Cyb3ric 🇧🇪
15 minutes ago

Une décennie après que #Snowden ait exposé la #surveillance de masse de la #NSA, seulement environ 1 % des documents ont été publiés! Mais trois faits majeurs peuvent enfin être révélés grâce à une thèse de doctorat en cryptographie appliquée par Jacob Appelbaum.

#WhisleBlower #Espionnage #Chiffrement #ViePrivée

Le siège de la NSA aux USA
2 hours ago heeft nu ook een ‘Nieuws’ sectie:

Er staan nu nog maar een paar recente berichten op, ‘k zal dit later vandaag even wat verder aanvullen :blobcatnerd:​

En! Heb je tips of iets dat we gemist hebben over chatcontrole? Laat het weten! Por me hier @onrust (of stuur een DM als dat prettiger is)

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Giuseppe Michieli
3 hours ago

#HK: Local Situation of #Influenza #Activity (as of Sep 20, 2023), Reporting period: Sep 10 – 16, 2023 (Week 37): Hong Kong has entered summer #influenza #season. The latest #surveillance data showed that the overall local seasonal influenza activity remained high. Full update at CHP:

"New ‘Privacy Badger’ Extension Better Protects Against Google Link Tracking" by @ResPrivacy - Upgraded tooling to circumvent tracking and delays from following links through them. #privacy🔏 #cybersecurity🛡️ #surveillance👀 #tech

16 hours ago

The Man Amazon Erased - Tablet Magazine -

Being cool/with-it, or keeping up with the Joneses, or seeking convenience, or just plain old consumerism will drown out this canary in the coal mine.
#amazon #smarthome #iot #privacy #security #surveillance

Jim Parsons
16 hours ago

“Amazon’s generative-AI-powered Alexa is as big a privacy red flag as old Alexa”


18 hours ago

We need #privacy #laws in the U.S. regarding #video #surveillance, #facial #recognition/ iris recognition/ gait recognition, what the #data is used for, and how long they can #store it. AU will see #wrongful #arrests, #discriminatory #policing, #harassment #lawsuits, if they proceed as planned in #stores. Do you want your #habits in the #grocery used for #behavioral #analytics and #marketing #schemes? Do you want your #iris or #gait #scanned into a #permanent #database?

Frederik Borgesius
21 hours ago

Prof Lokke Moerel called for a ban on behavioural advertising.

The discussion really has changed the past decade. A decade ago, one didn't hear this view so often.

At the

#tech #ai #advertising #adtech #privacy #surveillance #dataprotection #gdpr

23 hours ago

#YouTube flagged news outlet #AlJazeera almost as propaganda, since they do not like, that they question their power, and moves. Who doesn't like #surveillance, freedom oppression, so censorship, are an enemy of these surveillance capitalist bastards.

They flag PBS as a public broadcast service with no mentions of being funded by the american government, which they obviously do, that's why it is a public media outlet.
Washington Post doesn't get flagged at all.
They mislead you with wording.

YouTube tells the user "Al Jazeera is funded in whole or in part by the Qatari government" making it look like they are biased.
Washington Post on the other hand has no warnings at all it has relations with the government (which it has).
Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#EU #AI #AIAct #Surveillance #Privacy: "As the European Union inches closer to finalising the AI Act, civil society organisations are concerned about the unchecked, discriminatory and mass surveillance due to the use of AI in policing and migration control. The AI Act is an opportunity to prevent such harms by drawing limits on harmful use of AI technology.

115 civil society organisations are asking EU policymakers to regulate the use of AI systems by law enforcement, migration control and national security authorities throughout Europe. The use of AI by these authorities is dangerous for people’s fundamental rights, including the right to freedom of assembly, liberty, the right to asylum, privacy and data protection, the right to social protection, and non-discrimination."

Joaquim Homrighausen
1 day ago

Chat Control: "Indiscriminate surveillance"

When even the experts thinks a proposal is damaging ... 🙄🇪🇺

#chatcontrol #e2ee #privacy #eu #surveillance #encryption #dataskydd #dataprotection

Autonomie und Solidarität
1 day ago

How to use the #Tor Browser!

We all have a right to #privacy, which you can exercise today by #encrypting your communications and ending your reliance on proprietary services.

#surveillance #privacy #Data

Jay Baker (they/he)
2 days ago

UK Government ‘Concession’ On Breaking End-to-End Encryption In The Online Safety Act (Just Passed) Turns Out Not To Be One #surveillance #fascism

2 days ago

De EU stemronde over #chatcontrole is voorlopig uitgesteld. Dat geeft ons dus meer tijd om tegen dit belabberde plan te ageren!

Laat je politieke vertegenwoordigers weten dat je niet op massasurveillance van *al* je (privé)berichten zit te wachten---schrijf, bel, email of fax ze 🙃


Kom naar de #StopChatcontrole demo op 1 oktober, 13.00 uur op de Dam in Amsterdam: Verkleed als chatbericht, wat mij betreft 💬​

#briefgeheim #surveillance

Flyer voor een demonstratie tegen chatcontrole (gemaakt door de Piratenpartij). Tekst:

Zondag 1 oktober
13:00-16:00 uur
Dam Amsterdam
Demonstreer mee!
Chatcontrole nee!

Achtergrondafbeelding: Een groot oog, met in de iris de sterren van het logo van de Europese Unie. En middenin de pupil het logo van de piratenpartij. Onderaan de flyer staan opgeheven armen met gebalde vuisten.
Phil Tanner
2 days ago

As I carried out my twice-weekly surveillance RAT this morning it made me wonder just how many other people are still doing surveillance tests?

I know the reports on effectiveness are a little mixed, but I also have plenty of anecdata of symptom-free household members of positive cases returning positive RAT results, so I figure it costs nothing, and _might_ prevent me inadvertently spreading a potentially lethal disease to anyone else.

So, do you #surveillance #RAT for #COVID?

Boosts welcome

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 days ago

#Cybersecurity #Surveillance #Encryption #NSA #Snowden #Privacy: "In the preface, Appelbaum writes that his thesis is the culmination of more than a decade of research into the topic of surveillance. He expresses a political and activist aim by saying that the "machinery of mass surveillance is simply too dangerous to be allowed to exist" and that "we must use all of the tools in our toolbox – economic, social, cultural, political, and of course, cryptographic – to blind targeted and mass surveillance."

He says more has to be done than simply criticize surveillance practices. Cryptography for example, "allows for resistance in a non-violent manner to the benefit of everyone except the ones who are spying on us." From this perspective Appelbaum's thesis discusses various cryptographic implementations to "protect individual liberty, while aspiring to a broader goal of achieving societal liberty."

Throughout his thesis, Appelbaum reveals some new information from Snowden documents that has not been published, but which he had access to during his research that resulted in various publications in media outlets like Der Spiegel, NDR and Le Monde. The new information is only described, so no new original documents were released."

Canada Post breaking law by gathering info from envelopes, parcels: watchdog

* federal privacy watchdog says Canada Post breaking law by gleaning information f. envelopes, packages
* building marketing lists it rents to businesses
* privacy commissioner Philippe Dufresne recommended Canada Post stop using, disclosing personal information in this way
* Dufresne says Canada Post declined to take this corrective action

#CanadaPost #privacy #surveillance #neoliberalism

Frederik Borgesius
2 days ago

Project & letter by many NGOs in the US:

‘It’s time to ban surveillance advertising.

#tech #privacy #dataprotection #surveillance #bigtech #law #politics

2 days ago

Police and migration authorities are increasingly using #AI for harmful & discriminatory #surveillance.

This use of such tech for policing and migration control:
❗️is dangerous for our #FundamentalRights
🚫 increases harms against already discriminated groups such as racialized communities & migrants
👁️ is invasive and normalizes #MassSurveillance

We have joined 114 civil society organizations, calling on EU policymakers to ensure the protection of human rights! ⬇

Cory Doctorow
2 days ago

#10yrsago Terms and Conditions May Apply: documentary about abusive license terms, #privacy and #surveillance

#5yrsago Defunct Vancouver tech retailer’s servers sold off, containing credit cards and other customer details

#5yrsago California farm lobby’s sellout to #JohnDeere will cost its members their #RightToRepair


2 days ago

1/4 🚨Police & migration authorities are increasingly using AI for harmful & discriminatory #surveillance

@edri and 115 civil society orgs are calling on EU lawmakers to regulate such uses & uphold fundamental rights in the #AIAct💪

Read our statement:

police with a pink and blue background, a computer with the screen showing a young black person holding a megaphone. a dotted line from the computer to the police with a folder 'suspects'. code in the background.
Jan Penfrat
3 days ago

81% of Americans support banning #bigtech from collecting people’s personal information and using it to target them with #surveillance ads.

Another attempt in the US to introduce legislation to #BanSurveillanceAdvertising 🎉

Let's see if they can be the pioneers instead of Europe this time.

3 days ago

Everything you share publicly on the internet is publicly available and will not be forgotten. That includes government agencies, [and] your worst enemies.

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but it repeatedly is. The latest source of outcry is #ShadowDragon, which seems to be a simple #OSINT tool that just collects public posts and makes them available to the feds. Some call this mass surveillance. #privacy #surveillance

Sometimes, you just can't improve on a website's headline...

"Intelligence Community Feels It Might Be Time To Start Stuffing Surveillance Gear Into People’s Pants"

Seriously. And the project is — for reals! — actually called "SMART ePANTS". I can't even. #surveillance #WTF #WaitWhat

5 days ago

Revealed: Israeli Cyber Firms Have Developed 'Insane' New #SpyWare Tool. No Defense Exists

“A Haaretz investigation reveals that Israeli cyber companies developed technology that exploits the advertising system at the heart of the online economy to monitor civilians, hack into their phones & computers, and spy on them. This terrifying capability, against which no defense currently exists, has already been sold to a nondemocratic country”

#CyberSecurity #surveillance

Piratenpartij Nederland
5 days ago

De EU wil 'client-side scanning' verplicht stellen op alle apparaten, ook die van onverdachte burgers. Daarmee wordt het digitale briefgeheim geschonden. #Chatcontrol

Met het "tegengaan van kindermisbruik" als excuus, wil ze massaal aftappen. #surveillance

De EU wil alle online berichten scannen, ook van onverdachte personen. Met het "tegengaan van kindermisbruik" als excuus, willen ze massaal aftappen. Daarmee wordt het digitale briefgeheim geschonden. De technologie kan worden ingezet voor massa-surveillance en censuur, en het biedt gelegenheid voor misbruik door kwaadwillenden. Kom in actie tegen #chatcontrole! Zondag 1 oktober 13:00 - 16:00 uur Demonstratie op de Dam #Amsterdam #Piratenpartij
De Europese Commissie wil 'client-side scanning' verplicht stellen op alle apparaten, ook die van onverdachte burgers. Met het "tegengaan van kindermisbruik" als excuus, wil ze een backdoor op ieders telefoon verplicht stellen. Daarmee wordt het digitale briefgeheim geschonden. De technologie kan worden ingezet voor massa-surveillance en censuur, en het biedt gelegenheid voor misbruik door kwaadwillenden. Het is massaal aftappen.
Peter N. M. Hansteen
5 days ago

Yes, You Too Can Be An Evil Network Overlord - On The Cheap With OpenBSD, pflow And nfsen (from 2014) is now available trackerless at #AppFlow #netflow #network #monitoring #pflow #Surveillance #OpenBSD #IPFIX #nfsen

I spent a couple of weeks in #Germany this summer and noticed that most highway drivers consistently maintained speeds pretty close to the posted limit. Then I saw a flash a time or two and realized that speed cameras were everywhere.

I'm unsure how I feel about the trade-off of privacy and security here. While the cameras will work, do we want that kind of persistent monitoring? What do you think?

#surveillance #ca

Cedric :ivory_logo:
6 days ago

Sources: #Meta is exploring whether to show ads in WhatsApp and charge a subscription fee to use the app without ads; #WhatsApp denies working on such a feature | Financial Times
#vieprivée #donnéespersonnelles #surveillance

Jim Parsons
1 week ago


1) #PersonalData is an Asset Class and $44B was 🥜’s to pay for 17 yrs worth (every keystroke of every soul ever to use #Twitter)

2) We want to know exactly who YOU are before we feed all your Twitter / X #data into “private” X brand #AI services offered by an autistic Billionaire and sovereign immune Trillionaire

3) this is good for YOU!


"X attempts to fight impersonation with government ID verification”


1 week ago

As usual, Tutemic has an enlighting and surprising take on the Unity game engine controversy - why we must force them to walk this back a 100%, or were all gonna pay dearly in the future.

#Unity #UnityEngine #gaming #tech #future #surveillance #privacy #business #bigTech #protest #Tutemic

Dave Mason
1 week ago

They are a surveillance capitalism company that profits off of the misery of others.

It would be great if you'd stop promoting them.


John Scott-Railton ☕
1 week ago

Block ads on your networks now.

The system designed to follow us around the net with ads is now a blinking #nationalsecurity & #humanrights threat.

And the incentives are all wrong. From platforms to publishers & ad networks they've spent every effort to make sure those ads get to our devices.

Now, predictably, the tech is going to dictators & being used to hack us.

#cybersecurity #hacking #spyware #malware #surveillance #advertising

Doug Levin
1 week ago

"As students settle into their K-12 classrooms this fall, they remain the only population in Montana allowed to be under continuous surveillance by facial recognition technology." #edtech #surveillance @funnymonkey

Universal Hub
1 week ago

Whao, How attackers hijacked the phone of Meduza co-founder Galina Timchenko, making her the first Russian journalist to be infected with Pegasus spyware
#infosec #surveillance

Open Rights Group
1 week ago

It might be possible to have live facial recognition on CCTV cameras, but do we want to live in a dystopian surveillance state? #privacy #humanrights #digitalrights #surveillance

Glyn Moody
1 week ago

#Google Built a #Surveillance System Into Its #Chrome Browser to “Improve Privacy” - hmm, maybe not. try contextual ads instead...

1 week ago

Nice case study by Growth.Design showing in an easy to understand way how Meta uses dark patterns to hide their shady data collection:

#meta #facebook #instagram #threads #apple #privacy #tracking #surveillance #dark #pattern #design #ux #ui

Autonomie und Solidarität
1 week ago

Surveillance Under the #PatriotAct
"Hastily passed 45 days after 9/11 in the name of national security, the Patriot Act was the first of many changes to surveillance laws that made it easier for the government to spy on ordinary Americans by expanding the authority to monitor phone and email communications, collect bank and credit reporting records, and track the activity of innocent Americans on the Internet. While most Americans think it was created to catch terrorists, the Patriot Act actually turns regular citizens into suspects."

#Surveillance #USA #Counterterrorism #Antireport

Karikatur eines Kopfes in blau mit schwarzen Haaren. der mund ist mit weißem papier zugeklebt auf welchem in rot "Patriot Act" steht

[thread] cars, privacy

Cars Are Worst Product Category Ever Reviewed for Privacy

* all 25 car brands researched
* worst product category ever reviewed
* all collect personal data
* 84% share or sell your data
* 92% give little/no control over personal data
* Tesla only 2nd product ever reviewed to receive all of privacy “dings”

#Mozilla #cars #privacy #security #surveillance #corporations #DefundCorporations #ethics #Tesla

Michael Veale
2 weeks ago

Lithuania’s police ran the compromised, ‘encrypted’ #Anom mobile phone service secretly for the FBI, who couldn’t directly because of the 4th Amendment. Will this data retention and interference with confidentiality of communications reach the CJEU or ECHR to consider its necessity and proportionality? @josephcox reports: #surveillance

Pratik Patel
2 weeks ago

"We occasionally end up with products that can be dangerous to you, or to society in general, which we believe to be the case with Amazon-owned Ring and its relationship with law enforcement."

"We would like to remind you that there are many, many alternatives. Ring cameras are cheap and ubiquitous, but contributing to a just society is also a factor in keeping your family safe."

Why Wired doesn't recommend Ring Cameras.


What browser do people suggest?

Now that Google is doing so much more of the tracking thing, what browsers are best to use to cut down on surveillance?

I'm not tech savvy but would like to opt out of surveillance capitalism as much as I can - so help would be greatly appreciated.

#Browser #Google #GoogleChrome #surveillance #TechSecurity #MasterdonHelp #PleaseShare

Frederik Borgesius
2 weeks ago

Council of Europe, Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, ‘Pegasus and similar spyware and secret state surveillance’, 8 Sep. Draft resolution adopted, and the draft recommendation unanimously adopted. Rapporteur: Omtzigt #law #politics #humanrights #europe #privacy #surveillance #cybersecurity #pegasus

Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago


1) #ArtificialIntelligence isn’t a
“wave” –  it's an “injection” – by #TechnoFascist #SiliconValley Billionaires [a few funded by a sovereign immune Trillionaire 🇸🇦]

2) if you're a #data harvesting corp or institution *not* doing #AI as picured below? – you're doing it wrong

#AI #ML #BigData
#Health #HealthTech

Catherine Morris
2 weeks ago

Spies, Satellites and Data: How #China Is Expanding #Surveillance Overseas | CSDS-Asia Matters Podcast >

Gabriele Pollara
2 weeks ago

One of the things I became aware of in #COVID19 was how #wastewater #surveillance can be such a useful #publichealth tool to monitor emergence and activity of infections in the community.

Great article on this 👇
#IDMastodon #medicine #MedMastodon #AMR #viruses #infectiousdiseases #mpox

Wastewater monitoring: 'the James Webb Telescope for population health' | Exemplars in Global Health

Alexander Hay
2 weeks ago

The #UK government's apparent climbdown over #EndToEnd #Encryption is not all it seems.

"UK drops 'spy clause' for scanning encrypted chat, admits it's not 'feasible'

"But don't celebrate yet ... it has simply kicked the online safety can down the road, Westminster style..."

#OnlineSafetyBill #Surveillance #Tories #UKPolitics #Privacy

Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago


Good times in #enshitification-land

"X “unfit” for banking because of complicity in Saudi spying, lawyers argue”


Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

The latest attack on #migrants is an attack on their health and privacy. The government has directed the NHS to store Home Office reference numbers in migrants’ health records.

"When we go to a hospital, clinic or doctor’s surgery, we have a right to #privacy and our health records should be confidential. Doctors and nurses shouldn’t have to act on behalf of the Home Office." – ORG Programme Manager @sarahalsherif

Read more about the use the NHS for #surveillance:

2 weeks ago

2/2 #Wastewater testing was stopped in my county > a year ago and we are flying in the dark. CDC says to mask when community levels are high, but how is anyone to know?
It’s imperative that you continue #wastewater testing throughout the country--and preferably that you expand it. #Covid #surveillance #Biobot


Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

"The continued existence of the powers [in the Online Safety Bill] means encryption-breaking surveillance could still be introduced in the future"

If the government accepts that they can't scan messages without wrecking privacy and security, why not just remove the spy clause from the Bill?

#OnlineSafetyBill #privacy #surveillance #e2ee #ukpolitics

Jan Penfrat
2 weeks ago

As long as #journalists keep on regurgitating this #marketing bullshit about "highly relevant ads" we will never be free of #SurveillanceAds.

(Screenshot from #PoliticoEurope newsletter)

#TrackingFreeAds #privacy #GDPR #surveillance

Looking at you: So-called behavioral advertising is a business model common to Big Tech, which allows advertisers and publishers to display highly relevant ads and personalized marketing messages to users based on their web browsing. Meta had argued that the authority’s decision was. disproportionate, impossible to meet and in violation of other laws, but the court rejected the claims.
Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

ORG, along with privacy activists, tech companies and security experts, have long warned that it isn't possible to scan messages that use end-to-end encryption without undermining privacy and security.

While this is a victory for all campaigners who've highlighted the dangers of the spy clause to be used for mass surveillance, the powers could still be used in the future.

✊ We continue to fight for the removal of the spy clause.

#OnlineSafetyBill #privacy #e2ee #surveillance #ukpolitics

Quote from James Baker, ORG Campaigns Manager: "While this is welcome news, these powers do remain on the statute books and a future government may attempt state-mandated surveillance of our private messages. It would be better if these powers had been completely removed from the Bill."
Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

🚨 BREAKING: The UK government has confirmed it is rowing back on its plans to scan private messages.

They've finally back down with an announcement that Ofcom won't use powers in the spy clause contained in the Online Safety Bill until it's 'technically feasible' to do so.

They've conceded that no current technology exists that would protect privacy or avoid breaking encryption.

#OnlineSafetyBill #privacy #e2ee #surveillance #ukpolitics

2 weeks ago

"Bad news: your car is a spy. If your vehicle was made in the last few years, you’re probably driving around in a data-harvesting machine that may collect personal information as sensitive as your race, weight, and sexual activity." #privacy #spyware #mozilla #surveillance