Kyle Reddoch :device_mbp:
13 hours ago

I’m looking for a new tagline for my website. The current one is “Dream It. Chase It. Code It.”

Since I am moving the focus of my site more towards IT and away from software development, I am needing to find a new one. That is where y’all come in friends. Give me some suggestions!

Please repost so I can get a good list of suggestions.

#Suggestions #Tagline #Tech #Website #Question

nobhillsal 🥑
14 hours ago

Any suggestions for online language learning courses? My company has given me US$150 toward classes and I'm hoping for something with instructors. I've used free Duolingo, but would like something to help me with pronunciation. I don't mind paying more as I would like to perfect my German and Spanish.
#advice #suggestions #learning #tutoring #language #languagelearning #languageclass

Nick Tursi
1 week ago

What’s some good graveyard protection I could run in my green/black stickfingers commander deck? I currently have elixir of life and thinking of orb of warding to protect me from graveyard exiles like bojuka bog. #mtg #commander #magicthegathering #help #suggestions #deckbuilding

1 week ago

I know a simple Google search can produce answers, but I am curious what the community here thinks. I have used Notion for about a year and half for notes and organization, but I am a bit over the chunkiness and various bugs.

Is there an alternative that you suggest? We aren't a Microsoft shop, so OneNote is off the table, but any suggestions would be very valuable!

#security #notion #notes #suggestions

or ephem for short.
1 week ago

Does anyone have any experience or advice on moving away from #Spotify ? I’ve read up on a few, but a lot of them are for new & up and coming artists (#bandcamp #soundcloud ) I was wanting a way to stream music that’s well known/has extensive music. I’ve thought about #Tidal #Deezer #AppleMusic (used apple’s once & didn’t hate it)
Any #opinions on these or #suggestions I’m open to discuss pros & cons!

Matt T
2 weeks ago

Dropped off my son at his mom's place for the first time doing a semi-agreed upon joint custody. Not sure what I am going to do for the next 7 days until he returns since I am at the house by myself over the Thanksgiving holiday... 🫤😞

Any suggestions?

#Suggestions #AskFedi #askmastodon

Moricipo Zweiaudi
3 weeks ago

Dear Mastodonians,

I’m planning to start a little blog, first mainly as a place to collect notes and links, later maybe for public consumption.

Is there a fediverse solution for this? Mayyybe even one you don’t need to self-host? I wouldn’t need tons of server space.

#blog #blogging #fediverse #suggestions #fedihelp

Rats. My note taking app has turned to utter meh. Looking for suggestions.
Must be on Android
Must have a widget
Doesn't need to have cloud access, in fact I'd prefer if it didn't.
Prefer one with adjustable notifications.
Would be nice if it wasn't utterly ugly or if it had adjustable themes/colours.
#android #app #suggestions

Christina Dongowski
4 weeks ago

„The kidneys (grilled over a clear fire) lay on top of thick slices of bacon, surrounded by fried potatoes, golden brown and sizzling. The bacon was farm bacon (…) Gilbert fell to and enjoyed his supper; the grill, followed by apple tart, and the apple tart by home-made cheese.“ — I would love to read a novel full of food descriptions like that .Any #suggestions?
@bookstodon #Reading

1 month ago

I need to propose a new video assignment to my students and I am totally out of ideas.

Their technical level is basic, they are studying to get a Photography diploma (vocational training level). They use their DSLR cameras and edit on Premiere (sigh).

Suggestions and boosts OK!

#teaching #assignment #suggestions #fedihelp #brainstorm #collaborative

We want to hear your reactions and #suggestions over the fediverse or by email ( As always you can add papers directly for us to consider using #Zotero (link in bio) or just follow along there with what we're reading. We're no longer keeping up with Twitter/X nor are we intersted in exploring other social media platforms (ie bsky, IG, Threads), but we are getting interested in #PeerTube and #Twitch.

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

I'd call this enshittification, but it has been this way for a long time. I think I've even complained about it in the fediverse before.

#YouTube has this obsession with Frozen and Moana. Every time I go down in my selections, I get "Frozen Songs" and "Moana Songs." I might have listened to one Frozen song a long time ago. They are definitely not in my favorites.

What is YouTube doing here, but just trolling me with stuff I wouldn't listen to.

Yes, I did a long press. No, I cannot banish them from the suggestions.

Thank you, Google! You're such a pearl!

(Yes, I know. It is not as infuriating as getting transphobes suggested to me, but it is still annoying.)

#Google #GoogleIsShit #suggestions #Frozen #Moana #troll

This is the selection of choices that YouTube gives me. Among my choices are:

"Forzen Songs"

"Moana Songs"

I've long pressed on "Moana Songs"  and the menu I get is "Play."
Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

#YouTube's nonsense continues. I don't have a clue if this is a case of enshittification or just that I was unlucky, and it has always been this way.

The facts are these:

* YouTube **suggested** that I watch Crush by Tessa Violet.

* I've liked some of Tessa Violet's videos.

* I recognized this video from the still of it.

* I click on the video. It starts playing, and I think "ugh...".

* I use my remote to navigate to the dislike button, and I see that I already pressed it.


What the fuck possessed YouTube to *suggest* a video that I *disliked* already? I probably disliked it months ago.

#like #dislike #suggestions

The music video Crush by Tessa Violet with the thumb down very clearly already clicked.
1 month ago

Cold and flu season is starting in the northern hemisphere, so here's how to handle it: A post chock full of culinary remedies was created by 'drewbage1847'! Check it out to learn more and/or come add your own recipes and tips!

#cold #flu #health #recipe #remedies #remedy #sick #suggestions #tips #metafilter #bestofmetafilter

Vee Sheep
1 month ago

i wanna do some spooky games on my upcoming tuesday #stream , and I'd much appreciate suggestions! ideally games that are free to download
#indiegames #community #twitch #pngtuber #announcement #suggestions team
2 months ago

🎧 #kalimera - με μελωδικό Κυριακάτικο ξύπνημα! «Music Videos - Μουσικά Βίντεo» 🎶 💬 (Συζήτηση Forum)
"Galaxy Song" from Monty Python`s The Meaning of Life

💡#tip: μοιράσου κι εσύ ένα τραγούδι που σ'αρέσει!
#Music #Videos #bookmarks #suggestions

2 months ago


I used #calyxos for quite some time but needed to move to #lineageos to use android auto. Soon I noticed that my banking app doesn't work there — so I moved back to stock android.

If you know of any Operating System, that doesn't track me to death, has android auto functionally and allows me to use banking apps, please reply 🥺

Kyle Reddoch :device_mbp:
2 months ago

Okay friends of the #Fediverse, I'm needing some help with rebranding my site. I'm moving to a more tech themed one and needing some naming suggestions.

Right now it is Code and Coffee. While I will still write about code occasionally, it will focus more on IT.

Some that I have bounced around are:
- Kyle's Tech Korner
- Kyle.Tech
- Tech Nerd Kyle

Any suggestions would be great!

#Questions #Help #Suggestions #Tech #IT #Blogging

I'm looking for snack suggestions for a long-haul flight. It has to be solid is the only stipulation.


Andy Carolan :prami:
2 months ago

So, here's where I am right now. I'm Freelance... I get plenty of design work and appear to be at least somewhat successful. I can't however get a full or part time contract anywhere... no matter what I try.

Can anyone smarter than me help me out with thoughts, suggestions or career advice?

I need some stability in my income, as currently, I'm working to cover a frankly disastrous summer's worth of income.

#help #suggestions

Matúš :ferris: :nixos:
2 months ago

So, I'm giving a shot on #BSD with #OpenBSD. Happy to hear any #suggestions on it from you.

A computer screen with bootstrapping OpenBSD.
2 months ago

@Mastodon @Gargron Why isn't there an addon system for Mastodon yet? I feel like it would pretty much end fragmentation problems as you could just code an addon for whatever feature you wanted to add instead of forking the whole project, of course there would need to be an addon system for the Mastodon client to support it as well.
#mastodon #mastodonimprovements #suggestions #mastodonsuggestions

Going through my google books and populating my #BookWyrm profile (

I never picked up on the #goodreads trend - I tend not to read a ton (until I find a series that I can sink my teeth into). I should probably also move away from using #GooglePlayBooks as my primary epub storage/reader.

Any good #FOSS alternatives? (I primarily read on a Samsung tablet/Boox e-reader).

#epub #ereader #askfeddit #suggestions

2 months ago

It's the colder time of year in the northern hemisphere, and 'Czjewel' has a question about chicken broth, which resulted in a lot of tips and suggestions!

#broth #chicken #chickenstock #cooking #herbs #seasonings #spices #suggestions #metafilter #bestofmetafilter

News Views
2 months ago

PSA: Asking for Your Opinions and Suggestions
Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Monday. Notice something different? If you asked, "Where's Free Range, Free Chat?" Yeah, that's what I want to address.

We, your lovely hosts and hostesses, have had a few conversations centered around ditching a few Free Chats because we think, correct us if we are wrong, the

Joseph A. Langley
2 months ago

My #eyes in #ink for October 4 and 5. I really like today's, with the combination of #stylized solid #shapes and gestural #shading.

Is anyone else out there working on an eye #drawing?

Any #suggestions, style or otherwise?

#art #artist #artwork #pen #illustration #human #people

This is my October 4, 2023 eye drawing in ink. It is stylized, using solid shapes.
This is my October 5, 2023 eye drawing in ink. It is a combination of stylized (using solid shapes) and gestural shading.
2 months ago

Looking for some #advice #suggestions for #coding #programming :
I need to work on a GUI #app, which basically would let me scroll through some menus with big images and text, and select one as I please. Needs to be controlled via joystick of sorts. Think, playstation menu, as a general idea.
I was using some #pygame #python for a prototype, but I found it not to be a good solution for my needs.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to which #programming #language + #framework to use?


I have said this in the matrix server but while some stuff has gotten fixed, some stuff is still glitching, or I have found some stuff that just looks a bit clunky/seems like it requires more clicks. I have cleared cookies for mastodon/aethy and my cache, as well!

I am using firefox, I am using deck/avdanced mode with 4 columns and wide mode selected, my monitor is 20.6 inches, and also I'm using windows 11 like most people tend to use (when they're not using 10)!

  1. The collapsed toots is still having issues.
  2. The "height (in pixels) for a post to be lengthy" thing feels like it should be showing a number of pixels, also it doesn't seem to be doing anything atm
  3. When a post DOES collapse, the reply/toot/fav/bookmark/... buttons are hidden, which seems kind of clunky and makes doing stuff like that quickly require more clicks, which does also become an issue that makes the site a tiny bit less accessible for people who need accessibility things.

Other than those things, however, I haven't suffered any glitches to my knowledge, and again I do like the new theme, as everything is bigger so it DOES get more accessible on that front, which I need and love! And of course the CW button being on it's own line and therefore showing you easily what you wrote was a very good change! That's my two cents on everything.

(Also I edited this post and seeing the pop-out editor on deck mode literally gives me so much joy, holy crap that is SO HELPFUL AND A QUALITY-OF-LIFE THING 💖​)

#aethy #glitches #suggestions #bugs #complaints

2 months ago

🎼 Be careful what you say
You said that yesterday,
Tell me something new
It's always, always you

Blue skies come down on me
Gray clouds are far away...

— Cerulean, The Ocean Blue

#MusicPlease #Suggestions

🎼 Be careful what you say
You said that yesterday,
Tell me something new
It's always, always you

Blue skies come down on me
Gray clouds are far away...

— Cerulean, The Ocean Blue

#MusicPlease #Suggestions
2 months ago

Why don't the instant messaging apps mute the notifications when there's a continuous exchange of messages in a conversation?

I'd like to receive a notification to know that some conversation has started, but, for heavens' sake, not for every message that is exchanged in the next x minutes! An x-minute mute by default on chain messages is what is needed...

#Telegram #Signal ##InstantMessaging #suggestions


Dave Mackey
2 months ago

#question of the day: I can't comfortably fit everything I need into my #laptop bag when I'm doing a serious work session. I'm curious if others have a secondary bag they use / like?

In addition to what fits into the main bag I'm usually looking to carry:
- full size keyboard
- 1-3 books (usually tech, so think fairly sizeable, 300-500+ pp ea.)
- water bottle
- lunch
- #headphones (over-ear)

#Thoughts, #suggestions?

Andrew Michaels
2 months ago

Been on #mastodon for a hot minute now. Looking for #suggestions on #hashtags to follow.


What else? #help

2 months ago

Okay #retrogaming - I got Kodi set up on my #nvidia #shieldtv with the internet archive game launcher... and I just re-re-remembered that my beloved #steamcontroller won't work with it... I have no idea why I keep forgetting this.

I'm looking for 4 cheap bt controllers but the market is flooded... any #suggestions ?


2 months ago

Hello folks! I'm opening up this post for some #SelfPromoSaturday goodness! If you're an artist, TTRPG maker/creator, dice maker, mini painter, or anything along those lines, I'd love to hear from you!

I'd also love to see some suggestions for anyone you think I should add to my network!

Interests include:

-TTRPGs, including art, minis, maps, etc
-Fey Lore and Myth
-Arts and Crafts

#PromoBoost #Suggestions #TTRPG #Creators #TTRPGDesign

Aelyrya Payne "Promo Boost" graphic, with an ink squiggle effect coloured with a gradient of pinks, orange, purple and blue. The text is in a dark green-teal with a cursive font and says "Promo Boost!"
2 months ago

So, how to spread your wings on here, who to follow.... hit me up with suggestions 🙃

#follow #suggestions

3 months ago

#Development #Suggestions
Main-ly speaking · Why do web developers underuse the HTML ‘main’ element?

#WebDev #Content #Accessibility #Frontend #HTML #SemanticHTML #Main

3 months ago

Looking for input! Thanks for any help! I don't like the 500 character limit for posts on my server. I've resisted the idea of moving because I like it here, but almost every day I fight with this restriction. Character limit isn't usually in server descriptions, so I don't know where to go. I don't really want a single theme server, prefer something more general. Any ideas? #CharacterLimit #Fediverse #Suggestions #Servers #MastodonServers

3 months ago

switching to #obsidian. any trick or tips?

boost appreciated :thonking:
#help #suggestions

Min :neofox_fingerguns:
3 months ago

I sometimes hear from con-going friends that they don't buy prints because they don't know what they'd do with them; they don't have wall space or just don't want to cover their walls.

So let me give you some of the best and most dangerous advice I've ever received: put them in a portfolio book! Now you have a book you can flip through at will to remember the good times. If you're brave, you could even put it on your coffee table. Bonus: the cover is a great place to put stickers!
#artwork #conventions #animecon #suggestions

A picture of the cover of an art portfolio book that has been decorated with a variety of stickers.
A picture of an open portfolio book; the left side shows a fanart print of characters from Phantasy Star, the right side shows characters from Tenchi Muyo and Thundercats.
A video of me flipping through an 11"x17" portfolio book that is filled with art prints bought at conventions.
3 months ago

I have my mom's laptop for a check up after she had some questionable pop window. No further information available.

Any recommendation for software or methods for a reasonable assessment if the device has been compromised? Running MS Win10.

#windows #microsoft #antivirus #recommendations #recommendation #helpwanted #suggestions

I need a better title for this book about my paintings and techniques. Any suggestions are better than what I have. Even I wouldn’t buy it at the moment. #book #suggestions #title

A layout of a book cover which says “Chloe Gilbert Artist” and has a watercolour painting behind of an abandoned lifeboat on sticks holding it upright.

I've never had a #Sony console.

So I figure if I'm going to start, I'll start at the beginning. Getting a #PS1!

Game #suggestions anyone?

#gamesuggestions #playstation

I guess what I need is #cocktail suggestions.

I like sour things and strong liquors. Red wine and lots of brown liquors give me headaches. Corpse reviver, sidecare and margarita are some favorites. I also like fruit.

Assume we have all the supplies.

#alcohol #drink #bar #suggestions

4 months ago

@mastodonusercount what can we do as users to help get to the next level? 20 million? Let's do this!! #Suggestions

Jari Komppa 🇫🇮
5 months ago

So let's say I'm in the market for my very first 3d printer. Suggestions?

I've looked at a few reviews and listings of "best beginner 3d printer" and everybody lists something completely different.

#3dprinting #3dprinter #suggestions #beginner

Kyle Reddoch :device_mbp:
5 months ago

Okay my Tech geeks, I need device name suggestions. I’m wanting to change the names of my Apple devices. I want to keep them to a theme.

My devices are: 14 Pro Max, M1 Pro MBP, 12.9 iPad Pro, Mac mini, 2 AppleTV 4Ks, 2 HomePod minis.

Let y'all's suggestions come.

Pls BOOST for maximum success 🙏🏼 Thx.

#Tech #Apple #Suggestions

I'm looking for #recommendations; here are all the things I hate, now make your #suggestions so I can shoot them all down. ~ people on the #Fediverse

6 months ago
6 months ago

#Development #Collections
48 laws, rules, and principles of web development · Four dozen suggestions for web and software developers

#Laws #Rules #Principles #Guidelines #Suggestions #Inspirations #Software #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Backend #Code

The Coding Beard
6 months ago

Looking for a fun #backend #programming language to learn next. Considering languages like Python & Rust. Open to #suggestions (as long as you tell me why) 😉 #code #language #rust #python

Jason Pettus :blobrainbow:
6 months ago

Today at my free freelance book editor self-publishing industry newsletter: My first-ever free gift, a guide to crafting the perfect romance novel proposal submission. Plus links to all kinds of book reviews I've been writing recently!

#free #freelance #book #editor #selfpublishing #industry #newsletter #romance #genre #novel #proposal #rules #guide #suggestions

Cutely designed graphic advertising the latest issue of my freelance book editor industry newsletter, in which I talk about offering my first-ever free gift, a simple yet information-packed guide to writing a winning romance novel proposal.
A man out of context
7 months ago

Can anyone recommend any decent international #news accounts in the #fediverse ?

Already following a bunch of linux and tech related accounts and would like to add another column to my overview!

Any #suggestions would be much appreciated!

Wren (they/them)
7 months ago

Looking for a new book club to join. I prefer fiction, not really into thrillers, but anything else is open. Must be virtual. Bonus points for disabled and or queer focused. Any suggestions? Also considering starting my own in case i can't find what I'm looking for.
#Bookstodon #BookClub #LGBTQ #Disabled #Suggestions #Reading #Books

7 months ago

#Design #Suggestions
Expanding conversational user interfaces · Options for increasing the usefulness of chat interfaces

#AI #Chatbot #DesignPattern #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #ConversationalUI #ChatUI

7 months ago

I have to get a new #wifi #router today. Any #suggestions?

It has to be reliable, play well with #ubuntu and #debian #linux, and preferably not use third parties to manage #software

Vitrine Litanies
7 months ago

Ok, here's a fun question for today: what #FOSS #music player do you prefer for #Android? I've tried a number of them and for various reasons have landed on #PhonographPlus as the best of a flawed lot, but am happy to hear other #suggestions even if I've already tried them. My complaint about Phonograph Plus is that its cueing system isn't intuitive and is hard to use in the car, but it contains a lot of other great features, plus it appears to be under active development, so check it out on F-Droid if you're in the market for a FOSS #MusicPlayer without a lot of cruft.


7 months ago

Ok, Fediverse - I'm heading to Scotland for two weeks on May 8th (Glasgow, Kennacraig, Oban, Islay, Inverness, and Edinburgh). Distilleries are already planned/booked. But what are your #suggestions for other things to do? I need to parse down the itinerary a bit, but any suggestions for live music in particular will be greatly appreciated!

Vitrine Litanies
7 months ago

Anyone have any #FOSS #Windows #suggestions for programs to rip CDs to mp3 or FLAC? I'm pretty sure Handbrake can do it but I'd love something which can do tags as well. I'm staring down the barrel of a lot of CDs to rip because my car's CD player finally gave up the ghost and I need music on my commute.

Cragsand :verified_coffee:
8 months ago

This looks like a great option for now but I can't help but think that allowing everything in posts to be searchable as an option would be a better approach. That would do away with hashtags altogether.

Some Mastodon instances have implemented a custom full text search feature like from I've been using it lately and makes finding things that much easier.

I'm hoping to see adoption of a way to fulltext search being an instance option, opt-in and opt-out depending on the instance settings implemented by default soon.

For anyone curious this is being discussed in this GitHub thread:
#searching #mastodon #search #fulltextsearch #features #suggestions #mastodonsearch #mastodonsearching

Wren (they/them)
9 months ago

Looking for cozy fantasy suggestions. Today feels like a day where I need to be brought into a fluffy safe world with characters who are going to feel like family. For reference, the ones I am thinking of that I've liked so far are Legends And Lattes, Heartbreak Bakery, Sour Dough, and The Bookshop And The Barbarian. So, fantasy not a requirement, just something that's not... heavy.
#Suggestions #SuggestMeABook

Ryan Peters
9 months ago

Any suggestions for an outdoor RTSP-compatible wifi camera that has a NARROW field of view? I want to be able to have a close-up of the birds on my feeder from where I have it mounted. Thanks!

#camera #suggestions #rtsp

Quokka 🇦🇺
10 months ago

My instance is shutting down ☹️

Need some suggestions on new instance to head to please fellow tooters.

Or maybe I do spin up that domain name I bought.

#migration #suggestions

It's a picture of a tarmac road stretching off into the distance. Not sure where. Sky is blue with a few clouds. Is a desert location with a few low sandy hills in the distance and a few low bushes nearer us.
Ether Diver
10 months ago

And of course now I have to figure out what to patch... Any #suggestions?

Dave Mackey
10 months ago

2/ both feel like overkill.

I like composing in #markdown and really would like something that renders markdown nicely as #html.

I could do straight html/#css but that feels like more work than I'm looking for. I know, I'm being picky.

I don't want to use #medium because of it's proprietary emphasis. is a possibility - but curious if others have experience with it?

#GitHubPages is always an option but #Jekyll feels heavy too. Am I just asking too much?

Any #suggestions are welcome!

Wren (they/them)
10 months ago

I'm challenging myself this year to try to learn something new each month. This does not mean I need to be great at something at the end of the month, or that I'll stop after, it's just a way for me to explore more things and see if I like doing them. January was coding. I am looking for recommendations for the rest of the year. Any suggestions welcome. These things need to be something I can do from home or online.
#Suggestions #Challenge #Motivation

@alicia_noreally so I have some suggestions.

Here in #fediverse one has to make more #effort to get a #active #community going.
I have that here as people respond.


1 - Frequently #search for & read #introduction hashtag & add #people. This way you will get to read more relevant toots & get to respond.

2 - Add #hashtags generously in your #toots so when people search for them they will find your posts.

3 - #pin toots to your profile, so when others look at it they can add you.

11 months ago

ChatGPT for SEO · Ways to leverage the popular chat bot in your SEO activities

#business #suggestions
#AI #ChatGPT #SEO #Google #GoogleSearch #SearchConsole #LinkBuilding #StructuredData #MetaData #cluster #keyword

11 months ago

2023, the year of websites · Start small and keep it simple, then chip away over time

#business #suggestions
#SocialMedia #Mastodon #Twitter #ownership #personal #website #template #newsfeed #RSS

Paolo Melchiorre
1 year ago

A good old little-known #movie is better than a mediocre but trendy new #series 🍿

For those who have not seen it (but also for those who have already done so) I recommend: #Sneakers 👟

I'm interested in old movie #suggestions. 💡

Camilo Bravo :drumset:
1 year ago

That said, I do like it! the bass parts especially.

And, btw, #critique / #tips / #impressions / #suggestions are all very welcome.

#musodon #MastoMusic

1 year ago

Mastodon Lists need some improvements, imo.

1. Be able to add people you don't follow, so as to keep your Home timeline uncluttered but still allow you to checkout what's going on in a certain List.
2. Ability to also filter by keywords. Just because I added someone to a topical list, does not guarantee they will always post about that topic.
3. Easier navigation to Lists. Maybe a drop-down button on the Home feed to switch to a list?

What do you think?

#mastodon #ux #lists #suggestions

Peter Yang, MD - Yaz
1 year ago

Looking for #suggestions of big news organizations or journalists to follow who also post or mirror their content on Mastodon

Finally rolled out the #November version of the #japanese #calendar, #improving it every month!

#CreativeCommons, BY-ND #license (#assets do not allow me for a more #permissive one, sorry)

Feel free to share #suggestions if you have any ^^