

A screenshot of the subparse module for SSA subtitles.  Includes proper documented methods and all ugly code is hidden because I didn't want to screenshot the

I'm helping a friend create some English #subtitles for #Russian films from her childhood that she found on YouTube. The machine transcription and translation is super easy these days. But, as always, easy to be wrong. The srt file that I get has some dubious dialogue.

The main thing is not to miss out on humanity

00:01:21,300 --> 00:01:22,560

00:02:00,590 --> 00:02:01,310

00:02:01,870 --> 00:02:02,440
and then, on

00:02:02,580 --> 00:02:03,060
what is he

00:02:03,550 --> 00:02:03,820
will be.

00:02:04,140 --> 00:02:06,170
The main thing is not to miss out on humanity

00:02:56,290 --> 00:02:57,020

00:02:57,920 --> 00:02:58,450

00:03:13,970 --> 00:03:14,610
is coming.
Jason Weatherly
2 months ago

So, this is the big one: parsing a SubStationAlpha (`.ssa`) file, grabbing all of the fonts (families) and font styles (subfamilies) from the Style and Dialogue sections, then finding the right font in a directory of fonts to add as attachments. I think I've worked out the major issues, but working with font files is a complete pain. #programming #python #subtitles #fonts

A screenshot of the terminal window processing a directory of 91 fonts, then a test `.ssa` file, then comparing all the fonts it found to the font library of 91 fonts and showing all of the matches.
Jason Mashak 🕊️
2 months ago

New version of the Brad Huff documentary uploaded, this one with #English and #Czech #subtitles.

My Blue Heaven (2017) [#music #documentary]
#blues #americana

Wrote up the rather arduous journey of ripping (ultimately) hardcoded subs to a soft sub format (SRT) for a film called In Bed with Victoria because the Blu-ray is only available with French subs and all the available translated subs were rubbish compared to the ones I first saw the film with (on Mubi)

#Subtitles #SRT #FilmMastodon

It took #Subscene more than an hour to send me an account confirmation email.

#Subtitles #Tech #Websites #Authentication

#PartTwo of #Three:

"We" shall be #Watching: #Hero but what #MyLittleBigBuddy doesn't know is that I've #FiguredOut how to #Substitute the #Subtitles with those of #ThePrincessBride...

#IT should #Make for #GoodWatching... | #BestForeignLanguageFilmMashUp

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | 📽️🎞️🍿🦄🍿🎞️📽️

I mean, at least he's honest?

#Mandarin readers what did he *actually* say?? 😆

#Cdrama #Cdramas #Subtitles #Language

I got where I am
by eating pussy
Oliver Czulo
2 months ago

Seems like the English #subtitles for #Moonfall on #Amazon were machine translated from German without having them checked. Just one example: "Here is your authority" instead of "...authorization". Almost every line of the subtitles sounds weird. That's not how #quality is achieved, it makes the whole product (i.e.: movie) look bad.

2 months ago


Don't let me anywhere near #IT, #MisterDen...

I'll only put #ThePrincessBride #Subtitles #AllOverIT...

🧙⚔️ 🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | ☕🎠🦹🦄🦹🎠☕

Kay Ohtie
2 months ago

Ended up running LocalVocal for OBS which does a local Whisper model for captioning. Can output to the stream and/or to a text item or text file. I've got it with the captions on my title screen but otherwise, closed captions on Twitch. #ClosedCaptions #Subtitles #Twitch

スパックマン クリス
2 months ago

Used #emacs replace-regex today to convert a VTT subtitle file into an SRT file.

Then added English and Spanish #subtitles to a teacher-created instructional video. Used #Handbrake to add the subs.

Then uploaded the MKV video to Google Drive (because that is how students access them.

Google Drive could play the video AND students can choose the subtitles.

This is game changing. Last I tried, Google Drive didn't understand MKV files and could only handle 1 subtitle.

#k12 #EdTech

Live #CloseCaptions #SubTitles , are they teleprompter or #AI driven?

I love the professionalism and attention to #Accessibility at the #IntelInnovation #Keynote #UX

Randahl Fink
3 months ago

Yes! I want my show to be for everybody, and I finally got a spare moment to add subtitles to the latest episode.

So if you know someone who benefit from subtitles, please share this episode with them.

Usually the auto-generated subtitles on YouTube can be full of errors, so this is still best done by hand, and here they are:

#TheRandahlFinkReport #politics #uspol #subtitles #youtube

Interpeer Project
3 months ago

I've just finished updating the @interpeer_talks with subtitles. Subtitles are added in the language in which I speak (mostly English, one German).

If you like what we do and want to help out, I'd be happy to accept #translations of those #subtitles.

Automatic tools can be found on the web that use existing translation APIs, but the translations often are suboptimal, and do not get the same points across as in the original language.

I'm sad to say, this is a case of diminishing returns.

スパックマン クリス
3 months ago

Anyone have experience with

I just discovered it, and it seems like something that I, as an ESOL teacher, could get a lot of use out of, even just for the subtitles. But, it also says it can translate subtitles - and the first language is *free*.

Many sites that translate subtitles cost a lot of money & require monthly / yearly subscriptions.

Thanks for any info. I'll try it ofc, but other's insights are appreciated.

#ESOL #ESL #AskMastodon #subtitles #EdTech #K12

3 months ago

Can anyone #recommend some good, free, #video #editing #software for Windows?

Something where I can #clip videos and add #subtitles.


Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 months ago

Okay. My search skills seem to be failing me.

I'm looking for a free tool that will:

• Accept the input of a raw text transcript.
• Synchronise that text against the audio file from a video.
• Allow me to export it as a subtitle file.

I've found tools that can do some of the tasks, or do similar activities, but not the exact ones I'm after.

#subtitles #transcription

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 months ago

I've absolutely not fallen down a rabbit hole of adding accurate subtitles to my #VisionariesKnightsOfTheMagicalLight DVD encodes right now.

Why do you ask? 😅

#Visionaries #subtitles #nostalgia

A video of the intro from Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light.

Spoken intro:

It is a time when magic is more powerful than science
and only those who control the magic control destiny.
They are the Visionaries.

Song lyrics:

🎵 Visionaries: knights of the magical light.
Visionaries: with magical powers they fight.
Powers of mind, strength, skill, 'n' speed.
Powers to accomplish the greatest of deeds.
Visionaries: knights of the magical light. 🎵
4 months ago

The biggest surprise here is that I'm still considered a young person!

But seriously, sound editors, all of you suck.

The Majority of Young People Are Using Subtitles When They Watch TV - YPulse #tvshows #streamingtv #subtitles

Shu Daizi
4 months ago

Sometimes, subtitles can really elevate a film. For example, this Swedish version of Lord of the Rings.

(It's worth the wait)

#LOTR #Swedish #Subtitles

A video of the end of one of the Lord of the Rings movies. A Hobbit walks into his hole, then closes the door. The camera zooms in. 

The title: The End
The Subtitle: SLUT.
Ewan :apple_inc:
4 months ago

I don’t even know why but I much prefer to have #Subtitles / #ClosedCaptions despise not needing to read it because I can hear just fine.


4 months ago

@thudfactor I just came across this browser extension. No idea if it works but maybe worth a try #accessibility #film #subtitles

dopey (they/them)
4 months ago

Am I the only one who loves those yellow subtitles you get in old movies and anime? I love their vintage vibe. Not sure if I'd like them in newer stuff though.

#Anime #Movies #Subtitles

Screenshot from Sailor Moon with old school yellow subtitles.
4 months ago

As #DisabilityPrideMonth winds down, I haven't really talked about being #HardOfHearing.

PSA for #Video Creators:
Also, they are designed to go OVER the video.
This means that when you put important info at the bottom of the screen I have to pause, turn off subtitles, rewind, play it to see your text, pause, & turn subtitles back on... unless I just don't see the info because the subtitles block it.

#Inclusion #Subtitles #Deaf #HoH #Accessibility

A diagram of where subtitles go on a video. A thin red box at the top is labeled "Subtitles sometimes go here." A thin red box at the bottom is labeled "Subtitles usually go here." A big green box in the middle says "put important information here, in the middle!"
5 months ago

Dear BBC Subtitles.
He said "obfuscate".
#BBC #BBCClick #BBCNews #Subtitles @bbcworld

@kataklysm @flexghost @ScottSoCal @actuallyautistic

Also on #Subtitles & being #ActuallyAutistic :

I can be slow at processing both text & audio, but subtitles do help with the audio. Yet these days I find subtitles flash by too quickly.

When people are speaking rapidly that's fair enough; but sometimes the subs disappear too soon despite long pauses before the next line of dialogue.

It's a disability issue & an odd choice by film-makers in an era of better accessibility awareness.

My wife and I watched the Netflix sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon last night. It's not a good movie, but has a few excellent actors in it and is an interesting specimen in that it's a Chinese historical fantasy movie that was made in English first and then dubbed to Mandarin.

You'd expect the dialogue to be a lot smoother since it was done as an English first movie, but the dialogue was just as wooden in most parts as a Kung Fu flick dubbed to English. It's super peculiar when you consider many of the actors were primarily (or only) English speakers.

Then I watched a few of the woodiest scenes in Mandarin. The lips weren't moving right, but the dialogue was suddenly so much smoother. It makes me think the script was originally written in Chinese and hastily translated into English for the actors or they fixed the conversational pacing for dialogue in Chinese. Most phrases are much shorter in Chinese than in English.

#KungFu #Movies #Subtitles #translation

Roni Laukkarinen
6 months ago

auto-subtitle, written in Python: Automatically generate and overlay subtitles for any video. Supports 99 languages and automatically recognizes the spoken language.

#Accessibility #Subtitles #OpenSource #Python

A screenshot with a command line window with auto-subtitle command line tool and mpv media player beside it playing a Finnish tv show Karpolla on asiaa with Finnish subtitles.
6 months ago

Looking for #transcription work, so if anyone needs #podcast transcripts, #subtitles for their #YouTube videos, or other random audio you want converted to text, hit me up in DMs or at Rates start at .80 USD per audio minute for straightforward files (clear audio, 1-2 speakers, no timestamps) up to $1.50/minute based on complexity.

Phil Sherry
7 months ago

The year is 2023 and a lot of TV shows and movies are still shipping without captions.

If you work in the industry and know who to speak to about this, please do so—very sternly.

#Accessibility #Subtitles #Captions #HardOfHearing #Deaf

Ted Curran M. Ed. 🆒
8 months ago

Anyone know if the #AI-powered #transcription and #subtitles in #davinciresolve 18.8β will be included in the free version or just Studio? I have Studio, which currently has all the existing AI features, but most of my team uses the free version.

Would be a huge step for #accessibility if we could auto generate #closedcaptioning by default, quickly, easily, and cheaply, rather than reserving budget for the rarer cases where transcription and subtitles are expressly requested or required.

Stefan Bohacek
9 months ago

I made a website that lets you search through the dialogue in public domain movies.

Here's more about the project and how I intend to use it:

#PublicDomain #film #movies #copyright #subtitles #music #MusicProduction #NewProject #SideProject

A screenshot of the Public Domain Film Quote Search site showing results for the word "vampire".
Martin Owens
9 months ago

I need to double check the spanish #subtitles I've coded into next week's video. If you can understand #spanish, ...

Edit: big thanks to maco and JavierSam for helping!

Scott Galloway
9 months ago

Ok stuck the subtitle translator on GitHub, very much not a finshed version (some hardcoded urls etc) but fun little toy project this weekend :) #dotnet #LibreTranslate #SubTitles

PS .\ElementTransIator.exe
Current directory •
V : \ test
Translating file:
: Vietnam. 1987.720p. BrRip. x264. YIFY. en. srt
Translating to: 29 languages
Azerba i jani
I ftdonesian
: 28.
: 27.
: 23.
' 48
10 months ago

My partner sent me this video from Vox on hard-to-hear movie dialogues because she just really gets me. 😍

I tried to see if I could predict what all the root causes were before watching it. Can you?

(Spoilers in the next post)

#movies #subtitles

Liz Opp
10 months ago

During the national anthem at the Superbowl, there’s a major failure of closed captioning. The line is “…at the twilight’s last gleaming / Whose broad stripes and bright stars / Through the perilous fight…” but the captions show “…screaming. Whose broad stripes and bright. The pain. We want. History made. This rag.”


#Accessibility #ClosedCaptions #Subtitles

A Black/African American football player from the Philadelphia Eagles team has his head bowed and eyes closed. In the lower part of the image are the words [in all caps] “…SCREAMING. WHOSE BROAD STRIPES AND BRIGHT. THE PAIN. WE WANT. HISTORY MADE. THIS RAG.”
Kathy Reid
10 months ago

This is a fascinating article on the increasing use of #subtitles, by Claudia Forsberg for ABC #Ballarat - the way that sound is designed for movies intended for cinema means that it doesn't play back optimally on mobile devices or streaming services - and this is one factor driving the adoption of #ClosedCaptioning or #Subtitles.

But, these #Subtitles are often inaccurate or mis-transcribed. They use #ASR technology - and this is another case for having good #voice #data #voicedata

10 months ago

Okay, next question... How the heck do you add #subtitles to a video on #TikTok?? I was looking out for something every step of the way, and nothing appeared as I uploaded, and there's nothing in the edit options either???

Donncha Ó Caoimh
11 months ago

Yep, that's us. Subtitles are on for almost everything we watch now. This is after I plugged an external speaker onto the TV for better sound.
It didn't help enough.

#tv #subtitles