4 weeks ago

#supabase and #svelte: the SuS stack

4 weeks ago
Daniel Brüggemann
1 month ago

My first bot is nearly done. Written with #Typescript, #Playwright and #Supabase.

If playwright runs in headless mode, it fails frequently. Currently i have no idea, why.

Mikaela Caron
1 month ago

It’s the weekend! That means you can build and scale to millions with Supabase

⚡️An open source Firebase alternative

See my crash course for getting started as an iOS dev using their Swift library

#supabase #swiftLang #iOSDev

Daniel Brüggemann
1 month ago

Last week, I've got a good batch of work on my side project done. Which makes me happy. :) Thanks to #nextjs and #supabase
To check my next item on the list, I'll write my first bot. Let's see how this works out.

Découverte #tech du soir :

Petit projet open source en go avec un seul binaire pour faire du #backend as a service en remplacement de #firebase et #supabase !

Cloud Authentication Services

There is a sea of Cloud Auth / Identity management providers.

There was a time I used to roll my own, but as security is getting complicated, it seems for startups & small to medium businesses it is better to use a cloud auth provider.

Please share your thoughts on your experience with this as I look into this area.

So far I have come across:

#Auth0 (by Okta)


Interesting course, for free!!👀
#NextJS #Supabase

Build a Twitter Clone with the Next.js App Router and Supabase

Matt Faz
2 months ago

#nuxt with #pinia #tailwindcss and #supabase makes creating websites so easy these days. It’s crazy.

𒄷𒉿𒉿 :cuscuz:
2 months ago

caralho... #supabase agora é opensource 👀

Prashanth HN
2 months ago

Discover how we leveraged the power of @supabase to build effective solutions at AntStack. Our latest blog post delves into Supabase's features and its role in shaping our MVP: #Serverless #Startups #Supabase

3 months ago
I recently have taken a liking to #Supabase combined with next.js while using github's primer design system for the styling.

Really like the combo :chocola2:

#dev #development #js #javascript #css #react #nextjs
3 months ago

New App project:

A #FOSS Android app to track your progress reading a book a let comments in the pages of the book.

✅ Core feature (#KMM)
✅ Navigation
✅ User authentication
✅ Backend (#Supabase)
✅ Legal documents
✅ Crash reporting (#Acra)
❌ Ads
⏳More features
⏳Play Store

First MVP ready to ship

#Android #JetpackCompose #AndroidDev #Books #OpenSource

3 months ago

#supabase #개발자

여러분 supabase 붐은 옵니다 지금 탑승하십시오

Eddie Roger
3 months ago

After making relatively slow progress at #supabase and hitting a wall with Functions and local dev, I’m starting to think it’s worth just going back to a Rails backend. Auth is super cool, and the dev cycle is good once you get familiar, but the rough edges are super rough.

I would love to hear that I’m wrong and just missing something. The #swift client is pretty good, but the doc is lacking, which is frustrating at times.

3 months ago
3 months ago

#Mozilla has partnered with #OpenAI and #Supabase to develop AI Help, an interactive interface powered by GPT-3.5, to provide programmers with coding assistance and guidance on the Mozilla Developer Network website.

Jeff Caldwell
3 months ago

I'm working on an RSS reader app as a portfolio project using #SvelteKit and #Supabase.

Aside from the regular "subscribe to a feed," "mark as read," etc, I want to include annotations and bookmarks.

Shouldn't be too difficult. I think I'll probably save a start/end position for the text selection the annotation/bookmark refers to. I thought it might be possible by just saving the text, then matching it in the UI, but that wouldn't account for multiple occurrences of the same string.

Will Iverson
3 months ago

@vegetarianzombie Unity. I posted a video with some info here:

...and I did a bunch of interviews (e.g. search for BlazeSky making of) on YouTube as well.

LMK if you have any Qs - lots of fun to make and still using #unity today for non-game and game client stuff. Working on some interesting stuff using Unity as client and #supabase for the backend. UniTask async/await ftw.

Eddie Roger
3 months ago

I’m curious if what people think of #supabase as a backend and auth provider. Knowing SQL, it seems like a quick way to a functional app, but I’m nervous of lock-in (which is WAY premature for my needs) if something were to actually come of it. Auth seems the real killer, since a Rails backend takes 15 minutes these days.

3 months ago


Build in a weekend
Scale to millions

MarcinW 🖥️🚀
4 months ago

Just discovered that there's an #opensource alternative to #firebase - it's called #supabase. It comes with clients in a multiple languages (sadly no PHP yet), and was started by a Kiwi developer Paul Copplestone:

Kraktoos :fedora: :i3:
4 months ago

#nextjs + #supabase + #mantine is soooo good mannn

More for a demo than actual needed functionality, I tried to mimic ChatGPT's "typewriter" visual effect when chunks come back from the streaming OpenAl API. I was surprised how easy it was to get something working with Deno's built-in Web Streams API.

#deno #ChatGPT #OpenAI #edge #streams #http #gpt #supabase #denodeploy

Will Iverson
5 months ago

Check out this video on how to use #supabase w/ #Unity3D, including native Sign in with Apple!

Will Iverson
5 months ago

New video showing how to use #supabase with #Unity #Unity3D, including native Sign in with Apple!

5 months ago

Wishing #supabase had #redis support right about now 😥

Fran 🇦🇷
5 months ago

I'm starting to like #Supabase 🙂 I'm working on a catalog that lets you pick #ESP32 boards and sensor modules to assemble #IoT sensors.

The #backend gets parts availability and prices from Digi-Key and Mouser using Supabase Edge Functions running on Deno, and a pg_cron job to invoke that a few times a day to refresh the stocks.

The mix of old and new technologies in Supabase seems to work very well 👍

A screenshot of a electronics parts catalog.
Ian Bicking
5 months ago

I'm having my first introduction to #supabase, which is a sort of hosted Postgres with a direct client API. It's very peculiar, like the API feels very incomplete and undocumented. Anyway, after poking around I thought maybe stored procedures would be the way to go, avoiding fancy querying in the client and giving a kind of flat view of anything.

But how can anyone possibly manage these things?! Conceptually this seems like a good approach, but for maintenance it seems hopeless

5 months ago

Hello developer friends. I'm using #Supabase with #Prisma in #TypeScript. The user object does contain the invitations object and the schema.prisma User model does have "invitations".

I re-generated the Prisma client, restarted VS Code and restarted the TS server. What else could be the reason for this mismatch?

Alejandro Baez
5 months ago

Well then, time for me to replace #pgbouncer with #supabase #supavisor 😁

Andros Fenollosa
6 months ago

En Infinita Recursión #36: alumnos creando Instagram en unas horas, que es el algoritmo Run-Length Encoding, Richard Karp por Camilo Chacón y reto sobre Tetris.
¡Suscríbete ya para recibirlo!
#javascript #VueJS #nuxtjs #supabase

Andros Fenollosa
6 months ago

Hoy en clase hemos hecho un Instagram muy básico usando Nuxt 3 y Supabase.
Se pueden subir imágenes, dar Likes y funciona en tiempo real entre todos los visitantes.
Por si queréis jugar lo he desplegado en GitHub:
#javascript #supabase #nuxtjs

6 months ago

💡Follow this new guide on how to secure your self-hosted #Supabase deployment via docker-compose using #CrowdSec for:

✅Enhanced protection.
✅Detection of sophisticated attacks.
✅Capabilities to integrate in cloud-native workflows.


6 months ago

Hey guys. If you love #supabase and #mantine and #nextjs then I have something for you. A ready-to-go multi-tenant boilerplate, freshly built, future-safe, server components -> yes!

Contact me for consultancy if you need it or create an issue.

#web #webdev #webdevelopment #react

6 months ago

I’ve been playing with #supabase on my latest project and really like it.

I ran into issues when testing database webhooks on my dev machine via the CLI, but figured out a workaround.

Gary Lake
7 months ago

Absolutely, continually blown away by #supabase

$25 for just hosted #PostgreSQL , #auth for 100k MAU, and email support is brilliant.

The fact it's also a fully formed #BaaS/#Firebase alternative with far less lock in is a bonus.

Working on my SQL chops has been the smartest thing I've done in a loooong time.

#Developer #WebDeveloper #FullStackDeveloper

7 months ago

#TIL #TodayILearned about the hashtags #ThreeGoodThings and #3GoodThings, what a lovely way to inject a bit of positivity in my day and get better at engaging on Mastodon more often. Today is far from over for me, but good things so far are:
1. vegetarian (not)pork pies
2. #Supabase's documentation of their authentication system, and their great #SvelteKit example code
3. The cat not running away when I came to sit with her

So I've finally setup a workflow to Toot every time I add something to #Otter (my little bookmarking side-project) with a specific tag, specifically the one that powers the feed on my site ( They will appear as items starting with "New liked ...". If you want the full feed, I also send them to @otterbot.

This is made possible using #supabase's webhooks feature and a #nextjs API route on my #Otter web app.

Open Source JobHub
7 months ago

An open source Firebase alternative, #Supabase adds auth, realtime, and restful APIs to Postgres without a single line of code. Browse open positions at Supbase on #OSJobHub #jobs #hiring #SRE #cloud #marketing #OpenSource #PostgreSQL #database #RemoteWork

Supabase logo on black background
7 months ago

@command_tab I’m not saying it’s the only way otherwise, but have you looked at #supabase as an option at all? I thought about a similar move recently and it took a lot of the management pain away, plus made me learn more about the inner workings of Postgres in the process.

Carlo Zottmann
7 months ago

Google: "We’ll soon configure #GoogleAnalytics 4 for you!!"

Me: *deletes all Google Analytics properties* "No, you won't."

Related: I'm quite happy with my #Umami instance on #Vercel & #Supabase.

Gary Lake
7 months ago

Tell me you're building a SaaS product and mobile app all by yourself and just pushing to main all day long, without actually telling me you are 😬

#developer #frontend #FrontendDevelopment #FullstackDeveloper #Javascript #Vue #Supabase #SaaS

Gary's git contributions as a screengrab
8 months ago

Need a free managed Postgres database? Check out #Supabase! Super easy to set up and you get two databases for free. I just migrated there from #Render (since they delete free databases after 90 days). 🐘✔️

#Postgres #Hosting #Database

8 months ago

nothing could possibly go wrong with using a URL as a unique primary key in a #supabase #postgres table right? right? paging @jamiet

Chris Boren
8 months ago

I have a dilemma - i haven’t written an actual #sql query in like.. oh wow 7 years!? Anyway, the point is I was a novice at best before.

So, i guess my question is, when creating an api backend with #express (and probably #supabase ) do I try to teach myself #postgresql and do everything raw, or should i just dive in with #prisma (or another ORM)?

Couldn't find an app that combined exactly the health data I want to see aggregated. So tonight I built a simple dashboard with #nextjs & #supabase. It pulls my data from my watch every 5 minutes. #applewatch #fitness

8 months ago

Spent last night and tonight researching the tech choices of #indiehackers for some small projects this year. Looks like #SupaBase and #PocketBase with a Flutter front-end are right for this job. #Fable will let some #Flutter be done in FSharp soon, a bonus. Strange to not start a project with IaC but this is not forthe enterprise.

Roman Kuba 🦥
8 months ago

This weekend I started to build my first serious side project, which I really want to turn into a functioning SaaS.

I never have done it before. Released libraries, videos, code, and such in the past, but never built a whole product that got further than the idea and little code pieces.

For the new project, I have a small, but very clear goal, and I'll focus on getting it running and not on bikeshedding.

I'll share more as soon as the main functionality is working.

Stack: #nuxt #supabase

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
9 months ago

@dave maybe something on top of #supabase

9 months ago

never used react, played with vue and svelte a bit, but a new year, you know, so finally playing a little with #SolidJS. and #supabase backend. 👍🎉

Ian Homer
9 months ago

@andrioid thanks for your recommendations - absolute yes to #typescript #mastodon #vite #obsidian not heard of #supabase before, but taken a look and need to try that.

9 months ago

F# in strange places. Supabase Edge functions. My blog post for @sergey_tihon's advent calendar is live!

#FSharp #Supabase #wasm

Gary Lake
9 months ago

Gotta be honest folks, as a front-ender, relearning #SQL and picking up #Supabase feels a bit like getting super powers 😅

#WebDeveloper #WebDevelopment #FrontendDevelopment #FrontendDeveloper #Postgres #PostgreSQL #Founder

Matias Piipari
9 months ago

pg_crdt from #supabase integrates #yjs and #automerge in a Postgres extension to implement #crdt based syncing at the DB level.
Indirectly, the fact you have the flexibility to stick extensions like this in a Supabase application and it works at all cleanly with the pre-existing Realtime feature is a pretty good sign re: its design as far as flexibility.

Gary Lake
10 months ago

This year I started an adventure and became a #founder starting a #sustainable #data for fashion #startup called LAYBL (link in bio)

As part of that I’ve adopted a stack made up of #vuejs #supabase and #ionicframework

It’s been a hell of a ride so far but it’s such an incredible set of tools, and as I get to grips #PostgreSQL and #serverless / #edge stuff, I’m really beginning to feel like a #fullstack developer and empowered to build anything.

If you’re curious about the stack AMA…

I'm finally starting a re-write of in #ReactJS / #NextJS with #Supabase.

Hit me up if you want in and would like to see this happen. #PriceParity #xp

Fabio Manganiello
1 year ago

@humanetech #Supabase is indeed the next one that I'm planning to test.

Supabase tries to be more a 1-1 replacement of Firebase though, while the alternatives based on UnifiedPush are more like general-purpose mechanisms to deliver asynchronous messages regardless of the platform - and I'm ideally looking for something that can work on any platform, not only Android. But let's see, if Supabase has managed to implement something more usable on Android I may even opt for it in the short term.