Ricardo Harvin
21 hours ago

#Sustainable #cooling and "#ThermalComfortForAll" may be achieved by including a passive, #Bioclimatic approach to the rapidly increasing need for cooling in nearly every part of the world.

#TheCoolingWeb is an Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClimateChange mitigation solution that can be adopted and adapted to work everywhere #temperatures are high, or rising.

maxmoon 🌱
1 day ago

The best and most #sustainable #juice is the one with #organic ingredients.

The carrots are even self grown from my own #garden 💪 I think this was the hardest part 😀

A juicer, a pot of carrots, some oranges and apples.
A huge bowl of the juice.
There is a lot of pomace and I have to figure out what I can do with it?
Almost 4 bottles of juice in total.
1 day ago

‘A new way of life’: the #Marxist, post-capitalist, #green manifesto captivating #Japan

“Buying eco bags & bottles without changing anything about the #economic system - #sustainable development goals mask the systemic problem & reduce everything to the responsibility of the individual, while obscuring the responsibility of corporations and politicians”

It would be hubris to believe that capitalism was the end product of cultural evolution.

#ClimateChange #economics

brad m
2 days ago

Behold the power of #coffee 3

“if you're looking for a truly novel application for #coffee grounds, consider using them as a #sustainable material for #3Dprinting
“You can make a lot of things with #coffee grounds … And when you don’t want it anymore, you can throw it back into a #coffee grinder and use the grounds to print again”
“The finished 3D-printed objects are as strong as unreinforced concrete” #UniversityofColorado #research

Bo Morgan
2 days ago

I have switched to Mint Mobile (in the US, in California) and now I have full functionality of calls, texts, cellular Internet, and now multimedia messaging works as well. All of the radios also seem to work, including Wifi and Bluetooth.

Sometimes it loses cellular and needs a reboot, but this seems to be a rarity.

#ubuntutouch #ubports #fairphone #ff4 #foss #flosh #righttorepair #sustainable #nogoogle #noapple #nomicrosoft #mintmobile #sms #mms #bluetooth #phone #cellphone #smartphone #wifi

Alexander J. Stein
2 days ago

More #PlantBased diets can improve #nutrition and reduce costs, GHG #emissions, water & #LandUse by 30-40%. #Meat, #dairy, #seafood are worst for the #carbon footprint, but some impact is possible without dropping meat entirely: #sustainable #diets #Spain

brad m
2 days ago

Behold the power of #coffee 2

“spent #coffee grounds can be made into #biodegradable films—material that could one day replace #plastics
“as emerging economies begin adding chain #coffee shops—like #Starbucks—the amount of spent #coffee grounds will only increase. Using this otherwise unused resource for #biodegradable films is a #sustainable and economical solution”
“spent #coffee grounds contain lignocellulosic fibers, the material needed to make the film”

S. K. Riley
2 days ago

Back yard under the Hills Hoist (solar clothes dryer)
in soft rain following heat wave.

*Lawn: 0%
*Mulched 100%

Plenty of room now for raised vegetable, herb and flower beds and thankfully, zero noise from mechanical landscaping machines.

So many worms, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, native bees etc. in this picture, all hiding till the sun comes out. (Possums, frogs and an owl, all hiding till the sun goes down.)

#Spring #Sustainable #UrbanGardening #ZeroLawn #Mulch #Wildlife #Gardening #CoastalNSW #Australia

The green vertical support of a solar clothes line stands rooted in river rocks, surrounded by a sea of light brown mulch. Farther away, green ferns surround a green bird bath, nestled beneath Bangalow palms and a large green leafed hibiscus bush, in front of a wall of mature Australian native trees.
North Delta
3 days ago

Looking for feedback and ideas. I’m experimenting with making some #slowfashion clothing patches with my hand-carved stamp designs. Would you buy something like this to repair your clothes? Why or why not? What details (colors, designs, fabrics…) would you want? Iron-on or stitched? How much would you expect to pay? Any feedback welcome.

P.S. thanks for any reshares to help me reach a larger sample size of feedback 😊

#mastoart #fashion #handcarved #stamp #clothing #sustainable #scrunchy

A photo of various pieces of clothing with stamped patches (a sloth, a turtle, a bee, and a snail)
Post Growth Institute
3 days ago

#Susu—a centuries-old, informal financial system in #Ghana—quietly challenges the dominant global system. Its very existence refutes #capitalism’s insistence that it’s the only possible model for society. The truth is, wholly alternative systems exist—and have existed for a very long time.

Community-based systems are critical in addressing economic inequalities while providing a #sustainable alternative to the harmful neoliberal ideology.

brad m
3 days ago

Meanwhile in #NYC
“A Department of #Transportation tweak of #cargobike rules that the agency says would make the boom in deliveries ‘safer and more #sustainable’ was assailed on Wednesday, both by industry officials … and by members of the public”
“roadways are simply less safe right now for the most vulnerable road users”
“no speaker addressed the gravest danger on #NewYorkCity roads today: cars and especially trucks” #bikelanes #safestreets #infrastructure

3 days ago Combine #ai with passion for a more #sustainable world and you get a red flag tool for anyone who wants to see how #corporates are proceeding in getting away from harm to this #planet and the #people on it. #climate #climatefinance #accounting #reporting #finance #wwf

Janne M. Korhonen
3 days ago

The #Nordic social democracies are far from perfect, and there are worrying signs that they may be sliding to the right.

But the basic #welfare state model remains extremely popular in the Nordics.

Even the right-wing parties CAMPAIGN on a platform to SAVE THE WELFARE STATE.

The Nordic model is popular because it works.

The Nordic model is also the best existing template, or springboard, for a #sustainable society.

That's why I joined a Social Democratic think tank, and that's what I do.

Janne M. Korhonen
3 days ago

The ONLY truly #sustainable solution for this two-pronged problem is, I firmly believe, #democracy .

Share #power and #resources fairly and equitably.

THEN it may be possible to set safe, universally respected #limits to the use of powerful technologies and finite resources.

Because only fair, democratic sharing

a. reduces the pressure to compete, and
b. gives those in danger of being exploited enough power and resources to defend themselves.

Janne M. Korhonen
3 days ago

Hi you all!

I'm working for just, #sustainable #transition at the Social Democratic think tank Sorsa Foundation ( in #Helsinki, #Finland.

I've been trying to advance #sustainability since about 2007. I originally have a background in #engineering and #design, and did a PhD about technological substitutes for critical resources. However, #energytransition has been my main focus.

I firmly believe that broadening #democracy is THE key to sustainability.


Sada Reed
3 days ago

I highly encourage #journalists, #SportsJournalists and #InvestigativeJournalists to share their work at the upcoming Play the Game conference February 4-7 in #Trondheim, #Norway. Interested journalists should submit a description of their proposed presentation by October 15. I hope to see you there. #Autocracy #democracy #crime #integrity #sport #sustainable #climate
#environment #watchdog #Abuse #sportsorganizations #athletes #diversity #power #scandal #antidoping

How do #urban #landscapes contribute to the 'heat island' effect, and what can we do to counteract it? 🌆☀️🥵

To demonstrate the difference between shade and sun, #BradLancaster measures sidewalk temperatures on a scorching hot day in #Tucson, #Arizona. With his book promoting greener spaces, shade harvesting, and rainwater "planting," Lancaster shows how simple actions can help in creating a more #sustainable and comfortable #environment. 🌳🌧️🌎

👉 Learn more:

#TKSST #STEM #climate #ClimateChange

A finger pointing at a sidewalk
Nevis Island
5 days ago

The Minister of Environment, Climate and #Sustainable Development of #StKitts and #NevisIsland, Dr. Joyelle Clarke, addresses the opening day of the United Nations (UN) 2030 Sustainable Development Summit.

The Minister of Environment, Climate and #Sustainable Development of #StKitts and #NevisIsland, Dr. Joyelle Clarke, addresses the opening day of the United Nations (UN) 2030 Sustainable Development Summit.
5 days ago

"years of #sustainable development gains were being reversed. “Millions of people have fallen into poverty, hunger and malnutrition are becoming more prevalent, humanitarian needs are rising, and the impacts of #climate change are more pronounced. This has led to increased #inequality exacerbated by weakened international #solidarity and a shortfall of trust to jointly overcome these crises.”

Alexander J. Stein
6 days ago

Animal-free identical #Dairy proteins from #PrecisionFermentation can have 99% lower #WaterUse, 96% lower GHG #Emissions, 92% lower #LandUse, and 50% lower #EnergyUse - compared to conventional #Milk made with cows: #sustainable #protein #nutrition #LCA

Alexander J. Stein
6 days ago

#COP28 Presidency confirms focus on #foodsystems within the #climatechange agenda, acknowledges the importance of affordable, nutritious & regionally-sourced #plantbased food, and the role of clear #emissions labelling of food: #sustainable #labeling

Melroy van den Berg
6 days ago

I **just** received my FairPhone 5, which will replace my old Lenovo P2 from 2016!

I'm very grateful to be part of the FairPhone community and hopefully making a change to sustainable and repairable phones and electronics in general.

#fairphone #update #unboxing #android #sustainabity #repairability #sustainable #repairable

FairPhone 5 setup
Alexander J. Stein
6 days ago

Opponents of #GMO food are more absolutist than supporters, less likely to hold outcome-based views & more willing to donate to prevent #GMOs. Forgoing a technology has potential of harm; the common goal of more #sustainable ag allows mutual betterment:

Bryan Guido Hassin
1 week ago

Off to #ClimateWeek, in town Mon-Fri. My main event will be demo'ing #Dexmat's future of #sustainable #materials at NewLab - otherwise I'll mostly be in 1:1s and small groups. Hit me up if you're in town; it would be great to meet in person! 🤗

Alexander J. Stein
1 week ago

People who eat a more #sustainable diet were 25% less likely to die over 30 years vs those who ate food harmful to the #environment (like #eggs, red & processed #meat). Eating planet-friendly foods can help reduce #cancer, heart & respiratory diseases...

1 week ago

@TheresaReason there R many options for those of us in urban/suburban areas 2 make a small but worthy difference - #TinyForests With Big Benefits. #Nativeplants crowded onto postage-stamp-size plots have been delivering #environmental benefits around the world & increasingly in US. Please continue to #planttrees that are aligned with the #environment and #ecology of your areas. I have a 1/3 acre tiny forest on my property. A range of #trees, #shrubs that are #sustainable.

1 week ago

#science #renewables Synthesis of #sustainable sulfur-containing #polycarbonate from xylose and carbonyl sulfide
The resultant sulfur-containing polycarbonates exhibit #hightemperature resistance and good optical properties. This work furnishes an original and practical strategy for utilizing COS as a sulfur feedstock in #biopolymer synthesis

Alexander J. Stein
1 week ago

If US Americans eliminated #meat from their #diets just one day per week, it would save as much #water as the entire annual flow of the Colorado #river and help alleviate the water crisis: #drought #sustainable #diets #plantbased

Sam :opensuse: :popos:
1 week ago

And I’m not sure that those “innovations” serve the interests of the people using the software. Things like “aiding discoverability” and “removing friction” seem to mostly be done in the interests of the people selling the software, selling the people’s time while they’re using the software.

Not to reinvent the wheel or anything. It just has another angle of implications for #permacomputing and #solarpunk #sustainable computing to me, that users don’t usually want or care for ui/ux “upgrades”

1 week ago

When international trade hurts people economically, they care less about #environmental issues and #climatechange and act on this by withdrawing support for #sustainable and green policies – result of a new study by PIK researcher Charlotte Bez et. al.

Nicole Wolf
1 week ago

Im Rahmen des Modellprojektes "Herzberg digital.verein.t" wurden ländlichen Projekte recherchiert, in denen das #Ehrenamt von der #Digitalisierung profitiert.

Ihr findet die Best-Practice-Studie als PDF hier:

Darin ein Interview mit mir zum Thema #Nachhaltigkeit digitaler Tools (ab S. 41).

#SustainableDigitalAge #sustainable #digital #nachhaltig

Alexander J. Stein
1 week ago

#GeneEditing plants can help breed more #sustainable crops, incl. with consumer benefits (#nutrition). The EU should not use unscientific criteria to impede progress & #innovation but prioritize informed decision-making vs arbitrary rules: #plantbreeding

Paul Westbrook
1 week ago

After over 60 days with high heat and no rain in my area of TX, there are two groups in our neighborhood: 1. Those with green lawns, but no green left in the bank (water bills); 2. Those with green in the bank, and beige lawns. #water #climate #lawn #ecosystem #sustainable

Photo of manicured and watered lawn (egosystem) vs. native and sustainable lawn (ecosystem).
Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

We must use a diverse set of tools to address #SDG2 to end #hunger, achieve #foodsecurity, improve #nutrition & promote #sustainable agriculture. Plant #genetics can have a role in achieving these goals while benefiting the most vulnerable: #plantbreeding

@verge EXACTLY!

#Apple's #VirtueSignalling re: #Envoirmentalism is complete bs when they purposefully commit themselves to #AntiRepairDesign!

Because #Repairability and thus #UseLonger is always going to be more #sustainable than #JustBuyANewOne!

Bill Minarik
2 weeks ago

#Galena is a primary ore mineral for lead.

Lead batteries are used in most cars (even electric) for the low-voltage accessories. They are essential for polar areas, as they can be charged at freezing temperatures.

Due to its toxicity, lead is the most recycled metal -over 99% of lead is recycled in North America; far more than the components of solar cells, wind turbines, or lithium batteries.

#Lead is the closest we have to a closed-loop #sustainable resource.

A plot of primary (newly mined) versus secondary (recycled) lead used in the U.S. over time. U.S.G.S. statistics, plotted by James Morton Turner

I'm giddy this morning: My three-year project #BærUt! on #Sustainable #DigitalScholarlyEditions has been officially assigned an internal project number in the bookkeeping system. Now it's real! We're starting with a 2-day workshop next week, gathering #DSE leads, designers and developers from the Nordic countries to discuss the status quo and future outlook. Many of our "big" projects are finished, and now maintenance and integration into other infrastructures and services are our concern.

Ars Electronica
2 weeks ago

(1/3) Masakhane is an exceptional project that effectively brings attention to the growing gap between the developed and developing regions of the world, emphasizing the crucial role that technology plays in this divide. However, the project's purpose goes beyond merely highlighting and pointing fingers; it brilliantly demonstrates the positive and #sustainable outcomes that can be achieved when #technology is harnessed through thoughtful processes of appropriation.

Scott Matter
2 weeks ago

Love this chapter about transitions to #sustainable #transportation in #Edmonton

It shows the importance social resources, values, and infrastructure, using social practices theory (and tests it with qual and quant data!)

Riffing on this: No big surprise that when you build a car city, people feel unable to choose anything other than cars, even when they know that it’s ecologically unsustainable.

I don’t think most people know how socially unsustainable car cities are. They reproduce individualism and make it super difficult to weave the kind of social fabric we need if we’re going to adapt and get through the polycrisis.

Chatting with family in Edmonton about this, they mentioned how public transport is in crisis, partly due to a number of violent incidents.

Which makes me think that car culture is the mobility manifestation of gated communities.

Amanda Shankland Ph.D. would like to share the second edition of her monthly newsletter with you. ‘Cultivating Community’ provides stories of how community-centred thinking and action can drive sustainable environmental and food movements forward.

#Newsletter #Food #Sustainable #Environment #FoodMovements #Community #WaterPolicy #Organic #Orchard

Subscribe to Cultivating Community here:

pro time theft
3 weeks ago

The Nazis are coming even stronger in the USA. It's becoming serious. Shit I told my dad pre #Trump. That #Bannon is a white supremacist. They didn't believe me, voted for Trump (we haven't spoken since) - now look at the country.

My dad. A #history buff, has an English degree, worked for the US government. I don't get it.

We fought #Nazis so hard in #WWII (my mom's dad fought in that, navigating a B-17 over Germany).

And #Germany now has SUPER strong anti-Nazi rules now- FOR GOOD REASON. Not in the #USA. But #hate speech isn't free speech.

The #racists and #eugenicists in the USA- #fearmongering, a coming #recession (if we're not already in one) - that's exactly when things slide into #fascism. The decline is here. The #MAGA folks are #complicit with white supremacy.

The USA like this isn't #sustainable for 100 years. Maybe not even 40, or 20.

Just be ready to fight Nazis and #fascists.

I am.

#FuckNazis #WhiteSupremacy #antifa #antifascist #antifascism #KillNazis

3 weeks ago
Nicol Wistreich
4 weeks ago

How can we make #CiviCRM more #sustainable?

Info backed advice from @systopia for Civi Implementers, extension developers and the wider community. Including:

- Checking page insights;
- Remove unnecessary extensions;
- Server audit;
- Hosting provider choice:
- Emissions calculation for code optimisation, ie with tools like CO2.js.

Laura for a Livable Climate
4 weeks ago

My 5-year old and I will embark on a cross-country train trip tomorrow morning!

Over the next three days, we will travel from Boston to Denver on Amtrak with a one-night stop in Chicago.

Kiddo and I are both psyched! Ready to enjoy the scenic views and read lots of books about trains.

#Sustainable #Travel #Amtrak #Trains #SlowTravel #Family

I do *not* like using the word “Blessed” because of its religious connotations that I do not share.

But I am lucky to have a large garden, and enough time and resources to grow our own fresh food.

And I’ve not visited a greengrocer since early June.

Broccoli, Beans, Parsnips and Potatoes from our garden. All ready for lunch.

#HomeGrown #CountryLife #sustainable

Freshly harvested broccoli, green beans, parsnips and potatoes.
Two saucepans with water on a stove. One with freshly cut broccoli and beans, the other with fresh potatoes and parsnips.
Per Helge Berrefjord
1 month ago

Dry stone wall, some 4 meters high, at the Moholt ironworks in #Telemark #Norway. Built mid 1700. Abandoned in 1867. Then «lost in the woods» until the end of last century. Belonged to a warehouse for charcoal, with room for 4,000 cubic metres, enough coal for a years production. The work was done by professionals in the eighteenth century and was then therefore judged to last forever, which for now seems true.
#Drystone #TraditionalArt #Sustainable #iron #Industry #History

A dry stone wall approx. 4 meters high, i.e. very big stones! especially at the bottom. We look into a corner with a little lawn and some ferns at the foot. At the very top of the picture is where the wall stops. The work was done by professionals in the eighteenth century and was therefore judged to last forever, which for now seems true.
1 month ago

My first several jobs in #archives were term positions, and that really sucked.

Excited to read though “Best Practices for Archival Term Positions,” which was just endorsed by the Society of American #Archivists

“At the foundation of this document is the recognition that temporary #labor is detrimental to employees, as well as to #sustainable and holistic #collection stewardship.”

#specialCollections #libraries #memoryWorkers #solidarity

1 month ago

I wasn't able to be there for the finishing touches (last of the copes, shaping etc etc) but I took these photos anyway. I'll pop back for 'final' photos in a few months when our customer has finished their garden and the stone has settled.

This is a 3.5 metre curve, 1.2m on the tallest side, 1m on the shortest side, two cheekends, a niche and undulating cope line to mirror the beautiful hills behind it.

The stone is recycled yorkshire sandstone.

#Drystone #TraditionalArt #Sustainable

A colour photograph of a drystone wall and copes with grass, fields and hills behind it. The curved line of he drystone wall echoes the shapes of the hills.
A colour photograph of a srystone wall. One side of the wall is higher then the other and the copes gently slope down between the two differing points. Within the wall is a niche, a small cubby hole. the surrounding ground is bare dirt and the sky above is bibrant blue with a few small clouds.
A black and white photograph of a drystone wall and niche. The stones are tightly packed together and the light on them is bright, creating dark shadows in the joins between the stones. The niche is like a cubby hole in the wall and it is backed by thin vertical stones.
Transport Evolved Official
1 month ago

We spend a lot of time covering electric vehicles - but honestly, is THIS the solution to traffic and pollution woes?

No, Not in the slightest.

Watch on YouTube.

Watch on PeerTube: #Sustainable, #Stroads #HomeWorking #EmissionReduction

Jan :rust: :ferris:
1 month ago

The people at #Framework have created a new #laptop with a 16 inch screen. :awesome:

Framework produces laptops that are #modular, easily #repairable and #configurable. Just imagine: you can even decide on which side the charging port should go - just by switching out a module. Crazy I know.

With their new model, they are also partnering with #AMD.

If I need to buy a new laptop, this one will definitely be it.

#RightToRepair #Sustainable #SustainableTech

Connected by Data
1 month ago

We want #communities to have a powerful say in decisions about #data. Only then can it create a just, equitable and #sustainable world.

Our three main strategic goals are to change data narratives, governance practices and public policies. (2/8)

Screenshot of headshot of, and quote from, Josh Simons - activist and author of 'Algorithms for the People: Democracy in the Age of AI’. Quote reads “Connected by Data is the most innovative new organisation in this sector in the UK, not least because it understands stories and framing. It is shaping a bold, progressive vision for data and democracy.”
1 month ago

#climate #money

Excellent discussion regarding how the mainstream (richer) majority are, in general, diametrically opposed to #sustainable development.

Institutions, e.g., #universities with investments in #industries, generally, have limited financial biases so they promote #CarbonCapture, #geoengineering #tech, etc

The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens: Taimur Ahmad: #Energy #Inequality in the #Polycrisis

Episode webpage:

Media file:

1 month ago

The phrase "It's complicated" is used by industry lobbyists to intentionally try & disinform people. To complicate matters further, "it's complicated" can also mean that the system that scientists are studying is, well, complex.

But, it's not that complicated to understand that locally grown vegetables & fruits, especially when those veggies & fruits are grown using the methods of #agroecology, are a #sustainable way to produce #food. But, #flying avocados half way around the planet isn't.

2 months ago

Second step in the #projectCarFree thingy (

Create a #sustainable rhythm or #habit that enables me to get rid of the waste I so far stored in my car's trunk (driving to the recycling yard every now and then.

Aiming for '#recycling cycling' every 14d 📦📰♻️ 🚴‍♀️

First tour done today. Might even result in slowly less waste overall. 💪🥳

#sustainability #minimalism

My big 75l backpack full of carton, paper, tetrapaks and bottles. Another flat huge carton lying besides my cycling helmet.
My bike parking on a bike parking lot at the local recycling yard. Helmet hanging on the handlebars, bike rear bag open and already emptied.

… but it is quite good value for quality. For that price we can also keep it running if it gets hit by a lot of visitors or if the connected #Fediverse grows 10 times the size it is now.

Personally I also think it is very important that you run those instances on infrastructure that is built on the same values the Fediverse is built on, which is what we do: so as much #opensource as possible, as independent from #BigTech and as #Sustainable and #Transparant as possible.

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
2 months ago

Episode 3.4: #Capitalism, #Community, and #Friendship with Joey Ayoub is out now to our Patreon supporters, with a general release coming next Monday.

Why is it easier to imagine a zombie apocalypse than it is a generative, #sustainable future? This question drives Joey Ayoub, host of The Fire These Times: in fact, this season of his #podcast is partially about solarpunk and #generative #futures. Tune in today to listen to @arielkroon and @joey discussing imaginative expansion of solarpunk, the “realist” impulse, climate anxiety and grief, and community building in a #crisis. Also The Office. Trust us, it’s an important part of this whole conversation. Check it out and support us here:

#ClimateAnxiety #podcasting #SolarpunkPresents #Patreon #realism #realist #apocalypse #apocalypticism

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 months ago

#Sustainable Travel 101: Everything You Need to Know - EcoWatch

“Sustainably minded travelers can find many ways to travel with the #environment in mind. Sustainable travel can be broken into several related categories of travel, which tourists can consider based on their destinations and preferences.”

IT News
2 months ago

What countries will heat up the most in a 2°-warmer world? - Enlarge (credit: Yuga Kurita)

One of the more threatening aspe... - #airconditioning #climatechange #sustainable #science #warming #energy #green

maxmoon 🌱
2 months ago

Would you read blog articles, if they can only be found in a classical forum?

It sure is the same content, but maybe some people wouldn't have the same connection to the author they have in a blog, because a blog looks more professional and maybe some people think the content is more trustworthy because of that?

For #sustainability and because it's a lot of time (creating graphics and articles in two languages) I would like to give up my blog ( and put the content into an existing structure, like a forum. And in the future I will only write articles in English (no other language and no graphics).

I think a #forum would be more accessible for more people and they could comment on it.

If you know a better form and sustainable way to share #blog articles or make it #accessible, please let me know.

#boostsappreciated 🙂

#poll #sustainable #greenit

Matija Milaković
2 months ago

So here's a follow-up on my previous post today:

I've decided to create a new #Mastodon #instance that's bit more specialized around the topic of #sustainable #gamedev.
It's called "Green Game Development" and is available at
Sign-ups are open for everyone!

That being said, I'll be using this account as my primary from here on and I'll be posting more frequently about the topic here, but I'm keeping my old account at as a backup just in case.
#opensource #linux

Matija Milaković
2 months ago

I'm thinking of hosting a new #Mastodon and/or #Lemmy instance centered primarily around #sustainable #gamedevelopment, but I'm wondering if there would be enough interest for it as it's a fairly niche topic. 🤔

I also don't know how much storage I should dedicate to it to start things out. Would 100 gigs be enough for starters?

Other than that, if you guys have any tips on running an instance, please share with me! 💚

#federation #selfhosting #opensource #community #sustainability #instance

Alan Kotok
2 months ago

Bio-Friendly Plant Nutrient Delivery Patent Awarded

A process for delivering nutrients for crop growth that its developers say is more sustainable than most fertilizer methods today received a U.S. patent.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Agriculture #Sustainable #CircularEconomy #Chemistry #Canada #Fertilizer #IntellectualProperty #Patent #USPTO #Inventors #Soil #Microbes #Microplastics

Seedlings in soil close-up
2 months ago

#PIK scientist Niklas Boers discussed with leading experts of the AI community at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2023 in Shanghai possible options for using AI to improve #climate models and to help designing a #sustainable future.

Lucky Resistor
3 months ago

Just released revision B of the #refillable #capsule for the #Philips "smart clean system" for #electric #shavers.🎉


The updated version boasts thicker walls for easy #PCTG printing, and it's compatible with both 0.6mm and 0.8mm nozzles.

Featured photos showcase prints using #Fiberlogy PCTG Pure Transparent.


#3dprinting #sustainable

A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
Bicycling Monterey
3 months ago

Our gratitude to Martin Dehmler Fine Cabinetmaking for their support for the Bicycling Monterey work. That Monterey County business is highly regarded for extraordinary custom cabinet and furniture making🔨🪑— master-level craftsmanship and guidance —as well as their overall client care. They serve residents of #BigSur, #Carmel, #Monterey, #PebbleBeach, and other locales.

Martin's generous contribution today confirmed his recognition of the value of 🚲bicycling for individuals, communities, and the planet! 🌎🌍🌏 💚

#ClimateAction #sustainable #transportation #PublicHealth #BikeFriendly #Business #MontereyCounty #cabinetmaking #furnituremaking #craftsman #ActOnClimate

Martin Dehmler basks in nature's beauty at Yosemite National Park. Behind him, Half Dome is visible in the distance.