13 hours ago

So, I tried #Wayland and #Sway again today as I had forgotten why it didn't work last time. And of course, the reason was that it still doesn't support #Nvidia.

And yes, as a user, I refuse to see it the other way. Wayland is claiming to be the future, yet it doesn't support 70% of all home computers. I have no other option than to run #X, and the only ones in a position to fix it (Wayland/Sway) will not.

2 days ago

hrm. So I have #Rimworld launched through #Steam, installed from #flatpack, displayed via #xwayland, on #sway, in a #alpinelinux #lxd container, sharing the #wayland socket on my #alpinelinux host, which is also running #sway, on #wayland, with #xwayland disabled/not-installed.

Why? idk... :shrug:

50+ Music
3 days ago

"Wild Horses" is a song written by the British rock band #theRollingStones. It was first released in 1970 by #TheFlyingBurritoBrothers as the Stones didn't think the demo was worth recording fully. It was subsequently recorded by the Stones for their 1971 album #StickyFingers when they felt it was worth reconsideration. It was also released on 12 June 1971 as a single, with "#Sway" as its #Bside.

Robert Buchberger
5 days ago

I just published a little #wofi menu for the unofficial #bitwarden CLI tool #rbw. It's <100 lines of bash, configurable, and hopefully useful. Only in the AUR for now, feel free to package it elsewhere. Check it out!

#linux #shell #sway #arch

5 days ago

btw i'm going to attempt using #swayfx rather than normal #sway #swaywm

6 days ago

When the rhythms start to play 🎶​
Dance with me, make me Sway 1954 #DeanMartin #Sway #NowPlaying #NSR #NowListening

Like the lazy ocean hugs the shore, 🎶​
Hold me close, sway me more..

I thought I might watch it break but this was not the best place to observe it. I have another video somewhere else, I haven't found yet

#Halifax #NS #HurricaneLee #Waves #StormSurge

the T at the top of the power pole with wires attached. It sways constantly, I was waiting for the fatigue to cause it to snap

Ich habe eine neue Tastenkombination konfiguriert:

bindsym Shift+Print exec grimshot copy area

Edit: Wenn ich jetzt Shift+Print drücke kann ich einen Bereich des Bildschirms auswählen, von dem dann ein Screenshot in der Zwischenablage landet. Einen solchen habe ich dann einfach in diesen Beitrag eingefügt.

#linux #sway #grim

Ein Screenshot der Beitragserstellung für diesen Beitrag. Über der Texteingabe befindet sich eine Vorschau, die die Formatierung mittels markdown zeigt.
1 week ago

Trying out #sway to replace #i3 ... wish me luck

JustDude 🛜
1 week ago

Just a test from my #Sway command prompt on my new #EndeavourOS install, love it

Manc AvGeek
1 week ago

Was just about to go and finish getting ready for work, when one of my all time fave songs came on Spotify - work can wait for a few minutes!!
Some fantastic memories there, but OWWW!! My back is killing me now!
#FourStarMary - #Sway

Hey Gus
1 week ago

@lorddimwit not really sure what sloppy raise is but follow mouse is the way. Either #sway or #wlroots does weird stuff with floating windows + tiled windows and swapping between the two w follow mouse.

I felt compelled to share this fact for no apparent reason I can find.

JustDude 🛜
1 week ago

I was in an installation mood.
Tried #opensuse, works nicely and after some network driver updates also with wifi.

And then… as daredevil #endeavourOS based on arch.
That was a nice and pleasant install. Cool window manager choices.

The next plunge was #Sway a window manager which is tile based.
Cool features, nice customization possible a ton to learn.
For me as mainly #keyboard user a world in which I can thrive.
To be continued

Any tips are welcome on what to try and what is a #musthave

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

Sway in my opinion is not yet ready for prime time.

Installed it on a few distros now, that offered it, and all I ever see is the Sway wallpaper, the number 1 on the left side of the screen, and the clock on the right side of the screen.

The mouse moves, but I can neither left click nor right click. The keyboard shortcuts do not work, so I cannot even bring up a terminal.

Ultimately, I perform Control, Alt, and F2 or F3 to exit the desktop shell and reboot my computer.

#Linux #Sway

Alexis Simon
2 weeks ago

Anyone else having issues installing addons on #Thunderbird115 under #sway and/or #wayland ?

The popup to validate the install is unresponsive.

Tried #Debian for a change after using #Ubuntu for nearly a couple decades. New #Gnome looked pretty good. But then wanted productivity back so #Sway because #Wayland.

Can't get it to work! It won't re-render unless I change TTY and back. #wtf.

While debugging, read about #Wayland and the problems. #wtf 2. Let's try again in a decade.

Back to #xubuntu and #i3 #itjustworks But, damn I hate #snap

2 weeks ago

Me as a student meddling with #Qt for two days, this is my first (very simple) media player which I used quite a lot of code from Qt Creator's examples...

Also has been meddling with #Swayfx (a fork of #Sway) for two days now... #Waybar is based on The Codebreaker's repo: , tweaked for use with Sway, Nwg-drawer, Nwg-bar and gtklock...

A picture of a SwayFx session with Qt Creator and my own crappy, very basic media player.
Robert Mader
2 weeks ago

@frog @collabora
Nice, looking forward to it!

Regarding RADV - IIRC #sway supports P010 in the Vulkan renderer and it seems to work great.

I didn't test AMDGPU, but I'd actually expect it to just work as P010 is very similar to NV12 - that's why the #weston MR is so small. Or it's broken and the drivers fault 🤷

2 weeks ago
My Sway desktop on Arch Linux, it has a Portal wallpaper with GLaDOS in it.
3 weeks ago

@sleepybisexual After #distrohopping for well over a year, I can confidently say that there is NO “best” #Linux desktop. There is only the desktop / WM that YOU like and are comfortable using.

I like #GNOME. I like #KDE. I like #Xfce. I like #Cinnamon. I like #Sway. I like #Hyprland. But I like them all for different reasons and different use cases.

Beginner: Cinnamon, Pantheon
Intermediate: GNOME, Xfce
Advanced: KDE, TWMs like #i3, Sway, Hyprland

Ok... So I've been using #sway all day today. I've had no significant problems. It is in fact snappier, uses considerably less CPU and is definitely much nicer on my battery than #i3.

The only problem I've had is pipewire would die most times
after stopping to play something(?!), which is supposedly related to an issue with the kernel, that will likely be resolved in 6.5, as a patch for it has been merged.

In the mean time I've employed an ingenious workaround for this in the form of
bindsym $mod+Shift+p exec --no-startup-id systemctl --user restart pipewire.service, since just restarting pipewire allows all the clients to reconnect to it.

Sebastian LaVine
3 weeks ago

Having really only ever used #dwm as my #linux windows manager, am I right that #i3 / #sway just doesn't support dynamic window management (dock mode, monocle mode, floating mode, spiral, etc.) that dwm does? That it's pretty much just tiling only? I spent a small amount of time playing with sway and couldn't figure out how to get it to switch modes like this.

OMG! Ubuntu!
4 weeks ago

Regolith Desktop 3.0 Released with Initial Wayland Support

Regolith Desktop 3.0 has been released for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS, 23.10, and both Debian Bullseye and Bookworm. This update to the keyboard-driven, tiling desktop environment also introduces an alpha-quality Wayland-based session based on the Sway compositor (though this is only available if using the DE on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and above, or Debian Bookworm). Notable changes in Regolith Desktop 3.0: An assortment of other bug fixes, code cleanups, and performance optimizations are included in Regolith Desktop 3.0 too, so read through the full release notes if you need more information. Upgrading from an earlier version of Regolith? There :sys_more_orange:
#News #DesktopEnvironments #I3 #Regolith #Sway


Waleed Mortaja :arch:
1 month ago

I use #nautilus as my main GUI file manager. How can I select a file/folder, using the keyboard, when it is the only thing in the current directory?

If I have multiple items, I use the right arrow to select the second item. but I did not find a way to select the first item. (except for Tab then Shift + Tab, or using the mouse, which are not good experiences)

I expect "space" to select the first one, but it does not work.

I use #archlinux #sway #nautilus

yayyy i got eww working in #sway! no more transphobia compositor

50+ Music
1 month ago

"Wild Horses" is a song written by the British rock band #theRollingStones. It was first released in 1970 by #TheFlyingBurritoBrothers as the Stones didn't think the demo was worth recording fully. It was subsequently recorded by the Stones for their 1971 album #StickyFingers when they felt it was worth reconsideration. It was also released on 12 June 1971 as a single, with "#Sway" as its #Bside.

Howard Gees
1 month ago

Part of the work my company does is to build websites specifically for #SexualHealth services. We've made a #Microsoft #Sway to show our services to potential customers.
Has anyone experience of using Sway for sales promotion? Does it work for potential customers?


#libadwaita apps look fine on my laptop that runs #sway WM but they look like poopy on my desktop with #i3. i wish i was smart enough to figure out why... i don't even have a single guess. and yeah i hashtagged stuff because i may be desperate for someone to 'splain something to me)

yes i know that libadwaita apps were made with #GNOME in mind and i shouldn't expect them to look nice in other places but that doesn't mean i can't be confused about why they look nice in sway 🤔

1 month ago

three days on my pinephone pro. things looking pretty stable

(i do have to toggle the data in after overnight suspending, but not really a big deal)

#pine64 #pinephonepro #arch #alarm #sxmo #sway

1 month ago

Padlo rozhodnutí. Kvůli pracovnímu PC, kde nemůžu cuknout od #windows se mi dost pletly zkratky a celková workflow.
Takže na všech domácích zařízeních šly #sway a #hyprland do pozadí a po dloooouhé době zavládl #gnome 🙈

1 month ago

oh just casually accessing my pinephone via ssh for ricey cakes

#pinephone #pine64 #arch #endeavouros #ssh #sxmo #sway #tui #rambox #linux #puppylinux #weechat

Piotr Miller
1 month ago

#nwg-dock 0.3.7

- updated dependencies: gotk3, gotk3-layershell, logrus;
- added `-ico` string argument, to specify a name or full path to an alternative launcher ICOn;
- fixed searching icons in `org.*.desktop` files.

#nwgshell #sway #wayland

:arch: dedSyn4ps3 :nixos:
1 month ago

@codemonkeymike @PINE64 it is unfortunately a tad slow, which is why I absolutely had to use a WM like #sway to have a low memory footprint. It's also handy using a utility like cpu-power to force the clock speed to run higher 👍

I'm looking forward to having a similar type of setup on my #thinkpad #x1carbon 😎🤘 :nixos: :arch:

Hey @distrotube, you really gotta get on the #wayland train. You as "the window manager guy" should really give things like #sway and #hyprland a try. I'm sure clickswise it would bang too

Alaska Native News
1 month ago

Two Shot in Mountainview Including Child, Suspect Escapes
[the_ad id="30587"]

At 2:53 pm on Monday Anchorage police were alerted to  a shooting incident on the 500-block of North  Lane and patrol officers as well as the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT), the Tactical Support Unit (TSU), the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), and/or the Mobile Intervention Team (MIT) responded to the scene....
#northlane #mountainview #shooting #child #sway #search

Luis Felipe
1 month ago

I noticed slow interactions with the desktop today so I checked system resources usage. It turns out GNOME Shell is hording RAM again...

No good...

I'll dust off my sway configuration...

#gnu #guix #gnome #sway

A screenshot of the console program called "top" showing resources used by different processes.
1 month ago

If anybod who is into #Manjaro and/or #SwayWM / #Sway: is changing the default terminal emulator really that hard? I’m out of my wits. 😵‍💫

Started dipping my toes into the #hyprland waters as a possible, nvidia-compatible replacement for #sway. So far I am very, very happy! Still haven't tested it on the laptop with nvidia gpu, but it just looks so good on my thinkpad that I think I'll keep it there as well 🙂

For the minimalist platforms (container/Flatpak host systems like #MicroOS or Fedora #Silverblue and #sway ) I have decided to write a Bash-only pinentry using rofi (I use the #Wayland version from for the GUI part.

Its very early alpha version (more like a proof of concept) is on and I would be very happy if anybody pointed to me problems they have with it and/or even if they suggested some improvements.

Udo B.
2 months ago

@jayreding Yes!

I switched back from #Ubuntu to #Debian #Bookworm / #Wayland / #Sway after a normal "apt full-upgrade" destroyed my setup on a normal #Jammy Installation last week.

I'm happy - for now :-)

Second to last group of talks before we end for the day... #Fedora #FlockToFedora #FlockIreland #KubeVirt #CentOS #Sway #Sericea #Linux

KubeVirt & CentOS Stream:

Fedora Sway Spin and Sericea update:

Robert Mader
2 months ago

6. If your app has its own indicator - like #Firefox had until recently - you can drop it and rely on DEs to inform the user for you, be it for cameras, microphones or screen sharing.

You may have seen that the FF indicator never worked well on #Wayland because apps don't get to choose window positioning themselves.

I've spoken to some devs from #kde and #sway and we all agreed that DE indicators are a much better solution.

Being able to use my #archlinux computer with my wife using #multiseat (each using different keyboards, mice and screens) under #wayland thanks to #loginctl #gdm and the patches from and
I wonder if I can achieve the same thing under #freebsd with #seatd for example, once the whole thing is merged in #gnome (I'm using #sway on my side). Has anyone given a try to a similar setup ?

2 months ago

@nixCraft Can someone port this to #sway

Christian Horn
2 months ago

An old friend and colleague materialized today in the Tokyo office, and worked from there.
Speaking German at the office with someone is quite rare.

He came up with a desktop setup quite similar to mine: #sway, #mutt, #firefox for most tasks. We both use #alacritty as terminal, I also fcitx for Kanjiinput, which he does not need.

Status bar in sway almost similar, but using 'waybar' instead of bumblebee-status which I use - seems like waybar can not natively show multiple time zones.

sway status bar: bumblebee-status
Daniel Wayne Armstrong
2 months ago

After making the switch from Xorg + Openbox --> Wayland + Sway and a few weeks of use I find myself liking it very much!

Sway quickly gets you 90% towards a usable desktop. Its that 10% where you're replacing all your X11 tools and crafting your own desktop just the way you like it that takes some experimenting!

This is how I do it, with links to my config files:

#sway #wayland #debian #linux

I have this really weird issue on #asahilinux. I have #swaywm set up, got /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/swap_opt_cmd set to 1 so when I'm using asahi I can use the physical keyboard like I would a non-apple one. I've got xkb_options grp:alt_space_toggle in my #sway config to switch between us and bg(phonetic) layouts. However that only works in the usbg direction. Once I'm on bg layout, I can't get back to us.

I'd think it's an issue with sway, but I have the same setup on a thinkpad and that doesn't have that problem. So then I'm tempted to think it's got something to do with
#asahi or the swap_opt_cmd shenanigans, but using wev I can verify that regardless of the layout ⌘ always produces alt and ⌥ always produces Super.

I'm very confused...

Marco Dalla Stella
3 months ago

I'd really like to ditch Gnome and move to Sway or Hyprland, but unfortunately, I own an AMD-based laptop.

This means no thunderbolt for my multi-monitor setup, and I have to rely on evdi/displaylink.

There is a patch out there for Sway and Hyprland, but I can't make it work: they don't see my external display, even if the displaylink service is running and evdi module is loaded. Of course. on Gnome everything works fine.

I'm on Arch. Does anyone have a solution? I searched everywhere, but I couldn't find anything.


#fedihelp #archlinux #sway #Hyprland

Daniel Wayne Armstrong
3 months ago

With a fresh install of Debian I decided - instead of my trusty Openbox - to explore Wayland and a different desktop environment.

After a bit of research I decided on Sway, and find myself liking it very much!

Sway quickly gets you 90% towards a usable desktop. Its that 10% where you're replacing X11 tools and crafting your desktop just the way you like it that takes some experimenting!

This is how I do it, with links to my config files:

#sway #wayland #debian #linux

Matthieu Herrb
3 months ago

For curious people, here are my notes from the week in Tallinn (#g2k23) and a new picture, now that #Sway is almost usable and that Xwayland works.

Thanks to everyone involved in organizing this great hackathon!

#Wayland #OpenBSD

Picture of a laptop running Sway under OpenBSD. It shows 3 windows : an havoc terminal, Emacs and Firefox. The later 2 are in X clients running under Xwayland.

@Lobau exactly, for this very reason i used to use #GNOME apps in #Sway and #Hyprland, and not any generic gtk apps, because gnome apps fit nicely into size they are given and adapt accordingly, which other gtk apps may not do.

@BrodieOnLinux I think #Sway is nice...

3 months ago

swayr is a very cool project to supercharge your #sway workflow

Andy Price
3 months ago

I spent the evening switching from #i3 (#xorg) to #sway (#wayland) and had to find alternatives to some tools I was using. Maybe this will help others doing the same:

- xrandr script to set up multiple monitors
+ sway output config

- xinput-based touchpad config script
+ sway input config

- xset to set key repeat delay and rate
+ sway input config

- gnome-screenshot
+ grimshot

- redshift
+ wlsunset

- xss-lock and i3lock
+ swayidle and swaylock

- dmenu
+ bemenu

In fact my issues with it fall in three categories.

The relevant one is things still missing in
#asahi itself:
- built-in
#audio being disabled due to the overdrive protection stuff still missing (which is kinda meh for me anyway, I almost always use headphones)
- no
#thunderbolt support, which is the only serious problem as far as I'm concerned, cause I like my keyboard and big monitor setup at home and really wish I could use it with asahi
#suspending the laptop doesn't seem to work properly, since it keeps draining a bunch of power in that state, even though it's still less than if not suspended

There are a bunch of tiny annoyances that come from
#sway and #wayland
- some tools I use on
#i3/#X11 just don't have adequate analogies. It's mostly simple stuff like fbxkb, but it still bugs me.
#xwayland does lead to some things not working quite as expected, e.g. 1password's global shortcut actually doesn't work, so I need to go and click on it in the system tray to open it. I assume the underlying cause of this is also why the firefox 1password extension acts as a standalone thing, as if I don't have 1password installed separately.
- speaking of the system tray, it seems to be a serious hit and miss w.r.t. what will and what won't work
- the
#clipboard is different. I have developed a lot of habbits around using clipboard and selection on X11 and the fact that that doesn't reliably map onto anything in wayland kinda bugs me, but I realize this is mostly a very me problem.

And then there's the fact that a bunch of stuff seems to not be distributed as an
#aarch64 package. Especialluly packages on #AUR will almost always be marked as #x86_64 exclusive, even though downloading and building from source pretty much always works. I'm guessing that will be slowly getting better over time, especially if more non-apple aarch64 laptops start going more mainstream.

Last couple of days I've kind of been using #asahilinux as my main non-work OS. This could actually work. It's obviously not great, there are a ton of things that still aren't working, but I'm sort of used to having my #linux setups looking like something I've put together with a lot of duct tape. Now for a change the missing parts aren't entirely because of me, but honestly, it actually feels like #computers being kinda #fun again.

It's also my first full on dive into
#sway, although I've tried it a bunch of times before and gotten it to be nearly good enough so I can switch away from i3. I just still can't get it to a place where I'd feel comfortable doing that on my work machine. I don't have any #X11 packages (except Xwayland) on it and it actually seems to work mostly ok for most everyday things I'd need.

David Wilson
3 months ago

🔴 Today on #SystemCrafters Live, we'll how we can simplify Guix configurations and share high quality, reusable configuration blocks!

We'll also hack on an example of this to provide a pre-made Sway desktop environment that you can pull into a Guix configuration with a few lines of code.

Join us on YouTube or Twitch:


🕐 in your time zone:

#gnu #guix #craftedguix #linux #sway #freesoftware

@vkc i used to use #gnome apps when i used to use #sway (i now just use gnome), because they are adaptive already due to #libadwaita and can fit to small sizes which WM users may use. So I just used to use Nautilus in Sway (called 'Files') for files management.

So yeah, gnome apps in #tiling window managers make a lot of sense. Also you can even hide that cross (x) button in headerbar (used to close window in classic window manager) via a dconf setting, so the window looks clean.

Andrew Tropin
4 months ago

We added EXWM to rde, so if you want to try out rde, but don't want to switch to wayland yet - you have an option now! :)

#rde #guix #wayland #emacs #exwm #sway

Preston Maness ☭
4 months ago

Weekend idea... finally bite the bullet and try swapping out #X11 and #i3wm for #Wayland and #sway #SwayWM.

4 months ago

man it was a little toasty but nothing was laggy so... who's am i to complain?

#linux #linuxmobile #archmobile #pine64 #pinephonepro #sxmo #sway #pokemon

@maikelthedev well, #Sway will just eat #i3 configs AFAIK...

Also welcome the Sway spin to the Fedora Project! :fedora: 🤝 :sway:

Sway is a tiling window manager and drop-in replacement for i3, but with support for Wayland.

They also have Sericea, a Sway immutable desktop joining the ranks of Silverblue and Kinoite!
#Fedora #Linux #Sway #Sericea #Silverblue

Fedora Sway:
Fedora Sericea (Sway Immutable):
More Sway info:

Screenshot of Sway window manager, Fedora spin
R. L. Dane
6 months ago

Hey #AskFedi,

Are there any #Tiling #WindowManagers other than #i3wm and #Sway that support tabbed windows? Just curious.

oatmeal 🐧
6 months ago

Very tempted to try #fedora’s new #sway spin… I know I prefer tiling DEs as much as I love #GNOME … the extensions I’ve tried so far were excellent but brittle, and didn’t survive major release upgrades. Anyways, hopefully this spin has everything setup (Wi-Fi etc), so I don’t have to manually do it myself post-install …

David Wilson
7 months ago

🔴 On today's #SystemCrafters stream we'll strip a Guix system configuration down to the bare essentials to achieve a minimal desktop environment based on Sway and Pipewire!

I'll also discuss the components needed to accomplish a minimal Wayland configuration like this so the information here may be useful even if you don't use Guix!

Join us LIVE at 4PM UTC on YouTube or Twitch:


#gnu #guix #sway #pipewire #scheme #lisp #freesoftware

7 months ago

GNU/Linux (#postmarketOS) on #PinePhone w/ #Keyboard and 4K output #sway #convergence

Senna 🌿
7 months ago

I'm very happy with my current #Sway + #Waybar config. Some key features:

-Dynamic tiling
-Dynamic workspaces, automatically named with icons of applications open in the workspace
-#Gruvbox color scheme

#Linux #UnixPorn #LinuxRice #WindowManager #Wayland

A Linux desktop showing a few windows tiled and a slim bottom panel. The web browser displays Please comment if you want to know anything further.

Had another one of those "oh, I would like to learn #emacs, just looks so cool to be able to integrate everything: email, orgmode, coding into one framework". The (eval-buffer) interactive lisp thing is also awesome. But then... even with evil-mode there's just far too many frustrating, insanely complicated keyboard shortcuts to make the experience worth while. So I slithered back to my battle-hardened #sway #neomutt #neovim setup instead, and now I just feel so very warm and cozy...

@daviwil Hi David,
#sway is really cool WM. I use it since the beginning of pandemic together with #emacs of cause

David Wilson
8 months ago

🔴 On today's #SystemCrafters stream, we'll take a look at the Sway compositor for Wayland and discuss the benefits of using it.

We'll also spend some time writing a Guile Scheme library that will enable us to configure Sway interactively at the REPL!

Join us LIVE at 4PM UTC on YouTube or Twitch:


#emacs #guix #guile #gnu #linux #freesoftware #sway #wayland

Lars Bartsch
8 months ago

My Desktop 2023:
I go with a lovely #sway #wayland #tilingwm setup.
Featuring #qutebrowser #nnn #mpv #newsboat and a wayland-style #dmenu #pass promt integration - in a fully mouseless environment, #keyboardonly 😍

Screenshot of my Sway Desktop
Andrew Tropin
9 months ago

The first rde version is released! 🥳

A complete Emacs+Sway distribution.

Live image is available here:

You can use it to try rde out, to install rde or Guix System from graphical environment.

The source code:

Read the whole announcement here:

#rde #emacs #guix #sway

Bradley Taunt
9 months ago

While the process was fun, I am back on my #alpine #sway desktop. I'm
sure I will return to the "project" at some point in time, but I missed
how smooth and easy Wayland is...

Bradley Taunt
9 months ago

Just setup a baseline #suckless desktop on #alpine #linux on a spare SSD and my
ThinkPad x260. Just using all default configs for now.

This seems like it could replace my existing Alpine #sway desktop I was
previously using, if all my work requirements can be met.

I also plan to release this as a "simple" installer script similar to my
original alpine-linux-setup repo.

Bradley Taunt
10 months ago

Some quick “comparison tests” as well, from my initial testing:

Garuda Linux (Sway) running arec-mail, tut and qutebrowser with multiple tabs: memory usage was ~6-7GB

Alpine Linux (Sway) running the exact same: memory usage was ~2-3GB

Absolutely insane. Can’t wait to do more deep dive comparisons 😀

#sway #linux #performance

Bradley Taunt
10 months ago

I've committed the greatest sin while using a WM...

Everything has been set in "floating mode"

#wm #sway #linux

Srijan Choudhary
10 months ago
Re #introduction​ after my move to a selfhosted #akkoma instance.

Hi all, I'm Srijan. I'm a #software guy from #india, currently working in the automation and logistics space.

I use #archlinux #emacs #erlang #python, and switch between #sway and #kde.

Interested in #foss #opensource #linux #selfhosting #devops #fp #gaming #running #music #guitar #books #reading

I love working on side projects and never completing them. I sometimes blog about interesting things I did.

Edit: #MastIndia
Jim Ramsay
10 months ago

So wayvncctl was born (or will be, next release). I can bind a key in #sway to run:

wayvncctl set-output --cycle=next

And my #wayvnc session cycles through the Wayland outputs - a working mechanism to use all the outputs!

But what about my original dream to temporarily disable inputs when VNC connects, and restore when VNC disconnects? The control socket allowed remote control, but I needed asynchronous events that #wayvnc could send out when, say, a new VNC session was established…

Jim Ramsay
10 months ago

Yet again, #sway came through with exactly the timing I needed. If I connect to VNC and just disable the right-most output, everything automatically shifts to the one remaining output. No need to even involve kanshi or reconfigure waybar:

swaymsg output DP-3 disable

Then when I'm done, this brings it back again:

swaymsg output DP-3 enable

This actually worked very nicely!

Next: Can I automate this so the "disable" happens when I connect over #wayvnc, and "enable" when I disconnect...?

Jim Ramsay
10 months ago

It turns out that #sway already had great support for moving virtual desktops and windows between outputs. In fact, I had already set up kanshi to do just this when I dock and undock my laptop:

• Single-output mode: Move all desktops to the built-in output, and reconfigure waybar to match

• Dual-output mode: Move desktops numbered 1 through 6 to the left output, keep 7 through 12 on the right output, and reconfigure waybar to match

So the first step: experiment... How can I do this for VNC?

Jim Ramsay
10 months ago

So what was the problem I set out to solve?

I use 2 monitors and #sway on my main machine, but wayvnc can only capture one Wayland output at a time. After living with this for a while, I realized 2 things:

• I love this because the captured screen isn't too wide when connecting from a single-screen system.

• I hate this because I can't use anything from the 2nd output.

So: why not just move all my desktops to one monitor when I connect over wayvnc, and move them back when I disconnect?

10 months ago


I am a #human from #Earth currently located in the 21st century.

I am fascinated by computers and tech but sometimes feel like a #Luddite.

Distro: #Debian
Editor: #Emacs
Wayland Compositor: #sway
Browser: #Firefox

Games are awesome! I have tons I plan on playing but who knows when I will get to them. Books are the same. I have shelves and shelves of unread books.

Genres: #Fantasy, #SciFi, #Mystery, #Horror, #Adventure, #Simulation, #RPG

Bradley Taunt
10 months ago

Last couple of months I've been using #zorin OS and have been fairly happy with it. Only issue is it still feels a little "bloated".

I'm getting my x260 (snagged it off eBay) next week and I think I might try out #alpine #linux with #sway

Pretty big switch but from my basic investigations it seems like the best fit

#introduction – I'm a 🧬 #biology student primarily interested in #bioinformatics, #phylogenetics, #evolution, #mycology and #botany. 🧬 🍄

I'm also a #tech enthusiast, #Linux user and #freesoftware advocate. My distribution and desktop of choice are #Fedora and #Sway. I dabble in #coding in #Python and #Bash. 💻️ 🐧

I enjoy science #podcasts and #scifi, mainly #DoctorWho. 🎧️ 🛸

Tommi Nieminen
11 months ago

@ikkeT Fedoraa ehdin jo kokeilla, mutta jotenkin jäänyt hampaankoloon se, kun yhdessä Fedoran versiossa minulle tuiki tärkeä TeX oli jotenkin buginen (en muista miten). Olen myös ehdottomasti #KDEPlasma-ihminen (paitsi joskus #Sway), minkä vuoksi openSUSE sopi minulle kuin nenä päähän.