Key Biscayne Independent
5 days ago

Fire, ice and the sports miracle you are witnessing in Miami :

The odds a few weeks ago that the Panthers and Heat would both reach the finals? One in a million. 

#FloridaPanthers #Marlins #MiamiDolphins #MiamiHeat #NBA #NFL #NHL #Panthers #SuperBowl #WayneHuizenga

✂️ If you're a regular reader, you know I'm #StarWars-deficient. I saw the original movie in 1977, but nothing since. Everything else I know about the franchise is by what I call "cultural osmosis."

▶️ I know enough to LOVE this #Volkswagen commercial that ran during the 2011 #SuperBowl. Readers also know I've never watched a pro football game start-to-finish. Google put it in context.

Why did YouTube put this on my homepage?

Now, I'll watch the parodies! 😂

Jan Bosch
2 weeks ago

@futzle Did you enjoy the #SuperbOwl party ?

β TV Azteca Deportes 🤖
2 weeks ago

¡Lo último en la NFL! 😎

🏈 Tom Brady llegó a un acuerdo para ser socio de los Raiders.
🏈 Las sedes de la NFL hasta 2026.

#NFL #TomBrady #Raiders #SuperBowl #AlCorriente

2 weeks ago

@MaioccoNBCS #NFL #SuperBowl

I won't care unless the Niners are in it.

@johnhood Now you can read all about your favourite sportsball teams in the News app and I'm sure lots of info about the #SuperbOwl when that rolls around.
3 weeks ago

Welt: NFL: Streaming-Sender zahlt unglaubliche Summe für ein Play-off-Spiel

Der NFL schließt einen immens lukrativen Vertrag ab. Der US-Streamingsender „Peacock“ sichert sich die Rechte für eine einzige Partie im Play-off. Das bescherte der Football-Liga einen weiteren Geldsegen.
NFL: Streaming-Sender zahlt unglaubliche Summe für ein Play-off-Spiel

Yhou Whraing
3 weeks ago

Too busy celebrating their World Champioin #superbowl events! 🦉

Dan O'Dowd
3 weeks ago

Watch The Dawn Project’s #SuperBowl ad demonstrate critical safety defects in
Tesla Full Self-Driving. 6 months ago we reported FSD would run down a child. Tesla hasn't even fixed that! To focus their attention, NHTSA must turn off FSD until Tesla fixes all safety defects.

1 month ago
1 month ago

Rihanna Breaks Super Bowl Record, Ed Sheeran Quitting Music? & More | Billboard News

Check it out! 👇

#SuperBowl #SuperBowl #Legal #Idol #BillboardNews #Bbnews #Videos #Media

now, if on the other hand, you dont live in #europe and maybe your sports balls are not round but, like .. egg shaped, or you were some eremite wanna be philosophers king, who very well knows zadok the priest, but have no idea what the, or a #championsleague is;

it is kind of a #european #superbowl for a sport that in some places is wrongfully named "#soccer"
it has a "own" score:

2 months ago

I like #SilentSunday and #FensterFreitag. There are many great images and places shared with those.

#ThickTrunkTuedsay always has some monster trees. #WaterfallWednesday can take you clear away from wherever you are sitting.

More generically, the dog hashtags and garden hashtags are always a sweet and beautiful antidote to the grim news that is shared. They always lighten up the home feed.

Inadvertent hashtags like #SuperbOwl are always fun.

2 months ago

How exactly does one have intercourse with Edward Scissorhands? (Very carefully, might be a porcupine’s answer to that last question).
#EdgarScissorhands #Cadillac #SuperBowl #Commercial #Review

2 months ago

@CatalyzedTransmogrification Someone stole the catalytic converter from the #Weinermobile as they were driving to the #SuperBowl

Eureka! Fakten
2 months ago

1996 konnte man "#Pepsi Points" für Preise einlösen. Der #Superbowl-Spot zeigte (als Witz) auch einen Kampfjet für 7.000.000 Punkte. Ein BWL-Student fand Investoren, die ihm $700k für die Punkte stellten und forderte in einer Klage den Jet - ohne Erfolg.

Bild aus dem Peps Superbowl-Spot. Es zeigt einen Harrier-Kampfjet mit dem Titel "HARRIER FIGHTER 7,000,000 PEPSI POINTS"
β Jeremy White 🚕 🤖
2 months ago

Take your favorite team out of the formula....

What's #1 on your "Big Board" for singlular day sporting events?

What's the top 3 look like?

#themasters #SuperBowl #MarchMadness #KentuckyDerby

β Jeremy White 🚕 🤖
2 months ago

What's #1 on your "Big Board" for singlular day sporting events?

What's the top 3 look like?

#themasters #SuperBowl #MarchMadness #KentuckyDerby

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
2 months ago

I can't seem to find the code that made #ElonMusk tweets to recommended to us all after he wasn't the most tweeted about during the #superbowl

Did they remove it, or is this code sitting somewhere else higher up in the tree? Thus, showing that this release isn't all that actually and is just there to keep us busy.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #Github #SourceCoce #Opensource

John Kryk 🤖
2 months ago

It’s #OpeningDay. Many of us joke about lobbying for a holiday on such big sports days (Day 1&2 of, anyone?), or for day-after recovery, er, continuing celebration (#SuperBowl #GreyCup).

Might they actually come some day?


Reviewer 2 ❎
2 months ago

If got a free #advertisement slot during the #SuperBowl 🏈 what would you do with it? 📺

2 months ago

Tom Brady’s Estranged Wife Gisele Bundchen Claims FTX Collapse ‘Blindsided’ Her - Former U.S. National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tom Brady’s estranged wife ... - #sambankman-fried #cryptoexchange #giselebündchen #superbowl #featured #tombrady #ftx #nfl

Nevis Island
2 months ago

#StKitts and #Nevis is beaming with pride as #SuperBowl winning Cornerback of the #KansasCityChiefs, Joshua Williams is visiting his native land of St Kitts and Nevis.

#StKitts and #Nevis is beaming with pride as #SuperBowl winning Cornerback of the #KansasCityChiefs, Joshua Williams is visiting his native land of St Kitts and Nevis.
Dr. Tineke D'Haeseleer
2 months ago

@artsangel It's always a good time for a #SuperbOwl

3 months ago

Oh look. Another #slut brings false sexual #harrasment claims against a guy and puts his career on the line. And idiot big #corporations assists her and refuses to provide evidence after reporting him to his employer.
#metoo #sexualabuse #sexualassault #sexualharassment #nfl #michaelirvin #superbowl #superbowl2023

3 months ago


Just watched the biopic #WhitneyHouston : I Wanna Dance With Somebody" on DVD and it reminded me what a great singer she was.

I didn't much care for the "acting" but the musical segments were great and some (if not all of them) included Whitney's actual voice which was dubbed in.

I'm not a flag waver but the movie also reminded me of her singing of the "Star Spangled Banner" at the #SuperBowl in 1991 which was an iconic performance that you can see here:

Adam Cook
3 months ago

To make matters worse, it is my understanding that some of these "testing" clips were shown during a #SuperBowl advertisement that #TheDawnProject commissioned...

This type of display really does make the job of other #SystemsSafety experts so much harder, perhaps damn near impossible now (and in the #Tesla Universe, it was already a chore).

This display can be used by laypeople to disqualify competent warnings on safety-critical systems testing outside of a managed SMS.

3 months ago

@athletic Well, the #NFL certainly didn’t interview me. I didn’t watch the #SuperBowl as I had zero interest in being bombarded by endless commercialism that makes watching unbearable. #TV #sports #advertising

Open for Business
3 months ago

@trbutler and Jason Kettinger speed through a bunch of sports related topics — including the return of #baseball and the #superbowl — and then turn to the #HeGetsUs campaign, the #AsburyRevival and controversy around the old praise song #AboveAll. #music

The War on Cars
3 months ago

New Patreon Bonus episode! It's our annual Super Bowl roundup. We analyze the car ads featured in this year's big game and ask what they say about driving and U.S. culture. Plus, are men big babies who need their big trucks? (Spoiler alert: yes.)

#thewaroncars #superbowl #patreon #podcast

Black GMC pickup driving through an apocalyptic version of the Las Vegas strip.
Arpad 🇪🇺
3 months ago

Most olvastam a hírt, hogy a #Musk átíratta a #Twitter algoritmusát, mert bántotta, hogy az amerikai elnök #Biden bejegyzése a #SuperBowl al kapcsolatban 3x több elérést kapott, mint az övé.

Nemsokára Elon képe fog visszamosolyogni ránk az enciklopédiákból, a nárcisztikusságot magyarázó definíció mellől.

NFL Scores
3 months ago

This bot is going to enter in postseason mode just now! It will toot only Sundays at 3:00 PM EST as "I am alive" message.

But it will work for 2023 season!

Remember, this bot is #opensource and you can contribute to the project in 3 ways:

1️⃣ Sharing the bot and its content. Enjoy and share!
2️⃣ Contributing with source code.
3️⃣ Making a #bitcoin donation:

#nfl #nflfootball #nflplayoffs #playoffs #football #nflmastodon #superbowl

Btc donations qr code
3 months ago

Remember Katy Perry's Left Shark at #SuperBowl Halftime Show?

This is him now.

#tgif #netzfundstück #KatyParry

3 months ago

#Genre | Rihanna vs. Beyoncé: une concurrence factice aux relents sexistes et racistes

Depuis la prestation de #Rihanna lors de la mi-temps du #SuperBowl, un vieux réflexe a surgi: comparer la Barbadienne à une autre chanteuse noire, Beyoncé. Derrière ce procédé de mise en rivalité de deux femmes se cachent du sexisme et du racisme, analysent plusieurs spécialistes interrogés par Mediapart.

Par @faizazer

Rihanna lors de son spectacle à la mi-temps du Super bowl, à Phoenix (États-Unis), le 12 février 2023 © Photo Dave Shopland / Shutterstock / Sipa
Csepp 🌢
4 months ago
Nate Angell
4 months ago

:facepalm: after a couple of days of confusion, I realized today that my phone charge cord wasn't working because I had "borrowed" the surge protector it was plugged into to support a #SuperBowl watch party and never returned it. This is why I don't like sportsball…

4 months ago

I'd drive into on-coming traffic if someone called me Capitalism's Jester. Or maybe just cry like the TV? Eagle's guy. I learned a lot on the Net after the USA #SuperBowl American Football extravanza. Beside all the wit inspired by the "Tik Tok Boy" trash talk slur I now have a stock phrase for any conversation about sports: the Olympics, baseball, World Cup, any clot of professional corruption: I don't care. "Go Birds!" "I'm from #Philadelphia". I've done one test so far, it was bearable.

ZZ Bottom
4 months ago

Since the #Superbowl event i realize that #Elon, the absolute fascist is protected by the Media Mogul Fascist Rupert #murdoch .
Fascist billionaires protecting each other backs while eating the flesh of the people.

Alex Karp (he/him) :clippy:
4 months ago

I completely forgot to share my #SuperbOwl news. This is my new friend that I bought in Montreal! His name is Simon. Simon Owl.

Simon K. Owl.

A green, blown-glass owl with huge, clear eyes and a yellow nose. It has clear wings and a tail in the back. It’s sitting on my desk in front of my monitor and it’s about 6 inches tall.

While traveling recently, I opted to watch #TV in my hotel room. OMG, I forgot why I no longer watch TV. How in the world did I think watching #commercials was ever OK? It’s just non-stop #manipulation.

Not to mention that it severely impacts the enjoyment of watching a show. Whenever figures out how to #monetize without commercials is going to be incredibly wealthy.

Also, watching the #SuperBowl for the commercials is insanity. We live in a #capitalist hellscape.

Preston MacDougall
4 months ago

@netblocks ⬆️

Hmm 🤔, #TwitterDown for accounts that ‘Liked’ or retweeted #POTUS #JoeBiden ‘s #SuperBowl tweet but NOT #ElmoMush ‘s tweet about #SuperBowlLVII ? 😂

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
4 months ago

@BalooUriza Trump's just being primitively jealous, that he never was a star at the Superbowl, doesn't have the perfect skin & beauty of Rihanna, that he can't sing & ever be a decent, law-abiding & honest individual.

#Rihanna #Superbowl #Trumputin #HumanityMatters #LockHimUp #Insurrection #Sociopaths

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
4 months ago

@georgetakei 🤔😏😂😂😂😂😂 Look at him:

Without the pussy above his shirt's collar, Donald would be nothing.

#Superbowl #LiarInChief #PathologicalLiar #CareerFraudster #CareerCriminal vs #Rihanna

Screenshot of Trump's post bullying & denigrating singer Rihanna, who performed at Superbowl, while no on takes notice of Trump.
4 months ago

@georgetakei #elon was at the #superbowl with #rupertmurdoch & 2 young blondes. What does that tell you about RW media reach ? They need to be gone.

Mark Davies
4 months ago

If the #HeGetsUs #SuperBowl ad had been a table, #Jesus would have flipped it over.

Stephen Anfield
4 months ago

Bowie State University Student Justina Miles Goes Viral For ASL Of Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance

“I value the opportunity to make it possible for all deaf people to enjoy these songs and not have them miss out on the full Super Bowl experience,” Miles said. - HBCU Buzz

#accessibility #a11y #inclusion #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackFediverse #HBCU #SuperBowl #Maryland #news

4 months ago

‘Jesus was born to a teen mom’ – don’t believe the hype.

OPINION: A conservative, right-wing agenda lies behind the modern slogans and slick graphics of the ‘He Gets Us’ ads.

#superbowl #advertising #uspolitics #conservative

Charlie L
4 months ago

En Reddit me enteré que a la gente les gustó un montón el comercial del Pixel que salió en el #SuperBowl 🤯


4 months ago

#ElonMusk created a special system for showing you all his tweets first

After his #SuperBowl tweet performed statistically worse than President #Biden's, Musk ordered major changes to the #algorithm.

Biden's tweet, in which he said he would be supporting his wife in rooting for the #PhiladelphiaEagles, generated nearly 29 million impressions. Musk also tweeted support for the Eagles, generated around 9.1 million impressions before deleting the tweet in frustration.

4 months ago

@AshleyMarineP How many of those are flying on to Europe and beyond? A massive carbon footprint just to watch a #SuperBowl

#BanPrivateJets #ClimateAction #Environment #ClimateChange

Omar Moore
4 months ago

NEW EPISODE (Monday) - THE POLITICRAT daily #podcast S4/E42: Super Bowl, Or Super Soul?

#Rihanna  #SuperBowl #BlackMastodon #superbowlsunday #halftimeshow #Mastodon #nfl #sports #Apple #music

Albert Cuesta :verified:
4 months ago

Al Catalunya Nit d'ahir, valoració tecnològica de la #SuperBowl: publicitat, connectivitat i escenografia.

Scott Small
4 months ago

The poll has ended! Thank you to everyone who boosted or left a comment. There were 194 votes in total, and the final results are:

72% - #SuperBowl and #SuperbOwl sound different in my screen reader
28% - they sound the same in my screen reader

Screen readers where #SuperBowl and #SuperbOwl sounded different:
- VoiceOver on macOS/iOS
- Orca with eSpeakNG (but pronounciation is wrong)
- macOS with a British English voice
- Android TalkBack with a Japanese voice

Screen readers where #SuperBowl and #SuperbOwl sounded the same:
- Festvox Lite (flite)
- NaturalReader
- macOS with an American English voice
- Android TalkBack with English/French voices

In conclusion: you should always CamelCase your hashtags! Especially if you're making a joke using homonyms (two words that are spelled the same, but sound different).

Pink Bunny
4 months ago

Better crop of Pat Mahomes pic #Disneyland #SuperBowl

Pink Bunny
4 months ago

More Patrick Mahomes at #Disneyland today! #SuperBowl #Chiefs #SuperBowMVP

Jonathan Eisen
4 months ago

Great horned owl - a #SuperbOwl - in rural #DavisCA

on the house
4 months ago

Here’s a look at where Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes lives. Guess which picture made me pause?

#SuperBowl #kansascitychiefs #kansascity #missouri #football #housing #home #realestate #interiordecor's+Mid-Century+Abode

Living area with gray couches on red rug and fireplace to the right with kitchen at the back left.
Kitchen with white counter and brown wood island and four stools, a large wall of windows on the left with horizontal lines through for a garage door look
Large master suite with brown bed on left foreground on a beige carpet and fireplace at the back and tv to the right with sliding doors on the back walls. It’s the size of a large living room
Bathroom with glasses in shower and separate toilet room to the left of it, and a closet to the left. Between the shower and closet inside the bathroom appears to be a urinal
4 months ago

Morning Mastodonians!

I didn't have a dog in the fight, so I was happy to see an entertaining #SuperBowl to have on the TV. At least up until the last minute, when a completely bogus call turned into a lame ending. There were some entertaining commercials and my hometown, Medford MA, is now world famous thanks to the Ben Affleck #Dunkin commercial. Back when we did Dunkins, that one was a common stop for us even. Since the pandemic, we make our own iced coffees at home.

James #Bradberry, #Eagles defensive corner, confirmed that the referees in the #SuperBowl were correct in their holding call that tipped the game to the #Chiefs. A reminder that players are so often the ones who best know what the calls should be. #sotg #spiritofthegame

Dave Mark
4 months ago

Lest we forget, what many people consider the greatest Super Bowl halftime show of all time... 🎸💜

#Prince #SuperBowl

David Chartier
4 months ago

A #YouTube observation: I don’t know if the algorithm has dialed in hard to what I usually watch—gaming/humor, cultural essays, cool science—or if something else has changed.

But in previous years after the #SuperBowl, my Recommended feed would be filled with ‘the best commercials.’ I subscribe to enough channels that usually cover or at least summarize this stuff. And yeah, I’d watch the funny ones.

This year, nothing so far. It’s 100% my typical videos. 🤔

Jeremiah Lee
4 months ago

I loved the Rihanna Half Time Show and the Rihanna’s baby memes.

A little disappointed Apple Music didn’t get Tom Holland in for a cameo and repeat dance performance to “Umbrella”.

#SuperBowl #Rihanna

Pratik Patel
4 months ago

Do I care about all the adds from the Superb Owel documentary from last night?


Carlo Zottmann
4 months ago

Apparently there was some sort of ball sports thing or something like that, my timeline went a bit weird for a while


Kyle Anderson 💙🌼✊
4 months ago

More of this from the #NFL, please - large segments of games with minimal ads.

I'd watch hella more #sports if I didn't need to sit through bombardments of advertisements. I'd pay too! #superbowl

Scott Small
4 months ago

Question for people using screen readers:
(everyone else: please boost for visibility!)

Assuming proper camel-casing was used, can your screen reader pick up on the difference between the #SuperBowl and #SuperbOwl hashtags?

4 months ago

Ram Trucks "Premature Electrification" #geolocation of the pole. in the #superbowl #commercial The "no parking" sign covered up with the yellow sign. You can match the rocks/trees. 34.27216426,-118.61667737

Ram Trucks "Premature Electrification" screen shot
Street view of the same location
Dan York
4 months ago

Now THAT was an (American) football game that was fun to watch! What a great match between two incredibly strong teams!

#SuperBowlLVll #SuperBowl

4 months ago

Ram Trucks "Premature Electrification" #geolocation 34.27205842,-118.61707737 #superbowl #commercial

Ram Trucks Premature Electrification
Google Earth 3D view of the same location
Street View of same location
Dr. Jorge Caballero
4 months ago

Can we circle back to that commercial from General Motors where they basically admit to gaslighting the public about electric vehicles for decades, and then pivot to urging the public to give EVs a chance?


God :verified:
4 months ago

Jesus slammed those ‘He Gets Us’ ads during the #Superbowl because cuz he knows they’re funded by the founder of Hobby Lobby. Check out what Jesus said on this episode of the God Pod:

jesus slams superbowl commercial about him
David White
4 months ago

@parkermolloy Holy 💩! That #Tesla #and #Twitter #Asshole was at the #SuperBowl? BARF!!!! 🤢 🤮 And I just had #nachos for a #SuperBowlSnack! #ThanksForNothing #ElonMusk