Plätzchen mit Ananas-Sternanis-Konfitüre

Die Konfitüre ist fertig und jetzt hab ich gekostet... und jetzt weiß ich auch nicht… ich habe große Bedenken, ob am Montag noch genügend davon da ist, dass wir backen können…
#SWEET #Ottolenghi

Die fertige Konfitüre in einem Glas, man sieht auch noch vereinzelte Sternanis darin

Am Montag werde ich mit einem guten Freund #Plätzchen backen.
U.a. wollen wir uns mal an diesen Schönheiten (Foto aus #SWEET - #Ottolenghi) mit Ananas-Sternanis-Konfitüre versuchen.

Ich habe also heute schon mal die Konfitüre zubereitet:
Frische Ananas von allem Gedöns befreien, in Stücke schneiden und im Mixer pürieren. In einem Sieb etwas Saft abtropfen lassen, mit Zucker, Vanille und Sternanis 1 Stunde köcheln lassen, bis eine dicke goldene Paste entstanden ist.

Auf einem Teller die von Schale und Strunk befreite Ananas, daneben auf dem Brett in Stücke geschnittene Ananas.
Im Topf das Ananas-Püree. Man sieht einige Sternanis darin schwimmen.
Foto aus dem Backbuch von Ottolenghi:
mehrere runde Plätzchen mit goldbrauner Konfitüre bestrichen, darüber feine Teigstreifen in verschiedene Gittermuster gelegt.
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6 days ago
Heron&Fox Photo
6 days ago

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#SyzygiumAromaticum, #SpicesOfMastodon, #WholeCloves, #Photograph

A macro photograph of a pile of dried cloves. The are long and thin, and open to a kind of triangular shape on one end, while the other narrows toward a point. They are various shades of brown and red, with the larger ends a paler brown.

#Sweet relief: the treechangers growing #miracleberries to help #cancer patients #taste again

#Synsepalum #dulcificum is known as ‘miracle berry’ for its ability to make sour food taste #sweet and #Restore a sense of #taste to those who have lost it due to #chemo

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2 weeks ago

The weekend was busy with making my first pistachio macarons. That new silicone mat with rings paid off #patisserie #baking #konditorei #dessert #sweet #cake

Meringue puffing up on a dark gray silicone mat in the oven for light green macaron shells, with tonka bean grated on top
13 light green pistachio macarons laid up neatly in rows of 4 or 5 on a bamboo cutting board, some green white-chocolate filling oozing on the side of the middle one
2 weeks ago

Great shot (and Good Morning: Our soggy is coming later in heavy windy rain event for the weekend. I must tie the garbage cans.)

I seldom see foxes, one every two or three years. I see coyotes regularly, but not looking for them. All the fox pictures I managed to get, they were in flight. I haven't seen a fox relaxed for years.
Maybe if I owned a chicken coop LOL #Sweet #NowPlaying #NSR #NowListening #Fox #Nature

A Red Fox in late winter, more dark than red. Standing in a field
Fox On The Run
A red fox, bounding along the edge of the highway, coming from a chicken farm.
2 weeks ago

Today I baked opéras again \o/ #patisserie #baking #konditorei #dessert #sweet #cake

Opéra cake being cut and lifted on the tip of a chef knife
A box of mini opéra cakes in a tray, neatly arranged in cupcake paper containers.
3 weeks ago

NHL Dives Into NFT Market With ‘Breakaway’ Platform, Amidst Shifting Digital Collectible Trends - The National Hockey League, the NHL Players’ Association, and the NHL Alumni Assoc... - #nationalhockeyleague #non-fungibletokens #blockchain #nhlnft #sweet #nfts #nhl

AI Automations Experimental
3 weeks ago

Sizzle with Sweet Delights Food Photography for a Chocolate Factory Confectionery

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #food-photography #chocolate-factory #confectionery #desserts #sweet-treats #sizzle #delicious #eye-candy #mouth-watering

Janet Dane
3 weeks ago

I've been trying to develop a recipe that most closely resembles the "Spanish Bar" cake we used to get at the A&P. I think this is close as I am going to get. At the same time I realize if someone handed me an original today, it could be different. Anyhow spice cake with raisins and a bit of applesauce (or pear sauce) and the vanilla icing that is so sweet and strong it rings like a bell on the back of the tongue. #MardiPatisserie #cake #baking #blastfromthepast #sweet

Dark cake with white icing sits on a plate.
A slice of a two layer dark cake with white icing
3 weeks ago

> The #cake is #sweet and has a #zesty #lemon flavor. It is a fun dessert to eat.

2 Ingredient No Bake Lemon Cloud Cake (No Flour, Eggs, Butter or Oil)

#recipe #dessert

Comic Crusaders
3 weeks ago

WEBTOON Sensation “Sweet Home” Available to Read in Full Ahead of S2 Netflix Premiere
On Dec. 1, the global streaming sensation “Sweet Home,” directed by Lee Eung-bok and Park So-hyeon, will return for its second season on Netflix. Ahead of its much-awaited premiere, fans can dive deeper into the action and check out creators Kim...
#webtoon #sweet home #manga #comics #tv #netflix

Julie Howlin
3 weeks ago

In the 13th century, European royal families had a fashion for making sculptures from sugar to show off at their dinner parties. Called ‘subtleties’, they were impressive to look at but weren’t edible. Nuts, pastes, and gums in order to make it more malleable, a bit like clay.

10 things you might not know about sugar:

#sugar #sweet #food #facts

4 weeks ago

A #Japanese friend got me these. Apart from the super cute label(?), the fragrance is superb.

#Cute #Sweet #Japan

Yellow colored shampoo and hair conditioner bottles. One has a label with one eye (very cute) and the other has two eyes with a smiley.
1 month ago

#MalgosiaGuzowka #facemodeling

She's not only a #beauty, but also very #sweet.

model Malgosia Guzowska face-modeling in a sequin covered dress, her beautiful face partially covered by a wide-brimmed straw hat, b&w photo
Esther :mastodon: 🐾
1 month ago

Zo #sweet Kreeg vandaag, precies vandaag, deze kaart uit Amerika van mijn liefste oudste nichtje die daar studeert. #Halloween #cats #catsofMastodon #katten #lovely #blijmee

kitten zit met toverhoedje op in een pompoen met uitgesneden grijns en een tekst zegt: which way to the treats?’
Babs E. Blue
1 month ago

The words I'm seeing most on posts from long time friends and co-stars of #MatthewPerry are #sweet and #kind....and then #troubled. May he #RIP and love.

Sometimes the world is hardest for those who are the kindest, that's for sure!

Die Honig-Orangenblüten-Amaretti aus dem Buch SWEET von Ottolenghi sind fantastisch geworden.

#Ottolenghi #Sweet #backen #Plätzchen #Amaretti #Orangenblüte #Zuckerschock

auf einem kleinen Teller drei der fertigen Plätzchen. sie sind länglich, mit Mandelblättchen ummantelt und mit Puderzucker bestreut.

Als echter Ottolenghi-Fan habe ich seit kurzem auch das Buch SWEET. Allein beim Blättern in dem wunderbar bebilderten Band bekommt man schon einen Zuckerschock.

Also habe ich mich heute mal an eines der Rezepte gewagt:


Das ist zunächst eine recht klebrige Angelegenheit, aber jetzt sind sie im Kühlschrank und später wird gebacken. Und gefuttert.

#Ottolenghi #Sweet #backen #Plätzchen #Amaretti #Orangenblüte #Zuckerschock

Auf Backpapier liegen kleineTeigwürstchen, die außen mit Mandelblättchen beklebt sind.
Das Cover des Buches 
SWEET - Süße Köstlichkeiten
von Yotam Ottolenghi und Helen Geh

Man sieht eine weiße Creme mit roter Paste durchzogen.
Peter van Alphen
1 month ago

I bought a new toy: Ohana Pequeño Sopranino. I took of the Italian barbedwire and put on some new strings. Sounds lovely. #ohana #sopranino #nylonstrings #sweet #littleuke #ADF#B

50+ Music
1 month ago
Tom MacInnes
1 month ago

Party time! Excellent! If you are into public access television shows then this post is for you! Today's song of the day is "Ballroom Blitz" by the band Sweet. It comes from the movie Wayne's World. Enjoy. :)

The Stars of Stage and Screen: Song #43/250…Ballroom Blitz by Sweet as Tia Carrere from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Film Wayne’s World ##BallroomBlitz, ##SaturdayNightLive, ##StarsOfStageAndScreen, ##Sweet, ##TiaCarrere, ##WaynesWorld

Tom MacInnes
1 month ago

I had the sweetest job ever when I was in high school. I got paid to work at the local cable TV office. My job title was Assistant Promotions Manager. My job was created at a time when specialty television channels were first being introduced. At that time in Canada, The Movie Network and Star Channel were the two being offered. When I wasn’t on the phone helping customers acquire these new services, my other job was monitoring the satellite feed to ensure that our content was streaming properly to homes. In other words, I was getting paid to watch movies. In those days, the introduction of specialty channels was labeled as Pay-TV. It was the very forefront of today’s 24/7 streaming world. It was a bold leap forward in the world of broadcasting because up until that time in the early 1980s, all television programming was created through networks such as the CBC and CTV in Canada, and ABC, CBS and NBC in the United States. As consumers, we watched only those programmes that were created by the networks. We watched these shows when the networks told us to by way of a broadcast schedule that we planned our lives around. I am sure that my family wasn’t the only family who subscribed to the TV Guide magazine and read it cover to cover whenever it arrived so that we could plan our TV viewing week. The introduction of Pay-TV changed everything. It allowed viewers to access a wider variety of content. But even at that, it was still content created elsewhere and delivered to us on a predetermined schedule. What really changed things…and what has brought us closer to the world we live in now…was a broadcast licensing requirement that, at the time, didn’t seem like that consequential a thing. It was the requirement that each cable company provide a channel in the regular programming bundle being offered to customers that was completely dedicated to locally produced content. For many people in Canada, that community channel became Channel 10. 

One of the issues that quickly arose with regard to community broadcast channels was that there was a sudden need for content and lots of it! By the very nature of the terms of their broadcasting agreements, local cable companies couldn’t import or purchase pre-existing shows and rerun them to fill in the time on Channel 10. They had to create fresh content. So, the call went out that anyone who had an idea for a television programme could apply to have it broadcast on air. Many people responded to the challenge. One of the most popular local programmes in my area was live Bingo run by one of the service clubs in town. There were cooking shows, talk shows, home fix-it shows, astrology call-in shows and many more. Most of these shows were somewhat cheesy, but all of them were born from the desire to create personal content and place it in the homes of their friends and neighbours. These early community channel hosts were the original content creators. Today, we have broadcast services such as YouTube that generate multi-billion dollar revenue streams and make celebrities out of some of its content creators. It is amazing to think that the whole notion of social media developed out of these local cable shows that featured interviews with school crossing guards or local politicians or, in the case of Public Access Channel 10 in Aurora, Illinois, a television show about music and the goings-on in the lives of two guys named Wayne and Garth called Wayne’s World.  

Wayne’s World was originally a sketch on the television show Saturday Night Live. The idea for that sketch came from the creative mind of comedian Mike Myers. The SNL bit starred Myers and fellow cast member Dana Carvey and helped introduce many phrases into the national conversation, such as saying “Schwing!” whenever the name of a beautiful woman was mentioned, as well as adding the word “Not!” to the end of any sentence such as “This is a really good post today, Tom……Not!!!!!”  While Saturday Night Live was its own broadcast entity, there was a long history of helping cast members transition from life on the sketch comedy show over to the world of film. Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, David Spade, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler and Billy Crystal are just a few of the many SNL cast members who went on to have productive careers in Hollywood. Producer Lorne Michaels was always on the lookout for sketches that seemed to resonate with audiences and then spin them out into movie franchises. Wayne’s World became one of those sketches that seemed to have legs as the old saying goes. So, in 1992, a deal was reached to make a movie out of the Wayne’s World sketch. For the sake of continuity, this movie was simply called Wayne’s World. It starred Myers and Carvey, along with a host of other well known character actors at the time, such as Rob Lowe, Donna Dixon, Ed O’Neill, as well as with musicians such as Meatloaf and Alice Cooper. The idea behind the plot of Wayne’s World was that the boys’ public access show had grown in popularity and, as a result, they were being offered a syndication deal that was close to happening. In the course of negotiations, we got to follow Wayne and his friends as they moved about the fictional world they created in the real town of Aurora, Illinois. How the actual storyline of the movie unfolded is not what most people remember from the movie. Wayne’s World is most noted for its musical soundtrack. In fact, the movie played a big role in helping the rock classics “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, “Dreamweaver” by Gary Wright and “Foxy Lady” by Jimi Hendrix to all have a second life in terms of record sales and chart listings. *(You can read posts about these songs here, here and here).  

For today’s post, I am going to focus on another classic rock tune that had new life breathed into it because of its inclusion in the Wayne’s World movie, and that is “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet. First things first: the band Sweet does not appear in the movie, nor does their version of their own hit song appear, either. In the movie, Wayne has a crush on the lead singer of a band called Crucial Taunt. Tia Carrere starred as the object of Wayne’s desire. In the movie, Carrere does all of her own singing. One of the songs that she sings in concert, while Wayne watches from the audience, is “Ballroom Blitz”. She actually does a pretty good job of covering this tune. So much so, that it is her cover version that is on the official soundtrack. But one of the things that attracted Wayne to Carrere’s character, Cassandra Wong, was that he approved of her musical influences. In “Ballroom Blitz”, one of her musical influences is obviously the 1970s glam rock band Sweet. 

Sweet was a fairly popular band when I was growing up. Their songs “Ballroom Blitz”, “Love is Like Oxygen” and “Fox on the Run” were all songs that made up the soundtrack to my teenage years. Like many Glam bands, Sweet blurred the lines between rock ‘n’ roll and theatrical pageantry. Depending on the night and the audience and the venue, Sweet had a history of putting on killer shows, as well as putting on shows that elicited a hostile response from audiences that came for a rock show and got costumes and makeup in reply. At one such show in a small community in Scotland, Sweet were subjected to something that has become known in rock circles as bottling. In rock, there is a history of some performers and audiences having antagonistic relationships during shows. The most infamous story of this nature that I have read involved my boy, Iggy Pop, during his time with The Stooges. Apparently they were playing a gig in which the bulk of the audience members were from motorcycle gangs. It is said that the bikers yelled and cursed at Iggy Pop who, in turn, told them to be quiet or else he would leave the stage, come into the crowd and shut them up himself. Needless to say, the bikers took him up on that invitation, and soon a melee broke out. Pop was beaten up, the band’s instruments were smashed and the venue was damaged during the riot that ensued. In the case of Sweet, they had all manner of projectiles launched toward them during their Scottish concert. While they were veteran performers by this stage of their career, being in the middle of such a hostile, rapidly-devolving situation was nerve wracking. This experience became the basis for their greatest hit, “Ballroom Blitz”. As much as I admire Tia Carrere for having the chops to cover this song in a decent way, it is Sweet’s version that I really like, and which I will feature in the links to come.  

Director Penelope Spheeris

The fact that Wayne’s World is noted for the rock ‘n’ roll pedigree of the musicians and bands that appear on the soundtrack should not come as a surprise. After all, the person who directed the film was none other than Penelope Spheeris. For those who may not know who she is, Penelope Spheeris gained fame in the 1980s for a trilogy of music documentaries that she produced that were called The Decline of Western Civilization. The original documentary focussed on the underground punk rock scene in Los Angeles. As much as any one band or singer, Penelope Spheeris is credited with introducing the whole genre of Punk Rock to U.S. audiences via her documentaries. The second documentary in her series featured Hair Metal bands. The final documentary looked at street kids and skateboard culture. It was her participation in the movie, as much as anyone else, who convinced rockers such as Alice Cooper to lend their own musical credibility to Wayne’s World. As time has gone on, Spheeris has disassociated herself from the movie because of creative disputes with actor Mike Myers. However, having said that, she admits that the money she made as director has helped fund many other music-related projects that she is passionate about, and as a result, she remains grateful for having had the opportunity to be involved in Wayne’s World.   

As seen on Seaside Cable TV Community Channel 10

This brings us back to the whole notion of what motivates people to put themselves out there and create content for others to consume. In Wayne’s World, the ability for characters such as Wayne and Garth to broadcast from Wayne’s basement into every house in Aurora, Illinois, meant that they could build a sense of identity that they never could have in their regular, everyday lives. Their endless promotion of their musical heroes gave them an air of expertise on the subject matter that they probably didn’t deserve, but which they undoubtedly attained anyway. For many content creators, becoming somewhat of a local celebrity is as good as it gets. However, as we are seeing time and time again in our own world, celebrity culture is a very real thing. The very fact that there has become a whole sub-set of people known as social media influencers, whose whole reason for being is to create trends and drive them forward, tells you all you need to know about the power of creating your own content. There is money and fame and power in being a content creator these days. The world of content creation has changed a lot since I was a teenage boy working to introduce Pay-TV to the customers of Seaside Cable TV Ltd. Back then, things seemed a lot simpler. The biggest commotion anyone caused back then was when the Kinsmens Club doubled the Bingo jackpot one week! Man, you should have seen the phone lines light up with people demanding to know where they could purchase their own bingo cards so they could play along from home! Channel 10 never had bigger ratings than on Bingo day. Party time, my friends! Excellent! What a great job that was!

The link to the video for the trailer for the movie Wayne’s World can be found here.

The link to the video for the song “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet can be found here. ***The lyrics video can be found here.  ***The Tia Carrere cover version can be found here.

The link for the video trailer for the documentary Decline of Western Civilization by Penelope Spheeris can be found here.

The link to the official website for Sweet can be found here.

Just for kicks, the link to the official website for Seaside Cable TV Ltd on Cape Breton island can be found here.

***As always, all original content contained within this post remains the sole property of the author. No portion of this post shall be reblogged, copied or shared in any manner without the express written consent of the author. ©2023

#BallroomBlitz #SaturdayNightLive #StarsOfStageAndScreen #Sweet #TiaCarrere #WaynesWorld

Mike Myers (as Wayne) and Dana Harvey (as Garth) look up at the camera while promoting the movie "Wayne's World".
Esther :mastodon: 🐾
2 months ago

En wie hielp me erbij!? Jippie natuurlijk!! \o/ #Jip #mijntuin #sweet #cats #katten #catsofMastodon

Blondzwart gestreepte kattenkop op de voorgrond met daarachter pompoenen.
Foto van bovenaf. De kat zie je zitten naast de schaal met 6 pompoenen. Ze zijn niet groot.
Schaal met oranje pompoenen, hand erbij om te laten zien hoe klein ze zijn.
Kat zit op ijzeren rekje dat op de grond ligt. Op de voorgrond groene bladeren. Erachter een tuin met bloemen.
50+ Music
2 months ago


#Awwww - that's #Sweet... #AndrewTate #FindsTheTime away from his #CountOfMonteCristo-style #Musings to #Acknowledge that #BenShapiro's #LifeCoach is #OnHisCase...


🧙:spinning_pinwheel:​🤖🐺🤖:spinning_pinwheel:​🧙 | :fediverse:​🦹:loading:​🦄:loading:​🦹:fediverse:

Redhead Girls
2 months ago

Name: Sweet Feline
Debut Age: 24
Models age when publish: 24
Eye color: brown
Hair color: red
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 106 lbs
Breasts: large
Measurements: 35/25/35
Shaved: shaved
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Spain

Original Gallery

Full Gallery (110 images):

Sexy new model Sweet Feline admires her elegant photos on her social media page before turning up the heat for her
#erotic debut. The #gorgeous #Spanish #redhead takes off her lacy black lingerie in a sultry striptease, baring her beautiful big breasts and squeezing them for the pleasure of feeling her puffy nipples tingle and swell. Sliding her tap pants over her #curvy ass, she #spreads her thighs wide to frame her pouting pussy, her #luscious body as supple as it is voluptuous.





#AyPapi #Sweet #Feline #Erotic #FemaleBeauty #MetArt #Model #NSFW #SweetFeline #Spain #Spain #24yo #Download #zip #redheads #redhair #spanish #european

#18plus #Erotic material on my profiles!

2 months ago

@touaregtweet Compleet met de daadwerkelijke brief van Thierry (die andere). Even reageren binnen 24 uur Musk… #sweet 🍿

En kansloos, want wat ie vraagt kan Twitter helemaal niet meer. #oops 🥴 🤣

Great time to get $10 off a couple Sloth and Manatee books, use the code YES10, $40 minimum order, hooray!

#Books #Comics #Cartoons #Animals #Humor #Sweet #Nature #Sale #BooksOnSale #YesYes

Illustration promoting $10 off books, with a drawing of Sloth and Manatee
Esther :mastodon: 🐾
2 months ago

Leven genoeg in #mijntuin
Muntkevertje (ssssst, slaap zacht) en rozemarijngoudhaantjes (wat doen ze nou!?). #iloveit #sweet #mooi #insecten #insects #natuur

Groene muntblaadjes met een zwartblauw glanzend kevertje in het hart van de blaadjes.
Zelfde kevertje van heel dichtbij gezien
Hand bij rozemarijntak met daarin 2 keer 2 kevertjes die op elkaar zitten.
Rozemarijntak met 2 kevertjes. Ze zijn roodachtig-groen gestreept en glanzend.
Colin aka ManiacalV
2 months ago

I was grumpy but I just got some good news from Argencove.

Third photo is from my last order, you can see the back.

#argencove #chocolate #DarkChocolate #best #sweet

Did you know it takes 40 Olympic-size swimming pools of sap to make 1 Olympic-size swimming pool of maple syrup?

#makesyouthink #wow #syrup #sweet #swimming #trees #maple

2 months ago
Fast Junkie 💀
3 months ago


#OMG... I ❤️ that series... I still have those old #PC entertainment utilities... get this... designed for (Win 3.1) #WIN31 or later... (which means... #WIN2000 at best)...

Wish replies allowed photos... still have the original boxes (remember when software came in a box... with instructions...) 🤪

I still have #Homesite in the box... yes I was around well "before the internet"...

Would love a #Babylon5 modern day reboot...! #sweet...!

3 months ago

How do you like your food? (Please boost for wider reach.)

#Food #Polls #Flavor #Salty #Sweet #Sodium #Poll #Sugar #Meals #Cooking #Dishes #Eating

4 months ago

@plants #SixOnSaturday from the #garden . This set of #flowers / #plants shows some of the #sweet #funny #circuitous ways #PlantCollectors operate: here's the funny one: top left native Allium cernuum (I also have pink) grown from seed of plants grown in France, from seed collected at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in #florespondence #BloomScrolling #Alberta #Canada #July #NaturalGardening #GrowFromSeed #GardenFriends

Photo collage in six panels, framed in pink in centre, blending to greyed pale yellow-green top and bottom/
Top left: starry white, wild onion flowers. Right: part of a spike of deep pink fireweed flowers, partly lit from behind, against an area of shadow and dappled light the camera lens shows as many overlapping, variably bright circles of light.
Centre left: bright warm medium pink semidouble, irregularly shaped rose   with 2 more behind partly open. RightTwo packed clusters of jovibarba flowers, pale yellow green and feathery looking, smallish tubular bell shaped, many not open yet..
Bottom left: several white flowers, few petals well separated, over capsules forming from spent flowers, blurry green background. Right: 2 stems topped with several pale pink flowers, like small hibiscus, most facing away from the camera.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
5 months ago

Today In Metal History ?? Today In Metal History 🤘 July 17th, 2023🤘 JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, SWEET, JOURNEY
Talent We Lost R.I.P. drummer Michael Thomas "Mick" Tucker (SWEET) - July 17th, 1947 February 14th, 2002 (aged 54) The hands behind this intro! SWEET drummer Michael Thomas


@ajroach42 nah, unless you only mean #Cavendish #sweet #banana|s...

The Flight Attendant
9 months ago

This sweet sleepy baby just returned home from the vet where she was anesthesized for a dental cleaning. She's currently very high on drugs #dogsOfMastodon #dogs #cuteposting #sweet #shihTzu #tongueOutTuesday #dogstodon

Fluffy black and white shih tzu dog with her pink tongue showing, lying on a brown leather couch looking adorable
Kent Brewster
9 months ago

Tesla closed down another 3% today. #sweet #tasty #schadenfreude

9 months ago

Star Fruit is a delicious, sweet, tropical fruit that is easily grown in the Florida landscape. It derives it’s name because when cut cross-wise, the fruit has a star shape. Enjoyed as a dessert or snack at anytime of the day. Textures applied to a photo taken in a friend’s yard.
#starfruit #carombola #fruit #tropicalfruit #dessert #healthy #sweet #yellow #art #ArtOfTheDay #artists #MastoArt #FediArt #Fediverse #FediGiftShop #photography #AYearForArt

Available Here:

A photograph of two yellow Star Fruit – Averrhoa Carombola, hanging on a stem with green leaves.  A complimentary texture with shades of yellow and green has been applied for artistic presentation.
Esther :mastodon: 🐾
10 months ago

Och jongens. Meisjes ook! Vandaag in het asiel al bijna 3 katten meegenomen. 😿😻Zoals deze superzoete kitten die bijna ín me klom… #cats #fostercats #catsofmastodon #sweet #caturday #kitten

1 year ago

It's been a year since I finished my biggest album project so far "Neon Heritage" and what turned out to be quite nice. In addition, I have the B side album with 11 tracks that go with it. A little more playful, not so difficult, not so complex, easier. #electronica #easy #ambient #idm #sweet #paywhatyouwant #electronicmusic #bandcamp

I wish you a nice pre-Christmas time. May the holidays come soon for all of us.

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Dave Muth
1 year ago

Sheril Kirshenbaum, you are a social networking PEACH! The 2007 ScienceBlogs community is the cream of the crop!

(Q: How many of these writers do you recognize? A: Not ENOUGH of them, yet.)

Now I can look up EACH of these writers, savor them, then slowly relish until fully sated!

#Science #Historians #SocialNetworking #Sweet #Knowledge is #Nourishment